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453875 No. 453875
#Ask/invite #Canon: BND #Adventure #Ponies #Serious #Normal

#Ask/invite #Canon: Brand New Day #Adventure #Chill #Dark #Violence #Shipping #General #Semi-serious

Welcome to Brand New Day
Where all characters are welcome and where the end is nigh.

Officer List:

Lost !wsiPSoull.
Pill Popper !MePilljLDc
[Goddess of Technology] Carrot !Top/sHa8kY

Welcome to Shade Valley home to many fine folks The cascading shadows from the sun and the hills cast a beautiful yet haunting shade across the small region of the world. Come partake in are various town square activities make a home for yourself,and settle down stranger. In a place where anything can happen.

1. Be respectful.
2. No OP characters please.
3. Post with reason, please don't just *pop out of no where and collapse the world in on itself*.
4. Try contacting the officers if you have a problem.

Battle system:
Players choose a combat rating based on their characters experience and lore.
Striking an enemy player requires a simple 1d20 roll.
A Hit will be 11-20 with 20 being a critical strike, effectively doubling the damage done from the final roll.
A Miss will be 1-10 with a 1 being a critical failure, effectively doing the damage to yourself from the final roll.
The following letters correspond to the amount of damage done on a successful hit.

SSS = 1d20
S= 1d12
A= 1d10
B= 1d8
C= 1d6
D= 1d4
F= 1d1

Example Combat

Pill Popper swings her mace of doom at an unsuspecting Ember. She would roll to hit and the corresponding damage roll to her rating, which is A Rank.

1d20 = 7

1d10 = 7

This will effectively be her turn in combat.

Character Sheet Model:




Combat rank:


Cutie mark/Talent:

Guild/Faction/Religion etc. Note: This is for later in game.





World Map:

Shade Valley Map:

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>> No. 454120
Name: Káll

Race: TBD (supposed to be Human, but can be charmed into a Pony?)

Age: Appears to be mid 20's

Alignment: Neutral

History: "well aren't you a nosy one?" He is a Traveling Bard, gathering stories, and telling them, he travels from place to place doing what he can to balance the world around him, he relies almost entirely upon the coin made from his performances to survive, over the course of his travels he has acquired some gear (mentioned below). He

Combat rank: D with physical attacks, A With Magical attacks

Personality: A quirky bard, he travels around doing things because he can, in his own words "I am but a leaf on the wind, i go where i am taken, and i do what is to be done. should this carry me to stormy weather so be it, but i shall see the green grass grow on the other side." he prefers to use magic to get out of a fix, preferably nonviolent magic. he is not above stealing, but if he can, he will steal back sold rings and such, so that he may sell them again, with hopes of paying for dinner.

Cutie mark/Talent: Entertaining/Story telling.

Guild/Faction/Religion etc. Note: This is for later in game.Bards/Traveling Musicians/Druids, Worships

Other: Speaks 4 languages (Common, Dwarfish, Elvish, and Sylvan) And is an accomplished performer.

Gear: A Staff (+1 hit) Loaded Dice, A Charm of Protection (not sure how that would work? but it can not be taken by force, and once given willingly, it can not be given back.) A small dagger, a Bag, and some Rope.

Magic: He can cast almost any illusion spells, and a several basic conjurations spells,

Appearance: (to be determined after race)

I think that's all... for now, i have no idea how to incorperate his skills and feats into this
>> No. 454122
File 139796670352.png - (343.96KB , 636x349 , grabityouwhore.png )
I believe were pony only.

>Other: Speaks 4 languages (Common, Dwarfish, Elvish, and Sylvan) And is an accomplished performer.

Griffon,diamond dog,ect languages.

>+1 hit fine

>Every illusion spell...

No to phantasmal killer.

No Shades

No Simulacrum
No wierd.

No insta kill illusions no firefox no final destination.
>> No. 454124
Yeah, I was talking by like, Illusion spells up to the average conjurer's level, like elaborate disguises and such, if i rolled a d20 = 14 for disguising a Troll as a War Bear, and it was a success, i'd do it, but like, no just
>he turns the Troll into a chicken
the Illusions are for Deceit, and escape
>> No. 454144
I think I need to get something settled for later.

Name: 'Trae' Blazentail

Age: 49

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

History: Blazentail is one of Mint's top seekers, having served under the King of Mint since his younger years. He rose up to be one of his most trusted advisors prior to his fiftieth birthday, where he has served faithfully since. His last known wherabouts are unknown, but occasionally his ship and his crew can be seen sailing the waters of equestria. A mint ship with more than 1 person on board is a troubling sight indeed...

Combat rank: D combat rank. 4 point accuracy malus. For each individual opponent in the current battle, accuracy raises by +2, and combat rank increases by 1. Value recalculated 1 turn after a party memer is defeated: can not lose HP in this way.

