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450971 No. 450971
All was well. Everything was going just fine, before the contagion started spreading.
A virus, carried by all, killing off all of ponykind. Zebras, Unicorns, Earth Ponies, Pegasi, and Alicorns alike were affected, leading to the fall of The Princesses, the extinction of all races of ponies, and the rise of the other species of this world, previously having played second fiddle to the Equestrian rulers of the continent. Primarily, two forces rose: The Griffon Imperium, and the Draconic Federation, the titans of their time.
Feuds between the two had gone on for generations, mostly over what were called 'Magic Stones', crystals that could be used as a substitute for unicorn magic. Almost all devices now run off magic stones, making them in extremely high demand. The ever shifting frontier is where most magic stones are mined, and found, however the Draconic Federation has The Deepcore, a mining operation underneath the capital of the Federation, Daconia, which seems to have a nigh limitless supply of the crystals. The frontier is a brutal place, one where a man being shot in the back of the head for his money or stones is a common occurance, and many towns end up paying a tithe to the bandits of the area.
A war between the Federation and the Imperium was inevitable, and many were impressed the two had lasted this long without one. Now, with tensions riding high, and threats being made, is the time when all race's metal is tested, where the frontiers are nearing a warzone even before war has been declared. The world is changing. And it's going to do it with a bang.

Hello, and welcome to an idea I came up with a year ago. If that wall of text interested anybody, well, fear not, it's quite easy to join. Just tell me about your character, most importantly their backstory and personality. If you have any questions, please ask me.
There is no combat system at the moment, nor really any game system. I prefer to keep the story and the game not tethered down by mechanics, though if anyone can give me a good system to work by that isn't [j]entirely[/i] random, please speak up and I will consider it.
Ponies are banned, as they are extinct.
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>> No. 451422
One question: would there be ANY way to play an equine? Genetically superior, time travel, etc?

If no, what other races are up for grabs, besides Dragons and Griffons?
>> No. 451424
Nope. Equines are off the table.
Anything that's canon you can think of that isn't equine, really. Diamond dogs are sitting pretty, Changelings are a no for obvious reasons though. Actually, thinking about it, I can't really think of any non equines other than Dragons Diamond Dogs and Griffons. If you can, feel free to inform me.
>> No. 451426
File 139036211307.gif - (109.69KB , 320x180 , spooky scary skeletons.gif )

Parasprites? I suppose draconequus (that's how you spell it, i looked it up) would be OP, but still. And, if you wanna get really detailed, most forms of livestock. Sentient cows and sheep are canon.

Last edited at Tue, Jan 21st, 2014 20:45

>> No. 451427
Dangit, I forgot parasprites. Those aren't smart enough.
I suppose livestock COULD work, though with the two dominant species being carnivores, it might be difficult for the player.
Draconequussus depend on whether they're all superpowered like Discord. If not, I might allow it.
>> No. 451428
File 139036260388.gif - (2.04MB , 360x240 , Space Ace!.gif )
I think that a sentient swarm of parasprites could be fun to play. Like, one of them ate a magic stone, and now they're all like hive-mind and stuff. What do you think?
>> No. 451429
Hmmmmmm...... That could be interesting.
Though I would have to say that said parasprites would be would ALL be working off the one that ate the stone's mind, so all of them would have the same personality, basically share the same brain and be the same creature.
>> No. 451430
File 139036309101.gif - (543.77KB , 640x360 , fwipfwipfwipfwipfwip.gif )
Yeah, like a hive-mind.

Y'know, the more I think about it, the more I wanna do it. It'd be all "Hey! I'm a bandit, an' I'm robbing you!" "Oh yeah? Well, then SWARM OF BUGS TRYIN' TO EAT YOU!"
>> No. 451431
I'd be okay with it. Though you wouldn't be a really big swarm, you'd be just the one. Over time you'd gain sprites, but a big mass of parasprites right off the bat is a tad ridiculous, and really kills any threat.
>> No. 451432
File 139036360200.gif - (1.17MB , 400x222 , Pun, you say.gif )
Oh muh guh.

