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#Adventure #Violence #Ponies #Power Limit #Serious #RPG

Roll your stats using a 1d20. Stats are as follows:
Strength: Affects melee damage.
Constitution: Affects how fast you get killed.
Dexterity: Affects how well you can dodge, accuracy, and ranged damage.
Intelligence: Affects how smart you are.
Wisdom: Affects how well you are connected to magic.
Charisma: Affects how good you look, diplomacy skills.

You can chose from three pony races, so that means NO ALICORNS. Each has a unique passive and active skill to start with.

Earth Ponies:
Active: Mach Charge
Passive: Racial Toughness
STG: +2
CON: +1
DEX: -1
ING: +0
WIS: -1
CHA: -1
Active: Pegasus Jump (Flying would be too OP.)
Passive: Racial Improved Dodge
STG: -1
CON: +0
DEX: +2
ING: +0
WIS: +0
CHA: +1
Active: Mana Strike
Passive: Racial Magic Affinity
STG: -2
CON: -1
DEX: +0
ING: +1
WIS: +2
CHA: +0

Race mixes like have mixed attribute, for example gryphons have the stat modifiers of Earth and pegasus ponies:
STG: +1
CON: +1
DEX: +1
ING: +0
WIS: -1
CHA: +0

All characters must start at Lv.1, and can NEVER become stronger than Twilight Sparkle.

Classes are:
STG: +2
CON: +1
DEX: +0
ING: -1
WIS: -1
CHA: -1
STG: +0
CON: -1
DEX: +2
ING: +0
WIS: +0
CHA: +0
Mage (Is available to all races, not just unicorns.)
STG: -2
CON: -1
DEX: +0
ING: +1
WIS: +2
CHA: +0
STG: +2
CON: +3
DEX: -2
ING: -2
WIS: -2
CHA: -2
STG: +0
CON: -1
DEX: +2
ING: +1
WIS: +0
CHA: +1

Alignments can be Good, Neutral, Evil, Neutral Good, Neutral Evil, Lawful Good, Chaotic Good, Lawful Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Evil, and Chaotic Evil.

Character Sheet Construction:

I am the DM and will create encounters. I will provide you with your class's beginner equipment.
Please enjoy.
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Sorry for the super long explanation...
>> No. 458405
Name: Rags Polar, Lv. 5
Race: Pegasus
Class: Warrior
Alignment: Chaotic Good
STG: 17
CON: 23
DEX: 22
ING: 12
WIS: 12
CHA: 15
Description: Male, brown mane and tail, green coat, blue eyes, cutie mark is a sword and shield.

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File 142792324202.png - (399.70KB , 3507x2550 , Critical32suit.png )
Name: Critical Hit
Race: Unicorn
Class: Rouge
Alignment: Chaotic Good
STG: 1d20-2 = 4
CON: 1d20-2 = 3
DEX: 1d20+2 = 18
ING: 1d20+2 = 18
WIS: 1d20+2 = 10
CHA: 1d20+1 = 15

Description: Pic (I know that my character is designed for a sci-fi but I will draw him in a different outfit.)
History: Critical started out his career for a single reason, boredom. He found that sneaking into castle to empty them of their possessions to be the thrill of his life and was quite convinced that he would not find any replacement. Then one day after getting some ill gotten goods, he found some ponies that were deeply impoverished. So after getting his loot through some fences he took the gold and gave it to the family. It was there he decided that he must use his abilities to help others who cannot help themselves. This went on for a few months until he was finally caught and brought to justice. He was imprisoned, and on one night while he was levitating a single gold coin he managed to sneak in. The jailer in his drunken state leaned up on the bars of his cell but kept walking, thus knocking his keys loose and on to the floor. Taking up the opportunity he escaped his cell and fled the prison. He then considered that Tymora, the Chaotic Good goddess of luck, had found favor in him. He has a sort of reverence for her, but he doesn't see her as a goddess that would want be worshiped so instead he sees her as a friend or as a guardian angel.
>> No. 458419
Welcome to the Team, mate. Here is your equipment:
Iron Knives (2d6)
Amulet of Luck +1
Cloth Armor (CON +1)
Here are your class abilities:
Active: Sneak
Passive: Improved Dodge
Best of Luck to you, Critical Hit.

