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458351 No. 458351
#Canon: Side Worth Fighting For #Adventure #Dark #Violence #Ponies #Serious #Sign-up #Special Characters

Welcome to the WasteLand Stories sign up thread, it is here where you can sign up to join the thread, or ask any questions that you may have. If you do have any questions about character creation or how the combat works just go on ahead and ask I will answer to the best of my abilities or you just need a trial run, I'll be happy to accommodate you. Now let's get into details about the thread.

This thread is based on the Fallout game series but has no ties what so ever with the Fallout Equestria Fanfics, instead this takes place in our own canon version of Equestria. This is to reduce any inconsistencies and not spoil any of the story for those currently reading them. Any similarities between the Fanfics and this thread is purely coincidental. Now this may sound crazy but this thread will not have any real story, but rather it will be about how we would live in the Equestrian Wasteland. With that said I'd like to focus on wish fulfillment for the players, massive exploration, and character development. Lastly if you want some lore on as to how this Equestria became a radiated hellhole then go an ahead and read the lore right here

All that is required is the ability to type a dice roll. Everyone will be rolling d20's and for your attack to be successful you will have to roll an 11 or higher (basically 50/50). The reason for this is that just like the game you get a set of skills and the ability to use drugs to boost your overall efficiency (I'll discuss this further later on).

Character Creation
This is what you need to join;

Skills (Choose three, like small guns, science, speech, and things of that matter. All selected skills will have a plus 5 to their dice rolls)
Description (a picture is also acceptable)
Personality (optional)
History (optional/ note that we are starting in Stable 32 and players who join later on may not be able to be from that stable)
Other: (optional/ see wish fulfillment below or if you have anything important about your character that can't fit in the sheet I provided)

Quick Notes
Violence: when it comes to this I'm generally a no holds bar kinda guy but if some players do get upset than I'll put a limit for them.

Special Characters: sometimes we don't want to roleplay as a pony and would rather something else. If you have a race that is normally outside the show, let me know so we can work something out but generally I'll allow almost anything... almost.

Wish Fulfillment: now when I mean by this, I mean if you have a specific goal for your character or you want something to happen to him or her. Basically you want it to start the biggest crime gang or start the process to heal the wasteland, things of that nature. Or small events like you want to raid slave camps as a living or be captured as one.

DM's: for this thread it will have two DM's, me and GearWheel. This is so that we can promise interaction in the morning as well as in the evening. Gears and me will monitor the thread in that order.

Thanks for giving the time to read all of this and I hope you join this thread. If you ever need to help jumping in or I somehow forgot to give your character a response, go ahead and let me know in the rp (when it launches) or the sign up, everyone is promised interaction.

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>> No. 458553
For me personally I never felt it was a war of racism because since I played Fallout I understood the parallel and it was more focused on a resource grab. Sure there were some parts here and there but I feel like that racism wasn't the main focus but rather self destruction.
>> No. 458555
File 142886223619.jpg - (51.70KB , 250x368 , Jot2S.jpg )
Yeah but I'm talking how zebras are percieved in Equestria, both Fo:E and MLP:FiM.
In Fo:E it was a war against the little known "Zebra Empire".

In Fallout, the Great War happened not long after the Resource War and it wasn't just china who pushed the button and it wasn't a matter of racism.

For the Zebra Empire, the resource was crystals, but still there is little known what exactly is the Zebra Empire is, it just seems Kkat chosen Zebras because they're "different" from ponies and thats why I find it a bit of a racisy choice. To me it seem like a war against "black folk" in general than just a usual war against coutnries themselves.
It's either that or I am percieving this wrong to such a degree that perhaps I'm accidentally racist on the matter.

I would of either chosen quilin or griffins myself. The reason why quilin is because when I first played Fallout 3 and started to understand the Great War, I wasn't entirely sure who dropped the bombs, but know China played an important role. Since quilin are not well known in Western countries, they could be like that, an unknown enemy from the east than just by race. (It wasn't until I got to Mama Dolce's that I started to understand it more but not all of it. Had to go on the Fallout wiki a lot to understand that place wasn't complete.)

