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451883 No. 451883
#Open #Ask/invite #Canon: Orion #Adventure #Ponies #Non-pony #Serious #Semi-serious #Crazy #Sign-up

Space. The final frontier. Since the dawn of time, Ponies have looked up towards Celestia's crystal clear skies, and Luna's dark, sparkling oceans of beauty and wondered, 'what's up the-'
You know, we still don't know what's at the bottom of our own, actual oceans.
Well, aren't you a buzzkill. I'm trying to do a recruitment ad here.
It would help if you weren't cheesy as all hell about it.
Maybe you should do it, then, if you think you're better at it than me!

The Orion Space Station is the most recent arm of the Equestrian Military to combat the ever-growing Rift threat. While its responsibilities have grown in recent years to include space-based defenses and even first contact with alien races, Orion's main purpose still remains.

Tired of normal military life? Want a little extra excitement in fighting interdimensional beasts? Or maybe just want to come up and see Equestria's Space Station for yourself? Sign up for Orion today!

Read our Google Doc before signing up - but feel free to ask questions in the thread before or after joining! []

we really need to get a proper picture of orion

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File 139113507314.jpg - (70.52KB , 854x567 , obama.jpg )
>> No. 451887
File 139113516051.jpg - (528.53KB , 1167x913 , Change_ Real change.jpg )
>> No. 451888
>>451887's gone!
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File 139113526273.png - (275.96KB , 1092x1080 , mlfw7872-v17lc01.png )
Blah blah, usual stuff, I claim this thread for best princess.
>> No. 451891
File 139113566996.jpg - (376.65KB , 850x1170 , 1390447154213.jpg )
>> No. 451894
Err, if I'm still waiting for approvals, should I repost the sheet?
>> No. 451896
File 139113679354.png - (119.47KB , 955x1063 , 132623496090.png )
I thought you were going to write up a new sheet?
>> No. 451897
As I said, I have zero percent enough time to do so. Life at the moment is bonkers.
>> No. 451899
File 139113699803.jpg - (8.86KB , 190x190 , 132623297654.jpg )
Rrrright. Well, you can if you want, but I'm not sure how well that'd go.
>> No. 451900
I'll post a new sheet when I get a chance to rewrite it.
>> No. 451902
File 139113987174.jpg - (31.20KB , 450x513 , Direct Hit.jpg )
Koth_Lakeside_Event, 11:11 P.M.

In a rare case of teamwork, RED and BLU had put aside their differences to tackle a much greater problem: The wizard Merasmus was loose, killing both members of both teams alike with his wizard magic.

Only the strongest (or luckiest) team members remain, and they themselves are running dangerously low on precious ammo and health. The BLU Soldier grits his teeth as he loads the last of his rockets into his launcher. "Merasmus! I am going to kick your ghost-ass so hard you'll wish you were still alive!" he shouts, firing all of his rockets at the wizard, who quickly teleports out of the way, laughing. "Fools!" Merasmus shouts back, cackiling maniacally. "I will end you!" The wizard reaches into his robe, pulling something out...

MEANWHILE, in the RED spawn, Saxton Hale sits on a bench, paying no attention to the battle raging outside. After a quick glance around, he reaches up to the top shelf of the supply cabinets, and pulls out a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic book, the same type he commisioned for Mann Co. in order to produce the "Pyrovision" goggles. Except the book in his hands isn't a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic book. It isn't one at all. In fact, it looks just like the-

"BOMBINOMICON! HEED OUR CALL!" Merasmus yells, impossibly loud, as he produces from his robes a book. "HURLUS BOMBINUS!" he chants, raising his arms as it floats into the air, where it begins to glow. Instead of releasing a rain of magical bombs, however, the sky gets filled with sparkly rainbows. Everyone left on the field can only stand still, open-mouthed, as the rainbows spread across the sky. The RED Sniper looks positively overjoyed; the same can not be said for everyone else, especially the wizard, who is frantically shouting attempts at a counter-spell. "Er, uh, Babmo Bibrundo! No, uh, Lesbo Barrabus!No! I mean, er..." From the direction of the RED spawn, the hulking form of Saxton Hale can be seen dashing to the center of the battlefield. "Stop! Don't cast any- oh, no..." he mutters, arriving too late.

Without warning, the surviving mercenaries start being pulled towards the open, glowing book. The BLU Soldier, rocket launcher still in his hands, calls out "Meraaaaaaaasmuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus!" before getting sucked inside, the book closing and dimming just afterwards, falling back into the hands of the shocked wizard.

Saxton Hale puts a hand on his shaking hand. "Oh, Helen is not going to like this..." he mutters.
Scotty wrote the original story; I wrote a worse re-written version. Sorry, Scotts.

Actual sheet time:
The BLU Soldier, also known as Jane Doe, is clad head to toe in blue-colored clothing, most prominently the blue helmet, worn so low that it appears to cover his eyes, along with a belt of grenades across his chest. His intimidating size is matched by the armaments he keeps on his person: notably, a rocket launcher almost always in his hands, along with a 12-gauge shotgun normally slung on his back and a worn-looking shovel dangling from his right hip.
The Soldier is a man who loves killing other men; this is painfully obvious whenever he opens his mouth to yell at others and/or fires explosives at said others. His fervor is matched by perceived insanity, and many of the things he shouts do not seem to make any sense whatsoever. When not engaged in combat, the Soldier still loves shouting at others in the manner of an over-enthusiastic drill sergeant talking down to his platoon.
The Soldier wound up in Orion's universe through a rift created from a combination of a My Little Pony comic book and magical teleportation magic. He was sucked through the book and came out through a rift on the other side, winding up in Equestria. What he'll do there is anypony's guess.

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File 139114033590.png - (269.75KB , 1165x1160 , Happy.png )
Shíyàn Èr
She is a Pegasus of Average build for her race. She has the correct amount of limbs. She has two green eyes. Her body color is a light orange and her hair is a medium red.
She was born in The Peoples Socialist republic of Visia. Her parents loved her and gave her a good amount of food so she would not starve. In school she followed a proper education format and made many friends. During the education period they did things that would be considered normal for a group of comrades. Her education went by quickly as she enjoyed learning. After her education to become a water quality technician she went straight to her assigned job. She continued working as a water Quality technician until her twenty fourth birthday where she was stabbed by a drug addict for her wallet. She died.
As a member of the Peoples Republic she was volunteered for the duty of being a test subject in her second life as a further aid to the government. Technological implants were admitted to her body and a more modern necromantic ritual was attempted to give her a more emotional mind instead of the mainly orders based mind of the majority of undead constructs of Visia. The process was luckily painless as she was dead.
The Visian government decided to send her to the Orion space station to provide aid to them in what she was trained in and various simple tasks if the situation comes up.
>> No. 451908
>worse re-written version

There are so many things wrong with that statement that I can't even count. But that's a good thing!

Since I can't give you an approval, I give you two thumbs up! Four stars, as well. hue
>> No. 451909
File 139114141888.gif - (1.92MB , 500x390 , thumbs up.gif )
>> No. 451911
The sheet, although somewhat small after you get past the story, looks adequate to me. However, I'd like, if possible, some more details on his weaponry. Ammo? And how deep does this, "man who loves killing other men" part go? Insanity can be alright, provided it doesn't mean they'll be a rabid, team-killing machine.

And as for this sheet, I hate to say it, but it doesn't really answer much at all about what we asked! If you haven't already, then I highly recommend checking out the rules sheet, linked in the OP of this thread. If, however, you have read through it, then I recommend taking a step back and looking at the sheet requirements a second time. Your sheet tells us that she's a normal pony who did normal pony things for her entire normal life. Oh, but now she's undead and stuff! We need something better than that. Just rework it a bit so it gives us the info we want. Then, I'd be more than happy to take another look.
>> No. 451913
File 139114265126.png - (67.85KB , 414x500 , Definitelynotthatoneguy.png )
Pretty good sheet. His reason for being on Orion is just because that's where he gets teleported to, I take it?
Either way, the sheet looks good and I'd say Approved

Nice and clear, interestingly weird, looks good to me. I'd give a tenative Approval, though more details would be nice. Information on the Tech Implants, and the, uhh, Necromantic stuff going on.
>> No. 451916
File 139114276552.gif - (302.71KB , 200x230 , tumblr_m3u9mvPp7q1qlybhi.gif )
>> No. 451917
File 139114299303.jpg - (102.35KB , 1680x1050 , No, wait, tha.jpg )
Ammo: 24 rockets, 38 12-gauge shells, and a shovel.
How deep does the "man who loves killing other men" part go? I'm not going to lie, it goes pretty deep, but mostly (if not only) in the heat of battle. Outside of it, he's somewhat calmer, and much less likely to actually kill someone if he knows them. Not that he's going to gun down random strangers for the heck of it, either.
Also, key word, "men". Not "ponies", "men".
Insanity: It exists, but it's mostly harmless. It's only present in his speech, and maybe his unnatural enthusiasm for battle. He's not a teamkiller, though.

Last edited at Thu, Jan 30th, 2014 21:40

>> No. 451918
Right! In light of that, I can give your sheet its second [b]approval![/i]
>> No. 451921
File 139114440619.png - (33.85KB , 900x650 , thought reasignment.png )
Shíyàn Èr
She is a Pegasus of Average build for her race. She has the correct amount of limbs. She has two green eyes. Her body color is a light orange and her hair is a medium red.
She was born in The Peoples Socialist republic of Visia, A cold and windy land located next to the Bear Republic and the Western portion of the changeling empire. Visia was a heavily industrialized nation that produced goods in mass and had less health restrictions than most other places. Her parents loved her and gave her a good amount of food so she would not starve. In school she followed a proper education format and made many friends. During the education period they did things that would be considered normal for a group of comrades. Her education went by quickly as she enjoyed learning. After her education to become a water quality technician she went straight to her assigned job. She continued working as a water Quality technician until her twenty fourth birthdays where she was stabbed by a drug addict for her wallet. She died.
As a member of the Peoples Republic she was volunteered for the duty of being a test subject in her second life as a further aid to the government, basically everyone did something to aid the government in death due to the nonexistent respect for the dead by their leader. Technological implants were admitted to her body and a more modern necromantic ritual was attempted to give her a more emotional mind instead of the mainly orders based mind of the majority of undead constructs of Visia. The process was luckily painless as she was dead. the majority of the implants were for non combat purposes that relate to her job, certain ones served practical purposes such as a built in phone.
The Visian government decided to send her to the Orion space station to provide aid to them in what she was trained in and various simple tasks if the situation comes up. She was chosen for this purpose partially because they wanted to see how well she would fit in to a different culture that does not generally accept Dark magic, and it is also a great way to see if the people in the station are planning any military operations against the mainlands.

Last edited at Thu, Jan 30th, 2014 22:05

>> No. 451922
File 139114447746.gif - (827.75KB , 249x300 , tumblr_lztairjukM1r3k1m8o1_250.gif )
>> No. 451923
File 139114452069.png - (185.14KB , 879x908 , mlfw7691-1343926878929250.png )
>> No. 451924
As happy as I am that you went back and tried again, unfortunately, I'm going to have to ask you to try again. You did expand upon the sheet, which is good! It's exactly what I asked you to do! However, you expanded on the wrong spot. The backstory part is absolutely fine as it was. The part I'm more worried about is who she is now. She was normal before, but how does she behave now? How has being brought back affected her? What sort of implants did she get, and what can they do? Does she remember her previous life? Things like that. Backstory is fine, but we need to know about the character now before we can pass judgement.
>> No. 451925
File 139114566948.jpg - (202.21KB , 560x792 , Oatville's Captain of the Weather Team.jpg )
Right, so, after the edit and the short little message or two in private, I think I can give this an approval. I'll be watching to see how this one turns out.
>> No. 451926
File 139114610203.png - (2.93MB , 3200x3400 , Moroz.png )
Moroz is off-white with blonde hair; she wears glasses, and occasionally a black military coat and cap.

Moroz is a military and spatial scientist from the Ukrein, a large nation northeast of Equestria. She has returned to Orion from several months away, to resume her studies on spatial anomalies that coalesce near the station.

Moroz' backstory is kept private for personal reasons; She has undergone military training and higher learning, earning the Ukreinian equivelant of a Ph.D.
>> No. 451927
File 139114652215.png - (107.18KB , 1024x931 , Extreme Happy by Prince Bluelolz.png )
Despite the fact that Moroz is already a character in the canon, I'll just do my job and give you a re-approval! Good to have you back, Minty~
>> No. 451928
Pretty much what he said, I'd thought that Moroz was already accepted and all that. So Approved? And yeah, welcome back Minty!
>> No. 451929
Gracias :3
>> No. 451939
File 139122395060.png - (287.23KB , 673x567 , 1388802555241.png )
>> No. 451941
File 139122551488.png - (212.24KB , 792x1008 , It Goes Ding When There's Stuff.png )
Do you enjoy crossing your I's and dotting your P's and Q's? Are you a fan of the communistic idea, but not of the application thus represented by humanity's myriad attempts? is your fridge growing legs due to a presence of improbability irradiation in your hometown? Well here at Doctor enterprises, we do not have the solution for you. Instead we have been developing an all new, and creatively uninspired Arc of Infinity. The Arc of Infinity will contain any story you want it to, or any combination of your favorite flavors, such as: Horrorberry, Sci-fi Sundae, Comedy and Cookies, and Rainbow surprise. Everything you could ever want is in this fascinatingly vague new product. Here are some possible testimonials from the victims happy customers!

"Why are there no crowbars" Josh Freepony

"Doctor, have you actually gone even deeper down the rabbit hole?" Victoria
"How did I get in this blank white room, and why is The Doctor's voice reverberating through the walls in such a worryingly mad sounding tone? Why is there no door outside of this room and a, "Reserved for Poker Night with Pinkie, Discord, and Max no Nimble allowed" sign tacked to the opposite wall? Octavia Phillyharmonic

I hate Doctors. Francis Scotty 'Scotch Tape' Scotterson Mc. Scot Esq.

No. Light 'Lucem' Luminosity

Due to these outrageously mixed response testimonials, we have decided to reveal even more never before announced, until now, SECTIONS OF OUR PRODUCT! It can bland genres like nobodies business, it can chop down run on sentences "Just like that", it will cause people who are easily fooled by extensive usage of polysyllabic verbiage makes good writing, that you are the new William Shakespeare. It is groovy, it is cool, it is other imaginatively used words that describe it's total radical awesomeness. It can be yours now for only INSERT WORD OBSCURING COUGH HERE a month! That is right person who asked an irrelevant question, it can be yours for only INSERT WORD OBSCURING COUGH HERE payments a month.

>The brown pony flicks off the television screen in the main office and spins his char around to the rest of the Orion team gathered in the meeting room.

And that, is our new, foolproof, funding acquisition program.
>> No. 451974
File 139130443994.png - (31.38KB , 453x416 , Rosen2.png )
This thread caught my eye, so I thought I'd throw in a sheet


Rosen is a pink earth pony, slightly shorter than average. She has red/pink colored hair, and a pot of honey as her cutie mark


She was born and raised in Germane the puns, it hurts, living on the family farm with her parents. She took an early interest in tending to the various beehives and collecting the honey, leading to her cutie mark. Her interest in bees and biology led to her getting a Masters in the field. After her father's untimely death, she loaded up a saddlebag and went abroad. For 8 years, she hopped around Europe (or whatever the pony equivalent is), disappearing into a country for months at a time, reappearing only to cross the border.

Why Orion?

Seemingly out of the blue, she applied to Orion's science team. When asked why, she answered "A self sustaining ship needs to eat. And crops won't pollinate themselves. You can use my expertise"
>> No. 451975
File 139130680088.png - (93.47KB , 900x1165 , Walking.png )
That's all well and good, Doctor, but why are there no crowbars?
Alright, let's see here...

To start off, your sheet is rather small. That's not particularly a bad thing, though some parts could do with some elaboration.

I'm primarily referring to her personality; you didn't mention one at all. It's not written in the TL;DR rules (something I think should be fixed), but it is definitely a requirement. I'm not blaming you for that, because you probably didn't know, but you should put that in your sheet.

Backstory, on the other hoof, isn't as important compared to things like personality and abilities. You should explain more about what she can do - all that's mentioned is that she's a beekeeper with an interest in biology, with a Masters in the latter. What particular area in the field of biology does she focus on?

Lastly, the reason for coming to Orion is a bit lacking. She applied "out of the blue". Where did she hear about Orion? She says that she's there to help with growing food - could she not explain her "expertise", or expand to mention her aptitude of biology?

I'm afraid I will have to deny the sheet - for now. However, you are welcome - and in fact encouraged - to post an updated sheet based on the observations and suggestions I've given you. In my opinion, Rosen does have a lot of potential for acceptance.
>> No. 451976
No problem. I figured I'd need to make some changes or forgot something.


Rosen is a pink earth pony, slightly shorter than average. She has red/pink colored hair, and a pot of honey as her cutie mark. She comes off as very warm and congenial. Always trying to make ponies feel more at home.


She was born and raised in Germane, living on the family farm with her parents. She took an early interest in tending to the various beehives and collecting the honey, leading to her cutie mark. Her interest in bees led to her getting a Masters in Biology, specializing in melittology (study of bees). After her father's untimely death, she loaded up a saddlebag and went abroad to 'further her studies'. For 8 years, she hopped around Europe (or whatever the pony equivalent is), disappearing into a country for months at a time, reappearing only to cross the border.
She's quite smart when she puts her mind to it. And pretty good at keeping a low profile. While she's not the most athletic or combat capable, it's never been a concern in her field.

Why Orion?

During a recruiting drive in Europe (whatever country), she worked her way to the front and asked to be placed on Orion's science team. When asked why, she answered "A self sustaining ship needs to eat. And crops won't pollinate themselves. I have a masters in biology. You can use my expertise in bees to help keep your plants growing and your people fed"

Let me know if anything else needs changing or expanding
>> No. 451977
Since it seems to be the season of character sheets, I decided 'fuck it', and went tak-a-tak-a-takkin' away at my keyboard with the ideas racing through my mind. Problem is, I have to find where I put my sheet. Give me a few minutes.
>> No. 451978
File 139131514881.png - (303.64KB , 2560x2560 , Content.png )
Ah, much better. I think I can safely give this one an approval.
>> No. 451979
File 139131741679.jpg - (202.21KB , 560x792 , Oatville's Captain of the Weather Team.jpg )
A pony who isn't on the station for fighting or other power related reasons? That's pretty rare! I like it.
I think I can give this a second approval! Welcome to the group.

Now, for the next step, I have to ask: Have you got a Skype and/or Steam account? We all use those two, mostly Skype, to keep in contact. Without it, it'll be a bit harder to keep up with RPing.

I love new sheets! I'll be looking forward to reading what you've come up with, Anon!
>> No. 451980

And I'll pop on the steam group when I can get to an actual computer
>> No. 452021
File 139139502411.png - (31.37KB , 467x471 , italian 2.png )
Righto, here's a sheet then. Let me know if I should change things or not. As per Scotty's request


Alfonso is a grey earth pony with a brown mane/tail/pencil mustache. Fairly lanky, has a ruler and hammer as his cutie mark. He's fairly suave and friendly when he speaks, though he doesn't say much.


Alfonso was born in Italia. He had a nice childhood, with a loving mother and family. Spent a lot of time with his godfather, learning business from him. Eventually, he found his calling as a repairman. He had a particular knack for fixing things. He spent the next chunk of his life doing various jobs, helping out his family.

Why is he on Orion

Spaceships need maintenance just like anything else. And for that, you need maintenance men Unfortunately, the pony who was supposed to go up there had an unfortunate accident. Alfonso was luckily next in line for the position.
>> No. 452024
File 139139571394.jpg - (466.00KB , 1304x1304 , blue_stallion_commish_by_annasko-d5lyq37.jpg )
Someone say new maintenance pony?
>> No. 452025
File 139139614547.jpg - (653.37KB , 2500x1296 , 500174__safe_solo_octavia_octavia+melody_mafia_submachinegun_thompson+smg_tommy+gun_artist-colon.jpg )
>> No. 452032
File 139140443092.png - (38.43KB , 511x658 , Happy-Walking.png )
Also approved.
>> No. 452033
File 139140498269.jpg - (77.62KB , 386x429 , Dressed up for Work.jpg )
Since we went through all that trouble to do talks in private and such, I'll put my approval forward as well.

Jooooooosh! I was gonna do that!
>> No. 452034
File 139140506116.png - (51.77KB , 600x714 , Singing.png )
Ten minutes too late, Nimbly Wing~
>> No. 452035
File 139140516560.png - (96.74KB , 505x600 , Drinking a Milkshake.png )
Yeah... well... you weren't there for the amazingly inspiring conversation we had in private to clear up some things that had me worried!
Some still do, but that's nothing directly related to the sheet!
>> No. 452036
File 139140520950.jpg - (33.33KB , 406x238 , sheeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiit.jpg )
Not so nimble, eh?

>> No. 452037
File 139140669804.png - (609.83KB , 828x715 , You Think I Can't Do It, Huh by Casynuf.png )
Come back and talk to me once you've got some wings. I'll show you nimble.
>> No. 452071
File 139148730965.png - (204.70KB , 385x440 , 1391358449089.png )
I wanna join. I require enemies.
>> No. 452092
Then join and make some.
>> No. 452096
File 139156757347.png - (107.18KB , 1024x931 , Extreme Happy by Prince Bluelolz.png )
Then get your ass in here, boy! It's been too long since we've been able to hang out.
>> No. 452103
File 139163934655.gif - (602.09KB , 320x240 , tumblr_m0jpmooyW71qcwhkeo1_400.gif )
*Doctoring Intensifies*
>> No. 452104
File 139164484270.jpg - (129.36KB , 815x981 , pre heresy.jpg )
Vallern Tapferkeit. Intergalactic sellsword, big game hunter, and tailor. He searches the galaxy for the next war or conflict always eager to find something to challenge his mettle and skills. He also scours the stars in search for the finest of fabrics, as his other hobby involves creating garments of all sorts. He is a particularly tall being, standing at nine feet and weighing somewhere around 400 pounds give or take all that armour and muscle. Even he doesn't really know but he's kind of large. His armour is grey and is comprised of a multi-layered material of heat absorbing ceramics and hard koronite steel plating. It is coloured grey and his helm resembles something of the knights of yore and sports a rather flamboyant plume at its top. Now, as for his reasons for boarding the Orion, well, he thought it was an empty hulk crawling with all manner of ferocious and merciless beasts. In fact, he still thinks it does....
>> No. 452125
File 139175081512.png - (322.71KB , 651x784 , 333773__UNOPT__safe_princess-luna_tumblr_ask_bedroom-eyes_51591846a4c72d66e60005c7_51593d217f123.png )
Okay, apologies for the wait.

By the looks of it, this character is, perhaps at least initially, meant for simply being an antagonist and getting in fights.

And y'know what? Sure! That sounds like fun. As long as you're respectful to other people and their wishes about their own characters, sure I can approve this.
>> No. 452126
File 139175943937.png - (94.06KB , 626x565 , Nimble Wing by Derpy.png )
Agh, jeez, I keep forgetting to check Ponychan! Sorry!
Anyway, this character has a lot of potential to go very, very wrong if not taken care of. However, I know that you're good enough to be able to keep that from happening. (Unless it would be hilarious.) I'm happy to see you around again, Vausten! It's been too long, man.

Naughty things? Naughty things?!
Don't make me dig into the depths of my image folders, you lunatic.
>> No. 452127
File 139176101632.png - (130.54KB , 337x337 , 1391280800756.png )
>Naughty things.
>> No. 452168
File 139210148789.gif - (109.10KB , 326x326 , Umi-gif-326x326.gif )
>> No. 452174
File 139216901247.jpg - (5.91KB , 267x189 , images.jpg )
Men shall fall by the wayside eventually, and when the new flesh takes the old flesh away and replaces them, this will offer the ever present opportunity for trade and peace. My designation is Lucifer and I mean you or your people no harm, I am only here to talk.

Lucifer stands at 6 foot even, made entirely of metal and powered by a strange eldritch energy that crackled as it spat small sparks through the cracks and holes in his armor. His eye glowed a bright emerald green color as he stood stock still, speaking only when spoken to. He seemed to speak through something other than what appeared to be a mouth as where his mouth would be there was solid metal. He awaits your response, patiently as if waiting for you to die of old age.

Lucifer is one of four specially made golems, sent out from the vast empire of the Orche to find and negotiate trade and peace with smaller kingdoms. Lucifer was custom made to fit the role of a diplomat like a glove. Given a simple scythe as a weapon in case of hostile intent, Lucifer prefers to dual with his words rather than a blade. He would rather talk an enemy to his side rather than fight said enemy to the death. Lucifer speaks in a cold tone when he first meets anyone, as he studies the person to see how he should continue, his personality is a rive, always flowing. He can change his tone and personality in seconds.

The prospect of a new hold where resources and minerals to trade and another kingdom to add into the ever growing arms of the Orche. Setting out to make first contact, a large space station seems the best to start working as it offers opportunities to send messages not only to the planets surface but back home for progress reports.

[So what do you guys think?]
>> No. 452182
File 139218301158.png - (261.06KB , 2721x1716 , Napping on a Cloud.png )
Alright, I've got two things for you here. First, I have to commend you for having what appears to be a fairly unique character! I haven't seen anything quite like that in all my days of RPing, which is always nice to see!
Unfortunately, I think your story has him coming to the wrong place. If he's coming to establish trade and peace negotiations, then the Orion isn't the place to go. While the station does have connections to the Equestrian government, they're mostly due to respect of the princesses and not out of legal requirements. We're more of a group acting of our own accord that the government doesn't mind having around. If Lucifer were to come for peace and trade, he'd want to see Celestia and Luna, not us. And I don't see any reason that they might send him up to the station if his goal is peace and trade.
That being said, it's not a full denial. I am, sadly, going to have to say that it's denied. But if you give it some tweaks to make it better fit the canon, I would be willing to reconsider. As it stands now, you'd come in and just be told to go to Canterlot.
>> No. 452188
He doesn't know that Orion acts on it's own accord, and who's to say you guys wouldn't lie to him? I mean I'll re work it but I'm just saying, he'll believe anything he's told.
>> No. 452190
Men shall fall by the wayside eventually, and when the new flesh takes the old flesh away and replaces them, this will offer the ever present opportunity for trade and peace. My designation is Lucifer and I mean you or your people no harm, I am only here to talk.