That's even better.
>> No. 451433
Aright. Toss me a sheet when you can if you want to join. Take your time though, and feel free to ask me questions if you need to. If you want to contact me out of thread, I'm lupus_sterling on skype.
>> No. 451447
Name: Swift Blue
Age: 6 months
Race: Parasprite
History: It is common knowledge that parasprites will eat ANYTHING. So, when a swarm descended on a magic stone refinery, it was a bit of a surprise that none of the stones were eaten.

Well, ALMOST none...

Something about the stones just didn't appeal to the parasprites. Like two north magnets, they almost repelled each other. One of these parasprites must not have gotten the memo, because he fluttered down and just gulped down one of the stones. Now, this is where it gets weird: instead of multiplying, as the normal, this 'sprite actually achieved sentience. Having given himself the name Swift Blue (for obvious reasons), he began wondering the world, learning everything he can about the world and himself.

Abilities: Hive Mind: Any parasprites in a 5-foot radius will become part of a like-minded swarm led by Swift. Will also work with other insects/non-sentient animals. If Swift Blue concentrates, he can create temporary confusion and disorientation in smarter enemies.

Blue Bullet: Imagine being hit by a baseball. Now imagine that baseball has wings and an exo-skeleton. This is his main form of defense, besides just flying away. This attack's strength is proportional to the number of parasprites in his swarm.

Anything else I need to add?

Last edited at Wed, Jan 22nd, 2014 20:30

>> No. 451448
I'm gonna have to poke at the Hive mind. I'd be okay with it if Swift had to actually do something, say, tap into the creature's mind, which would be somewhat difficult. And, if the larger the swarm, the more strenuous on him it would be.
If you're okay with that change, then approved.
>> No. 451449
File 139044818390.gif - (470.50KB , 450x254 , Jeff understanding.gif )
I guess that's fair. Do you have any suggestions?
>> No. 451450
Well, for instance, if Swift were trying to mind control an insect, for the scenario let's say a cockroach, I would make you roleplay trying to convince the cockroach that doing what you say is a good idea. Once that happens, it would be under Swift's control for a few days. If he were trying to sway a parasprite swarm I'd roll two d20s, one for Swift's offense against the swarm's minds, and one for the swarm's deffence against Swift's mental attack. If Swift rolls higher, that's the swarm under control. If not, Swift is going to get rather tired, and not have control of the swarm obviously. And, if you were trying to mind control something with some actual intelligence, you'd have to roleplay, but I'd throw in a few dice rolls as well, basically to see how well each of your persuasion methods stick.
Sound good?
>> No. 451451
File 139044878588.gif - (13.95KB , 150x150 , Chang Allow.gif )
Well, everything except the whole "defend against their minds" roll thing. Parasprites are generally dumber than a bag of dirt. It's like reading a book. You would roll to see if you can read the book, but not do defend yourself against the book reading you.

But yeah, everything else seems fine.
>> No. 451452
Hmmmm.... Aright, I'll have to figure out a different system for hacking parasprite's minds.
In the meantime, you are approved. I'll make a thread on the weekend, or when we've got three players. Whichever comes first.
>> No. 451453
File 139044931369.gif - (289.33KB , 350x197 , Abed Thumb.gif )
Far out. See you then.
>> No. 451454
File 139044939316.png - (263.11KB , 600x250 , What knife.png )
.....that gif is awesome.
But not as awesome as this.
>> No. 451455
File 139044984075.gif - (614.36KB , 324x494 , BWAAAAAAAAAUM.gif )
>> No. 451460
I'm disappointed in the internet. I was trying to find a 'You're a good man charlie BWOWM" picture, but no one made one. This makes me sad.
>> No. 451485
What's swift doing? Just wandering?
>> No. 451487
Oh, herp derp, nevermind. Read the character sheet again.
>> No. 451488
Thread is up.
>> No. 451610
File 139070454084.gif - (837.67KB , 300x168 , The Dark Knight Parties.gif )
Sorry, forgot to tell you that I was doing things this weekend. My bad :/

I'll get right into the thread
>> No. 451626
It's fine. Take your time.
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