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455764 No. 455764
#Ask/invite #Canon: From the Beginning #Serious #Sign-up

For every story has a beginning.

But knowledge does not spread so fast, and what was written down to be kept forever could be lost or destroyed, leaving the mind to forget it's origin and wander through the world, only able to look at what's close behind it and what could wait up ahead. This was how we were forced to live, having traditions as our only source to vaguely summarize where we came from. This was, until one became determined to find the truth.

For years, this pony has secluded himself to libraries, traveling across Equestria while almost never saying a word to any pony. One who would watch him pass by a town would always remember him for the determination in his eyes and, more-so-than-the-first, the odor that followed him. It was a long time that he spent, trying to find the answers as to how Equestria came to be, and all his years of research has lead him to a frozen wasteland far far away from home.

He fought the bitter cold for over a month. The stallion's food was starting to run out, and no sign of any vegetation would be around; not for miles to come. His faith in finding what he was looking for was beginning to fade, and it seemed like he would have to return to the warmer climates in Equestria. He fell to the snow covered ground, feeling lost and defeated by all the years he spent, only to find that it might have been a mistake after all. But as if the shining grace of Celestia came to show him the way, he would look up, seeing what his heart desired: an old ruined archive, lost to all forms of life until this very day. He rushed inside, seeking refuge from the cold and finding good shelter, something he hasn't been able to enjoy for a while now. Looking around, he saw the vast array of books and scrolls. Many were ruined. He had no idea where to begin. Out of all the books, the one that caught his eye first would be found on a table, set up on a small podium at the other end of what was left of the structure he was in. The stallion ran over, opening the book to begin his search for knowledge. He finally found what he was looking for. The history of Equestria.

We already know how this magical land came to be, but we never really found out what happened to bring us to where we are today. He has found the missing link, and he will find the answers we thought were lost. He will know our story from the beginning.



This is a story-based canon that will take place after the discovery of Equestria, when the three races of ponies unite to finally bring peace to everyone. There will be adventures in this new land. Not only for glory, but to help the struggling ponies of this time. For bringing the races together is only the beginning. Not all of them will be for this new plan of reforming the society they built for themselves. Will the three leaders be able to handle the issues being thrown at them, or will everything go crumbling back to the old barbaric days of division?

To sign up for this canon, you will need to make a character sheet. To do this, please follow the guideline set up below.

Character Name: Your character's name.
Age: How old your character may be.
Race Your character's race.
History Just write a summary about who your character is and what position they're in now.
Class Is your character a wanderer, moving around Equestria? Is your character a high class pony, living around the leaders of Equestria? Or is your character just a humble peasant living in a small village that was recently built? Please inform me so that I know where to put your character when you start rp'ing.
AP: Additional Point (look below for more details). Which stat are you going to put your AP in?


Yes, there are rules. And it is important that everyone reads them before applying. This is not only for maintaining order, but also to help those understand how the rp is actually going to work.

- There will be parts that require you to follow the honor's system (writing out situations, being honest about your characters reaction without rolling any dice). This will mostly follow IC discussions and interactions.

- Dice will only be rolled if requested by the DM.

- Players will roll a 1d6 when requested to roll. If you are performing an action, you will have to roll a 4 or higher to be successful.

-Situations like this will follow a basic system of Muscle, Skill, and Smarts.
> Muscle: this will determine how strong a pony is and how much they can endure.
> Skill: This will determine how fast, agile, and precise a pony is.
> Smarts: This will determine how, well, smart a pony can be. (It will also effect the use of spells with unicorns.)

Depending on what race your pony is, they will receive bonus points on rolls.

Earth ponies: 1d6+1 on Muscle
Pegasus: 1d6+1 on Skill
Unicorn: 1d6+1 on Smarts

- You will also get to add an additional point, depending on your character's talent. You get to choose which stat the point will go in to, but make sure to be honest. If Pinkie Pie is a baker, then her extra point would go into Skill.


This canon is meant to be more story based than action. This is just a system put in just in case it is needed. If you do need help understanding it, just ask here or you can contact me on Steam (username will be put below).


I will allow other players to make their own side threads if they want (but isn't too likely unless this canon actually picks up). You can do whatever you'd like as long as it sticks to the themes and settings of the canon, without interfering with events that have or are currently happening in the thread. Feel free to make a thread, and if you have questions about what you are doing, then I strongly encourage you to ask me before doing it.

Also, feel free to ask me any questions or give any comments on anything you see or even what you don't see. Thank you!