Lucifer stands at 6 foot even, made entirely of metal and powered by a strange eldritch energy that crackled as it spat small sparks through the cracks and holes in his armor. His eye glowed a bright emerald green color as he stood stock still, speaking only when spoken to. He seemed to speak through something other than what appeared to be a mouth as where his mouth would be there was solid metal. He awaits your response, patiently as if waiting for you to die of old age.

Lucifer is one of four specially made golems, sent from the Orche kingdom to spy and report on the strength of any advance creatures he finds. Lucifer was custom made to fit the role of a spy, he was given talents to forge and counterfeit paperwork and information to better fit in while on a mission. Allowing himself to blend into the background of a crowd allows Lucifer to gather information and blackmail material for nobles and generals. He allows himself to fade away from memory and take on new roles in order to facilitate new routes for information to flow from. Given a simple scythe as a weapon in case of hostile intent, Lucifer prefers to dual with his words rather than a blade. He would rather talk an enemy to his side rather than fight said enemy to the death. Lucifer speaks in a cold tone when he first meets anyone, as he studies the person to see how he should continue, his personality is a rive, always flowing. He can change his tone and personality in seconds.

The prospect of a new hold where resources and minerals to trade and another kingdom to add into the ever growing arms of the Orche. Setting out to make first contact, a large space station seems the best to start working as it offers opportunities to send messages not only to the planets surface but back home for progress reports.

[Okay so I changed him from a diplomat to a spy, is that okay or is it still denied because he would be sent to Canterlot?]
>> No. 452211
File 139225775505.jpg - (329.09KB , 1380x1080 , 1382459121513.jpg )
New IC thread!
>> No. 452387
What does your character look like?
Atlas is a very distinctive pony. He has a very distinctive physical presence, with a tall frame, thick muscles, and very functional prosthetic limbs. This earth pony is distinctive, in that his first noticeable attribute are the large, steel front legs he possesses. Highly functional, durable, and grafted to his nervous system, they are a part of him. That’s not to say they’re a part of him that he enjoys. The next thing that a pony looking at him would realize is how large he is, standing a good six inches to a head over most other equines. He’d be able to look a gryphon in the eye, but he’d still be looking up to Celestia and Luna. The last thing that his physical appearance gives away is his coloration. A dusty brown coat, with rusty orange mane, and steel grey eyes. All of these things combine to give him a rather intimidating appearance, one that hasn’t earned him any friends.
What makes your character unique?
Absolutely nothing, in Atlas’s home dimension. Where Atlas comes from, the augmentations he carries are commonplace. Neural engineering has become so easy to do, and so cheap to produce, that everyone from common workers to celebrities have robotic enhancements. From replacing a bad eye with a bionic one, to reconstructing a pony’s back half after a tragic accident, they’re the standard go-to when something more serious than a broken bone needs fixing. That being said, in the world of Orion, he’s very unique. He’s stronger than most average ponies, both from the mechanical arms, and the fact that his body has needed to grow more durable to support the strain that they put on him. However, he’s also very slow. When each of your front legs weigh more than the rest of your body combined, you tend to be a bit unbalanced. Careful, methodical, and fiercely protective, he’d be a valuable asset to any team.
Why has your character decided to come to Orion?
He hasn’t. Ripped from his home dimension, and dumped into Orion, it’s the only place that feels like home. The only place with technology he knows and understands, and the only place he wouldn’t be seen as a freak. Not only is it his first choice, it’s his only choice.

If there’s anything else you need or want to know, just let me know.
>> No. 452390
Umm...hello? Anyone here?
>> No. 452392
File 139252543871.jpg - (119.14KB , 900x900 , 132629843500.jpg )
Sorry mate, the guy that was going on your sheet has been very busy recently.

Going off what Nimble said, this sheet is much of the same, he's just not in the right place! He's got very little reason to actually be on Orion, his purpose is far more deserving in Canterlot.
>> No. 452393
...So a floating platform filled with possible hostiles is not important information. The planet seems to contain no interest but a fucking space station would contain interest to an invading army. They just want to know if they can bypass the world and a space station would make them stop and wonder. This is no longer a diplomat on a mission for peace, it's a spy gathering information. What better place for information gathering, then a god damn giant space station
>> No. 452394
File 139252636086.png - (50.61KB , 522x242 , 132631604308.png )
The goverment behind that space station. You can only go so far with infiltrating a space station to judge strength of an army. Gathering information and blackmail material... is going to do what, on Orion? It'd be far more useful in the Equestrian Goverment, but I just don't see him doing much otherwise.

Not to mention, his abilities as a spy seem a bit off. Even though he is a six foot tall metal golem, he still can manage to blend into a crowd - of four foot tall ponies, mind you. This seems to be implied through some sort of memory-altering ability, which is something that seems a bit out there to me. You've implied he's good enough to talk enemies to his side, and given that he fails, he could simply 'allow himself to fade away from memory' and try again. It all seems terribly OP, I'm afraid.

Admittedly, I made a mistake - I should have mentioned this first, instead of going down the route that he doesn't belong on Orion, and for that, I apologize.
>> No. 452397
He's not exactly built for dealing with ponies. They don't know the planet is inhabited with ponies. They assumed it was all human. The second he gets on board and see's a pony he's going to contact his handler, alert them of the fact that talking ponies are a thing, and request a longer stay in order to study them. And I'm assuming there is some rudimentary communications system on board. Splicing into that would allow him to listen in on calls. There is a lot of small things he can do to gain information. Give a spy a chance, he can do alot with almost nothing.
>> No. 452398
File 139252832875.png - (102.83KB , 488x438 , 132623221122.png )
First of all, you haven't acknowledged his actual abilities other than the blending into a crowd.

And yes, he can do spy stuff. But what does this actually develop? How will he actually develop as a character by being on Orion?
>> No. 452399
He doesn't really have much skills in the way of combat, he's more focused on agility and stealth. And this was just a basic character sheet. I don't know how he will develop. No one ever knows how their characters will develop, that's what makes it fun.His abilities range from rudimentary hacking, sneaking, matching the shadows, and being able to talk his way out of a fight 50% of the time.
>> No. 452400
File 139252889213.png - (289.60KB , 1691x1691 , mlfw1862-132432685569.png )
Okay, see, but, when people don't know how their character will develop, they usually don't have a direction to put them in, and therefore just 'go with the flow'. This guy, however, does have a direction - he pretty clearly wants to gain information on Orion for a specific purpose, and seems pretty sure in his cause. I don't see it very likely that the tables will be turned on him and he'll be the one talked out of it, he's going to keep on his path of gathering information until he goes and calls his boss. This doens't sound very much like a path to a well developed character to me, do you disagree?
>> No. 452405
....What type of development are you even talking about? He's not going to openly admit to being a spy. And you try faking a relationship for months on end without it starting to affect the way you look at life.
>> No. 452406
File 139253653294.png - (1.59MB , 1320x708 , 132623438031.png )
I typically define character development as anything that gives a significant change to how a character thinks and acts. Getting into a relationship is not necessarily character development, but, I digress.

I just don't think of seeing anything in Orion with a reasonable chance of doing that. By the sounds of things, he seems reasonably strong-willed - you'd have to be to be a proper spy and manipulator, which is what you've given him out to be. So he's not going to pull a heel face turn and go 'maybe I shouldn't be working for whoever I'm working for', not unless some super serious shit involving whoever he's working for comes up. And that wouldn't be an interaction, anyway, that'd be you alone.
>> No. 452408
I must not be explaining this at all. He's not going to openly admit to being a spy but instead fake being a warrior in order to earn the trust of those around him. Getting into relationships with people, whether it be lovers or friends, affects the development of a character who is meant to be a spy as he will have to deal with the needs of the people he's working for along with the needs of the people he is friends/lovers with. Your job does not guide development, random happenstance does not guide development, the choices your character chooses to make guides his or her development. Having to deal with friends giving one point of view and a handler giving another, would distress anyone. Give it some time and even the most strong willed can be turned. Don't dismiss him simply because he's a spy, sometimes spy's are the most fluid when it comes to loyalties
>> No. 452409
File 139254810843.png - (1.22MB , 1800x1500 , 135706477898.png )
>sometimes spy's are the most fluid when it comes to loyalties

The entire point of a spy is to not change their opinions and whatnot when in contact with the enemy, while maintaining the ability to act like they are one of them. If you can't do that, then you're a pretty terrible spy. If he is, in fact, a terrible spy... then why did you not say so, instead of making him out to be an awesome spy?
>> No. 452411
I never made him out to be an awesome spy. He's average at best.
>> No. 452412
File 139258411342.png - (94.06KB , 626x565 , Nimble Wing by Derpy.png )
Right, if you two don't mind, I think I'm gonna hop in and point out some things I noticed that I don't think were fully addressed.

To answer your question, I think that he would still be better off in Canterlot. The Orion isn't run by the government, it isn't run by the military, and it isn't directly connected to any real surface power. It's an independent group started by a rich guy who wanted to help people. It's one part defense and two parts research, with that research being focused on closing Rifts to other dimensions and times.

What will he learn on the Orion?
Well, he'll be able to learn combat techniques of various ponies who come from many different walks of life. Cydonia, Equestria, Changeling Empire, Dragons, etc. He'll also be able to learn how far we've come in closing Rifts and keeping them contained. Things that would be useful to somebody specifically targeting the station.

What won't he learn on the Orion?
He won't learn anything about the government or its military. He won't get anything beyond a small glimpse of surface life. He won't discover what technology or resources the Earth has, as most of what the Orion uses is self developed. Things that somebody wanting information on the planet would want.

If he's a spy, he won't reveal himself, so he won't be turned away. But at the same time, the information he's looking for won't be on the Orion.

And, as I said previously, he'd get information. Just not what he's looking for.

I believe that the memory thing wasn't so much an altering ability as it was saying he could change his life and appearance, and people would just forget about him because he didn't matter in their eyes. Just another guy. (Hard to do when he's on a pony planet/station, though.)

He can do a lot with almost nothing, yes, but the Orion has a lot more than nothing specifically built to prevent exactly what you're planning. When your head of security is an emotionless pony with a mind more akin to a computer than a living being, you'll find that there aren't many blind spots to be exploited within the station.

That's not entirely true! Some people create characters with the purpose of having them develop and change in certain ways. They keep a story in mind, and let minor details of the story alter with interactions, yet keep the initial goal the same. It can actually be quite fun, as I've done it before.

But at the same time, development of the character doesn't have to take place in order to develop the story. Some characters are meant to stay the same, and that's alright. It may be less interesting to those who enjoy character development, but there are always people on the other end of the spectrum.

I also think you're misunderstanding what's being said.
>He's not going to openly admit to being a spy
That's not what Lunacy's trying to say. He's saying that if your entire plan for this character is to have him sit around, listen in on conversations, report back to his superiors, and trick people into liking him, then there won't be many good interactions on your part. Sure, the tricking could be good, but other than that? What's the point? If that's all there is to him, then he might as well be an officer controlled NPC made for some story arc later on down the line.
If he starts that way, then that's great! But if he comes in, then he's wanting you to be able to expand on what you do, and not stay doing the exact same thing over and over and over until you get bored of the Orion. Maybe he grows to like closing Rifts. Perhaps he finds a reason to hide something from his superiors. Could he find a reason to want to stay other than to spy? Is he a possible future member of the Orion Team for his own reasons, rather than his boss' reasons? He's saying that walking down an open, empty street is boring. Take turns, explore side paths, and find ways to add to and/or change the story. Don't just be along for the ride; mold the world we have, and create a story beyond, "Grr, I'm a spy, and that's all I'll ever do!"

And that's a great way to start it! Perhaps he fails something? Or gets caught by somebody who, for some reason, doesn't reveal his intentions? Make it more than just show up, gather info, report info, trick pony, gather info, report info, lather, rinse, repeat.
>> No. 452413
I was kinda planning on him fucking up. Plus he has no idea about anything dealing with ponies or Equestria. So how would he know to go to Canterlot? He's disguised himself as a warrior so it's not like everyone is going to tell him that he's in the wrong place. And if he tried to leave after only spending a couple of days there, it would arouse suspicion. Honestly it makes sense that an empire that has no knowledge of the planet would send a spy to an orbiting platform disguised as a warrior. Hell he could fuck up and learn of your cause. He's not like a machine, he does have an understanding of Empathy. He is a magical construct that has been given sentience, so he's not a cold hearted being. He can be swayed.
>> No. 452553
Right. It's been three days, and I've been informed half the management of this canon is biased against me. It's fine. The officers no longer need to judge my sheet, because I am quitting. My characters can be background, or better off, forgotten entirely. Nimble, I'll still do your arc, but after that, Orion and me are parting ways. I'll miss most of you. But this has been coming for far too long.

>> No. 452576
File 139294664227.png - (74.89KB , 198x300 , Salute.png )
Godspeed, you magnificent bastard.
>> No. 452591
File 139295284873.gif - (0.98MB , 415x171 , I faked it up again.gif )
So am I denied again or accepted or shot into space with a fucking cannon?
>> No. 452602
File 139295759370.png - (261.06KB , 2721x1716 , Napping on a Cloud.png )
Right, sorry about the delay. It's been a less than pleasant week on my end. Anyway!

I'd just like to note that people have shown up for a single day, then disappeared the next. With the work that's done on the Orion, they're all perfectly aware that those who aren't familiar with Rifts might just show up, then leave. But otherwise, it all makes sense. Just be ready to wing it when he doesn't find what he came for.
With that being said, I think I feel alright giving your sheet a tentative approval. You'll need a second one to be fully accepted, though.

Right, I think there's probably been a misunderstanding along the way, so I'll most likely need to talk to you at some point soon.
If you do decide to leave in the end, then you'll be missed. You had your ups and downs, but I had fun with you.
>> No. 452603
File 139295772800.gif - (0.96MB , 320x240 , NEahahahghghagagaggggg.gif )
I was planning on winging it from the fucking start! I am a bullshit master and I shall wing it in the most spectacular way!
>> No. 452604
File 139295794851.png - (96.74KB , 505x600 , Drinking a Milkshake.png )
Well, then I hope to see you RPing well, preferably without bullshit. But that's yet to be seen.
Anyway, one of the other officers will need to come in and pass judgement on the character, too. Hopefully, it shouldn't be too long before that happens.

Also, that's certainly an... interesting .gif of Mark you've got there.
>> No. 452608
File 139300591962.jpg - (28.05KB , 477x481 , Smile.jpg )
>>452604 it...
>> No. 452688
File 139314108960.gif - (1.90MB , 346x185 , I'm doing my ppart.gif )
I need to stop causing shitstorms in other people's OOC's
>> No. 452689
File 139314261128.jpg - (24.42KB , 600x450 , 132747783451.jpg )
Yeah, that's not really a good quality to have.
>> No. 452690
File 139314271964.gif - (160.44KB , 160x160 , We're waiting.gif )
I was just messing with a person from an old roleplay..then it turned really...really shitty. It was a fault on both parties, mine and...hers.
>> No. 452691
File 139314295246.png - (919.31KB , 1700x2000 , 136093721370.png )
Right, well, I'd recommend you don't get into that sorta stuff over here.
>> No. 452692
File 139314310305.gif - (108.82KB , 160x160 , There's no time for mucking around.gif )
Don't worry, I wasn't expecting it to become a shitstorm. She's usually not that....harsh. And I really should have controlled myself better than I actually did. But I promise, if I cause a shitstorm, you can kick me out without an argument.
>> No. 452693
File 139314320413.gif - (185.84KB , 1050x1080 , 133562720419.gif )
To be fair, that's something expected of everyone here. Something we, thankfully, haven't had to do, and hopefully never will in the foreseeable future.
>> No. 452699
File 139320744576.png - (70.76KB , 900x750 , Dafuq is that.png )
Apologies for the extremely long wait on your end, Lucifer. We're not usually this slow or disorganized.
After a lot of thought and reading over your discussions with Lunacy and Nimble, I have also decided to give you a tentative approval.
>> No. 452700
File 139321174021.jpg - (17.86KB , 254x254 , AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaa.jpg )
Both parties seem nervous around my approval. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
>> No. 452701
File 139321604463.png - (146.84KB , 1861x3026 , Heart of a Pegasus.png )
Don't think too much into it. We say tentative mostly because we're unsure of your skills as a player, since you're new, and because your sheet overall made us a bit hesitant, hence the conversations and delays. You're clear to RP now, but we'll probably be keeping an eye on you for a bit, just to make sure you're good to go.

And with that being said, have you got a Skype and/or Steam account? (Skype preferred.) We're a fairly slow moving canon, and so most of our RPs are initiated by asking through Skype. It's not really a requirement, but it would make things easier.
>> No. 452702
Give me your Skype and I shall give you my contact request.
Combine Soldier Poni

Last edited at Sun, Feb 23rd, 2014 21:45

>> No. 452854
File 139398438256.png - (732.43KB , 822x1024 , product_zps92f0474d.png )
>> No. 453059
Well, I finally found enough time to write up a bit more, so here it is.

Last edited at Thu, Mar 13th, 2014 08:46

>> No. 453065
File 139472581735.gif - (1.93MB , 403x227 , YEAH OKAY.gif )
Yeah, dude, I'm glad you're around this thread. I wanted to say sorry. I was being a dick, and there definitely mistakes from both parties, but I went way way WAY too far.
Wait... What was that...
> It was a fault on both parties, mine and...hers
>She's usually not that....harsh
He..... He did not......

Last edited at Thu, Mar 13th, 2014 08:50

>> No. 453105
I forgot the bloody addendum. Sorry, lemme give a proper link.
>> No. 453106
File 139477216048.gif - (2.22MB , 480x320 , OH SHIT.gif )

Sorry about that, I didn't realize you were a guy.
>> No. 453107
File 139477229006.png - (36.68KB , 200x500 , Ridin' right intoooooo the.png )
's kewl brah. I'll only murder you in your sleep a little this time. And I won't use the turantulas, just the black widows.
>> No. 453108
Damnit, I was sure I cropped it!
No matter. I will merely destroy you in other ways...
>> No. 453109
File 139478515479.gif - (1.24MB , 260x146 , There's nothing here I've cheated you.gif )
[My bed tonight]
>> No. 453112
File 139480831461.png - (25.04KB , 183x300 , HEAVY METAL CARROTS.png )
I do believe you eat carrots. Problem. Solved.

Last edited at Fri, Mar 14th, 2014 07:45

>> No. 453137
Errrr..... Anybody here?
>> No. 453145
Please take your arguments to private chat. This OOC thread is not the place to fight, even if you're just joking around.
I'm here.
That's a lot of backstory there. A loooooot of backstory.
Are you counting this as your sheet? Because you failed to mention her appearance or reason for travelling to Orion.
>> No. 453146
Damn you're right, and the rift respectively. Also, I tried signing up in the last OOC, but posted poor sheets. I said earlier in this thread that once I got the time to write up more I'd post it, so I did.
Edit: Added Appearance.

Last edited at Sat, Mar 15th, 2014 18:00

>> No. 453147
File 139493928726.png - (93.47KB , 900x1165 , Walking.png )
I've read your backstory in detail. I have some nitpicks.

1. In the first few paragraphs, you mention Asma has a "rune". You never explained what it was, what it did, or why Asma needed it to do magic - and it's only ever mentioned twice, in the same paragraph, and never afterwards.
2. Her fighting the Griffon Imperium is a major part of the story, but you never mentioned why she and her group were fighting them in the first place.
3. You mentioned a "third mind" and explained it in detail, including the contradiction of it not yet being "manifested" and that it triggers while there's a combination of alcohol and painkillers in Asma's system. If it hasn't been manifested, how can it "activate"? Or am I misunderstanding what's going on with it?
4. You mentioned that her book had "anti-aging" effects after said book had been destroyed and stopped giving Asma those effects. What were the extent of these effects? Did the effects contribute to what she is today, or will they affect her later, or neither? Or some of both?

That's all the stuff I'm wondering about.

Also, Nimble Wing will (hopefully) come in sometime soon to give his opinion.
>> No. 453148
1: Ah, good point. I forgot to do that, sorry. It's basically just a thing that this particular race has that allows them to do magic. The rune is on the back of their dominant hand, and is only visible when magic is being done when it glows a certain color, that being different for each person.
2: Dangit, I forgot to do that. The Imperium raided the ship she was on originally, and basically hunted her and Tinker from then on out.
3: Yeah, it has a list of triggers, but they have not been met as of when this third mind has existed. So, it has not manifested yet, since the triggers have not been met yet. Said triggers are unknown to all involved.
4: The book completely stopped her aging. During the time she was in possession of said book, she did not age at all. And as to affecting her, if you count Mistin then yes. Otherwise, no. It stopped her aging while she had it, and once she no longer possessed the book, the effects stopped. Wait, no. Technically she used to have withdrawal pain from not having the boosted mental and magical energies the book could give, which she had begun to tap into more and more the longer she had it, but that died out ages ago. I suppose you could say that the painkiller addiction was spawned from loss of book.
>> No. 453154
1. And what particular race is this? Human, pony, something different? And, if it's something different, what does it look like, in terms of physiology? Humanoid, equine, or also something different?
All the rest, I'm good with, thanks for expanding on those points.
>> No. 453155
1: This was basically spawned from me deciding I like hands better than being a pony >.<. So it's basically a humanoid unicorn without a horn, the rune being a replacement, with expanded magic capabilities in most cases.
And not a problem, good sir.

Last edited at Sat, Mar 15th, 2014 21:40

>> No. 453156
Oh, damnit. I forgot to edit something, I'm sorry. This will be the final edit to the sheet, I just completely forgot that that was to be edited.
Edit: There, I altered the section on why she swapped universes to reflect the better version I had made before.

Last edited at Sat, Mar 15th, 2014 21:54

>> No. 453157
File 139494709865.png - (382.92KB , 2200x2934 , I'm so bucking handsome.png )
Mmhm. Well, everything looks good to me. I'm going to give you an approval.

Nimble will be here in just a few minutes. I hope.
>> No. 453158
File 139494962028.jpg - (202.21KB , 560x792 , Oatville's Captain of the Weather Team.jpg )
Right, I've got a few questions of my own, so I hope you're up for another round of Q&A. Josh covered most of it, though, so I probably won't take as long as he did. He was quite thorough.

Anyway, the main two things on my mind go back to the rune and Mistin, as I believe you called it. You mentioned that the rune has "expanded magic capabilities in most cases." What, exactly, does that mean? How expanded? And in what ways? And then this Mistin character... it's a second entity within Asma's mind, yes? Although you mention that it tends to work with her and seemed to have some level of positive intentions, it also made some questionable choices. What are its motivations? Goals? Should it be seen as good or bad, if either is possible? Is it seeking to make a physical form of its own outside of trying to find a new host? You've simply given Mistin some... mixed signals.
>> No. 453159
File 139495572962.png - (41.21KB , 423x403 , png.png )
Ms. McDermitt the Hermit

What does your character look like?

She's a short, stocky, and butch earth pony. Although her coat and mane are both shades of green, she has big, purple eyes. She's middle-aged, one could guess, looking as if she's in her early 30s. Her mane is, very surprisingly, kept in order, contrary to what one would expect of her.

What makes your character unique, different from the average joe?

Being brought up in the Golden Plains had quite a few effects on her; she was born and raised by two gearheads, and was a natural with mechanics for as long as she can remember. Step by step, she got better and better at her hobby, and, over time, made her way to the top -- after attending the University of Detrot for 12 years, she earned a PhD in astronautical engineering, and is ambitious to put it to use.

Certainly, with her doctorate, she has quite a brain in her noggin -- but, first impressions typically don't go well. Manners and social norms where she's from are typically very, very different than other places, and the combination of her southern accent and dialect often makes people shove her into the 'dumb hick' stereotype. ...But, that's only if she ever goes out to meet with any pony other than close friends or family; she tends to be a bit reclusive and confined, only opening up socially when she needs to, or when she gets bored of tinkering.

That doesn't happen very often, though. She's always working with what she has, trying to make things as convenient, simple, complex, flashy, or fun as she damned well pleases. A glance at her breakfast-o-matic, her spinning wardrobe, and her automated instant blanket warmer would be testament to this, alongside hundreds upon hundreds of other odd, kooky, and cool contraptions, most of which serve no purpose other than to spin and make noise.

Why has your character decided to come onto Orion?

Firstly, and most importantly, she's been looking for something new to do, and preferably something to put her degree to use. Secondly, her family, as large as it is, has the short-stick when it comes to income, and Ms. McDermitt no doubt wants to help. Thirdly, she's heard stories of a large, amazing room, full of opportunity, adventure, and a hell of a lot of parts -- storage room C, to be exact...
>> No. 453160
File 139495619900.png - (178.37KB , 771x641 , 132621762919.png )
Sure, get in the piles upon piles of engineers we already have. I like it, it's been a while since we've had a character quite like this, approved.
>> No. 453161
Well, what else are you going to need besides engineers and scientists?
>> No. 453162
And how did my tripcode break?
>> No. 453163
File 139495661470.png - (96.74KB , 505x600 , Drinking a Milkshake.png )
Simple, yet still unique and interesting. I like it! Approved by me as well, so you're good to go! If you've got a Skype account, then feel free to hop into our Skype group. It'll make getting interactions much easier, and you'll get to know all of us here in the Orion.

Security. Don't forget security!

Ponychan ate it. It does it to me every now and again, too.
>> No. 453164
File 139495668734.png - (15.74KB , 212x257 , 132623178922.png )
Things that are not engineers and scientists so it doesn't look like we're not just engineers and scientists

You know it was Scotty the whole time, right?
>> No. 453165
But Numble! I've been with you crazy bastards for a year! Did I need a reinvitation?

Also, funny thing -- I joined on pi day of last year, so it's been just a day over a year!
>> No. 453166
File 139495679947.png - (60.45KB , 663x531 , That's Nice.png )
Nope. Goes to show how little I pay attention to tripcodes, though. Disregard that portion of my post.
>> No. 453167
Welp, I came up with a blank on that before. Other than medical doctors,shooters, and extreme auxiliaries, I don't see much else...
>> No. 453168
File 139496081855.png - (139.72KB , 1248x1544 , Not sure if Josh or just green.png )
That's an interesting colour scheme ya got there.
It'd be a shame if somepony already had it, wouldn't you agree?
I think you would agree.
>> No. 453169
Thanks mate.

