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guise guise, what time is it? Seriously. I'm asking you. WELL I ALREADY KNOW, ITS RARITY TIEM! :'D
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File 136004724530.png - (197.19KB , 487x365 , 136002425573.png )
So I've known Rarity fans for quite awhile and I have to say that she is my least favorite of the Mane 6. As a question to better understand, and not to be like Huhr Duhr you're wrong, why do you all like Rarity? What makes her so great?
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File 136008332999.png - (483.68KB , 1593x1200 , Cubonator - Crystal Rarity.png )
First of all, I ahve say I respect your opinion of not liking her, even if I don't share it. Secondly, I can only talk why I like Rarity, so I'm sure other people have lots of other reasons to like her.

Where to begin...? Well, I like her design a lot. Her colours are very nice, with a white coat with a touch of blue and a very pretty indigo mane mane. Her dresses are gorgeous and I must say she’s very, very, very, very cute when she’s wearing her big red glasses.

She's voiced by Tabitha St. Germain, my favourite voice actress and, in my opinion, one of the best voice actresses in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic along with Kathleen Barr and Nicole Oliver. Kazumi Evans does an amazing job with her singing voice and I must say I love every song she sings.

Her job is very interesting as well. She's a fashionista but isn't portrayed like many other characters with similar taste in other media: instead of going shopping she makes her own dresses, and not just for her, but for everypony that wants them or needs them. She's more of an artist than anything else.

Her personality is one of the main reasons why I like her. She's a kind and generous pony that always helps those in need (well, her Element is Generosity for a reason!), she's also elegant, glamorous and responsable when she needs to be. And funny too, of course! I love her Greta Garbo impression in Suited For Success and her Drama Queen moments. I also like how this cute unicorn is clever and astute, as we can see in A Dog and Pony show.

Of course, she also has flaws such as vanity, greed, stubbornness and sometimes she's a bit selfish... these make her character less flat and more round. And what I really like is that most of the time she is able to recognize her own faults and she tries to be a better person (or a better pony): she knew she was envious of Fluttershy in Green is not your Colour but she also knew she should support her friend so, in the end, she tried to help her. The same happened in Sisterhooves Social, when she realized how she treated Sweetie Belle she tried to make ammends with her, even doing something she doesn’t like at all.

I could go on and on, saying all the things I like about her, but I think this is a good summary about why I like Rarity. I hope it was useful and not too boring to read.
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File 136008405505.png - (214.01KB , 903x885 , 134247703601.png )

Oh no, no, not boring at all. I was expecting walls of text. See I feel kind of bad because I'm sure I'd like her much more if I didn't know people that (in my eyes) are nearly the same as her. I'm predisposed to hate her, unfortunately. I've been told that she is more of a rounded character because of her flaws, and I agree. I just can't get past the bad side of her : As for generosity, that argument can actually be won both ways, but mostly because the Rarity-haters just despise her. I'm trying really hard to give her a chance though, thus why I'm asking.
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File 136008437405.jpg - (68.84KB , 1133x1093 , Balloons504 - Brushie Brushie.jpg )
It's okay, she has both a good side and a bad side, as any character, disliking her for her bad side isn't bad, we all have different tastes after all.

More that for her flaws, I like her for how she tries to overcome them. She's not a flawless character and she knows it, but works hard to try to be better.

I'm glad to hear you're giving her a chance! I've met a lot of people that dislike her and won't give her any chance...
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File 136008485535.png - (492.97KB , 1280x720 , 133820907764.png )

Well what I've found is that the people who hate her know people like her. People that have bucked them over in one way or another. So I'm not surprised that not many are giving her a chance, but I figured hey, why not. I think my favorite part about the fandom is the idea of "best pony". The whole point of the show is that everypony is good at their own things, no one is better than anypony else. And yet I like probably the flattest character on the show the best. Regardless, I DO like her design, I DO like some of the stuff she does for others, but, in my opinion....*braces*....I don't think putting a bunch of jewels on something makes it prettier. I've also seen the workings of a friend's mind like her, and her motives behind her actions. Not pretty. But yes, I'm trying to give her a chance. She is amusing at times, I must admit.
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File 136008630805.png - (86.00KB , 400x360 , Moozua - Rarity.png )
I guess there are external reasons for not liking her and those are pretty heavy... I haven't met anypony with the "bad" qualities of Rarity but perhaps if I did I wouldn't like her as much as I do. Although, Rarity does have a good side too.

Well, perhaps "favourite pony" is a better way to express than "best pony", but we all have different tastes. Some of us may like Rarity more, others like Twilight Sparkle or Fluttershy... this fandom would be quite boring if we all thought the same, in my opinion.

Also, fashion is a confusing thing by itself. Who knows how Equestrian fashion works? Perhaps putting more gems in something makes it better. Or at least, I'm sure dragons will like it a lot more.
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File 136008695931.jpg - (32.15KB , 349x337 , WTF Man Rarity.jpg )

That's actually a good point. Unfortunately I have like 2 pictures of Rarity left, so I can't participate much longer. It's nice to talk to somepony who isn't blatantly oblivious to reason and still be able to discuss this. I mean it's much the same with me for Rainbow Dash, everypony would just say "Because she's cool". Ok, but that doesn't mean anything to me. I think Tavi and Scratch are cool, but it doesn't explain. I actually enjoyed this, so thank you very much, good sir! I hope to see more bronies like you in the future!
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File 136008753948.png - (112.03KB , 439x403 , Bambooharvester - Rarity.png )
Thanks to you for the chat! I think it's nice to know why people don't like your character: it gives a lot of insight and new viewpoints of her you may have not thought in the first place.

Likewise, EasleyAmused! It was very nice to chat with you.
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File 136089356117.jpg - (110.54KB , 640x427 , 226751.jpg )

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File 136561694773.png - (189.92KB , 900x604 , All-of-thehomo - The Type of Pony Everypony Should Know.png )
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File 136581304952.gif - (131.57KB , 300x285 , rarityhugs.gif )
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File 136665420118.png - (268.93KB , 800x467 , RatofDrawn - As you wish Rarity.png )
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File 137556286571.jpg - (26.43KB , 466x559 , rary.jpg )
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File 137823658314.jpg - (114.21KB , 900x1273 , BFA8C47C-EDE6-452A-B850-A46777B94504.jpg )
This is the thread Ive been looking for my whole life!
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File 137825640445.jpg - (53.34KB , 602x663 , 137562816199.jpg )
Best pony.
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File 138031375145.gif - (1.26MB , 960x540 , 137458092728.gif )
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File 138111035955.jpg - (909.23KB , 1920x1080 , 952a57deb698b836e62998f2d771e709.jpg )
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File 138119612213.jpg - (118.03KB , 500x372 , rarityisab.jpg )
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ahhh cutie!
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File 138120579960.jpg - (185.91KB , 600x917 , 5421154.jpg )
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File 138879281714.png - (173.15KB , 500x500 , 505999__safe_solo_rarity_clothes_pixiv_portrait_hearth's+warming+eve_princess+platinum_arti.png )
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File 139053571813.jpg - (103.24KB , 675x612 , 130488792486.jpg )
I'm just going to put this here and see if anypony remembers what this is.
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File 140187416670.jpg - (845.13KB , 836x1148 , 644070__safe_solo_rarity_humanized_glasses_artist-colon-pigeon666.jpg )
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Awake, ancient thread. Return to the mainpage.
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her fingers are creeping me out
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