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So it's late at night, but this is usually when I get the idea to say what ideas I've built up over the while!

I have this idea for a story based RP. It's set back when the three races of ponies are united and it revolves around the struggles of society reforming itself to fit the wants and needs of a new order of ponies of different races trying to live together in harmony in the new found Equestria.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Has this already been done?

It's really just an idea right now, but I want to know if anyone would also be interested in this idea.
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This is pretty interesting I'll sign up if it becomes a thread. Just wondering would there be any sort of dungeon crawl or will this have a frontier feel to it (like building stuff) or maybe a mix of both?

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>> No. 455343
It'll have some of both. Overall, it'll focus on the three races and their leaders uniting and trying to maintain everything in Equestria.

It's based off the canon episode and it follows off of head-canon ideas I found.

I'll try and come up with a rough draft on how the story will begin when I can.
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File 140393511079.png - (25.95KB , 301x301 , 140149603076.png )
>set back
>mentions future

Is this in the past where the three pony races were separate or a post alicorn society?
>> No. 455502
In between!

Based off what the show set for us, we know that the three races were divided, but saw past their differences and unified in the land of Equestria. It also shows that the princesses never arrived until after Discord took over.

This will be set during the time right after they unified.
>> No. 455552
Sounds neat. so its just us surviving in that kind of environment? High adventure?
>> No. 455645
> Late reply is late
> Sorry, had a lot of work to do.

I'm still trying to figure that out and also find out if anyone is interested. In all honesty, I don't know yet if I want it to be mainly based around adventure or just have those who apply help build a story about the leaders trying to work together to make things work and help reform society.

But then again, I'm all up for doing what other rp'ers want to do. I guess that's another question.

What do you want out of this rp?

A story?
A character that starts out as some sort of commoner moving in to the new land but becomes something much more over time?
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File 140511426531.gif - (157.93KB , 209x193 , 1397350157585.gif )
What I want out of this rp is participation from the posters of this board.
>> No. 455671
Yeah, that might be a little trouble due to the lacking in participation in general. I'll try and ask around to see what posters I already know would be interested.
>> No. 455719
Is this an actual thread? If it is, i'd like to sign up. If not, it's a really good idea! It sounds interesting. Does this take place before of after Hearth's Warming Eve?

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File 140562544146.jpg - (161.90KB , 900x900 , 49494__safe_pinkie+pie_top+hat_monocle_classy_monocle+and+top+hat_artist-colon-strabarybrick_bri.jpg )
Afterward Hearth's Warming.

And thank you for your interest. I'll put a sign up thread up on the board soon. It'll certainly be this weekend if not sooner.
>> No. 455728
*After Hearth's Warming
>> No. 455765

OOC sign up is now available!
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