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458092 No. 458092
#Ask/invite #Canon: Maretropolis #Contained #Adventure #Chill #Lighthearted #Violence #Ponies #Power Limit #Sign-up #Character #Silver Age

Maretropolis!! A city of heroes and villains, perhaps more than anyone thought possible! But even heroes and villains have lives outside of fighting (or committing) crimes.
In this roleplaying series, players take the role of amateur heroes or villains as they try to make a name for themselves in the bustling city of crime and crime-fighters, Maretropolis! But it's not just about fighting, not if you don't want it to be! Heroes and villains have lives too, making friends, bickering with enemies, or even building a team! There will be plenty of time to chill with others if you're not in the mood to fight, but villains are always scheming as well...

Battles are welcome to be fought with the honor system, but anything you and opponents can agree to use is fine. There's no reason to feel too bad if the bad guys get away. Try to play with your opponents instead of against them. If a hero loses, try to work out a fun way to keep the story going. Maybe they're put into an elaborate deathtrap for other heroes to have to free them from. A villain who loses a fight doesn't have to wind up in jail, but if they do they might be broken out rather quickly. This is all highly experimental, so tell me if you think of any problems with the layout. In the end, it's all a big playground.

Rules for character creation:
1. Both heroes and villains should be less powerful than the Power Ponies. They're the experienced, talented, awesome heroes that other heroes look up to. But don't worry, you might be able to team up with (or against) them!
1a. The Power Ponies themselves have been reserved for pre-selected players that I trust. I will be playing a group of villains that rival them in power, so if you go against them, I can help out ;)

2. You can apply right here and I'll approve the character or suggest ways to help make it more palatable. But surprises are fun, so why not apply in private? Skype me up (just search for Dulset Tarn) and send me your application that way, and I can just jot down here that you're accepted without your sensitive powers (or weaknesses) getting out for everyone to see. After that, you can jump right in!

Please don't join just to win a bunch of fights. As with comic books, combat is merely another tool for storytelling, and building a world of stories is the main aim of this RP. If your story includes a lot of fighting that's totally fine, but it's not a fighting game.

Speaking of which, combat works like this:
Whoever strikes first, goes first (roll for it if it's at the same time) from there, decide or roll for what order your team will go in. After that, it's simply alternating between good guys and bad guys. A 3 against 1 battle will have the 1 player going 3 times as often as each of the opponents, but they'll still be at a disadvantage because they'll have to beat each one without getting beat themself. If you don't get it, I'll put a more clear explanation in a document somewhere.

As for joining an interaction, you can probably just jump right into any situation! As long as you're not totally disrupting someone's conversation, or if they strongly request you not jump into their fight, you should be able to go just about anywhere. It's all up to the people involved, who I hope will be generous and welcoming.

That's about it, so get in here and make some characters to join the new wave of heroes and villains!

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>> No. 458095
Oh man I am so looking forward to this!
>> No. 458098
File 142498088838.jpg - (95.99KB , 606x640 , Pharaoh Phetlock.jpg )
Just to give a hand, here's an example cs for a character I'm playing as.

Name: Pharaoh Phetlock (Also known as the Phony Pharaoh, much to his displeasure)

Alignment: Villain

Real Name (optional): Only known as the Pharaoh to you peasants!

Powers: At each of his crimes, he's seen followed by a small legions of mummy minions! Some say he discovered dark powers that allow him to bring back the dead. Others say that his headdress is the source of his magic, and the mummies follow him as long as he wears it. A few others suggest that they're just henchmen he's forced to dress up in linen wrappings.

Weakness (optional): Crippling insecurity issues

Personality: Regal and refined, this megalomaniac sees himself as the rightful ruler of Maretropolis, and will snap at any slight towards him. Perhaps his delusions are to deal with a demeaned sense of self worth, but none the less, he demands all to bow before him, or face his royal wrath.

Backstory (optional): Someone as lowly as you are not permitted to know of my past, just to know your future under my rule!
>> No. 458108
Name: Geminus

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Real Name: Doppel

Powers: Detect Thoughts; Can mind reading. Change Shape; Can disguise themselves as anypony they observe. Dark vision; Can see in the dark.

Weakness: Direct confrontation

Personality: Normally shy and uncomfortable around others. That is until they take someones form as she commits to her role, sometimes overdoing it and enacts in activity that she would otherwise never do.

Back story: Coming from a large family but never being a ponies pony she left home to become an actor. After an on set accident she was rushed to the hospitable were she was pronounced dead. She then awoke in a morgue. There was no mortician but it looked as if there was a recent struggle. She then left to find help when others thoughts flooded her head. She stubble into an ally were, in a puddle, she found that she didn't look like herself. In fact, she turned into one of the ponies she saw on her way here. Looking back to the street she looks onto another pony then looks back into the puddle to she herself with their face. Startled, she stumbled back falling on her back her eyes now focused on the sky only for her to see stars. It was night and she didn't even noticed. All of this being too much for her she blacks out. She awakes to somepony checking on her. The other mare offers for her to stay with her and she has lived with her ever since, keeping her powers a secret from her. She has now gone missing and Doppel is determined to find her.

