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#Fresh start #Adventure #Violence #Serious #Sign-up

4,000 years have passed since the Alicorns ruled Equestria and now without them the nation slowly degraded with lawlessness. The most influential ponies had gathered to decide upon a solution to restore the monarchy and bring peace to Equestria once again. Months of debate and arguing as to whom shall receive such a power until finally they somewhat found an answer to their problem. It was discovered in ancient texts that were brought over when Equestria. It was stated that the Heralds shall travel back to the frozen land to seek enlightenment of great magnitude and will return back and it would be made clear as to who will rule the land. News of this spread so mercenaries, knights, any who had a sense of adventure had made the trek up north but were never to be heard from again. All of Equestria had begun to lose hope and the number of those who tried this legend dwindled as time passed until barely any traveled north. Now you have decided to test your luck and make the journey to the Northern Kingdom.


The rp will follow the honors system so be realistic when it comes to combat and things of that nature. Speaking of combat no one will have to worry about being killed and no longer being able to continue but you will encounter extremely dangerous situation. I would also like to note that pvp isn't recommended but is still allowed, remember everyone here will be working towards the same goal so it would be easier to work together. Also I'll do my best to make sure that everyone who signs up for this will have the chance to interact with the story.

Character Sheet
Reason (basically why does your character want to be a Herald. Is it fame, money, a sense of responsibility, etc.)

If you have any questions feel free to ask.
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>> No. 456338
Name: Aegis
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Male
Class: Knight
Reason: He wants glory and recognition
Backstory: Aegis was born as Tate, to a poor farm family. He always wanted to be a knight, like he read about in books. He saved all the money he got, which wasn't much. He eventually turned old enough to seek fame, so he bought a sheild and a sword and set off to find people to help. Since "Tate" isn't very flashy, he changed it to Aegis. He aspires to be the greatest warrior in the world.
>> No. 456341
Looks good, Accepted!

For right now I'm gonna give this a few days so more people can sign up.
>> No. 456359
well, this is taking forever
(aegis btw)
>> No. 456389
Sorry about that, if you're still interested then here's a link
>> No. 456406
Its boring alone. Can someone join this?
>> No. 456408
Sure they just have to sign up is all.
>> No. 456414
This looks somewhat interesting.
>> No. 456415
For the love of god, join. Its boring alone
>> No. 456424
Thank you for the feedback. If you are interested then feel free to join in.

Hey will that "No such thing as ghosts..." thread still be created or did it die?

Last edited at Tue, Sep 16th, 2014 19:20

>> No. 456427
tis dead unless someone else wants to join
>> No. 456446
Name: Lunar Sun
Race: Unicorn
Gender: Female
Class: High ranked noble/ healer
Reason: She is tired of the loss of order and feels it's sort of duty but doesn't mind that there's money abd fame involved either.
Backstory: Lunar Sun served as an attendant and healer to the Al icorns since a young age before (whatever happened to them) She's. Mischevious and loves to joke around but can be very serious when need be.
>> No. 456449
Alright, accepted welcome to the Northern Kingdom

A good time to jump in is when Aegis and Gallus returns to the cave, I'll let you know in blue text. If you need to get an idea as to what happened so far then you only need to ask in the ooc.
>> No. 456450
are you someone know, or someone I don't?
>> No. 456468
Someone you know
>> No. 456711
This still a thing?
>> No. 456723
I guess but no one has replied to my last post on the rp so it's at a stand still.
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