Signed, Rags Polar
>> No. 458420
You can go to Level 100 and no higher. To get to Level 2 you must collect 1000 EXP, to get to Level 3 you must collect an additional 2000, and so on (At Level 15 EXP requirements go up in increments of 2000 instead of 1000, at Level 30 it goes up in increments of 3000 and etc.). Note: You get more experience for doing quests than killing regular enemies. You will receive 6 points to spend on your stats at every level, and it does not have to be spread evenly. You will also receive 3 points to spend on available skills (Though some are automatically given upon leveling up), and I will tell you what they are and their point value (Unused points roll over to your next level up). Dying will result in losing one fourth of your total gold. Equipment slots are as follows:
Right Front Hoof: (Primary Weapon.)
Left Front Hoof: (Secondary Weapon/Shield.)
Forelegs: (Bracers and the like.)
Back Hooves: (Boots and such.)
(Trinkets are amulets, bracelets, etc.)
Trinket 1:
Trinket 2:
Unicorns, Mages, and Rouges have Mana.
That is all for now.
>> No. 458422
Your HP is 58/58.
Your Mana is 45/45.
Your Base Attack is 4. (Add weapon roll to this.)
Your Dodge/Hit Rate is 29% (Subtracted to or from enemies Dodge/Hit Rate.)
Your Base Defense is 1. (Armor adds to defense, not CON, I messed up.)
All for now.
>> No. 458423
Okay I've written my character sheet with all the stats equipment so now I'm fully ready to go. You must have had a D&D set to think all this through, I did something similar at my school but of course I didn't have D&D so I literally had to create my game from scratch. I had to make the combat system, character classes and stats, maps, all of it. Of course I had to keep things simple to not scare people away so I didn't go into depth with stats and such. Overall it was a huge success and now it's going to be put in the school newspaper even though we stopped months ago. Ha I remember day 1 when I was test running it with some people, I forgot to bring dice so instead I had a scrap piece of paper that said hit or miss on the sides and we would just toss it into the air a couple times.... I sure do miss those days.
>> No. 458424
I played a little D&D once, yeah. I will say one thing though. THIS. IS. SO. TEDIOUS. I love doing this, but MOTHER OF ARCEUS!! Ahem. Just letting off steam. If you're interested this is My Equipment:
Head: Tattered Cloak (DEX +1)
Body: Plate Mail (Defense +4)
Right Front Hoof: Iron Sword +2 (1d8+2)
Left Front Hoof: Targe Shield +1 (Block Chance +5%)
Forelegs: Wraps (DEX +1)
Back Hooves: Boots of Sprinting (Gives Skill: Sprint)
Trinket 1: Necklace of Fire Resistance +1 (Resist Fire Damage by 15%)
Trinket 2: None
HP: 108/108
Mana: N/A
Base Attack: 6
Dodge/Hit: 60%
Base Defense: 6
+Armor Defense: 10
My Abilities:
Pegasus Jump (Slightly better than Improved Jump.)
Power Attack (Sacrifice 10% of accuracy for +3 damage.)
Trip (75% chance of tripping the target.)
Quick Step (Increases dodge by 10% for 3 turns.)
Cleave: (Sacrifice 15% of accuracy for +5 damage.)
Sprint (Sprint twice the distance you can move normally. Side effect: Causes fatigue for 2 turns.)
Racial Improved Dodge (Increases Dodge Chance by 18%.)
Toughness (Increases base defense by 2.)
Diplomacy (Increases CHA by 1.)
>> No. 458495
So we still doing this?
>> No. 458534
Yes. Yes we are.
We need more people. About two or three more. Critical Hit, find us more heroes (or maybe villains) with which to RP on this thread! I refuse to let this die!

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