Notes: I know that the character should be less powerful that the Power Ponies and Doppel may seem to be very powerful but I see it as reasonable as its all about deception and has very little application in a fight. Also with the alignment being neutral only looking to find the overly kind pony that doesn't ask questions. Also she could be used by both good and evil so long as she thinks she is getting close to the objective that will never come. Also I spent some time on that back story and I know its not that good and I cut a lot of corners but I see this RP as a way to play this character as a lot of people don't want a powerful but mentally complicated character. She is able to do a lot but with her personality she will only do so to complete a goal that means nothing to anypony else.
>> No. 458109
Hmm, looks workable but might need a little fine tuning, unless you can convince me otherwise ;)

Why can she read minds, and how would that work in actual roleplay?
>> No. 458111
>Why can she read minds
Well, unknown to the character, the mortician was a mad scientist using her body for their experiments and I was planing on bringing them into the RP on a later date.
C15N3O2 was the chemical used on her that gave her the mind reading power, it enables her to pick up on the aura like energy given off by living organisms.

>how would that work in actual roleplay
Well a lot of the signals would be jumbled messes that she filters out but she would be able to possibly pick up on emotions, motives. How it would work in the chat would use the trick that people type internal things in RP and would make it so people who don't just have a higher will and is harder to read them. Think of it as if I could see thought process. it will sometimes take some investigation skills from me and with that I'll probably make mistakes but that makes it all more real as Doppel wouldn't know what all the signals mean.

(sorry for the late reply, I was working some research and even after that, I had to make sure that was the right chemical.)

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>> No. 458112
Would you mind her just not having that? I can't see why she should have that power or how it fits in with bodyshaping, and not everyone will explicitly type out their characters' though processes, strong will or not.
>> No. 458113
File 142501032125.png - (1.29MB , 1280x1656 , AnthroAirDressbyCinders.png )
Heya, this isn't a character application, as I've already had the character approved by Dulset in private. I just wanted to throw this post in here to let anyone who was interested know I'd be participating in the canon, just as a sort of call out to anyone who has enjoyed RPing with me in the past and wish to again here. I won't be Air...or will I?! You'll see.
>> No. 458114
I understand and the connection is that this is a heavy modification of a doppelganger character that I've yet found a place for. I'll make the amendment then direct attention back to the post, or would you rather me just re-post it?
>> No. 458116
Either is fine, and thanks :)
I hope you have ideas for how this character can be well included in stories though. I'd hate for you to quickly get bored without much to do.
>> No. 458122
Name: Geminus

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Real Name: Doppel

Powers: Detect Thoughts; Can mind reading. Change Shape; Can disguise themselves as anypony they observe. Dark vision; Can see in the dark.

Weakness: Direct confrontation

Personality: Normally shy and uncomfortable around others. That is until they take someones form as she commits to her role, sometimes overdoing it and enacts in activity that she would otherwise never do.

Back story: Coming from a large family but never being a ponies pony she left home to become an actor. After an on set accident she was rushed to the hospitable were she was pronounced dead. She then awoke in a morgue. There was no mortician but it looked as if there was a recent struggle. She then goes to leave and find help but when passing the wall of metal panels she spots her reflection and sees she is not herself. She walks over to the panels and finds that she has the face of her sister. She is shocked, but even more so when she sees herself morph back into herself. Startled, she stumbles back and slips on some spilled liquid. She hits her head and blacks out. She awakes to somepony checking on her. The other mare offers for her to stay with her and she has lived with her ever since, keeping her powers a secret from her. In this time she has also found that she no longer needs light to see. The kind mare has now gone missing and Doppel is determined to find her.

Notes: Amended without the mind reading
>> No. 458127

I forgot to mention by the way, if all goes well the canon will start tomorrow afternoon. It's not all that important to be there in that moment, however.
>> No. 458130

And I prob wont make it at the grand opening, I've got work tomorrow until 4:00 then i need to go somewhere that's half an hour away. So I'll be back around 5:30 - 6:00
>> No. 458148
Hi Dulset.

