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#Ask/invite #Canon #Adventure #Chill #Dark #Violence #Shipping #General #Semi-serious

#Ask/invite #Canon: Brand New Day #Adventure #Chill #Dark #Violence #Shipping #General #Semi-serious

Welcome to Brand New Day
Where all characters are welcome and where the officers cry themselves to sleep every night with a box of gummi bears under their pillows.

Current Officers:
Carrot Top!Top/sHa8kY
Inferno(Wielder of the Box)!W/KiGzyLwk
Wheatleigh !WheaTqW9dU
Boxie (don't have their tripcode right now.)

Welcome to Shade Valley home to many fine folks The cascading shadows from the sun and the hills cast a beautiful yet haunting shade across the small region of the world. Come partake in are various town square activities make a home for yourself,and settle down stranger. In a place where anything can happen.

1. Be respectful.
2. No OP characters please.
3. Post with reason, please don't just *pop out of no where and collapse the world in on itself*.
4. Try contacting the officers if you have a problem.

Battle system:
Players choose a combat rating based on their characters experience and lore.
Striking an enemy player requires a simple 1d20 roll.
A Hit will be 11-20 with 20 being a critical strike, effectively doubling the damage done from the final roll.
A Miss will be 1-10 with a 1 being a critical failure, effectively doing the damage to yourself from the final roll.
The following letters correspond to the amount of damage done on a successful hit.

SSS = 1d20
S= 1d12
A= 1d10
B= 1d8
C= 1d6
D= 1d4
F= 1d1

Example Combat

Pill Popper swings her mace of doom at an unsuspecting Ember. She would roll to hit and the corresponding damage roll to her rating, which is A Rank.

1d20 = 7

1d10 = 7

This will effectively be her turn in combat.

Character Sheet Model:




Combat rank:


Cutie mark/Talent:

Guild/Faction/Religion etc. Note: This is for later in game.





World Map:

Shade Valley Map:
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File 138947293356.jpg - (305.34KB , 500x500 , tumblr_mbhc3oBrVZ1rna804o1_500.jpg )
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File 138948006007.gif - (497.25KB , 500x281 , tumblr_mines2lC8I1s199fdo1_500.gif )
>> No. 451021
File 138953778303.png - (227.79KB , 518x354 , tumblr_mv78c4cmj51s01tsio2_1280.png )

>> No. 451038
File 138956791748.gif - (679.86KB , 800x450 , 174132__safe_twilight+sparkle_animated_chubby_the+crystal+empire_squishy.gif )
Fuckin Saved.
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File 138958019955.jpg - (159.44KB , 800x1120 , fruit_bat_by_Pechan.jpg )
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File 138958029418.png - (119.09KB , 3000x3000 , lurk.png )
>> No. 451066
File 138960824337.png - (14.53KB , 747x561 , Conch Shell, Lurking.png )
I hereby retract any statements I may have made while I was here and apologize.
>> No. 451067
File 138961494877.png - (186.90KB , 402x423 , ASDFGHJ.png )
>Casually falls in through the roof

>> No. 451068
File 138961555592.jpg - (7.75KB , 210x155 , 1000yrdstare.jpg )
Now there's a face I haven't seen in a very, very long time.
>> No. 451069
File 138961583822.png - (188.36KB , 399x404 , The acid just kicked in guys.png )
I posted in one of the old threads by accident and was surprised that there's no one there :D
>> No. 451070
File 138961691647.jpg - (49.65KB , 254x343 , HappyLemmy.jpg )
There's about to be no one here, either. This seems to be a largely nocturnal group lately.
>> No. 451071
File 138961720093.jpg - (49.01KB , 932x761 , Squeak.jpg )

Timezones are evil.
>> No. 451072
File 138961775379.jpg - (28.70KB , 550x550 , wursten1.jpg )
Time zones are teh wurst.
>> No. 451073
File 138961838086.jpg - (22.66KB , 250x262 , spoiler.jpg )
Here is a nice pole dance to cheer you up though
>This joke never gets old...
>> No. 451146
File 138967081882.jpg - (314.13KB , 640x800 , animals-flying-fox-slide1.jpg )
I'll give you a second approval.
Your sheet looked good, but the concerns raised were about OOC things.
Please keep vitriol to a minimum, and please be aware of our rules regarding OOC comments being restricted to the /ooc/ thread.
Beyond that have fun.
>> No. 451150
File 138967129298.png - (25.42KB , 328x383 , Conch Shell.png )
Okay... I'll keep that in mind. Thank you, Mercury.
>> No. 451299
File 139000874403.png - (141.72KB , 955x1012 , 2_ Dulset sad by Prince Bluelolz.png )
Seems like things have been dead for two days...
>> No. 451321
File 139013490558.jpg - (571.05KB , 1536x2048 , image.jpg )
>> No. 451344
File 139018263181.jpg - (314.13KB , 640x800 , animals-flying-fox-slide1.jpg )
It's going to stay dead as long as people choose to do other things besides RP
>> No. 451348
File 139019231827.jpg - (77.08KB , 400x250 , tumblr_mzf5zqg6xO1sy38w2o1_400.jpg )
RP's been shit for me for a while.
>> No. 451349
What would help with that, I think, is if there were more people RPing....
I really think we should try recuiting some more players.
>> No. 451357
File 139022607302.jpg - (143.94KB , 284x558 , rabuhaato.jpg )

Name: Rabuhaato Freedom
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Bio: Rabuhaato is a mysterious person who has a very dark past. As a child, at the age of 9, something horrible took place when he was visiting his uncle. His uncle was killed and he was kidnapped by a black man, who also happened to be Jewish. This man was later to become known as the Black Mosquito, who is Rabuhaato's arch-nemesis.

After the incident, Rabuhaato fled from home and decided to embrace the way of the avenger. He swore to himself that he would never let anyone feel the pain that he had gone through. He travels the world in search of the Black Mosquito.

His weapon of choice is the Chainsaw-Lightsaber, named Baka Inu (means demon God in japanese), which is powered by his burning hatred, love and passion. His heart is his strongest weapon.

Rabuhaato's chosen path is a tough one, and he doesn't experience many joys. The one reason, besides revenge, is his love interest. She is named Loliko Moesama, aged 12. This young lady offered her lolipop (strawberry flavored) for Rabuhaato when he was feeling down, and it was instant love for Rabuhaato. Sadly, Loliko doesn't seem to be aware of Rabuhaato's feelings yet, but they seem to be making progress as Loliko calls him her "kawaii neko-chan".

After some research Rabuhaato has determined that the Black Mosquito has decided to head out west. Rabuhaato has chosen to pursue him to the ends of the earth and continues his pursuit deep into the wild west.
>> No. 451362
File 139026034960.jpg - (15.33KB , 400x273 , 1390166536579.jpg )

Name: Brodan King of the Brotons
Age: Unknown but very old
Sex: BroMale

Bio: Far off in the galaxy there was a planet known as Broleon 9 and it had a striking resemblance of earth. The peaceful people who live on this planet are known as the Brotians who created the mighty Broton empire. As the Brotians dug into the planet looking for precious minerals they came across a massive crystal. Inside the crystal lived a powerful monster known as Brodan. as they released Brodan from his million year sleep he instantly grabbed large boulders and started doing curls and squatting. The Brotians were puzzled at first but soon realized that he was regaining all his lost gainz during his sleep and gazed in wonder as he did the Olympus pose and shouted "Bros Before Hoes" Brodan was such a Bro that he started his own religion called brotheisim. Soon the planet was attacked by a terrible 3 headed monster from the unknown. It destroyed all of the empire and nearly killed everyone except one. Brodan stood and flew toward the beast and sent it fleeing from his powers of Broliness. His home destroyed Brodan set off to spread his Bro love to all life. Brodan had one mission and it was to save the universe from jobbers and enforce the Bro Code where ever he goes. When all hope is gone and doom looms over remember the words of Brodan "Do your squats breh and we'll all make it."
>> No. 451366
File 139027299616.jpg - (15.66KB , 400x384 , 4b9fc75cd0ce1d5cec7a5ea30c41acb2.jpg )
>> No. 451367
File 139027310980.png - (207.41KB , 467x318 , stupid dog!.png )

>mfw baka inu
>> No. 451369
File 139027425342.png - (52.36KB , 250x250 , You're disgusting.png )
No and no. Kindly leave
>> No. 451371
File 139027428990.gif - (226.50KB , 482x361 , e72.gif )
>> No. 451372
File 139027446561.png - (108.30KB , 517x565 , Better grab everything I can!.png )

Pretty sure these are both joke submissions, but if not, they're definite nos.
>> No. 451381
This is Mein!Ryuuko we're talking bout here. He's always on Ponychan just to rustle jimmies.

