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453261 No. 453261
#Planned #Canon: Aether City #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Ponies #Semi-serious #Long-post #Sign-up

Some years ago, a meteorite hit Eqeustria, near a small metropolis. At first, no one thought much of it, and it was taken in to be stored in archives.

Soon, anomalities started showing. Pegasi gained access to power they shouldn’t be able to, earth ponies along with them, and unicorns previously adept at certains paths of magic either lost everything to a completely new kind, or became masters in their field. Not everything was happy days. Some ponies developed hard shells and claws, chitin plating, segmented eyes. Some’s legs fused to snail-like undersides.

Authorities were quickly called, and all who had mutated were taken in temporary custody. Orders were given to start constructing a city with high walls to contain the affected. A remote island off the coast was deemed as the best place and construction began. The city would come to be known as Aether City.

For a year, they built, Equestria’s united building companies taking on the task. The mutants were kept in custody in temporary city, patrolled by guards. They were signed up and registrered by teams of scientists in hazmat suits. Chips were implanted in them as well, but they were never told why. Food was given sparingly, with no reason given why. They were showered only once a week, and toilets were a luxury cut away to save money. As time passed, only the few who wanted their old name kept it. Some took upon others, while the last resorted to their designation, their pride broken beyond repair.

Anger was building in the camps of mutants, wanting to know why citizens under the rule of the princesses were treated so wrongly. No reason was given, only that all would be better once Aether City was complete.

Studies had revealed the meteorite carried a strange new material, radioactive in nature, but behaving strangely. Tests on mice showed the same results with the ponies. Random mutations, but never two of the same.

Eventually Aether City was finished. All mutants had been given a home and opportunity to open shops if they so wished. The city was left to controlled anarchy. The only authority were the guards and worse, their scanners. The devices could check a mutants records, its powers and, if needed, blast it with electricity, or whatever else could be used.

As time passed, the guards got more and more carefree, while some mutants became more and more feisty. The most dangerous ones were killed “for the good of Aether City”, their bodies shipped to open sea and dumped in the water.

Though anarchic, some sense of order remained. Mutants set up bars and markets, to trade and buy drinks as they pleased. Everything was traded for in usefulness, lest it was the coveted coins. A single mutant had started trading things for metals, then smelting it to coins, these quickly used by mutants to keep some memories of home.

It has been five years since you arrived. Aether City is the home of 100.000 angry, hungry mutants. Food is scarce, and only the toughest can survive. Times are worse than ever, and it is here you must live. Who knows what the future will bring?

Sign-up form:
Description (appearance):
Mutant power:

About playing in Aether City:
Aether City is an open-world setting, and you are free to do (almost) whatever you like. Any combat is based on the honor system and attacks are only disapproved on a case-by-case basis. For example, while fireballs are a great way to use firepowers, you can’t make one so big that it could destroy the city. Keep it fair. Weak attacks don’t tax as much on the body as a much stronger attack. And again, honor system. If it seems it should hit, you should probably let it hit.

The idea for Aether City, strictly posting-wise isn’t like a regular roleplay. It’s meant so that you can make a post, leave it to hang and see what happens. If someone comes by and starts interaction, go ahead and respond. However, don’t feel that you have a responsibility to stay around forever. In short: You don’t need to have other people around to play. You can just post something and see if anyone replies. If no one does, make another post.

I’ll take the role as game-master. “NPC”’s will be controlled by me (such as guards, bartenders, shopkeepers). I’ll hold the right to retcon an attack if it’s too powerful, though hopefully that shouldn’t happen. In such a case, I’ll ask for a good reason the attack can be so powerful. If it isn’t good enough, it’ll be retconned and I’ll do my best to let it stay at a satisfactory level. Don’t think this means I’ll go all nazi on all attacks. They can be powerful, but like I said above, keep it fair. You can’t destroy the city. Attached to this, I reserve the right to retcon things as the game-master, with the simple reason “because I say so”, though hopefully I should never have to use that.