I think I'll contact you via Skype after I'll finish some stuff IRL. And don't be afraid of my leet-styled nickname.
>> No. 458149
Awesome, see you then!
>> No. 458165
Hey, got off work early and I've already took care of my trip so I can be there at the grand opening. Any idea when it will be?
>> No. 458167
OP, testing out new trip
>> No. 458168
It's actually beginning right this minute! We'll be introducing to villains and a new hero in the middle of a crime, so I'm not totally sure where you plan to fit into the story at the moment. Any ideas of how you want to be introduced? >>458113
Perhaps your two characters could have a small conversation during the fight?
>> No. 458169
File 142507088598.png - (13.69KB , 181x184 , Air4.png )
I can certainly see that working if they join in.
>> No. 458170
I don't see a prob with it.
Mind linking the /rp/ thread?
>> No. 458172
lol, almost forgot
>> No. 458173
File 142507436158.jpg - (82.80KB , 442x455 , Saddle Rager.jpg )
>I don't have any Hulk form pics yet
All I have, sorry.

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>> No. 458174
Name: Gust

Alignment: True Neutral (with a slight leaning toward neutral evil)

Real Name: Gertra (her full name is long forgotten)

Powers: Flight, mercenary levels of battle tactics, experience with many weapons (some of which don't exist yet), and a heavily accurate knowledge of major future events... in one timeline.

Weaknesses: Getting shot, stabbed, punched really hard, old age, many diseases, mind control, etc. She's a mere mortal in the long run. Oh, and as for just getting her off your back, money is quite the distraction.

Personality: While gruff at first glance, Gust is honest quite genteel to those who have done no wrong to her. She doesn't hold grudges, as her tendency to change sides would leave quite a few. One of her biggest motivations is simply survival, something that you may understand better once you've read her...

Backstory: Gerta the gryphon took a one-way trip back in time from a future where Equestria was left in a scarred state, with monsters running unchecked and many hurting each other for any need or luxury. Glad to have left it behind, the only thing she kept were the clothes on her back and her own memories. Few things scare her more than the idea of having to watch her past become the present once more.

(Note: My flashdrive died again, so I'm practically out of pics until future notice)
>> No. 458176
You're accepted! I look forward to seeing how she'll interact with the unfamiliar heroes, villains, and setting around her :)
>> No. 458177
Should be fun!
>> No. 458178
Ding! Workhorse has now been accepted!
>> No. 458179
File 142508621838.png - (655.69KB , 580x385 , l-tumblr_miuhun2xEp1s3gr4uo1_500.png )

>I didn't get a ding. :c
>> No. 458180
File 142508665773.png - (65.45KB , 900x650 , CriticaltheStreetAvenger.png )
Name: The Street Avenger

Alignment: Chaotic Good, Hero

Real Name: Critical Hit (He often uses his real name since he wants the villains to know it's him who's hurting them. Others use his hero name because they don't know him well enough to know his real name.)

Powers: None except for the common telekinesis spell that most other unicorns know.

Weaknesses: Gambling Addict (will take unnecessary risks), Hoarder (Likes to collect things and it is hard for him to give them up), Cold (has poor circulation due to genetics which is why he is often wearing over coats).

Personality: A free spirit who follows his own path which is to clean up the streets of Maretropolis from the tyranny of evil. He also has a complete disrespect to the local law enforcement, seeing them as "inadequate to defend its citizens".
>> No. 458182
Interesting... If you don't mind me asking, what does he um... do?

By which I mean, is he a skilled martial artist? If so, what kind? Does he use weapons? What makes him special?

I like the character though, he's clearly a guy with... issues ;)
>> No. 458183
He can go about in a fist fight but his real specialty is crafting makeshift weaponry and equipment from random junk he finds he finds (which explains the hoarding problem). An example would be he would strap a knife on to a baseball bat so he can have a bludgeon and piercing type weapon.
>> No. 458184
Alright, so how would that work in the thread? Would he just have a different makeshift weapon for each fight?

Also can you think of anything more impressive to use as an example than a baseball bat with a knife taped to it?
>> No. 458185
How this would work, well I guess I would just search rooms for random junk but I probably wouldn't create anything lethal. I guess he wouldn't use the same tools for every situation, they wouldn't be top quality and will most likely break.

And something more impressive, well If my character can find the right tools he could pull up small tiles, drill some holes into each tile and tie them to him to create some sort of armor I guess.
>> No. 458186
I'm not sure "searching rooms" is a thing that will sensibly happen in this setting...
Let's say he's near a supervillain attack, what does he do?
>> No. 458187
Um... maybe this thread really isn't for me. If I can't even create a character properly then most likely he wouldn't fit in at all. I do appreciate you giving me your time but I don't think I'll join this thread, oh well can't join them all I guess.

