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#Limited #Canon: Mlp Meets DND #Adventure #Crossover #Violence #Ponies #Normal #Long-post #Sign-up #Character #RTD.

You wake up in your house. A feeling of doom seeps in, but you pay it no mind and continue to go downstairs.

No killing Player Characters.
Use d20 to Attack, Roll Defence, and saving throws.
The Dungeon Master IS in charge.
The dungeon master has a character.
It isn't immortal.
Player characters cannot be Trolls or Alicorns.
Any other species, INCLUDING FAN MADE ONES are allowed, if they arent immortal.

Health: How many hits your oc can take before it Dies/Knocks Out
If your HP falls below -20, You die.
Starts at 3.
Calculate Max Hp by multiplying the Hp stat by 25.
How much Physical damage you deal with a melee weapon.
Default: 5
-2 if unicorn
+1 if pegasis
+2 if Changling/earth pony.
Same as attack, but with Magic.
Default: 5
If unicorn: +3 to default
If Changling: +2 to default
Any other Species: -5 to default
Resistance to both magic and physical Damage.
Default: 5
+3 to Earth Ponies
+1 to Pegasi
-2 to unicorns
-5 to changelings
Choose from these 8.
Fire (Resist Flames, Take more damage from Water
Earth: (Take less damage from Fire, Take more damage from Water, Resist Thunder)
Thunder: (Take no damage from Earth and fire, Deal more damage to wet targets.)
Light: Focuses on Healing.
Dark: Opposite of light.
Water: Swims Faster, and focuses on Debuffs mostly.
Ice (Resistant to water): Turns Water into ice on step. Weak to fire.
Poison: Focuses on depletion of health over time.
No Element.

List of Characters:
DM: Cakey (Me)
DM OC: Shardz The Unicorn, +5 to Magic, and Health. Light Elemental. Good.

Last edited at Wed, May 14th, 2014 22:35

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File 140033850488.jpg - (5.78KB , 100x126 , skl267j.jpg )
Would this kinda character work?
>> No. 454725
Just need a few other bits of information.
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File 140384194563.png - (545.67KB , 989x886 , 3_ Dulset Tarn 2.png )
I wouldn't mind being a random encounter, hehe...
Kelpies are in the fiend folio, after all.
>> No. 455980
Hey is this still a thing? Because I'm kinda interested
>> No. 456241
Well, it looks interesting. Here's my sheet:
Name: Wrex
Race: Bat Pony
Backstory: Him and his large family were hated wherever they went, mainly because they drink blood. They were accepted into Luna's gaurd, but Wrex hated it. He flew away, and decided to seek fame. He became a treasure hunter, and a succesful one at that. The only problem was the fame part. Numerous rales sprung up about the vampire treasure hunter, and ponies grew afraid of old ruins and temples. This meaning less competition, Wrex went with it. He sticks to the shadows and wears a dark cloak. Wrex can also fly moderately fast.
Personality: He doesn't talk to people if he doesn't have to. He also needs blood of any type to survive. He's always up for an adventure.
Description: Wrex is dark grey with dark purple hair. His cutie mark is a gold crown.
Element: Dark
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File 141216436932.gif - (595.73KB , 700x700 , me.gif )
Is application still up or am I out of luck?
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