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File 142774471018.jpg - (107.83KB , 791x1200 , STK669038.jpg )
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Since we've got a miniseries running all of April, I thought I might as well name the thread after them.

My Little Pony Fiendship is Magic #1 Sombra
(W) Jeremy Whitley (A) Brenda Hickey (CA) Amy Mebberson
The first My Little Pony mini-series event! This month-long weekly limited series explores the secret origins of the Equestria’s greatest villains!What caused Sombra to become one of the most feared ponies in Equestria’s history?

My Little Pony Fiendship is Magic #2 Tirek
(W) Christina Rice (A) Tony Fleecs (CA) Amy Mebberson
The first My Little Pony mini-series event! This month-long weekly limited series explores the secret origins of the Equestria’s greatest villains!Tirek’s mad quest for power starts here!

My Little Pony Fiendship is Magic #3 Sirens
(W) Ted Anderson (A) Agnes Garbowska (CA) Amy Mebberson
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>> No. 36795179
File 142985557362.jpg - (75.07KB , 576x1024 , b79.jpg )

On that note, Rainbow dash's method Describing the fight reminds me of the marine Todd Meme.

File 142963062754.jpg - (3.42MB , 5312x2988 , 1424105122855.jpg )
36795076 No. 36795076 Stickied [View]
This episode's title is Tanks for the Memories, by Cindy Morrow.

>With winter quickly approaching, Rainbow Dash has a difficult time accepting the fact that Tank is going to have to hibernate for the entire season, so she decides the best solution would be to prevent winter from ever arriving.

This episode airs Saturday, April 25th at 11:30 AM EST/ 8:30 AM PST.
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>> No. 36795153
File 142974570431.jpg - (280.52KB , 1280x905 , RD_dash_fight_plot.jpg )

To be fair, Rainbow Dash's capabilities for destruction are far, FAR less dangerous than Twilight's are, barring some random plot power up.

Besides, I'd say this will turn out closer to the Pirate arc of the comic's plot (about learning to let go of the things you love which was done with fluttershy and her pet fish)

File 142936445572.png - (1.40MB , 1620x1080 , help_applebloom_by_midnight_star234-d89z5z0.png )
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This thread is meant for discussing impressions on episode 504, Bloom and Gloom, written by Josh Haber, during and after it airs.

Be mindful of saying spoilers before they show up on TV. Until then, keep that sort of stuff in the Anticipation Thread.
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>> No. 36795138
File 142972873137.jpg - (144.16KB , 1355x500 , Hent-235.jpg )
Very interesting.

That was one of the highlights of the episode.

File 142558243492.png - (106.54KB , 500x500 , more.png )
36791188 No. 36791188 Stickied [View] [Last 50 posts]
Even though S5 just got a confirmed air date, we're already receiving hints and teases at future content.

Use this thread for posting/discussing future episode details.
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>> No. 36795140
File 142972891206.png - (668.95KB , 1280x720 , Crankydoodle_S2E21.png )
I remember the Wedding rumours too.

File 142959818715.png - (661.76KB , 750x750 , 877304__safe_solo_princess+luna_blushing_smile_magic_bedroom+eyes_telekinesis_eating_artist-colo.png )
36795067 No. 36795067 [View]
Would you agree that this season has so far mainly focused on both Cutie Marks and Pancakes?

Could the Pancakes foreshadow something later in the Season?

Who would want to have a plate of those Pancakes topped with whipped cream and sprinkles for breakfast? I sure would; but alas, my breakfasts' have to have a substantial amount of protein, and Pancakes are all starches.

source: https://dərpibooru.org/877304?scope=scpe6bffd17963f142144b8eeb4b07f4a89f32894385
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>> No. 36795160
File 142980990542.jpg - (530.74KB , 853x563 , continental.jpg )
When you say "humans," are you excluding the French?
>> No. 36795162

Don't you usually?
>> No. 36795163
File 142982916847.gif - (4.05MB , 480x360 , so_ungodly_wrong.gif )

Wait, are you implying the french are humans?

File 142927961847.png - (80.66KB , 1160x635 , spoiler.png )
36794709 No. 36794709 [View]
Remember that "The Interview" fiasco last year? And how North Korea supposedly hacked Sony and leaked those emails?

Well, wikileaks has a site now where you can search those emails. And there are several emails to be found about the MLP movie coming out in 2017.