Last edited at Fri, Feb 27th, 2015 20:07

>> No. 458188
Being honest, I am rather doubtful about the character's "abilities". But I also think it wouldn't be hard to fix up! What if he... had some sort of power, to take two things and combine them into something?
>> No. 458189
Yeah but there is still the finding the stuff problem and besides what difference would it make if his crafting abilities were some sort of magic or superpower instead of actually putting the stuff together by hand. Sorry but I don't think this character will work.
>> No. 458190
Well alright, feel free to come back with an idea you like better, and I'll always be available to help!
>> No. 458195
File 142534771094.png - (330.89KB , 518x546 , How does this dress look on me (by Lava).png )
Hey, I heard someone was interested in a scene with my character but couldn't access the Skype chat?
>> No. 458196
You heard PARTIALLY right. I said I couldn't access the skype chat. Nothing about being interested in RPing with a specific character. That would be Dulset changing people's words.
>> No. 458197
File 142534788015.png - (21.07KB , 236x255 , Air1.png )
Well alrighty then.
>> No. 458198
Uh, sorry about that.
>> No. 458199
>...Well this is awkward now.
>> No. 458209
File 142543862394.jpg - (61.24KB , 888x882 , ella.jpg )
Sooo...could we possibly join and not post too much or often? Like...if we implemented it in the story right, could we be here one day, then gone for say a month or more, and come back for a few days? My time schedule is kind of spazzy, but I have a character that might work well with this and I would take him out of an interaction before leaving. I will try my best not to just leave people hanging.
>> No. 458210
That sounds completely workable! As you said, as long as you try to finish up your individual interactions, it's not a problem if you're not around often. In between events, it's still very much a chill rp.
>> No. 458211
OK! I'll put in a character then and see what you guys think of him.

He's very..over the top XD
>> No. 458212
Can't wait!
>> No. 458213
File 142544918754.png - (72.11KB , 600x772 , the goddamn batman lunatic.png )
Same person as before, I just changed my trip for the name. Ok, here's my sheet!

Age: Roughly 28

Gender and race: Male earth pony

Name:Bruce, but often he just refers to himself as 'THEGODDAMNBATMAN'


HAILING FROM THE LAND OF...well ok, so he doesn't technically know where he's from. Or what his name is...or where he is...or who all these ponies are. All he knows is that one day he woke up in an asylum with some other crazy pony flying some doll around his head and telling him that he-whoever he was-is 'thegoddamnbatman!'. Since he didn't know what to call himself, and the doctors couldn't figure it out, he accepted this crazy stallions name for him and now calls himself THEGODDAMNBATMAN.

Not knowing anything about the world or where he came from, he quickly became friends with this strange pony who had given him a name. He learned much from this strange pony who he spent most of his days with, like The Batmans secret name was Bruce, and The Batman is the most kickass hero of all time! And how one should praise the big yellow fish in the ocean because it looks like a sun.

Yes, this pony taught him many things. One thing he didn't teach him though was what exactly a 'man' was, for this was 'top secret information that could destroy all of Equestria if any pony ever found out about it!'. So THEGODDAMNBATMAN, or as he later would be come to called-Bruce. Let it go.

One day the doctors decided to let Bruce ride along on a fieldtrip to the beach, because he had been especially good as of late and they decided to let him come along. While sitting and eating his icecream and watching the sea, Bruce spotted a beautiful butterfly! He soon forgot about his icecream and doctors, and went chasing after the pretty insect. He chased it for so long, and so far, that he soon became very lost.

Not knowing where he was-or where he was going-Bruce decided to bunker down in an old abandoned building. He spent a short while there before moving on to another city-Maretroplis! He now lives in another old run down building, in a part that nopony ever bothers to check, where he spends most of his days just...being himself.

Special Abilities and Traits:

Bruce doesn't really have anything spectacular about himself. What he does have is things he has learned or knew before he woke up in the asylum.


Bruce is very good at running...away. He isn't exactly...'all there', so often he finds himself in situations that he doesn't exactly know how to handle, and his usual solution to such situations is to run like cat on speed. If he finds himself overwhelmed, he just doesn't ever seem to handle it well and he will run until he can't run anymore. That being said, if he finds himself cornered, he will attack. As most wild animals would attack if faced with such a situation.


He couldn't tell you where he learned it, or why he learned it, but Bruce is a master parkour artist. Choosing to run from most situations instead of facing them, Bruce has learned to use his environments to the best of his physical ability. Letting his body and reflexes take over, he can scale just about any building with enough footholds in under a minute and be gone before any pony can shout 'Where did he go?!'


Perhaps it's just because Bruce doesn't have the same mindset as most ponies, but Bruce can be pretty hearty when it comes to basic illnesses or injuries. It's not to say he doesn't feel pain or sickness, it's that he doesn't feel them the same way other ponies do, nor does he put as much thought into them. Often times he won't really 'notice' that he has a cut. Yes, somewhere his brain relizes that he is hurt, but he is much too distracted with other things to do anything about it. This can be a blessing and a curse. He might get away with ignoring an injury at the moment, but this also means he often forgets to take care of himself and ends up getting in worse trouble down the road.

