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454948 No. 454948
#Open #Adventure #Shipping #Ponies #Semi-serious #The Favored Pastime Of /mlp/ #Dungeons and Dragons- With Technicolor Horses!

So, someone pointed out to me that our /rp/ group didn't have an /ooc/ thread. Made me think, "Hey, maybe we oughta ask /ooc/ if this sounds interesting." So that's what I'm doing, now. One sentence summary: it's DnD with ponies, over the Internet.
It's like a tabletop RPG, with classes and races and all that jazz. The rules are to the left of this text, and they're even more expounded upon in the actual rules document. I'll provide links to all of those documents (the racials, the rules, the crossclass) and you guys can read through em, if you even care. Games start at 8:00 EST most times, and go until whenever, but "day games" are not uncommon. Looks like a lot, but it really isn't.

tl;dr, casual RPG for whoever wants to join and has the patience to write a sheet.

OOC chat:
Rules: and in the image to the left.
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>> No. 454954
>> No. 454955
Hi, Raven. What do you want?
Other than my sister's heart. Which you promptly BROKE
>> No. 454956
File 140260416752.png - (148.70KB , 1024x956 , Echo 2.png )
Oh, calm down. We're all here to have fun! And play pretty ponies! Right?
>> No. 454957
File 140260427690.png - (131.11KB , 1060x1920 , Does this look like the face of mercy to you.png )
Doesn't seem to be a lot of ponies
>> No. 454958
Look, I'm sorry, Straw. I understand your anger. It was wrong of me to hurt your sister, I'm truly sorry. And also, your sis invited me here.

Spacey [<3]

Last edited at Thu, Jun 12th, 2014 13:20

>> No. 454959
File 140260438518.gif - (829.46KB , 500x277 , kanye's right for once.gif )
Yeah, it's like a goddamn desert.
Because no one likes rules.
And half of these people already have precious characters that are such special snowflakes that they won't even try to fit them into the system.
>> No. 454960
File 140260447952.gif - (786.47KB , 400x225 , Snuggly huggles.gif )
And thus starts our daily dose of emotional manipulation! Lets watch how things evolve!

Why not just give the people what they want? Do away with the rules, make mass anarchy, fuck the system!
>> No. 454961
Because this game is so fun because it has rules! It's like a challenge.
>> No. 454962
By this point, go burn in a pit
>> No. 454963
>hugs back
Luv u~
>> No. 454965
Love you too~
>> No. 454966
File 140260463140.png - (149.20KB , 826x966 , Hey Twilight, I think I found those Helements of Armory you were looking for.png )
Meh, I want my easy mode! GIVE IT FASTER!!!

WELL, somebody's certainly being a grumpy pants today. Chillax, I'm not hurting anyone.
>> No. 454967
Aww, calm down, sweetie~ There's no need to be rude, we're all here to have fun. Just both of you guys, try not to fight, okay? Please. I don't like infighting ='(
>> No. 454968
>> No. 454969
I'll do my best, sweetheart~
>> No. 454970
File 140260477806.png - (113.38KB , 434x350 , Swiggity swoogy I'm liking that booty.png )
See? See? Totally benevolent! I'll be like one of those godfathers that actually isn't evil, except I'm not nearly that old.
>> No. 454971
I get it, its just that we do have a tendency to get on eachpther's an old couple...just like Ember said.....heh...
>> No. 454972
File 140260496714.png - (162.46KB , 877x912 , shenanigans.png )

Ember Storm?