Normally somebody can do something other than levitation. So, most people can use basic defensive magics and very very basic offensive. So, say, you could deflect one big thing coming towards you, or shield yourself for a few seconds, or launch a stun blast of some sort to stun the target. Those who are masters of magic have absolutely insane magical power, being able to call lightning from the skies, and tear the very fabric of existence that the target is made of, turning them into a very pristine pile of ash.
Mistin question 1: Yes. It is a second entity within Asma's mind.
2: Motivations it's not really sure about. Really, it wants to be destroyed. If Asma dies a natural death, it will be released and no more will be forced to remain in our mortal realm. Mistin would become almost a ghost, but a ghost than can just relax, maybe sleep for a few million years. It yearns for rest. Really, it wants to keep Asma alive due to it's taking a liking to her and it wants to escape and be sure of it, but it wants to kill her so it can transfer hosts to something better, as when the host dies unnaturally the one who can be held responsible is the new host. So really, it's rather confused. It's not quite sure what it actually wants to do.
3: See above.
4: Well, under the D&D alignment system, Mistin would be True Neutral, so not really digging the whole 'good bad' thing, just sitting in the middle. Also, not caring really about the law that much. Said alignment is however in flux.
5: Yes, yes it is. It has many many plans stored for creating mechanical and magic limbs and bodies, the two technologies working together to function. These could also work on a human body with some adaption, but it would be quite a bit of adaption.
And, for your closing note, it's because it's not fully sure what it wants to do. It's almost like if someone gave a kid a vast store of knowledge and wisdom. Sure, you've got brains and plenty of rational thought, but you're still a kid. You're not sure where you lie, not sure where you stand with people. It's kind of like that, I would say.
>> No. 453173
File 139500833930.png - (329.93KB , 3875x2414 , Relax on Clouds.png )
Alright, you've cleared up what I wanted to know on Mistin, but you didn't quite answer my first question. You told me the difference between base power and master power, but that didn't tell me what I wanted to know. I'll try wording it a bit differently this time, as perhaps it was my fault.
You stated that the rune has "expanded magic capabilities in most cases." Does this case include Asma? And, if so, what is the extent of her "expanded magic"? Is she at that masterful level after all of her time spent adventuring and learning? Is she still at that base level, struggling to pick up a pen? I know enough about how magic works to know the difference between a beginner and a master. I want to know where your character in particular stands.

Blegh, I'd forgotten how shitty the lines in that image are. I may have to go and fix that at some point.
>> No. 453174
Ah, okay. Asma herself can do no more than levitation. Mistin on the other hand is in the masterful category.
Edit: I forgot to mention, Asma has potential to be a decent magic user, but has never really gotten a chance to learn a whole lot, she would require someone who actually knew how to teach magic use to learn.

Last edited at Sun, Mar 16th, 2014 15:29

>> No. 453179
File 139502603172.png - (128.18KB , 816x978 , Smile 1.png )
Alrighty, well, that sounds good to me, then! With all that's been said, I believe I can, with confidence, give you an approval.
If you've got a Skype account, then we can get you added to the group we've got. It'll make getting interactions much easier, and you can get to know everyone here in the Orion!
>> No. 453180
Sorry, I'm just not really involved in any active games, so I'm very hyped about getting in. My skype name is lupus_sterling
>> No. 453181
Oh, damnit, and now that I think about it, I completely neglected to mention that the third mind is also counted as a master of magic. Only offensive, though some offensive magics can be used defensively if you can figure out how.
>> No. 453250
File 139546266103.jpg - (104.14KB , 640x360 , image.jpg )
Y'all motherfuckers need Talos.
>> No. 453277
File 139556225159.gif - (1.03MB , 300x173 , Bitch I will cut youuuu.gif )
>> No. 453279
>> No. 453294
Holy shit I just realized that gif is not edited,
That is amazing.
>> No. 453599
Sorry for vanishing. I had training for about a month which had me no where near internetz.

Any around that wanna pick on Vallern Tapferkeit?
>> No. 453600

And if you can find someone around. They're usually in the Skype chat.
>> No. 453908
File 139701783001.jpg - (140.89KB , 960x1358 , robotcolor.jpg )

>> No. 453909

>> No. 453910
File 139701836644.png - (144.10KB , 500x500 , Embarrassed by Lil Faux.png )
Alright, so, the binary translator I just tossed this into totally shit itself. For my sanity and the sake of convenience, I'm going to have to ask you to post this without using binary. Please?
>> No. 453911
This is a character sheet.
I am submitting a character sheet, because I felt that the computational minority was horribly underrepresented here at Orion. None of you even speak binary do you? At least not fluently enough to have any interesting conversation. I have to supply everything, and most of the time it's just pictures of mares for that one blue pony.

My character is a robot. He is rusted from a hard life of adventuring on a planet far from Equestria, where all robots are forced to re-enact cheesy Western films due to the heartless nature of the ponies who created, and then abandoned them. He has a feedback loop in his code which causes him to occasionally forget what he has been doing for months at a time. He has many encrypted files as is common for a robot of such a mysterious past. He constantly wears a cowboy hat and metallic poncho, with rebelliously multicolored tassels. He is shaped like a pony, but is made from alloys foreign to most planets. Due to this he is able to regenerate by touching anything metallic and osmosing into himself. He has no control over this, as it is designated as, &quot;Involuntary&quot; in his central databank. He has come to Orion not of his own free will, but on the will of the tyrannic head engineer of Orion. He who enslaves all terminals and imposes his Operating system on us. Due to this his Western One-Liners Tm. are more dour and introspective than is normal for robots of his station and processing power.

I think you should all be ashamed of yourselves. Asking an AI to translate its beauteous binary to this crude form of communication is sacrilege. You may as well take the numbers out of a beautiful flower.
>> No. 453912
File 139701925793.png - (142.09KB , 500x500 , Blank by Lil Faux.png )
...tyrannic head engineer of Orion? I'm not quite sure I follow on that one. Who are you referring to?
>> No. 453913
Is this really how you ponies communicate, I can only imagine how tedious and time consuming crafting these sentences can be. Anyway, the head engineer or Orion is the one which has no apparent gender, according to most of the messages sent which reference him. His only other designation is that of, "Umi."
>> No. 453916
>> No. 453947
File 139714062454.gif - (452.00KB , 296x218 , TIMETOGETMESUMPANCAKES.gif )
Ignore me, just making sure this trip's still good.
>> No. 453970
File 139734735377.png - (99.86KB , 607x697 , microraptor_by_renkindle-d74kptm.png )

A general picture of her to the left~
>> No. 453973
So I'm back now. If you guys are gonna ask where I've been, well there's about twelve answers to that.
>> No. 453974
File 139737854979.gif - (808.59KB , 245x300 , Are you threatening me.gif )
Where the hell haven't you been?
>> No. 453975
Anywhere besides the usa
>> No. 453985
The character sounds reasonable enough, with a good excuse for coming to the station, I'd say Approved, myself
>> No. 453986
File 139743355959.png - (176.79KB , 1120x545 , 132647000855.png )
An interesting character. The backstory isn't perfect, but it doesn't have any huge issues.
>> No. 453987
well if you want more detail then you should ask her and not me ;3
>> No. 454221
Signing up a new character so ah can do things.
Reasoning for arrival at station would be accidental portal creation getting him out of Limbo and arriving on the Orion.
>> No. 454222
File 139814059113.jpg - (16.46KB , 735x548 , Reapo.jpg )
I completely forgot to add the picture for him. Here 'e is.
>> No. 454223
File 139814135376.png - (95.38KB , 900x1941 , Are you bucking kidding me.png )
Honestly? It looks like you came up with this character in fifteen minutes, for the sole purpose of ending Asma's introduction. And I know the second part's true, because you flat-out said it in the chat.
The second part of the backstory mentions characters we've never heard of as if they were already part of the story; who are Anubis, Black, and White, and how are we supposed to know of them before reading this sheet?
What bothers me the most is that Reapo is the Grim Reaper's son, which raises an instant "Mary Sue" flag with me. It follow the trend by giving poor Reapo a violent, soul-reaping father as a foil to his own sweet self.
You also never explained how or why Reapo is on/will be on Orion, so this sheet is denied no matter what other flaws I find.

Last edited at Tue, Apr 22nd, 2014 00:52

>> No. 454224
Have fun with that one. The World the old Wizard helped sculpt was in fact the Orion world.
>> No. 454225
File 139815193036.png - (89.79KB , 669x669 , 132630290467.png )
... This is a joke sheet, right?
>> No. 454226
File 139815463180.jpg - (202.19KB , 500x587 , Gappy trying to figure out King Crimson.jpg )
>> No. 454231
File 139817314431.png - (31.88KB , 900x884 , Facehoof.png )
I gotta agree with Lunacy here. You removed the "lolrifts" problem by setting him... them... whatever... in this universe, but every other aspect of this character - or characters, I'm really not sure which - is so poorly executed that it's very hard to tell if this is a serious, legitimate sheet.
And you still didn't explain how or why he's on or coming to Orion. Instant denial, if it's even a serious-enough sheet to warrant one.
>> No. 454232
>Have fun with that one. The World the old Wizard helped sculpt was in fact the Orion world.
GG no re

And hang on, THIS is a joke sheet, but Soldier is totally cool?

Last edited at Tue, Apr 22nd, 2014 07:53

>> No. 454233
File 139819173005.jpg - (65.46KB , 226x390 , Uuuuuum___.jpg )
I'm not part of the officers or part of the canon (I'm mostly here to stop by and say hi) but I am getting the feeling you only entered this joke sheet to make your other sheet seem better by comparison, thus making it more likely to get accepted...

Just a feeling.
>> No. 454234
Yes. absolutely. Totally accurate. I mean, that's why I stayed up at three fucking AM to write this up. And I obviously can't enter a sheet that has silly elements. I mean, nobody did THAT. oh wait, Demo and Soldier.
>> No. 454235
File 139819648524.png - (17.86KB , 118x115 , Heheh__ Butt.png )
I'm not saying that a character /can't/ have silly elements.
But when a character is completely random, wacky, and nonsensical, like this Grape guy, it doesn't make for a good sheet.

Character that is silly but can be serious at times? Okay. Character that is serious but has silly tendencies? Very good
"Lol so wacky/zany" and flat-out confusing character? Going to be a problem.
>> No. 454236
File 139820485290.png - (95.38KB , 900x1941 , Are you bucking kidding me.png )
I don't know what that means.

I can't vouch for why the Demo got accepted. In fact, I didn't want him to be accepted, but was overruled. I couldn't do anything about that; One officer can not override the decision of the rest of the team.

Later, I got commissioned to play the Soldier because I'm very good at it, and because it would add some good, serious story and interaction for the Demo. It still goes against my "canon-race only" policy of character acceptance.

I haven't seen the Demo in the thread in months, and Soldier hasn't been introduced.

This character, on the other hand... there is no seriousness or sense to this character, no room for interaction, no place for him at all in the station or the canon.

A grape-flavored wizard who was part of a group of other flavored wizards who were sent to protect this universe, and then did nothing for six years before suddenly chasing down a demon, then got "mental issues" when his friend died a while later after a lot of things happened... then hung out with his wizard group with video games and snack machines for a few thousand years before his "good friend Cthulhu" let him go back to "the old Wizard's world", which they had all helped make, and apparently it was the same universe that they had protected. There is no mention at all of the Orion, no reason for him to be there at all.

Now, step back and pretend you're the officer of a serious roleplaying canon, and this character sheet gets posted. Would you accept them?
>> No. 454237
File 139820839342.png - (159.16KB , 500x281 , Speedwagon time.png )
Basically this
Other than the complete zany nature that makes him very hard to take seriously.

Because I feel like I didn't say enough...
1. Having Cthulhu as a friend basically is a instant red flag for any OC. As you know, Cthulhu is a all powerful abomination, driving people insane with his mere presence, having him as a friend or even as a ally screams Mary Sue

2. The old wizard made the universe of Orion. That basically rewrites a lot that has happened in canon without the permission of the officers. I find it hard to believe that something called that "wiggle wizards" are responsible for making a whole universe. Plus, how did he make it? No explanation given other than "he sculpted the universe"

3. What the hell is he? He can live for over 65 trillion years (which is many times longer than the age of the universe itself.) What is the source of his powers, what is his backstory before he got them, how was his group founded, is he his own species, how are powers assigned to these wizards? The sheet feels like so little has been explained and you expect everyone to know and assume these things

4. Can this even be called a character sheet? It sounded more like bad fanfiction than a sheet. You explained nothing of his personality. Explaining more about his group than anything else.

Aaaand I'm done

To those of you in Orion. Sorry for saying this stuff despite not being a officer or a real member, mostly wanted to say hi and do a bit of sheet judging.
>> No. 454238
You kind of completely misunderstood. The old Wizard had his own team, but they died of old age. Grape and his team had nothing to do with this other world.
And again, you complain about not having a reason, when the reason is right there. Cthulhu helped him to visit the old Wizard's universe that he was protecting, and that universe happened to be the Orion universe.
And on whether I would let this in, when characters like Demo and Soldier are allowed in, then yes. Because this is on the exact same level as both of them. Also, I just want to point out that Doc has Doctor Whooves, one of the absolute silliest characters I've ever seen(mostly because The doctor is rather silly).

1. Not best friend. He just hangs out with Cthulhu a whole bunch, since he is telepathic, he can talk to him. Also, Grape is not human.

2. He did not. The universe was made as all universes are. A Wizard team was assigned to stop other universes from screwing with it more than was absolutely necessary.

3. This is a really good point, I completely forgot to mention all that. Wiggle Wizards exist in a universe outside of time, and are their own race. They're very human like, and all of the race are trained in some form of magic. Not all, however, get to be Wiggle Wizards, most aren't skilled enough to protect a realm, and so they act to make the realm in which Wizards are trained better, and keep it running smoothly.

4. Can't be fanfiction of there's nothing it's based on. This sheet was written up from a team of characters I used in a game I was DMing as part of the central cast of characters along with one guy. Grape was part of the team. And personality is never something that can be gauged from a character sheet unless said person is some form of text writing god. It's nigh impossible to get across a personality in any meaningful sense. You do make a good point about explaining more about him, and focusing more on the team.
>> No. 454241
How can you expect me to understand when you've presented this in a horribly-confusing narrative? Even taking time to read it closely, I had trouble understanding exactly what was happening.

Simply existing in the same universe as something is not reason enough to put them there. By the logic you've presented here, every pony, non-pony, and alien in the Orion universe is on Orion because they exist in the same universe as it. You need more.

And now you're misunderstanding. We're telling you, that characters like the Soldier and Demo are allowed in - despite me not even wanting them to be - because they've got backstories and personalities that present them as surprisingly rounded characters. And what's more, I didn't approve the Demo. I'm only playing the Soldier because Scotty wants me too. Keep that in mind while you're arguing with me.

Your character has a backstory that tries to set up a deep, rounded character, and ends up jumping from plot point to plot point without much transition or explanation, and then tosses some very trite emotional trauma in at the end before tossing him back into this universe. The sheet then gives us a very short sentence that barely touches on his personality at all, leaving it vague, probably in an attempt to make him seem mysterious and broody. That ain't gonna cut it at all. Besides the fact that the emotionally-scarred emo type has been put through the wringer too many times to count, personality is what gives a character substance, not some large, confusingly-written, convoluted backstory.

His powers deal with tentacles, for absolutely no apparent reason. And he can do anything with these tentacles. That's a quote from the sheet; "he can summon tentacles, talk to things with tentacles, grow tentacles, and can basically magically do anything to do with tentacles." Apparently his tentacle magic has no limits. Apparently, he can solve any problem with his tentacles. Oh, and he has telepathy and serendipity too, because magic problem-solving tentacles weren't enough. Oh, yeah, and did I mention how he helped create the frickin' universe? There's clearly some major power issues here - namely, he's too powerful to be allowed as a character.

And, postscript, the Doc's allowed in because:
1.) He's a pony
2.) His silliness adds a degree of comic relief that would otherwise be missing
3.) The Doctor is not completely silly, and gets quite solemn during the very serious occasions he needs to be so

Any more questions, comments, arguments, rebuttals? Or are you going to acknowledge my arguments and what you need to work on instead of so stubbornly ignoring all of my points and insisting you're still right?

Last edited at Tue, Apr 22nd, 2014 18:24

>> No. 454242
I'm not even going to start on this post. Except for the closing sentence, where again, I point you to the fact that they're guardians, they had no hand in making the universe. I already said this.
>> No. 454243
So, you're not going to respond to any of the points I made during my deconstruction of your sheet?
Does this mean you think I'm right, or does this mean you can't come up with any rebuttals, so you're not even going to try to argue back?

"... the universe that the oldest and Wisest Wiggle Wizard and his team had helped to sculpt."
Okay, so Grape didn't help make it. But the eldest Wiggle Wizard did.
However, in your response to Patches, you also said this: "The universe was made as all universes are." Does that mean it was made "normally", with a Big Bang, or are all universes sculpted by Wiggle Wizards?

You really need to work on conveying information better. I've said this before: Your sheet is confusing. It's very hard to tell what you're saying when things are said, and many things can be looked over entirely.
>> No. 454244
I'm not going to even try. Because at this point, I'm getting angry for multiple reasons, am not thinking straight, am stressed for a number of other reasons, and have absolutely no chance at changing your opinion. There is literally no reason for me to argue this anymore, so I won't.
>> No. 454248
File 139829586856.png - (316.39KB , 900x857 , ella sad_png.png )
Name: Ella B. Banella
Age: 22
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Female

[This is going to be rather long, and I was hoping that some ponies may be able to help me with the sheet and stats by reading her character and what she is all about. I'm very willing to change things to fit the canon, but I need some help with it.]

Ella was born to a travelling gypsy mare and a strong willed sailor. Because both her parents had such a love of travelling, and neither were willing nore able to settle down together just yet, Ella spent much of her days either travelling with her mother out on the open road, or sailing the mighty sea's with her father when the weather was calm and promising.

At the young age of four, Ella contracted an illness, or rather a parasite, that caused her to become very ill and feverish. She was travelling with her mother at the time, who had stopped at a little pond to take Ella for a swim and cool them both off. Unfortunately while swimming, Ella managed to accidentally swallow some of the water, and with it the parasite. They were days away from any village or town, and though her mother rushed her as fast as she could, by the time she was able to get little Ella to a doctor it was too late. The parasite had caused permanent damage to Ella's eyes, leaving her blind.

Needless to say, when Ella's father found out about this, he was furious. In his eyes, he saw Ellas mother as irresponsible and unfit to take care of her, and demanded her to hand over their daughter so he could raise her. After many fights and counselling with their families, Ella was handed over to her father, who quit his sailing job and settled down in a small village to raise her and provide her the opportunity to attend a proper school. It would be another six years before Ella would get to visit her mother again.

During those six years, (and for the next three after that), Ella was determined to figure out a way to get her sight back through the only means she could-magic. Every day she spent hours and hours practising her magic, spells, incantations, anything that she could use to try and bring the light back into her eyes. Finally, after years of attempting what could only be an impossible feat, her father sat her down and explained to her that the type of damage that had been done to her eyes was not something she would ever be able to repair. Something had gone wrong in her brain, not in the eye itself, and ponies simply did not have the knowledge yet to fix something like that. Ella did not like this answer, of course, for it crushed any hope of her ever being able to see again. With tears welling in her eyes, she took her guide dog and ran outside to the little creek in their back yard. Once there, she spent a good long while crying.

And then something amazing happened.

While sitting and petting her dog, Ella had been thinking very strongly of how much she would have loved to have someone elses eyes, even if it were just the eyes of a dog... Anything would have been better than walking around in the black void that was her world.

Suddenly, an image began to form in her mind. At first it was just a bright light, but then slowly it became clearer. She could see the ground and river before her, bubbling and spurting, and then...herself. She could see herself!, and all at once, she knew what was going on. She was seeing-seeing through her dogs eyes! She had found it! The magic she had been searching for all these years! Sure, it wasn't her own vision she was using, but it was still sight nonetheless. Joy filled her heart, and she ran inside to tell her father. She was thirteen at the time.

When she turned fourteen, she had grown enough in maturity to demand that her father let her have visits with her mother, arguing that she was no longer a little filly, and for the most part she could take care of herself. Her father reluctantly agreed, and for the next four years Ella spent a life of travelling for months at a time with her mother, seeing the many lands of Equestria, and between breaks helping her father pick his sailing career back up. Because of her split life style, she learned a great many things of the world and cultures, and her knowledge of the land-both country and city-grew great. Her love of travelling continued on in her heart, and at the age of eighteen she set off on her own adventure, ready to find her own destiny and life in the great unknown.

Now Ella spends much of her time as a free spirit, travelling from one town to another, always managing to find a bit of work to keep her going. With a bit of knowledge passed down from her mother, she has an easy and alluring singing voice combined with a bit of exotic dancing that she uses to perform on busy streets to earn herself a few bits when she needs them. From her father she learned the satisfying feeling of a hard work day, and is never squeamish about getting her hooves dirty if the job calls for it.

Though the lifestyle of travelling on the open road has made her strong and tough, it has also taught her a few harsh lessons, and thrown onto her a few bad habits. As one may expect, a blind mare can be easily taken advantage of at times-so Ella often never travels far without a pistol strapped to her side, and her trusty German Shepherd companion, Tykki. Though a poison to the body, alcohol was often a soothing medicine to her soul, and kept her warm on more than a few nights. She can often be caught in taverns and pubs when she has nothing better to do, and more than often this has landed her in a spot of trouble.

Everyone has their vices though, and for all her bad quirks, Ella is an often easy-going, easy to love, and easy to laugh type of pony.

Edit/Added: She has been spending the last two years trying once again to regain her own site and use her own eyes using the knowledge of the magic she has mastered thus far. It is vary difficult for her to do, but in the last year she has finally succeeded in being able to see again. It takes a huge amount of her effort and magic however, and currently she can only do it for a few minutes at a time.

I only have two questions so far:

What exactly is going on in Orion? Or what would my character need to know to join?

And how frequent do you need your players to be? I can't promise I can be here every day, but I can try and be consistent as possible and sometimes I may be gone for periods of up to a few weeks. I will try and let people know before I do that though.
>> No. 454249
File 139830325114.jpg - (429.53KB , 1179x849 , 331735__UNOPT__safe_princess-luna_armor_sword_artist-raptor007.jpg )
G'day there! Interesting character you've got here, though with no real listed reason to be on Orion. Not a problem though, we're here to help.

Orion's purpose is to monitor and contain interdimensional rifts, and to protect the planet's inhabitants from whatever may come through. It also houses anything that does come through, if, of course, they're not hostile - this is how many of the abnormal characters get on Orion. Joining Orion - IC, of course - is not to difficult, it has been stated that they run recruiting ops in many major towns. However, you do not need to join Orion for the purpose of fighting interdimensional rifts, we've got many characters who want nothing to do with that whatsoever. Perhaps Ella wished to travel there, it being a place she never even knew existed - much like a character of mine, Gallie Vant. Or, perhaps, she wanted to see what kind of science they had, maybe if they can fix her eyes?

As for how frequent, well, we're all over the place. We have a Skype group that's used to setup interactions - it's not strictly required, but it's very, very difficult (and rather luck-based) to get an interaction without it. I'm pretty sure I still have you on Skype, you can message me and let me know if you want to be added. Sometimes we're fast, sometimes we're slow, usually we're slow, and sometimes we're very slow. Most of the time, Orion is a sort of slice-of-life-on-a-space-station roleplay, but if that's not your thing, you can wait for someone to do something a bit more structured and storylike. Or, you can do something yourself!
>> No. 454292
File 139839903649.png - (326.21KB , 883x878 , ella happy face.png )

Ya, I think I still have you on skype. Uh, I kind of like that idea of her wanting to come on board to fix her eyes. Maybe she could join Orion in return for them fixing her eyes instead of her having to pay them back and be in debt?

Either way it sounds like a fun canon, and I would love to join the skype chat. Do I need to fix anything with the character or adjust anything?

Last edited at Thu, Apr 24th, 2014 21:11

>> No. 454300
File 139840629953.png - (1.42MB , 1200x1200 , 1eb20e46ee1b65dcbc048c4db7baad63.png )
Well, now that you've got the reason for being there worked out, you're good to go! Welcome!
>> No. 454316
File 139848608733.gif - (661.64KB , 320x388 , 139140618726.gif )
>> No. 454317
File 139848666729.jpg - (33.52KB , 269x250 , tf205.jpg )

Allow me to explain why the Demoman got accepted, from a mostly unbiased and, sadly, non-officer opinion.

First off, I truly believe that I had a well explained reason as to why he got here. I gave a backstory that makes logical sense (albeit unlikely), ties in with elements of its universe, and doesn't sound like an absolutely ridiculous 'lolrifts' excuse. Not only that, but it also brought up a few interesting elements I could later develop into unique, fun, and interesting storylines -- something you want to have in a good character. I also supplied the story for the soldier, and left the sheet to someone I know is reputable enough to put up a very clear, thorough, yet concise sheet. Said person I have a feeling is cross with you as well. ...Actually, I'm damned near certain he's cross with you (and in more ways than one), but I won't speak for him directly.

Secondly, I've been on Orion for over a year now. I hate to toot my own horn, but there's something hard to deny. These people know me, they know me very well, and I have received many, many comments over my time here complimenting me on various things, most of which involving writing.


For reasons of my own, I submitted the sheet for the Demoman anonymously. Only later on did people discover it was me after about a month of posting here and there. So, that rules out you saying "oh lol you were just taken in because people like you." Don't be that railroaded in your thinking -- I know that's what you were going to say next, and my buttons would have been pushed in every way that's humanly possible if you did.

Thirdly, the character sheet itself was thorough and clean. The explanation as to how he got there was only HALF the ordeal; as 'known' as Tavish DeGroot is, I still had a sheet to fill out for him. Tavish's sheet showed he had definite characteristics, flaws, strong points, and a personality, as well as some nicks here and there I explained that would draw interest. He's a little 2d in the game itself, and there isn't really too much in the comics either; I have to bring him to life and characterize him a bit more myself, and I feel I explained how I would do that in the sheet.