Last edited at Mon, Jan 20th, 2014 21:54

>> No. 451395
File 139035104582.png - (154.78KB , 798x1002 , excited_scratch_by_sirhcx-d645rz9.png )
Name: Astra X-1 New type

Age: Programmed age 15

Alignment:True neutral

History: at the peak of cherry's droid abilities Astra is the only droid she considered ever giving a AI chip with the help of Carrot Top who provided the Algorithms for the ability of expressing love since Cherry had the rest down and couldn't do it by herself. Cherry being infertile built her as a daughter. even though Carrot had ways around that Cherry insisted on her completion. the only robot cherry could classify as sentient in her own right.

Combat rank: A
superior strength and Laser cannon defense systems

Personality: Aloof and curious about the world she was built in

Cutie mark/Talent: Does being an Android count?


>> No. 451396
File 139035136213.jpg - (34.80KB , 300x400 , justin-timberlake-dick-in-a-box-2-8-07-thumb-300x400.jpg )
I have problems with the A rank, and there being Androids in this canon.
Apparently the other officers don't agree with me on the technology level of the canon, so you're probably okay there.
One story telling question:
Why would two creatures from a society where Cutie Marks are ubiquitous create an android with out one?
>> No. 451397
File 139035171142.png - (129.29KB , 1024x724 , rarity__the_pout_by_takua770-d432aao.png )
Cherry hasn't painted it on yet because Astra hasn't chosen it yet.
>> No. 451398
File 139035183491.jpg - (31.46KB , 400x266 , 1196646480f38YHu.jpg )
Fair response.
Now address the A rank situation.
>> No. 451399
Robotic strength, laser cannons frame of extremely tough Titanium alloy. she's hard to stop and hard to break.
>> No. 451401
File 139035231527.png - (151.20KB , 922x900 , 130379982259.png )
I don't dispute that that would give her an advantage in combat....
It just serves to illustrate why I don't want that level of tech in the canon.

I'll alert the other officers that you posted a sheet, but I can't give this an approval.
>> No. 451402
I'd say it'd be ok without the A rank and all the crazy laser cannons.

Stronger? Sure. Bit tougher? Sure. Laser cannons popping out of their hooves? Nah.

So tone those portions down a bit, perhaps a nice B rank and I'd be good with it. But till then, no
>> No. 451403
File 139035289441.png - (256.74KB , 500x500 , Thinking.png )
I'm going to have to agree with DJ and Wheats on the A rank, Androids don't bother me however.

An Android with a 15 year old's personality armed with advanced weapons doesn't sound very acceptable...
>> No. 451404
File 139035291330.png - (119.21KB , 924x864 , pinkamena_is_not_amused_by_vladimirmacholzraum-d6g49r7.png )
in non character form anything cherry and carrot build already has this much tech...Cherry's from 1100 years in the future. her star ship, mass of droids although non AI units share in some form the same level of tech.

if the combat level is the only problem here i can lower it to perhaps B
>> No. 451405
File 139035311488.jpg - (11.67KB , 100x100 , 12359824.jpg )
And I ALREADY have an issue with that that I've already discussed with Carrot.
I'll throw an approval at this at a B, though.

I would like to see a cutie mark.....
Just sayajin
>> No. 451406
File 139035319974.jpg - (38.34KB , 516x419 , Nappa2.jpg )
Wait... We talked about this?
>> No. 451407
File 139035330858.png - (284.12KB , 300x450 , 141534-saan_large.png )
You know This isn't the level of tech I'd prefer, but everyone else seems cool with it.
Apparently it's just my issue.
>> No. 451408
File 139035341599.png - (356.85KB , 1600x2667 , rainbow_dash___frontview_sad___by_amidnightflight-d4nz1yq.png )
I'd rather not start conflict by arguing about these things...
>> No. 451409
File 139035349550.jpg - (25.51KB , 640x480 , XJ9-04.jpg )
Also. I'd like to bring up another robot who would qualify for SSS rank.
It's XJ-9

Also, machines don't need Cutie Marks. I can actually understand an A rank for a robot. It's a machine, and can actually have that in strength alone, but if it's not oriented for combat, maybe take a hit on the hit rolls.

No no, I totally get where you're coming from. Hell, I have that level of tech, and well past it, but you know me. I don't abuse the living fuck out of it, and usually keep it on the down low. But hey, to compromise, I can see having a few lasers, and not a freaking plethora of things like XJ-9 Which as we all know is insane.

I'm okay with the A rank, but if everyone else has a problem, I'll submit to the collective and ask to lower it to a B as well. This isn't about me, not about Cherri, not about you, it's about the Canon, maybe we can bump her up to an A later. Who knows?
>> No. 451410
File 139035380862.png - (173.72KB , 340x444 , ce0.png )
>technology level of a canon that has admitted to being a dimensional dump ground already
The Technological levels of the show are in Question, as they have the Tech to detect Broken bones (therefore they must have SOME knowledge of particle physics for the discovery of Xrays,)
Not to mention that combining Technology with magic would allow for great benefits. (for instance, Enchanted metals)

The thing i have to say about robots, is that they should take a hit everywhere that's NOT inside their "operating parameters"
like if its a serving drone like Roxxie from the Jetsons, Combat wouldn't be her strong suit, -1s, but XJ-9, would probably get a detractor in the stealth department (just look at her, she's more obvious than your mo- nevermind.)
>> No. 451411
File 139035388849.png - (119.39KB , 795x1004 , don_t_judge_me__by_44696573656c-d61p95q.png )

i'll slap a Lt.Cmdr Data head or Jenny XJ-9 (my life as a teenage robot) on her flank then if that would please you

Carrot here makes a good point she has a basic Laser cannon. she doesn't have nukes or rockets like XJ-9
i miss that show...
>> No. 451412
Because mary-sue main characters are REALLY interesting amirite
>> No. 451413
File 139035465152.png - (164.53KB , 500x320 , Pinkie Pie well thats your opinion.png )
>> No. 451414
I couldn't care less about a cutie mark. Shit comes when it comes.

Still though, as is it seems over powered. If you want a small laser and a metal body, that's alright. But I disagree with putting a combat droid in the canon for the sole purpose of fighting/lasering
>> No. 451415
File 139035573755.png - (13.85KB , 172x194 , 133159013525.png )
i agree with small defense and utility laser. she's no battle droid.
also the skeleton is titanium alloy the top layer is kinda just silicone

Last edited at Tue, Jan 21st, 2014 18:57

>> No. 451417
I'm ok with that. Small laser, hard metal body. It's a fine Android pony.

Now, since it's not going to be a combat droid, I think B rank is reasonable. If you would take that, then I'll give you the ok with the changes you've made.

However, if you have any other addons, features, weird shit that will come up later, say it now
>> No. 451418
File 139035908657.png - (321.10KB , 1280x1666 , _vector__vinyl_scratch_by_celysus-d4zbcbl.png )
Rocket boosters for space flight and to get across town
max speed is 350 mph

internet and data bank access
data bank being cherry's ship records

superior motor skills (for example Lt.Cmdr Data's highspeed hands.) she basically has that.

Last edited at Tue, Jan 21st, 2014 19:52

>> No. 451419
>Rocket boosters for space flight and to get across town
>max speed is 350 mph
I'd be fine if you tweaked this

>internet and data bank access. Data bank being cherry's ship records

>superior motor skills (for example Lt.Cmdr Data's highspeed hands.) she basically has that.
As long as you play the knife game at some point
>> No. 451420
knife game with hooves.

okay that sounds fine
>> No. 451421
Yeah, I thought about that after I posted it. Also, that's a crossed out 3 if you can't see it.