Open spots:
1 ????? playing as ?????, the ??? mutant. (Link to sign-up post)
2 ????? playing as ?????, the ??? mutant. (Link to sign-up post)
3 ????? playing as ?????, the ??? mutant. (Link to sign-up post)
4 ????? playing as ?????, the ??? mutant. (Link to sign-up post)
5 ????? playing as ?????, the ??? mutant. (Link to sign-up post)

I’ll open some more spots if there’s high demand.
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>> No. 453262
Huh, you can't edit OP's. I should put spots in here then.

1 Avedon playing as "Iron Hoof", the Entropy mutant. >>453263
2 Tripwire playing as "Lachesis", the Eye mutant. >>453269
3 Blank Flank playing as "Nightmare", the Murderous mutant. >>453313
4 Ace_Noir playing as "Lily Mirrors", the Slime mutant. >>453366
5 Clockwork Cogs playing as "Clockwork Cogs", the "Technology" mutant. >>453404
6 Zoticus playing as "Dragonfly", the Dragonfly mutant. >>453506
7 Canis playing as "Cpt. D. Spectre" the Teleporting mutant. >>453561
8 Jacob playing as "Jacob" the Sniper mutant. >>453798

ALSO, "Designation" is just a collection of letters and/or numbers. Minimum 3 letter/numbers, maximum 6

Spots are still open, just post a sign-up.

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>> No. 453263
>I't's a little rough so bear with me ^.^

Name: Winter Miracle (Aka: Iron Hoof or The Russian)

Designation: O-227

Description: He wears a large beige military trench-coat rimmed with red emblazoned with the hammer and sickle of the Soviet Union. His shoulders and the entirety of his right arm seem to be made of or at least covered in metal, the same going for his face, a metal gas-mask burned directly into his face as behind it; from his back rise two exhaust-pipes, spewing a light stream of smog and smoke. He is rather tall and broad when fed, but when deprived of nourishment he begins to thin and grow emaciated in appearance, metallic limbs sagging.

Mutant power: Entropy. Iron Hoof’s body is constantly deteriorating, forcing him to replace more and more of himself with machine, his organs largely slush by now, full of decay and smog and merely a improvised furnace to burn the energy he hold. He has the unique ability to draw stability and energy from things he comes into close contact with. Refueling his body as the environment around him deteriorates. He can also channel this energy he drains into other’s around him if need be. This boost of energy can give him a surprising amount of vitality and strength and combined with his ability to drain energy and life along with his metallic limbs, can be a deadly force to be approached with caution.

Personality: Aloof, proud, and a firm believer in communism, he is a man who hides a great deal of secrets behind his mask. He sees the collapse of the Soviet Union as the greatest tragedy of the 20th century, and the new wave of mutations that sweeps Aether City as a gift, and the future of pony-kind and a chance to rebuild the world once more. What is a greater gift to the common people than to give them the power to stand against the wealthy’s tanks and gun with mutations? What can be more unifying than eroding all racial and national distinctions by the sheer fact everyone would be morphed differently? He is also a man who believes firmly in the value of strength and sacrifice, however due both to a long lifetime of hard-earned lessons and his own state that is drained when he uses his power, he prefers to intimidate and strong-arm rather than go to violence directly.

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>> No. 453264
>> No. 453269
File 139553497860.png - (107.34KB , 600x642 , eye_mutant_pony.png )
Name: Lachesis. No last name, but is called Sis by her close friends and Sissy by those with a deathwish.
Designation: IYC4UM
Appearance: Looks like pic, black and grey coat covered with red eyes. When she wants to she can close her extra eyes, making her appear like an average mare.
Personality: Pretty shy and evasive, preferring to only do what she does best: watch. She is distrustful, especially of outsiders (normal ponies).
Mutant powers: Obviously can see in any direction around her, nullifying most sneak and stealth attacks. This doesn't work when her extra eyes are closed though, leaving her very vulnerable. She has no other significant skills that she is aware of, but is still young and her mutation hasn't fully developed yet.
>> No. 453278
>> No. 453313
File 139567583277.png - (959.70KB , 600x950 , Nightmare1.png )
Name: Nightmare
Designation: (Just gonna pull one out my ass here.) 667
Description: See pic
Personality: Highly damned dangerous, Get on her bad side and quickly sign your will, she is dangerous and needs to be preferably avoided at all costs, if you do encounter her do not anger her and do not Accept to play any and all "Games" with her. she has been warped by her mutations into a murdering machine, but she is kept in line by the dampener installed by the people who tried to lock her up and dispose of her.
Power(s): (With dampening device) SLowed regeneration, Incredible speed, and claws sharp enough to cut through mostly anything, Without the dampening device her regeneritive abilities enable her to regrow lost limbs (Yes I have talked it over with Slynn if anyone has any qualms about this, There ARE weaknesses to her)
>> No. 453325
>> No. 453332
>> No. 453350
File 139568956480.jpg - (128.22KB , 640x422 , Aether City.jpg )
Thread is now open!
>> No. 453363
How curious.
Tell me more about the city.
What is it like? What are most of the residents like.
Do you have any plans for an over-arching story we'll be eventually working towards?
Do you expect this to last a long time: or is this looking to reach a "conclusion" some day.
Have non-mutants any ability to come to the city, even if they could not leave?
Tell me about your easy bake oven.
>> No. 453364
Let's take these 1 at a time

