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So, I looked at 4chan and decided that it was too much.
This seems a lot simpler.

For those asking what I will do, I will rp as my OC, Boreal Symphony. I'll be going by the name Boreal in /rp/ whenever I decide to pick up on it.

But for now, I'm saying hi to all of you!
And I hope you'll enjoy having me around.
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>> No. 455582
File 140448145085.png - (545.67KB , 989x886 , 3_ Dulset Tarn 2.png )
Hello! If you want to become a little bit better known, you could share some info about your character if you like. Unless you'd rather it be a surprise.
>> No. 455584
File 140448786496.jpg - (49.38KB , 600x600 , 1402214560940.jpg )
Hello my white friend.
>> No. 455586
If you guys would prefer some info, I can post a thread of the backstory I made.

Or do backstories go somewhere other than /ooc/?
>> No. 455587
File 140450185933.png - (351.44KB , 1280x941 , didney worl.png )
Posting it in this thread would be fine sir! Tho be warned! IT is the internet...and people might critique/judge. Don't let it get to you though unless you are looking for constructive criticism.

But on the plus side, we don't bite as hard as 4chan. We nibble ;)

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>> No. 455590
I know they're be some opinions. Some I won't agree with, some I will. I just want other's opinions of what I've created. Also, all the art I post is NOT made by me.

I'll post the first part after I post this.
If you guys like it, tell me and I'll post more.
>> No. 455619
File 140483701006.png - (830.94KB , 900x624 , trixie_by_atryl-d5renj9.png )
Welcome to the void stranger. How unfortunate you must be to have found yourself here, stuck in the place where time only ever stands still and nothing ever happens.
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