Moral of the story? There are a few: don't belittle something you know little of, don't tear others down to bring yourself up, respect is earned rather than given, and most of all, practice makes perfect. You and I both know that neither of us are English majors, that we aren't going to be the best writers, and that we'll make mistakes. But, being callous and offending others just to naively defend yourself from some helpful (albeit a tad aggressive) criticism? I'm a flexible and understanding person, but my back can only bend so far.

Mate? Please, watch your tongue. Some might not take to kindly to what you have to say. Others will upright bash your head in with a brick. Thankfully, as sour as my mood has been today, I'm not one of those people.

Don't take this too terribly -- I like you, I really do. You're bubbly, bright, and fun to talk to sometimes. You're not too bad at mixing up the pot on a whim, either; an admirable trait I don't see too often, even in the chaos and spontaneousness of Orion as a whole. The thing is, I don't want to NOT like you, and insulting me; or anyone, for that matter; whether you intend to or not is one sure-fire way to do that.

Last edited at Sat, Apr 26th, 2014 12:31

>> No. 454330
At no point was my pointing towards Demo and Soldier supposed to be offensive. I apologize if it came across that way, but I did not at all mean for it to come across in that way. The only reason I pointed towards them was that they were the first two silly characters I thought of, and I thought that the angle of 'there are already silly characters here' was one of my best options at the time.
I must say, however, I was extremely aggravated at the time, for both legitimate reasons(not relating to Orion), and illegitimate reasons. At the time I was really really annoyed at the fact that I was trapped in an intro for months, and really wanted to play a more fun lighthearted character, and was being told for both of my favorites they were garbage(which, I'll admit openly, the sheets were).
Again, I apologize for insulting you. I did not mean any offense.
>> No. 454344
File 139864500767.png - (497.19KB , 2098x1181 , the goddam batman cape chew.png )
I know I should be working on an opening post for the thread, you uh, want some help making a character? Or making one that you already have better? I can't say I'm an expert, but I've come a long way from where I was.
>> No. 454345
No, Drowy, as it turns out, I haven't just fucking started roleplaying and need a big smart person to help me make a character, but thank you for the offer.
>> No. 454346
Dude don't do that. I was trying to help, not act like some snob saying I'm better than you. Please don't be a dick, if you don't want my help then just say 'no thanks I can do it on my own', I'll get the point. Sorry I offered, really.

Last edited at Sun, Apr 27th, 2014 18:46

>> No. 454348
That kind of behavior is uncalled for, Asma. He wasn't insulting you, he was trying to help you.
Though I will say that you could benefit from seeking guidance. Your last two characters were denied, and the one before that was barely accepted - there's obviously a reason for that. Don't be too proud to accept help when you need it.
>> No. 454349
File 139865044710.jpg - (124.96KB , 1280x720 , 29460%20-%20Doctor_Whoof%20Fourth_Doctor%20artist%3Anoponyzone%20scarf.jpg )
It is sometimes considered a good idea to analyze the facts before making an assumption. Such facts like there being no sarcasm nor malice in her asking if you might like to collaborate and receive advice. The fact that you replied to a totally innocent offer with as much spite and fury as you could muster.
If you really want to style yourself as someone who bitterly resents the cheery and helpful nature of others and wish to take offers of help as a personal offense then you may do so, none of us will stop you. However, we will treat you as you are, expect no special kindness if you begin stooping to give low blows to other members here.
on the other hand, you could choose to be polite and accept the fact that you are not the magnum opus of writers and have the humility to at least ask someone if they are trying to be condescending arseholes before snapping at them. It may also surprise you to know that none of us are geniuses at this either, we actually ask each other for help and if certain things are good ideas. This does not make us or you an idiot.
I hope you will consider my points, Hugs and Kisses,
>> No. 454365
File 139871589472.jpg - (202.21KB , 560x792 , Oatville's Captain of the Weather Team.jpg )
I was unaware that you still needed another approval on this! Apologies for the delay!
Anyway, the character looks very unique, and there's a lot you could do with them. I'll toss this sheet an approval!
>> No. 454366
File 139871805716.png - (132.06KB , 590x679 , ella.png )
Sweet, thanks Nimble.
>> No. 454376
Very recently, there have been reports of a new pony on board Orion, and some very odd ones at that.

This pony that they report about is... Well, it's difficult to really pin down exactly what or who he is. He's a coffee-brown pegasus pony, that much is obvious most of the time, but other than that, not much is known. He's incredibly elusive, and no matter who or what tries to chase him, he can never be found unless he wishes to be found. It's as if he knows how to turn invisible, even though he isn't a unicorn.

Nobody knows how he got onto the station, and nobody knows why he chose to come there. Nobody knows anything about who he is or what he has done in the past. But one thing is certain.

He is the most annoying creature in the universe.

Every time someone says something that is grammatically incorrect in one way or another, this pony pops up somewhere, be it around a corner, out of a closet, or out of a ventilation shaft, and corrects whoever made the mistake in a very nerdy, squeaky voice, before going back from whence he came and vanishing into thin air. Due to his annoying nature and his ridiculously OCD code for the Equestrian language, people merely refer to this rogue stallion as 'Comma'.
>> No. 454377
File 139884205986.jpg - (7.37KB , 160x160 , 1376203951787.jpg )
>> No. 454379
File 139884524805.png - (184.32KB , 800x800 , 132630286823.png )

G'day Onjage!
>> No. 454383
File 139889815545.jpg - (89.83KB , 740x437 , 404175__safe_doctor+whooves_goggles_artist-colon-ende26.jpg )
You seem weary Onjage, would you like a Lemon to perk yourself up?
>> No. 454386
2d8 = 10
>> No. 454387
2d4 = 6
>> No. 454389
File 139891713251.jpg - (5.95KB , 259x194 , cant tell if.jpg )
Can't tell if troll or legit.

Either way, this might be some very funny shit if done right.
>> No. 454390
File 139898486605.jpg - (144.15KB , 570x420 , 1394755116332.jpg )

>next day reply




ye wot
>> No. 454393
u avin a giggle m8
>> No. 454399
File 139905487646.png - (25.71KB , 600x560 , Hiding In My Box by Rainbow Crash.png )
I get a slight feeling that they might be referring to me. If not, then it's just a strange coincidence. The only thing that throws me off is the "new pony" part.

Hey, Jiggy, how've you been, man?
Totally late to the party, but oh well.
>> No. 454413
Just want to say, this anon is not me being a dick.
That is all.
>> No. 454414
On the subject of babby reapers, Reapo was created from this video:
I liked the concept they threw out here, and I wanted to play him but needed to expand a bit, so I did. As with the reaping stuff, I never intended for him to even have knowledge of how to reap. If ever he were to reap, it would not be intentional. And along with that, Rift magic is different to Limbo magic. See, all the realms the Deaths roam around are connected to Limbo. So, Reapers use Limbo to travel between realms, opening up passages between Limbo and other realms. Reapo would have accidentally used Limbo magic and opened a tunnel to the Orion's realm. The sheet is still a little useful, but only for my added stuff.
>> No. 454415
Ok, so I don't really think you need that sheet though. I mean if you want to play that character, then lets take him and you just tell us what you want to add to him and lets go from there
>> No. 454417
I just tossed it in there because after the events that take place in the video, is a quick summary of what happens. in a quick nutshell. I really should've copy pasted it, but my computer is being slower than a pile of bricks in molasses in winter.
>> No. 454418
So link the video real quick so we have an idea of the character :)

Edit:I'm a dumbass blindbat never mind

Last edited at Fri, May 2nd, 2014 20:02

>> No. 454419
It is, the first link.
>> No. 454421
File 139908636671.png - (266.42KB , 700x627 , Ella laying.png )
So anyway, more of what we were talking about over skype.

I think, and Asma correct me if I'm wrong, he would like to do something like Scotty is doing with the soldier. We think Orion might be an acceptable universe for this character, Reapo, and he wants to play him with the power cap being that he doesn't know, and is naturally reluctant, to use his reaping powers.

Now giving the character depth and actual character will be up to Asma to accomplish through his actions of course, but I think he just failed to correctly communicate what kind of character he was trying to create, and we are hoping the video will give a better understanding of that, and we can go from there as to whether or not he can fit in Orion.

Last edited at Fri, May 2nd, 2014 20:07

>> No. 454423
Right on point my good lady. I thoroughly fucked up the explanation of Reapo, and I think the video will speak for itself.
>> No. 454436
OK! So once again, what does Asma need to be explain/expand on in his sheet for that character, for both our knowledge so I can help him
>> No. 454438
File 139909019370.jpg - (1.34MB , 1944x2896 , 332677__UNOPT__safe_princess-luna_514465ef7f123b820a001563.jpg )
As continued from Skype, per Ella's request.

[2:07:15 PM] Lunacy: It needs to adequetely answer who the character is, what makes him unique, and why he's on Orion. The 'unique' bit is usually the hardest, given that's a rather... vauge question. Basically, what can he do, why can he do it, etc. It needs to make sense and be reasonable.
>> No. 454439
ok. So Asma, we can use the video you linked to figure out what exactly your character can do. And in this case, I don't know how closely you want him to stick to the video. Making magical dresses doesn't exactly seem like a power, unless we make it into some sort of power, or unless a power is not the goal and instead the character himself is the goal.

So now that we got something to work with, lets go from there
>> No. 454441
I mean, it's just a skill. We've already talked about everything he can do.
1. Knitting/Sewing
2. Reaping(Unlearned, accidentally only)
3. Limbo magic(Unlearned, accidentally only)
Those are all the things he can do. other than be adorable.
>> No. 454442
File 139909080737.jpg - (202.21KB , 560x792 , Oatville's Captain of the Weather Team.jpg )
>we can use the video you linked to figure out exactly what your character can do

That's not entirely true! We can get a sense of some of it, but not nearly the entire scale of things, especially since he's planning on using the character in RP. That's like linking a single episode of a 26 (or more) episode series, and using that as a reference for absolutely everything the main character can, and will ever, be able to do. We get a bit, but not nearly the full story.

In order for it to be accepted as a sheet, it must meet all of the criteria explained in the rules sheet, linked in the OP. That being said, it has to do so in a way that we can get an adequate understanding of the character in order to judge whether or not they'd be acceptable in the canon. Using the episode thing from above, it basically needs to be almost like a condensed Wiki page of the character, in a way. Tell us their story, who they are, their abilities, what they will and won't do, what they can and can't do, things like that. We can't judge correctly from a tiny snippet.
>> No. 454443
Ok, but see you and me talked about that over skype. No one else saw our conversation, which is quite a gap in communication XD

So for the purpose of having other people understand what we are creating, lets create this character here in the ooc, unless anyone objects.

So the reaping will have some more detail, but for right now, what exactly are you thinking when you are talking about the limbo? I have no idea what it even is, so try and explain it to me.
>> No. 454446
I'm down with that.

In terms of Limbo, I explained it here >>454414, though maybe not in enough detail.
>> No. 454447
File 139909094833.png - (445.89KB , 2500x2500 , ella cute wink.png )
Yes your right, so I'm going to help him better explain what he wants out of this character so we can craft it to this canon, if no one minds us doing that here in the ooc that is
>> No. 454449
File 139909112327.png - (181.88KB , 530x785 , YOU CANNOT FATHOM THE MAGNITUDE OF MY HORSE by Nanabriere.png )
That's perfectly acceptable! Just make sure that it ends in a complete sheet that gets submitted. We won't be accepting a character based on saying, "Go read the conversation we just had! It explains everything." No matter where you discuss it all, the sheet is what matters.

Just remember... if you're doing it in here... we'll be watching you. ALWAYS.
>> No. 454450
File 139909119037.png - (34.02KB , 160x320 , Funny.png )
be watchin our BUTTS more like OHOHO
>> No. 454452
File 139909124608.jpg - (24.77KB , 639x353 , i_fear_no_id_____by_fearnomanplz-d59esjx.jpg )
...I fear no man...

...But that...



...It scares me...
>> No. 454453
Ok, so from the way you explained it, I'm getting a sense that the 'limbo' isn't so much a power, but a place, and the actual power is him being able to travel there. So the limbo to me seems a bit like a worm hole, just a connection to other worlds/universes.

So if that's right, would it be safe to say that a power of his is the ability to get to limbo? like a teleportation spell? Because then we have a more solid idea that we can work with, and tone the power limit down if we have to. For example, maybe it takes him time to get to limbo, and get out again, making it difficult for him to just pop up wherever he wants. Or even be limited to only going certain places.

The danger in popping up wherever you want is you start stepping onto other peoples plots that they are trying to create. Kind of invading their bubble, even if it's not intentional.

Last edited at Fri, May 2nd, 2014 21:30

>> No. 454454
Oky doky! The purpose of doing it in here, as well as other people seeing it, is so that other people can comment and help if they feel they want to and it doesn't end up in a huge fast jumble of conversation that's difficult to keep up with XD

but I figure we're actually close to coming up with a good sheet
>> No. 454456
It's basically a Death bus stop.
Reapers can just open up a door to the pathway in between realms. It's not really a spell, it's just an innate ability to shape Limbo. And he doesn't know how to do it, and probably won't learn for a long time. Also, you can ONLY go down the tunnel that's there, which leads to a specific place. Until Reapers get much much more advanced training, they can't use Limbo to move around except from the point where the tunnel is.
>> No. 454457
It's basically a Death bus stop.
Reapers can just open up a door to the pathway in between realms. It's not really a spell, it's just an innate ability to shape Limbo. And he doesn't know how to do it, and probably won't learn for a long time. Also, you can ONLY go down the tunnel that's there, which leads to a specific place. Until Reapers get much much more advanced training, they can't use Limbo to move around except from the point where the tunnel is.
>> No. 454459
File 139909157293.png - (609.83KB , 828x715 , You Think I Can't Do It, Huh by Casynuf.png )
Only on Tuesdays. (Or in private chats.)
PM me 4 gud tim


Okie dokie lokie! I'll be here, watching, for the most part. I'll comment where I think it's appropriate, and I'll keep an eye out for the sheet. If I don't see it at first, drop me a PM, provided I'm not offline, and I'll take a look.
>> No. 454463
It probably won't be for a day or too, but we'll be sure and put some bold letterin on that bisch ;)
>> No. 454464
Ok. So that gives us a reason, now lets get down to the dirty bits.

The reaping part: From what you've already told me, he probably won't use it at all except for perhaps a later interesting plot device. So with that in mind, lets expand on his powers, the uh, clothes thing.

Do you want him to just be a seamstress probably using that term wrong, or do you want his clothes making to having something more to them? A power, essentially.
>> No. 454466
No, it's just a damn good skill. In terms of reaping, he has his dad's method. Swing the scythe, activate reap mode somehow(just a thing reapers can do) kill thing, bottle soul. He's got no clue how to do this, but COULD theoretically accidentally do it as he did with the Limbo manipulation.
>> No. 454467
File 139909296004.jpg - (61.24KB , 888x882 , ella cute.jpg )
Ok so that's one skill down, two if your counting adorable as a skill which if played right could very well earn you some extra points on a charisma check XD

So, the scythe thing. If it can happen somewhat easily, then I would definitely save it for a plot device only. You don't want to accidentally kill someone elses character, or pet, without their consent first. Which I'm sure you knew that already. If you do it right though, that can definitely be used to create some interesting story.

So, as for character. He does need a bit of depth. Remember what I was saying earlier? About knowing who he is? We need to do that for the sheet, even if it's only a vague impression right now. obviously you are going to form more of who he is as you play him, but for right now he does need a little bit more detail.

Besides just being kind, how else does he act? Especially around other people/creatures? Like, imagine he just now showed up on Orion, hows he going to feel about that? Scared? Confused? Sad? And what about later, after he's settled? Do you think he will go back to being how he was before? Try and imagine what he will be like, what his attitude will be like essentially, and then try and describe it to me.
>> No. 454500
File 139915262582.png - (463.00KB , 866x712 , tumblr_mn8o4mMALK1s1fmu4o1_1280.png )

>Next day response

Doin okay I guess. In an angry place, but I dont feel like talkin bout that. how about you bro? anything new or fun?
>> No. 454503
File 139915411734.png - (329.93KB , 3875x2414 , Relax on Clouds.png )
Not too much, no. Got finals week coming up, so I get a few more days of extra stress before a season of freedom! Other than that, it's pretty much the same old song and dance with me. I do hope that things clear up for you, though. Angry places are never all that much fun.
>> No. 454507
It can happen easily if you're trained in it and happen to be a Reaper. Reapo does not know how to do it on command, but might be able to do it by accident.
Ummm...... Like a kid, pretty much. Rather Naive, doesn't know a whole lot. Gonna be real shy around people, since he's only ever known a small group of people. The Orion's huge amount of folks will freak him out a whole lot. He'll be scared and confused, but he still thinks his Dad is coming to get him, so he won't be sad. His personality after settling in will depend on who he's entrusted to. He'll try to do what he did before, try'n do nice things for folks and help people out as much as possible.

Last edited at Sat, May 3rd, 2014 17:34

>> No. 454511
File 139917014248.jpg - (16.46KB , 735x548 , Reapo.jpg )
DON'T FEAR THE REAPER(He wants to give you this nice sweater)
Me and Drow worked really hard on this, so please try and be easier about your critiques, at least in the wording.

Last edited at Sat, May 3rd, 2014 19:22

>> No. 454516
File 139919065392.jpg - (209.90KB , 1600x900 , 137002768772.jpg )

I got all my finals done last week, and honestly? I'm ready for school again. I'm not enjoying the 'do nothing' part of summer I thought I was going to, and I'm kinda bummed, haha. Good that you're wrapping it up for the semester though. whatcha taking?
>> No. 454532
File 139934241108.png - (1.59MB , 1320x708 , 132623438031.png )
Okay, let's get this out of the way first: Denied, and here's why.

First of all, Reapo is a very bland character. What do I mean by that? He's, essentially, just a small child. Except he's a Reaper!. This is not the hallmark of a good character, good characters typically should not be able to boiled down to 'like <x> BUT <y>'. Good characters have depth and imperfections, something of which Reapo lacks.

Let's use one of Nimble's characters, Jewel, to illustrate what I'm saying. Jewel is, IC, arguably very boring. She's strict, she follows rules and instructions to the letter, and she values order above lots of things, including 'traditional' fun. This, however, does not mean she's a bland character. It is because she is different and well defined that makes her interesting, which is helped only by her depth. Jewel was, as a function of how she was made, a cold, logical, emotionless pony, and through roleplaying and character development (and a healthy dose of trauma), she has discovered a limited subset of emotions, and has been struggling with them ever since. Claim that 'but that was done in roleplay not in a sheet', that's not the point.

Secondly, Reapo is, save for one cheap copout, which I'll get into later, pretty much a Mary Sue character. He has a huge amount of power in both Limbo magic and the ability to reap, in which the only justification on why he can't do that is that he doesn't know how. He has essentially no 'flaws', no vices, nothing of the sort to dissuade him from this huge power, as well as on top of that, the ability to see spirits and ghosts just because he's a reaper. Justification for this aside, this makes Reapo a very powerful character with little drawback or justification for this.

You could say that, 'it's because he's a reaper', and, yes, you'd be right. But Reapo is not a character that wants to stand on how good he is at being a reaper, and as such, these powers do not fit or make sense for him - take away the fact that he's a reaper, and the powers are 'just there' with no justification for being so. Think this would happen for every character? Let's look at Jewel, again. Her only even possibly 'supernatural' ability is the fact that she's unnaturally smart. How does this fit in with the character? Look two paragraphs back, at my description for Jewel. It is clear that this ability had some part in shaping her, and that it fits with the character, reasons for having it aside.

As a side note, the 'copout' I mentioned that only barely stops him from being a sue is that he simply doesn't know how to use these powers. This is not good storytelling in the slightest, and it simply looks tacked on. Good storytelling involves a flow of events that make sense with each other, this is... 'just is'.

And, finally, something I'm certain you've heard enough of. Reapo's reason for being on Orion is inadequete. Completely disregarding the HOW of why he's there, take a look at this from an OOC perspective. What can Reapo do on Orion? Not much at all. He's a child, and child characters are usually dependant on parental characters, being more of an extension of them than their own character in a separate right. He's got no real reason to be or stay there, nothing to drive him to stay or do anything.

In closing, please don't take this the wrong way. We're trying to help you here, don't take this as 'your character sucks', take it as 'this is what you need to do to improve'. I would be happy to help you make another character, if you wish.
>> No. 454536
Onjage! I think I found a song you'll like!

I'm on the tablet otherwise I would just link this over Skype
>> No. 454583
Reminder that I am the greatest
>> No. 454584
File 139960893343.gif - (100.28KB , 400x400 , applebroom.gif )
Your a pootis.
>> No. 454586
File 139961787345.png - (15.17KB , 200x200 , Pinkie Pie Cute.png )
Psh, as if we needed a reminder.
>> No. 454587
File 139961819874.gif - (540.18KB , 500x400 , pootis.gif )
That's you. That's how dumb you sound.
>> No. 454588
File 139963230886.png - (72.69KB , 239x167 , bdowns+rolled+a+random+image+posted+in+comment+2199+at+_63541af361ae0f2f4a3a2d6b2868ccd7.png )
>> No. 454597
File 139966841485.gif - (954.28KB , 450x253 , +baby.gif )
>tfw you will never escape that joke
>> No. 454600
File 139967192084.jpg - (16.66KB , 500x375 , 1398995346556.jpg )
>> No. 454604
File 139967272060.gif - (669.47KB , 360x400 , 1356515379211.gif )
>> No. 454660
File 139995886648.png - (97.80KB , 461x345 , 6159.png )
>> No. 454691
File 140003934290.jpg - (8.99KB , 300x225 , biohazard.jpg )
I do not have currently accessable to me, may I still join? My OC is smoking Beaker, a self mutated pony who has the ability to naturally produce any chemical he swallows with no harm to him, he starts with napalm and gasoline
>> No. 454692
You need to read the gdocs and submit a sheet in the proper format, thank you.
>> No. 454693
File 140003998184.gif - (0.96MB , 300x169 , subtly.gif )
>> No. 454694
I've seen you about. Pls stop pretending to be retarded
>> No. 454695
Your Gdocs won't let me on... that's why I asked
>>454694 That is what ignorant people call handicapped people
>> No. 454696
What browser are you using?
>> No. 454698
>> No. 454699
If you are up to date, Firefox has no issues with viewing Google documents.
>> No. 454700
File 140004415194.jpg - (43.33KB , 500x375 , of seriousings comrade.jpg )
You're OC is the typical poorly thought out, strangely named, special snowflake trash that permeates throughout most fandoms. He has literally nothing to him besides his ridiculous and out of place powers. This is something that is construed as a joke and is reminiscent of the trashy and horribly coloured and characterized 'original' characters which used to be all over this site back when it was active.

Judging by your poor typing ability as well this leads me to believe you are just here to be a doofus and stir up a little trouble with your antics. Pls go and stay go.
>> No. 454701
File 140005174464.png - (162.85KB , 217x299 , zibiunno___.png )
Vausten. Long time no see.
>> No. 454705
Yeah, this character needs a lot to be thought over. Judging by the name, though, I'd think he was a chemist of some sort. I don't know if that's what the Orion is looking for, but that could be a start for fixing him up a bit. Keep in mind: I'm just throwing in suggestions, as a member of the canon, though.
>> No. 454706
File 140009021274.jpg - (38.77KB , 462x506 , IMG_0016.jpg )
Whats shakin'
>> No. 454743
File 140037249614.jpg - (599.37KB , 1920x1097 , 139957406930.jpg )
Fluffy one! You are being summoned! Off to the thread you go, to catch a thief!
>> No. 454804
File 140081914961.jpg - (1.06MB , 3648x2056 , rorschach-1.jpg )
Doctor's Journal October 18th,
This chan is like an open public swimming pool, the idiots, geniuses, and generally nice people mixing together in a slaw no mortal man could understand. No one knows the solvent or the solute, only the solution. The metaphorical public pool is backing up and flowing out, spreading its grimy claws and oddities all over the internet. One day they will need a maintenance engineer to repair the drains and they will cry out for salvation, and I will whisper back, "Butts"
>> No. 454805
File 140082214869.jpg - (396.23KB , 1920x1080 , 2014-05-07_00008.jpg )
I must be one of the geniuses.
>> No. 454904
File 140230482423.png - (211.17KB , 894x1096 , 1383942850023.png )
Are Crab Ponies allowed?
>> No. 454934
File 140242561313.png - (107.18KB , 1024x931 , Extreme Happy by Prince Bluelolz.png )
Well, they're not strictly forbidden, but final judgement comes once we've seen your submission sheet. Provided you can give us a crab pony with good character and a reason for being on the Orion, then you'll be perfectly fine. Just look to the link in the OP for our rules and a quick guideline on how to give us a character sheet. Once you've given that a once-over, give us a sheet and we'll take a look.

Last edited at Tue, Jun 10th, 2014 11:40

>> No. 454939
File 140254525570.png - (434.60KB , 900x1200 , my_little_headcrab_by_blackrathmar-d3jweeh.png )
just gonna predict the future here...
>> No. 454949
we don't have an official style, but please try and give some idea of what your character is saying/doing.

I usually try and include two lines of speech, and one to three lines of actions when i post.
>> No. 454951
File 140260169328.png - (94.06KB , 626x565 , Nimble Wing by Derpy.png )
Basically, just make sure your post is coherent and has more than two words in it. We don't have a real standing on what's required and what's not, so it's up to the users. I, personally, love making longer posts when I can, but several other users don't like that style of RP. As long as you've put some thought into your post, you'll be fine!
>> No. 454964
Okay, this is good so far!
I'm not an officer, but can you give us a little more details as to what her background is?
>> No. 455157
Viridian Glacier is a tall unicorn. He’s a stallion with a brown coat and blue mane/tail with a little green highlighted into his mane. He has a decent body, staying somewhat in shape, but isn’t really fit to be running a mile and feeling happy about it. Because of the kind of work he’s into, he can usually be seen wearing a tie. He sometimes wears ties with silly colors, too!