But if you're cool with the tweaks, it's good by me
>> No. 451423
File 139036101689.jpg - (73.71KB , 720x960 , 374684_462022487210222_856770619_n.jpg )
well....fair enough i guess...
i was hoping to just resolve it....i have to go home and then phone mode in 45 minutes.
>> No. 451425
File 139036170935.gif - (480.51KB , 141x141 , Thumbs up2.gif )
>> No. 451445
File 139043782772.png - (133.13KB , 900x900 , 1_ Dulset smile.png )
I get that it was already accepted, but in the interests of... interestingness, a robot with so many advantages over normal ponies should have some huge weaknesses, right? Personally I've always felt that junk like that should be more than offset by weaknesses. Otherwise why not just make everyone a robot?
>> No. 451477
File 139055135699.jpg - (473.49KB , 1536x2048 , IMG_20140124_010336.jpg )
Day 79 Ragna formed from a polimer clay today. I fear soon Mystic shall bust out of my broken screen as Olivia and cherry have already ...the ponies are coming ...
>> No. 451479
File 139059322221.jpg - (1.08MB , 1536x2048 , image.jpg )
Yo, sup
>> No. 451491
I might partake in this if you'll have me. I'm not a big fan of combat (particularly where dice are involved), so I'd probably stick to the sidelines where possible on that front. Let me prod a bit about what you might be looking for right now, so I can determine what sort of characters it would be beneficial to everyone for me to try bringing.

Do you need some people to bring an adventure to you right now? If so, how much of an adventure? I have a few characters with varying amounts of plot attached to them I could bring.
Do you need another buddy to go on an adventure with? I've a few good allies whom don't ask many questions so long as the adventure is just; or if it's an unjust venture, I can supply that to.
Do you need a few minor characters? I've got a few to generally fill those roles as well.
Do you need a "Big Bad"? If one has faith, I could bring that too.

So what is BND in need of today? I'll check my stocks :P
>> No. 451500
Bring what you'd like to bring and we'll fill in around it.

I know Pally is looking to do some sister quest. Mystic always has futuristic shenanigans. And villain fighting is always a thing.

Play what you'd like and don't feel worried.
>> No. 451522
Not worried, I just prefer to bring something that's currently being sought.

What's up with the sister quest?
>> No. 451523
Oh hey, yet another sue OC from Mystic
Glad to see nothing has changed
>> No. 451526
Not quite sure. Ask Pally
>> No. 451527
Bring them my way and I certainly will.
I don't have the connections to handle that on my own.
>> No. 451528
File 139068028233.png - (129.52KB , 700x700 , I hath been summoned.png )
>> No. 451530
I called, yes. The question is listed above ^^
>> No. 451531
File 139068186144.jpg - (47.31KB , 282x337 , Deal with it.jpg )
Basically my character, Paladin, will be heading out in search of his sister.

There may be combat, there may not be, it all depends on how everything plays out.
>> No. 451532
What sort of character might catch Paladin's eye, and make them consider bringing them along on such a journey?
>> No. 451533
File 139068236363.png - (256.74KB , 500x500 , Thinking.png )
A mare. He doesn't have much defense against members of the opposite gender wanting his attention.

If he hasn't met them before, someone along the road would be good as well. Perhaps a warrior bored out of his head.
>> No. 451534
I tend to deal with mares. Would them being a frequent traveler, even if that proves to not help, sweeten the deal to them?
>> No. 451535
File 139068286497.jpg - (9.02KB , 199x190 , Heh heh___.jpg )
Someone who would have traveled the road more than he has would definitely be more appealing.

I might even allow bonuses on certain rolls if she does.
>> No. 451536
I'll start sifting through my catalouges for a proper character to transform into a pony. I'll have probably posted something within 24 hours.

I look forward to it ^^
>> No. 451537
File 139068315541.jpg - (6.93KB , 264x209 , rainbowdashyay.jpg )
Right now, my excuse for not doing it now is that it's too cold for them to travel. Once it gets warm they'll head out.
>> No. 451538
File 139068325239.jpg - (60.90KB , 318x318 , Beautiful.jpg )
So it's winter right now?
I'll keep that in due mind while I'm searching for the proper character. Do mind I'm not probable to be all too good in a fight. A lot of my characters resolve such matters in... different ways.
>> No. 451539
File 139068343757.png - (241.45KB , 653x497 , Rainbowdash smile.png )
That's totally fine! Like I said, it all depends on rolls and which path you decide to take.
>> No. 451542
suppose you might have a skype or steam?
>> No. 451546
File 139068862463.png - (205.86KB , 388x438 , interesting.png )
Sorry, popped out for a second.

Yes, c.s_blue is my skype name.

Steam is Paladin.
>> No. 451554
Name: Pond-Threader

Age: Fairly Aged Mare (human equivalent: 27 years)

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

History: An offlander, Pond-Threader came from a small tribe outside of the island. She helped with the hunting during her younger years, before becoming an emissary that traveled across the great pond to visit other tribes, and bring back "favors" from them. The change in profession from hunter to emissary came when an accident shredded her left wing, leaving it useless, hindering her ability to hunt. During one of her travels she gained her cutie mark, and with it her tribal name.

One day a large storm destroyed her boat, clinging to the wreckage, her next visit ashore left her lost and stranded. Once she'd procured another boat, she went searching for her homeland, but has never found it again. Though unlikely to admit it; she's much more of an adventurer these days, and her quest to return home remains largely forgotten.

Combat rank: C.
NOTE: versus known wildlife this is an A: Versus unknown wildlife this is a B. Versus unnatural wildlife (heavily mutated dog with 7 heads, for example) this is a D. Thread's training also has granted her +4 accuracy against wildlife, and -4 against non-wildlife.

Personality: Distant; her mind is always somewhere else. regardless she manages to pay enough attention to give the task at hand the attention it needs. This makes her words and her actions frequently not line up quite precisely.

Cutie mark/Talent: An eye of a needle.

Additional notes: She has a metal sleeve covering her left wing. It serves as very effective armor to blows coming from her leftside,, though it's primary purpose is to protect the shredded remains of the wing. Restorative magic's have not ever been attempted on the wing, however it would require a high level of expertise to repair such old wounds.

She also carries a circular chunk of her old boat around her neck as a medallion. It's made of an unknown wood that is only native to her home. It has no magical properties and serves simply as a potential plot and conversation token.
>> No. 451555
File 139069536124.png - (404.83KB , 796x718 , 74.png )
High level magics? yeah, i think we got that covered.
as for her combat rank, what constitutes "wildlife" is that just animals found in the wild, or does it extend to Monsters such as the Hydra as well?
Also, you've given us a Cutiemark, and a history, but not What the talent that gave her this cutiemark is.
>> No. 451556
A hydra would be unnatural wildlife: which would merit D rank combat with +4 accuracy. Domesticated animals are not wildlife, however. So if that Hydra was also trained she'd also suffer a -4 against it.

Davy Jones's kracken would be an example of non-wildlife animals; since he commands it, and also her absolute worst combat performance.

Attempts to chat with her about the talent would confuse her, as the natives didn't draw the connection properly. The talent however was gained while repairing the mast of her boat at sea. She would be great with fabrics if that talent had ever been nurtured. Un-nurtured but awoken, the talent in it's current form isn't of much use to her.
>> No. 451557
Aight, thanks for that, so would you say that her talent would be Working with Fabrics?
>> No. 451558
Yes. That would fit it.
>> No. 451559
File 139069750447.jpg - (43.34KB , 600x520 , 59.jpg )
>> No. 451560
Was that a yes, or does the talent please you? :P
>> No. 451562
one last thing, do you have a pic, or no?
>> No. 451564
I don't have pictures. While I RP i've never wanted to take the time to create pony fanart. I could give a better description if desired, but I'm unlikely to even post pictures to accompany my posts usually.
>> No. 451565
aight, that's cool, most of us would like a description, so if you could do that that would be amazing!
i am in no way trying to suck up to the editors of the Wiki
>> No. 451566
Pics would be good. How about she has a talent for mending sails?

Given the level of ...thought...out..ness...
I'm inclined to approve.
>> No. 451568
I think Mending Fabrics is vague enough for how un-dedicated to the talent I am. Her talent will seriously -never- get touched upon. It remains unused by her raising. I'm sure someone out there probably considers that tragic, but it's just life.

Alright, lets go with Yellow eyes, a very light creme coat; akin to the colour of those nails

Lyra's Mane style, with the same blue base, but with a light pink as the other colour.
>> No. 451570
File 139070030427.jpg - (4.84KB , 290x174 , images.jpg )

Oh look an opinion on someones techno colored donkey. If as those weren't a dime a dozen already. Hows about you fuck off. It's not your character so why give a fuck anon.

Last edited at Sat, Jan 25th, 2014 18:39

>> No. 451572
Do not feed. It helps nothing.
>> No. 451573
Oh, look, it's mystic posting as anon to give opinions about opinions.

