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#Ask/invite #Canon: The Creators #Fresh start #Adventure #Violence #Ponies #Non-pony #Semi-serious #Normal #Sign-up #No humans

Surely, us being the MLP FIM fans we are, we all remember MLP FIM season 2 episode 11, or overall episode 37, "Hearth's Warming Eve." In this episode, The Mane Six put on a play about the creation of Equestria, how the three races of unicorn, pegasus, and earth pony came together to create the harmonious nation we see today.
Pinkie Pie played Chancellor Puddinghead, the leader of the earth pony tribe. Applejack played Smart Cookie, Chancellor Puddinghead's secretary.
Rarity played Princess Platinum, the daughter of the Unicorn King who acts as his representative and is by extension, the leader of the unicorn pony tribe. Twilight Sparkle played Clover the Clever, an adviser to Princess Platinum.
Rainbow Dash played Commander Hurricane, the leader of the pegasus pony tribe. Fluttershy played Private Pansy, a subordinate of Commander Hurricane.
But Hearth's Warming Eve didn't tell the whole story of how this noble nation was formed. A few years after the events shown in Hearth's Warming Eve, things still weren't going as planned. The nation still hadn't reached it's full potential. There were still numerous amounts of uncharted lands, food shortages were common, and it seemed that every day was a competition to just survive.
However, we can change all that. We can bring Equestria to the nation it is today with our own hooves, claws, wings, whatever you may have. It's all up to write the history of the formation of Equestria.
Please complete a character sheet.
Race (all races except humans and alicorns are accepted. If you want to be a race you created yourself, run it by me first.)
Cutie Mark (or, if you don't have a cutie mark, what you're most talented at.)
Class (Your ranking in this new-found society. Are you a high ranking noble? Warrior? Nomad? Or a humble peasant?
Any questions should be posted here in the ooc thread.
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What an interesting concept for a thread! I'll join in, if that's okay.

Name: Tick Tock

Race: I would like to be a Time Pony, but I have to ask you about that first. Seeing as though that is only canon in the IDW Comics.

Age: Somewhere around four-hundred.

Cutie Mark: Resembles a pocket watch, the numbers are labeled with roman numerals. The pocket watch itself is made of a gold-like material.

Class: Peasant (of the humble variety.)

So, OP. Can I be a Time Pony?
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Before I approve, could you explain to me exactly what a Time Pony is? For example, do they have any special abilities?
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File 141390945135.gif - (447.14KB , 320x219 , fourth-doctor-laugh.gif )
Well, Mr. Williams, Time Ponies are modeled off of the Timelords from Doctor Who. They have the ability to regenerate when dying, and take on a new flesh. They can do this twelve times. They are also immune to most sickness and don't feed by conventional means.
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Okay, approved!
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Is this still a thing?
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