Anyways let's get down to brass tacks. Space says you already have an OC, right Raven?
>> No. 454973
File 140260500887.png - (298.38KB , 3000x2318 , Shh, I'm trying to hide from the diaper fetishists.png )
I honestly have a few more fitting comparisons myself

But as long as you don't do your usual stupid shit, things should remain positive and happylike! And everyone will enjoy themselves, and casualties will be at a minimum!
>> No. 454974
And I heard you have a crush on Mewtini, eh? ;)
>> No. 454975
File 140260509382.gif - (23.43KB , 96x199 , twitch twitch.gif )
W-what? I d-don't know what you're talking about...
>> No. 454976
What? Like brothers? Two distant cousins?
>> No. 454977
Mmmmmmmm hmmmmmmm.... ;D
>> No. 454978
File 140260518477.jpg - (198.30KB , 592x1024 , M8 r u fokin troin to ruez m3 or sumtin.jpg )
Well I suppose I do have an amount of charm about me. Either that, or I've got some really strong brainwashing techniques that I can't control. I'll need to look into this, this actually sounds kinda scary. What if I brainwash them to download Gentoo? That won't end well.
>> No. 454979
File 140260528109.png - (263.32KB , 459x470 , Stone Cold Steve Austen, I am not.png )
Not even close. But I'm not telling.
>> No. 454980
Raven, so did you take a look at the rules? Your OC is a poet, right?
>> No. 454981
File 140260543246.png - (266.14KB , 1280x1643 , Owning lipstick makes me no less of a man, you baka.png )
You can't tell me what to do, mom!
>> No. 454982
File 140260552433.png - (143.56KB , 900x900 , echo 1.png )
But I can tell you not to stare at the wall
>> No. 454983
File 140260558500.jpg - (9.28KB , 263x152 , swer on me mum.jpg )
>stares at the wall

Foit m3 irl
>> No. 454985
File 140260611078.png - (107.95KB , 500x593 , rara rapeface.png )
So, now that we're all done staring at the wall, are you guys ready to play pretty ponies?
>> No. 454986
File 140260616490.png - (181.29KB , 1022x781 , echo 5.png )
I am if Ravey is~
And Mew's writing up some more characters, right?
>> No. 454987
File 140260626027.png - (333.13KB , 968x548 , Now come give this dragon a blowjob.png )
Well, I'll probably just stick with the Mewtini OC. I haven't written up any other characters yet, and I won't have time to until tomorrow.
>> No. 454988
File 140260629690.gif - (1.10MB , 500x467 , what a flirt.gif )
>> No. 454989
File 140260635103.png - (206.82KB , 1820x2862 , And then POOF! All the fucks I gave vanished without a trace.png )
It's Ravenheart's power word, dontcha know?
>> No. 454990
File 140260743271.png - (449.24KB , 800x800 , my cutie.png )
You still here, Casanova?
>> No. 454991
>> No. 454992
File 140260839876.png - (187.08KB , 781x1024 , ooh look at this.png )
Your OC is a poet, correct? Tell me a little about your OC, Raven. No offense meant, I'm just gathering information to help you pick skills and class when you start writing your sheet.
>> No. 454993
Raven has a black mane, blue eyes and purple coat.
He is a poet, writer and has some emotional ups and downs. In one story I'm doing, he's a ruthless dictator of the Literary Empire and rules it with an iron hoof
>> No. 454994
Dictatorness is good. Don't abuse your subjects too much. Or my sister's trust, for that matter.

Anyways, if he's a poet he sounds like he'll fit the bard class. Bards are cool! And he's an Earth pony, right?
>> No. 454995
Yeah. And Raven, even though I relate his dictatorness to a similarity of Hitler, he doesn't do mass genocide. He only kills when its necessary.
>> No. 454997
Alright. Sounding good so far. So far we've got a name, class, and race. Next up are your skills. Since this is your first time, we'll go straight bard. What kind of things is Raven good at, specifically?

And now I'mma let Space help you a little with actually writing the sheet and stuff. I'll be back soon. Girly's good at this, don't worry.
>> No. 454998
Raven's darker side has the ability to convince people, be very persuasive and earns followers through words. He can lead firmly, and makes sure everything is in line and organized.
>> No. 454999
Alright. He's sounding like a pretty solid character so far.
So, these are all the Bard skills. See how there's 1, 2, and 3 point skills? Pick the skills that you think fit him the best until you have five points worth of skills.