Stay Classy
>> No. 451576
File 139070089520.png - (74.38KB , 292x325 , 102.png )
So, its got Bon bon's coat, lyra's mane with a light pink secondary, and Yellow eyes?
hrm... shouldn't be too hard... mind if i make it in Pony creator?
>> No. 451577
File 139070092488.jpg - (261.93KB , 719x439 , Jack-nightmare-before-christmas-226858_719_439.jpg )

A swing and miss.

Assuming I'm them. Ha stay classy cock bite.

Lets see.. We have so many OCs who are death some type of god or who possess op shit...Anyone with a colorful horse oc on this damn site is op.

The immortal from Orion.

Lets not forget black jack and his jets.

Lets not forget all the pretty winged horned fags flying around with alicorns.
>> No. 451578
File 139070104051.gif - (779.14KB , 500x300 , download (1).gif )
i'm not OP!
>> No. 451579
Accidentally, I suppose. What can I say, the show's creators already did most of the good colour schemes I suppose. I just picked out random complimentary characters.

I -probably- don't care if you do it in pony creator. I won't post with the picture, but I might keep it for reference material in the future.
>> No. 451580
File 139070115491.jpg - (247.92KB , 1756x2340 , KHJack.jpg )
I forgot you were a vampire pony at one point with an augmented soul...

I'll add you to the list in the patch notes.
>> No. 451581
not in this canon, and she's in a coma with the vampire portion attempting to kill her in the one where she is.
>> No. 451582
File 139070170299.gif - (869.01KB , 500x400 , Jack_skellington_nightmare_before_christmas.gif )

Eh point is everyone is special and op. I don't see why the other anon gives a rats ass.
>> No. 451583
File 139070236295.png - (184.64KB , 640x360 , Blush.png )

Play a bit of LoL lately?
>> No. 451584
League has dyslexic developers?
>> No. 451585
File 139070262240.gif - (271.29KB , 200x200 , Brushy Brushy!.gif )
Shhhh.... Don't question it, just accept it.
>> No. 451586
File 139070264061.jpg - (111.71KB , 500x585 , tumblr_myer40aVaL1s0adc8o1_500.jpg )
Yep could say I'm addicted. Why I hardly rp anymore.
>> No. 451587
File 139070272082.png - (254.46KB , 495x287 , Secret Butt fun.png )
Oh my god... YOU'RE A DOG!!!
>> No. 451588
File 139070279917.jpg - (169.14KB , 500x666 , tumblr_my5veo0ilC1s4b013o1_500.jpg )
No I will not fetch the ball.
>> No. 451589
File 139070283375.png - (558.63KB , 3000x2006 , Twixie Shipping with socks.png )
But nobody knows you're a dog online! Noby except me!
>> No. 451590
File 139070287406.gif - (620.75KB , 440x247 , tumblr_inline_mveiehdTP21re23uc (1).gif )
>> No. 451591
File 139070291714.png - (344.86KB , 1600x1333 , Lemon Loaf Twi Recolor.png )
>> No. 451592
File 139070292131.jpg - (217.28KB , 2408x1435 , NO!.jpg )
>> No. 451593
File 139070299298.jpg - (103.62KB , 960x679 , tumblr_mzh5nnyxtE1rj0z3po6_1280.jpg )
Hes mine now.
>> No. 451594
File 139070302375.gif - (323.91KB , 260x307 , Wingboner swag.gif )
>> No. 451595
File 139070320856.png - (269.14KB , 500x354 , tumblr_mxlng9En521s0adc8o1_500.png )
>> No. 451596
File 139070329438.png - (45.37KB , 227x252 , Applebloom Smile.png )
They command me!
>> No. 451597
File 139070337904.jpg - (1.37MB , 943x2948 , nami_s_secret_by_nestkeeper-d61onfw.jpg )
At least I still have my fishy waifu...

>> No. 451598
>> No. 451599
File 139070357350.png - (186.01KB , 500x456 , What___.png )
Don't insult mai waifu!
>> No. 451600
File 139070365040.jpg - (61.42KB , 500x708 , tumblr_mzwjzc2vPG1s0adc8o1_500.jpg )
I saw your wia fu today she was at the Longjohn silvers..For a about tree fiddy.
>> No. 451602
File 139070389919.jpg - (358.80KB , 1215x717 , Olaf.jpg )
That's my fishy fish!
>> No. 451603
That was no insult.
>> No. 451604
I love mai waifu....

>> No. 451605
File 139070398195.gif - (888.39KB , 450x252 , VqEj1Pl.gif )
>> No. 451607
File 139070404804.jpg - (955.46KB , 1500x1125 , Ahri+Best+AP+Assassin+For+me+personally+_cd8ecf21769ffb94763fcb1f6546f6b0.jpg )
>> No. 451608
File 139070415260.gif - (763.41KB , 500x372 , tumblr_inline_mm4uqz4jrJ1qz4rgp.gif )
>> No. 451609
File 139070423340.png - (240.22KB , 500x500 , tumblr_mt5pxqA0ar1re6axro1_500.png )
>> No. 451611
File 139070461061.png - (25.34KB , 830x650 , pony067.png )
Does this work Pond threader?
or are the eyes not yellow enough?
>> No. 451612
File 139070495460.gif - (4.38MB , 400x225 , aZEV9Km.gif )
>Mfw someone buys the last ____ before me.
>> No. 451613
That came out better than expected really.
Yes that works out rather well.
>> No. 451614
thanks, When i was grabbing lyra's mane color, i noticed them, and i gazed into her soul and felt her thinking "hands!"used her eye color
>> No. 451615
Does she have yellow eyes?
Heh. I feel silly. Lyra palette swap.
>> No. 451616
File 139070566015.png - (5.42KB , 109x107 , pony067eye.png )
>> No. 451618
I don't know why you gave me a closeup.
I meant Lyra's eyes. I didn't know they were yellow.
>> No. 451620
oh, yeah, she does, well, it's officially Brilliant Gamboge, but who's counting?
>> No. 451639
Alright. Im going to sleep. I'm just consolidating the info for the entry here before I sleep. I hope I've got a response by tomorrow.

and an acceptable example of the colours for an appearance: >>451611
>> No. 451659
>drums her hooves in an impatient gesture, meaning far less insult than it would indicate.
>> No. 451660
All those combat ranks are gonna be a bitch to keep track of.

But answer me one thing because I don't feel like sifting through everything.

What's her talent again?
>> No. 451661
mending fabrics.
>> No. 451662
see this.
>> No. 451663
File 139077693191.png - (86.42KB , 269x269 , Trixie approved.png )
I trust you to keep your combat levels in check, as that is a lot to go with.
So yeah.

>> No. 451664
thanks Vinyl.

The combat ranks are really rather easy to sort once you get a handle on her World Stance. I tend to handle character traits with stat modifications where possible, to add a genuine impact of their history to their interactions with the world, outside of just talking.

I've always found it hilariously unfitting when Lord Death of Killjoy Mountain misses 50 times in a fight with princess peach because the dice didn't like him, despite how much their combat experience should weigh in favor of them not missing. Since so rarely do I see targets having an evasion check to match your accuracy check, I usually re-implement it into my characters by giving them a bonus against things they are familiar with, while giving a malus against things they aren't familiar with ^^

I take it, if I understand what's happened now, that I have two approvals, and I can proceed to dock my boat and join your world?

I promise I will keep myself in check, and normally I side wit my opponent if they disagree with something I've done, so even if there is a problem, it shouldn't become an actual fight ^^
>> No. 451665
File 139077780683.jpg - (101.50KB , 360x460 , 1362522063696.jpg )

>> No. 451668
Mind linking me to which thread is our current one?
I'll post immediately ^^
>> No. 451669
>> No. 451674
File 139078788896.jpg - (65.57KB , 500x474 , tumblr_mxojstJAdW1rygiymo1_500.jpg )
I'm coming back to rp i guess..Something to do when I'm Not playing LoL.
>> No. 451726
File 139085730709.png - (140.44KB , 873x914 , rarity_booping_her_cheeks_by_tyto_ovo-d7144pb.png )
you rang Lost?
>> No. 451727
I did! I just like to know those I rP with a bit. Where can I find your character sheet, and is there anything I should know that isn't listed on it?

