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#Open #Ask/invite #Canon: Orion #Adventure #Ponies #Non-pony #Serious #Semi-serious #Crazy #Sign-up

Space. The final frontier. Since the dawn of time, Ponies have looked up towards Celestia's crystal clear skies, and Luna's dark, sparkling oceans of beauty and wondered, 'what's up the-'
You know, we still don't know what's at the bottom of our own, actual oceans.
Well, aren't you a buzzkill. I'm trying to do a recruitment ad here.
It would help if you weren't cheesy as all hell about it.
Maybe you should do it, then, if you think you're better at it than me!

The Orion Space Station is the most recent arm of the Equestrian Military to combat the ever-growing Rift threat. While its responsibilities have grown in recent years to include space-based defenses and even first contact with alien races, Orion's main purpose still remains.

Tired of normal military life? Want a little extra excitement in fighting interdimensional beasts? Or maybe just want to come up and see Equestria's Space Station for yourself? Sign up for Orion today!

Read our Google Doc before signing up - but feel free to ask questions in the thread before or after joining! []

we really need to get a proper picture of orion

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File 141349431492.jpg - (17.86KB , 254x254 , AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaa.jpg )
Don't Scare me like that!
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File 141349512042.jpg - (14.43KB , 250x261 , pfudor-still-nightmare-night.jpg )
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File 141577444436.png - (364.64KB , 648x614 , tumblr_lrbt8t3x7x1qhwgudo1_1280.png )
I am the worst man
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File 141584015360.png - (1.16MB , 2500x1900 , 133966855679.png )
Hello again!
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It's nice to see you again too lunacy. How have you been?
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File 141593561225.jpg - (2.04MB , 4500x4500 , 333695__UNOPT__safe_solo_princess-luna_absurd-res_sparkles_51a150597f123b020b00019f_51a150597f12.jpg )
Very well! Hanging out in 6A, just got done with my last exam today.
>> No. 457017
Sounds like fun, so hows the rp coming along?
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File 141601747142.png - (231.47KB , 894x894 , Shocking with cuteness.png )
Name: Amethyst Shade.
Race: Batpony
Age: 19

Appearance: Bearing a light grey fur coat, blending in rather well with her amethyst like mane color, might indicating part of her name's origin. Azure colored slitted eyes, often glimmering with a mischievous look, accompanying smirk or smile. Although few rarely see it with her out of armor, her cutie mare appears to be what's best described as a paw print. Whatever it's meaning, she kept hidden possibly if not plain sight.

Personality/history: Were someone to attempt making an impression Amethyst just from the first meeting, they'd likely notice only part of her personality. Which likely depends on the situation, or whatever the mare is up to. Ranging from teasing to rather surprisingly constructed pranking at times, she's somewhat of a hoof full, being energetic here or there of mischievousness. Why even several solar guards aren't safe, when she finds a cute guard that takes to her liking.

Though pushing aside those traits, when deemed necessary where no real fooling around or playing is permitted in situations. It has been noted on her record at least, with several statements even of her fellow members of Luna's Nightguard, even though it's been a surprise to others. Amethyst actually gets serious and focused, ready to fight off till either made to fall back due to any reason, or one side backs off even.

Whatever the case, she comes to the fight often bearing the usual assigned lunar guard armor, followed up by one of their many retractable lightning dagger like claw weapon load outs, and finally your general night guard training.

Originating from her colony's hidden away village within confines of the Everfree Forest and under Luna's command, she'd ready to begin one of her new assignments. Assessing and assisting with dangers emerging from rift activity on Orion, using everything she's been sent with if necessary to assist with this task.

Last edited at Fri, Nov 14th, 2014 19:12

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File 141602255386.jpg - (496.48KB , 1000x1000 , 132623159836.jpg )
Hmm. I'll approve this.

