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Hello /ooc/! I was wanting to make a roleplay on /rp/ and have sign-ups and shit on /ooc/, but I have run into a problem. I do not know what to roleplay! Any topic suggestions?
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The unexplored territory of Celestia and Luna managing a shadowy organization that is slowly encroaching on the entire world. As it, possibly, moves forward it purports to bring freedom and love to each of the countries it conquers. The organization would not overtly do this but moves through secretive channels as it plays a game of chess with its own constituents. The question is, what stakes are the princesses playing for and why?

An introspective look into the life of a pony consumed by his own inner demons, as he moves around Equestria chasing a dream that died long ago. What sort of pony would give up his dreams and ambitions to search for some undefined thing? What does his Cutie mark mean? and why is he constantly followed by waves of destruction?

Dogged by the government that wants to hunt him down and stick his head on pointy stick, Louis Expy the Sixteenth abdicates the throne of Prance to revolutionaries. He seeks asylum with Princess Celestia, who cannot refuse due to a royal precedent. She now has to deflect the dastardly plots of the revolutionaries as they jockey for the privilege of being the one to liberate Louis head from his shoulders and try to keep the king of a nation whose prior life consisted of the decadence normally found only in wet dreams in Canterlot castle without letting the media screw her over.
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