My sheet is right here:
>> No. 451733
Hey, I found the OC on the wikia. Is this up to date?
I see why the anon decided to call it a "sue", as it could be argued, but I don't really care so long as the RPing is fun. I've like a bit more info on the ship however, if you don't mind ^^.
>> No. 451737
File 139086443041.jpg - (75.00KB , 665x960 , tumblr_mzvyxcgVCs1rbtwzfo1_1280.jpg )
So dead during the day.
>> No. 451738
Yes. I've noticed.
>> No. 451739
File 139086473447.png - (26.60KB , 360x376 , Conch Shell, Menacing.png )

Oh iiit's suuuch a perfect daaay~
I'm glad I spent it wiiith yooou~
OoOoh such a perfect daaay~
YoU just keEep me haaangin' ooon~
You just keeep me haaangin' ooon~
>> No. 451741
File 139086624802.png - (152.58KB , 500x465 , tumblr_mzgndzwwx91t2ehido1_500.png )
Eh Donutbar is like the only canon with constant traffic.
>> No. 451742
I'm not a big fan of canons. I prefer smaller RP's, and I'm only even checking this one out because it has a few leads that could result in smaller stories. ^^
>> No. 451743
File 139086657135.jpg - (15.92KB , 230x403 , tumblr_mruux1zoQJ1qmyrxzo1_400.jpg )
I use to dm stuff for small quests but over time,and being one of the only few who were doing it I got sick of it.
>> No. 451744
I'm a DM for some rp's outside of ponychan. A dark souls adventure as well as a classic DnD game hosted over the web. I don't like conglomarates usually, because there is too many people for anything to get proper attention, which has made me averse to join the Donut bar, or even BND, however BND seems slow enough lately for me to maybe tolerate it and stick around... and maybe we can get a few RP's going, ^-^
>> No. 451872
File 139112135295.png - (36.68KB , 407x390 , Tricky.png )
Re write:

Name: Tricky
Alignment:lawful evil
occupation: Father of the church for the path of darkness.

History: A traveling priest for the P.o.D Not much is known of his past due to lost records,and such.
>> No. 451882
Okay, we discussed a combat rank being the same, and I'll give this an approval.
>> No. 451934
I've still got Dave approved for this canon right?

I forget to check after the whole thing with everything falling apart and coming back together.
>> No. 451937
yeah u
were approved
>> No. 451943
So how many officers saw Equestria Girls?
>> No. 451952
File 139127082398.png - (157.98KB , 894x894 , 137494737835.png )
>Sunset Shimmer.

Hey baby come here often?~
>> No. 451955
>> No. 451956

I did.

It was shit.

The movie was completely pointless and the conflicts were pointless and uuugh I'd better stop before I start my angry rant again about EQG.
>> No. 451957
Lets see what happens
>> No. 451958
Astra plz
>> No. 451959
>>451958 Don't judge me.
>> No. 451960
>> No. 451961

>> No. 451962
>> No. 451964
File 139127285582.jpg - (114.71KB , 428x325 , Zeddemore_01.jpg )
What did you do, Ray?
>> No. 451965
>> No. 451966
Spitfire mod is watching you
>> No. 451967
File 139127341403.jpg - (48.97KB , 500x375 , 1389732730608.jpg )
>> No. 451968
Spitfire mod is spitting fire
>> No. 451969
Yes, Majikpewn.
Work that tongue.
>> No. 451972
File 139128691569.png - (193.56KB , 948x842 , sunset_shimmer 1.png )
Why, should I come along more?

Yeah, I can't deny that. Just wondering though if Sunset gets her hooves on a certain something, and undergoes a certain upgrade, if the officers wouldn't mind her, well I assume you know what would happen.
>> No. 452010
File 139138525556.png - (222.51KB , 1000x1000 , spoiler.png )
>> No. 452067
File 139147768132.png - (53.55KB , 302x357 , All of my happy.png )
This makes me happy
>> No. 452068
File 139148012955.jpg - (35.42KB , 500x375 , tumblr_n0bwb6Elfd1sk6k3vo1_500.jpg )
So can I play Luna? Since luna's las poster left.
>> No. 452083
File 139154369207.png - (68.82KB , 384x485 , Brisk!Nightengale.png )
And Brisk now has a superhero costume.
>> No. 452084
File 139154431038.png - (640.82KB , 3155x4380 , the hero everypony needs.png )
>> No. 452085
File 139154435326.png - (935.72KB , 1300x731 , green goblin.png )
>> No. 452086
File 139154488174.png - (1.28MB , 2400x3300 , Night Watch(2).png )
Reference for Wheatly.
>> No. 452087
File 139154717822.png - (14.53KB , 747x561 , Conch Shell, Lurking.png )
maybe i should post something
>> No. 452088
File 139154902226.jpg - (148.19KB , 1280x734 , Not impressed.jpg )
Yeah, you do that.
>> No. 452151
File 139198715180.png - (194.86KB , 834x958 , sunset_shimmer 11.png )
So Griffith?
>> No. 452175
File 139217175106.png - (136.65KB , 500x556 , tumblr_n0t2ugRyup1rrxbq2o1_500.png )
>> No. 452176
File 139217660581.png - (103.47KB , 640x471 , sunset_shimmer 21.png )
Oh hi, you got my last post last night, right? Just want to make sure you got the message, Sunset gave Twilight the fake Element that Twilight had made for Nyx, and kept the more real one that was thrown at her by Starlight.
>> No. 452177
File 139217671268.png - (1.02MB , 680x680 , 35b.png )
you DO know that Twilight didn't bring her crown with her... right?
>> No. 452178
File 139217714249.png - (194.86KB , 834x958 , sunset_shimmer 11.png )
You made that much clear before.
>> No. 452212
File 139226353956.png - (248.46KB , 267x472 , drunk pill.png )
Name: Pill Popper



History: Born and raised in Shade Valley Pill grew up to become a doctor. Despite her mom wanting her to be a singer,and her father wanting her to pursue more adventurous activities. After completing high school Pill went off to an island to study abroad. After some time she began experimenting with poison joke,and made a drug out of it that came with some interesting effects among curing any illness or disease. Problems arise we she tested it on her self she would soon learn her project had a high chance of causing addictive personalities. She would soon spread this drug across her campus,and after a few intriguing events from this happened she was expelled,and did a few months in the slammer.

When she finally got out thanks to her sister calling her parents for bail money. She hit the streets sober,and clean.

A year passes as Pill lived on the island,and eventually her parents passed of unknown causes.

Pill eventually returns home to her new inherited estate,and wealth. Put home life bored her,and she went on adventures,and met some colorful character Like Dead pony,and her friend Carrot Top,and other strange odd ponies.

This lead to her having a few occasional romps,and lead to her mothering a child form one of the guards named Arum. This lead to her mothering a foal named Teasel. The father of this foal was never sen mush some speculate he was murder by a jealous house ficus that was purchased by Pill. Pill works as a local doctor,and off hoof drug dealer for Shade Valley. With her deep pockets and connections she plans to one day rule the lil city known as Shade Valley.

Combat rank:B

Personality: A bitch,Sarcastic,Flirty,and often times short fused and on times air headed.

Cutie mark/Talent:Pill bottle with some pills

Other: Plays video games,and indulges in some drinking an drug use.
>> No. 452213
File 139226380272.png - (91.16KB , 500x266 , tumblr_mxvnd3iKrm1sy8ni7o2_500.png )

Name: Luna

Alignment: Lawful good.

History: Sister of Celestia,and ruler of the night.

Personality: A lil lost with the current times,but kind.

Non combatant
>> No. 452215
File 139226550401.png - (85.98KB , 269x269 , Pinkie Approved.png )
>> No. 452216
File 139226613549.jpg - (50.99KB , 525x600 , 172384__UNOPT__safe_lyra.jpg )
God, these shit-tier characters couldn't buy an aproval with a fist full of winning lotto tickets,
>> No. 452217
Nah, you're cool.
Do what you gotta; aproved.
>> No. 452302
That fucking gif... I never knew someone actually could think of Twilight Sparkle headbanging.

On another note, I'm afraid that I won't be rejoining Ponychan for a very long time...

Hell to it, I might not re-join ever. I just wanted to apologize for dropping out of the cannon so suddenly. A crazy amount of IRL stuff has been going on lately, and I sort of dropped out of Ponychan.