Griffins are also a choice of mine because if Gilda is an example of her species, shows griffins are more tempermental. The Journal of the Two Sisters also tells of a threat of war from the Griffins Kingdom that was averted by negotiation and pastries from the royal sisters.

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>> No. 458557
The reason I chose gryphons for the original canon was because I felt that they were closer in a geographic sense. They were a more common sight in the show, especially in the later seasons. Now the war in this canon is different from SWFF so yes we are at the same time period of the Frontier but in a different universe and it all depended on the gryphons themselves. The Representative, who has played a crucial part in my canons, called on the leaders of the gryphons to form a secret world government. The frontier thread had that they agreed. The fallout they refused and so it was the ponies who first pushed the button. Yep that's right the ponies are the bad guys here.
>> No. 458559

Yay! Sovietians are finally good guys!
>> No. 458560
I see where you're getting at.

I do like some stories that Kkat worked with, such as the main six taking council roles that eventually betrayed their elements. And I wouldn't even bother retconning it to have Twilight as an alicorn as it can still be alternate timeline at some point before Twilights Kingdom.

But still there are some things that make me go "Aye?" For example feral-alicorns being the equivilent to Super Mutants. To me that just don't seem "balanced" since alicorns represent a balance of pony traits while super-mutants are all muscle, little brains.

I would of gone with the Super Stallions of Rangers of Wintertrot series, more traditional to super mutants.

Sometimes I wish I was the one who started off Fo:E instead of Kkat, but I am not much of a fanfic writer.
>> No. 458564
Yeah I saw that in most cases of anything MLP it would be where the ponies would be the good guys and it just felt cliche to me so I decided to stab at the story of this thread from a different direction. Also Gears the X15 nuke that was launched to start nuclear war in this canon was going to also appear in the Frontier. It was right where we stopped and I planned it so that we were going to escort an extraction team.

Oh well, anyways how do you feel about joining the thread. We could always use more people and your posts would be most welcome.
>> No. 458565
File 142889131587.png - (3.26MB , 2480x3508 , FoE- For Ponies on the Glow.png )
I'll need to consider it since unless we can merge bits and pieces of Kkats work to make Ghoul Epic's story work out then maybe. Then it's the matter on how Epic will be introduced.

Either that or I'll have the hassle of rewritting Ghoul Epic. If he'll still be a ghoul.

I made him a ghoul because I wouldn't mind playing a ghoul in modern Fallout games. I will be curious what perks and traits will be exclusive to me, alternate gameplay as I explore the wasteland and dealing with prejudism for being a living cadaver.

I can imagine the Smooth Talker [] perk reintroduced to Fallout and that it is most benefitial to ghouls as it can open dialogue lines for humans who are uneasy or prejudice around ghouls in order to make them more friendlier towards you.
>> No. 458572
Okay so I have two different solutions that would allow your character to keep his back story and I will warn you, one of them is a bit outlandish. Considering however that since I'm DM and basically God of this series, it would be something I would totally allow.

1: I can change the canon entirely to be of the FOE universe but as a fair warning, I haven't read the entire story and I've only gotten as far as chapter 24.

2: I can have it so that your character was part of an experiment that used the nuclear fission of an atom bomb to tear a hole in the fabric of the universe and you were to come into this parallel world. I had this idea originally for the Frontier for the ending of the KotA faction story and the players were actually supposed to choose to bring the princesses back or not. Since we never got that far I kept this idea as sort of an "Ace up my sleeve" thing.

Oh and by the way, in Fallout 3 if you complete the Tenpenny Tower quest by helping the ghouls their leader will give you the ghoul mask. The way I did it was that I convinced the residents but I just don't recommend doing this quest at all because no matter what you do it will just end badly.

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>> No. 458573
I've only had the first two chapters, I found YouTube radioplays on them. The entire story is too much for me to casually read.
So you're well ahead of me. I only know so much about Fo:E from the wiki.
I know seems silly to make a Fo:E OC when I know little of Fo:E but I like Fallout and wanted to make alternate version of Epic Mount.