Well enough.
>> No. 457025
File 141602276433.png - (38.59KB , 564x352 , Soooo snuggly~.png )
Nyaaa~ Luna Skiing~
>> No. 457058
File 141641841803.png - (132.62KB , 800x1000 , Anon Dom.png )
>Lays out a big fart in the thread

>> No. 457072
File 141687544924.jpg - (46.79KB , 400x315 , 277133f2fe2849db3664efa711c88cf5.jpg )
>!FU7l8YEzUw is a butt
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File 141689663103.jpg - (95.34KB , 1280x960 , renovatedkitchen-20130225T065813-8pb7egv.jpg )
>> No. 457080
Is this still active?
>> No. 457090
I'll approve this as well.
Technically speaking, yes.
>> No. 457118
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo................we may need a new thread...just putting that out there
>> No. 457200
File 141957305902.png - (119.68KB , 600x500 , war_whooves_by_tateshaw-d6wwdv7.png )

I remember when youths such as you respected our sainted threads, when you deferred to your elders. Now it's all new threads and faster response time and lack of structure. In my day we had big long posts you got lost in, flowery diction we cranked straight out of a thesaurus, literature so skillfully written it takes you days to find all the devices interwoven in it, allegories so convoluted it spawned religions, and we liked it just fine that way you young whippersnapper.
>> No. 457271
File 141975025900.jpg - (65.75KB , 500x500 , tumblr_mzkhktttWD1sestnoo1_1389998334_cover.jpg )
Well before that we had threads where people made short posts about wanting to ship their OCs with anything they could and making two worded responses before expecting you to reply in the next 3 minutes, hooligan!
>> No. 457352
File 142019572383.jpg - (96.91KB , 600x431 , Skeleton.jpg )
You youngsters have both got it easy. I remember back in the days before Ponychan, when RPing was done on other websites. I remember typing out responses on an old, cellphone numpad. Short posts and shipping? Long posts and getting lost in all the words? Bah. Kids these days think they know rough, but they came in when things started getting easy.
>> No. 457356
i posted from a Wii once.
>> No. 457357
Wow, someone else that's done that! My first year was posting with a wii
>> No. 457358
Before that I posted from a DSi.
>> No. 457462
File 142103057441.png - (464.59KB , 800x1000 , cold_by_ribbonshower-d8diiez.png )

New thread.
>> No. 457773
Where am I and how do anything?
>> No. 457774
File 142258107850.png - (161.25KB , 508x524 , 1967 - mug omniknight reaction.png )
This is the Orion. A canon that takes place in space and encourages the better writing of roleplayers to make a better story for the canon as a whole! Anyone is welcomed to make a character as they please.

Basically you just make a two paragraph character sheet describing what your character looks like and what they do. You can add some backstory if you wish. Once you do that, post what you wrote here and see if you can get two officers to approve your work. If they do, then you are free to roleplay in this canon all you like. Just remember that it's important to also tell us why your character is in the Orion to begin with.
>> No. 457786
Thanks. :)
>> No. 457787
Name: Rags Polar

Appearance: (No picture because I can't draw ponies worth crap.) Green coat with a brown mane and tail, both man and tail hair stick up in places. Wears "Hoofwraps" and cutie mark is a sword and shield. He is a Pegasus with average body shape.

Reason for being on Orion: Rags arrived here by what appeared to be teleportation, dispite being a Pegasus. He cannot remember any thing except his name, his skill with swordplay, and his love for food.
>> No. 457788
I'm sorry if my description sucks, I'm not the greatest writer...
>> No. 457789
Oh s**t! I forgot to mention that his eyes are blue... F**k!
>> No. 457813
File 142278346501.jpg - (202.21KB , 560x792 , Oatville's Captain of the Weather Team.jpg )
First of all, don't worry about not being great with writing! We all have to start somewhere, after all!

Anyway, could you tell us a bit more about his skills with a sword? And maybe a bit more backstory, unless that's meant to be an actual story point for the character. It's just nice to have some of the details cleared up.
>> No. 457815
Yes. Yes I can. I shall now make a more detailed sheet.
>> No. 457816
Name: Rags Polar

Appearance: (No picture because I can't draw ponies worth crap.) Green coat with a brown mane and tail, both mane and tail hair stick up in places. Wears "Hoofwraps" and cutie mark is a sword and shield. He is a Pegasus with blue eyes and average body shape.

Reason for being on Orion:Rags arrived here by what appeared to be teleportation, dispite being a Pegasus. He cannot remember any thing except his name, his skill with swordplay, (Which consists of very quick, rapid strikes designed to confuse the opponent and defeat them quickly), and his love for food. (Seriously, don't EVER steal his food. He will go CRAZY).