Sorry about not posting this sooner, by the way.
>> No. 452327
File 139243459459.jpg - (288.55KB , 1024x576 , hodor-1024.jpg )
Name: hodor
Age: Hodor.
Race: Hodor.
Sex: Hodor!
History: HODOR! Hodor hodorhodor, hodor hodor hodor, HODOR. hodorhodor hodor.
Personality: Hodor!
special talent: Hodor.
Shipping preference: Hodor~
Combat level: Hodor.
Other: Hodor.
>> No. 452332
File 139243626508.jpg - (21.18KB , 500x276 , dogbert_at_computer.jpg )
So Mr umm what's your name again?
>> No. 452333
File 139243632248.jpg - (8.55KB , 240x240 , Dil2.jpg )
He said his name was Hodor.
>> No. 452335
File 139243639651.jpg - (3.64KB , 143x160 , dogbert2.jpg )

Is that foreign? If so does he even have a Visa to be here.?
>> No. 452338
File 139243659570.jpg - (72.37KB , 385x300 , dil5.jpg )
I think it's Romanian, but I'm not sure if he had one or not, it's not my job to screen him.
>> No. 452339
File 139243665672.jpg - (14.22KB , 210x240 , char_59600.jpg )
Maybe we should leave it to human resourcing.
>> No. 452340
File 139243670065.jpg - (142.67KB , 600x843 , MARTIAN.jpg )
Name: Martian Ambassador.
Race: Martian.
Sex: ACK!
History: ACk ACK-ack ACK ACK ACK ack Ack. Ack-ack-ack ACK.
Personality: ACK-ACK!
special talent: Ack
Shipping preference: Ack~~
Combat level: ACK-ACK-ACK!.
>> No. 452341
File 139243674728.jpg - (16.62KB , 331x236 , Dil4.jpg )
I think Marketing should handle it.
>> No. 452342
File 139243681782.jpg - (21.18KB , 500x276 , dogbert_at_computer.jpg )
Dilbert tell your alien son to come visit you another time.
>> No. 452343
File 139243686025.jpg - (30.73KB , 512x288 , Dil3.jpg )
Don't look at me, I didn't invite him here. I didn't expect to ever see him again.
>> No. 452344
File 139243692447.png - (126.33KB , 1024x768 , Dogbert.png )
Just make sure we alert the town to wear fanny guards. Prostates sell well in the alien market.
>> No. 452345
File 139243695941.jpg - (16.62KB , 331x236 , Dil4.jpg )
How do you know that?
>> No. 452346
File 139243696779.jpg - (155.32KB , 630x630 , mars_attacks_g_display.jpg )
Ack ACK ACK! Ack ack ack ack ack ack ack!!!! ACK-ACK!
>> No. 452347
File 139243703575.jpg - (3.64KB , 143x160 , dogbert2.jpg )
I have my sources.

"Yes yes your mother was a robot cow alien we get it we were there Ambassador Ackbar.
>> No. 452348
File 139243711286.jpg - (8.55KB , 240x240 , Dil2.jpg )
I don't think I should question how you get this information.
>> No. 452427
Is this still looking for players?
>> No. 452443
File 139261401365.png - (714B , 64x64 , Mine_Helix_Fossil_1.png )
Character name: Helix Fossil
Age: 9001
Race: Omanyte
Sex: N/A
History: A fossil from a prehistoric Pokémon that once lived in the sea. It might be a piece of a seashell.
Personality: N/A
Special Talent: Being a Consultant.
Shipping Preferences: Dome Fossil.
Combat Level: N/A
Others: Predicts the Future.
Alignment: Helix Fossil.
Faction: Helix Fossil.
>> No. 452444
>> No. 452446
File 139261451864.png - (83.98KB , 900x861 , 33.png )
I vote that we coral this as soon as possible. As shellfish as that might sound.
As far as I'm concerned, this sheet can go to shell. Sea if I care. Ocean't shed a tear over it.


Also: Consultant? What?
>> No. 452447
File 139261459145.jpg - (72.29KB , 604x453 , 604px-Kanassajin_Commander.jpg )
>> No. 452449
File 139261471374.jpg - (119.08KB , 728x768 , 1380639413491.jpg )
>Not bowing to the almighty helix fossil
Your heresy has been noted.
>> No. 452450

Oak: BND! This isn't the time to use that!
Oak: BND! This isn't the time to use that!
Oak: BND! This isn't the time to use that!
Oak: BND! This isn't the time to use that!

up up a a a right a left b start a b b b left left right right left


Bitch please, as of a while ago it's now all about Eevee.
>> No. 452453

dfghfdgdfioho I AM MAN DAYS LATE BUT YES?
>> No. 452454
File 139261508380.png - (326.74KB , 640x480 , DemetriousKannasanNV.png )
>> No. 452455
File 139261519478.png - (431.49KB , 450x757 , TooloNV.png )
>> No. 452471
File 139277092314.png - (141.54KB , 894x894 , Happy face.png )
I hope this hasn't been overlooked...

We're always looking for people to join, though things have been a bit slow lately...
>> No. 452472
Aright, is this canon only, does it work with some non canon stuff that works into the world, or is it just whatever?
>> No. 452479
File 139281297115.png - (158.12KB , 947x844 , echo_the_bat_pony_5_by_zee66-d6cpr86.png )
When you say canon, are you talking about the actual show? In that case, no, it's not part of that canon. Even though we might have characters from the show in the canon, the show and this RP are totally different.
>> No. 452480
Well, show canon races. Are there only Equines and their shown in show companions, or are non ponies and creatures that don't exist in the show's realm allowed?
>> No. 452482
File 139284440412.png - (151.53KB , 1024x937 , FANMADE_Bat_pony.png )
There aren't any specific rules to follow in that regard. But if you come up with some kind of ugly evil creature than you're probably not going to get a lot of RP action.

Most of us just stick with ponies because it's what we're used to.
>> No. 452483
Okay. So Ponies are stuck to by the general populous but humans and things are aloud?
Sorry I'm dragging this out, I just want to make sure I don't waste anyone's time with a sheet that doesn't work.
>> No. 452494
File 139287054128.png - (25.42KB , 328x383 , Conch Shell.png )
Now seems like a good time to mention that I'm not actually going to be joining you people. I only achieved my second approval due to nepotism, and the circumstances that allowed me to take advantage of said nepotism no longer apply. Therefore, my second approval is now void, and I no longer have the right to join you people. In addition to that, as I mentioned before, the officers already don't like me, and I'd rather spare you all the humiliation of kicking me out. Thank you for understanding.
>> No. 452497
File 139287286282.png - (14.53KB , 747x561 , Conch Shell, Lurking.png )
Oh yeah... And before I forget, .

I'll be on my way, then.

Last edited at Wed, Feb 19th, 2014 22:08

>> No. 452537
File 139293424125.jpg - (151.07KB , 567x800 , 396910 (567x800).jpg )
Humans work, we have a few people who have human characters, though they aren't played too often. Still, they are allowed.
>> No. 452538
Eeenteresting. Am I allowed to use a humanized unicorn type thing? I hate not having hands.
>> No. 452539
File 139293477314.png - (170.85KB , 852x938 , echo_the_bat_pony_11_by_zee66-d6ebr85.png )
You mean like anthro? There shouldn't be any problems with that.
>> No. 452540
File 139293534649.jpg - (100.17KB , 500x665 , tumblr_n0o9pcn8nd1s0adc8o1_500.jpg )
"I'm not an officer anymore,but when me and a few others made the canon it was universally accepted anyone of any race could join,but idk if thing have changed.
>> No. 452541
Sweet. Here's the sheet link:
>> No. 452542
File 139293613725.png - (370.37KB , 3700x3600 , 137988036920.png )
You might want to rewrite the sheet either here or somewhere else where we can get to it. Access for me is denied.
>> No. 452543
Ah crap. Man, this is going to be all of the posts long.....