I have a this suggestion that is perhaps a bit less outlandish.
Can't we just mish-mash bits of both SWFF and Fo:E to make a wasteland that can be followed by all?
For example, we can only talk about Fo:E ponies if absolutely neccisary. In short Twilight and her friends are long dead so they should only be brought up if history is the current subject.
Even modern Fo wastelanders are not too sure who caused the wars and don't really care for details.

As for Fluttershy, well her article on Fo:E wiki only says so much. Here are some spoilers of her from Chapter 42.
When Canterlot was bombed, Rarity quickly used a teleportation spell to wink Fluttershy and Angel far away from Canterlot and it's destruction, however Rarity could not be precise where the spell took her.
Fluttershy appeared in Everfree Forest, but her safety was momentarious since she appeared on Killing Joke Hill, the magical properties of the plant turned her into a weeping willow tree. Angel Bunny protected her until he was confronted by a cockatrice and turned to stone.

Long story short, thanks to Velvet Remedy and Xenith, Fluttershy "got better" and returned to her ponyself, having only aged a bit her centuries as a tree allowed her to avoid destruction and is the last surviving and healthy pony before the war. I think she either became advisor to NCR or joined the Followers of the Apocalypse. Perhaps both, I'm not entirely sure yet.

Epic Mount served as a Star Paladin in the Steel Rangers and proposed to her not long before the bombs spell. When he found her a tree he vow to spend the rest of his life by her side. Over time he became sickly and pressumed he would sooner or later pass away by her roots, what he didn't know was that his ailments were early stages of ghoulification.

I can imagine him ending up crazy but his duty as guardian preserved his sanity from going feral.

You may want to have Epic Mount defending a tree since a tree wouldn't require an additional roleplayer. Unless you know a Fluttershy RPer whos okay with EpicShy ship.

Last edited at Mon, Apr 13th, 2015 15:13

>> No. 458575
Well I'll go ahead and mash the two canons together but I don't think I'll find someone to do Fluttershy for you and I'm not willing to do her as an NPC for shipping. So I guess you'll have to fill in that part if you want her here which it's okay to have more than one character here. So for now in the story instead of the Rep's forces being the Enclave, I'll call them by their original name which is The Alliance.
>> No. 458576
Alright. Since Epic Mount is defending Fluttershy, he'll be in Everfree Forest. Unless you want her as a pony then I guess wherever the Followers of the Apocalypse be.

Entirely your choice friend.

Last minute details, when it comes to SPECIAL, Epic's primary attributes are Strength and Agility followed by endurane and luck making him a brawler. When it comes to traits he has Rad Child (common amongst ghouls) and Terrifying Presence, the latter I'll probably use sparringly since while he's a loose nutter, I want him tolerable and negotiable.

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>> No. 458577
Where did Gears go?
>> No. 458578
File 142896775244.png - (1.23MB , 1748x1240 , FoE The Weeping Willow.png )
I'll read up the RP thread now, but whats the story so far?
>> No. 458579
I want her to be a pony so it can free your character up for traveling and what not. For jumping in, I'd prefer it if you joined now rather than later because it'll be more and more difficult to join as time progresses and also our characters are pretty injured at the moment like I have a head wound and possibly a concussion and GearWheel is bleeding pretty badly and I'm sure his hoof is hanging on by a thread.
>> No. 458580
Gears lives in Russia so from where I'm at he lives about 5 hours in the future so he's probably asleep right now

Story right now is that me and Gears were forced out of stable 32 to live life out in the wasteland on a project called dove. We managed to head west and found a settlement at Horseshoe Bay. After we stayed there for awhile we left to go up north to Baltimare and found Ember(Cranit) and we just now fought off two super mutants and a behemoth. That's about it sice this is fairly new.
>> No. 458581
Hm, Okay. If your characters head towards wherever the Followers of the Apoclaypse are (I'm not too sure myself where in Fo:E they are, but perhaps there are minor settlements of branches set up and Fluttershy and Epic needs to visit them now and again.)