Last edited at Sun, Feb 1st, 2015 13:19

>> No. 457832
File 142290302185.png - (500.86KB , 989x918 , KittyLava.png )
Hmm, curious which stance it'll be, though sounds like he'd prefer one which keeps them staggered and disoriented. Though that begs the question of what type of sword or weapon is used, likely lightweight yet flexible in situations. Assuming it's a single sword used in battle going by the cutie mark, not dual wielding two of them or other light weight weapons.

Also curious about where he came from and backstory somewhat. What lead to him growing up into whom he is. Such as which kingdom, country, city, or perhaps even a little what he's gone through suppose it'll be filled in later. Revealed at events transpire, gradually regaining memory, even possible arcs later on.
>> No. 457834
I'll make another sheet.
>> No. 457835
Name: Rags Polar

Appearance: (No picture because I can't draw ponies worth crap.) Green coat with a brown mane and tail, both mane and tail hair stick up in places. Wears "Hoofwraps" and cutie mark is a sword and shield. He is a Pegasus with blue eyes and average body shape.

Reason for being on Orion:Rags arrived here by what appeared to be teleportation, dispite being a Pegasus. He cannot remember any thing except his name, his skill with swordplay, (Which consists of very quick, rapid strikes designed to confuse the opponent and defeat them quickly. He prefers a lightweight strait-shaped sword. His stance and motions change a little depending on the type of sword he's using. Example: When using a Broad sword, his strikes are far slower and he takes a more defensive stance.), and his love for food. (Seriously, don't EVER steal his food. He will go CRAZY).

Backstory: (Note: He doesn't remember or know ANY of this, and neither does anypony else on Orion)

Rags actually was born and grew up as a human in another dimension. He was born in from a kingdom called Norgenhiem, which in English means "Vast Plain", but grew up in a more hilly kingdom called Vormerlurn, meaning "Heightend Land". He was sent here by his soldier father and his Healer mother when he was 14 because they intended to send him somewhere safe(i.e. Ponyville). Due to rifts however, the transfer was faulted, resulting in Rags's amnesia and landing on Orion instead.

Last edited at Tue, Feb 10th, 2015 17:06

>> No. 457941
File 142335977381.png - (175.16KB , 1224x1080 , Kinzie Standing Awkward.png )
In the colony of the Sparta System, orbiting the planet of Ertone, a small pod was emitting a beacon that could be seen clearly on the radars of the settled ponies. After close examination of what was really up there, they found a living pony, frozen inside the pod. They quickly sent a rescue ship to extract the pod and bring it back down, where they would then remove what was found to be a mare inside. The unicorn was left in a coma, as would be expected from being removed forcefully from the pod without consent of it's programming. As she laid in a bed, hospitalized, they took a DNA sample to figure out who exactly they found.

Name: Kinzie Wright
Sex: Female
Summarized Description: Blonde hair, blue eyes, tan coat...
Profession: Astronautical Engineer
Company: Lockheed Co.
Background: Designed rockets in early career. Moved on to assist cargo ships to space colonies all over Delta System. Was last reported on ASC Lockheed S13 to set up outer galactic settlement...

This was the info they found after the DNA described who she was, along with some data located aboard the pod she was in. This still left many questions as to what actually happened to her. There was only one way to find out.Kinzie was in a coma for well over a day before finally waking up. She seemed tense at first, but once calmed and brought back to good health, they were able to get answers as to what happened to the ASC Lockheed S13.

It turned out that the ship made it's way to a planet located outside of their galaxy that had a thick fog around it that made it impossible for ponies to breathe without air tanks. Upon landing on the surface of the planet, however, they were able to set up a machine that could turn the discovered components of the fog into oxygen that could allow easier breathing in locked buildings. It seemed that life for ponies was somewhat possible on the strange planet, containing strangely colored, large plants that have yet to be named. But as all seemed well, a major issued occurred. The insects that could grow to become half their size began turning hostile. It seemed impossible to get rid of them. They kept finding ways into their settlements even after precautions were made. To make matters even worse, an insect with large claw-like appendages that was the size of a car was able to cut through their airlock, letting a swarm of pests take over. If this wasn't enough already, the bugs destroyed their oxygen converter, forcing them to get back into their ship and head back home. It was over...