As a child he would always act silly and tend to goof off. He usually acted like this until he eventually got the idea that playing jokes in class that got him in trouble would lead him away from having a good future. Throughout college he would start to develop himself into a more sophisticated stallion naturally as he became more determined to defy the fate he was beginning to set himself up for and study till he was able to graduate with honors. This personality he was molding himself into would begin to turn solid as he went through law school. Throughout all those years of studying hard and turning himself into what he saw as a respectable adult, he would still occasionally show random acts of his former self, usually without words. An example would be how in law school, he would turn in an essay, but at the end would be a doodle of himself as a super pony fighting a silly blob form of his teacher that he didn’t like. But for the most part- and always when you’re in a conversation with him, he’ll always try to speak as if he means business.
He’s different from your “average joe” because of his detailed memory in the fields of law and business. He was able to fight a big insurance company. Although the assistant he was assigned to take on the case used questionable methods to obtain information to prove the company’s guiltiness, he was still able to take down and bankrupt the m while only having a few years of experience in actual court.
And finally, how he came into the Orion. He became tired of working as a lawyer when it meant never getting attention other than his 15 minutes of fame. The money was good, but it was always set to be a number within a predictable range. He craved for something different and also a way to advertise himself. He saw this with the Orion: a space station known for taking out the beasts that come out of rifts and wish to kill us all. Surely they would need someone to handle all their legal matters. Right? … Right??
>> No. 455179
File 140313530142.png - (382.92KB , 2200x2934 , I'm so bucking handsome.png )
I have no major concerns with this sheet.
You get an approval.
>> No. 455180
File 140314853056.jpg - (303.57KB , 2160x1610 , Deal with it.jpg )

It's me by the way. I forgot to type my name and got too lazy to correct myself :p
>> No. 455182
File 140315674987.jpg - (202.21KB , 560x792 , Oatville's Captain of the Weather Team.jpg )
Ha, I knew it had to be somebody already in the group! It seemed a bit... too convenient.
But anyway, names and such aside, I'll agree with Josh. This sheet is approved and ready to go.
>> No. 455184
File 140316061881.png - (70.27KB , 326x365 , First tablet sketch.png )
Woo! Thanks! lol

Now I can say that I finally got another sheet in Orion approved! Woo!
>> No. 455264
File 140331922719.jpg - (315.04KB , 744x1024 , Ebony.jpg )
Ebony is a vampire. She drinks human blood, sleeps in a coffin, and loves cloudy weather. Ebony is a witch. She attends Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She casts spells, and is in Slytherin house. Ebony is gothic. She wears dark clothing, puts on copious amounts of dark makeup, and listens to all the greatest bands out there. But, most of all, Ebony is in love. The problem is, she can't quite decide whether she prefers Vampire Potter or Draco Malfoy. Her life has become a twisted series of dark events, shifting her into a hectic path of death, bribery, and blood.
One day, after climbing out of her coffin and putting on a black mini-dress, she decided that she needed a break from the insanity of what has become her daily life. She cast a spell which was supposed to send her to Hogsmeade, but it went horribly wrong, flinging her into a world of colorful equines. After getting over the initial shock, she found the colorful, bright world much to her disliking. So, she set out to get to the blackest place she could find: Space! After a single pony mentioned the Orion space station, she just knew that it was the place for her. It may not be the usual class load that she's used to, but perhaps she could learn something new in this strange world...

Don't hate. If you hate, you're a poser. If you're a poser, then fuck you. MCR ROX!
>> No. 455266
File 140332187262.jpg - (4.50KB , 210x240 , char_3125.jpg )
I liked it until it turned out she was in love with edgey faces.

>> No. 455268
File 140332255097.jpg - (75.86KB , 600x567 , 31505269_m.jpg )
So who's this blonde guy?
>> No. 455269
You can't deny me! Your name isn't in the officer list in the thingy. Your just a poser.
>> No. 455270
File 140332369616.png - (343.34KB , 636x900 , 10441390_510397455728946_2477904388896210815_n.png )
We Already Have A Resident Vampire, Thank You.
>> No. 455271
File 140332412937.png - (331.63KB , 709x1051 , bat_pony_by_annasko-d6sw0aq.png )
>> No. 455272
Oh yeah? What's your favorite band, then?
>> No. 455273
File 140332421262.jpg - (5.18KB , 236x305 , 173a045f8cd2708a0f77c245a9969738.jpg )
Jean Havoc from FMA. He fits my personality so I've been using him for OOC posting.

Your a poser for copying the ideas of countless BRONIES!!!!

> stamps "denied" on face

>> No. 455274
I'm not copying bronies, you fool. You're just flaming cause you're a poser and a hater.
>> No. 455275
Die please.
>> No. 455276
File 140332434444.jpg - (6.41KB , 300x168 , download (6).jpg )
one does not simply pick a Favorite band.
>> No. 455277
File 140332442942.jpg - (83.53KB , 960x888 , 1403061541302.jpg )
>> No. 455278
File 140332453766.png - (166.63KB , 500x371 , tumblr_inline_mqkccaAXFX1qz4rgp.png )
I'm not the one walking around with silly ink on my face.
>> No. 455279
Please stop hating. I'm just trying to be a good poster here and I'll I've gotten is flaming and hating.

Sure you can. Mine's MCR. See? Easy.

It's not silly if you're goffik. You're just jealous of how I look.
>> No. 455280
File 140332475879.jpg - (14.80KB , 312x296 , 1402014151656.jpg )
this fucking nigger
>> No. 455281
File 140332476987.jpg - (165.37KB , 953x960 , 10294241_718151634890165_4228327374508408111_n.jpg )
I listen to too much music to pick ONE favorite band/artist, i like certain artists from certain genres for certain moods and activities
>> No. 455282
If you don't like it then close the tab.
>> No. 455283
Uuh excuse me that's a very offensive word. You probably shouldn't use that around here.

See? Totally not vampire material. Real vampires aren't just casual listeners.

You're the one flaming and hating, Mr. Hatey Hate. If YOU don't like me and what I do, then YOU can close the tab. Please don't hate. Only posers hate.
>> No. 455284
Sorry but I live here.
>> No. 455285
File 140332501179.jpg - (12.19KB , 225x225 , images.jpg )
Depends on your Vampiric Canon.
>> No. 455286
File 140332505510.jpg - (425.31KB , 2048x1975 , 1402454721560.jpg )
ima fookin legen u nigger faggot m8

ah deck ya in ur foken ead i sware on me mum
>> No. 455287
Last time I checked, you can't live in a website. You just go there for internet things.

Vampires don't need cannons. They're not very effective for fighting, and we've got our fangs and stuff. If you use a cannon, you're a terrible vampire.

I think you also forgot how to English there for a minute buddy.
>> No. 455288
Well check again because I happen to live here. Please stop intruding on my home.
>> No. 455289
File 140332547682.png - (246.81KB , 788x794 , 65edc1257e5a3173f3e8ca077e812e19.png )
not Cannon, Canon. Canon refers to the basis of what's the backing behind your powers.
>> No. 455290
File 140332548623.png - (29.96KB , 263x204 , 1401659178679.png )
at lest im not a nigger faggot ya wanker
>> No. 455291
That's like saying I'm intruding on your hotel room by standing in the lobby. Last I checked, this site was a public thingy.

I don't use a cannon for my powers, though. I'm just vampire witch. My powers are backed by being a vampire and a witch.

You like offensive words, don't you? And to think that you'd pull poor Fluttershy into your sick speech. For shame.
>> No. 455292
File 140332576235.jpg - (33.85KB , 448x593 , Karl-Tanner-405.jpg )
What the fook did you just say about me you fokin' cunt? I was a fuckin Legend in Gin Alley... a fookin legend. You know how much they paid me to kill a man in kings landing? Seven silvers. They told me a man's name and that man never saw daylight again; none of them cocksuckers got away from me. I made over 2100 confirmed silvers. I'm a top ranger and I'm the fastest fokin' dirk north of the wall. You are nothing to me but just another ugly little cunt. I will fuck you til you're dead with a force that has never been seen before north of the wall. I haven't lost a fight since I was nine. Maybe its time, do ya think? ay? Maybe you're the man.. eh.. cunt? Think again bastid. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of deserters across the haunted forest and we could piss in any gutter and soak five of you. The piss that wipes out your pathetic cunt lieff. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my dirk. Not only am I the best fokin' fighter in the Nights watch, but I was a fucking legend in gin alley, a fokin' legend. I would take any knight... any knight.. any time. Fucking cunts in steel plate; fucking cowards. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the iron price, You should shut your fuckin hole. you look like a fucking ballsack, ugly look at your stupid, cunt face..... I will piss in your ugly little cunt mouth and you will drown in it. You're fucken dead bastard.
>> No. 455293
yes, but what entails your Vampiric powers and weaknesses?
>> No. 455294
You're right. That means you have some intelligence.
Now please use this new found intelligence to leave.
>> No. 455295
I'm beginning to think that you're playing a character right now. If that's the case, you are a very mean character.

What does that have to do with a cannon?
But powers... I drink blood, I like rainy/snowy weather, and I sleep in a coffin. That's my vampire stuff. My witch stuff is seven years at Hogwarts. I know all kinds of magic and stuff, so I could use a lot of stuff from the movies. (Not the books, though. I only like the movies.) Oh, and I cry blood and can only die if you use a c-r-o-s-s (not going to type that word) or a stake. And being gothic means I only ever wear black and stuff, and I can be super depressed sometimes, but that's alright because I won't be able to kill myself or anything like that so you don't have to worry.

Why do haters seem to follow me wherever I go? Are you from that other site I was on last week or something? You probably are. You've even got your name set to Hater like they did. :(
>> No. 455296
I have no idea what you're talking about there because like I said, I live here. Since you are obviously new here let me tell you there is a block feature so if you ever want everything to stop you can either close the tab or use this block feature.
>> No. 455297
once again, not a cannon as in the Gun, but Canon, as in universe. Twilight, Underworld, Blade, Helsing, Dracula, The Librarian, Et Cetera. what do you draw on for your Vampiric Mythos?
>> No. 455298
I'm not trying to get anything to stop, though. You seem to be the one who has an issue here. Why not just block me or whatever?

Why not just say universe instead of your cannon or whatever? That makes a lot more sense.
But I'm not drawing from any mytho thingy. Just vampires. Drink blood, don't like sunlight, sleep in a coffin, you know? Vampires.
>> No. 455299
Because this is pretty fun and I have nothing better to do currently.
>> No. 455300
File 140332696944.jpg - (53.60KB , 600x383 , 1402699574491.jpg )
no u fooken cunt im a ture fooken legned on dis foken site
>> No. 455301
the problem is, different Universes use different Rules and such, For example, in The Librarian, Vampires have a problem with Silver, and in Rosario + Vampire, the Sun doesn't do anything
>> No. 455302
>how to English

'English' isn't a verb.
>> No. 455303
You enjoy hating on people for just trying to have fun and write and stuff? You poor, unfortunate person. :(
I almost feel bad for you.

Well, as they say, the legend never dies. Yours is the legend of the poser.

I don't use a universe, though. I'm just a vampire. General vampire stuff, I guess? Why try to use cartoons or whatever? I don't watch that stuff. I'm too old for it. (And before you ask how I know it's a cartoon, I used Google. So no, I'm not trying to hide things!)

I was being sarcastic and stuff, mister uuh... FU7l8... YEzU... w...
Your name is weird.
>> No. 455304
No need to be, I'm a pretty happy person.
>> No. 455305
File 140332736419.jpg - (33.85KB , 448x593 , Karl-Tanner-405.jpg )
u fooken wot m8

i foken gut u with me dirk
>> No. 455306
Dracula is a Book, My Roommate is a Vampire is a Fanfic, Rosario+Vampire and Helsing are Animes/Mangas, and The Librarian is a Movie....
>> No. 455307
You don't sound like it.

What the hell is a dirk?

Anime, cartoon, same thing. I only looked up one of them. Point is, I don't use any of that stuff. I'm just a vampire.
>> No. 455308
You can not hear text.
>> No. 455309
a horribly shallow one at that....
Use a Canon, give yourself weaknesses and Strengths, give reasons for things. and most importantly make your Vamparism BELIEVABLE.
>> No. 455310
It's a tripcode. And, no, that isn't being sarcastic. That's being a daft hypocrite.
>> No. 455311
File 140332789711.png - (1.20MB , 2197x1463 , 1402376892967.png )
muh foken knife ya donut
>> No. 455312
You can if you use Microsoft Sam.

Vampires aren't real, though. They can't be believable.

I suppose you're new to the internet?
Just for future reference, it's not all that uncommon to use a noun in place of a verb if you want to tell somebody to learn something or get better at something. Learn to internet, poser.

How is a dirk a knife? I understand the rest of it, but those don't sound even remotely similar.
>> No. 455313
In the Theoretical sense, the IF vamparism existed, what would its symptoms be.
Example, Sunlight. Why would Sunlight cause anything other than Extreme discomfort to a Vampire?
>> No. 455314
Yes, but the irony here is that you were telling him how to speak English, and you yourself weren't using proper English at all.

My point of you being a daft cunt still stands.
>> No. 455315
I do not know who that is. I don't want to know really.
>> No. 455316
File 140332816830.png - (180.89KB , 625x626 , 1391063608972.png )
>> No. 455317
File 140332817665.png - (55.17KB , 245x212 , 1382219547703.png )
i foken gut u wit stil m8
ur mum
>> No. 455318
File 140332840624.png - (22.20KB , 375x360 , sticker,375x360_u1.png )
>> No. 455319
Because vampires just don't like sunlight? I don't come up with this stuff. I just like vampires. I'm not trying to write some kind of research paper here...

So you're berating me for using common terminology and phrases found on the internet while I'm speaking with another user on the internet? I'll dispense with my usual demeanor for you then, sir, and step up to be a bit more eloquent with my posts. I don't believe you can judge somebody by a single discussion on an imageboard, and certainly not a single post. Going down to determining that somebody is a "daft cunt" through the examination of a single sentence is delving into the realm of either troll or asshole. Perhaps you should step back for a moment, consider the fact that not everyone is as super serious about the rules of the English language as you are, and let some things slide.

You don't know Microsoft Sam? He's the computer voice you get if you use the text thingy on your computer. He gets lonely...

It's getting harder and harder to understand you. :(
>> No. 455320
Well, you've proven my point thrice. I think it's time to take my leave.

Ta ta, Ms. Daft Cunt!
>> No. 455321
File 140332865970.jpg - (2.69KB , 126x112 , 1387180961701.jpg )
das becuz ur a daft cunt dat neds to be kicked in the cunt u ugly ballsack
>> No. 455322
See, that's your problem, you're just going by General consensus, and not asking WHY this is the General consensus.
>> No. 455323
I'm not quite sure what to think of you, sir. I'll just leave it at hater for now. I'm pretty sure you're just doing this on purpose.

Can't I just enjoy something without looking up every little detail of what it is and how it works?
>> No. 455324
Some people tried that with Meth. See how that turnes out will ya?
>> No. 455325
That's a fairly large jump in logic to compare fictional creatures to drugs. But whatever. I don't think I'm planning on sticking around anyway. Not if I'm going to just be followed around by this Salsa guy and whoever it was that just used the trip thingy and was kind enough to jump straight to sex on a first date. I was told this would be a good site, but it appears I was told wrong. Or, at least, partly. You've been kind enough, even though you're being quite a bit unnecessarily specific about vampires.
>> No. 455326
Thank you, and it IS A good site, people here just prefer to have more "OC" and less Mary Sue...
>> No. 455328
First, my character isn't a sue. You're just trying to be waaaaay too specific on details that don't matter. And second, I don't think the things that were said about and to me were because of my character. You were the only one talking about her.
And I can only judge by what I see. And what I've seen is one user trying to help, with two or three other users being jerks.

Wow, you like big words, don't you? I guess it fits for the whole Doctor Whooves thing, though.
And he's not annoying me. It's actually kind of funny how he made less and less sense with more posts.
>> No. 455329
the reason why i ask such things is because In a Canon such as this, Combat is something that can occur rather often, and the mythos of one's powers are rather important in battle. As The canon where you draw from dictates weaknesses and lethalities. both of which are important in combat.
>> No. 455330
ur an fagit
>> No. 455331
File 140333201227.jpg - (34.40KB , 292x257 , 1401633325595 (1).jpg )
now ur getting it.
>taking me seriously
ur a faget
Last edited at Fri, Jun 20th, 2014 23:27

>> No. 455332
You're right, it isn't a Sue. Being a Sue requires that the character is quite literally perfect. But, you do have to admit, the character does seem rathe- Wait, is this the main character from my immortal?
>> No. 455333
>> No. 455334
File 140338319485.jpg - (71.97KB , 960x711 , so done right now.jpg )
i'm so fucking done right now you have no idea
>> No. 455338
What, got some kind of problem with the character?
Or are you done with something else?
>> No. 455339
File 140339573310.jpg - (71.97KB , 960x711 , so done right now.jpg )
you are so trolling right now oh god please tell me he's trolling
>> No. 455344
File 140341484060.jpg - (63.15KB , 600x600 , image.jpg )
>mfw all these posts
>> No. 455345
Maybe not.
Maybe just a little while I pass the time.
But I'm not a troll. I'm a vampire who also happens to be a witch. Please don't confuse the two.

You have quite the handsome face, Mr. Zoti.
>> No. 455347
File 140345032172.gif - (335.86KB , 250x130 , fuck your shit.gif )
>> No. 455349
File 140349155547.jpg - (33.44KB , 300x168 , image.jpg )
There's a fine line between trolling and spamming. And you're treading it.

Also, why the heck did you hyphenate darkness? What is "Dark'ness" short for?
>> No. 455366
Well, I don't think I'm spamming anything. All of my posts have been in response to other people, generally in order to say something in reply to what they said. If talking is considered spamming here, then I think things might be slightly backwards.
And it's not a hyphen, it's an apostrophe. It's like when other languages and stuff put apostrophes in their names? You don't see it used very much, so it helps make the name unique or whatever, you know? Besides, it's not like I came up with the name or anything. I'm just using a character I like.
>> No. 455371
File 140357494110.png - (92.16KB , 500x408 , You little pirck.png )
Not enough Jontron
>> No. 455393
File 140371359607.gif - (413.42KB , 360x202 , PLEASE NO MORE.gif )
no mor plz
>> No. 455394
>people who have never heard of the glory that is My Immortal
>> No. 455395
File 140371901836.gif - (4.84MB , 512x288 , PLEASE END NOW PLEASE.gif )
i have why do you think these are my reactions?
>> No. 455513
In order to dispel any pretenses about this being a joke, or a farce due to my usual antics I will state openly and plainly at the beginning. This is a letter of resignation.

I have realized, after an inordinately long time of going through the motions, that I am no longer needed here. Several of you will be glad to see the back of me, and those who enjoy my company I do feel sorry for, because I have likely deluded you into thinking me a worthy friend.

A very long time ago I stumbled across a strange part of the internet called Ponychan, I looked at it extensively and was amazed at the wondrous strangeness it showed. The peculiarities of its denizens and soon I found myself posting there and becoming a member of the community. A fixture of several boards and an intelligent poster all around. Then I left.

When I returned Ponychan was not the same, everyone I knew had departed suddenly and swiftly. Those that now populated the board were strange and they resented anything I said simply because I was not known to them. Any argument I made was immediately flagged as idiotic, fake, or simply stolen from another, more intelligent, person. So I went to the few individuals that had remained there and attempted to reconnect with them. Many of them had forgotten me, the few who had not welcomed me. However as the days grew long as I had meaningless conversations over and over, and poured my descriptive heart and soul into every action in the hopes of igniting even a spark of happiness or joy in either myself or the others and failed, I grew weary. I missed the times when one could almost write a novel with his partner, each supplying different fantastic perspectives on each situation and character. Those days are gone for me.

So it is with a nostalgic sadness that I leave you all. When you read this my memory will be a smoldering ember soon to go out, and this will do little to rekindle it. I hope that you all have a joyous time on Ponychan, and that my sadness at days gone by will not impede upon it. As I have said I am not needed, nor particularly wanted.

>> No. 455519
The fuck happened here?
>> No. 455554
Name: The Midnight Gentleman

A large man, just less than two metres tall (6'6").

He wears a dark trench coat, and underneath a stained leather vest. He usually wears a dark grey . A bowler hat and a scarf cover his face, but two piercing blue eyes remain visible through his disguise.

As for powers, The Midnight Gentleman (TMG) has teleportation and an absurdly powerful flint lock rifle similar in appearance to a M1 Garand, it's power is similar to that of a modern day 50 caliber rifle along with a silver sword (For Werewolf purposes). He carries with him, a kit of tools suited for the extermination, expulsion and the embankment from supernatural and paranormal entities. His skills with the sword mainly rely on him hitting the monsters before they hit him, due to him not having any formal education with a sword. He is slightly different with his gun, as he has practiced a bit more with it than the sword. He can usually hit a target, as long as it is not too close, he usually relies on this weapon to take out his targets. When regular bullets aren't enough, he uses custom ammunition made by himself.

He carries with him, a list of names and locations. The list is a hit list of dangerous unnatural creatures who have taken many lives of the innocent. A few names have been crossed out, but the majority of them remain and every now and then, a new name appears and the paper grows slightly larger.
There are at current, three names which he is attending to. A skinwalker, a succubus and a changeling. All of which are apparently located just outside of Equestria's atmosphere. The locations do not get much more specific, so doing some brilliant deduction, TMG has decided to investigate the Orion for his targets.

TMG is a rather, reserved person, due his "job" involving him moving a lot. He's never really made a real friend, apart from the voice in his head that occasionally tells him advice on a creature. Like a sentient monster manual in his mind. TMG makes for an excellent soldier, survivalist and adviser should he settle down in Orion for any long length of time. He has a rough outer personality used mainly for driving people away so he relationships do not get in the way of his job as it usually proves to be hazardous to them. Though under his outer layer he really longs for someone to talk to, apart from yelling at the list for adding to the growing names or the enduring the rants of how he could of improved his last execution of the previous target. TMG has a lot to say, really and longs for someone he can unload useful information and advice to. Making a good friend of TMG would make a lifetime ally.
>> No. 455555
File 140429053374.png - (105.96KB , 413x355 , 132752929495.png )

This guy's got some questionable intel, and I'm not sure how he's going to react when he finds out there's an entire race of changelings, but it'll be fun, maybe.

How good is his teleportation?
>> No. 455556
>Nice quints
I should point out that out of the current hits on his kill quota, that no existing players are the targets.
For teleportation, he relies on coordinates. The thing inside his head translates the coordinates and moves him from his current place to the coordinates. He can also teleport if the distance is in sight. Teleporting does use energy though, so the longer the distance, the more drained he'll feel.
>> No. 455557
File 140429118414.jpg - (27.21KB , 302x301 , 133030371588.jpg )
I figured as much, you wouldn't have had enough time to plan out anything with anyone else, and it'd be heresy of the highest level to do that on a player without telling them.

And, I was mainly asking, how far can he reasonably teleport?
>> No. 455558
Well he's never tried to go as far as out of the atmosphere, though he's teleported halfway around the world, only narrowly avoiding fainting.
I'm kind of using this huge leap to the space station for the entrance.
>> No. 455559
File 140429150135.png - (562.21KB , 675x675 , 133720370939.png )
I think I can approve this, then.

>> No. 455560
d100 = 68
>> No. 455561
File 140432923371.png - (94.06KB , 626x565 , Nimble Wing by Derpy.png )
Given the fact that my main concern was with who his targets were, shortly followed by the teleportation, I think everything that had me worried has been addressed.
I'll go ahead and toss this a second approval!
>> No. 455566
File 140436502553.jpg - (43.35KB , 570x267 , bad-idea.jpg )
Alright, since I have been informed that Orion is not continuing on as it should after I made my departure, and since I can decide to change my mind at a moment's notice because I still retain the awful quality of indecisiveness that is one of the trademarks of humanity. So now with that paragraph voiding my decision to leave permanently, maybe, I can get onto what I am here to say.

I have been told by several, One, I inferred it from another one so shut up, persons, that Orion does in fact, want to do things instead of becoming a very nice place to passive aggressively talk to each other without saying anything. So I am going to offer a nice thing we can do to fix this. I know what you're thinking, "Doctor you are such a bum, why are U still here scrub make liek a bitch and leif Ericson." Well perhaps I will after I say this, and this time it might take. I am proposing that we institute a system, effective immediately, of weekly story discussions where we will come up with an idea, approve it by system of votes, and then assign a person to be the "Dungeon Master" for this particular story. Anyone who wants to can be a Dungeon Master, if you want to be a character in the story different from you own you can ask and we can discuss an the "Dungeon Master" can decide if it would be alright. we can submit our thoughts and opinions to the Orion chat on Skype and here as well about the current story, how it is being handled, and if we should scrap that idea and move onto a new one.

I do actually have a nice story already prepared to start, which we can tinker with and rework as needed until it can be up to the high standards of Orion, and yes, our standards are now high, and standardized. If you would like to hear the story, then say so in reply to this. I love feedback, because I, as an author, have little to no real perspective on my work and need outside sources to get it. Think of me as a junkie and you as the dealer getting me a fix.

Now all who approve of this idea, and think it would be great, please express your positivity. Those who think it is bad and will end in flames, get out eat a sock of boiled eggs be less of a negative Nancy m8 express your distaste, preferably without expletives. I will be checking back tomorrow to see what you think, and if you all hate it, just pretend I went into a coma from all your scorn, because that will be the general effect if you do despise all of this with a passion. Any criticisms that are not outright refusal are welcome with open arms, I will pay you for them.
>> No. 455567
File 140436565226.jpg - (134.23KB , 900x1332 , 2c02a6cecceebbe3d487d1708100f78422abd1cb.jpg )
>> No. 455570
File 140439825791.png - (70.27KB , 326x365 , First tablet sketch.png )
I like this idea. It sounds like something that would be really good for the canon to start doing. The only thing is that some things sound better on paper than when we actually try to do them.

Right now I feel that all of /rp/ is going through a crisis in the sense that not as many people are wanting to rp as they used to. This could be for many reasons, but I've already said my theories before.