1 Point
-Cheap Shot: recharge 1, weapon; outside of combat, this skill is automatic and renders the target helpless. In combat, 9+ renders the target helpless.
-Improvise: automatic instant, recharge 3; tossing a solution together can be better than stopping to make a plan. Your next roll succeeds on a 4+ but cannot crit
-Inspire: You use song and performance to enthrall a crowd or rally your allies.
Combat: the entire party gains +1 to all rolls next turn, or +2 on a critical success; this bonus does not stack with repeated use. Critical failure replaces the bonus with a -1 penalty to all rolls next turn.
Noncombat: you perform for a gathered audience, and can garner reputation, favors, and resources as the GM deems appropriate.
-Mimic Sound: You can mimic almost to perfection any sound you have heard, be it an orchestra playing or the growling of a wild beast. This skill cannot be used to imitate other sound-based skills.
-Smooth Talker: Can talk a non-hostile thing into not getting in the way, not make a fuss and generally not be an issue.
2 Points
-Con Artist: on success, whatever you say, no one thinks you are trying to deceive them. Characters with evidence or knowledge contrary to your claim may still readily disprove you. Outlandish or ridiculous statements can still get you in trouble. Can also forge documents.
-Terrify: recharge 2; 8+ renders a group of targets helpless
-Fast Moves: Instant, Recharge 3; upon success, makes one action next turn Instant
-Mulligan: Instant, Recharge 4; Re-roll a non-critical failed roll.
3 Points
-Heroism: recharge 8; the whole party turns all non-critical failures when using abilities into successful hits for 3 turns
-Chaos: Recharge 8 after effect ends; Turns all opponents against one another for 2 turns. Any non-critfail counterattack damage is also applied to a random enemy from their infighting.

Don't worry if you're confused, I'll answer any questions you have. Just ask!
>> No. 455001
Smooth talker
>> No. 455002
Yay! Alright, now, what kind of items does Raven typically carry with him? Simple stuff.
>> No. 455003
Eh. Not too much:
As a dictator, he carries a pistol and is in red and black uniform
As a writer, he just carries a feather quill and ink
>> No. 455004
Alright. We'll go with the feather quill and ink for this RP, since it's just basically a separate story from everything. Also, have you wrote any fanfics about him? =)

What's his special talent, also?
>> No. 455005
No, but I went on omegle and did rp of the story of his slow takeover on Equestria by having Celestia appeasing him with Manehatten and Ponyville, and is now hostilely taking over the Crystal Empire, but while he's there, he finds "The Magic Mirror...." The rest is yet to be told

His main talent is, of course, writing

Last edited at Thu, Jun 12th, 2014 15:26

>> No. 455006
Sounds neat =D

Does he have a special talent?
>> No. 455007
What do you mean by special talent?
>> No. 455008
Like, what does his cutie mark mean? Is he especially good at writing or something like that?
>> No. 455009
He earned his cutie mark when he was a young foal by writing an impressive poem he called "Flower". At least, impressive for the age he was. He improved over time
>> No. 455010
Alright, gimme a second...
>> No. 455011
Actually, which of these seems the best for him? One last thing.

-Stand Firm: Instant, Once per combat after success; Plant your hooves deep and be as still as a mountain. As an instant action roll to lock your hits remaining at their current spot. At the start of next turn, you begin with that number of hits. This does not protect you from wound damage that exceeds your locked hits.
-Earthly Affinity: Earth ponies have a special connection to the land. Pick one land type, e.g plains, island, swamp, mountain, forest. When on chosen terrain, your rolls to recover from helplessness are DC4 and transversing on your home terrain is automatic.
-Earth Pony Way: Being born without a horn or wings has taught you how to spend more time and effort in the things you do. You can pick one skill and gain a +1 bonus. This does not include non-skill actions like melee attacks or recovering from helplessness.
-Workhorse: passive; Many Earth Ponies are bred for physical labor and other daunting tasks that exhaust others quickly. You can catch your breath faster, work harder and work longer. Tends to be pretty useful in combat. When not taking a normal or instant action you automatically regain a hit.
>> No. 455012
Earth Pony way
>> No. 455013
OK, what skill do you want the bonus to go to?
>> No. 455014
>> No. 455015
Name: Raven Heart
Sex: Male
Race: Earth Pony
Class: Bard

