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#Open #Canon: Clockhooves #Semi-serious #Sign-up #Character #Supernatural #Steampunk-ish

Before the time of the Celestial rulers, there were the Clockwork rulers. One sister who ruled the old age, and one sister who rang in the new one. Times were different, everything ran on a powerful artifact entitled the Clockwork Mechanism. This linked all the bits and bobs in this land together, and the artifact is now only held in The Kingdom of Clockhooves. A town not belonging to the old age or the new one, a town of innovation and culture. But you, having to live there, noticed some odd things going on in town. Curious, you decide to investigate. This is where your story begins.

Welcome to Clockhooves! If you want to join, please create a character with the template below. Be sure to give me contact information, as since I need to assign your character a role in the story that will allow them to do one special action per an act. If you want to play as a canon character, please contact my Skype. (My Skype name is ectoAlchemist)

Social Status:
A brief backstory:

And remember, combat will be based on status. I'll show you how that is going to go down if I see some interest in the Roleplay. So please, don't hesitate to sign up!
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