There isn't much to tell. Apart from the guards, who are only there to keep the mutants from going batshit insane, the city is pretty much run by the mutants themselves.

A dangerous place, if you don't take care. The residents vary from the most pacifist mutant, to the most angry, willing to fight anyone.


There's a conclusion, though if interest is still high, I'll most likely continue it.

Haven't really decided that yet, but my initial thought is yes.

It's an oven, it bakes easy.
>> No. 453365
Can I have a bit more than "yes"
>> No. 453366
File 139569797882.png - (823.13KB , 1125x711 , Czernobog.png )
Name: Lily Mirrors
Designation: 5L1ME
Description: A thick and viscous black ooze with no discernible smell. Has no bodily structure to speak of but commonly takes an Equine shape. [See pic]
Personality: Although she feels some home sickness for her garden and family back in Equestria, she's done her best to make peace with notion that she may very well live the rest of her life here. With this in mind she is generally good tempered but, keeping with her appaloosa'n heritage, can be a bit crass at times. At least here you don't need to "beautiful" to be accepted… mostly…
Mutant power: As with the description she has no body structure and is practically a sentient liquid and has complete control over her shape, size (within reason), and other qualities. As an added side effect of this mutation she can act as in a symbiotic relationship with another willing or sleeping creature. I exchange for a place to take up residence and feed on protein in the blood stream, she gives the host a level of healing and uses herself to close the wounds and speed the bodies natural healing processes as long as she is inside the host.
>> No. 453367
File 139569925247.gif - (1.05MB , 320x240 , Brent Rambo approves.gif )
There's an overarching story, yes. However, depending on the player's actions, it's flexible and could go completely off course of what I have planned.

>> No. 453368
>> No. 453369
What do you want to know?
>> No. 453370
I wanted an idea of where you might be planning to bring this, even if everything is subject to change.

Your general direction will most likely ring true, and knowing this allows me to see if the RP holds actual interest to me, or if the concept is simply of basic interest.
>> No. 453371
>Thank you.
>> No. 453373
I'd rather not throw the plot around too much, but if you have some method I can contact you privately with, I could tell more.
>> No. 453374
My apologies, I went AFK.
You can contact me on skype: hopes_and_curiosities
>> No. 453375
What's the technology like in this city?

E.G. Swords and bows?

Or do we have things like computers and guns and etc?

I ask because the character I was tossin around would be some kinda techno mutant, which wouldn't fit well in a medieval setting for obvious reasons haha.

EDIT: I ask because I assume there is some technology what with the dampening device on Nightmare. Unless of course this is some kind of holy relic or something that keeps her in check?

Last edited at Mon, Mar 24th, 2014 18:08

>> No. 453376
Technology is there, but it's custom for the city, bar the guards. Computers and arcade cabinets are a thing, but it's crude and basic. Stuff like streetlamps are around, though, along with neon signs and such

Request sent.
>> No. 453377
So a kind of techno mage wouldn't be totally out of place here?
>> No. 453378
The way I heard that Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong Is that while Equestria is generally in the 1880's in tech, this is closer to around the thirties.
>> No. 453381
Not necessarily, but you might feel a tiny bit restricted.

