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So, who's left here on /rp/? I may just make another thread on /rp/ itself if this board here isn't browsed enough. I'm fairly concerned with how things are, and maybe I'm a bit too late or just repeating what others have already said. But before I say anything I want to hear everyone elses thoughts on how they feel the population of the board is, it's content, the frequency of posts per threads, and if there is really a community left here or if everyone has either fucked off to other things in their lives or /rp/ has subdivided further into smaller communities within this one. I see far too many closed or ask/invite threads which seem quite unwelcoming to not only myself, but possibly to others and especially the rare newcomer. Or maybe we lack the motivation to keep in contact enough to do things? Or have I not lurked enough and still am stuck in an old midset of 2013 spring and summertime.
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>> No. 457749
File 142241648801.gif - (597.16KB , 450x253 , 2379232-2847857224-dies_.gif )
I'm lacking motivation...I need to get on here and freaking write.

I tried making an open thread a while back and two people hopped in, but then I ended up doing other things, and they stopped posting I think.

We could try more open threads, just seems like they usually don't get many responses
>> No. 457750
File 142241997242.jpg - (78.11KB , 850x470 , GuardianBasestarBattle.jpg )
Weeeell... I'm back, you bugger =P Not sure how it's all worth, but I would love playing Cain again, just not entirely sure where or how, at present.

In general, no clue, seeing as I haven't had time to do much with school starting. Planning on putting up one or two canon proposals (if I find the paperwork for the second). I can really only do slow roleplays, but I did say I'd put up a Coltafornia with Cue again. Probably will have to be done over the course of a week rather than a single night, but that's fine.
>> No. 457751
File 142242019146.png - (0.98MB , 1129x1009 , whatthefuckisthisshit.png )
I'm still here. Active in one canon right now. A lot of the old posters left to f-list, MLPchan, or just left the role playing scene.

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>> No. 457753
File 142244553529.png - (44.23KB , 398x398 , SeriousTrix.png )
I'm here and active.
>> No. 457754
File 142244560465.png - (39.39KB , 399x399 , Arrgant trix.png )

You all should role play with me. I literally have nothing better to do with my time.

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>> No. 457755
I'd be down. How do people feel about cross over like stuff? I've got one open thread up
>> No. 457756
File 142246329030.png - (42.28KB , 399x399 , Inquisitive Trix.png )
Isn't DE already like the de facto crossover canon.
>> No. 457757
I'm trying not to intrude as drastically as before.
>> No. 457759
File 142248251833.png - (42.86KB , 394x398 , Cool Trix.png )
Well, I don't care, really.

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>> No. 457762
maybe I'll start invading D:E then.
>> No. 457766
File 142250351770.jpg - (6.62KB , 217x168 , trenchperiscope.jpg )
Holy crap, there's people in here!
>> No. 457777
File 142258735789.png - (258.97KB , 624x459 , artellerie.png )
Fire back!
>> No. 457778
File 142259145342.png - (103.38KB , 324x293 , 794110__safe_twilight+sparkle_rainbow+dash_pinkie+pie_fluttershy_rarity_applejack_edit_mane+six_.png )

Pew pew!!
>> No. 457785
File 142261614234.jpg - (152.83KB , 785x1018 , 134532486773.jpg )
"And then nothing actually happened," the thread.
>> No. 457792
gonna touch your butt
>> No. 457793
File 142267794978.jpg - (266.94KB , 1200x900 , Used cars.jpg )
I'm here and Rping.
>> No. 457796
File 142273677350.png - (287.92KB , 676x510 , 138810321538.png )
What you do hardly qualifies as role playing.
>> No. 457797
File 142273935155.jpg - (11.26KB , 236x226 , 6ab70aff6a1939f088ca3f70193ad08f.jpg )
There is no right or wrong way to roleplay turkey ass butt
>> No. 457798
File 142274342310.png - (227.61KB , 720x720 , 134214420736.png )
Go on deviant art, Facebook or twitter and look up pony role playing accounts and you'd realize that you're wrong and that I'm right, as usual.
>> No. 457799
File 142274584764.png - (130.72KB , 421x280 , excellent.png )
I approve of the Great and Powerful Provocateur!
>> No. 457801
File 142274748554.png - (230.32KB , 720x720 , 134214410216.png )
Finally, somebody recognizes my brilliance.

Was that so hard everybody else? Was it? Thank you Big Honk, thank you for proving me right, again.
>> No. 457812
File 142277839443.jpg - (29.61KB , 640x480 , 204.jpg )
tiny horse
>> No. 457814
File 142278940547.png - (190.48KB , 600x650 , 134214521968.png )
Still too big for you.
>> No. 457823
File 142286503172.jpg - (5.74KB , 259x238 , JeanHavoc.jpg )
> falls down in thread

Huh, what, I'm here!
>> No. 457828
File 142288207149.png - (103.56KB , 536x586 , 134532479074.png )
I never asked for this.
>> No. 457829
File 142288715932.gif - (95.50KB , 500x281 , tumblr_inline_mm92pn8WCx1qz4rgp.gif )
I honestly don't know who would.
>> No. 457830
File 142288880884.png - (45.44KB , 399x399 , thrilled Trix.png )
It's okay, I can dig it.
>> No. 457836
File 142294190984.jpg - (88.34KB , 255x170 , All hail.jpg )
>> No. 457839
File 142297500562.gif - (19.00KB , 600x600 , 589660__safe_solo_animated_trixie_hat_adorable_wand_sparkles_artist-colon-silver1kunai_diatrixes.gif )
I'm fuck up your Empire, bitch.
>> No. 457959
File 142344474134.png - (168.31KB , 900x1125 , sweetie_belle_vector_by_quanno3-d4g0oui.png )
So..I made an open thread. I know the merge is happening soon supposedly, but I also heard none of the threads will be deleted but just added to the ones that already exist on mlpchan if I understand correctly.

Here's the thread I made:

And I was wondering if anyone wanted to help me make another open thread with a good setting Vausten put it, make it seem inviting. Currently the only really open threads I see up that don't need a sign up are Dougnut Bar and this one I just made.

I was thinking of making another chill one, or maybe an oatish type one, but what kind of setting should it be in? I don't want to do another bar/party type place. Any suggestions guys?
>> No. 457967
Yolo im here
>> No. 457968
Like a park, or house party!
>> No. 458009
House party sounds kind of fun. Ok, I will try and get to work on this.
>> No. 458011
>> No. 458306
So i've got threads up and stuff
>> No. 458477
I was a very passionate user here in /rp/'s earliest days until the middle of the end. It saddens me to see what the place has become; posts being months apart and all that.

Yeah, I've made mistakes. Plenty of them. Mistakes that really haunt me. But you know? I wouldn't have traded that experience for anything.

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>> No. 458617
I'm... kinda new.
I mean, I joined a couple months back, and the community here is actually pretty good about communicating. The main difference, I think, is that a lot of stuff is done on Skype and other programs like that.

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