As they were about to reach their galaxy once again, a breathe of fresh air went to them, thankful to be away from the planet that wouldn't be possible to have ponies live on without military presence. They planned on making their way through the Sparta System to make it back to their home planet, where Equestria was, but disaster would strike again. It was unknown how they got on their ship. Whether a few hid on the supplies the put up or if they were hiding on any pony. No matter the "why" they were then on board the ship, and were able to multiply to a point to where they would once again swarm. Unable to protect themselves, every member on board the large ship would evacuate through pods that would freeze them until dropped onto a planet, or found by another pony.

Kinzie no longer knows what has happened to the majority of her crew. They could have dropped onto other planets, or are still lost in space. She's only heard from a few of the survivors since being brought back to Equestria.

Now that she is back in Equestria she needs to find her lost comrades in space, and find out if the ship that was lost to the xeno insects was stopped or is heading to our world as we speak. This is how she came about the Orion Space Station. Although it focused more on the fight against inter dimensional rifts, they were also assigned with the protection of Equestria. This was enough for her to find a way on board to join the crew, help out with upgrades, designs, and maintenance of the station, while also trying to figure out what happened to her ship and passengers on that ship.

Last edited at Sat, Feb 7th, 2015 18:43

>> No. 457969
File 142352423580.png - (107.18KB , 1024x931 , Extreme Happy by Prince Bluelolz.png )
I'll go ahead and give this one a belated approval. Apologies for the wait on that one. I'll see if I can get another officer to come and actually check the thread, since it seems that it hasn't happened already. : /
On another note, have you got a Skype or a Steam account? While they're not required, they're used for faster and more convenient communication among members of the canon.

I'll also toss this one an approval! like I said to Rags, I'll see if I can get another officer to come online.
>> No. 457979
I apologize for the wait. Orion isn't very active these days, and two-thirds of the officer team is usually busy with something else.

So, your sheet. A picture is not necessary, though helpful. Your description of him is good enough that I can imagine what he looks like, which is all we really need. You've also provided details on how and why he is unique; all in all, a good sheet.

The only thing I take issue with is the backstory, which is vague. How and why his parents sent him to a space station in another dimension are important details, arguably the most important ones of the whole sheet. I need more detail on that part of your sheet before I can give it an approval.

Apologies to you as well. As I said in my reply to Rags, Orion is very inactive as of late, and most of the officer team is busy with other things most of the time.

Your sheet has everything it needs, and elaborates on it. Details and a backstory are provided, with nothing unnecessary cluttering it up. It also sets up a character arc and potential event (i.e. the insect infestation and her ship's missing crew), which is much-needed in this dry spell of interactions and events that we've been having.

I'll approve it. Welcome aboard!
>> No. 457982
There ye go Mr. Josh!. I fixed tha' part up on the same sheet, so I hope ya like the new version!

Also, I agree with Seras' earlier post. Don't die thread!

No I don't, sorry Nimble Wing.

Last edited at Tue, Feb 10th, 2015 17:12

>> No. 457983
And now... We wait. *Begins eating instant noodles*
>> No. 457985
>What does your character look like?
"Bot 2.0 - B Although sharing the same hardware, a smooth outer shell standing 1 meter tall by 0.5 wide, the catalyst lined glass dome on top, and a 0.25 meter PonyTech™ ball for smooth mobility."

>What makes your character unique, different from the average joe?
"Bot 2.0 - B come fully equipped with a new arsenal of spells! As always, telekinesis but new to model B is it's "form" and "mend" spell, giving your robot helper the ability to not only shape and weld any non-magic resistant materials including itself! That's right, this baby has even more self-repair capability! Take that model A!"

>Why has your character decided to come onto Orion?
"And to think, the 2.0 model B is only 25,000 bits! But wait, I'm willing to give you a free one year trial, that's right, an entire year no cost to you!"

"Please note that this robot helper will take any command given to it, so be careful and make sure to set command protocol!"

any damage caused by this unit cannot be held against ponytech™ in a court of law.

