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Is this a canon or something?
Strictly speaking, no. Canons, as a rule, exist to provide a consistent storyline. As a result, everything someone's character does in the same canon - in fact, everything your characters do - becomes a part of that canon's history as time cheerfully marches on.

This is more of a setting. Think of it as a multiverse kind of thing - some stuff happened there, characters met or didn't meet, and so on... there is a history, not every thread exists in a vacuum, but previous events {again, yours or other people's} only happened if you want them to have an effect on what's going on right now. It could be explained by alternate timelines, dimensions, unreliable narrators, but basically, consistency simply doesn't matter that much.

So, what's the whole idea?
It's simple enough - creatures {i.e. characters} from other dimensions have suddenly started dropping in from other worlds, or just surfaced from hiding. It could be EqG universe, someplace that has a Conversion bureau, time travel, dimension travel, science, magic - if you can think it, it's good enough, realism be damned. That doesn't mean that actual Equestrian characters are off-limits, though, anyone can play as anything they want, be it canon or not. And if another canon character shows up from an identical universe, well, that just makes things more interesting, doesn't it?

Any rules or whatnot?
A few, since this should ideally be as loose as possible.

First, don't be a dick. That one should go without saying, really. You shouldn't bend over backwards to accommodate others {nor should others expect that of you}, but don't go into a roleplay aiming to ruin someone's day. It's both a waste of others' time and yours, since posts are easy enough for people to ignore, report and delete.

Also, let's try to steer away from gore and grimdark. There's plenty of other settings for that, and while there's nothing wrong with making Equestria weirder, it should be something to escape to, not from. Nothing wrong with conflict in and of itself, though - drama is the spice of life {or at least fiction}.

And finally, a kind of prime directive sort of deal. It would be easy to change the face of Equestria with a single major advancement. So... let's assume that trying to introduce the internet, mass production, microbiology or even fictional stuff like different magic or whatnot simply doesn't work. It's pretty much established that physics, biology and pretty much every conceivable law of nature doesn't work the same in Equestria as on Earth - or another non-MLP dimension. It works for your character, of course {otherwise, what would be the point?}, but please, no altering social structures on a planetary scale.

That's it in a nutshell. Any questions, suggestions, comment, like, subscribe, lemme know.
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File 139174502902.png - (146.40KB , 500x489 , 1353722832216.png )
It's time for the settings first antagonist then. Prepare yourselves for I am about to rock.
>> No. 452152
Hey, cool. So, where did you show up from?
>> No. 452154
File 139199652538.jpg - (130.06KB , 1680x1050 , 2012-02-13_00016.jpg )
I've always been here?
>> No. 452155
Hehe. The character, I mean.
>> No. 452183
File 139218357343.png - (60.60KB , 508x426 , Clockwork39.png )
I'm too tired/fried from my new job to comment sufficiently on this.

But I've been wanting to reboot Nikola for a while now, so I'm game.
>> No. 452371
File 139244260657.jpg - (150.61KB , 1024x910 , amy_rose_from_sonic_boom_by_supersonic210-d762pc3.jpg )
I'll bite, I'm curious as to how this might work. So lets see what transpires, mayhaps?
>> No. 454247
File 139828828592.png - (445.89KB , 2500x2500 , ella cute wink.png )
This thing still alive? I'm bored XD

Also, if we join do we have to stay? Can we hop in and out, kind of like the doughnut bar or AOS?
>> No. 454268
Technically, it never really started. I keep thinking to make an intro thread, but it's never good enough.

Maybe I'm overthinking it, but I'd also really like to start off on a good note, yanno?
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