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#Ask/invite #Canon: Maretropolis #Contained #Adventure #Chill #Lighthearted #Violence #Ponies #Power Limit #Sign-up #Character #Silver Age

Maretropolis!! A city of heroes and villains, perhaps more than anyone thought possible! But even heroes and villains have lives outside of fighting (or committing) crimes.
In this roleplaying series, players take the role of amateur heroes or villains as they try to make a name for themselves in the bustling city of crime and crime-fighters, Maretropolis! But it's not just about fighting, not if you don't want it to be! Heroes and villains have lives too, making friends, bickering with enemies, or even building a team! There will be plenty of time to chill with others if you're not in the mood to fight, but villains are always scheming as well...

Battles are welcome to be fought with the honor system, but anything you and opponents can agree to use is fine. There's no reason to feel too bad if the bad guys get away. Try to play with your opponents instead of against them. If a hero loses, try to work out a fun way to keep the story going. Maybe they're put into an elaborate deathtrap for other heroes to have to free them from. A villain who loses a fight doesn't have to wind up in jail, but if they do they might be broken out rather quickly. This is all highly experimental, so tell me if you think of any problems with the layout. In the end, it's all a big playground.

Rules for character creation:
1. Both heroes and villains should be less powerful than the Power Ponies. They're the experienced, talented, awesome heroes that other heroes look up to. But don't worry, you might be able to team up with (or against) them!
1a. The Power Ponies themselves have been reserved for pre-selected players that I trust. I will be playing a group of villains that rival them in power, so if you go against them, I can help out ;)

2. You can apply right here and I'll approve the character or suggest ways to help make it more palatable. But surprises are fun, so why not apply in private? Skype me up (just search for Dulset Tarn) and send me your application that way, and I can just jot down here that you're accepted without your sensitive powers (or weaknesses) getting out for everyone to see. After that, you can jump right in!

Please don't join just to win a bunch of fights. As with comic books, combat is merely another tool for storytelling, and building a world of stories is the main aim of this RP. If your story includes a lot of fighting that's totally fine, but it's not a fighting game.

Speaking of which, combat works like this:
Whoever strikes first, goes first (roll for it if it's at the same time) from there, decide or roll for what order your team will go in. After that, it's simply alternating between good guys and bad guys. A 3 against 1 battle will have the 1 player going 3 times as often as each of the opponents, but they'll still be at a disadvantage because they'll have to beat each one without getting beat themself. If you don't get it, I'll put a more clear explanation in a document somewhere.

As for joining an interaction, you can probably just jump right into any situation! As long as you're not totally disrupting someone's conversation, or if they strongly request you not jump into their fight, you should be able to go just about anywhere. It's all up to the people involved, who I hope will be generous and welcoming.

That's about it, so get in here and make some characters to join the new wave of heroes and villains!

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>> No. 458238
File 142569493956.png - (155.73KB , 900x1104 , vector_08__rainbow_dash_by_eipred-d5ofe0w.png )
I completely get where your coming from. Let me think on it a bit, and maybe I'll come back with a different character, but your right, I don't think he would be the type of character for this. Or maybe if I can think of something to do with him other than comedy relief.

I might try a villain. I've never been able to play one before, and I wouldn't mind trying to pull one off.
>> No. 458239
Do you guys have a lot of villains so far? Also, how dark does the vilence get? I always had a fondness for Slade from Teen Titans, but is that a type of thing where the violence or dark theme is too much?

I'm not going to toss slade in as a character, but just using that as an example.
>> No. 458240
That sounds just dark enough, if you ask me :)
Not more than that though.
>> No. 458241
Ok. I got an oc in mind that I've been wanting to make for a while, but I need to work on his character a bit more. You'll see me in the near future! XD
>> No. 458242
If you like, you can find me on skype and I'll be glad to help with the character! :)
>> No. 458243
Not exactly. I've forgot to write that he is really smart and he's perfect with electronics, especially hacking and mechwork. So, he's also a perfect team player.
If only your canon isn't full of engineers again.
>> No. 458245
It has a few engineers but that's not a problem. Let's say he's perfect with contemporary electronics. When trying to dismantle/hack/whatever the advanced stuff from Quazar Labs, you might have to roll a die, or spend a good amount of time with it.
>> No. 458246
File 142574795835.jpg - (1.02MB , 2448x3264 , HW_V_1_0.jpg )
So, I can only hack Quazar Labs stuff, right? Don't worry, I won't change my opinion.

Last edited at Sat, Mar 7th, 2015 11:41

>> No. 458247
No, you can try to hack stuff from Quazar.
But hey, you're approved! Maybe you can help us get something going today, I was hoping to do something big this weekend :)

If you want into the skype group, add me (Dulset Tarn) and I'll let you in.
>> No. 458248
Great. My nick is on leet, though, so don't be scared.
>> No. 458249
File 142582214689.png - (292.29KB , 3468x2524 , CriticalGambling.png )
I'm going to give this another try

Name: The Street Avenger

Alignment: Chaotic Good, Hero

Real Name: Critical Hit (He often uses his real name since he wants the villains to know it's him who's hurting them. Others use his hero name because they don't know him well enough to know his real name.)

