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#Adventure #Ponies #Serious #Semi-serious #Sign-up

Equestria has always been a relatively peaceful place. Aside from the changeling attacks, return of madgods, hostile takeovers of towns, and parasprite swarms. Perhaps it wasn't relatively peaceful in Equestria, but peaceful enough, we'll say.

You have been summoned to Canterlot by Princess Celestia herself. It's a great honor, and you've already boarded the train on your way. You've been hearing that recently the royal library had several valuable items came up missing, and you've started to worry that perhaps your summons is in accusation of comitting such a theft yourself! One simply can not just turn down a royal summons though! Little did you know that you should be given such a quest soon. You could not possible imagine you would be made to join an investigative team to track down the missing treasures.

You couldn't possibly imagine how big this would be.

We're going to be using a S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat layout for our characters here. Each of those 7 statistics will determine your abilities at particular tasks, and will manipulate dice rolls in that sort of a task accordingly. Of note is that pegasi, earth ponies, and unicorns each have a +1 to particular stats. (Agility/Charisma, Strength/Endurance, Perception/Inteligience respectively) You receive 5 points to each stat by default, with 2 additional points to distribute however you choose.

Rolls on actions are altered by your stats in the following way.:
Attempting to pursuade someone would be determined by C (charisma) under most circumstances, while attempting to beat open a door with your face would probably be an S (strength).

10: +5 and counts towards "crit"
9: +5
8: +4
7: +3
6: +1
5: no change.
4: -2
3: -3
2: -5
1: -5 and counts towards "critical failure"

An example of a character sheet would be as follows:

Name: Princess Celestia
Race: Alicorn
Gender: Female
Bio: It's Princess Celestia
Appearance: See picture
S.P.E.C.I.A.L: 7/7/7/7/7/7/9
Notes: This sheet is not indicative of Princess Celestia's S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats.

So, are you ready to catch a thief?
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File 139963905326.png - (205.44KB , 577x475 , glitterlance with style.png )
Name: Glitter Lance
Race: Pegasia/batpony
Gender: Female
Bio: Glitter lance is just your ordinary bat pony who works for a traveling circus her act is throwing large blades. For all her life she has always been on the road and has always been a show pony.

>> No. 454591
+1 to agility and charisma for being a pegasi (bat, whatever :P). So you have 7 agility and 6 charisma now.

Approved! You will catch a thief, but who will join you?
>> No. 454592
File 139966246207.jpg - (75.49KB , 750x750 , BANG.jpg )
Question, how consistent do you need your players to be?
>> No. 454593
If you have skype (currently all players do) we could call up a round whenever it's convenient for the others. So we'll work out the details once we have everyone signed up.

But I'm personally aiming for about once a week, unless everyone is capable of more. What's your schedule like Ella?
>> No. 454594
File 139966546697.png - (76.19KB , 900x790 , ella shrug.png )
Sometimes I'm around a lot, but once a week sounds like a good deal to me. Sometimes I have a lot of work to do and I will only have like one day off a week, and other times I might have four days off in a row! It just depends!

So are you looking to get a certain type of group together, like a balance of certain characteristics?
>> No. 454595
A balance certainly would be most preferential, but in all honesty the last 4 times I made an RP, noone even signed up, so I really just want to get this off the ground in any way possible <3

Pill seems to have selected a balanced route by keeping all their stats at 5 mostly, but some distribution in points to make some ponies better in certain area's would be great for building group coordination later into the RP. Overall pick a role you think fits your character best, and hopefully future character sheets will build coordination into the team.

Building ponies into a certain 'type' of group is something I'm going to worry about more if we actually get a group in the first place. For now pick whatever fits you best <3

So, do you wanna build a snowman submit a character sheet?
>> No. 454596
File 139966833705.gif - (568.79KB , 253x204 , banana hat.gif )
ok, and ya but I'm trying to figure out what character I want to use. I only have a few that I have really worked on and know well, and I have a lot of ideas for other characters but many of them do not fit strictly into the show, so let me think on it for a bit, and maybe if anyone else signs up while I'm thinking it will give me a bit of an idea of who to put in.