-Your friends at PonyTech™
>> No. 458192
Oh sweet Jesus I'd approve this knowing full well how much of a shitstorm would happen with this guy on board.

I can't approve it officially, but I give you a thumbs up.
>> No. 458204
File 142540480845.png - (263.21KB , 500x576 , 132414930179.png )
<- Random quest giver, troublemaker, villain or whatever for hire? Looking to get back into rping with npc-ish roles and just throw a line in here? Its been... well a few years.
>> No. 458205
File 142541214730.png - (500.86KB , 989x918 , KittyLava.png )
Nyaaaa~ Hello there, haven't seen you pop up in a while.
>> No. 458206
File 142542465385.png - (52.14KB , 191x290 , 132414933710.png )
I know, it's been forever and a day! But i wanna get back intowriting and this has always been very good for that. So here i am!
>> No. 458207
File 142542671184.png - (4.11MB , 2926x2341 , Send in the cheer unit_.png )
Nyaaa~ Curious to see how it'll go, though things are somewhat slow currently. Hopefully it'll pick back up after the merger, or when people are able to post really.
>> No. 458273
I'll keep this short.

This canon is basically dead. I have no reason to stay. I'm resigning my officer position and leaving the canon. Most of you will never hear from me again.

>> No. 458376
File 142741776205.png - (258.68KB , 800x800 , 139176572587.png )
Greetings my colleagues, and anyone else who may read this. I am not going to pretend that I am a staple of this site, or known to a great number of those who frequent it. I have festered here for a long while without posting. Simply observing the Board for any interesting activity. I do not know why I decided to post this, but my hands strayed to the keyboard and my mind idly wondered why I have Ponychan featured prominently in my bookmarks.

I am Doctor Whooves. I began my tenure here while /oat/ was still supportive of random RP threads and the fanciful stories which they spawned. I was drawn to this fertile environment and wanted desperately to become a part of it. So I took my first tentative steps into /oat/ and Ponychan as a whole. I slowly developed my influence and recognition among the board and chose the good Doctor as my avatar. The community here was beautiful and I felt thrilled to be a part of it, to have a hand in shaping the landscape of it. Soon though roleplay on Oat was outlawed so that it could remain on topic for more than a single post. The decision, while not inherently bad, took away some of the manic energy that drove /oat/ along. However I was accepted into a group called AOS for my apparent talent at playing Whooves.

AOS was vibrant, filled with strange persons sharing experience together and struggling to create a cohesive, meaningful story. I played with them constantly, throwing myself into the stories and interaction with vivacity. The storylines may have made little sense, have been badly written, or were flawed in any number of ways, yet that was trumped by the simple joy each one of us put into our writing. The joy began to evaporate, and with it gone every flaw we had was thrown into stark relief. We bickered among ourselves and tore each other’s self-confidence away. Gradually I stopped putting effort into my posts, simply scribbling onto a page and damn anyone who criticizes it. Bitterness tainted my words and I closed my eyes to the problems around me. I left.

I was invited to join a branch of AOS called Orion and I thought that this time I could make better choices and that I would never let this strand of hope die. I tried, I tried, I tried, and I failed. Orion went to the same dogs as the rest of the groups I joined while I watched. I did attempt to save it again then but it was too little, too late.

So I wondered if it was I that kept changing, that kept destroying the relationships I built and spurning the friends I made. Wondered if it was me that used up and threw away these people. Perhaps it wasn’t me, maybe it was Ponychan itself. The answer did not matter when I asked the question, just as it does not matter now. I am leaving, I will not be coming back. I hope that each one of you finds that unbreakable thread of hope, of happiness, of friendship, but more than that, I hope that you hang onto that thread, with both hands tirelessly grasp it. Because life does not promise you another chance, if it did it would undermine the chance itself. No notice is given to the air in our lungs or blood in our veins until it is gone, so struggle. Battle with titans and emerge beaten, but not broken, to seize the satisfaction of victory. Now I shall depart these dying embers for Elysian Fields. Goodbye, friends.
>> No. 458652
File 142966376098.jpg - (409.99KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )
Pink Fluffeh Unicornzzzz
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