Powers: None except for the common telekinesis spell that most other unicorns know. He does use a tranquilizer gun since he doesn't want to kill anyone or thing.

Weaknesses: Gambling Addict (will take unnecessary risks), Hoarder (Likes to collect things and it is hard for him to give them up), Cold (has poor circulation due to genetics which is why he is often wearing over coats).

Personality: A free spirit who follows his own path which is to clean up the streets of Maretropolis from the tyranny of evil. He also has a complete disrespect to the local law enforcement, seeing them as "inadequate to defend its citizens". He also believes in the power of luck and almost reveres it, seeing it as an invisible force that can defy logic. He can't tear a hole into the fabric of reality or anything his view of luck is just a personal belief.

Since the only thing preventing me to join was the crafting, I'm just going to take that out about my character
>> No. 458250
Alright, how do you see him fighting crime?
>> No. 458251
He could tranquilize a villain or if he's disarmed he could just go to hand to hand or hoof to hoof combat. With this being a super hero thread I feel like it wouldn't be fitting for him to kill a villain, plus some other players are villains and I don't want to kill them off if I ever find myself in some pvp.
>> No. 458252
Yeah, no killing. But what I mean is, what's his M.O.? Where are his skills at? I assume he's good at fighting, right?
>> No. 458253


Lock picking

Sneaking around
>> No. 458254
Okay, sounds fine to me!
Now this is actually the only question that really matters: Are you confident that this hero will add fun and character to the rp as a whole, for yourself and others?
>> No. 458255
Of course! When it comes to RP fun is the most important part for me. Also I can devote time to this thread, just go look at my Frontier thread and you can see we're still going strong!
>> No. 458256
File 142583678191.png - (546.24KB , 592x937 , humdrum9.png )
Then in that case, you're in! :D
If you've got skype you can add me (Dulset Tarn) and I'll add you to the group chat :)
>> No. 458257
Okay great. I don't have Skype nor can I get one at the lack of a video camera and hughesnet so you'll just be seeing me on the board. Also if I don't reply for quite for awhile, maybe a day or two then go ahead and give me a holler.
>> No. 458258
Alright. None of us actually use the videochat on skype though, we just keep it as a common chat service.
>> No. 458262
Just out of curiosity again, has anybody submitted any sort of character yet that is basically "Pay for Service" yet at all?

Considering doing a character like that, with Chaotic Neutral traits sort of deal. If thats alright anyways.
>> No. 458263
There are one, maybe two mercenaries, but no one has made much of it yet.
>> No. 458264
Nurse Blackheart is now in!
>> No. 458269
Osteo is now in!
>> No. 458282
Hey guys, I'm posting from work so I can tell you that my computer is fucked right now. Hopefully I'll be able to fix it by the end of the week but I just don't know.
>> No. 458283
Thanks for letting us know, best of luck!
>> No. 458285
I'm... actually growing pretty curious about this canon.

GM, oh GM, what's the current villain to hero ratio?
>> No. 458286
Glad to hear it! :)

Fairly high villain to hero I believe, especially with two important heroes rarely having time to come in (though that is likely to change in the near future).
>> No. 458287
Hey, since I dont have Skype here at my work computers, mind if I drop in my character bio in here at all before joining into the Skype group?
>> No. 458288
That's fine! Applying here is totally normal. The only reason I offer applying by Skype is because some people like their characters to be a surprise ;)
>> No. 458289
...Welllllll, I do have an idea for a hero.

I'll post it here when I get back home.
>> No. 458290
Sounds great, can't wait!
>> No. 458291

Street Names: Bust Card / Misfortune Dealer / The Dealer

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, Mercenary

Appearance: I will have a picture for that up later. Just not on this machine at the moment

Brief Story:
A rather quiet newcomer to the city of Maretropolis several years ago, came to the city with nothing more than his hat, his coat, and a deck of 52 and his personal chips. He was a Blackjack player, and a rather good one at that. In his old town, farther into the arid wilderness than Appeloosa, he was the King of Chips at the table, and gained a hefty reputation amongst the town. With that, trouble brewed for him and the Casino he hung around at with his small fortune he has won over the years over whether he was at all a legitimate player. Proving that he in fact was at the table. Most of the time anyways. Threatened multiple times over his playstyle, he was challenged to a classic duel. Pistols at dawn, he was a well versed crackshot with his six-shooter, being a .44 Magnum revolver of course. With the town constantly up at his throat, he took his earnings and set out for new fortune.

What lead him to Maretropolis was the idea of his skills from his pastime through many other towns would lead him to prosperity in this bustling city. However, his services come at a price for what is at stake in the end. He walks the city with his bronze lined coat, and black rimmed hat, constantly popping into bars and other venues in the city that fit to his liking. Otherwise, he mans the main Blackjack table in the cities Casino, bearing instead all white with black trim, and a friendly smile. A shot of Whiskey will always warm him up for some conversation, whether it be friendly, or on "business" terms.