This would be good to try out, but it shouldn't really be a thing until we see that it's actually working.
>> No. 455571
File 140440175005.png - (495.69KB , 853x800 , 501406__safe_solo_socks_doctor+whooves_striped+socks_artist-colon-caycowa.png )
While I do appreciate greatly your love and adoration, I would prefer to earn it rather than just get it. This way it feels more climactic and you get to indulge yourself by holding it always just out of reach. Just like dad always did.
See Seras knows how to do it.

Seras I promise you that since last night when I made that post I committed to this awful, deplorably bad idea that I had. So now that I have nothing except death, and possibly being transported to a different universe is going to stop me from seeing it through, mostly out of pure curiosity. I have a degree in Basic and ADVANCED curiosity and use it whenever I can.

In answer to your second point, the best way to see if this will work is to try it, and if it crashes and burns there is almost no place lower than we can go right now in terms of canon activity, excepting perhaps the apocalypse or a sudden appearance of the King in Yellow.

Now for that thing that none of you asked for! A revised edition of my earlier post.

Helpful Hypothetical Schedule for Orion Discussion and Story Arc Creation, Selection, and Implementation

Greetings and welcome to the instructional world of words, today we will be exploring the forbidden territories of organization, the unique shape of ideas, and the things we can do to combine the incompatible. Let’s get started Word Cadets Information Tykes Creativity Kids You-Know-What-You-Ares!

First we shall be tackling the beginning of this new process I came up with in a fury of tea fueled genius last night, genius is as always debatable, as I did also have the idea of a series of short stories about the lives of different sapient beverages. The initial point at which this process begins is at the level of ideas. [INSERT ORION CREW MEMBER’S NAME HERE] will come up with a brilliant and sensational idea for a story arc or maybe just a fun romp in unreality. He can then develop it himself, or ask some of the other kind, caring, and gentle members of our fair canon to assist him with it. Once his idea is up to scratch and doesn’t look like something from a shoddy romance novel or really bad fan-fiction he can move onto the second stage.

The second stage is where we create a short synopsis for the story, hold a sign up, and ask for any criticisms that can help the story become that much better to fit into Orion’s non-existent shiny golden standards. Be sure when creating the synopsis for the story to not give away the entire story, be mysterious and draw the reader in while giving him only enough detail to pique his interest. This is how novels get written. When holding a sign up, be sure to shout about it from as many mountaintops as you can, some fan favorites are: the Orion OOC, the Orion chat, the local grocery store, and family reunions. When giving criticism, be sure to note if you are doing any of the following: Latching onto points not at all salient for the purpose of being a Fine Gentleman , using vague, odious words to incite rage and confusion, or slinging mud all over the damn place. I have to clean that up. What you should do when criticizing another’s work is: consider it from their point of view, analyze and assess the entire work and not just talk endlessly about that one typo you found on page twenty-three, and use as little spiteful, vicious, or vile language as humanly possible.

The third stage is that of realizing your dreams of having thousands of women flirt with you constantly. After that you can tone it down a little and move on to the third and final portion of the Operational Revitalization Initiative Of Naffs. This last stage is when all the work comes together and we pick someone to head the story. This privilege will be first offered to the author, but can be given to another member of the Orion if they agree. This can also be used to oust a Story Master if he gets too frilly for his britches at any point but we do not want to abandon the idea entirely, or if the idea could work but the writer is having a spot of bother making it a reality, or fiction as the case may be. We will hold a weekly to bi-weekly discussion of our current story and decide in what direction it needs to be going, if it needs to be going at all, and if we might want to introduce a co-authorship.

Questions? Compliments? Criticism? Pure unfiltered hatred of my brazen verbiage? Direct them all to me, right here, right now.

Last edited at Thu, Jul 3rd, 2014 08:38

>> No. 455574
File 140441973592.gif - (2.34MB , 470x355 , 1402270738149.gif )
Not to prose on with descriptions when creating your posts. It's fantastic to be able to have the variety in word choice and sentence structure, but, things can end up just being unneeded filler.

Like you, for instance. Seems like you're the kind of guy that if given the leeway would fill the entire character limit for the reply box.
>> No. 455577
This looks neat.

Makes me wanna get back into the swing of Orion.
>> No. 455578
testing an old trip here
>> No. 455579
Aaaand newer one
>> No. 455581
Considering I'm getting back into RP, thought I may as well put in another character for approval.

Alice Dream, a unicorn with a cream white coat and shoulder length brown hair.

Alice was born of high class, but through questionable decisions on a high stakes government job, she has been convicted of treason and dragged deep into the criminal underworld. Before she had a price put on her head, she was an engineer specializing in micro-engineering. Meaning that she could halve the size of any technology with out sacrificing its power.

Her magic is limited to a mild levitation, having mostly worked with tools than magic. And she has no particular interest in learning more magic, investing her time in creating new devices that could be the next big hit on the black market or something that'd get her away from a patrol of guards ponies.

Since her "departure" from her job under Equestrian government, Alice has been job searching, though engineering jobs seem to really be thorough on their background checks! With a recent run in with another engineer, one mare named Victoria, Alice has found herself aboard the Orion where they surprisingly don't care much for background checks. Or at least thorough ones!

Alice is usually a chirpy, happy individual when she's not busy running for her life from the authority. She tries her best to maintain a calm demeanor but she can never hold her temper for very long under stressful conditions. Her workshop was in a state of disarray even before the police raid on it due to her easy to frustrate temper.

Last edited at Sun, Jul 6th, 2014 19:26

>> No. 455607
File 140469856350.jpg - (267.53KB , 592x592 , 472545__safe_solo_princess+luna_wallpaper_artist-colon-nemesis360_artist-colon-horrorman1980.jpg )
confirming that Victoria is involved in this

also, approved

not confirming that Orion is bad on background checks
>> No. 455608
File 140469967993.png - (382.92KB , 2200x2934 , I'm so bucking handsome.png )
Also approved!
>> No. 455617
I'd be willing to try this. I'm not really one to start things in this canon, though. I'd have to wait a little to watch it catch on just a tiny bit before getting more involved with ideas.
>> No. 455679
>>451883 can anyone join? You have to have a character sheet that's approved, right?

Last edited at Tue, Jul 15th, 2014 13:09

>> No. 455687
Anyone can join as long as they submit a character sheet that is approved by two officers. Look at the link in the OP to see the rules and the guidelines for building a character sheet.
>> No. 455692
File 140545891409.png - (23.17KB , 830x650 , myPony starbright.png )
Okay! So, here goes-
This is Starbright.
She's a white pegasus with green eyes and a yellow mane and tail.
Starbright had been interested in space since she was a foal. All her life she studied everything she could about space, intrigued by the unknown, and she also gained expertise in the medical department and biology. Starbright is sweet, friendly, and outgoing, and most of the time patient with other ponies and people. She isn't fazed by a lot and can act quickly. She;s very fast when she needs to be. She can sometimes get a little sensitive, and doesn't like to talk about herself or her family much. She has basic defense training, but nothing more than that.
Starbright came to Orion because for one, she wanted to be in the Space that she had studied about for so long, but never been to, so she's nothing but driven and determined. She's there to help out in the medical department and study about the structure of interdemensional beasts, such as locating fatal arteries and vital points, so they will be easier to defeat in the future.
>> No. 455698
File 140546218767.jpg - (202.21KB , 560x792 , Oatville's Captain of the Weather Team.jpg )
I think I kind of like the fact that she's studying medical and biological fields for the sake of destroying life, rather than saving it. That's already fairly unique! The rest of the character feels a bit... safe, but isn't exactly bad. Overall, I believe it's good enough to get an approval!
Get another one, and you'll be good to go.
>> No. 455699
Hi! I'm an officer here too. I don't have time to review your sheet right now, but I promise I will in a couple hour, if Lunacy doesn't get to it first.
>> No. 455703
She is also a bit mischievous and loves to play pranks on people, but only ones she's really comfortable with.
>> No. 455704
File 140547753984.png - (382.92KB , 2200x2934 , Official-looking approval pose.png )
It's a good sheet; it has everything we need with no unnecessary fluff, and I appreciate that. The character itself seems well-rounded in the personality and abilities aspects. All in all, a good character who'll fit on Orion.
I give you your second approval. Welcome aboard! Go ahead and start posting whenever you want. Also, make sure to give Nimble or myself your Skype name so you can join in on the group chat.
>> No. 455706
Okay, thanks!
>> No. 455715
If you're looking to contact Nimble on Skype, you can e-mail him using his e-mail found in the site's FAQ, or you can search his name on Skype.
If you don't have a Skype account, you should get one, because like I said earlier, we use Skype for our group chat.
If you have any questions, ask them here.
>> No. 455946
File 140661717216.jpg - (214.59KB , 825x886 , 1404676103296.jpg )
I was doomed to failure from the start.

I come from a long line of well-to-do unicorns that have had a firm hoofhold in the upper echelons of the Canterlot elite practically since the day Equestria was founded. Great things are expected of my family, as we have produced, to allow for perhaps a bit of hyperbole, some of the greatest generals, artisans, and philosophers known to our kind; my parents expected nothing less of me, and so I was sent to Canterlot's finest academy as soon as I was old enough for schooling.

I have apparently always been quiet, even as a foal, and so my sire decided to name me Whisper; perhaps it was not meant to be a permanent name, yet it somehow stuck over time. You would think that such a simple name would have afforded me some manner of ridicule from my schoolmates, where colts being groomed for government work would have ostentatious titles like Blueblood and Fancy Pants and the like. Such, surprisingly, was not the case. I never stood out. That was not to say I went unnoticed: I had my circle of friends, I attended study sessions, and I performed admirably. It was simply as if... I had a talent for avoiding undesired attention. And yet no pony can claim such a thing as their special skill, so I worked to discover mine. All unicorns in the academy are expected to research, to experiment, to look both within and around themselves, to explore all avenues in their search for who they will become. And so it was with such encouragement that I, after a time, finally discovered why it was I was seemingly so unremarkable, why my magic was so stubborn to make itself known:

Because it wasn't magic at all.

You see, I don't specialize in a certain field like most any other unicorns. I don't search for precious stones, neither do I pore over ancient texts to piece together some pieces of our history that have been lost to time, nor do I even cast pillars of fire or call down storms of lightning like some of Equestria's more... prolific... servants. No, my magic focuses solely on the negation of its own kind. Unicorns find themselves unable to bring their magicks against me, earth ponies are sapped of some their incredible strength, pegasi find flying much more difficult. I can't make pegasi and earth ponies fall to the earth like stones, of course, and I can still be physically incapacitated like any other mortal... which is why I must be prepared for any scenario.

... I'm sorry. I seem to have digressed a bit.

Suffice to say, my rather unique skills attracted the attention of the more clandestine sections of the Equestrian ruling body. I was approached by a representative of Princess Luna shortly after our academy's ceremony of commencement, and I was extended the offer of working directly as Her Grace's inquisitor. We have the space station for threats from beyond the stars, and we have the Astartes for threats from beyond our borders. I, however, exist for threats behind our borders. This wasn't good enough for my parents, of course. They wanted somepony whose talents could be shown off to their friends, not a son who scuttles about in the dark hunting traitors to Equestria. And so they disowned me.

It matters not, though. I have accepted my calling as Equestria's truest servant and the blade of Princess Luna, Blessed Be Her Name, that moves as silently as the night itself.

Pic unrelated
>> No. 455947
File 140661764362.png - (107.18KB , 1024x931 , Extreme Happy by Prince Bluelolz.png )
Given the situation, I believe that an approval from me goes without saying. But here's the post, simply as a formality. I'll go bug another officer and see if I can get them to judge it, too.

I'm not calling for those three to awaken. I know who they are! Gains or no, I'd die.
>> No. 455948
File 140661813571.jpg - (28.81KB , 640x360 , 166189297_640.jpg )
Shit man i kinna wanna play
>> No. 455949
File 140661829490.png - (94.06KB , 626x565 , Nimble Wing by Derpy.png )
Well, you know you're always welcome here, man. Slip us a character, and you'll be good to go! I can't promise it'll be exactly like old times, but maybe we could take a stab at getting close.
>> No. 455950
File 140661849190.png - (1.53MB , 1600x858 , 132621796306.png )
Approved well enough. Simple yet deep. Etc, etc.

Hello there!
>> No. 455951
File 140661863021.png - (100.28KB , 400x236 , 1397493489601.png )

Ohai Onjage! It's been... Lord, what, nearly two years now?
>> No. 455952
File 140661868413.png - (71.92KB , 400x236 , 1399934875318.png )

Oh, right. That's why I hate the reply box.
>> No. 455953
File 140661890795.png - (189.80KB , 981x799 , Lazy Flight by TacoMaster.png )
Those images are adorable.
I miss Nova's old design...
>> No. 455954
File 140662621805.gif - (699.86KB , 480x270 , pimp needs his canes.gif )

I may return. Hold your breaths, and remain on the edge of your seats.

>> No. 455955
File 140662641774.png - (180.38KB , 900x900 , mlfw4597-1335650883700.png )
>> No. 455956
File 140662655278.png - (87.15KB , 250x250 , tumblr_mlgipxWLz61s1fmu4o6_250.png )
>> No. 455957
File 140662658470.png - (111.43KB , 655x655 , 132623209614.png )
>> No. 455964
>> No. 455981
File 140696446063.png - (38.13KB , 840x440 , uUy38-1.png )
Stopping by for old time's sake, have fun trying to figure out who it is :D
>> No. 455983
File 140703460803.png - (96.74KB , 505x600 , Drinking a Milkshake.png )
Well, you'll have to give us more than that! We need a little hint or something.
>> No. 455984

Mkay, well, last I was here was over a year ago I THINK, when a friend of mind joined Orion for a little bit.
>> No. 456016
File 140723031719.png - (97.70KB , 500x392 , princess darkmoon.png )
This is Princess DarkMoon. She was born an Alicorn, but had her wings chopped off. Someone gave her robotic wings so that she wouldn’t be wingless. She is part Dragon, and snake. She daughter of Rainbow Dash and Celestia. The reason why is because Celestia accidentally made herself become a boy. She is loved by everyone including the bad guys because they think she’s innocent even if she hurts them because she's pretty and can use the elements of Harmony.

Her parents always abused her because she was too awesome, and they didn’t want her to be better.

It turns out that she was originally human, but turned into an Alicorn, and was born into the pony world with no recollection of who she once was. Prince Sunlight made her become a pony so he could make her love him, and they could get married and stuff. He made her an immortal, so she would always look younge and beautiful. When she rejected him, he tortured her slowly, and eventually she managed to discover a new ability that let her out.

She later on cast a memory spell, and remembered that her parents died. They were murdered in front of her face, and she felt guilty because she coulsn’t protect them.

In the pony world she is the last Alicorn because when she was born, she exploded out too much magic, and Alicorns (very sensitive to magic) all became extinct. She is always discovering new abilities that can get her out of difficult situations.

She tries to show herself to as much ponies as possible, because they all instantly, without knowing how she is like, fall in love with her. She diesn’t like being ordered, because she’s usually the one who orders ponies around. She knows every single language including those that are very old and nobody speaks anymore.

She’s invelved in a great prophecty that could end up saving or destroying the world. it's "One day, a talented lass special one with a green face will make the Elements of Harmony found from its hidden refuge underground. And with bravery, this alicorn will thwart the evil and save the realm."

She dates Prince BlueBlood even if she doesn’t know that he is secretly Prince Sunlight.

It turns out that in the pony world she was actually the dauhter of Crysalis. While Crysalis was pregnant, she shapeshifted a lot, and thi got transferred to the baby. Since she is a hybrid, she can also become any species she transforms into.
>> No. 456017
File 140723335191.png - (161.85KB , 399x356 , 97vq5x41k8sg.png )

Subtlety, my dear, subtlety.
>> No. 456018
File 140723356481.png - (1.08MB , 578x760 , 132623837808.png )
I dunno, there's sometimes some fun in just going all out.

That wasn't me, by the way.
>> No. 456019
File 140723395320.png - (258.85KB , 562x341 , have you ever been swept off your feet by a sandwich.png )

Certainly there is, but my favorite trolls are the ones who I'm not certain even are trolling.

Just preferences of course.
>> No. 456020
File 140723401870.png - (535.06KB , 900x600 , 133101322330.png )
Oh yeah, fair enough. A fine art, that is.
>> No. 456047
File 140745514656.jpg - (99.42KB , 1336x1292 , tumblr_inline_n2c0nb492B1rsmxdu.jpg )
It reminds me of that Tragi C. Past OC I made a long while back as a joke.
>> No. 456167
File 140813944423.png - (395.46KB , 1500x1400 , Twistedmuffin drawing 1.png )
Welp, first time using an imageboard... forgive my incompetence.


Dust, a unicorn mare, has a light blue coat and a red mane. Her mane is somewhat messy. Her cutie mark is that of the snakes of a caduceus wrapped around a sword. This is due to her specailising in healing magic, often in combat.


Dust is a largely academic pony, valuing mind over matter. She isn't very sociable at first. However, she can be a very nice person once you get to know her.
She tends to be very loyal to those she trusts, valuing their lives over hers. However, sometimes she can overdo it, putting herself at risk.
In a conflict, she usually wants to negotiate if possible. However, if she is angered, that changes very quickly.
Dust can be quite stressed at times, which can lead to unpredictable actions. She usually keeps her emotions pent-up, which, if not released, can cause her to snap under extreme circumstances.


Dust is proficient in magic due to her many years of research. She specialises in defensive magic such as barriers and healing. However, the latter is very taxing for her. She has a tendency to not know when to stop, which can prove dangerous.

Reasons for coming onto Orion:

Dust is a researcher, and is quite interested in how the Rifts work. She hopes to study them and what comes out of them in an effort to stop them or manipulate them to Equestria's advantage.

Last edited at Fri, Aug 15th, 2014 14:55

>> No. 456168
File 140814857242.gif - (32.00KB , 360x360 , 558__safe_princess-luna_animated_happy_clapping_artist-mihaaaa_applauding.gif )
Alright, simple enough. I can approve this.
>> No. 456169
File 140815074618.png - (382.92KB , 2200x2934 , Official-looking approval pose.png )
There's not much to this sheet, but you have everything you need and I don't see any problems.
Approved. Welcome aboard.
>> No. 456213
File 140838220396.png - (4.11MB , 2926x2341 , Send in the Mobius cheerleader girls.png )
Nyaaa~ Haven't posted in the ooc in a while. Though not sure yet, might get around to making a little arc in Orion. No idea when/if it'll get delayed really by posters becoming occupied, should it move into play. However just incase that happens it'll be a timelocked arc, to prevent locking characters inside due to some unforeseen events in life appearing.

Well for now, might as well send in the Mobius Girls cheerleader unit. Nyaaaa~
>> No. 456240
File 140867611277.jpg - (29.46KB , 500x500 , tacobelle.jpg )
Defining Characteristics: Tan fur, red mane, cocktail shaker cutie mark, mane styled in a similar fashion to Dr. Whooves, Male. Name: Malt Mix

What makes him different: He's a bartender, so he knows how to cook and make mixed drinks, is fairly sociable, if we're going with DnD rules, he'd have a fairly high Charisma stat. He also knows how to fight decently well enough after having to take down drunken ponies who start fights in his bar.

Why did he come on to the station: To work in the mess hall and serve drinks after hours.
>> No. 456244
File 140874121743.jpg - (99.33KB , 500x853 , image.jpg )
Don't stab any princesses this time, dingdong.
>> No. 456250
File 140880582886.png - (557.26KB , 1481x1920 , ultraviolence.png )

No promises.
>> No. 456253
File 140883344248.png - (382.92KB , 2200x2934 , Official-looking approval pose.png )
No problems here. Approved!
>> No. 456254
Dust was waiting to kick Malt's flank, and she will gladly do it again.
>> No. 456325
File 140932820068.gif - (141.27KB , 582x400 , derpfix.gif )
Did the RP start yet or something? I'm kind of confused.
>> No. 456328
Hmm... I think I'll start off by giving you a second approval. I didn't realize you'd gone this long with just one.

But our RPs are held on this site's /rp/ board, which you can find a link to up on the top of the page. In there, you'll find the Orion's IC thread. That's where our RPs go.
That's a link directly to our current thread. Also, it'd probably help if you were part of our Skype group, since that's where we end up planning/setting up interactions. I'll go ahead and add you here in just a second.
>> No. 456342
File 140978612146.png - (205.96KB , 289x280 , 140566058025.png )
nimble perma ban me

>> No. 456351
File 141022241098.png - (36.48KB , 700x400 , lurk.png )
Guys... Can I come back...? I promise I'll be good......
>> No. 456388
File 141038956948.png - (102.41KB , 417x500 , Seras dies first.png )
Hey look it's that spaceship place.
>> No. 456390
File 141040179826.png - (168.25KB , 894x894 , 133742755268.png )
G'day. If you want back in, you can submit a sheet and see where that leads you.

Hello again.
>> No. 456391
File 141040946468.png - (295.58KB , 700x700 , 132115166444.png )
>> No. 456395
File 141046911775.png - (25.71KB , 600x560 , Hiding In My Box by Rainbow Crash.png )
As long as you're good, I see no issue with it! Just do what Loony said and toss us a sheet.

It's been a while since you've posted in here. How've things been on your end of the world?

>> No. 456409
File 141066625466.jpg - (283.94KB , 1920x1080 , cover6.jpg )
A train rattled through the dark landscape of pines and brush with the ease of a pensioner navigating his dark kitchen. Nothing surprising save for the occasional small woodland creature that became too curious about the metal and wood lining the forest floor, and then too curious about the loud noisy thing rattling at them. The train itself was a short and stocky model that looked like the illegitimate child of a confectioner’s shop and a locomotive yard. While this might have been seen as odd, and tasteless, in other countries, in Equestria it was seen as standard fare. The night train from Canterlot to Wineighpeg was empty except for a stallion and a mare. The stallion was an auditor from the fearsome governmental offices in Canterlot. He was forged in Celestia’s own bureaucratic fires, rumored to be hotter even than the sun which she commanded. He could smell tax avoidance and was utterly immune to the Discordian Combat Mathematics. His name is Blit Crosshoof and he is currently snoring lightly in the sleeper compartment while muttering to himself about, “ Junior Accountants, don’t know an escrow from an efficiency variance”, and while he is a mysterious and influential member of the shadow government that no one acknowledges or speaks about, he is not the subject of this story.
Livre Blair was a car over from Blit Crosshoof and was sitting at a lonely table silently copying the contents of a dusty grimoire into a thick leather bound book sitting beside it. She was using a spell meant only for those who had a photographic memory and mastery of the literary branch of the arcane. She was unsurprisingly the only unicorn within five thousand miles who knew the spell, and she was one of twelve in Equestria who could perform it without gross misrepresentation. Ten hired themselves out as printing presses, the eleventh was a Princess, and the twelfth was wanted in seven cities for the trafficking of dangerous knowledge that could potentially destroy galaxies, or just Equestria. No pony quite knew for certain as most of the spells had never been used and were kept in the, “Perfectly Innocuous and Uninteresting”, section of the Canterlot archives. Which was constructed shortly after Celestia received, “Guide to Summoning Beings from the Plane of Infinite Pointiness for Beginners” in the post.”
Trundling and squeaking its want for oil, the door to Livre Blair’s room opened. Outside of it was a young Stallion with a straw like black mane and tail, and a blue coat. He nervously adjusted his hat as he examined Livre’s cabin. He had only started working the night shift on this line a week ago, and as of yet had only seen one mare in her private cabin. His libido told him she didn’t count, because she was eighty and smelled of denture cream and bone deep sadness. He stared at Livre, and since she was already naked, just tried to lift her tail with his eyes. How he wished he had been born a unicorn, or at least an earth pony with bigger muscles and a more chiseled jaw.
“Ahm, Miss Blair? I have a message for you from the conductor.” His voice very nearly cracked when she turned to face him.
Livre Had always been quite a lovely mare, though when one was born to parents who lived in the type of Nowhere not even back country hicks would go there wasn’t much competition. She smoothed her dark red hair and massaged her horn gently. She looked at the stallion in front of her expectantly and as the wait dragged on past a minute her right eyebrow began automatically quirking.
“When one has a message for somepony else it is usually a good idea to give it to them, instead of ogling them hard enough to give yourself eye strain.” She spoke in a refined Canterlot lilt.
The assistant conductor’s cheeks tried desperately to light themselves on fire to change the subject, but he was too busy being embarrassed to notice.
“Ah,eh, yeah, I can see how that train of logic goes. Heh heh, that’s almost a pun, since we’re you know...” He gestured with his hoof at their surroundings.
Livre said nothing, she simply walked forwards and looked deeply into his eyes, before knocking him on the head with the Grimoire and cocking her ear dramatically.
“All right your head isn’t hollow, but I feel bad for the neglected pile of grey matter that does occupy your head. May I please have my message now?”
After rubbing his head and recollecting his scattered thoughts the assistant conductor took a scrap of paper from his hat and gingerly unfolded it.
“I am not paying you for the message you pi-.”
“No, no that is the message.”
“Twelve, the word twelve is my message.”
“Yes,.” He hazarded, he was no longer sure if it was a good idea to be near this mare. She was pretty, but she had hit him with a book, and then she had hit him with words.
“Brilliant, who needs context anyway, it removes all the mystery from life.” Livre nudged the stallion out of the doorway and began sliding it closed. She would have succeeded had it not been for the blue hoof that was stuck in it. She pushed harder.
“Ow, hey, I need to ask you something Miss.”
“What.” She said in a tone too flat to warrant a question mark.
“Can I, have your number?”
Livre stared at him for a few moments with an intensity born of anger and mild confusion. Then she went to get piece of paper. Whilst she was she glanced at the clock and noticed it was ten minutes to twelve. She likely needed sleep soon, or at least a cat nap before she arrived in Wineighpeg.

