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#Ask/invite #Planned #Canon: Zero Escape #Series: Zero Escape #Fresh start #Adventure #Dark #Power Limit #Serious #Puzzle/Adventure #CYOA

I need [9] people for a game.
You will participate in the [Nonary Game]
This is a game of life or death, of puzzles, and of choice.
If you are suited for the [Nonary Game] You will be chosen.

The [Nonary Game] Will test your limits, it will test your character, your intelligence and everything about you. You may die, you may live, but it is not your choice. All things have been predetermined, all choices have been made for you. But this does not mean you cannot change this; It us up to you to make the right choices, to live, to die, and to seek out your own goals. Ultimately you will either win or lose.

The call will end in [9] days, or when [9] people are chosen.

Good luck.

If you do not know what the Nonary game, that's even better; if you really want to know look up the zero escape series.
These threads will be a 9 person CYOA style series, which I will GM.
If you're interested post a simple character sheet.
Name, Gender, Species, short bio.
You can apply with as many characters as you want.
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>> No. 455375
File 140353443862.png - (545.67KB , 989x886 , 3_ Dulset Tarn 2.png )
Hmm, I am intrigued.

Dulset Tarn
>> No. 455376
File 140354132485.jpg - (36.91KB , 300x366 , somethings OFF.jpg )
Rubin Rush
Earth Pony

Rubin is a simple stallion of simple means. An earnest fellow in his late forties who presides over a mine in northwestern Equestria; while in his free time a coach for a little league baseball team, one who hasn't reached all too much success outside of the relatively small village.
Warm and genial, Rubin is a stallion shaped by the camaraderie in the face of adversity, many of his younger years spent down in the coal shafts. He always tries hard to be understanding, but has little patience for those who do not try their best.
Firm believer in macho ideals, and that a hard pat on the back can solve anything.

I really hope this pans out. Good luck OP.

Last edited at Mon, Jun 23rd, 2014 09:38

>> No. 455377
Dulset and Rubin are accepted.
>> No. 455378
Actually cancel Dulset please, I have another character I want to try. Just have to finish making him.
>> No. 455379
Alright :P
>> No. 455380
File 140357247567.png - (90.30KB , 503x360 , This pleases me greatly.png )

Not someone to trust with your life. Suromit is an absolute Shyster, more than happy to trade someone else's life for his own gain. Though that's not to say he's short-sighted. He won't backstab someone who serves his needs. The only real scruple he has is that he tries not to do anything that would hurt kids.
>> No. 455381
all good
>> No. 455382
File 140358845157.gif - (24.84KB , 178x178 , unikitty_ver2_by_ucantw1n-d776wpo.gif )
^I want to play unikitty.

<But I don't know if yes.
>> No. 455383
>That thing frightens me
>> No. 455384
File 140362199749.png - (133.72KB , 673x531 , princess_unikitty_by_feline_girl_2000-d78ou6h.png )

^It's cute!

Last edited at Tue, Jun 24th, 2014 08:01

>> No. 455386
It's going to devour my soul
>> No. 455397
In case it wasn't clear you're in
>> No. 455398
Finely Tuned

A simple and educated light blue stallion, Finely Tuned is an student of academia at Canterlot University. His special talent is telekinesis: while most unicorns can levitate objects with magic, he can move many objects at once with extreme precision. Somewhat nerdy, he has a sibling rivalry with his older brother Wallop.
>> No. 455400
>> No. 455401
Someone else is going to play Wallop, when they get around to posting.
>> No. 455514
If we do not have enough people after [9] days we will begin anyway
>> No. 455516

A jocky unicorn? Is that even a thing? Fuck yeah it is. While most unicorns have strong minds rather than strong bodies... well, Wallop does have a strong mind, stronger levitation abilities than standard magic by a standard unicorn. Special talent in telekinesis like his brother, Finely Tuned. A light blue unicorn, not as educated as his brother.
>> No. 455531
>> No. 455620
Is it time to start?
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