Personality: Trae asks questions about the wellbeing of others, and spends much of his time caring to the needs and injuries of others; however underneath this compassion lies a calculating malice, that only wishes to know your weaknesses to later destroy you with them.

Cutie mark/Talent: A white flag on fire

Guild/Faction/Religion: Mint

Other: Trae can heal others, and often will heal his opponents simply to give them a longer thrashing when his rage builds up.

Like all pegasi from Mint; trae is difficult to deter from a battle, and will continue to harm opponents until their death if his blood boils over. As with all of the trusted advisors, he keeps a good head on his shoulders to avoid unnecesary bloodshed.

Name: 'Tala' Rainglimmer

Age: 17

Alignment: Lawful Evil

History: Tala is a close friend of Pond's, which aided her in becoming one of the King of Mint's advisors at such a young age. Regardless of her young age her ruthlessness has never been doubted by mint's prisoners, criminals, and fellow officers. Sometime after Pond left, she teamed up with Blazentail, and they sailed off to seek new treasures. Her current wherabouts are unknown, but their ships sail Equestria's seas, and a mint ship with more than 1 person on board is a troubling sight indeed...

Combat rank: SSS*, 10 point accuracy bonus, cannot crit. For each opponent and each ally past 1 on the battlefield, her combat rank decreases by one, and her accuracy by 1. Value recalculated immediately upon anyone being removed from the battle. Does not ever receive HP bonus's from combat rank.

Personality: Tala is sadistic, but has a soft-spot for mares. She spends large quantities of time taunting opponents rather than actually attacking them when one dares to face her alone, but finds herself easily drowned out in a crowd, causing her to act shy, and generally more approachable and forthcoming with information.

Cutie mark/Talent: Tala covered her flank with a warpaint, completely obscuring her tramp stamp.

Guild/Faction/Religion: Mint

Other: *As she never fights without Blazentail nearby, her combat rank is effectively SS unless you have killed him. Bearing in mind their relationship, one should fear a widowed Mintian.

She skips combat turns on a regular basis, dilluting her effectiveness: she is less likely to strike mares.

There is 5 of us last I counted. Soon to be six.

Last edited at Mon, Apr 21st, 2014 16:31

>> No. 454145
all three approved
>> No. 454146
I think I should point out they are clearly boss characters for anyone raising an eyebrow.
>> No. 454150
Approved for both as boss characters
>> No. 454577
File 139958054069.jpg - (34.44KB , 650x487 , 218_Blood Red Rose_Jackie.jpg )
Arc character

Name: Tri (triantáfyllo)

Age: Unknown

Alignment: Unknown

History: Not much is know about her. She seemingly appeared in the dark of night and wanders the world with no clear goal. Everywhere she walks she leaves nothing but pain and suffering. Her presence can be sensed by the strong smell of rose in the air.

Combat rank: ???

Personality: She appears very philosphical and indifferent to the suffering she leaves in her wake; almost as if she'd become accustomed to it. The victims unfortunate enough to be in the area upon her arrival are soon found with large laserations across their bodies and appear to have died due to massive blood loss. A steady stream of rose pedals seems to emit gently from her red locks of hair before dissapating into the air.

Cutie mark/Talent: Fylomancy, no cutiemark.

Guild/Faction/Religion etc. Note: This is for later in game. Unknown

>> No. 454578
File 139958064136.png - (340.07KB , 661x619 , no wings.png )
>> No. 454783
File 140059631675.png - (36.41KB , 1269x1269 , Grace.png )
Name: Lycia Spell

Age: 23

Alignment: Lawful Neutral


Lycia was raised near the base of a mountain deep in a forest by her unicorn father who wanted her to be able to use magic, he had been a professor who specialized in the use of stored natural mana in gems. They lived alone there because it was rich in natural mana which was the perfectly place to allow it to be stored in gems.

They would take 3 or 4 trips a year into the closest town for supplies and to sell things she had made/enchanted with magic.

Her dad died when she was seventeen by falling and breaking his neck while they were higher on the mountain, she continued to live there alone for 4 more years before deciding it was time to leave.

Personality: Lycia is fairly outgoing and has a general distaste for pointless violence, large groups of people usually make her anxious. She doesn't know much about the outside world and has very few interests outside of magic due to her limited experiences during her childhood
Combat Rank: D without any of her enchanted items, B with them.

Cutie Mark/Talent: Her cutie mark is >pic her special talent is understand how magic interacts with the physical world.

I'll probably have to work out a system at some point for the decline of mana in enchanted items for each use and the number of times they can be used before she needs to replace the mana gem she uses to power them.

Last edited at Tue, May 20th, 2014 07:36

>> No. 454784
Looks ok approved.
>> No. 454785
I'll toss an approval out myself too.
>> No. 456252
Hello? Is this still a thing?
>> No. 456257
It's dead, m8.
>> No. 456308
File 140902066888.jpg - (94.49KB , 960x834 , omniknight.jpg )
Technically I own it, but I'm keeping it stashed away in my special vault.
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