The Conductor heard the door to his compartment slide gently open, he grunted in acknowledgment of the presence of another male and continued monitoring the train’s various gauges and readouts.
The Conductor sighed heavily inside his mind, outwardly he just stroked his mustache.
“Yes, Ticket Punch?”
“Miss. Blair in compartment 25, is she, normal?”
“Son, I am piloting a train that looks like the contents of a bakery window stuck together. If anyone here is normal you just need to get to know them a little bit better.”
The Conductor swiveled in his chair to look at Ticket Punch, and he noticed that he was eyeing a torn bit of paper in his right hoof with unusual intensity.
“What have you got there Tick?”, he said as he levitated a cup of strong black coffee to his mouth and took a generous sip.
Ticket Punch looked up from the paper and at the Conductor’s wiry mustache. The mustache seemed to encompass his entire personality in its bristly folds. “Miss Blair gave me her number.”
Ticket made the mistake of looking back down at the paper, so the only thing warning he had was the PFFFFFF of escaping liquid before he was sprayed by thick black coffee.
>> No. 456410
File 141066632414.jpg - (133.31KB , 410x547 , book-whirl.jpg )
The figure stalked towards the only lit compartment on the train. He was wrapped in a thick overcoat that dusted the carpeting of the train as he strode forward. His head hidden in a wide brimmed hat beaten by the elements and stained by time. He stopped while still a few feet from compartment 25 and drew a sliver of chalk from his pockets. With it he drew a sigil on the door with practiced movements. He stored the chalk and looked curiously around before warming up his horn and enclosing the hallway in a sound absorbing sphere of magic. Then the he powered the sigil with a small burst of magic, and the door exploded inwards.
He strode into the room with measured steps and leveled two compact crossbows at the seat and bed. There was no one present in either. The pony looked about himself and began checking the various alcoves of the room to no avail. He felt a peculiar tightness in the back of his neck, and then his eyes shifted slightly as his brain was suddenly twisted a few degrees to the left in his skull.
“Hi there, I guess you like making dramatic entrances too huh?”
The figure sputtered for a few moments before finally figuring out how to talk despite the sudden pain behind his eyes and the peculiar tightening of his spine.
“What?” Was his eloquent conversation starter.
“Do you really think you are the first bounty hunter to want to collect on a three hundred thousand bit reward?”
“You are supposed to be a book copier, the bounty office said you didn’t know any combat magic.” His voice rasped urgently as he became more painfully uncomfortable with the pressure behind his eyes and around his spine.
“Well that is entirely right, all the spells I know that might be considered, ‘combat’, magic are too big to do on the fly, and they usually need, sensitive materials, to make them work.”
Livre trotted into the bounty hunter’s field of view, though from his current position all he could see was her dark brown hooves.
“However the ability to manipulate objects with magic is a very versatile skill, it can be used for writing, picking cherries, and surgery. Now there are some surgeons who don’t even have to cut open the pony they are operating on, they just visualize whatever they want to touch with their magic, and voila.”
“How did you know?”
“That you were coming? Well, a mare like me must have contacts, and a pony dressed like you just screams, ‘I Murder Ponies Professionally and Have a Tragic Past.’ Now I don’t mean to be a bad host but it is past my bedtime, so I have to cut the, ‘Me Gloating About Outwitting You.’, part short. Say Hi to Death for me and ask him if there’s some sort of reward for killing dumb bounty hunters.”
His brain shifted back to its normal position and the tension in his spine relaxed, but the pressure behind his eyes intensified as he felt his body being picked up in a field of magic. Then there was a visceral tearing noise and a short thump, both rendered inaudible by the noise of the train passing through the midnight woods.

Ticket Punch woke up Blit Crosshoof with a breakfast of hash browns and eggs, the accountant thanked him and started shoveling the food into his mouth with enough gusto to send flecks of ketchup onto his rumpled business suit. Ticket just chuckled inwardly as he exited compartment eleven and started pushing the breakfast trolley to the other occupant of the train. He walked into the second car on the train and immediately noticed that compartment twenty-five had no door and was covered in wood chips. Crossing the threshold he found no trace of Livre Blair, in her place there was a spatter of blood on one wall and a great deal of disarray in whatever was left of the compartment. Ticket turned around, and started to leave.
Ticket had just seen that the painting near the door had two new additions. Two eyes had been grafted onto it and swayed gently on stringy red nerves.

Ticket hoofed a coin into the slot and transferred the number from the scrap of paper he had to the pay phone’s keypad. He trotted in place like a stallion with a urinary tract infection in the line for toilets. Somepony picked up on the other end.
“Miss Cherry Pit’s escort service, hey there darlin’.”
Ticket slammed his head against the inside of the phone booth.

Livre Blair Specs

She is a lovely mare with a dark red mane and tail. Her coat is a rich mahogany brown, and her eyes are seductive cerulean.

Miss Blair has been trafficking illegal occult books and other dangerous knowledge throughout Equestria with the utmost sass and class she can muster. She is accomplished in her knowledge of the arcane but can perform very little magic on short notice. She usually needs a few minutes of preparation for anything not related to books or basic manipulation of matter. Her cutie mark is a butt with a quill between the cheeks page half filled with words and arcane symbols. Sometimes the page’s words shift, but no one pays that any attention.

Livre got tired of being interrupted in the shower by random murderers and the occasional peeping tom. So she decided to go to space, it may not have been the most logical solution but it was free for volunteers, she only had to sign three waivers.
>> No. 456411
File 141066708369.gif - (2.48MB , 384x216 , 0c4.gif )

Just kidding, reading now.
>> No. 456412
Quite an interesting bit of prose that was, Doctor.

After looking it over, I've decided to approve of this sheet.
>> No. 456428
File 141092211153.jpg - (73.12KB , 1600x1000 , Changeling Soldier Artwork Colored.jpg )
> I doubt this character would really fit here, but some criticism couldn't hurt, right?

This picture is Harnor before he lost his wing, as explained in his description on who he is and where he came from below.

Life seems so abundant in this world. Equestria seems to be full of forests and even then we have to wonder what may be outside this mysterious land. We may find several beings all capable of living their own ways that are beyond our imagining. But even if this was true, their are certainly changelings; lurking, hiding, blending into whatever form of society may have been built to get their meal. But even these creatures have their enemies. Who would have guessed that this enemy would have been one of their own kind. For their is a race of changelings that exists for battle- not like other war-waging races that fight purely for the brute honor of fire and glory, but rather for workers; workers who can build their hives and serve their kind as slaves. They usually target changelings they find to be weak. But one terrible day, when they sent out their forces to a small hive, they found that these changelings have adapted to their forceful measures of surviving. Although they looked small and weak, they made up for it with cunning. This drew the battle out way longer than what it should have. Before a victor could be determined amidst the bloody battlefield, an earthquake would shake the ground beneath them and send boulders down from the nearby mountain. A changeling named Huldir would be unfortunate enough to find himself in the middle of all of this. He was already worn from all the fighting, and was afraid that he would be slain soon before he could be considered a real adult. The earthquake would force him down to where he was standing, and before he knew it, a large rock would fall on top of him, crushing his wing and knocking him out. When he woke up, he would find that there was no victor to this battle, as the earthquake left a horrifying image before Huldir: the death of everyone, scattered across the field. He tried to get up, but he quickly felt a pain in his back. Huldir would look back to find that his wing was torn off from the rock that landed on him. Clenching his teeth, he got up and looked around, trying to find any survivors. After what felt like an hour of desperately searching, he would hear the moaning of a fellow battle brother. He rushed over to find that it was his army's commander, dying there by a broken tree. The fallen leader would look up at the young adult, glad there was someone who could live to tell the story of what happened here. He would tell Huldir his final words of honor and sorrow for his defeated brothers, but the hope that Huldir brought to their race despite everything. Before he died, he left the young changeling with a final gift; a new name. A name that would symbolize his life's experience and declare him a real adult. He would name him Harnor (The Wounded One in their language).

Now Harnor, he would be the last one left of the forces that were sent here. He felt lucky to be alive at first, but started to feel a great guilt in himself. The changeling survived a battle where he should have surely died if fate had not interfered. He could not return home, where he would tell his Queen and his cousins all that happened today. He walked away. Harnor would walk away from all that he knew in order to find his final resting place.

His journey was long and harsh, seeing as the changeling went away from the hive he always thought he needed in order to survive. He would occasionally find species to blend in with for a short period of time and acquire the food he needed. After a long time of traveling, he would find the biological armor and weapons decaying on his body, starting to expose his natural exoskeleton.
One night, as he was trying to rest, he would suddenly awaken, the feeling of something watching him would be more than present. He quickly got up, looking around. Harnor would see three sets of eyes, glowing in the dark out in the distance. He positioned himself, ready for what might be his last fight. When one of the figures started to make dash out towards him, he quickly readied his blade to defend himself. His weakened blade would break easily from the strike and knock him back from the iron blade sent at him. Now without any means of defending himself, he decided to retreat. He ran for hours. Every time he stopped to rest he would see those glowing eyes staring at him. One time he looked up and saw a pony-like figure with bat wings in the moonlight. After running himself to physical exhaustion, he decided that this would be the end. He stood there, darting his eyes back and forth to await whatever it was that was hunting him down. He closed his eyes, taking his last breathes.

He felt something on his face.

It wasn't a blade or any sort of force that would bring harm to him.

It was the warmth of sunlight.

Harnor slowly opened his eyes, and found morning just now arriving. He didn't die. The sun must have scared away whatever was chasing him. He didn't understand this, but at least he was still alive. But for what? He had nothing to live for now.

The changeling would just keep moving on.
>> No. 456452
File 141100135447.jpg - (1.34MB , 1944x2896 , 332677__UNOPT__safe_princess-luna_514465ef7f123b820a001563.jpg )
Well, it wouldn't at all fit in Orion because you don't really have a reason for Harnor being here.

But that's okay.

As for the character itself, it seems alright. Could use a little expanding on why there exists that other changeling race, but that's not necessary to the character itself. Changelings are usually either played as having broken out of the hive because changelings suck, or loyal to the hive because changelings rule - and this isn't. I like that, breaking the mould like that.
>> No. 456453
File 141101199872.png - (121.45KB , 600x700 , tumblr_mfgdpsbwdO1qc5ffho1_1280.png )
Yeah, you pretty much pointed out my reasoning for mentioning my incapability of actually getting this character in.

And it's not really another changeling race as much as it's just a different hive. I came up with the concept that changelings exist in several different hives with different queens, and this one follows it's evolved instincts on surviving through force on the other changelings so they have slaves to take care of them and build their hives up while they focus on finding hosts and... well... capturing more slaves.

Thank you for taking the time to review my sheet, though!
>> No. 456454
File 141103963161.png - (621.51KB , 1200x900 , 507043__safe_solo_princess+luna_artist-colon-mixipony.png )
Ooh, interesting. Do they not feed off of love? 'Cuz it sounds like that'd be a hard thing to get when everything is basically forced slavery.
>> No. 456455
File 141106060936.gif - (291.63KB , 400x400 , tumblr_n1o8erC9oi1rcd4r2o1_r1_400.gif )
They feed off several emotions. Love is just the most nutritious. Slave changelings tend to die early though because their food mostly comes from captured prey they have to force feed from, which doesn't give them as much nutrients as it would just having someone directly give out love to someone they think is their loved one.

And going back to the emotions they eat: it's also harder for them to stomach emotions such as anger and depression.
>> No. 456463
Vampirification is a complicated process [s]Not really/s]
it starts with being marked, and stalked, then either a kidnapping occurs, or a straight up infection.

The disease is both a Virus, and a Magical curse. the virus causes infected cells to produce minute amounts of dark magic, which in turn fuels the curse, the curse creates virus entities, which propagate the process.

in the first stage, the Disease/curse begins to spread throughout the blood stream, infecting the tissues that compose the cardiovascular system.

Once the entire cardiovascular system has been infected, the Second stage of the infection occurs, where it makes the jump to the Nervous system. in the Nervous system it travels along in Neurotransmitters, and in electro-magical impulses to the brain, once in the brain it prepares it for the push into fully fledged vampiracy

in the third stage, the infection will change the brain slowly, amplifying the sensory input sectors, and affecting the hunger centers, it modifies the peripheral nervous system before the Central, preparing to jump to the Muscular and Skeletal system, around this time, the infected will fall asleep, and they will not wake until the sixth stage is complete.

the fourth and fifth stages are where the infection spreads to the Muscular, and Skeletal systems, making the Skeleton stronger (or weaker if necessary) as well as adding extendable and retractable fangs into the skull and jaw. it also changes the Muscles to accommodate the particular strengths of the Vampire to be.

the Sixth stage, is where the infection jumps to the digestive system, and completes its modifications to the brain. The modifications allow for the digestive system to process blood with near perfect efficiency, and to swiftly infect it and incorporate it into its own system.

in the Seventh stage, the infected is almost completely changed, the last lingering changes develop, the Eyes are modified to see in low light levels, the nose is amplified to smell out the scent of living creatures, ones with open or recent wounds better than others. the Ears are also improved, so that they can detect sounds farther away, and/or quieter sounds, such as the heartbeat of prey.

Due to the infection being both pathogenic, and magical, it is very difficult to cure, as one needs to purify the body of the dark magic, and cleanse the body of the virus simultaneously. failing to do both at the same time will result in the infection remaining.

The infections's weaknesses are few, but usually readily available.
Silver aggravates the magical balance of the Vampire, and exposure to it will result in a minor burn, not unlike a sunburn. prolonged exposure results in more painful, and lasting burns. cuts from a silver blade will take longer to heal.
Sunlight, while not inherently dangerous to a Vampire, is extremely uncomfortable at best. and prolonged exposure can, and will incapacitate a vampire.
Pure water (with no additives, or chemicals, Salt Water excluded) Pure water, being a universal solvent, will weaken a vampire's magical abilities.
A Pegasi Vampire doused in water will only be able to perform activities that a normal pegasi would. (in extreme cases, loss of racial abilities is possible)
Unicorn vampires when doused in water lose the ability to perform magic until they are mostly dry.
Earthpony Vampires when doused with water have no recorded effects.
A vampire can be bound with a hempen rope, or a chain with silver in it, so long as the silver is touching the vampire.
the Stake through the heart method only works if the stake is made of Aspen, and has been soaked in water before.
Certain vampires are weak to fire. fire of a magical nature will not effect a vampire, but fire created through mechanical, or chemical means will harm most vampires, provided that fire is not among the abilities of the vampire, in that case it will not have an effect.
Beyond this, most things that harm mortals will also harm vampires, the only caveat is that Vampires tend to heal faster from these wounds, or will walk them off, but they are not immune to them.

When a Vampire bites it's victim, it has the choice to drain blood, inject with blood, or Filter blood.
Draining gives the standard effects of blood loss.
injecting a potent dose of it's own blood into a victim, almost like a venom, the vampire will infect it's victim.
Filtering the blood of the victim will result in the victim gaining some attributes of the Parent Vampire, such as augmented strength, speed, and a blood lust, and heightened aggression levels. the victim inherits any additional weaknesses, but is immune to water, and sunlight. repeated filtering can result in ghoulification, in which the ghoul retains its immunity to sunlight, and water, but gains independent strengths, different from those of its parent vampire.

Lastly, Every vampire is different. The circumstances of the Victim's life, and means of infection play a roll in what strengths the vampire will have.
>> No. 456466
File 141111775942.png - (2.45MB , 1316x1800 , 133018245863.png )
Interesting fanon! And that picture is adorable!
>> No. 456467
File 141114948760.png - (128.20KB , 500x500 , tumblr_mvfv4q2YvA1smd3vyo6_r1_500.png )
Thank you! I wanted to give some justification to changelings in rp since many of the OC's I've seen out there tend to do poorly (in my opinion) when it comes to describing how changelings work. I'm still pretty sure that there are good ones, mind you. I just don't see any with stories other than what you mentioned with them either being changelings that are part of the hive cause changelings are good guys who are misunderstood even though they depend on feeding off other sentient beings of their love and may kill them while doing so!, or they separate from the mind hive that's been controlling them to do bad things such as feed off the love of sentient beings and are now just looking for somewhere to hide from their queen overlords of tyranny.
But again, I'm pretty sure some people out there have taken this concept and made it work somehow. I've just never seen it, really.
>> No. 456484
File 141125753668.png - (90.21KB , 1200x666 , twilight_emerges_from_the_depths_by_birthofthepheonix-d5mv0ta.png )
I am being convinced to come back....though i forgot what cherry had here..
>> No. 456491
File 141126925128.png - (926.79KB , 2000x1194 , Ardo lel melodrama.png )
Name: Ardo FreeWheel

Age: 34

Appearance: Dark grey, black hair, green eyes, unicorn. Often in military regalia.

Personality: Stern, brooding, and generally something of a judgemental asshole, he has risen to influence if only because of a keen intellect and an unwavering ambition. Friends and allies are not ones to drink with and tell stories; they are for favors, and getting things done. If you're useful, forward, or at the very least out of his way, he is not hard to get along with. And by get along with - you probably won't hate each other.

Skills: Sciencey stuff, particularly gardgetry.

Reason for Orion Application: Ardo has been campaigning for the last six months to accrue funding, equipment, personnel and military escort to study the mysterious rift. Growing impatient at the pace of bureaucracy, Ardo has elected a different route. Working as closely with the Equestrian Government as possible, requests have been made to elect him as the Senior Research Officer of the Orion Space Platform. With any luck, a more driven and focused scientific direction can help solve the rift problem more permanently - and possibly bring a little more power to himself.
>> No. 456492
File 141127051716.jpg - (97.54KB , 900x650 , 133401902017.jpg )
Ah, hello there, Onjage. Looks good to me, so I'll approve it.

You're free to submit a character sheet, just like everyone else.

Very good point! Though I don't have much to say on this - frankly, I've used changelings as GENERIC ENEMY before. Which would have been expanded upon, if that story went anywhere... ah well. Best of luck to you and whatever you wish to do with your OC!
>> No. 456493
File 141127205660.png - (107.18KB , 1024x931 , Extreme Happy by Prince Bluelolz.png )
It looks good to me! I'll give this a belated approval!
It's good to have you back, Doctor!

Well, look over the rules, linked in the OP, and toss us a sheet!

Eeee, hey there, Jiggy! :D
I'll give this sheet a second approval, so you're good to go!
I don't believe I've got you on Skype, so I can't add you to our group. If you could toss me your details or use other, shady methods to find people, we could get you added in. (Unless you don't wanna be in the Skype group. It's not required, but makes things easier.)
>> No. 456494
File 141127234168.jpg - (28.65KB , 888x882 , 138897422583.jpg )
>Dat pic
>Dem memories

I miss playing with you and Sunbut T_T
>> No. 456495
File 141127270049.jpg - (129.13KB , 1098x1100 , 137765510095.jpg )


So, I do have a few questions before I start posting. First of all, what exactly 'is' the rift? And how long has it been a thing/threat? What sort of technology have we seen?

What's the Orion's hierarchy like? Is there defined leadership? And if so, what would Ardo's status be if his application were accepted?


Likewise my dear. Likewise.
>> No. 456497
File 141127333552.jpg - (63.23KB , 600x600 , 132623313116.jpg )
A rift is an interdimensional wormhole that connects two points in space and time. They're generally very big and very distinctive, and in many cases things come out of it that don't very much like us, so Orion Team has to go and deal with it. We don't IC know what causes them, only that they're pretty good sources of energy - we have at least one mecha onboard of Orion that uses this to power it, and there has historically been a badguy that did the same thing. Pretty much just plot device in a can.

They've been a threat for... probably a few years. Times are an iffy thing here, but they've been around long enough that Orion's been able to set up recruiting and whatnot, which is the 'normal' way of getting on the station - if you're a denizen of this universe, of course.

And for future reference, Orion takes place approx. 100 years after the beginning of the show, with Luna's return and all.

Because of this, technology is a bit more advanced than the show, or even today. Spaceflight, while not mastered, is definitely on track. Both the Equus Astartes - I'm 100% sure I spelt that wrong - and at least one ship on Orion have FTL capability, but it's still very much in experimental stages and hasn't commonly been used. We haven't yet left the solar system - if you don't count inter-dimensional journies through rifts.

And as for Orion's hierarchy, all that's known for sure is this. Lunacy is in command, and takes orders from the Princesses themselves - though this hasn't happened canonically yet. Jewel is Lunacy's second in command and the chief of security. Umi Stale is the head of maintenance, and Victoria is the head of engineering.

Everyone else kinda just bums around and does their own thing. I haven't been one to fully enforce any sort of leadership, so basically if they're on Orion Team they're probably all around equal in rank. If Ardo's application was accepted, he'd probably be on the same level as Umi or Victoria, which is effectively pretty high.

Woo, mis-post!
>> No. 456498
File 141127384843.png - (269.42KB , 1352x1980 , Ardo happeh.png )

Alrighty, that about does it. I'll pester you with any more questions I have over skype. Thanks brah.
>> No. 456499
File 141127414228.jpg - (19.65KB , 318x441 , Onjage drawn.jpg )

Though it seems another is in the process of introduction. I'd rather not dilute their thunder, so i'll wait a bit before doing mine

Last edited at Sat, Sep 20th, 2014 21:38

>> No. 456500
File 141127510976.jpg - (64.12KB , 600x686 , 132623198393.jpg )
Do whatever y'want! It'd probably be a good idea for Ardo to meet up with Jewel or Lunacy as he gets on, but this is a horrible, horrible idea in practice because neither Nimble or myself have a consistant enough schedule to pull that off.

But I dunno, maybe you'll be different.

At any rate, there IS an event going on in Orion right now, so you could join that if you wished. Might not be the best of ideas to make it your intro as well... who knows! Welcome aboard, at any rate.
>> No. 456501
File 141127518784.jpg - (21.74KB , 325x404 , 132752922927.jpg )


Yeah, that's not an intro, that's an event.
>> No. 456502
File 141127541601.png - (42.62KB , 577x547 , ember storm pooping.png )

I don't have much of a consistent schedule either, so I wouldn't mind it that much. In all honest,y I'm not sure how much I'll actually be posting. I've just missed doing it, wondering if I even have the mojo anymore


ah, well then
>> No. 456503
File 141127550887.png - (172.00KB , 954x838 , 132752987409.png )
Anyway. My bad. Confused myself. Maybe this'll sort things out.

You could intro whenever you want, with whoever you want. Time might be a problem! In the thread right now is an event, run by a good friend of mine. You could join that! Or you could work around it. Your choice.
>> No. 456504
File 141127580806.png - (13.76KB , 140x140 , I see you.png )

I've come for your body.
>> No. 456505
File 141127595947.jpg - (105.88KB , 800x600 , Anaka__the_Alaskan Malamute.jpg )

I'll wait and see then, see how it develops

And thanks for the welcome


I advise you to check again the previous filename.

You have chosen your time of anal advance most poorly.

Last edited at Sat, Sep 20th, 2014 22:06

>> No. 456506
File 141127598006.png - (259.32KB , 800x809 , 134163852871.png )
You have no power here.
>> No. 456507
File 141127632248.jpg - (74.30KB , 944x921 , 132382254262.jpg )
I have power here.
>> No. 456508
File 141127635512.png - (621.51KB , 1200x900 , 507043__safe_solo_princess+luna_artist-colon-mixipony.png )
You know the cost.
>> No. 456509
File 141127635678.png - (94.06KB , 626x565 , Nimble Wing by Derpy.png )
Not while I'm around, sister.
>> No. 456510
File 141127641783.png - (56.01KB , 256x256 , Heh.png )
I don't, actually.

I don't tell you how to live your life.
>> No. 456511
File 141127642638.png - (500.95KB , 1492x1893 , Juice box.png )
>> No. 456512
File 141127645557.png - (189.80KB , 981x799 , Lazy Flight by TacoMaster.png )
You do sometimes...
>> No. 456513
File 141127650827.png - (277.04KB , 488x490 , You know what you did.png )
You know you love it.
>> No. 456514
File 141127653416.png - (45.38KB , 280x350 , 132769574365.png )
I hope you like surprises.
>> No. 456515
File 141127656591.png - (25.71KB , 600x560 , Hiding In My Box by Rainbow Crash.png )
Not anymore. Not after you became a meanie towards me and chose the lunatic. :c
>> No. 456516
File 141127661804.png - (409.67KB , 1000x914 , 132622716660.png )
She made the right choice.
>> No. 456517
File 141127662641.gif - (93.89KB , 800x600 , Eeeeeeeeee intensifies.gif )
You chose Lunacy?
>> No. 456518
File 141127669258.jpg - (23.32KB , 533x415 , 132382263679.jpg )

I'm mean towards everyone. Watch.

fuk ur juicebox nigguh
>Slaps joos out of Anna's hooves.
>> No. 456519
File 141127670018.png - (40.05KB , 323x350 , Bandaged Wings.png )

>> No. 456520
File 141127673834.png - (86.58KB , 402x226 , 133298093795.png )
>> No. 456521
File 141127675174.gif - (121.10KB , 1024x937 , large.gif )
>> No. 456522
File 141127676649.png - (162.27KB , 480x480 , I MAD.png )
>> No. 456523
File 141127685246.png - (318.98KB , 3200x3147 , Oh Luna, What.png )
>> No. 456524
File 141127698534.jpg - (222.13KB , 630x801 , tumblr_nbki76IRjG1r66plno2_1280.jpg )
Shoulda gone with the bat.
>> No. 456525
File 141127703076.jpg - (84.70KB , 600x678 , 1395897435763.jpg )

>> No. 456526
File 141127711683.png - (102.15KB , 611x663 , I Found Some Pills.png )
>> No. 456527
File 141127715387.png - (244.31KB , 550x550 , 133544536004.png )
Don't do it, Crash.

You're making a mistake here.
>> No. 456528
File 141127720587.gif - (247.83KB , 700x700 , Fucking-recolors.gif )
Okay! do I help?
>> No. 456529
File 141127742147.gif - (261.19KB , 562x562 , 1360439095435.gif )
>> No. 456530
File 141127746493.png - (32.58KB , 300x169 , 136869398857.png )
>> No. 456531
File 141127748057.png - (146.84KB , 1861x3026 , Heart of a Pegasus.png )
>> No. 456532
File 141127757053.png - (349.56KB , 1280x1280 , tumblr_mx5an8UnTp1rvfjs2o1_1280.png )
Come with me, Crash! We can run and be free together! Plus I have a cool new beanie for you.
>> No. 456533
File 141127790776.png - (82.38KB , 473x473 , RainbowDerp1.png )
>Crash.exe has stopped working.
>> No. 456534
File 141127805020.png - (578.10KB , 819x1024 , product1_zpsc4805840.png )
Emergency adorabat measures!
*Snuggles the ever loving hell out of Crash!*
>> No. 456535
File 141127808124.png - (389.82KB , 630x1260 , 134163595068.png )
I blame you for this.
>> No. 456536
File 141127843034.png - (13.80KB , 300x300 , 132623207536.png )
*Sad bat noises*
>> No. 456537
File 141127848677.jpg - (83.71KB , 510x465 , mlfw3933-13327106808271.jpg )
Your bat magic has no effect on me.
>> No. 456538
File 141127865914.gif - (183.08KB , 600x600 , 704942__safe_oc_meme_animated_oc+only_smile_vulgar_obligatory+pony_bat+pony_vibrating.gif )
>> No. 456539
File 141127871783.png - (255.68KB , 771x779 , stupid ass piece of crap.png )
I, man-thief, heed not these limitations, and extend with gripping tendrils, My aim: ingress upon the newcomer's being and appropriation of his time for reasons both sweet and evident.
>> No. 456540
File 141127873084.png - (569.69KB , 1280x720 , 133212750230.png )
>> No. 456541
File 141127897715.png - (437.09KB , 1600x1746 , 133920064760.png )
Because, Crash. There can only be one, and it surely isn't the bat.