The one and only Asma grew up in Bigcityville(actual real name pending). Her school was in a pretty rough neighborhood, and it was not uncommon for students to return without their prized and most valuable possessions. This hit her hard when her friend's little sister was actually injured when she refused to give up her remaining lunch money. Then Asma and the friend's little sister went after the ponies who took it, but returned empty handed. They had one piece of leverage that neither could bear to get out: That Asma could barely do magic. Her rune was near useless, but she managed to cover it up as best she could. The next day, when they were walking home from school, the gang came down on them. They demanded their remaining lunch money, and all of their other valuables. The two refused, and the gang moved in for the attack. But then, something happened. Asma lunged at one of the larger ponies, figuring out just where to hit to take him down, and tackled him. She lunged at another, grabbing a pen with her horn. After a little while of combat, with Asma taking calculated leap after calculated leap, she stood, the winner, the gang running off. Her friend was staring at her. She looked at her flank, and there it was, her cutie mark. A sword and shield.
After that, she skipped town, knowing the gang would have followed her home. On the way, she stopped at a bookstore, being the avid reader that she is. The old pony was very nice, and gave her a few free books. But more importantly, she found the book. Not a book, the book. The book that would change her life. The second she picked it up, he spoke to her. Sarsbad, an ancient zebran explorer and language expert. He had locked himself away in the book to save his knowledge, grow the pages. She had to have it. So, she stowed it in her bag. And on the way out, she saw a letter from one Baron von Buckingworth. She read it, and quickly pocketed it as well. A job offer. Treasure hunting. Language expert. She went, and met the group. Most importantly, Tinker Spyglass. They became fairly close friends, escaping the imperium, and other shennanigans. They learned that she was Tinker’s daughter. For three and a half years, they traveled, encountering various challenges, which over the years, wore her down. Finally, there were three events that broke her.
The first was the death of someone quite close to her, which happened due to extrenuise curcumstances. The person in question happened to be a Zebran known as Kassie, a pony she had fallen in love with over the course of the two years they had known eachother, and who had responded in kind. Tinker had no idea, to him, Kassie was a traveling companion. One night, after a near death encounter with a group of Griffon Imperium scouts, and then a battleship, which had revealed that Kassie had once been an informant for the imperium, and claimed that she still was. The two had a fight. Asma stormed out, taking a walk to clear her mind and, little did she know, Kassie followed to make sure she was OK. Asma was found by her nemesis, a griffon commander who had stalked them from the start, and was nearly killed before Kassie took a bullet for her. Asma stayed there, after the attempted killer had made his escape after she took a few shots at him, to make sure Kassie didn’t die alone. After she was dead, Asma went after the captain with his own gun, killing him and cremating Kassie on the boiler of the airship they were traveling in. She lied to Tinker, telling him that Kassie had left during the night, keeping it a secret the whole time. She kept Kassie’s ashes in a small pot in her bag, which she always keeps with her.
The second happened months later, whilst fighting a hag who had revived an old volcano on an island they had stopped on. Asma was on the brink of death. Unconcious, rocks crumbling, lava. Book. What to save. And what to let burn. Tinker saved her, and the book fell to the lava. She never forgave him for that. After that, in secret, she developed an addiction to painkillers. They dulled the withdrawal pain. She had been with the book for so long, having it gone caused extreme pain at times, and thus she had a large stash on her at all times. However, after this event, she learned something, something that scared her. The book had had safety protocols, and as such had a sort of guardian angel, who’s enchantment, at the time of the books destruction, glitched, and sent the creature, now much colder and more brutal, into Asma’s mind. She learned that when she took painkillers, it was able to control her mind due to her willpower being sapped. Along with that, she also lost the anti aging effects the book had on her, the enchantment put in place so that the holder of the book could expand it’s pages as much as possible.
The third occurred after much planning. She had saved one griffon, the one griffon she would call friend, many many times. He happened to be first mate of a ship, who’s captain died after a runin with the imperium. He was made captain, and the day after, Asma and Tinker asked for haven on the ship, and were accepted. In the next encounter with the imperium, Asma made a quick tactical call, informing her friend, which saved the ship from getting shot out of the sky. The griffon in command made her gunnery officer, due to this and many other occasions of extreme success, thinking she could do a better job than he. The crew scoffed, but stopped after they saw the way she ran the in a fight. After the next few run ins with the Imperium, most of the high ranking officers had been killed during combat, be it by fire from the other ships or from boarding, Asma found herself one of the few remaining officers. As the crew had seen the way she was able to command the gunners, she was their first pick for captain. After thinking it over for a few days, she accepted, so that she could put her plan into action. Finally, after a few months, she deemed that the crew were capable, and attacked the Griffon floating city of New Haven, named after the capital of the Imperium. Her reasons were many, a massive list of wrongs the Imperium had done to her and thousands of others, and she was going to repay them. They were losing, bad, before she realized she couldn’t do this, and jammed a painkiller syringe into her neck, letting loose the guardian, known only as Mistin. It made a quick call, which broke an age old treaty. She targeted the closest and most damaged ship’s source of propulsion, a massive floating crystal called a luxcore. These are highly unstable, and housed carefully as such, however not being able to stand very well under fire. After realizing the destruction that could be done by detonating a luxcore, a treaty was made to try and prevent people getting away scott free for doing this, along with reinforcing them more. However, the modified cannons on the ship set off the first luxcore.
And then the next, and the next, and the next, a massive chain reaction, leading to the city. One luxcore can destroy an absolutely astonishing area. The city had eight, and the entire thing was destroyed, dust on the wind. Her crew was shocked, and her last order was to go home, back to Seabreeze where it all began. She got there, and was instantly stopped, taken into custody. Not only was her old name, Astral Frostwood, dead, and unable to be put back into action, but Asma was a criminal, and had almost started a war. After half a year in custody, Asma finally managed to make it through by clever work from her lawyer, and a change of name to Astral Spyglass, Tinker’s name. She went with him, living with him in his shop in ponyville, Tinker’s Tree, also opening a small bookstore at the same location. She returned, to say hello for the first time in six years, only to learn that they had both died a month before she came back. She returned to Tinker’s Tree, opening up a small bookstore directly next door.
>> No. 452544
Asma is most definitely awkward, and really does not want to slip back into the combat and adventure of before, merely for the safety of others. However, settling down just doesn’t quite feel right to her, after three years of adventuring it feels dull and boring to sit around and read and go about normal life. She herself isn’t particularly good at tinkering, but the aforementioned Mistin is very good at Tinkering, being able to very easily create mechanical weapons with just a touch of magical backing. Mistin is also very good at magic of many sorts, though specializing in the combat arts. Along with that, Mistin very much attempts to manipulate people into killing it, thus moving it to a new host. However, in times of true need, the two find themselves working together to attempt to survive. A final thing unbeknownst to both parties is that a third mind is forming in Asma’s head. A much more violent thing, not having manifested yet. It wishes only for bloodshed and destruction. It’s trigger at the moment, whilst it is at it’s weakest, is the combination of alcohol with the painkillers, which it burns out of her system to fuel it. When it is active, four spiked tentacles appear on Asma’s back, and her eyes turn a blood red. In future, the creature might be able to manifest under less specific circumstances, due to it gaining in strength. It has a rather keen hunter’s intellect, and speaks in a rather insane tone, quoting famous poetry about death, and speaking of a ‘Red wave’ that is to be released from a person. Currently, it’s existence is unknown to either of the previous parties.
Her equipment mostly consists of random thing she keeps in her bag, specifically, a normal messenger bag with bags of holding grafted onto it where the pockets were. This also being a bag of many pockets, there’s a whole lot of space in it. She keeps several large samples of lux on her person at all times, and keeps her pistol on her at all times. She also has a small stash of smoke and shrapnel grenades in a pocket, along with a very small chemistry set, so small that it’s hard to do a lot of practical stuff with it, she mostly keeps it for testing on the fly purposes. And somewhere buried within the pockets are several sacks of currency, rather large, and a chest of currency.
Asma has also been trawling for an artificer or mekkanist mage duo to help realize a plan of hers; Build a magic and technology fusion body for Kassie, and bring her back housed in the metal frame, held in place by magic. The most efficient fuel she can figure would be lux crystals, due to the fact that they’re used in most high power griffon machinery, since they give off such raw magical energy. This idea was spawned from a major information leak from Mistin after being shot and basically shutting down. One of said pieces of information was the idea of robotic limbs for augmentation of living people. There were thousands of diagrams showing the way the mechanical muscles would move and function, thousands more instructions on how to make the parts and construct the finished product. This, combined with the use of voodoo that Asma had seen while she was treasure hunting, specifically a form of hex to trap a person’s soul in an object, she thought might work as a housing and body for her girlfriend to be brought back using. However, she has not as of yet been able to find said artificer or mage mekkanist duo, and has been unable to do it on her own due to lack of magical prowess and skills in the required feilds.
>> No. 452545
File 139293639761.png - (140.57KB , 847x943 , echo_the_bat_pony_9_by_zee66-d6dg45v.png )
That's.... a lot of text...
>> No. 452546
Sorry..... I've been working on it for about two years. Sorry about bad parts, I haven't fully rewritten it yet. That'd prolly take a year if I worked non stop.
That's also why I generally leave the link instead... Less messy.

