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#Open #Canon: Raiders of Atlea #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Non-pony #Semi-serious #Air Pirates #Without Steam

The Era Of Steam has ended. Internal combustion has taken over as the main means of transportation. The world has taken to the skies as modern air shipping becomes the norm, airships flying from port to port. Those areas dangerous to fly across see a boom in motorized caravans.

The world is rife with adventure and peril. Merchants, Caravaneers and Aerial Marines alike face the dangers of the skies and home ports from raiders, natives, wild animals, and Air Pirates. Governments compete with military industry as each are wary of the other.

Humanity shares its seat with the Dwarves of Caissic, a hearty people who's engineering prowess and metallurgy skill have put Arcand on the map as an Empire, and maintained its superpower status. The Pantheran from Icelandia and Elves from Anilasia have become the bread and butter of Norune's Slave Trade, and the mercenaries it hires have kept its trade routes open and prosperous.

Where will you make your name?


Welcome to the world of Atlea! I am your host, as ever, the British Army! Please feel free to sign up for an adventure, or just sit here, chillax, and join with the audience to watch this all unfold! I shall present the current RP links later as they come, but for now, chill, just look on, and flash a grin!

So, little bit about the playable races:
Humanity and Dwarves are obviously not things I need to go over. You know enough about them to last you a lifetime.

Pantheran are a catlike humanoid (DANGEROUSLY CHEESY). Due to conflicting genetics, they cannot be interbred with humanity. So, sorry, no nekko girls.

The elves are from the forests of Anilasia. An odd bunch that can't speak verbally, they often like using telepathy. Too naiive for their own good, they're often taken by Norune Slave Traders to be sold on the market.

Right! I shall present the other people who dwell on the land as they come, but let's keep the focus on one group of adventurers at a time, eh?

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File 140143002055.png - (10.46KB , 630x592 , 1339001420878.png )
I know you nasty things aren't doing much besides having sissy tea parties.

Seek the animating contest of war and fantastic adventure!
>> No. 454856
File 140147582192.jpg - (13.20KB , 322x220 , what am i supposed to do with this imaginary hoola hoop.jpg )

But how do I roleplay actions that aren't sipping tea?
It's literally the only thing I know how to do.
>> No. 454862
File 140149490037.jpg - (363.76KB , 897x1200 , 1396732728819.jpg )
Do that but in victorian clothing and while riding on top of a massive diesel powered robo-spider armed to the uh mandibles in guns.
>> No. 454871
File 140161424978.png - (178.15KB , 413x439 , 132521483110.png )
So you actually fucking finished it finally.
>> No. 454872
File 140163938334.jpg - (39.30KB , 380x304 , MPW-64500.jpg )
Not quite. But fuck it, we're rolling with it!
>> No. 454883
File 140185268522.jpg - (97.69KB , 418x342 , canada in a nutshell.jpg )

I approve of the 'Just fuck it' motion.

I might get an app ready, gotta recall my character concept.
>> No. 454896
I randomly clicked on /ooc/ for whatever reason and saw this.

If there was more information, I have a whole host of characters I could make work in this from assassins and alchemists to gunslinging buccaneers and fighters and stuff.

So yeah, I might be interested if this goes somewhere and you'll have me.
>> No. 454898
File 140228998286.jpg - (295.03KB , 1600x743 , Churchill_72_trademark.jpg )
Iunno, can you handle the more fast paced world of Diesel rather than Steam?

Currently, we're leading a small caravan through the desert to get from point A to point B. Unforunately, they just met the locals.

So, what do you need to know?

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>> No. 454899
What kind of character would you prefer me apply with?
>> No. 454900
File 140229102280.jpg - (25.21KB , 570x385 , o-DESERT-RATS-570.jpg )
That depends. Which one would better fit escorting a caravan through the harsh desert filled with sandstorms, desert raiders, and deadly lizards and arachnids?
>> No. 454901
Airship caravan, correct? Because I do have a Gunslinger type character I could pull in from Pathfinder. Ex-pirate, buccaneer style guy who runs pistols, mostly.

Speaking of pistols, what tech level are we looking at for guns? His are flintlock, but I could run revolvers or some of the WWII era stuff in style, as well.
>> No. 454902
Actually, land bound truck caravan. The skies are too unpredictable to successfully cross through Dessaria and Saguaria to be able to successfully make it to where they're going. (Sandstorms over Dessaria, and freaky loose magic storms in Saguaria. Both tend to cause mass suicides with any crew not native to the Dessari badlands. Saguaria's just a hellhole.)

I'm looking at WWI-WWII tech. Revolvers would still be in style, I'd assume.
>> No. 454903
All righty. And, sorry for the late reply - I get distracted with a long mission in Dishonored.

And revolvers work just fine. The guy would use revolvers and rapiers, mostly. If the guns can be elemental, one is fire and one is frost. Otherwise, that can be removed. Although, mentioning magic sounds like it could be doable.

So, lemme pull up a bit of a description of him for you...

Name: Lucile Leduc; often likes to go by "Lucile of the Four Seasons." Rather pretentious, if you ask me.
Race: Human
Alignment: CG
Age: 20
Features: Blond hair, blue eyes. 6'1" tall and rather skinny.