Last edited at Fri, May 9th, 2014 13:47

>> No. 454598
If you have skype, it would be nice to add you there, but otherwise we'll just use the OOC thread to discuss things :o

I'll be waiting for your submission whenever ^^
>> No. 454599
Oh ya, sure. My skype is ella.blarg, should have a picture of a pony offering a weird caped pony a doughnut :D
>> No. 454601
File 139967206090.jpg - (81.13KB , 683x476 , I tricked you into eating that cupcake.jpg )
>valuable items gone missing
>sent to the very library which contains more valuable items
>> No. 454603
Do you wanna build a snowmanmake a character sheet vausten?
>> No. 454605
File 139967353451.jpg - (394.70KB , 1181x1181 , Autumn-Leaves.jpg )
Ok, I think I figured out what character I want to use, but I might need some help setting up the stats cause I've never been good with matching stats to a personality/type XD

Name: Jack O'Reilly Lantern


Physical Description:
I don't have any pictures yet, so I'm going to have to describe this as best I can
Jack is a tall pegausis, about as tall as BigMac with autumn colors. His fur is the same soft orange as that of a pumkin. His main and tail are a dark grass green, with a few stripes here and there of green that is just a tad lighter than the rest of his main and tail. His eyes are a very, very dark green as well, a few shades darker than his main and tail. Though he doesn't have the shady markings on his snout, or socks like some ponies have, his hooves do match with the rest of his color scheme and are such a dark green that unless you see them in good lighting, they often appear black.

His wings have the same soft orange as the rest of his fur until you begin to reach the ends where his biggest feathers are, and here they begin to turn the same dark green as his main.

Now, the most unique thing about the way that Jack looks, and the thing that really makes him stand out to most ponies, is his scraggly appearance.

Though he is not starved, he is as skinny as a pony could possibly be. He has little to no muscle underneath his skin, so this only furthers the appearance of un-health in him.

Both his main and tail are cropped short and look as if a pony simply took a butcher knife to them and had no particular style in mind and just left them unkempt and wild, pointing in any which direction they chose to lay. Both his wings appear to not have been groomed in years, and large patches near the ends of them appear to have had their feathers plucked out rather ruthlessly. To top it all off, beneath both his eyes are permanent dark circles, indicative of many restless nights and little to no sleep. More than a few times the poor fellow has been called a zombie.

His cutie mark is a small happy looking Jack O'Lantern.

Short Bio:

Jack lived his life as an orphan for most of his younger years. He has never known his true parents, but the kind staff of the orphanage where he was placed have never lied to him about how he came to be theirs and what had happened to his parents.

From the time he was very young everyone knew that Jack was a little different than most ponies. He never seemed to be interested in many of the games that the other pegausis liked to play, or in any very social games for that matter.

He has always been a night owl, often getting very little sleep and choosing to do many of his chores or school work during the late nights when most other ponies slept soundly. Perhaps because of his odd sleeping hours and other odd behaviours, he has never had much of an appetite. He eats very little, often just the bare minimum of what he needs to survive, and sometimes forgets to even eat at all.

Most of his younger years were spent as a loner as one might imagine. He did have certain friends however, because even loners can become lonely, though more often than not he had an easier time befriending ponies who where much older than himself. Perhaps he just found them easier to talk to.

At the age of thirteen, Jack was adopted by an older earth pony who needed some extra help on his farm and a companion to fill his lonely days. It was here that Jack discovered his calling.

The farm turned out to be a pumpkin farm, and Jack immediately took to his work of tending the patches with great joy. On his first year at the farm, on Nightmare Night, Jack earned his cuty mark while creating a particularly lovely ghoulish face on a pumpkin.

Over the next few years, Jack excelled in making not only the best lanterns in town, but all kinds of other ghoulish and lovely things for Nightmare Night. Ponies from all over would come to him for costumes, lanterns, party game ideas, spooky ideas for haunted houses, almost anything and everything that had to do with Nightmare Night Jack could provide. Except for candy. He just never had quite the sweet tooth.

When his adopted father passed away just a week after Jacks 18th birthday, he inherited the farm and continued on his fathers dream of making it the best pumkin farmn in his state. if ponies have states, I'm not sure And he succeeded. He become so successful at what he does that he was able to hire other workers and begin opening other pumkin farms in other cities, and the term 'Jack O' Lantern' was coined after his own name.


