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950599 No. 950599
Has it been done?

Pic unrelated
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>> No. 950600
About three years ago...
>> No. 950619
EG don't count.
>> No. 950620
First: it does.
Second: I'm not talking about EG - people made fanart of alicorn-Twilight and humanizations for a very very long time
>> No. 950621
But have they humanized alicorn-Twilight?
>> No. 950622
I really believe it's been done, like I said, many years ago.

In any case..
>> No. 950623
As expected, these just paste purple wings onto human beings. I was hoping for a little more creativity.
>> No. 950624
Does the color of the wings really matter? If you want white, angel-like wings, seach for Rarity instead of Twilight.
>> No. 950625
I want princess! ascension, not wings.
>> No. 950626
Wait, so, a humanized version of s3e13's second half?
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