Baltimare... thats near Hoofington. I barely started yet and already tripping over facts. But if you take the story towards a FotA or NCR settlement then I'll see what I can do.

Last edited at Mon, Apr 13th, 2015 17:01

>> No. 458583
Yeah, but he hasn't posted in almost 24 hours and I'd hate to continue without him.
>> No. 458584
Well I was hoping you would have them be traveling and they just so happen upon our group. Also I can't help that something happens here would contradict the FOE canon because again I didn't read the whole story yet so please bear with me.
>> No. 458585
Well I left a post on the main thread so that should invoke some interaction on his part. If not I really don't want to see this die yet but if it does I do have some back up canons to go off of.
>> No. 458586
And I do need to go to bed soon myself.

In Fo:E the Followers HQ are located in Junction which I am guessing is Fo:E equivilent to Megaton or some major settlement. But Fo:NV shows the FotA settling in Old Mormon Fort in Vegas while Fo2 the original HQ was in the library in Boneyard, New California.

I guess it'll just be coincident if Fluttershy and Epic were traveling with a caravan of NCRs and they meet with the group along the way.
(A lot of hassle to get my character along the way and all I wanna see is how well he goes as in RP.

Then again I haven't graced /rp/ in years so I know a lot of rule changes.)

Last edited at Mon, Apr 13th, 2015 17:22

>> No. 458587
I'm sorry there was so much trouble and all but I did promise Ponychan that I would help any player who wants to join my threads and it just goes to show that I'm serious about that. I mean I went and changed the canon so yeah I'll go out of my way to provide a roleplay that everyone will enjoy.
>> No. 458588
So you lot are in Baltimore dealing with hostile mutants. You're getting outta there to rendevou Steel Rangers but in bad shape.

Either Fluttershy's a tree and you need to pass through Everfree Forest for some reason, you could perhaps negotiate Epic as companion, or meet NCR caravan where Epic is traveling wit h Fluttershy who isn't a tree anymore. (Though Brotherhood and NCR in Fo don't get along too well so I dunno how it'll be.)

I know annoying of me to go over it a few times, I just wanna clarify and settle on how Epic can be introduced into the story or if e'll be a permenant companion if you want him.

I thank you for allowing me to play and hope I'm not being a major pain in the @$$ getting me to fit in. I just want to see how ghoul Epic goes, just a "test drive" in character. But /rp/ just seems... overly complicated to me.

I remember when /rp/ didn't need /ooc/ and players start threads off with quick initiations and the ball began to roll.

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>> No. 458596
I had some things to do. Gonna post now.
>> No. 458597
File 142902554583.png - (555.33KB , 930x941 , Epic Mount is a big pony by Atom.png )
I'm back now.
Pity it isn't the NCR, I've slept over ideas how Epic could be introduced into the story, as well as make him more independant from Fluttershy but still loves her.
If the BoS are anything like Kkats Steel Rangers (which technically suppose to be) Epic would not be on good terms with them, unless some of them really know who he was back in the day.

Perhaps in this version the SR became the BoS after the war.

Last edited at Tue, Apr 14th, 2015 10:06

>> No. 458600
Hallo? I have RP if anyone is interested...
>> No. 458601
Okay I'll have an NCR caravan hop in with the BoS out of the picture.

As being a DM on this site for a good few months, let me give you some advice. Go ahead and start the thread now instead of wait for players. If we start posting then others will see and may become interested, it worked for my threads.
>> No. 458602
Time for my debute. I still haven't decided if fluttershy is with the caravan or not, but I can decide that later.
>> No. 458610
Name: Dr. Grace
Race: Griffon
Skills: Medicine, Melee, Speech
Description: A completely white Griffon with gold eyes. Her beak has a very noticeable tomial tooth along with it curving to a short hook.
Other: I didn't include History or Personality because I feel that should be things that should be relieved bit by bit throughout the story.
>> No. 458620

Maybe just shortly? Just to see if it is acceptable.
>> No. 458621
By that, do you mean I have like a free trial?
Even know there is no cost in the first place.
>> No. 458622
Would by chance Dr Grace be with NCR or Followers of the Apocalypse? Because theres a caravan of both at the moment which Epic Mount belongs too.

