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#Open #Ask/invite #Series: Strange Encounters #Adventure #Violence #Ponies #Non-pony #Semi-serious #Sign-up

I'm thinking of creating a thread called Strange Encounters. The basic summary-
Equestria, the noble country ruled by the four alicorns- Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadence, and Princess Twilight- has fallen. The land is roamed by creatures of chaos both day and night, and the population of all pony races alike diminishes faster every moment. Trains made of bones, a gloomy overcast over all of Equestria. Most Earth Ponies became slaves to the dark powers, Unicorns met the same fate with chopped off horns, and pegasai the same, wingless.Some are slaves, a meal, or merely entertainment. But what about Equestria's saviors? The Elements of Harmony? The princesses? Princess Celestia and Princess Luna as well as the elements of harmony are no where to be found, and Princess Cadence was publicly executed by the new leader of this dark age. All hope was lost- until one pony found something that could save Equestria- a reverse time spell.Like the one that Twilight used, but lasts much longer...with the possibility of being trapped in the past. That way, they could go back in time and stop the event that started the spiraling downfall of their peaceful and harmonious nation. They could save princess Cadence from death. They could bring salvation to...everything. There's only one problem- nobody knows exactly what that event is. And this pony can't do it alone. She'll need some ponies, people, creatures of any race to help her figure out what exactly happened...and how to save Equestria from becoming a land of darkness, ruled by power- hungry creatures who want nothing more than to keep themselves in the position of power. Even when they get to the past- something's wrong- everypony seems to be hiding something. Anyone could be a suspect for the catalyst- the bringer of the new, dark Equestria.

It would accept all sorts of races, including ponies from the show but excluding the princesses, Spike, and Shining Armour. Alicorns are allowed, but no immortal players, playing God, perfect-in-every-way Mary Sue type characters. There can also be races from animes and fan-made and stuff, but just run it by me first. You do need to make a character sheet. The requirements are Name, Race, Appearance, personality, and why it should be YOU to travel back into the past. You can include a Bio and other stuff if you want, but it's not mandatory. It will start out in the future Equestria, where it's full of darkness. If you have any questions, just ask. I really hope people sign up for this... I think it's going to be awesome!
Link to rp thread-

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File 140555532002.png - (35.83KB , 900x650 , Jacob.png )
Name: Jacob
Race: Earth Pony
Appearance: Pic
Personality: Quiet, loyal, can be resourceful sometimes.
Reason: Has an idea of how time travel works and the severe consequences of doing so.

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Name: Berry Brush
Race: Unicorn
Appearance: Green with a green and red mane and tail
Personality: Energetic, bubbly. Can be serious when need be though.
Reason: She can tell when ponies are lying and is interested by the possibility of time travel.

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File 140560769080.png - (138.70KB , 480x480 , unnamed.png )
Oh, here's a picture.
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File 140560801762.jpg - (167.29KB , 1024x762 , happiness.jpg )
I really like your character's personality and I feel like he'll fit in nicely with the group and the situation.
This character looks good too, and I really like the picture.
I'm going to post a thread in the rp section soon, as soon as we get one more player. But if we don't get another one soon, I might post it anyway, and we can start.

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I'd be willing to submit a sheet if you don't mind me randomly disappearing due to work. I'll try and keep you informed on when my work schedule is going to be busy if that happens, though. And with some luck, this week will be the last week it really gets that bad.
>> No. 455736
okay, that's fine.
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File 140565337686.png - (728.35KB , 868x1134 , tumblr_mppaiuNcoP1rqnygwo1_1280.png )
Name: Seras
Race: Fruit Bat Pony
Appearance: Has a light purple mane/ tail with a light gray coat and yellow eyes. Under her armor on her left hind leg is a scar she got as a filly and another on her right fore leg she got on service in the guard.
Personality: The fate of Equestria has led her own honor. She dreams of traveling the land again like it was when it was safer. Seras tends to act strict and official until she gets to know who she's working with, then she'll adjust to a more comfortable approach.
Reason: She is driven by her honor to do anything despite the risks. Even now when she questions herself, she believes that helping restore peace in Equestria once more will bring back her faith that she is a loyal guard.

> She doesn't really look this dark. I just wanted to post a picture of her in color and with her cutie mark.
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File 140579772730.jpg - (200.58KB , 850x610 , mlp_fim___athewm_72_by_fadri-d72wxfq.jpg )
A Fruit Bat Pony, huh? Very unique...I like it!
I"ll post in the rp thread either today or tommorow, so be on the lookout!
>> No. 455766
File 140581547982.jpg - (408.45KB , 2736x2042 , Attempt at heart pony.jpg )

And yeah. She's a Lunar Guard. Like the ones from the show and junk :p
>> No. 455785
Rp thread is up!
>> No. 455858
well this could be interesting
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