Unless they'd be able to make technology themselves.
>> No. 453385
>He would be able to!
>I'll work on the character then!
>> No. 453404
Name: Clockwork Cogs
Designation: C0g5
Description: Light brown pony with a rather large obtrusion sticking out around the side of his skull, square in shape, near the base of his horn. A little scrawny in appearance, with his mane usually frazzled from the static electricity of the obtrusion.

Personality: Most ponies call him strange, off his rocker is a phrase he frequently encounters. He is an intelligent pony, often looking to use his brain instead of his brawn in order to solve problems.

Mutant power: Unfortunately for Clockwork, he was busy tinkering with one of his new crazy inventions when the meteorite struck. He had been holding it up near his head and the blast caused the thing to fuse into his skull. Ever since, he's felt a strange presence inside of his mind, almost as if some kind of new entity was slowly growing. As the presence grew stronger he started to feel a strong connection to all of the technology surrounding him. He couldn't help but tinker and create things now, he had always been a tinkerer, but now it almost seemed as if something else was helping him along. The more he tinkered, the stronger the strange entity became, until one day, it spoke to him. It scared him at first, but after a while he became accustomed to this new voice, even giving the thing a name. He called it Siri, and he claimed it as his daughter. After all, it had come from his genes had it not? He had married technology and through technology he had nurtured his little Siri. Together they are able to solve any technological problem, and even outside of technology, Siri allows Cogs to think at an extremely rapid pace, solving problems that would leave many others dumbfounded. Some have said that he even has a photographic memory.

Also testing Tripcode! This alright?

Last edited at Mon, Mar 24th, 2014 21:30

>> No. 453416
Looks good.
>> No. 453422
Hmm, this looks pretty interesting. Is this like a high-action, mostly combat kind of RP, or is there story and interaction and that sort of thing going on? Is there much place for a nonviolent character in this city? Or are there any open slots at all?
>> No. 453423
I just put five as default, they're still open.

You can play a nonviolent character, but I suspect it wouldn't be as fun as a character capable of violence.

Story/interaction/action. Somewhat balanced, all depends on characters interactions and reactions to events.
>> No. 453424
I'll probably make the guy at least capable of handling himself if attacked. Are there rules for this stuff, or is it an honor system?
>> No. 453425
Not interacting with anyone/anything right now because I have to leave now. I shall return in like five or so hours.
>> No. 453426
Honor system.
>> No. 453427
Oh cool, I always preferred that :)
Whether or not there are open slots, I'll put in a character sheet later.
>> No. 453431
>Theres still spots eh?
>> No. 453433
Yep. I just put 5 down as when I would have liked to start.
>> No. 453453
>Ah it'll pick up speed hopefully. Hell my Canon is kinda hit a lag point for me..
>> No. 453506
Name: Dragonfly
Designation: A-113
Description: Dragonfly is, simply, a small pony with large dragonfly wings. He's about seventeen, brown coat with green eyes. His dragonfly wings have a bluish-green tinge.
Personality:Having spent a large chunk of his childhood on Aether Island (Which is essentially a ponified, no-Batman Arkham City from what I can tell), Dragonfly is highly untrusting. He's a bit of a loner, and he'll often steal to get by.
Mutant Power: Dragonfly has, not unexpectedly, a pair of large insect wings. He can use them to fly, or to just make wind and kick up dust. Now, I know what you're thinking: "But Zoticus/Spider-Pony, what makes him different from every other pegasus?" Well, first off, he's technically an earth pony. Secondly, he's faster than your average earth pony, and can make sharper turns. Thirdly, he has slitted pupils, instead of round ones.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
>> No. 453510
Can't edit it right now, but I'd like to change his serial number to "DR4GN".
>> No. 453516
So composite eyes instead of single ones, yeah?
>> No. 453521
>> No. 453524
Sounds good.