Perhaps Fluttershy trusts Dr. Grace to keep an eye on Epic Mount just in case, given Epic is a bit senial.
>> No. 458623

Nope. I do want to see what to expect from your character.
We once got the same character with a "mystery" in previous canon, and what? We got a mare who thought everypony is AI of her dream and blew up the whole station! Nearly: Crit stopped her with GM emergency right to cancel her move.
>> No. 458626
File 142921380662.png - (467.84KB , 1280x720 , EqG hoodies.png )
You had some crazies eh?
Ghoul Epic Mount has a bit of set history but I'm hoping this RP will "test drive" him than any thing else. Afterwards I can drop out or be more of a follower if you like him. Yes his strength and senile is an unstable combo of his but nothing too RP-wrecking.

I've made a few versions of my pony OC I'd like to test drive if I can, I've seen some threads on /rp/ which could work but I doubt they're too open to him being somewhat romatic to Fluttershy.
>> No. 458627
I didn't plan to be part of the caravan and I already had a few interaction ideas Grace would possibly have, him being a ghoul and all.

Well the only controversial aspect I can think of about this character is her willingness to eat ponies. And please note that I said willingness, not want/"need". And before anyone starts saying "wtf man" I'd like to point out that in mythology Griffons would eat horses.

Last edited at Thu, Apr 16th, 2015 14:57

>> No. 458628
And I'll accept this, just be sure you know what you are doing with your character history. For me personally I don't see it as important so I'll shrug off minor things.

Ha yeah unfortunately that was probably my darkest moment on this site.

Now before you go eating ponies understand that we and the NPC's will most likely see the act as a crime against nature or at least it being fucked up. Be careful because doing that will make you very dis trustworthy to NPC's but I will allow it. Welcome to the thread.
>> No. 458629
Thanks, and just remembered a fallout fanfic where a cannibal and a small group of survivors are out of food and lost. The cannibal just casually tells everybody that if any of them dies, he'll eat them.

Last edited at Thu, Apr 16th, 2015 15:32

>> No. 458630
I didn't know he was a ghoul. On >>458524 I stated for race Epic was both an Earth Pony and a ghoul.
A ghoul with his head on right would have an easier time getting Epic to co-operate than the NCR.
>> No. 458631
I'm not sure if I'm interpreting this correctly but I think you did the same on my post. When I said "him being a ghoul and all." I meant it as your character being a ghoul and how that would spark a bit of curiosity in (I'd imagine) anyone within the medical field who's not accustomed to civil ghouls.

Last edited at Thu, Apr 16th, 2015 16:35

>> No. 458632
Ah I misread your post. I thought you ment Grace was also a ghoul like Epic but retained sanity and civilized.
>> No. 458638
Is it too late to change Grace's third tag skill from speech to survival? Also I'll probably join during/after the next event but please don't rush.

---edit line---
Okay, I can't take it. I can't stand 1/2 of Epic's posts, and I know It's rude for me to say this but I'm not going to be able to function in the thread. He keeps attempting to force interaction instead of letting it come naturally. Even before he entered the RP he was trying to mold the world to his character instead of molding his character to the world. A player shouldn't ask to add or subtract specific aspects into the story. I don't know if anyone has ever called you out about this and I don't know if you are just inexperienced/miss-experienced, but you need to learn things like this so later down the road, you don't anger more people who don't have the restraint to tell you what you are doing wrong.
And to Crits and Gears, I'm sorry about this but at this point in time, I don't see myself joining the RP, I hope Epic will take my words to heart and rethink some of his posts. I'll check back in once in a while to see if there is any improvement. I bid you all adieu and hope this RP to at the least gain some more tolerant players.

Last edited at Sat, Apr 18th, 2015 00:05

>> No. 458639
File 142937455641.png - (57.81KB , 945x945 , Epic Mount shrug.png )
I have said that I wanted to play to give a character of mine a try out, a test drive, as in to see how it goes.
That doesn't mean I'm being [email protected]$$ of Epic's character as a ghoul.
As Gear said >>/rp/40858323 we go up a volcano, do stuff and come back down. Afterwards Epic will return with the FotA and leave the RP unless Crit and Gear would like him to be a more permanant character.