-Tough: passive; Earth ponies take 1 additional hit before becoming helpless as well as 1 extra wound once they become helpless, for a total of 6 hits and 6 wounds without other modifiers. They can also lift, carry and move heavier objects than unicorns and pegasi.
-Earth Pony Way: Being born without a horn or wings has taught you how to spend more time and effort in the things you do. You can pick one skill and gain a +1 bonus. This does not include non-skill actions like melee attacks or recovering from helplessness. [+1 to Inspire]
-Heroism: recharge 8; the whole party turns all non-critical failures when using abilities into successful hits for 3 turns
-Inspire: You use song and performance to enthrall a crowd or rally your allies.
-Smooth Talker: Can talk a non-hostile thing into not getting in the way, not make a fuss and generally not be an issue.

Talent: A skilled writer, Raven takes a +2 to Inspire.

Items: A quill pen and ink.

Description: Raven has a black mane, blue eyes and purple coat. He is a poet, writer and has some emotional ups and downs.

Sound good?
>> No. 455016
I like it! :3
>> No. 455017
Alright, thanks =)

So, now you have a sheet. When the game starts, I'll give you a link to the thread, and I can walk you through as we play. Sound like fun?
>> No. 455018
File 140261482583.jpg - (62.49KB , 469x600 , skyfall.jpg )
I'm back, what did I miss?
>> No. 455019

I got my sheet done!
>> No. 455020
>hug and a kiss
>> No. 455021
File 140261520507.png - (181.29KB , 1022x781 , echo 5.png )
>kiss and a hug
Love you, Ravey~
>> No. 455022
Love you too, Spacey~
>> No. 455023
So, what now?
>> No. 455024
Sorry, I was busy
>> No. 455025
It's all good~
>> No. 455026
Wanna talk later tonight on omegle? Maybe have another cuddling session? :3
>> No. 455027
>> No. 455028
Hey! Wanna go on gala?
>> No. 455029
>> No. 455030
Yeah. It's another part of ponychan, look it up, go under "Dirty Hooves Hang Out", you'll meet me there
>> No. 455031
I will?~
>> No. 455067
Is Sapcey around?
>> No. 455068
Not right now, sorry I'm late.
>> No. 455069
Is Spacey around how?
>> No. 455070
Um, she's actually in bed right now.
>> No. 455071
Aww...I wanted to be with her tonight....
>> No. 455072
Well, check again tomorrow, kiddo. Sorry.
She still loves you, don't worry~
>> No. 455075
Is Spacey around?
>> No. 455076
Right here, sweetheart~
>> No. 455077
I'm sorry I didn't get on omegle with you the other night, I accidenty fell asleep
>> No. 455078
It's OK, Ravey~
I still love you~
>> No. 455079
Lets go on there right now! Is that ok?

Last edited at Sat, Jun 14th, 2014 14:56

>> No. 455080
>> No. 455081
>> No. 455083
Where are you?
>> No. 455084
Sorry, I'm doing like a million things at once
>> No. 455085
Are you still busy?
>> No. 455086
For right now, yes.
Cooking dinner and about to watch something with my older brother.
>> No. 455087
Alright. We can talk later tonight.
Love you!
>> No. 455088
I love you too!
>> No. 455089
>> No. 455095
Is Spacey around?
>> No. 455123
Where's my sweet little Spacey? :3
>> No. 455124
She actually just left the house, but she'll be back soon.
Whatcha need, bud?
>> No. 455125
I just need some hugs and to spend some time with her... May I have a hug from you, dear brother? Until she returns?
>> No. 455126
File 140296726352.png - (99.04KB , 500x504 , hugs.png )
Heh, sure.
>> No. 455127
I'm sorry, Straw...I'm terribly sorry...I'm sorry I broke your sister's heart....