Some interesting stuff, including the reveal of the villain's name, discussion on the first draft of the script, Sony's concern that it would end up being an extended episode of the show, how they initially wanted the directors of "Ice Age" to make it before deciding to stick with DHX, etc. etc.

Here's the search link.

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>> No. 36794861
That's not a leaked list, that's 100% bullshit, it has about as much credibility as me saying that episode 10 will be called Will They or Wotter They, focused on Fluttershy's sexual relationship with an Otter.

And I fail to see how Larson likes Celestia any more than any other writer. That wasn't really a character moment, that was just a funny little gag. And even then, that was back when Celestia had regular presence in the show.
>> No. 36795141
File 142972918022.png - (403.71KB , 1280x720 , Princess_Celestia_uses_her_horn_as_a_key_S02E01.png )
I except more Celestia love too.
>> No. 36795161
Saved pic hnnnnngh

File 142939612206.png - (549.41KB , 1280x720 , Rainbow_Dash_nervous_around_Daring_Do_S4E04.png )
36794894 No. 36794894 [View]
Now that I've watched this season's episode twice to form a better opinion, I feel confident enough to move on to the comparison. So, today we get to look at this set of episodes:

Season 1: Applebuck Season
Season 2: Luna Eclipsed
Season 3: One Bad Apple
Season 4: Daring Don't
Season 5: Bloom and Gloom

Let's see. I think this time I'm going to go with this:

Luna Eclipsed > Applebuck Season > Daring Don't > Bloom and Gloom > One Bad Apple
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>> No. 36795062
File 142959500424.jpg - (167.79KB , 1366x768 , apple-bloom-and-pinkie-pie-709-1366x768.jpg )
Wow people really seemed to like the new episode!
>> No. 36795072
File 142962096078.gif - (161.33KB , 500x504 , Pinkie.gif )
To me it feels like a lot of people haven't bothered replying about it, which could mean that the fandom's less chatty lately or that most people didn't have much to say.

I found the ep a little underwhelming, so I'm leaning towards the latter.
>> No. 36795155
Bloom and Gloom > Luna Eclipsed > Applebuck Season > Daring Don't > One Bad Apple

File 142880274575.png - (1.86MB , 1918x1080 , Twilight_and_Spike_at_the_old_castle_S4E03.png )
36794174 No. 36794174 [View]
Okay, this one is going to be a bit rougher. I don't think there is a bad or even a mediocre episode in the mix here. Ranking this for me is going to be a bit tough. Well... I think I'll go with this:

Lesson Zero > Castle Sweet Castle > Castle Mane-ia > Too Many Pinkie Pies > The Ticket Master

Lesson Zero, to me, is Party of One done right. I know a lot of people love Party of One, but I find it to be just... alright. Lesson Zero, however, I find much funnier, and certainly the most entertaining of the crop we have today. Crazy Twilight is a treat to behold, and this episode may very well have Spike's best portrayal in the entire show. Gold star.

I'm a bit surprised that I'm putting Castle Sweet Castle here myself. There are some spots I find relatively average during the episode. It's entertainment to me is about on par with Castle Mane-ia. The reason it wins in the end, even if they could have been stronger, are the feels. Them feels can really endear an episode to me. That's the reason Sleepless in Ponyville is my favorite episode of Season 3.

I know that some people find Castle Mane-ia a bit bland, but for me, I find it plenty amusing throughout. I don't think there is a moment of boredom, even if there also any moments to make it stand out. This is one of my go-to episodes to point out that isn't anything special, but also doesn't have anything wrong.

Too Many Pinkie Pies has a good portrayal of Pinkie, somebody who really suffers when written poorly. Her clones might be crazy, but that is intentional here, and Pinkie should NOT be written like she is one of those clones. The solution of finding the real Pinkie is... really dark if you think about it too much. It's not last because I find it more entertaining than The Ticket Master (I keep using that word in this post).
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>> No. 36794640
File 142919486133.jpg - (33.56KB , 500x333 , L2tF0K6.jpg )
Lesson Zero >>> Castle Sweet Castle = Castle Mane-ia = The Ticket Master > Too Many Pinkie Pies

Lesson Zero: The first 13 weeks of Season 2 are still the best the show has ever had (of course, MMDW is the odd Donkey out, but I digress) and Lesson Zero is a big reason why. Season 2 Twilight Sparkle is still best Twilight Sparkle, and it's a window into the potential that was lost when the show went the way it went. 9.75/10

Castle Sweet Castle, Castle Mane-ia and The Ticket Master: While each of these episodes are different, none of these episodes are technically less efficient than the other. So I'll just give one positive for each.