Yes I asked Crit if he can adapt the RP lore for me and he said he will. Crit suggested on >>458572 we can either do one or the other and I suggested on >>458573 We meet half way so we can have the best of both. As in Epic could still retain his Fo:E based backstory but still fit it in with SWFF which is the primary lore.

I made ghoul version of Epic Mount for Fo:E but never got to RP with him to see how he goes. If Crit really doesn't like me RPing just to test a character, or if he really doesn't agree with what I am doing or if he politely says "Sorry, this isn't working out, maybe best if you let this RP be" for whatever reasons all polite like I will comply.

After the Volcano Quest I do plan for Epic to leave return to the FotA and leave the RP. If by this time Crit and Gear like him and would like to convince him to company for them a bit well that be nice and we'll see how it goes.
But Crit and Gear are the Game Masters of this RP (Are you? This threads OP is anon), I really don't want them to break backs over me.

Also keep in mind I haven't been on /rp in years. It was way back when things were different and I am trying to play along fairly. I do feel rather "unsure" about it all and considered pulling out, I am a bit uncomfortable around new groups, but I dunno if that will be fair on you guys let alone me.

Last edited at Sat, Apr 18th, 2015 09:34

>> No. 458640
I'm sooo sorry for disappearing like that, my computer broke down and I had to replace the hard drive. Although with my last post it kind of fit in with the character. After getting emotional like that Ember probably would have just left. It's a shame I can't go back and post her leaving. That or we can just have her traveling with the group in silence. Personally I like the idea of her leaving and camping out on the side of the volcano.

Last edited at Sat, Apr 18th, 2015 17:02

>> No. 458641
Just have it that she did run off but she sorta stayed with the group but kept out of sight. Be sure to have her rejoin though because you'll want to be with us for this trip.
>> No. 458642
You guys are traveling with a caravan right now, right?
>> No. 458643
I thought me, Gear and Crit were going up to a volacano for some reason. The caravan will stay behind.

Oops, forgot to give you guys medicine. Well I guess you could ask Epic. For sake of RP conveniance I gave him a bag. That or like actual Fallout he seems to be able to carry over 200Wg without any actual bag or carrying equipment.

Last edited at Sat, Apr 18th, 2015 18:41

>> No. 458650
What encounters are planned for the volcano trip?

I was thinking the mutants that would live in a volcano would of adapted with fire. Such as Fire Geckos (the purple spiny ones in Fo:NV) or Fire ants (redder, slightly spinier giant ants from Fo3 and Fo:NV that spray a flammable venom)

These are the only Fallout creatures I can recall who natually weaponise fire.
>> No. 458651
I don't know how...
>> No. 458653
Well I can't just tell you what kind of enemies you'll encounter since it wouldn't make sense if your characters would know what they'll face in the nearby future (unless of course you're Pinkie Pie). For now all you can do is just guess in a logical sense, but no matter what happens just understand that everything I do is for a reason. It might not make sense at the beginning but at the end everything will come together, you just have to bear with me.
>> No. 458654
Thats fine, I'm all up for it. And can easily browse the Fallout wikis if you want me to look up something for the RP. (Both Fallout and Fo:E wikis)
>> No. 458660
Well go on the rp board and post the roleplay thread. In the original post tell what it is about, post a link to the sign up, describe the world that we are in and any backstory we may need to know, and anything you may feel that is important. Then after that reply to your own post by detailing a scene or situation for players to jump in and everything will fall into place. Now this may sound daunting but most likely you are going to struggle to get people since you are fairly new, when I first joined this site about a year ago, I was lucky to get a single person to join. But if you keep at it you'll eventually make that one thread that jump starts well and soars for the skies... figuratively speaking.

No thanks, I've played enough Fallout 3, New Vegas, and have read a large portion of Fo:E for inspiration. All you got to do is sit back and enjoy the rp.
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