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453314 No. 453314

A new beginning? Or simply resuming a very old show you'd forgotten you paused? Time shall tell friends old and new.

Welcome, to the General OOC!

>Begin one time intro

First of all, hello again and hello for the first time to those who have never seen this thread before. I once made a promise that I wouldn't let this thread die. A promise I promptly turned around and didn't keep. I said that every day I would come here and post a new question or idea to keep things going. I was foolish to push for the change that I did. It resulted in some damage that can never be undone, I know this. And for that, I am sorry. I hope that with this I can start taking the first steps to maybe repairing some of what I did. Without further ado, let's move on to the meat of the thread.

>End one time intro.

Keep things civil. Arguing is allowed, but if it devolves to name calling it might be time to stop.
Be constructive and don't be an ass.
Have fun! No really, that's a rule. Not having fun will result in an injection of Pinkie juice.
Keep things PG-13 please. I'm sure we'll deviate from time to time, but let's try to not make people uncomfortable. Of course don't break site rules ever, duh.
No casual rping
No off topic chatting
This thread holds no ties to any one canon, discussion of all is allowed and encouraged. Want to signal boost your new canon? Go for it!

>Making a new thread.
Well, if this thread reaches autosage by some miracle of Celestia's tie-died beard, just make a new one, slap a new edition in the title, level the number up one, put in your own flavor text in the beginning and add a new question at the end!

>Speaking of an OP question!
What do you want most out of /rp/ right now? “More Threads” isn't an answer for this one. Give us something to go off of, what would you like to see more of!
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>> No. 456198
File 140832124642.png - (195.05KB , 500x247 , tumblr_m719k02QZm1r7o21go1_500.png )

Doin alright, just had dinner, and about to head out. Been trying to find other places to RP too, but so far, no real luck. RPnation looks promising,'s ecology is like an ancient jungle, new canons explode into life and are extinct just as quickly. It's a strange place.

How are you?

Last edited at Sun, Aug 17th, 2014 17:22

>> No. 456199
On that note, I've been trying to rekindle roleplaying in /oat/, where it all started. Haven't really had much interest, but I think it has to do with the setting I try to kick off with, rather than off-the-cuff IC conversation.
>> No. 456201
File 140832184623.png - (333.01KB , 900x816 , sweetie_bell_and_creeper_by_suplolnope-d7g23rv.png )
Pretty good. Also kinda looking for places to rp. Though not that actively admittedly. Might have to look into this RPnation place. The idea of canons exploding then dying so quickly seems intriguing to me.
>> No. 456203
File 140832620790.png - (39.28KB , 207x241 , Guard20.png )
>Bat-pony's on in
>> No. 456211
File 140834372842.jpg - (150.82KB , 945x762 , 138219086468.jpg )

Give it a look then. It's also got kind of a neat interface, if a bit of a learning curve.


Myeh, It's just not gonna scratch my itch if you know what I'm saying.
>> No. 456215
File 140841763685.jpg - (27.05KB , 400x500 , spam.jpg )
Kuwabara Kuwabara
>> No. 456245
File 140874269748.gif - (0.96MB , 598x448 , How_I_enter_as_Demoknight.gif )
Demoknight: Always fun on Team Fortress 2.

Last edited at Fri, Aug 22nd, 2014 14:25

>> No. 456401
File 141050172220.jpg - (9.43KB , 225x350 , spoiler.jpg )
>> No. 456465
File 141111178870.png - (158.31KB , 776x670 , eD95JX4.png )
Man this place is deader than my sex life.
>> No. 456471
File 141116692910.png - (165.80KB , 816x980 , tumblr_static_tavi.png )
So I got a bunch of people in gala annoyed by "rping" so I might as well come here where people wont get so stuck up about it, are there any threads that aren't so... involved and are just come and go whenever?
>> No. 456472

Last edited at Fri, Sep 19th, 2014 16:25

>> No. 456567
File 141149930523.png - (10.59KB , 192x170 , Rillian13.png )
You know what's kind of awkward? The superintendent of one of the local school systems is a member at the credit union I work at, and the teachers are on strike right now.
>> No. 456712
File 141296384342.jpg - (79.52KB , 800x800 , tumblr_mdejk3MNdd1rz0xeno1_1280.jpg )
Just making sure this works. Have a nice picture because why not.
>> No. 456713
>> No. 456714
File 141296392438.png - (426.58KB , 710x1000 , 1378576794_firefly8083_toned_sketch_21.png )
One more time encase I messed something up.
>> No. 456715
File 141296399408.jpg - (159.98KB , 611x841 , 13a14bd700e31197be27f0a9809da534.jpg )
I didn't. Just doesn't work. Oh well.
>> No. 456716
Aw, what are you trying to do?
>> No. 456717
File 141296419195.png - (1.66MB , 1200x900 , dcc2ee9f3d68aa3a49bf00ee67080bfe.png )
Testing an old silly Tripcode I remembered I had saved. Never would have had a use for it but it would have been silly if it worked.
>> No. 456718
Maybe I can try and find you another one?
>> No. 456719
File 141296452102.jpg - (128.46KB , 568x800 , d0pLHDk.jpg )
Nah, it was just a silly one that got generated at random when I let the trip generator go wild. I've got lots of Trips and nothing to use them on.
>> No. 456720
Maybe roleplay threads?
>> No. 456721
File 141296583724.jpg - (781.67KB , 1080x900 , 2d2e85e9fd5c687af172659e0e8b7a7e.jpg )
I've been out of the game here for a while. All of my old stomping grounds of slowed down or just died. I wouldn't know where to begin.
>> No. 456722
Maybe a chill thread or two?