Castle Sweet Castle: Great way to format a Clip Show
Ticket Master: Nice Potrait into the Dreams of the Main Characters.
Castle Mane-ia: Nice interaction between characters.
7.5 for the field

Too Many Pinkie Pies: As far as Season 3 episodes go, this is one of the least offensive ones, but I didn't like the conclusion to this at all. Episode would've been a lot stronger if Pinkie Pie was allowed to take the lead in solving the issue 6/10.
>> No. 36795137
File 142972419039.png - (754.07KB , 1280x720 , Twilight_Sparkle_gazing_up_at_Canterlot_S2E25.png )
I really think there is something more dramatic then cute,in the way castles are placed in this show and how Characters view them.

Last edited at Wed, Apr 22nd, 2015 10:36

>> No. 36795145
File 142973556139.jpg - (492.95KB , 1677x591 , FUNFUNFUN-Cenyo.jpg )
Too Many Pinkie Pies > Lesson Zero > Castle Sweet Castle >> Castle Mane-ia = The Ticket Master

File 142874450065.png - (130.88KB , 600x499 , FlZ9WH6.png )
36794010 No. 36794010 [View]
Twilicorn ruined the show for me.

I went into S4 with an open mind, but I just couldn't like it. Every time Twilicorn appears on screen, I cringe a little. It's just so... stupid and pointless, you know? A constant reminder of the crap they're willing to pull to advertise their toys, disregarding how it fits (or doesn't fit) into the actual show.

The way they treated Twilight's friends in the finale really left a sour taste in my mouth... and the castle was like Twilicorn all over again. I started watching originally because the show used to be better than this. The train is meh, Cadence barely appears (and when she does she actually does stuff), but Twilicorn and the castle are being pushed into our faces all the time.

I can't get myself to watch S5, even though I'm still (somewhat) involved in the community. I'd like to be excited again but just thinking about it makes me sad. Help me rekindle the flames, guys.

TL;DR I'm disillusioned with the direction the show has taken, need cheering up. How do you manage to ignore all the bad and focus on the good? Is that even a healthy thing to do?
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>> No. 36795020
That's Celestia's castle. I want the old one they had to fix up. It should even come with a psychotic Midas fashion book and organ
>> No. 36795133
Twilicorn's very presence is hurting the show.

Why should I "accept" it rather than try to find some good in it? The reasons you've given for Twilicorn being important are either flat-out wrong (like the idea about non-princesses needing permission to enter the old castle) or headcanon (about Twilight's magic levels).

I was wondering if there was anything I missed.
>> No. 36795136
File 142972394007.png - (157.54KB , 1000x800 , canterlot_castle_by_chritsel-d5goylj.png )
Does it come with Spike and that Filly?

File 142924916253.png - (116.36KB , 594x1024 , large.png )
36794694 No. 36794694 [View]
Ok, we know from the first 2 episodes that our new villein, Starlight Glimmer, has the magic to steal other ponies Cutie Marks and put them under glass.

However, do you think that Starlight Glimmer can give one Pony's cutie mark to another Pony? And if so, what do you think could happen if she did? Could it be a future episode (I don't know)?

Image Source: https://dərpibooru.org/874762?scope=scpe9ae369f98d751403e2a09b94fae7ddf19c84116b

Last edited at Thu, Apr 16th, 2015 22:43

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>> No. 36795112

Because it was rushed to get to Princess Sparkle, they missed an opportunity. I'd love to see Starlight randomize the cutie marks of the town. The mane six have to try to find Twilight's magic mark, but they are challenged with having different skills. It could be a learn to appeciate the talents of others moral.
>> No. 36795114
File 142967075982.jpg - (111.05KB , 745x503 , awards.jpg )
According to the artist who created that, it was just an award named after Daring Do, like how the other thing displayed is Author of the Year, clearly an award.

Not to mention since it was only something the artist put in, the meaning of a small background detail is a lot different than the scripts made by the writers and approved by Hasbro.

Last edited at Tue, Apr 21st, 2015 19:55

>> No. 36795116
File 142967229358.jpg - (104.97KB , 578x1024 , angron_kill_mee.jpg )

Boats come and gone mate; its just too late to do it all over again.
There's lots of premises I'd love to see rehandled in the show too, but once something's done, its done.

