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#Ask/invite #Fresh start #Dark #Violence #Serious

There are no such things as ghosts, right? Maybe, but lately in ponyville, mysterious things have been happening. Unexplainable things. A mare, murdered in the night. Everything in a local shop dissapearing at once. Pale, ghastly ponies seen wondering the streets. Events leaving everyone in ponyville scared to go out at night. That's where you come in. Fliers posted all over ponyville requesting assistance on the matter. It pays well, so you decide to go to the meeting. Little do you know, things are going to get a lot weirder...
So, let's see if this works out. This is going to be a paranormal investigation roleplay, if you haven't already guessed.
1. Every roll will be in a 1d20 format, unless otherwise specified.
2. Yes, it is possible for you to die, but I will only do this if excessive stupidity is involved
3. On that note, dont be stupid. A little laughter is fine, but this is going to be at lest semi-serious.
4. Please post a sheet in the following format:
Talent/Cutie Mark:
Combat lvl:
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File 141047520323.png - (35.83KB , 900x650 , Jacob.png )
Name: Jacob
Age: 19
Race: Earth Pony
History: Grew up outside of Ponyville, Jacob always kept a low profile, never attracting attention to himself. He used to create the games that would be found on arcade machines instead of working on the fields like his kin would. He was never strong so when he first heard of Ponyville's troubles he knew that this was the perfect way to prove his worth.
Personality/Fears: Quiet, can be resourceful, keeps a clear head, and can be a problem solver although he won't take any unnecessary risks / can be really stressed out if he knows he is being hunted.
Talent/Cutie Mark: Working with computers / Laptop
Combat lvl: 1 (since it's fresh start)

I have a question. When you do a roll, do you need to roll a higher or lower than a certain number or do you need to roll for evens or odds?
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We'll play it by ear, anyway, youre in
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Okay, thanks for letting me join.
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