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#Canon: Northern Kingdom #Adventure #Violence #Ponies #Serious #Sign-up

The Story

Equestria was nearly in turmoil when two ponies took up the task to become heralds so that they may find a just ruler for their nation. The reason for this was because the Alicorn race was extincted about 4,000 years ago. But how did Equestria suffer such a heavy loss? In Princess Twilight's she was the last Alicorn. The others died peacefully in their prosperous rule and no other pony became an Alicorn, leaving Twilight to be the sole monarch. She however grew with old age and her last years Equestria was under siege by a powerful foe. It started during the Summer Sun Celebration when suddenly the southern border was attacked by the dragons. The military was caught off guard and lost most of the southern territory. A desperate draft was called and all able bodied ponies were either called to farm since a lot of agricultural towns were lost, or were made part of a special army called Redemption. Its sole purpose was to attack and defend against dragons and it became the largest army in Equestrian history. You have been drafted and trained by Redemption and you will take part in series of events that started the Northern Kingdom rp.

Special Notes

Weaponry that you are allowed to use swords, bows, crossbows, things of that nature. You are allowed to use firearms but this is limited to muskets and flintlock pistols.

You are allowed to pick any race from the show (even a dragon but you have to be on the pony's side) except for Alicorns.

The rp is a mix of Honor's system and battle system. Everything is Honor's but whenever a battle has started, you have to roll a 1d10 when attacking an enemy. Rolling an even number would mean success, odds will mean failure.

If you previously rp'ed in Northern Kingdom and want to use your character from it then you have to explain how they survived over 4,000 years. Could be something simple like being frozen in a block of ice, immortality is acceptable but note that your character can still be killed outside of old age (you don't have to worry about your character being killed in the rp)

Character Sheet

Race (Remember no alicorns)
Personality (optional)
History (optional)
How your character survives for Northern Kingdom (only for people who participated in that rp and want to use their character from that)

Any questions then feel free to ask. If you have any ideas on ways I could improve go on ahead and tell me.

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I am beige, with Medium brown hair. And specializes with negotiation.

I'm a tad arrogant.


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Accepted just note that there will be little negotiation in this rp, there will be a fair amount of combat.
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