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No. 456469
#Ask/invite #Fresh start #Adventure #Chill #Violence #Ponies #Non-pony #Semi-serious

You wake up.
All you can see is darkness. Left. Right. Up. Down. A never ending black. The floor beneath you is cold. Hard. Mist likelysome sort of metal. The air is dusty and the area is small enough to make you feel uncomfortable. Your alone ina dark, black box with no exit in sight. Then...
The box starts to move up like a elevator.
It stops. The ceiling of the box slowly starts to open...
If you would like to join this thread, you must complete a character sheet with the following...
Short Bio Summary
Anything else that I should know about your character.
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>> No. 456470
only very few special ponies and beings were put in this box. Why? What makes them so special?
There will be dice rolling in the 1d20 format. Enter if you dare.
>> No. 456473
>Well, looks interesting enough
Name: Pike Mathews
Race: Human
Bio: (I haven't made anything for before the events below) When Pike was 23, he attempted to contact a demon. His lie sucked, he got fired from his job. His girlfriend left him, his family had disowned him for being bisexual. They had always been the stereotype of good christian people. He thought that anything would be better than now. He contacted a demon named Razor, not that this mattered to him at the time. Pike wanted a good life, and the demon Lord obliged. Only thing was, humanity had a misconception about demons. They don't wait for you to die to collect their debt. Pike was taken to Hell to serve under Razor for a set amount of years, after that he would be given a Lordship, and immortality. he hard part is surviving that long.
Peronality: Pike is friendly, but he doesn't truly trust anyone very easily.
Other: Pike is an alcoholic, and is addicted to cigarettes. He has a curved knife, a handgun, and wears a black coat with jeans.
>> No. 456476
Could you perhaps give more info on this? I understand that it's meant to be mysterious, but a better explaination about the setting, the rules, and the meat of the story would be nice. Also

What type of name is Razor for a demon? Why not go with something from the Ars Goetia or something Latin sounding?
>> No. 456477
Is Pike currently immortal?
Rules are no immortality, no god modding, your character can be killed. It depends on the roll of the dice. As for the setting, you start in the box and arrive in a... interesting...let's say, version of Equestria.
>> No. 456478
>you can be killed

Sorry, but I think I'll pass on this. But I think you have a interesting idea going
>> No. 456483
Is this from Maze Runner? :D
>> No. 456485
No. It's something different, but now that I think about it, it does sound similar. It has a different plotline though.
>> No. 456562
Pike is not immortal
>> No. 456566
Okay that's fine then.
>> No. 456625
File 141187012593.jpg - (52.46KB , 500x785 , Nope.jpg )
This still a thing?
>> No. 456632
Yeah just trying to get one more person to sign up. If nobody else does, though, I'll just start the thread.
>> No. 456653
Name: Jacob
Race: Earth Pony
Short Bio Summary: Jacob one day decided to explore ancient catacombs and dusty temples to obtain priceless artifacts that he would sell to make a living. He did this for a year or so and was pretty happy with his life. He happened upon an orb on one of his explorations of a temple that had been long abandoned. He unwittingly reached out for it and suddenly he felt strange once he touched and suddenly it felt as if the room was spiraling around him. He now awakens inside this black box not knowing where he is.
Personality: Somewhat brave and adventurous he is determined to have a nice life but he sometimes feel it is purposeless since it only benefits himself. He is often resourceful and is always willing to help out a friend.

If any of my character's backstory conflicts with the story you have planned out just let me know so I can make the necessary changes to make him fit in more, thanks.
>> No. 456654
It's fine. How they go to the Box doesn't matter, only that they're in it now. Okay, accepted! I'll be putting up the thread in a day or two. Each character wakes up in a separate box.
>> No. 456662
File 141230359911.png - (35.83KB , 900x650 , Jacob.png )
Alright, also I forgot to attach a pic to my character sheet so I'll put it here.
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