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#Open #Cross-canon

Because why don't we have one?
A big reason why /rp/ and /ooc/ are so quiet is because we're so, well, fragmented. We need a place for our isolated selves to mingle, and that place is here.
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File 142876463780.jpg - (103.32KB , 500x540 , yuuko.jpg )
We used to have something like this, but it was moved over to /gala/ because it was too popular and not related enough to roleplaying.There's been a couple attempts at rebooting it, but they've all been unsuccessful. Why? The most obvious one is that the community here is empty, there's no getting around that. Merger is happening for a reason. Secondly, what interests people in roleplaying here is pretty diverse, and it's just easier and simpler to stick around those who are similar to those interests.

I don't believe the community is that fragmented though, it's just that much of the interaction happens behind the scenes in skype groups or even inside the roleplay board - OOC chatter is common in some of the canons.
It's worth a shot though. How's everyone doing?

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>> No. 458538
"'s just that much of the interaction happens behind the scenes in skype groups..."

Basically this, I still talk to a bunch of people from here, just not here.

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File 142879007893.jpg - (48.81KB , 811x582 , 2015-04-10 13_45_56.jpg )
Empty this place may be, but I'm glad to be back here, anyway. I used to spend so much time here, so it's comforting seeing those familiar shades of blue and all that.
>> No. 458541
File 142880326458.png - (84.30KB , 215x253 , woh dude.png )
So why'd you leave? Why'd you come back?
>> No. 458545
File 142882858877.png - (101.46KB , 247x275 , 2015-04-10 05_12_200022.png )
Simply put, a lot of things happened.
For one thing, Season 3, both regarding the show itself and with what was happening in a meta sense, pushed me away from the show. Hard.
For another, the canon I loved to go to simply... died out. I've been trying to reboot it, but I'm basically being laughed at for it.

As for why I came back, I just missed this place. A lot. Wanting to relive the past, I suppose.
>> No. 458547
File 142884310028.png - (1.00MB , 1400x1400 , good morning.png )
Oh, Destination Equestria? Never got back into it during the day. You're Baffle, aren't you? I remember you.

Season 3 though, yeah, it had basically the same effect on me too. The way I see it, roleplay here is hardly related to the show anymore, more just a formality. Not that it's necessarily a bad thing, but it's different.
Didn't you DE players have some sort of group though, or some way to contact each other? Because I think the majority have left the site...
>> No. 458548
File 142884401647.jpg - (54.24KB , 783x631 , 2015-04-10 13_46_25.jpg )
Yup, I was Baffle. You'll have to jog my memory on who you were, though.

And I didn't exactly... have access to the D:E steam group at the time. 2011/2012 was a pretty difficult time in my life, I had little-to-no computer access, etc. You can't exactly join a steam group using a PSP or 3DS.
I think they've mostly gone their separate ways, anyway. I've kept in contact with a few via e-mail, but I have no idea where most of them are anymore... I'm not even sure if the steam group still exists.
>> No. 458549
File 142884488826.jpg - (84.03KB , 429x958 , shark.jpg )
I like to change my name around on this site, so that's probably why. Don't worry, you probably wouldn't know me anyway; we never interacted, I don't think. I was never really into the whole epic crossover thing.

Anyway. Hate to break it to you, but it's tough to start something new here, especially if you don't have friends to get the ball rolling. If you're still insistent about rping here, I'd recommend taking a look at some of the active canons. This site lives by having fragmented itself, as each little enclave is usually active in its own little way. That's my two cents.
>> No. 458550
File 142884614773.png - (578.08KB , 960x640 , WAITING WITH TEARS OF JOY.png )
I have a friend waiting to jump in, but he's waiting until things get started a bit first...

I tried dabbling into other canons before. I even started one a couple years ago that enjoyed a modest success. But it wasn't really the same. I wound up leaving my own canon because I'm just plain not into longpost, story-based stuff. I may be dramatic as an aspiring author, but I like my roleplaying to be a bit more casual and slice-of-life.

In the meantime, I've just been bringing Pakaracchi here into the Donut Bar to pass the time and try to get into the groove again.
>> No. 458616
I've only been here for a few months, what is Destination Equestria? OR, what was it?
>> No. 458619
File 142917655214.jpg - (58.58KB , 822x591 , It's a youthful story that brings tears to the eyes with the hearing and telling.jpg )
Well, before the tag system was added, there was only one canon. Destination Equestria was the name retroactively given to that "default" canon after more started to appear. No rules about which character you could or couldn't play (except if the OP of a specific thread wanted something else), no sign-up, just jump right in or make any new thread at all and you were there..

It died out somewhere around the middle of Season 3, due to a failure of a story arc that made it impossible for most of the characters to do anything else, a general sense that we were writing ourselves into a corner, etc.

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