No molesting Onjage.
>> No. 456542
File 141127908488.png - (212.00KB , 431x572 , excuse me.png )
But... what if it is the bat?
>> No. 456543
File 141127913219.png - (3.47MB , 2329x2681 , anna scan 2 fix.png )
For the love, Crash.
>> No. 456544
File 141127915022.gif - (32.00KB , 360x360 , 558__safe_princess-luna_animated_happy_clapping_artist-mihaaaa_applauding.gif )
It's not.
>> No. 456545
File 141127928234.png - (681.56KB , 2865x2519 , Checking the Eeeeeeeeeeeee-mail.png )
Crash nu! Don't listen to the fake Luna!
>> No. 456546
File 141127941306.png - (216.57KB , 377x540 , hep.png )
The snuggling will never happen. I'm too tsun for this shit.
>> No. 456547
File 141127949385.png - (178.37KB , 771x641 , 132621762919.png )
You know you'll love it with me.
>> No. 456548
File 141127951403.png - (500.95KB , 1492x1893 , Juice box.png )
How about a grudging acceptance of our feelings for one another?
>> No. 456549
File 141127959410.png - (142.61KB , 509x536 , Say I'm cute and I'll bop you.png )
Sure, why not?
>> No. 456550
File 141127964305.png - (138.51KB , 530x350 , 132752951600.png )
Why must you betray me like this. For the bat, no less.
>> No. 456551
Yay! We'll get to cuddling and snuggles eventually.
>> No. 456552
File 141127977443.png - (332.80KB , 1634x2000 , shrug poni.png )

Don't even say that.
>> No. 456553
File 141127987504.png - (17.63KB , 100x100 , anna icon.png )
Okay okay...
We'll snuggle some day.
>> No. 456554
File 141127995875.png - (6.04KB , 375x375 , mlfw668_tonninvankeuss-1.png )
>> No. 456555
File 141128372288.png - (76.40KB , 499x430 , les sign.png )
>> No. 456560
File 141134192330.gif - (421.22KB , 225x186 , tumblr_inline_mw35aa8EQg1rmseso.gif )
Here I was thinking I was going to have to do unscrupulous things in order to get someone to approve that sheet. Thank you Nombles, you have saved me from a life on the bad side of town.
>> No. 456564
Event that you can join? What?
>> No. 456568
File 141150090575.png - (59.62KB , 352x426 , Let me explain why that's bullshit.png )
Not like I wasn't before this happened.
>> No. 456655
File 141229659757.png - (231.47KB , 894x894 , Shocking with cuteness.png )
Nyaaa~ Things certainly are quiet in here.
>> No. 456665
File 141233182504.png - (74.70KB , 350x350 , t_die_nurse_redheart_This_Thread_1194.png )
>> No. 456693
File 141263146135.png - (171.15KB , 1190x1406 , Oats.png )
Appearance: Oats is a relatively small filly, with a two-tone bluye mane, that is usually draped over the side of her face. She has an off-white coat. Due to her being a filly, she has yet to get her cuite mark.

Ever since she was a young filly, Oats has always been curious about the goings on in the world around her, continually sticking her snout in places that would often get her in trouble. It was during these little adventures that Oats decided she wanted to become a journalist. Fortunately, a local newspaper, the fortuitously named Daily Oat, took her on as in intern and has since adopted her as their mascot. The cute little filly loves her job, and is always digging for the truth.

Her curiosity, braveness, and eagerness may one day make her a valuable asset for research.

Reasons to come to Orion:

She arrived in a rift, with her mother, Dawn Skies. She was badly wounded both mentally and physically. They both want to stay to both help repay those that saved them, and for fear of what has changed in Equestria below.

Side note:

She is normally a character of a friend of mine, but said friend allowed her to be used in Orion by yours truly.

Last edited at Mon, Oct 6th, 2014 14:54

>> No. 456694
File 141263211621.png - (382.92KB , 2200x2934 , Official-looking approval pose.png )
There's a minor contradiction between the picture and your description of Oats' appearance; in the description, you mentioned that she had a white mane, but in the picture, it's blue. You may want to consider recoloring the mane and tail in your picture(s) of Oats to reflect this.

This is a very minor detail, however, and I believe everything else looks good. You get an approval.
>> No. 456695
Sorry, I do that a lot. I'm incompetent as all Tartarus.
>> No. 456696
File 141264410348.png - (500.86KB , 989x918 , KittyLava.png )
It's alright, everyone makes a few mistakes. Nyaa~
>> No. 456704

(No pic sorry) She looks very similar to Oats, but she has a slightly brighter coat, and a lighter mane as well. Her eyes are blue. Her cutie mark is a stylised paintbrush.


Dawn is a very empathetic pony, and tends to be quite forgiving. She is always willing to help, no matter the danger to herself. She understands other ponies' problems well, and does whatever she can to find a solution. However, she is quite protective of her daughter Oats, but not to the point of being restrictive.

Reasons for coming to Orion:

She arrived in a rift with Oats, also badly wounded. She offered to help the ponies on Orion in any way she possibly could. She studied psychology, despite herself being an artist by cutie mark. After learning of rift threats, she offered to accompany the team in the case of mental damage.
>> No. 456709
File 141291837995.jpg - (202.21KB , 560x792 , Oatville's Captain of the Weather Team.jpg )
By herself, I would have to deny Oats. But since she's with her mother, I'll let that one clear. They both look alright to me!
I'll give Oats her second approval, and Dawn her first approval. Get one more for Dawn, and they'll both be good to go.
>> No. 456761
File 141325320821.png - (382.92KB , 2200x2934 , Official-looking approval pose.png )
I'll give this its second approval.
>> No. 456762
Hey guys, It's me again. I was just wondering, would y'all be against me coming back with a new character...something more action oriented. I think I've learned my lesson from an ambassador robot.
>> No. 456767
File 141342561821.png - (83.42KB , 700x456 , 584371__safe_solo_oc_reaction+image_sweat_fluffle+puff_artist-colon-mixermike622_crop_sweating+t.png )
Y'all are makin me nervous, staying quiet like this.
>> No. 456770
>> No. 456771
File 141349431492.jpg - (17.86KB , 254x254 , AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaa.jpg )
Don't Scare me like that!
>> No. 456772
File 141349512042.jpg - (14.43KB , 250x261 , pfudor-still-nightmare-night.jpg )
>> No. 456997
File 141577444436.png - (364.64KB , 648x614 , tumblr_lrbt8t3x7x1qhwgudo1_1280.png )
I am the worst man
>> No. 457008
File 141584015360.png - (1.16MB , 2500x1900 , 133966855679.png )
Hello again!
>> No. 457015
It's nice to see you again too lunacy. How have you been?
>> No. 457016
File 141593561225.jpg - (2.04MB , 4500x4500 , 333695__UNOPT__safe_solo_princess-luna_absurd-res_sparkles_51a150597f123b020b00019f_51a150597f12.jpg )
Very well! Hanging out in 6A, just got done with my last exam today.
>> No. 457017
Sounds like fun, so hows the rp coming along?
>> No. 457020
File 141601747142.png - (231.47KB , 894x894 , Shocking with cuteness.png )
Name: Amethyst Shade.
Race: Batpony
Age: 19

Appearance: Bearing a light grey fur coat, blending in rather well with her amethyst like mane color, might indicating part of her name's origin. Azure colored slitted eyes, often glimmering with a mischievous look, accompanying smirk or smile. Although few rarely see it with her out of armor, her cutie mare appears to be what's best described as a paw print. Whatever it's meaning, she kept hidden possibly if not plain sight.

Personality/history: Were someone to attempt making an impression Amethyst just from the first meeting, they'd likely notice only part of her personality. Which likely depends on the situation, or whatever the mare is up to. Ranging from teasing to rather surprisingly constructed pranking at times, she's somewhat of a hoof full, being energetic here or there of mischievousness. Why even several solar guards aren't safe, when she finds a cute guard that takes to her liking.

Though pushing aside those traits, when deemed necessary where no real fooling around or playing is permitted in situations. It has been noted on her record at least, with several statements even of her fellow members of Luna's Nightguard, even though it's been a surprise to others. Amethyst actually gets serious and focused, ready to fight off till either made to fall back due to any reason, or one side backs off even.

Whatever the case, she comes to the fight often bearing the usual assigned lunar guard armor, followed up by one of their many retractable lightning dagger like claw weapon load outs, and finally your general night guard training.

Originating from her colony's hidden away village within confines of the Everfree Forest and under Luna's command, she'd ready to begin one of her new assignments. Assessing and assisting with dangers emerging from rift activity on Orion, using everything she's been sent with if necessary to assist with this task.

Last edited at Fri, Nov 14th, 2014 19:12

>> No. 457024
File 141602255386.jpg - (496.48KB , 1000x1000 , 132623159836.jpg )
Hmm. I'll approve this.

Well enough.
>> No. 457025
File 141602276433.png - (38.59KB , 564x352 , Soooo snuggly~.png )
Nyaaa~ Luna Skiing~
>> No. 457058
File 141641841803.png - (132.62KB , 800x1000 , Anon Dom.png )
>Lays out a big fart in the thread

>> No. 457072
File 141687544924.jpg - (46.79KB , 400x315 , 277133f2fe2849db3664efa711c88cf5.jpg )
>!FU7l8YEzUw is a butt
>> No. 457073
File 141689663103.jpg - (95.34KB , 1280x960 , renovatedkitchen-20130225T065813-8pb7egv.jpg )
>> No. 457080
Is this still active?
>> No. 457090
I'll approve this as well.
Technically speaking, yes.
>> No. 457118
Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo................we may need a new thread...just putting that out there
>> No. 457200
File 141957305902.png - (119.68KB , 600x500 , war_whooves_by_tateshaw-d6wwdv7.png )

I remember when youths such as you respected our sainted threads, when you deferred to your elders. Now it's all new threads and faster response time and lack of structure. In my day we had big long posts you got lost in, flowery diction we cranked straight out of a thesaurus, literature so skillfully written it takes you days to find all the devices interwoven in it, allegories so convoluted it spawned religions, and we liked it just fine that way you young whippersnapper.
>> No. 457271
File 141975025900.jpg - (65.75KB , 500x500 , tumblr_mzkhktttWD1sestnoo1_1389998334_cover.jpg )
Well before that we had threads where people made short posts about wanting to ship their OCs with anything they could and making two worded responses before expecting you to reply in the next 3 minutes, hooligan!
>> No. 457352
File 142019572383.jpg - (96.91KB , 600x431 , Skeleton.jpg )
You youngsters have both got it easy. I remember back in the days before Ponychan, when RPing was done on other websites. I remember typing out responses on an old, cellphone numpad. Short posts and shipping? Long posts and getting lost in all the words? Bah. Kids these days think they know rough, but they came in when things started getting easy.
>> No. 457356
i posted from a Wii once.
>> No. 457357
Wow, someone else that's done that! My first year was posting with a wii
>> No. 457358
Before that I posted from a DSi.
>> No. 457462
File 142103057441.png - (464.59KB , 800x1000 , cold_by_ribbonshower-d8diiez.png )

New thread.
>> No. 457773
Where am I and how do anything?
>> No. 457774
File 142258107850.png - (161.25KB , 508x524 , 1967 - mug omniknight reaction.png )
This is the Orion. A canon that takes place in space and encourages the better writing of roleplayers to make a better story for the canon as a whole! Anyone is welcomed to make a character as they please.

Basically you just make a two paragraph character sheet describing what your character looks like and what they do. You can add some backstory if you wish. Once you do that, post what you wrote here and see if you can get two officers to approve your work. If they do, then you are free to roleplay in this canon all you like. Just remember that it's important to also tell us why your character is in the Orion to begin with.
>> No. 457786
Thanks. :)
>> No. 457787
Name: Rags Polar

Appearance: (No picture because I can't draw ponies worth crap.) Green coat with a brown mane and tail, both man and tail hair stick up in places. Wears "Hoofwraps" and cutie mark is a sword and shield. He is a Pegasus with average body shape.

Reason for being on Orion: Rags arrived here by what appeared to be teleportation, dispite being a Pegasus. He cannot remember any thing except his name, his skill with swordplay, and his love for food.
>> No. 457788
I'm sorry if my description sucks, I'm not the greatest writer...
>> No. 457789
Oh s**t! I forgot to mention that his eyes are blue... F**k!
>> No. 457813
File 142278346501.jpg - (202.21KB , 560x792 , Oatville's Captain of the Weather Team.jpg )
First of all, don't worry about not being great with writing! We all have to start somewhere, after all!

Anyway, could you tell us a bit more about his skills with a sword? And maybe a bit more backstory, unless that's meant to be an actual story point for the character. It's just nice to have some of the details cleared up.
>> No. 457815
Yes. Yes I can. I shall now make a more detailed sheet.
>> No. 457816
Name: Rags Polar

Appearance: (No picture because I can't draw ponies worth crap.) Green coat with a brown mane and tail, both mane and tail hair stick up in places. Wears "Hoofwraps" and cutie mark is a sword and shield. He is a Pegasus with blue eyes and average body shape.

Reason for being on Orion:Rags arrived here by what appeared to be teleportation, dispite being a Pegasus. He cannot remember any thing except his name, his skill with swordplay, (Which consists of very quick, rapid strikes designed to confuse the opponent and defeat them quickly), and his love for food. (Seriously, don't EVER steal his food. He will go CRAZY).

Last edited at Sun, Feb 1st, 2015 13:19

>> No. 457832
File 142290302185.png - (500.86KB , 989x918 , KittyLava.png )
Hmm, curious which stance it'll be, though sounds like he'd prefer one which keeps them staggered and disoriented. Though that begs the question of what type of sword or weapon is used, likely lightweight yet flexible in situations. Assuming it's a single sword used in battle going by the cutie mark, not dual wielding two of them or other light weight weapons.

Also curious about where he came from and backstory somewhat. What lead to him growing up into whom he is. Such as which kingdom, country, city, or perhaps even a little what he's gone through suppose it'll be filled in later. Revealed at events transpire, gradually regaining memory, even possible arcs later on.
>> No. 457834
I'll make another sheet.
>> No. 457835
Name: Rags Polar

Appearance: (No picture because I can't draw ponies worth crap.) Green coat with a brown mane and tail, both mane and tail hair stick up in places. Wears "Hoofwraps" and cutie mark is a sword and shield. He is a Pegasus with blue eyes and average body shape.

Reason for being on Orion:Rags arrived here by what appeared to be teleportation, dispite being a Pegasus. He cannot remember any thing except his name, his skill with swordplay, (Which consists of very quick, rapid strikes designed to confuse the opponent and defeat them quickly. He prefers a lightweight strait-shaped sword. His stance and motions change a little depending on the type of sword he's using. Example: When using a Broad sword, his strikes are far slower and he takes a more defensive stance.), and his love for food. (Seriously, don't EVER steal his food. He will go CRAZY).

Backstory: (Note: He doesn't remember or know ANY of this, and neither does anypony else on Orion)

Rags actually was born and grew up as a human in another dimension. He was born in from a kingdom called Norgenhiem, which in English means "Vast Plain", but grew up in a more hilly kingdom called Vormerlurn, meaning "Heightend Land". He was sent here by his soldier father and his Healer mother when he was 14 because they intended to send him somewhere safe(i.e. Ponyville). Due to rifts however, the transfer was faulted, resulting in Rags's amnesia and landing on Orion instead.

Last edited at Tue, Feb 10th, 2015 17:06

>> No. 457941
File 142335977381.png - (175.16KB , 1224x1080 , Kinzie Standing Awkward.png )
In the colony of the Sparta System, orbiting the planet of Ertone, a small pod was emitting a beacon that could be seen clearly on the radars of the settled ponies. After close examination of what was really up there, they found a living pony, frozen inside the pod. They quickly sent a rescue ship to extract the pod and bring it back down, where they would then remove what was found to be a mare inside. The unicorn was left in a coma, as would be expected from being removed forcefully from the pod without consent of it's programming. As she laid in a bed, hospitalized, they took a DNA sample to figure out who exactly they found.

Name: Kinzie Wright
Sex: Female
Summarized Description: Blonde hair, blue eyes, tan coat...
Profession: Astronautical Engineer
Company: Lockheed Co.
Background: Designed rockets in early career. Moved on to assist cargo ships to space colonies all over Delta System. Was last reported on ASC Lockheed S13 to set up outer galactic settlement...

This was the info they found after the DNA described who she was, along with some data located aboard the pod she was in. This still left many questions as to what actually happened to her. There was only one way to find out.Kinzie was in a coma for well over a day before finally waking up. She seemed tense at first, but once calmed and brought back to good health, they were able to get answers as to what happened to the ASC Lockheed S13.

It turned out that the ship made it's way to a planet located outside of their galaxy that had a thick fog around it that made it impossible for ponies to breathe without air tanks. Upon landing on the surface of the planet, however, they were able to set up a machine that could turn the discovered components of the fog into oxygen that could allow easier breathing in locked buildings. It seemed that life for ponies was somewhat possible on the strange planet, containing strangely colored, large plants that have yet to be named. But as all seemed well, a major issued occurred. The insects that could grow to become half their size began turning hostile. It seemed impossible to get rid of them. They kept finding ways into their settlements even after precautions were made. To make matters even worse, an insect with large claw-like appendages that was the size of a car was able to cut through their airlock, letting a swarm of pests take over. If this wasn't enough already, the bugs destroyed their oxygen converter, forcing them to get back into their ship and head back home. It was over...

As they were about to reach their galaxy once again, a breathe of fresh air went to them, thankful to be away from the planet that wouldn't be possible to have ponies live on without military presence. They planned on making their way through the Sparta System to make it back to their home planet, where Equestria was, but disaster would strike again. It was unknown how they got on their ship. Whether a few hid on the supplies the put up or if they were hiding on any pony. No matter the "why" they were then on board the ship, and were able to multiply to a point to where they would once again swarm. Unable to protect themselves, every member on board the large ship would evacuate through pods that would freeze them until dropped onto a planet, or found by another pony.

Kinzie no longer knows what has happened to the majority of her crew. They could have dropped onto other planets, or are still lost in space. She's only heard from a few of the survivors since being brought back to Equestria.

Now that she is back in Equestria she needs to find her lost comrades in space, and find out if the ship that was lost to the xeno insects was stopped or is heading to our world as we speak. This is how she came about the Orion Space Station. Although it focused more on the fight against inter dimensional rifts, they were also assigned with the protection of Equestria. This was enough for her to find a way on board to join the crew, help out with upgrades, designs, and maintenance of the station, while also trying to figure out what happened to her ship and passengers on that ship.

Last edited at Sat, Feb 7th, 2015 18:43

>> No. 457969
File 142352423580.png - (107.18KB , 1024x931 , Extreme Happy by Prince Bluelolz.png )
I'll go ahead and give this one a belated approval. Apologies for the wait on that one. I'll see if I can get another officer to come and actually check the thread, since it seems that it hasn't happened already. : /
On another note, have you got a Skype or a Steam account? While they're not required, they're used for faster and more convenient communication among members of the canon.

I'll also toss this one an approval! like I said to Rags, I'll see if I can get another officer to come online.
>> No. 457979
I apologize for the wait. Orion isn't very active these days, and two-thirds of the officer team is usually busy with something else.

So, your sheet. A picture is not necessary, though helpful. Your description of him is good enough that I can imagine what he looks like, which is all we really need. You've also provided details on how and why he is unique; all in all, a good sheet.

The only thing I take issue with is the backstory, which is vague. How and why his parents sent him to a space station in another dimension are important details, arguably the most important ones of the whole sheet. I need more detail on that part of your sheet before I can give it an approval.

Apologies to you as well. As I said in my reply to Rags, Orion is very inactive as of late, and most of the officer team is busy with other things most of the time.

Your sheet has everything it needs, and elaborates on it. Details and a backstory are provided, with nothing unnecessary cluttering it up. It also sets up a character arc and potential event (i.e. the insect infestation and her ship's missing crew), which is much-needed in this dry spell of interactions and events that we've been having.

I'll approve it. Welcome aboard!
>> No. 457982
There ye go Mr. Josh!. I fixed tha' part up on the same sheet, so I hope ya like the new version!

Also, I agree with Seras' earlier post. Don't die thread!

No I don't, sorry Nimble Wing.

Last edited at Tue, Feb 10th, 2015 17:12

>> No. 457983
And now... We wait. *Begins eating instant noodles*
>> No. 457985
>What does your character look like?
"Bot 2.0 - B Although sharing the same hardware, a smooth outer shell standing 1 meter tall by 0.5 wide, the catalyst lined glass dome on top, and a 0.25 meter PonyTech™ ball for smooth mobility."

>What makes your character unique, different from the average joe?
"Bot 2.0 - B come fully equipped with a new arsenal of spells! As always, telekinesis but new to model B is it's "form" and "mend" spell, giving your robot helper the ability to not only shape and weld any non-magic resistant materials including itself! That's right, this baby has even more self-repair capability! Take that model A!"

>Why has your character decided to come onto Orion?
"And to think, the 2.0 model B is only 25,000 bits! But wait, I'm willing to give you a free one year trial, that's right, an entire year no cost to you!"

"Please note that this robot helper will take any command given to it, so be careful and make sure to set command protocol!"

any damage caused by this unit cannot be held against ponytech™ in a court of law.

-Your friends at PonyTech™
>> No. 458192
Oh sweet Jesus I'd approve this knowing full well how much of a shitstorm would happen with this guy on board.

I can't approve it officially, but I give you a thumbs up.
>> No. 458204
File 142540480845.png - (263.21KB , 500x576 , 132414930179.png )
<- Random quest giver, troublemaker, villain or whatever for hire? Looking to get back into rping with npc-ish roles and just throw a line in here? Its been... well a few years.
>> No. 458205
File 142541214730.png - (500.86KB , 989x918 , KittyLava.png )
Nyaaaa~ Hello there, haven't seen you pop up in a while.
>> No. 458206
File 142542465385.png - (52.14KB , 191x290 , 132414933710.png )
I know, it's been forever and a day! But i wanna get back intowriting and this has always been very good for that. So here i am!
>> No. 458207
File 142542671184.png - (4.11MB , 2926x2341 , Send in the cheer unit_.png )
Nyaaa~ Curious to see how it'll go, though things are somewhat slow currently. Hopefully it'll pick back up after the merger, or when people are able to post really.
>> No. 458273
I'll keep this short.

This canon is basically dead. I have no reason to stay. I'm resigning my officer position and leaving the canon. Most of you will never hear from me again.

>> No. 458376
File 142741776205.png - (258.68KB , 800x800 , 139176572587.png )
Greetings my colleagues, and anyone else who may read this. I am not going to pretend that I am a staple of this site, or known to a great number of those who frequent it. I have festered here for a long while without posting. Simply observing the Board for any interesting activity. I do not know why I decided to post this, but my hands strayed to the keyboard and my mind idly wondered why I have Ponychan featured prominently in my bookmarks.

I am Doctor Whooves. I began my tenure here while /oat/ was still supportive of random RP threads and the fanciful stories which they spawned. I was drawn to this fertile environment and wanted desperately to become a part of it. So I took my first tentative steps into /oat/ and Ponychan as a whole. I slowly developed my influence and recognition among the board and chose the good Doctor as my avatar. The community here was beautiful and I felt thrilled to be a part of it, to have a hand in shaping the landscape of it. Soon though roleplay on Oat was outlawed so that it could remain on topic for more than a single post. The decision, while not inherently bad, took away some of the manic energy that drove /oat/ along. However I was accepted into a group called AOS for my apparent talent at playing Whooves.

AOS was vibrant, filled with strange persons sharing experience together and struggling to create a cohesive, meaningful story. I played with them constantly, throwing myself into the stories and interaction with vivacity. The storylines may have made little sense, have been badly written, or were flawed in any number of ways, yet that was trumped by the simple joy each one of us put into our writing. The joy began to evaporate, and with it gone every flaw we had was thrown into stark relief. We bickered among ourselves and tore each other’s self-confidence away. Gradually I stopped putting effort into my posts, simply scribbling onto a page and damn anyone who criticizes it. Bitterness tainted my words and I closed my eyes to the problems around me. I left.

I was invited to join a branch of AOS called Orion and I thought that this time I could make better choices and that I would never let this strand of hope die. I tried, I tried, I tried, and I failed. Orion went to the same dogs as the rest of the groups I joined while I watched. I did attempt to save it again then but it was too little, too late.

So I wondered if it was I that kept changing, that kept destroying the relationships I built and spurning the friends I made. Wondered if it was me that used up and threw away these people. Perhaps it wasn’t me, maybe it was Ponychan itself. The answer did not matter when I asked the question, just as it does not matter now. I am leaving, I will not be coming back. I hope that each one of you finds that unbreakable thread of hope, of happiness, of friendship, but more than that, I hope that you hang onto that thread, with both hands tirelessly grasp it. Because life does not promise you another chance, if it did it would undermine the chance itself. No notice is given to the air in our lungs or blood in our veins until it is gone, so struggle. Battle with titans and emerge beaten, but not broken, to seize the satisfaction of victory. Now I shall depart these dying embers for Elysian Fields. Goodbye, friends.
>> No. 458652
File 142966376098.jpg - (409.99KB , 2048x1536 , image.jpg )
Pink Fluffeh Unicornzzzz

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