File 142944737711.png - (49.26KB , 884x520 , Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 8_23_35 AM.png )
36794956 No. 36794956 [View]
Tracking the Google Trends search-term figures for "My Little Pony" and "Friendship is Magic," I had concluded that interest in the show peaked in December 2013 and has been declining slowly ever since.

But if you add "pony" as a third search term (pic), you get a surprise. Searches for "pony" have always been more numerous than the other two, probably reflecting interest in IRL small horses. But ever since the show started in 2010, the "pony" and "My Little Pony" curves have run in pretty exact parallel -- which means that the small-horse searches are constant, and the bumps in the "pony" curve are generated by MLP fans.

Until this month. The April 2015 figures show a huge spike in the "pony" curve but not in the "MLP" curve. Why? Dunno-- but I figure it's new MLP fans using a one-word search term, and not livestock shoppers. If so, interest in the show is reaching new heights with the advent of S5!
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>> No. 36795055
File 142958888552.png - (314.80KB , 625x421 , sunil111.png )
>when all else fails blame McCarthy*
>> No. 36795063
File 142959523642.png - (182.38KB , 800x947 , pinkie_pie_is_pleased_by_flizzick-d56shuj.png )

To be fair, if you're blaming McCarthy for something, chances are, you're probably correct in doing so.
>> No. 36795080
File 142963831864.jpg - (111.67KB , 400x400 , angron_wizard.jpg )

I will not apologize for hating McCarthy; I 100% believe she is responsible for a massive downturn in quality in S3 and the loss of potential for the series even after things have gotten off track.

File 142907473843.png - (355.44KB , 404x344 , spoiler.png )
36794544 No. 36794544 [View]
Just thinking, it seems like starswirl is starting to seem more and more like MLP's version of Mr. Satan with the backstories they have going for him.

There's all these legends of him being this great unicorn hero, but it seems like the thing he's being most characterized by lately is failure, with his accomplishments not being as grand as they'd seem.

Take for example the comic's explanation for why he knew so many spells: he didn't COME UP with them himself; rather he traded and shared for them with a near infinite number of alternate universes; he's not a researcher, he's a trader. The one thing he did was make the magical mirrors.

Further, the comic's take on his defeat of the dazzles shows that it wasn't some awesome act of heroism on his part; he basically screwed around, failed alot, and then just pushed them into his magical mirror thinking "I can't do this, I hope the Human world can". He LITERALLY was banking on the human world solving his problem for him.

This isn't even a headcanon, the comic directly stated that his "defeat" of the dazzles wasn't a victory but a failure due to not understanding friendship.

Finally, when we come to the Journal of the two sisters, the climax of it is more or less about his inability to continue helping to raise and lower the sun, leading to him putting all his faith in Celestia and luna.
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>> No. 36794813
That's how science works though.
>> No. 36794922
File 142940929929.png - (491.63KB , 1280x720 , Trixie_wearing_that_Alicorn_amulet_S3E5.png )
Here is a picture of Twilight meeting Starswirl the Bearded's direct descendant.
>> No. 36794942
File 142941873436.png - (1.78MB , 1838x1524 , trixicorn.png )

that actually would be a very funny addendum to the lore; especially if they did an episode or comic where there was some artifact of starswirl's that would only work for someone of his bloodline and they had to put up with trixie as they attempted to get her to fix a problem.

File 142916286245.png - (158.27KB , 661x1024 , spoiler.png )
36794621 No. 36794621 [View]
I just watched "Castle Sweet Castle", and it was certainly quite an episode; yep, the crew still has the magic in them.

Now, what was your immediate reaction when Bulk Biceps suddenly jumped into the scene?

To me, it was very "eye popping" like a lot of the other "eye popping" takes on the show, yet it was also priceless like hearing Nibblit become the "Love Doctor" on Pound Puppies.

Image Source: https://dərpibooru.org/873803?scope=scpe70bc2bc0b9dbe9d7e428180e81ef25a03da51bcc
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>> No. 36794745
File 142930251839.png - (418.05KB , 377x510 , spoiler.png )
We'll see tomorrow.
>> No. 36794881
Didn't we predict that anyway?

But yeah, the cards appeared in my local Toys R Us today and I got that one in the 2 packs I got.
>> No. 36794929
Guess what: http://www.equestriadaily.com/2015/04/tons-of-season-5-information-hidden-in.html

File 142903331699.png - (497.74KB , 562x626 , Starlight.png )
36794502 No. 36794502 [View]
I caught up with the new season a bit later than most but found the time to watch the first two episodes of season 5, and I have a hard time deciding whether Starlight really was being genuine about cutie marks hurting everyone or if it was just bullshit to get ponies' cutie marks for some other, as of yet unknown, reason.