I have to head to work now, though. But it would be nice to start over.
>> No. 456724
File 141299761430.jpg - (61.90KB , 468x544 , 4514-120248-MegaManXfromX7jpg-468x.jpg )
>Trying to find a Job: Difficult as hell.
>Trying to secure classes for college: Good lord, why is it so freaking complicated?
>> No. 456725
File 141304933604.png - (24.07KB , 1440x900 , balrogtop.png )
Don't recognize either tripcodes, but I'm going to guess based on furry pics:

All I can say is:
good luck.
>> No. 456844
File 141423931704.jpg - (303.01KB , 670x860 , 9nLZd5L.jpg )
Perhaps that might be for the best. If I can get my grove back.
You are quit e the sly one. Or maybe I'm just not as good at covering my tracks as I'd like to be?
>> No. 456845
File 141428145485.png - (330.89KB , 518x546 , How does this dress look on me (by Lava).png )
I generally recognize your type if images.
Because Blank always posts the best furry pics!
>> No. 456847
File 141439569308.png - (401.00KB , 674x1252 , Zjb9qTd.png )
I try to. I do have quite the collection. Of course most of it can't be posted here.
>> No. 456852
File 141444310684.jpg - (162.54KB , 800x800 , 01.jpg )
Jesus Christ on a pogo stick, it's been forever since I've been here.
>> No. 456857
File 141450364084.jpg - (337.50KB , 669x900 , tumblr_mjfhhdJaIk1s3ntu5o1_1280.jpg )
Yes it has been.
>> No. 456858
File 141452620237.png - (945.56KB , 4452x5000 , tmp_10349-268547(2)-1816018571.png )
Too long. I think I pretty much lost the spark, with no idea where to look for it. Stuff lying around since forever feels like little more than dead weight because people it depended on are gone, and it feels like I'm just dragging it around because I'm too dumb to admit defeat.

Oh well.
>> No. 456859
File 141453623911.jpg - (63.27KB , 666x960 , Zero_-_Standing.jpg )
Passed through Midterms no problem. Now to see how I do through the rest of the Year.
>> No. 456905
File 141495166732.jpg - (70.23KB , 440x679 , tumblr_mfeigg6gas1rcmvavo1_500.jpg )
This is a feel I know all too well.
>Picture maybe related to why it's hard to let things go an try to find something new.
>> No. 456956
File 141541515738.jpg - (172.84KB , 1408x964 , 185260-pirates-of-the-caribbean-captain-jack-sparrow.jpg )
Working on a Computer Build, And got Two parts for it in two days.

Anyways, Is anyone here?
>> No. 456957
File 141541604625.jpg - (18.71KB , 309x226 , barracks science projects.jpg )
Nah, not really.
>> No. 456958
File 141541610462.png - (11.01KB , 200x160 , Generals_Ranger.png )
Shame. This place could use some lively hood.
>> No. 456959
File 141541683202.jpg - (19.94KB , 278x224 , redundancy.jpg )
I suppose a merry rogue might come in welcome.
>> No. 456960
File 141541692330.png - (90.45KB , 292x293 , Generals_Ironside.png )
Well, Whatever works.
>> No. 456961
File 141541726090.jpg - (16.94KB , 197x226 , negligent regicide.jpg )
Anyway, off to bed.

>> No. 456962
File 141542042990.jpg - (458.64KB , 640x1136 , WallFive MLP Picture 1.jpg )
Strip and go naked tastes fucking good.
>> No. 456963
File 141542070810.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
Come Again, Mate?
>> No. 456964
File 141542092150.jpg - (131.59KB , 640x1136 , WallFive MLP Picture 2.jpg )
It's a mixed drink. Beer, vodka, and squirt.
>> No. 456965
File 141542104203.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
Okay. Never liked Alcoholic beverages.
>> No. 456966
Oh well. Besides I'm a edgy college kid that loves to underage drink.
>> No. 456967
File 141542138840.png - (27.34KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 10.png )
That's not safe for someone like you to do.
>> No. 456968

I'm safe about it...most of the time.
>> No. 456969
File 141542272030.png - (27.69KB , 340x400 , -Ranger L_- Pic no hat 12.png )
Alright, Just be careful.
>> No. 456971
File 141545360248.gif - (463.35KB , 450x185 , tumblr_inline_nbs01x0HpB1rupntn.gif )
>> No. 456973
File 141547969571.gif - (27.43KB , 240x256 , 140482667492.gif )
>> No. 458181
Heads up to the thread peeps that I need to leave at this point, sorry.
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