Last edited at Mon, Jun 16th, 2014 18:13

>> No. 455128
File 140296755101.gif - (622.10KB , 853x480 , aw, so cute! i just want to huggle her.gif )
Chill, man. It's all good, as long as you don't pull that shit again. She's really happier now that you two are together again.
>> No. 455129
She is?....
Thank god for that....
>hugs you tighter
>> No. 455130
>hugs you back tighter
>> No. 455131
I promise you, Straw... I will make Spacey a very, very happy girl...I promise
>> No. 455132
I hope so. She likes you a lot, man.
>> No. 455133
>>455132 Could she love.... Someone like me?......
>> No. 455134
I dunno. Just keep doing whatever you're doing, kid. She likes it, I guess.
>> No. 455135
But... What am I doing?
>> No. 455136
I have no idea. But she's into it, evidently.

Last edited at Mon, Jun 16th, 2014 18:32

>> No. 455137
Has she ever told you why?
>> No. 455138
No. We don't tend to talk about it IRL.
>> No. 455139
Why not?
>> No. 455140
It's just weird to talk about things on the Internet IRL, you know? It's socially inappropriate.
>> No. 455141
Oh, right.
And I have to ask:
How old are you and when will Spacey be back?
>> No. 455142
File 140296934156.png - (162.46KB , 877x912 , shenanigans.png )
I'm 20, and Space will be back sometime soon. She went to go pick up food or some shit, I was actually asleep when she left, so... yeah.
>> No. 455143
20, huh?
What do you look like irl? Eye/hair color? Height?
>> No. 455144
5"11 and a half, FYI. And I have thick brown hair and eyes. Amy takes a lot more after our mom, being blonde and blue eyes and all. Oh, and I'm tan.
>> No. 455145
I am about 5'8.5", paler skin, blue/hazel eyes, brown hair
>> No. 455146
Good for you. Seriously, no sarcasm intended.
>> No. 455147
Nah, its alright. Personally, I thought you would've been Aryan like Spacey is
>> No. 455148
File 140297262392.png - (405.89KB , 3000x2634 , heiling never looked so good.png )
Dude, no offense, but that could be interpreted as really offensive. You gotta cut that shit out, bro.

Plus, I woulda been concentrated if I was around back then, so... yeah.
>> No. 455149
No no no no no no no no no nooooooooo.
I only use that term to describe blonde/blue eyed people in one word. But then... Maybe instead I can call them golden blues...
And trust me, I would've been burned with ya back then

Last edited at Mon, Jun 16th, 2014 19:42

>> No. 455150
File 140297305535.jpg - (34.21KB , 220x325 , sig heil.jpg )
Well, anything other than Aryan. Or just say "blonde haired, blue eyed." Because it doesn't matter what you use that word for, it still has negative connotations. ='(
>> No. 455151
You know what's really sad? The word "Aryan" was originally used to describe Euroasian migraters, but tainted by the Nazis. Same for the swastika, a religious symbol from India, tainted by the frickin Nazis
>> No. 455153
Yeah. The Nazis fucked up a lot of things. It's too bad =( The swastika used to be a good luck symbol and all.
>> No. 455154
Now its seen as a symbol of extreme nationalism, racism, Anti Semitism and Hatred... Anywho. May I talk with you on omegle? Under batpony
Actually, nevermind. I changed my mind. No need to go on

Last edited at Mon, Jun 16th, 2014 20:07

>> No. 455155
We can, yeah. Actually, that would be perfect. Space said that she wanted you and me to talk, so we could like, be closer or whatever.

I dunno, I think it was just an excuse to go watch her silly animu shows. =/ But hey, I'd like to talk to you, yeah.
>> No. 455156
Ok. Lets go on now
>> No. 455217
Oh Spacey, thy love :3
Where art thou?
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