After their little song and dance she said to herself (and the audience)
> Well, this will certainly provide a boost to our little community. When the rest of Equestria sees that a princess gave up her cutie mark to join us, they'll finally understand what we're trying to accomplish.
which to me makes it sound like she really wants the rest of Equestria to just come and agree with her, and that she genuinely believes in cutie marks causing trouble. Also of note is the word WE in "what we're trying to accomplish". However, what makes me second guess myself simply based on this scene alone is her facial expression, which went from seemingly normal and happy to somewhat, uh, sinister. And the foreboding sound in the background really didn't help make her seem genuine. Her words and actions seemed to somewhat contradict each other. If she was speaking to somepony else or the M6 were within hearing distance this would be more easily explained, but the way the scene is framed makes it clear nopony else heard what she said.

But. When she forcefully removed the cutie marks of the Mane 6 it seemed to be clear she didn't have everypony's interests in mind. I mean, before she'd specifically said that a princess who gave up her cutie mark to join the village would help others understand. Starlight would have to be a lunatic to think Twilight wouldn't mention what happened if anypony, like, saaaay Luna or Celestia, came asking where she was. Then again, maybe she was and that's that, but that takes all the fun out of overthinking, so I'll ignore that possibility. Starlight locking them up in the shack to be brainwashed or whatever also seemed like a very interesting way of handling the situation if she believed in what she taught.

Also, the fact that none of the vill
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>> No. 36794665
File 142922799055.jpg - (205.69KB , 436x1832 , secret__7_the_end_by_csimadmax-d6uea3p_png.jpg )
>> No. 36794685
>What are you referring to here? It was her magic she used to remove their cutie marks, no? The second part refers to Double Diamond being able to get the cutie marks from the vault somehow, though, and that is a very, very good point to make. Also, what are these external forces you are referring to?
1) She needed magic to remove cutie marks, and when they're not magically restrained, they fly off. There is the consistency that although it is a "vault", it is glass, plain glass. The jars also restrained the cutie marks.

2) how did the non-magic-using pony collect the cutie marks into jars, and open the glass, presuming he did not use magic? The others had to break into the vault, literally.

3) External factors. So far we haven't had a villain which dispatches episodic minions. Reasonably speaking that's a possible upcoming villain. She could have been holding the cutie marks as some source of power for another character, or even could have been fooled herself, by the greater villain teaching her the cutie-mark stealing spell, so they would eventually have them for themself.

If she was taking cm for herself, she'd be more inclined to have a kinda fetish for them, which she did. If she was a minion, she would've been likely to keep the most power more secure, or even show regret or wariness from holding the "most powerful" marks with her.
>> No. 36794763
File 142933280906.jpg - (48.61KB , 400x399 , angron.jpg )

Its possible all you need to keep the marks from flying off is just to keep them contained in a solid and sealed object like a jar or whatnot.

Given how the vault seems designed to be able to slot individual parts of it open, its not impossible for him to just put a jar to where the opening is going to be, slot that specific part open via a lever or something, and get the mark into the jar without leaving an opening for it to fly out of, before covering it with a jar lid.

File 142896649347.gif - (1.92MB , 850x449 , 846256__safe_rarity_animated_screencap_sweetie+belle_vinyl+scratch_octavia_dj+pon-dash-3_octavia.gif )
36794442 No. 36794442 [View]
This episode's title is Bloom and Gloom.

>Apple Bloom cannot get the prospect of finally recieving her Cutie Mark out of her thoughts and the increasing pressure she begins to feel results in numerous anxieties that threaten to turn a special day into a nightmare.

This episode airs Saturday, April 18th at 11:30 AM EST/ 8:30 AM PST.
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>> No. 36794703
File 142927362011.png - (151.25KB , 288x329 , And then there's THIS pet!.png )
Freaking out (in a negative way) about actually getting it, yes.
>> No. 36794706
Youtube embed play button
♫A cu-tie mark won't change ya, No mat-ter what ya get...♫
>> No. 36794731
File 142929194824.jpg - (134.50KB , 915x610 , angron_hair.jpg )

Keep in mind, those are UNNATURAL cutie marks though; a natural cutie mark shouldn't be able to do anything like that.

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