>> No. 453525
Cool beans!
>> No. 453561
File 139607731656.png - (263.12KB , 874x915 , Cerberus spectre -Canis.png )
Name: Cpt. D. Spectre
Designation: D-34D
Description: Fairly small for a soldier, Cpt. Spectre is a soldier through and through, most never seen out his urban camo riot gear and skull faced Gas-Mask he's a threatening specimen despite his small stature, the bulkiness of his clothing hiding the skinniness beneath. Wings of grey and a dusty brown tail poking out are the only clue as to his appearance beneath his clothing, the short pegasi keeping the rest of his form hidden.

Personality: Having spent most his life hiding away as a special ops agent for the dangerous mercenary corps: Cerberus. Spectre is a quiet sort, in fact none in his new homeland know his actual name, and only a rare few know what he looks like beneath his clothing and mask. Spectre is merely the rank he held in Cerberus - that of an infiltrator and sabotage / assassination expert. None know of Spectres past but those who meet him now find him to be friendly in his own way, distant but not looking for trouble. He will however, gleefully step in should some be about. Spectre is never the one to throw the first punch, but he's usually the one to throw the last.

Mutant power: Teleportation - A unique skill for its difficulty to use. Whilst many unicorns can teleport naturally, Spectre developed this ability after the mutation began. He cannot however teleport at will, rather he is only able to teleport to locations from which a specific radio signal 96.87 (the co-ordinates of the his location when the mutations began) is being transmitted. He keeps one such radio in his home, keeping the transmitter going at all times. But for navigating the world at will he has something special, a reycolts mk 12 long range ordinance launcher and a Mareweather grenade launcher for shorter range travel. From these he fires a radio emitter wrapped in dense metal to protect it from the fall so that he may teleport at will. A crack shot with the weapons and most all others he can navigate the city with deadly accuracy using them.

But his teleportation has a rather... exciting, side effect. When Cpt. Spectre teleports, the location he is teleporting to is wrapped in arc lightning, destroying most anything around his immediate where-abouts in a 20foot radius. The only things proven to be protected from the side effect of his teleportation are several types of minerals such as Lead and concrete
>> No. 453564
>> No. 453565
Wont let me edit. Change radius to diameter, and instead of destroying everything, the arc lightning will attempt to ground itself through any organic material available such as ponies, wood and plant life, if none are available it goes for metal.
>> No. 453798
File 139657694702.jpg - (11.26KB , 320x240 , Snapshot_20140403.jpg )
Name: Jacob
Designation: 427
Description: A slender earthpony with dark brown hair, white coat, and red eyes.
Personality: An ex member of the city guard until he fell out of grace with them. Is usually quiet and can be sarcastic when given the chance. A best way to describe him would be as an enigma. Generally is skilled with handguns and light sniper rifles due to experience but can not handle automatics or shotguns because of recoil.
Mutation: The mutations had changed his eyes that once were brown to a red color allowing him to identify pick off targets with ease as if he had been sniping all his natural born life.
>> No. 453800
>> No. 453838
File 139673233387.gif - (60.36KB , 412x280 , 1396221575348.gif )
Name: Sprinkle Mc TwinkleToes
Designation: 11271
Description: I am aunicorn with a very pale beige coat, and have a medium length dark brown mane, I have green-ish eyes, I have a very slender figure.
Personality: I specialize in electronic stuff, I am a skilled samurai, and have a VERY tuned aim.
My mutation is I am resistant to fire.
>> No. 453839
That's a weird pic to attach.

Anyway, personality shouldn't be used to describe what your character is good at, but rather, as the name suggest, the personality.
>> No. 453988
I'd like to try this roleplay page
Looks: I have a dark grey coat, With a brown mane, I have a very slender figure

Personality: I'm not very good with confrontation, but I'm a bit of a smart ass when I feel threatened

Skill: I'm a highly skilled doctor, I can take the oddest of things and use them to my teams advantage. I'm also a very fast runner

Designation, 11271

Mutation: My skin is mutated to be resistant to damage. I was in an ash zone of the bomb so the radiation gave me stoneskin
>> No. 453995
First of all, and not extremely important, please use the actual sign-up form.

