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#Open #Non-canon #Adventure #Ponies #Semi-serious

So, I'm thinking of running a game of Ponyfinder - an adaptation of Pathfinder for Equestrian adventures.

The basic idea is as follows: In an alternate universe, Celestia defeated Nightmare Moon, but vanished in the aftermath. Without her, things slowly fell apart - while Equestria is still dotted with happy, hard-working villages, they tend to be isolated points of light in the wild, rather than a united pony nation.

The players are citizens or visitors to one of these small towns, on what were once the borders of the nation. The mayors and sheriffs of their town have grown worried, as have those of the towns they occasionally trade with - ponies are going missing, and no one knows where. At their wits end, they turn to the heroes, and ask them to make the long journey to Canterlot Castle - to re-establish contact with whoever rules now, and seek help to protect their ponies.

Players would be low-level (I'm thinking of starting at level 3) ponies from this rural town. You'd be welcome to either create your own pony or play an adapted version of someone from the show - the only requirements are that the Mayor and the other players have a reason to trust you, and you'd actually qualify as competent and willing to go off on an adventure.

Anyone feel up for something like this?
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Could be cool.
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I wouldn't mind something like this at all. How would we go around the recruitment process (for lack of a better term)?
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