Last edited at Fri, May 9th, 2014 17:26

>> No. 454606
File 139967411528.png - (161.21KB , 635x349 , 1399414547656.png )
Name: Gerolf
Race: Gryphon
Gender: Male
Appperance: A tall, sturdily built gryphon. His feathers are a dull grey, and his fur a drab blue.
>> No. 454607
Interesting. We're certainly a bird heavy group if I accept you and vausten. That's quite a bio you got there; not that I mind big bio's.

I presume that by world reknowned, you mean in the same way sweet apple acre's are world reknowned for apples correct? That being that unless someone really cares about apples, it doesn't mean all too much to them, right?

I believe a Griffon might be S and A for their +1's. So that would give you 8 strength and 6 agility. Do you have a backstory at all for this character?
>> No. 454608
Yes, he loves his pumkin farm industry as much as his father did, who was a big influence on him. So ya, I guess world renowned would be about right.

As for the 'bird' part, well, he's a pegausis but he never was raised in cloudsdale or anything similar to it, and his father was an earth pony. So he doesn't have too much influence in the flying department. He's never had much interest in it to begin with, but with the way he was raised, he's taken a better liking to farming than anything. He can fly if he has to but he's no pro.

So ya, I'm not really sure how or where to put his stats XD
>> No. 454609
We'll work this out on skype then. Unless we somehow can't get to an agreement, this is approved.
>> No. 454610
Former career soldier in the Kingdom of Gryphons. He served only one contract before being discharged by the Gryphon Heer, as due to the peacetime limits on the size of the standing army. He was honourably discharged as a Corporalschaft and decided to seek adventure elsewhere in the world. His travels would bring him all across the lands of Equestria, more often than not generally serving as a drillmaster to various militias and other fighter-groups which were in dire need of discipline as the martial skill and professionalism of the Gryphons are world renowned, and highly sought after.
>> No. 454611
Done, it's accepted.
>> No. 454612
Aaand edited to include stats
>> No. 454613
And accepted.

Vausten, if you're still around, drop a skype address.

I know of one other person definitely interested. We're certainly getting quite a group together.
>> No. 454614
>> No. 454615
>> No. 454617
I attempted to add you, but you've not accepted.
>> No. 454624
Ooooh! What'cha got here?

Looks interesting. I'll make a sheet tomorrow when I have time and I'm not rubbing my only two functional brain cells together in hopes for a spark of imagination.
>> No. 454625
I accepted.
>> No. 454629
>> No. 454640

>and me, if I do come in, because I'm most likely honna use a gryphon too.

>And I'm trying to balance out time and responsibilities etc to see if I should try joining this thing or not.
>> No. 454709
Bump. Still would like a few more.
>> No. 454724
We'll be starting today. While you're still open to join in after we start, it would be best to begin now! <3
>> No. 454744
So, Ah'm interested, and I just wanted to know just how much the canon is being stuck to. Is clockwork a thing, is magic powered technology a thing, etcetera.
>> No. 454745
This series/canon is sticking spiritually similar to the show. The tech/magic power limitations are based on about what you'd expect from a Mane Character in the show. Chances are that giant magical warships are not a thing.

One should note however technology in Equestria seems to be in this strange place where some devices that did not exist until the 1930's are side by side with tech that was outdated by 1850. The closest I can tell you is that most tech is indeed "Ye-olde days" much like in the spirit of the show.

As for hostilities and non-tech related questions. Violence where it occurs is kept to a show-level of minimalism, with fights on par with a Daring Do episode in maximum violence (At least unless things really, really heat up.)
>> No. 454746
Aright, thank you, and thank you for answering. You seem to be going for a show type atmosphere, and that's not really my jam anymore. I mean no offense by that, and I wish you the best of luck, just not my thing.
>> No. 454747
That's fair enough. That is generally what is being gone for. Since I chose to have this take place inside the borders of equestria.

I'd request you keep an eye on this however. Should our journey travel away from the shows origins, and catch your eye. an RP goes where it goes, and it's starting point only controls so much.
>> No. 454748
I shall, my friend. Have a fine evening.
>> No. 454755
Just got home give me a few minutes and ill be on skype
>> No. 454798
I really want to post :}
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