In general though, he is often very hardy and can usually go long periods without rest or food. He just doesn't tend to notice that he needs them until it becomes crucial.


Being the way that he is makes it very difficult to interact with other ponies properly. Bruce can't really seem to make a connection with anyone, even though he tries very hard. Often times it just ends badly with him getting chased off, or at best, with somepony not wanting to be near him because of his strange way of speaking and acting.

Hero or Villain?

Well...Bruce is neither so far. Living on his own has forced him to do things that go against what society thinks is right. He often steals to feed himself, and doesn't really have a sense of common curtesy or privacy. He has gotten in trouble countless times for barging into ponies houses uninvited, and more times than not he has been run off for being a nuisance and pest.

Forced into bad situations, he will choose to flee instead of fight, and his moral compass does work for the most part. He won't attack somepony without cause, and he finds it painful to see others in pain-almost to a crippling disadvantage. Even though is in his late twenties, he has spent more than half his life in an asylum, and he has yet to figure out his place in society.
>> No. 458214

How do you see yourself playing this character? Would he add something to a story that includes him?
>> No. 458220
So, just out of curiosity since I am actually interested in joining up in this. What is the combat system in this RP if that has been settled or solidified at all?
>> No. 458221
So far it has been entirely by the honor system, with people trading off turns normally to make a fun story. If players actually do want to get competitive however, I do have a system idea. You and anyone involved will have to agree to a hit system (dice or whatever) but turns will alternate sides with each post, meaning that members of a team with fewer members will move and react more often than the individuals on a larger team.

But for the basics, you just choose whatever dice roll works for you and the others. If it becomes really necessary, I'll come up with something consistent.
>> No. 458222
Ah okay. I sort of figured that there would be a more of a combat focused system, but alright. So basically, honor out a fight and just see where it goes more or less.

Also, when it may get into a more hardcore combat state, is there any way we should rate our characters as far as any combat level? Forgive me, thats what I'm just used to coming from AOS.
>> No. 458223
I'm sure we can think of one, but it will never be required. If it wasn't clear before however, all power rankings for non-canon heroes and villains should be less than the Power Ponies. With this sort of rp, I think it should really come down more to how you use your abilities, you know?
>> No. 458227
Blink is approved!
>> No. 458228
It took 3 more character ideas but I can now RP even when Doppel is in a time loop!
>> No. 458229
File 142561559290.gif - (116.93KB , 250x275 , Trixie shake shake shake.gif )
I usually play him in silly threads where I try and do a 'comedy relief' type thing. I've yet to play him in anything serious.

But if your wondering what I would do in this thread, well I was thinking maybe just an occasional sort of funny 'who the hell is this guy and why is he chasing a butterfly through the middle of our crime/battle'.

Since my schedule is really wonky and...rare, I thought maybe it would be fun to give the heros or bad guys something to chase..or whatever, for short periods. Just kind of like, he pops up from time to time and is just a bit of a pest to whatever group, and perhaps leads them into shenanigans. But only for a short while. And whether he gets caught or not is fine, cause I could end the encounter there, and have something to play off of the next time I come back.

What do you think? Personally I would love to do some more serious interaction with him, but I've yet to find an rp that I could do that in. And I could see that happening in this thread maybe, but I enjoy him for his sort of batshit, silly craziness.
>> No. 458230
I think it needs a LOT of work before the character can be accepted.
>> No. 458231
File 142561739700.png - (326.21KB , 883x878 , 138361832725.png )
Ok, well if he doesn't work I have other characters I could change a bit. What type of characters do you want in your thread? Do you only want one's that will add to the story? Is it even ok to have one's that just come and go from time to time?

I have more serious characters, I have lighthearted...I've never tried my hand at a villain either, I might be able to think of something. But it depends on what you want in your thread too.
>> No. 458232
He just got off for the night, sorry. Though I will say that out of 5 character ideas, 2 of mine made the cut. I have yet to use my newest one and the other one pops in out of no where and bailed out of both events I used her in so I think coming and going isn't much of a problem, so long as it doesn't stop story events.

Also, if you do join us, I highly recommend jumping into the Skype group chat as we use it as the OOC in most cases. This thread seems to be more of a recruitment thread.

Not a mod/admin/or anything like that, just telling you what I've deduced. Please don't take what I say as 100% true fact because I likely got at least some of this incorrect and I apologies if I missed or was wrong on any information given.
Thank you, and good night.