Steam Username: seras_wisp
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>> No. 455768
Name: Simio Tessera
Age: 32
Race: Pegasus
History: Born in Pegasopholis 32 years ago would be one of the last Generals of the Pegasi. Being born in the democratic capital was already enough of an advantage for him to rise to power. He was never much of a follower and mostly always a leader. This kind of personality was.. appreciated by his parents as they wanted him to be as strong as powerful. Around the age of 16 he was a strong leader, enough for people to start to admire his ideas. A few years later he was asked if he wanted to get a chance to go down in history and of course he said yes. He was then stuck in more schooling.. which he honestly didn't like at first but as soon as he realized they were teaching strategy, he listened. At the age of 24 he graduated his school with much knowledge but it wasn't over yet. His final test was to fight the next top scoring classmate in a wargame. Of course he won. Right after that he was forced into the military at first as a right hand man but one year later at the age of 25 he became a general. The biggest conflict he was in was making sure the Earth ponies weren't slacking. Though not the most exiting career, he still enjoyed it. Four years later however the worst thing to him happened, he was relieved after the military had no point of being funded. Everyone was united under one flag. He didn't like this, having dreams of having all the races being under the flag of the pegasi. Two years later he is in Pegasopholis, a veteran, alone, still wanting this 'nightmare' to end and because of that, he isn't the nicest towards outsiders.
He is only just slightly taller than the average pegasus. His coat is blue with the tips of his wings dyed white. His mane and tail are a light grey.
Class: Ex-General, He would be in the at least known by some of the old leaders of the city before the centralization.
AP: Skill
>> No. 455769
File 140583013489.jpg - (408.46KB , 1400x1744 , pfyj71.jpg )
Hmmm, it's an interesting sheet. I think it fits well, seeing how not everyone would want this new form of society and I respect you putting that effort in to make a character who seems to fit more with the environment (this doesn't mean I'm only giving credit to you making your character slightly racist).


You're accepted into the canon and I'll be making an announcement here for when characters are ready to be added into rp threads. It may take a bit longer right now because I'm waiting for just a few more people to sign up before doing anything.

Now I'd like to ask you to tell me more about his status with politics. I'm wanting to know for story purposes so I can make sure to fit him in the right spot.
>> No. 455770
He hasn't done anything prestigious like won any large battles or anything but his name would probably be known around the city. He would really like to start a rebellion and become a city state but with him being a strategist, he knows that isn't wise. However he doesn't keep it a secret that he dislikes the idea of giving up and sharing all the land.
>> No. 455771
File 140583161259.png - (545.67KB , 989x886 , 3_ Dulset Tarn 2.png )
Any chance the untamed country could have a kelpie in it?
>> No. 455772
Alright, that should do. Unfortunately you will have to wait till I can get another character to interact with yours. I hope you don't mind.

Thank you for signing up though. It's one huge step at getting a good, fun canon started!

Well, it's debatable. Very debatable.

This canon is suppose to be a "what if this was why this happened" sort of story, but it also sticks closely to what's been seen in the show. We haven't seen any kelpies in the show (at least we don't know they're kelpies if there are any). I have, however, seen a map in one of the comics show an area that implies that kelpies live there.

I think this does have a chance of working, but the real question is: do you think you could make it work? I'll be willing to fix the stat system to where it could work for your character.
>> No. 455773
File 140583735278.png - (118.44KB , 900x900 , 1_ Dulset laugh.png )
Well exploring a new frontier does seem like the best setting if any to find a kelpie, and I think I can make it work. Like your canon, my characters and I are much more driven by story than by action. I mean, I don't know for sure how well this could go, but no one really does at this point.

Only issue is she will most likely start off opposing the main group, and may or may not join them.

For AP... Would it be too weird if I asked for +1 Skill and Muscle, only when underwater?
>> No. 455774
I see your point, and it's fine if she isn't one for befriending others. The story may get chaotic from time to time with arguments (not the actual roleplay). So it's perfectly acceptable to have a character or two that isn't for the way things work as long as I can get more characters who actually want to try and make peace with others.

And as for AP: it isn't weird, considering the circumstances. And will both AP points only be considered when she's underwater or is one always active while the other only comes into play wen she's in water? I'd prefer the first one. And what about her default stat point? I'd see a kelpie leaning more towards skill.
>> No. 455775
File 140583816453.png - (134.35KB , 937x1042 , 2_ Dulset sheepish by Prince Bluelolz.png )
The first of course. And I don't really understand how stats work to begin with, is everyone equal except for their AP and racial, or do they pick stuff? Dulset's actually rather weak and slow out of water.
>> No. 455776
Everyone rolls a default die of 1d6. You have to get a 4 or higher to achieve basic tasks or higher if the task seems more unlikely. The three races get a default AP added to the stat that best fits their race and one more based on the talent of the character.

