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Deep at the back of the Canterlot library lays a book that hasn't been read for years. Inside it lays instructions on how to get to an island no pony has set hoof on in thousands of years. Will you take up the challenge and try to find the island? Or die trying?
Submit a character sheet for this roleplay
Bio and Personality
Anything else I should know
That's it.
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File 141315606369.png - (312.12KB , 694x690 , 3_ Dulset Tarn 1.png )
Ooooh, can I play a hostile native?
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Should I submit a sheet here, or would you want a more private one somehow?
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It's fine, you can just submit a sheet here.
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File 141315847903.png - (887.82KB , 1024x1024 , 3_ Dulset Tarn by Greeny.png )

Name: Dulset Tarn
Race: Kelpie
Bio: A seductive siren of the mysterious island, she attempts to lure any and all visitors to an eternal rest at the bottom of her lake. She's rather intelligent and reasonable however, so it's not impossible to befriend her. Even if not for food, she has a lifelong joy of hypnotizing others with her siren song.
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I'm game. Any race or background restrictions? I'm assuming standard pony tech level, nothing too fancy?
>> No. 456747
Looks good to me!
No humans, yes, nothing too fancy. Griffons and dragons are fine, no alicorns, and of course, the three standard pony races, unicorn, earth pony and pegasus are fine.
>> No. 456748
Hmmm. Are canon characters allowed? I'd fancy playing Gilda if I got the chance. Otherwise, I can knock up an OC too.
>> No. 456749
Sorry, no canon characters.

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Thanks for the info! Sorry for the delay, work has me dead to rights, but I'll be back with a character bio ASAP.
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No problem.
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