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#Open #Non-canon #Chill #Semi-serious #Character

Ok, I don't know how many of you invest belief into the whole astrology thing, but IF YOU DID, what sign do you think your character would have? I've honestly been putting some hard thought into this and I can't figure my characters out.

What do you guys think your characters would have for an astrological star sign?
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So I have this kid character that's kind of this little cool cat. He's a bit of a tactician that has a (usually) well controlled temper. He's usually quiet spoken, but makes himself heard. He's not the boisterous type though he can be loud when he's really happy. Most of the time he likes to sit back and study a situation or person before he makes a solid decision on it or them. He can think fast when he has to, but he doesn't like to so he'll often travel with, or have friends with him that can help him make those fast decisions better. He's a pretty good listener, hardly ever shoots down someone's advice if they are helping him come to a decision on something.

He does tend to get angry when he fails, and sometimes he lets that anger over take him when he believes the failure was something important-such as putting his friends at risk-and he'll usually blame himself for that, because he tends to be the leader and he feels it his responsibility to keep everyone safe. He's usually not very good with authority when it comes to someone trying to make decisions for him (like adults trying to tell him what to do), and he will often straight up refuse to do as they ask or demand. Especially if they demand. He's good at taking care of himself, but this also leaves him a bit blind as to when he is wearing himself too thin, or working too hard, and he will often ignore suggestions to take it easy. He's very driven, but it tends to make him a bit of a workaholic and sometimes he forgets to relax or have fun.

And that's about all I can think of right now. Anyone want to take a stab at what his sign might be? Anyone have any friends like this, or someone you know? What's their sign?
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I don't really go into detail as to how every last aspect of my character plays out, but I can tell you that my character is a Pisces because I did give her a birthday.
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My sister is a pisces. She's a bit of a control freak, but she can be silly as hell when she feels good and she's a great listener. She also loves gossip and yoga. XD

That sound anything like your character?
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She /can/ be a little controlling/ silly from time to time. She's a great listener, yes. She really likes to look at the perspective of others. I don't know about gossip, but she does like her exercise.

I don't know. I guess they sound a little similar. I didn't get too far into detail with this though, so naturally she wouldn't act like her sign unless I coincidentally got it right.
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pisces. because she is pisces canonically
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