Secondly, make sure you actually read the intro. There wasn't a bomb, it was a meteorite. That's literally the first thing it says.
>> No. 454313
>> No. 454314
I want to join using the sign up form but I can't us it because I can only use my tablet
>> No. 454320
You just type it yourself man.
>> No. 454359
Designation: 000
Description: A young pony with silver fur and a golden mane, and was born right before the meteor hit
Personality: A nice pony who try's to stay out of a fight but will if he has to
Mutant power: able to turn skin into any metal

Last edited at Mon, Apr 28th, 2014 07:10

>> No. 454362
I like this story
>> No. 454363
Please ignore all of my previous post on this thread so I can start new
>> No. 454364
Please ignore all of my previous post on this thread so I can start new
>> No. 454373
Name: Blaze
Designation: 001
Description: A young Pegasus with silver fur and a golden mane and tail, green eye's, raised in aether city since he was just 2
Personality: Nice, will to turn on some one if he thinks he is being used. Likes shiny things.
Mutation: Able to turn any part of his body into any type of metal.

Last edited at Fri, May 2nd, 2014 13:08

>> No. 454526
Main Goal: To escape Aether City (this can be found out through dialogue with my character).

Long Term Goals.
Find out where the meteorite came from and why it mutates living things. (The meteor is pretty interesting thing and to find out its origins would add on to it.)

Pursue the captain who ordered the bombing. (A quest for revenge really allows both character development and a main antagonist.)

Short Term Goals.
Escape the market area with survivors and rendezvous with Zoticus.

Last edited at Mon, May 5th, 2014 13:40

>> No. 454527
Only thing I could really nitpick is what his age would be if he'd been in Aether since he was two. Construction of Aether would take a few years, and the rp is going on a few years after that. So he'd have been born mutant.

Nevermind that, it looks fine.

Current events you should be aware of: Some of the players are trying to find survivors after the gas-bombing of the market, with a riot rising up just nearby. You can drop in whereever, as long as you keep those things in mind.

Duly noted, however there's something specific I'd try to get going, and it has to do with the riot.
>> No. 454528
Hey, while I've got you here, I've been making some open-ended posts that are like "Dragonfly moves to another part of the city". I'm trying to see if you have anything else you want to to there, like "Dragonfly finds a chest with 30 gold coins", or, "He would see a pack of rampant mutants" or whatever.
>> No. 454537
I'm looking at things kinda literally when it comes to character actions, so just preparing for takeoff is only that.

With that said, I'll try to keep a lookout on things.
>> No. 455864
Have you heard of the other "urban legend" about it's more eilrnonmentalvy damaging while manufacturing fluorescent bulbs than normal bulbs? I heard it sometime ago when somewhere decided to ban the traditional light bulb. Wonder if it's true.
>> No. 455958
bonjour philippej utlisie e9galement un mac (macbookpro) , merci de la news , je vais essayerce log , j ai des soucis avec le pc ( logiciels espions et autres plantages).73s stephane f4gpj enqflopavy [] [link=]qyotat[/link]
>> No. 455959
File 140665568902.png - (54.96KB , 300x330 , burning.png )
Name: Rush Fire
Designation: 311G
Description: A white pony with a once-very-fancy dark cloak, that is now in tatters. His mane and eyes glow a fiery green color and he wears golden horseshoes. Most of the time his hood covers his face.
Personality: short-tempered and very bitter. He once lived a very prestigious life in Canterlot, and even worked under princess Celestia for a short time before the meteor struck. He has been attempting to escape imprisonment since the very first few days. He hates working with others but often finds himself doing so as he lacks any sort of fore-sight and is very reckless, leading him into trouble
Mutant power:He emits radiation from his body that can either harm or boost nearby mutants, depending on their mutation type. He can achieve unbelievable running speeds while moving in one direction but cannot turn or dodge while doing so and often finds himself crashing into stuff
>> No. 455960
Just finished reading everything that's happened so far. I can understand if you'd rather not take in any more people, if it would be intrusive to the plot
>> No. 455961
While I'm not who's in charge of the people who are accepted in the thread, I can find a way to fit in your character if you do get accepted.
>> No. 455962
That would be much appreciated ^^
I really like this story and it would be cool to be part of it

Last edited at Tue, Jul 29th, 2014 19:14

>> No. 455967
We don't get much interaction in this thread so if you're interested I have a sign up thread in the lounge.


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