Lets take Rainbow Dash for example. She's a pegasus, so she gets one point added to her Skill stat by default, and she's also a fast flyer who maneuvers around quickly, so it would be better if she had another point added to Skill as her AP. You have to be honest with what you do with AP as only you can really know what your character leans more towards.

But yes, if she's weak and slow out of water, then it would probably be better if she didn't have any default stat points and had the AP put into Skill and Muscle whenever she is in water.

The stats, honestly, aren't as important to making the character, so this should work fine.

Are there any other questions you have on making your character? Or do you think you found out everything to make your sheet? I hope I helped make things clear.
>> No. 455777
File 140583887743.png - (118.44KB , 900x900 , 1_ Dulset laugh.png )
No questions, though I think I should actually be the one asking you. How much do I need on the sheet that we don't already have down?
>> No. 455778
Well, all you need to do now is fill out the guideline I put up in the OP. Do that and leave a description of what we came up with and I'll be able to approve your sheet.

Just put your character's name, age, race, history, class, and AP.
>> No. 455779
File 140583955402.png - (312.12KB , 694x690 , 3_ Dulset Tarn 1.png )

Name: Dulset Tarn
Age: ??
Race: Kelpie
Class: Lake monster
History: None, really. She's spent her life in the forest, living off whatever prey wanders by.
AP: Muscle and Skill (only underwater)
>> No. 455780
It covers what I asked for. I usually like a little more detail, but this is good in the sense that your character can make a story here.


As mentioned with the other sheet, I'll announce here when I've made a post that will introduce your character. Just need one or two more characters and I can make the rp thread.
>> No. 455781
Can't wait :)
>> No. 455782
Name: Mythic Brew
Age: 24
Race: Unicorn
History: Mythic was born in the capital city of the Unicorn tribes, where she's lived all her life. Since she was young, Mythic was interested in mixing different kinds of plants and other things together to see what happened. She got her cutie mark in chemistry (then known as alchemy) and opened her own apothecary's shop in the city, where she sold various cures and other assorted potions. Upon hearing of the founding of Equestria, she decided to travel there to see what manner of ingredients the faraway land had, and what potions she could make with them.
Class: Upper middle class; well-off, but not a noble.
AP: Smarts
>> No. 455783
Name: Lilly Paw
Age: 18
Race: Unicorn
History: Lilly Paw was abandoned by her family in the forest at a young age, and adapted to taking care of herself. She learned to hunt, forage for edible plants, find locations with water within a matter of seconds, basically all the necessities of survival. She also began to recognize the differences in pitch of animal sounds and began to actually interpret what they could say, which is show she earned her cutie mark. Whenever a pony she doesn't recognize enters her part of the woods, she loves to play pranks on them and try to scare them away with the help of her animal friends. She's a yellow unicorn with a white mane and tail.
Class: Wanderer
AP: Smarts

Last edited at Sun, Jul 20th, 2014 11:20

>> No. 455784
Name: Erikur
Age: 27
Race: Earth Pony
History: Erikur lived out in the frontier in a small, unprotected village with others of his own kind. He never did like the farm life growing and often practiced swordplay. Although he dreamed of becoming a knight he decided to stay and protect the village from wild animals and such.
Class: Fighter
Ap: Muscle
>> No. 455786
Ooh, interesting character. I think it'll fit perfectly here!


Your sheet is good and I'll approve it after I ask you some questions. Is she always in the forests away from civilizations? If that's the case, how could she find out about the new land everyone's traveling to?

Hmmm, I think I can see this working. Does he usually do things like protect certain ponies who are willing to pay, or does he have a side job? I'd assume the first.
>> No. 455787
He'd usually protect the farms so he would get paid by the owners.
>> No. 455788
Yeah, that's what I figured. Alrighty, I think your character should work out just fine!

>> No. 455799
Here is the list of characters that are now allowed to rp in the IC thread.