Last edited at Thu, Mar 5th, 2015 22:01

>> No. 458234
Ah ok, thanks! I'll just wait for them to come on. That way I can think of character things in the mean time.
>> No. 458235
Personally, I'm kind of going for the kind of RP where people plan or start an interaction (a heist, for example) and others can jump in without changing the overall nature of the interaction. Spontaneity is fine, but I'd rather not have someone's plan get hijacked, especially for some meaningless chase. Now I'm not saying you plan to do that, but it seems like a strong possibility that I'm not comfortable with. In too many RPs I see people who just want to jump in, make things all about them, not add anything substantial, and just waste people's time. Again, not saying you will, but it worries me because I don't want this RP to go "that way".

In short, adding to the story is a plus, and I just want to make sure there's some thought put into just how a character will improve the canon in their own way, rather than have fun possibly at others' expense. Does that make sense? Can you do anything to make your character more... that? Also, how you play the character is much more important than the character himself, so if you say you're really confident this is a good idea and you can do this well, I'd be much more willing to approve.
>> No. 458236
File 142567429725.png - (215.71KB , 2072x2584 , HW_V_1_1.png )
Right. The time has come.

Age: ~23
Gender and race: Male unicorn
Name: Gears Hackwrench
Alias: Tex
Bio:, you want a story, huh?
Born and raised in Yellowmount, a little town near Stalliongrad, he is a real badass by his nature. Actually, he started to fight evil just for a process, not for some philosophic idea or kinda like that. At 16, he was well-known as a talented scientist who've already invented a jetpack and a holographic display.
Just five years later, he escaped Yellowmount and flew directly to Equestria. Using the chance that nopony knows him here, his started his kick-flank operation to clear this town from evil. Just because he can, and because his face is covered with a pilot mask. And what else you need to become famous?..

Perks/Weaknesses: Jetpack gives him great speed and mobility, and he's really strong in close-range combat, but sometimes his personality does everything wrong. He can easily be damaged from far, that's why he always tries to get closer.

Personality: "To fight a devil, you need to be the devil yourself." - That phrase explains everything, and Gears often repeats it to explain himself.
In social aspect, he's hard pony to say more than five words, unless you are his close friend. However, he sometimes tries to show himself as a really nice dude.

Last edited at Fri, Mar 6th, 2015 13:38

>> No. 458237
Hm, don't see anything wrong here.
So he flies around punching bad guys?
>> No. 458238
File 142569493956.png - (155.73KB , 900x1104 , vector_08__rainbow_dash_by_eipred-d5ofe0w.png )
I completely get where your coming from. Let me think on it a bit, and maybe I'll come back with a different character, but your right, I don't think he would be the type of character for this. Or maybe if I can think of something to do with him other than comedy relief.

I might try a villain. I've never been able to play one before, and I wouldn't mind trying to pull one off.
>> No. 458239
Do you guys have a lot of villains so far? Also, how dark does the vilence get? I always had a fondness for Slade from Teen Titans, but is that a type of thing where the violence or dark theme is too much?

I'm not going to toss slade in as a character, but just using that as an example.
>> No. 458240
That sounds just dark enough, if you ask me :)
Not more than that though.
>> No. 458241
Ok. I got an oc in mind that I've been wanting to make for a while, but I need to work on his character a bit more. You'll see me in the near future! XD
>> No. 458242
If you like, you can find me on skype and I'll be glad to help with the character! :)
>> No. 458243
Not exactly. I've forgot to write that he is really smart and he's perfect with electronics, especially hacking and mechwork. So, he's also a perfect team player.
If only your canon isn't full of engineers again.
>> No. 458245
It has a few engineers but that's not a problem. Let's say he's perfect with contemporary electronics. When trying to dismantle/hack/whatever the advanced stuff from Quazar Labs, you might have to roll a die, or spend a good amount of time with it.
>> No. 458246
File 142574795835.jpg - (1.02MB , 2448x3264 , HW_V_1_0.jpg )
So, I can only hack Quazar Labs stuff, right? Don't worry, I won't change my opinion.

Last edited at Sat, Mar 7th, 2015 11:41

>> No. 458247
No, you can try to hack stuff from Quazar.
But hey, you're approved! Maybe you can help us get something going today, I was hoping to do something big this weekend :)

If you want into the skype group, add me (Dulset Tarn) and I'll let you in.
>> No. 458248
Great. My nick is on leet, though, so don't be scared.
>> No. 458249
File 142582214689.png - (292.29KB , 3468x2524 , CriticalGambling.png )
I'm going to give this another try

Name: The Street Avenger

Alignment: Chaotic Good, Hero

Real Name: Critical Hit (He often uses his real name since he wants the villains to know it's him who's hurting them. Others use his hero name because they don't know him well enough to know his real name.)

Powers: None except for the common telekinesis spell that most other unicorns know. He does use a tranquilizer gun since he doesn't want to kill anyone or thing.

Weaknesses: Gambling Addict (will take unnecessary risks), Hoarder (Likes to collect things and it is hard for him to give them up), Cold (has poor circulation due to genetics which is why he is often wearing over coats).