Born to a somewhat poorer family, Lucile never had the chat about avoiding pirates. As such, at a young age and eager to scrounge money from anywhere, the boy took a job as a deck swab on board one of the air bound pirate ships of the world (you can decide which one, etc.). He found himself, eventually, as a full on pirate, but morality began to catch up with him as he approached adulthood.

In the chaotic way that was his penchant, Lucile decided to go somewhat more legitimate, but not before exacting an almost ironic form of justice on the captain of the ship. Namely, Lucile managed to steal the captain's prized guns, a pair of revolvers named Summer and Winter. Promptly renaming his twin rapiers Spring and Fall, the lad now keeps out of the way of the pirates, working odd jobs wherever there are things that may need protection or ships that need proper sailing.

Lucile is quite adept at two-weapon fighting, and has been known to use his pistols and rapiers in combination. He has very deft footwork when fighting with melee, and a sharp eye when using ranged weapons. Lucile tends to banter when fighting, and it's not unknown for him to confuse the hell out of some of his aggressors thanks to the piratical cants he's adopted from his time with the pirates themselves. Beyond that, Lucile is rather intelligent and charismatic, and shows a decent ability to make somewhat reasonable decisions. His weakest attribute would be his strength, which is about average for a layperson, but considered below average for most mercenaries seen with blades or other melee weapons. Still, the guy can take a hit, and that's not a bad thing.

Thanks to his fancy footwork and time in the skies, Leduc is also adept on board the deck of a ship and is capable of climbing and swinging on ropes like they are stairs. He has been known to have pretty decent acrobatic and balance skills as a result. As well, he keeps his guns in immaculate condition. Thanks to his light feet, stealthiness is easy for him. His dark clothes help to augment this natural stealthiness.

Thanks to his charisma, Lucile can also be somewhat good at bluffing and sensing the lies of others. This bluffing skills has come into quite a bit of use thanks to the pirates who he knows will kill him if they find him - and he maintains a few decent disguises to stay one step ahead of them.

Lucile's been known to resort to thievery on occasion - but only if the victim "deserved" it. He also has some skill in survival and has a good pair of eyes in the case of scouting.

Quick talking, although somewhat rash, Leduc is sure of his strengths but tends to downplay his weaknesses. Polite but sometimes condescending, he nevertheless tries to be friendly to his colleagues. He will still work with pirates, but, most of the time, will also try to destroy crews from within if put into that situation.

EDIT: here's the base Pathfinder sheet if you'd like to see what I'm basing him off.

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>> No. 454909
The magic in this world's a bit more... limited to a few elite people. It's a strange type of essence that is more respected rather than harnessed. Humanity and all the other beings in this world have come to accept this magic is rather dangerous to harness.

Shaman and Holy Men are often the ones that can semi control this force, and even then, the ones that can actually make a DENT in this are older masters that are so limited and devout in what they do, the select few that wish to join them always start this odd life of being hermits or priest like oaths, wandering from place to place teaching students their more common teachings to at least control a bit of the energies.

Take the Dessaris for example. Their most respected members in their society are the Shaman that inhabit a desert temple. There are only ever 5 masters in the world at a time, and their discipline and time taken into harnessing this power has actually preserved them and slowed their aging. However, it is a highly dangerous skill to learn at the levels they have reached, and have often led to either madness, turned them into vegetables, or death.
>> No. 454933
Okay, so no enchanted revolvers. Fine and dandy. Their names'll come from their plating.
>> No. 454944
Post whenever you're ready. Sorry, been a busy couple of days.
>> No. 454950
Doesn't look to be a good time for me to bring in a single person. I could run a crew, but I'm not a huge fan of running multiple people simultaneously.
>> No. 455065
Scratch that. Might have a way. I'll probably take one of the scouting jeeps or whatever. Might pull together a few other characters from my arsenal.
>> No. 455066
File 140265377205.jpg - (133.26KB , 451x483 , itf40qfrw8hs.jpg )
Would it be cool if I brought a bullet proof shield in? Like, SWAT style?
>> No. 455074
Are artificial intelligences a thing?
>> No. 455099
I wouldn't see why not. Though the shield is most likely going to be made of steel or some alloy as I doubt plastics and bullet resistant polymers are existent.
>> No. 455119
File 140291324112.jpg - (714.47KB , 1920x1080 , the_godheavy_by_mrriar-d5oicri.jpg )

It's not exactly central to the character, but it definitely a factor to his style of attack. Should I submit an app with the assumption that it would be okay, given that it would be metallic of somekind, or otherwise?
>> No. 455120
Steel riot shield? What is he, a Prospect Police Officer?

Little sidenote: The Norune home nation doesn't actually HAVE a standing army outside of its police force. Armed and armored with the best money can buy, the "Greensleeves" are considered the best trained law enforcement officers in the world.

As for their caravans and aerial shipping lanes, they depend on mostly Mercenaries and their Merchant Marines.
>> No. 455121
File 140294636518.jpg - (259.83KB , 742x676 , ur the wheel.jpg )

He's gonna be a mercenary, if that's alright with you.
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