Simio Tessera

Mythic Brew
>> No. 455801
Yes, but if ponies aren't scared away after a few tries, she gives them shelter and asks about where they come from, what it's like there, where they're going, etc.
>> No. 455803


I may have a little trouble finding a good starting point for your character. Rest assured, I can do it. If you have any recommendations on what might be a good example for a place to put her so she can get in on the story that's happening, that would help too.
>> No. 455823
How many characters can you ask to be approved?
>> No. 455824
Currently in the rp thread, is it focusing on what we are doing now, or what we were doing in the past? Sorry, I'm a little confused.
>> No. 455825
File 140595238394.png - (545.67KB , 989x886 , 3_ Dulset Tarn 2.png )
I'm a little curious if Dulset and Lilly may have encountered each other in the past. Lilly is in the untamed forests of the new land, correct?
>> No. 455826
Yes, that's right.
>> No. 455828
File 140595350951.png - (136.49KB , 937x1112 , 2_ Dulset huh by Prince Bluelolz.png )
Hmm... So what do you think? They might have met before... or maybe the party will find them meeting for the first time?
>> No. 455829
It's very likely they have already met before.
>> No. 455830
File 140595397766.png - (118.44KB , 900x900 , 1_ Dulset laugh.png )
But you know, Dulset is a hungry monster. It would be difficult for her to just let Lilly walk off after seeing her...
>> No. 455831
Very true. Do Kelpies eat ponies?
>> No. 455832
File 140595419325.png - (158.46KB , 563x634 , Gobble.png )
They do indeed. Deceptive little creatures, they are.
>> No. 455833
Hmm. Perhaps they have heard of each other, but haven't met?
>> No. 455834
I just realized, Seras knows a lot about Dulset and what she does, but I haven't explicitly had her powers and behavior approved for this canon, I'd better get on that...
>> No. 455835
In the rp thread, Mythic is looking for herbs outside the city limits, so perhaps that's where my character can come in?
>> No. 455836
This canon will accept as many characters that are submitted and meets what this canon is looking for. For there will be many stories revolving around one centralized idea and they will all have different ways of handling the new land they are in.

The stallion who is traveling is in the present time of Equestria. He's basically reading over descriptions of ponies from the time when Equestria first started (your characters! :D). You'll basically be rp'ing and the summary of what you do will be what he is reading.
I apologize if I didn't make this more clear in the story.

And as for you and Dulset: you two can have a story outside of what's happened in the thread as long as it isn't ridiculous. But judging from the conversation you two have had, this should work just fine.

I know about Dulset's powers and how she tends to draw in ponies. I don't know about the limits to her power, however, which is why we need to draw the line to how far she can go with her powers before others can break through it. I'm not going to necessarily nerf her abilities, as much as I am just wanting to give people a fair chance to resist/fight it.
>> No. 455837
Yeah, makes sense. Should we set some ground rules here, or talk in skype?
>> No. 455838
Name: Amythest Note
Age: 23
Race: Unicorn
History: Amythest grew up with most of the nobles and is very lady-like and elegant, but not afraid to get her hooves dirty. She's not a noble, but serves under one.
Class: Upper middle class
AP: Skill
>> No. 455839
File 140597582251.jpg - (177.03KB , 900x1216 , Vi-League-of-Legends-Portrait-Fan-Art-by_zeronis.jpg )
Skype would probably be better cause it's more convenient for me to talk there. But we'll have to talk later since I have to go to work soon. We will have to cover some rules on her, though.

So is she like a squire? She helps out the noble and keeps his/her armor clean and helps put it on when needed? Tell me more about her service to the noble.
>> No. 455840
Here's a list of characters that are now allowed to start rp'ing:

Lilly Paw

Dulset Tarn
>> No. 455841
She prepares meals, keeps the armor clean, and provides entertainment when needed.
>> No. 455842
Alright, that sounds fine, and I can work with that.

>> No. 455844
Actually, Lilly's the reason I had Mythic go outside the city in the first place. I wanted there to be a situation where your character could come in quickly.

Last edited at Mon, Jul 21st, 2014 17:37

>> No. 455846
Oh, thank you!
>> No. 455847
File 140606468251.png - (820.66KB , 863x1359 , b4746d3f54d63e2fdf3c57250a1e230d.png )
Here is the new list of characters that are now allowed to start rp'ing in the IC thread:


Amethyst Note
>> No. 455866
File 140641313095.gif - (317.70KB , 500x500 , 138110367829.gif )
I would like to make an announcement to everyone here.

I would like to advise the members of this canon to get steam or skype so they may have direct contact to me if I'm unavailable during an rp or when needed anywhere else. It'll also help discuss small planning for when to do rp's so we know exactly when would be a good time to get on and look up the thread.

Starting from July 30th to August 9th, posts following the DM may possibly be delayed. I'll be attending this year's Bronycon, so I may have trouble keeping up with the thread during that time. Please don't feel discouraged from posting!
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