Personality: A free spirit who follows his own path which is to clean up the streets of Maretropolis from the tyranny of evil. He also has a complete disrespect to the local law enforcement, seeing them as "inadequate to defend its citizens". He also believes in the power of luck and almost reveres it, seeing it as an invisible force that can defy logic. He can't tear a hole into the fabric of reality or anything his view of luck is just a personal belief.

Since the only thing preventing me to join was the crafting, I'm just going to take that out about my character
>> No. 458250
Alright, how do you see him fighting crime?
>> No. 458251
He could tranquilize a villain or if he's disarmed he could just go to hand to hand or hoof to hoof combat. With this being a super hero thread I feel like it wouldn't be fitting for him to kill a villain, plus some other players are villains and I don't want to kill them off if I ever find myself in some pvp.
>> No. 458252
Yeah, no killing. But what I mean is, what's his M.O.? Where are his skills at? I assume he's good at fighting, right?
>> No. 458253


Lock picking

Sneaking around
>> No. 458254
Okay, sounds fine to me!
Now this is actually the only question that really matters: Are you confident that this hero will add fun and character to the rp as a whole, for yourself and others?
>> No. 458255
Of course! When it comes to RP fun is the most important part for me. Also I can devote time to this thread, just go look at my Frontier thread and you can see we're still going strong!
>> No. 458256
File 142583678191.png - (546.24KB , 592x937 , humdrum9.png )
Then in that case, you're in! :D
If you've got skype you can add me (Dulset Tarn) and I'll add you to the group chat :)
>> No. 458257
Okay great. I don't have Skype nor can I get one at the lack of a video camera and hughesnet so you'll just be seeing me on the board. Also if I don't reply for quite for awhile, maybe a day or two then go ahead and give me a holler.
>> No. 458258
Alright. None of us actually use the videochat on skype though, we just keep it as a common chat service.
>> No. 458262
Just out of curiosity again, has anybody submitted any sort of character yet that is basically "Pay for Service" yet at all?

Considering doing a character like that, with Chaotic Neutral traits sort of deal. If thats alright anyways.
>> No. 458263
There are one, maybe two mercenaries, but no one has made much of it yet.
>> No. 458264
Nurse Blackheart is now in!
>> No. 458269
Osteo is now in!
>> No. 458282
Hey guys, I'm posting from work so I can tell you that my computer is fucked right now. Hopefully I'll be able to fix it by the end of the week but I just don't know.
>> No. 458283
Thanks for letting us know, best of luck!
>> No. 458285
I'm... actually growing pretty curious about this canon.

GM, oh GM, what's the current villain to hero ratio?
>> No. 458286
Glad to hear it! :)

Fairly high villain to hero I believe, especially with two important heroes rarely having time to come in (though that is likely to change in the near future).
>> No. 458287
Hey, since I dont have Skype here at my work computers, mind if I drop in my character bio in here at all before joining into the Skype group?
>> No. 458288
That's fine! Applying here is totally normal. The only reason I offer applying by Skype is because some people like their characters to be a surprise ;)
>> No. 458289
...Welllllll, I do have an idea for a hero.

I'll post it here when I get back home.
>> No. 458290
Sounds great, can't wait!
>> No. 458291

Street Names: Bust Card / Misfortune Dealer / The Dealer

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, Mercenary

Appearance: I will have a picture for that up later. Just not on this machine at the moment

Brief Story:
A rather quiet newcomer to the city of Maretropolis several years ago, came to the city with nothing more than his hat, his coat, and a deck of 52 and his personal chips. He was a Blackjack player, and a rather good one at that. In his old town, farther into the arid wilderness than Appeloosa, he was the King of Chips at the table, and gained a hefty reputation amongst the town. With that, trouble brewed for him and the Casino he hung around at with his small fortune he has won over the years over whether he was at all a legitimate player. Proving that he in fact was at the table. Most of the time anyways. Threatened multiple times over his playstyle, he was challenged to a classic duel. Pistols at dawn, he was a well versed crackshot with his six-shooter, being a .44 Magnum revolver of course. With the town constantly up at his throat, he took his earnings and set out for new fortune.

What lead him to Maretropolis was the idea of his skills from his pastime through many other towns would lead him to prosperity in this bustling city. However, his services come at a price for what is at stake in the end. He walks the city with his bronze lined coat, and black rimmed hat, constantly popping into bars and other venues in the city that fit to his liking. Otherwise, he mans the main Blackjack table in the cities Casino, bearing instead all white with black trim, and a friendly smile. A shot of Whiskey will always warm him up for some conversation, whether it be friendly, or on "business" terms.