Arraments: .44 S&W Magnum, variety of tailored cards and chips for combat situations. Cards will have properties based on what face the card has (diamonds, hearts, clubs, spades). Chips will also have properties based on colour, being able to slice, explode, distract or various other things. Coat is custom made and lined with Kevlar and ribbed leather, making it knife and bullet resistant (obviously based on caliber size).

Personality: On the streets, quiet and cold if confronted without warning. He would most likely brush you off.
However, at his Casino or offered a drink he starts to open up. He is a rather friendly stallion, but his bad side can easily be tripped to return to a cold personality. Jobs are carried out in the same manner as well.

Hopefully this should be enough for a sheet to start. There are things mainly about his cards and chips I still have to think on, but this is the main framework I have nonetheless.
>> No. 458292
Oooh, interesting! I definitely think he could be great in both combat and chill situations, which is a plus.

With gimmick cards and chips, I have to say I don't see much reason for him to have a gun. We'll have to definitely work out what all the gimmicks are.

A bit more about his personality would be nice. Does he only care about money, or is he a die hard gambler? Does he keep to his word? I don't need all the answers but it's important stuff to at least think about.

Also what's his race?

Last edited at Wed, Mar 18th, 2015 09:28

>> No. 458293
Yeah, good point on the gun. I think that might just be an absolute last resort thing if anything. Or if somebody intrudes his Casino or office. And as for the cards and chips yeah, I will continue thinking on that.

Personality expansion wise, he is about the money. Just about any offer that seems worth it he will go out of his way to complete it. He is a businessman at the end of the day. He doesnt focus much on allies as he is up for purchase from both Heroes and Villains for jobs. And he will keep to his word to get a job done unless he knows for a fact he is getting stiffed out, as he doesnt fall too easily for a price and will find negotiation. If he feels he is getting exploited he will quit from the job and get some of the cash he deserves. Gambling is always a part of his job, but like any good player should do is to know your limit.
>> No. 458294
He actually works for a casino? Wouldn't that be the opposite of gambling for money? What do you mean "gambling is always part of his job"?
>> No. 458295
Well, okay I'm on lunch now so I can be distracted less to explain.

Yes, he works at the casino, buying out the original owner from the fortunes he won from his games there. The reason is to keep a good public facade while he does his other dirty work that doesnt connect him to his Casino work. Basically he works there as a coverup still doing what he loves doing.
>> No. 458296
I mean, that's all acceptable, but I'm a little unsure if it makes sense. Buying a casino with winnings from that casino, manning the table at a casino you own, using it as a cover for work that has nothing to do with the casino... :P
>> No. 458297
Well, whatever he works there nonetheless, manning a table. That is his "day job". Then when that is done, and he has a job to do from somebody that wants his "Professional" services he goes out and does that. The casino work gives him an appealing public figure. The Casino is the better place to find him to negotiate his "professinal" work.
>> No. 458298
Alright, sounds pretty good! And a casino could make a great hangout/heist locale ;)

You're basically accepted, once you work out those gimmicks and run them by me I'll make the announcement. Also did I miss his race?
>> No. 458299
Oh, yeah sorry about that. Hes just a n Earth Pony. Like I said on the first, I will have an image up for him once Im home.

And yeah, I will figure out something for his deck. And I will join the Skype group when I get a chance to maybe hash that up amongst everyone else for ideas. Maybe, 'dunno. But thanks, and sorry for the confusion.
>> No. 458300
File 142671023726.png - (26.46KB , 320x366 , ah-HA.png )

Alignment: Hero

Race: Earth Pony

Powers: The masked hero known as Nacho Parmesano so far displayed excellent physical capabilities, significant prowess in flashy martial arts of a Luchadore, a powerful set of lungs and stalwart force of will. Also, that mustache...!

Weakness: Still a mere mortal, despite the bright spandex and the mask, Nacho's prone to all the plights of an average Earth Pony. Also, he seems to have troubles talking quietly. He's also having a bit of a hero complex. And quite some overconfidence.

And he smells faintly of cheese.

Personality: Bold, boastful, boisterous! Nacho is direct and thinks little of subterfuge and trickery, preferring to settle problems out in the open. Egocentric and eccentric, he nevertheless has his heart in the right place, fighting for justice and well-being of honest citizen!
>> No. 458301
Sounds like the hero this city deserves!

Question: Is he ever not in costume/hero mode?
>> No. 458302
Definetely, but I'll let that develop while playing. ;3
>> No. 458303
Alright! Well if there's nothing else to say about him, I'm ready to accept him!
>> No. 458304
Yay! I'll lurk a bit and figure out a good time to post. :3
>> No. 458305
So yeah Nacho Parmesano is accepted!
>> No. 458322
Phoenix has been accepted!
>> No. 458339
Bust Card is officially in!
>> No. 458436
UltraViolet is in!
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