Last edited at Thu, Feb 20th, 2014 16:04

>> No. 452547
File 139293652204.png - (670.59KB , 1280x893 , Stand back I am science.png )
>> No. 452548
File 139293654562.jpg - (94.29KB , 500x617 , tumblr_n14ldbW94S1sp8govo1_500.jpg )
Umm give me about 30 mins and ill get back to you. After i read all this.. I have no doubts that you will be approved.
>> No. 452549
>> No. 452550
File 139293667570.jpg - (30.67KB , 298x377 , You know what, nevermind1.jpg )
>> No. 452551
File 139293673534.png - (171.81KB , 500x489 , Blocks.png )
It's okay.
But maybe next time, try summarizing.
>> No. 452552
File 139293679230.jpg - (135.96KB , 500x719 , tumblr_n14ld1hNgF1sp8govo1_500.jpg )
I'm not an officer anymore but i would approve it. Also we need a combat rank and alignment and it should be set.
>> No. 452554
That was the summary..... If I posted everything I'd wanted to write about Asma I think ponychan would explode.

Oops. Sorry, I forgot. I'll kinda need a combat rank for each seperate entity, and an alignment for each one as well. Is that okay, Paladin? Oh, and is this using DnD alignment?
>> No. 452555
File 139293701373.png - (670.59KB , 1280x893 , Stand back I am science.png )
I think my brain would too...
>> No. 452556
I mean, this is what I use because writing the rest would take years of my life, and I think would require more space than my google docs file has.
>> No. 452557
File 139293732977.gif - (480.51KB , 141x141 , thumbs up.gif )
As long as they don't go over A rank, I don't see much of a problem with it.

And yes, typical DnD alignment.
>> No. 452558
Aright, Asma's a D(if using pistol: grenades C no weapon F) with Chaotic Good, she's not afraid to break laws if she has too, Mistin is True Neutral and a B(the alignment still undergoing changes mind you), and Rage is an A and Chaotic Evil. It just wants your blood. And everyone else's.

Last edited at Thu, Feb 20th, 2014 16:05

>> No. 452559
Sounds good to me.
>> No. 452560
File 139293769128.png - (356.85KB , 1600x2667 , rainbow_dash___frontview_sad___by_amidnightflight-d4nz1yq.png )
Yes, that sounds fine to me.

But unfortunately... I am not an officer so my approval doesn't mean much...
>> No. 452561
Wait, I'm confused. I thought Paladin was an officer, and Pill Popper wasn't? I'm horribly confused.
>> No. 452562
File 139293782688.png - (502.10KB , 750x750 , Called it.png )
No, neither of them are officers. But there are no officers available at this moment.
>> No. 452563
File 139293783391.jpg - (9.02KB , 199x190 , Heh heh___.jpg )
The officer list is in the OP, I'm more of an... adviser to the officers.
>> No. 452564
I got done talking with someone i have been permitted officer abilities.

>> No. 452565
Oh, oops. Sorry.

Thank you. I won't let you down.
>> No. 452566
File 139293803591.png - (74.01KB , 488x700 , Oh boy.png )
In that case, I want a Snow Cone.
>> No. 452567
File 139293819524.gif - (271.29KB , 200x200 , Brushy Brushy!.gif )
I have been given officer permissions as well. I'll throw my approval as well.
>> No. 452568
So, what are the approval rules? Sorry, I may have been told this before already.
>> No. 452569
File 139293846969.png - (11.20KB , 100x100 , Idunno.png )
You should only need two, unless another officer comes along and disapproves.

But there shouldn't be a problem.
>> No. 452570
Oh, okay. Thanks. I hope I don't disappoint.
>> No. 452596
I..... Need to uninstall gimp. I have literally spent all evening editing pictures.
>> No. 452606
Should I wait for the next thread to jump in, or use the way of entering this world I thought of five minutes ago to enter in this thread?
>> No. 452611
File 139302750972.png - (676.72KB , 1280x896 , tumblr_n163lfWWBb1rvni8ko1_1280 (1).png )
New in character thread.
>> No. 452613
Should I pop into this thread, or wait for another?
>> No. 452629
Go ahead
>> No. 452630
Kay, thanks.
>> No. 452697
File 139318610110.png - (50.44KB , 422x272 , BATTLE SCREECH.png )
>> No. 452703
File 139321867279.png - (315.55KB , 666x666 , tumblr_n13x6t0QzW1rlonpdo1_1280.png )
>> No. 452704
I'm going to be leaving on Wednsday for my Grandparent's, and I'll be gone for a week or so. My plan was just to say Asma remains unconcious, if that works.
>> No. 452784
File 139364119731.png - (180.11KB , 540x604 , flareon__the_false_prophet__by_wiktoria00-d7745xd.png )
I have found my faith
>> No. 452796
File 139371706878.png - (238.40KB , 269x353 , mjk.png )
>> No. 452797
File 139371709760.png - (1.40MB , 680x888 , mjq.png )
>> No. 452800
File 139374344899.png - (94.34KB , 617x600 , 1392751844165.png )
>> No. 452826
>> No. 453001
Wow. That is. That is a lot of posts. Wow. That is a looooooot of posts.
So, did anything happen to Asma since I posted last? I'm having a braindead day.
>> No. 453176
File 139502147398.png - (301.52KB , 500x578 , tumblr_n2jacau6c11szt02mo1_500.png )
Not that im aware of.
>> No. 453177
Okay, thanks.
>> No. 453515
Uuuuuum, where did Paladin and Mercury go?
>> No. 453856
File 139678890621.jpg - (158.10KB , 800x1066 , Scratch3.jpg )
I am hereby resigning from all forms of authority, casual RP, and serious RP here at BND. I've lost the motivation to RP anywhere at all. It's not because of clashes or drama or any other sort of nonsense that's normally the cause of this sort of thing; I just wish to do other things.

I would appreciate it if the authorities in charge of this cannon were to remove the unicorn stallion, Paladin, and retcon him entirely from the cannon. This would free up a few characters that were tied in with Paladin's story and allow them to pursue other things.

I had fun at BND, it brought me back out of my retirement and allowed me to reconnect with friends that I left on MLPchan; as well as make quite a few new ones. Thank you all for the wonderful experiences here on Ponychan and thank you for making me just a little bit happier.

Until Next Time,
>> No. 453860
File 139681345741.jpg - (1.86MB , 2501x1017 , DotA-2-Treant-Protector.jpg )
Name: Splinter

Age: ??? (Absurdly Ancient)

Alignment: True Neutral

History: Many eons ago, Splinter was grown by an ancient race of humans called the Moaki. They required someone to serve as a guardian to their temple and as a seer for their practices. Splinter soon had a vision of the temple being attacked. He saw his creators killed before him; he was stranded. He warned the priests and they began to prepare for battle. Several months later a rival tribe, seeking the treasures in the temple, attacked their land. The Maokai fought valiantly and sought Splinter for orders. It was clear that there was nothing that could be done. The area around the temple had been collapsed to make it difficult for the invaders to reach it. However, they slowly made their way over the gap and into the temple. Once the treasure of the temple had been stolen and the Maoki were destroyed, the invaders left Splinter alone. He was unable to help his people and could only watch as they fell. The vision he saw was not one of what would happen had they not prepared, it was what was going to happen after they had prepared. The defeat was inevitable, and it has brought shame to Splinter since. He finally uprooted himself and shambled off into the deep jungle where he would lie in wait for eternity.

Combat rank: ? (F with Melee, unknown when rooted in ground versus opponents on land.)

Personality: Very sage-like. Usually kind, very protective of those he serves.

Cutie mark/Talent: Manipulation of earth through rooting (Can force chunks of dirt or rocks out of the ground to attack) (Can survey land with roots)

Guild/Faction/Religion: Pagan (Faith of the Maokai)

Other: Poor eyesight, can see close up but not at medium to long distance. He has a heightened feeling of vibrations through his roots. Sensitive hearing. Although he does have legs and feet, it is extremely rare to see a treant walk.
>> No. 453861
>> No. 453862
*B for melee actually. Getting hit by a tree fucking hurts
>> No. 453863
File 139681381581.png - (129.54KB , 522x578 , Teasel baby.png )
See you later bro. GL and HF.
>> No. 453901
I'm going to be taking my leave. See y'all.
>> No. 454119
>> No. 458281
Hello. And Bye.
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