Arraments: .44 S&W Magnum, variety of tailored cards and chips for combat situations. Cards will have properties based on what face the card has (diamonds, hearts, clubs, spades). Chips will also have properties based on colour, being able to slice, explode, distract or various other things. Coat is custom made and lined with Kevlar and ribbed leather, making it knife and bullet resistant (obviously based on caliber size).

Personality: On the streets, quiet and cold if confronted without warning. He would most likely brush you off.
However, at his Casino or offered a drink he starts to open up. He is a rather friendly stallion, but his bad side can easily be tripped to return to a cold personality. Jobs are carried out in the same manner as well.

Hopefully this should be enough for a sheet to start. There are things mainly about his cards and chips I still have to think on, but this is the main framework I have nonetheless.
>> No. 458292
Oooh, interesting! I definitely think he could be great in both combat and chill situations, which is a plus.

With gimmick cards and chips, I have to say I don't see much reason for him to have a gun. We'll have to definitely work out what all the gimmicks are.

A bit more about his personality would be nice. Does he only care about money, or is he a die hard gambler? Does he keep to his word? I don't need all the answers but it's important stuff to at least think about.

Also what's his race?

Last edited at Wed, Mar 18th, 2015 09:28

>> No. 458293
Yeah, good point on the gun. I think that might just be an absolute last resort thing if anything. Or if somebody intrudes his Casino or office. And as for the cards and chips yeah, I will continue thinking on that.

Personality expansion wise, he is about the money. Just about any offer that seems worth it he will go out of his way to complete it. He is a businessman at the end of the day. He doesnt focus much on allies as he is up for purchase from both Heroes and Villains for jobs. And he will keep to his word to get a job done unless he knows for a fact he is getting stiffed out, as he doesnt fall too easily for a price and will find negotiation. If he feels he is getting exploited he will quit from the job and get some of the cash he deserves. Gambling is always a part of his job, but like any good player should do is to know your limit.
>> No. 458294
He actually works for a casino? Wouldn't that be the opposite of gambling for money? What do you mean "gambling is always part of his job"?
>> No. 458295
Well, okay I'm on lunch now so I can be distracted less to explain.

Yes, he works at the casino, buying out the original owner from the fortunes he won from his games there. The reason is to keep a good public facade while he does his other dirty work that doesnt connect him to his Casino work. Basically he works there as a coverup still doing what he loves doing.
>> No. 458296
I mean, that's all acceptable, but I'm a little unsure if it makes sense. Buying a casino with winnings from that casino, manning the table at a casino you own, using it as a cover for work that has nothing to do with the casino... :P
>> No. 458297
Well, whatever he works there nonetheless, manning a table. That is his "day job". Then when that is done, and he has a job to do from somebody that wants his "Professional" services he goes out and does that. The casino work gives him an appealing public figure. The Casino is the better place to find him to negotiate his "professinal" work.
>> No. 458298
Alright, sounds pretty good! And a casino could make a great hangout/heist locale ;)

You're basically accepted, once you work out those gimmicks and run them by me I'll make the announcement. Also did I miss his race?
>> No. 458299
Oh, yeah sorry about that. Hes just a n Earth Pony. Like I said on the first, I will have an image up for him once Im home.

And yeah, I will figure out something for his deck. And I will join the Skype group when I get a chance to maybe hash that up amongst everyone else for ideas. Maybe, 'dunno. But thanks, and sorry for the confusion.
>> No. 458300
File 142671023726.png - (26.46KB , 320x366 , ah-HA.png )

Alignment: Hero

Race: Earth Pony

Powers: The masked hero known as Nacho Parmesano so far displayed excellent physical capabilities, significant prowess in flashy martial arts of a Luchadore, a powerful set of lungs and stalwart force of will. Also, that mustache...!

Weakness: Still a mere mortal, despite the bright spandex and the mask, Nacho's prone to all the plights of an average Earth Pony. Also, he seems to have troubles talking quietly. He's also having a bit of a hero complex. And quite some overconfidence.

And he smells faintly of cheese.

Personality: Bold, boastful, boisterous! Nacho is direct and thinks little of subterfuge and trickery, preferring to settle problems out in the open. Egocentric and eccentric, he nevertheless has his heart in the right place, fighting for justice and well-being of honest citizen!
>> No. 458301
Sounds like the hero this city deserves!

Question: Is he ever not in costume/hero mode?
>> No. 458302
Definetely, but I'll let that develop while playing. ;3
>> No. 458303
Alright! Well if there's nothing else to say about him, I'm ready to accept him!
>> No. 458304
Yay! I'll lurk a bit and figure out a good time to post. :3
>> No. 458305
So yeah Nacho Parmesano is accepted!
>> No. 458322
Phoenix has been accepted!
>> No. 458339
Bust Card is officially in!
>> No. 458436
UltraViolet is in!

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