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File 141756029252.png - (97.25KB , 500x281 , 500px-Scootaloo_Bowling_1_S2E6.png )
36784784 No. 36784784 [View]
Okay folks up next we have Season 2 Episode 6, The Cutie Pox, Written by: Amy Keating Rogers.

The link to the episode: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xwpxls_mlp-fim-s2-e6-the-cutie-pox-hd-no-watermarks_shortfilms

Watch this episode again, comment as you do. What did you like/dislike, anything you missed before? Or just general discussion about every little aspect of this episode.

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>> No. 36785339
File 141801438451.png - (128.97KB , 659x924 , 133006866693.png )

Unicorns have zero problems, so for that race its a none issue, given they pretty much have hit the jackpot for racials when it comes to everyday life (no, seriously, telekinesis is better than anything even humans have for interacting with their world).

pegasi could concievably use their wings given their incredible dexterity, though that would require pretty strong wings.

Earth ponies could concievably use their tails; Given how much we've seen Earth ponies use their tails for, its difficult, but possible, for them to grip and throw the balls with their tails.
The CMC are probably just too little for the sport.
>> No. 36785340
File 141801692175.png - (689.14KB , 1280x720 , latest.png )
Mouths, tails, manes. To have established their level of society and technology without hands, they must've evolved in some way to be more dexterous.
>> No. 36785438

Hmm..fair points.just seems odd is all. though I get the feeling they only put in the bowling for the big lebowski reference

File 141795476045.jpg - (76.07KB , 600x426 , friendship-teamwork-hands.jpg )
36785321 No. 36785321 Locked [View]
You know, every time I have to deal with the S4 finale's deliberate abandonment of MLP's core friendship themes for the sake of that one-minute Twilight/Tirek fight, I'm constantly suggesting that Twilight's friends should be around the same power levels as Twilight herself, so that they could be equally powerful and resourceful to each other in defeating Tirek. It was why we were eventually given the Rainbow Power, which may be a Deus Ex Machina compared to the alicorn magic, but at least helped the finale return to its friendship-based roots after that dumb-ass DBZ fight.

But then I thought about something: Friendship and teamwork do not involve everyone on the same team increasing their own powers individually, so that they could be equally powerful. Instead, it's more like that the heroes on a team are unable to overcome their limits individually, but when they synchronize their powers, that's when they can overcome their limits.

It's why we had soul-synchronization in Soul Eater. The weapon-meisters and their weapons cannot overcome their personal limits alone, so they have to synchronize their own soul wavelengths with at least two other weapon-meisters and their weapons to overcome those limitations. To bad the anime version's finale didn't reflect it though; Maka alone had to launch a simple, powerless punch at Asura that somehow defeated him, while her teammates were put out of commission until the fight ended.

And, it was why we had a humanity-powered Spirit Bomb in DBZ. Goku and Vegeta's Super Saiyan powers alone, even when fused to form Vegito/Vegirot, were not sufficient enough to defeat Kid Buu. So, they had Namek resurrect Earth and humanity, so that the latter could power up Goku's Spirit Bomb to defeat the villain. Even Hercule contributed, namely by using his clout to trick humanity into powering up Goku's Spirit Bomb. Sure, the Spirit Bomb finale will always be upstaged by Gotenks and Vegito even to this day, and in some regard the Super Saiya
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>> No. 36785323
File 141795848862.png - (211.25KB , 1280x656 , Mint Dreams.png )
Oh look, it's this thread again. In other news, dammit Louie, why will you buy staves but not the +3 longsword I want you to buy!
>> No. 36785324
File 141795883465.png - (755.37KB , 1500x900 , praise it.png )
In honor of Sunday, this thread is now a Celestia thread.

Let us praise the sun, brothers!
>> No. 36785326
File 141796463628.png - (187.02KB , 404x375 , SA149.png )
Stop making these threads.
It's been discussed to death, nobody cares.

Make another one about the same topic and you'll be banned from /pony/.

I also suggest you resist the urge to be a smartass and make a thread about a similar topic or attempt to derail a thread into your obsession.
Just avoid this topic on /pony/ entirely, everybody is sick of it.

File 141727063041.png - (598.05KB , 1001x1075 , 774056__safe_solo_twilight+sparkle_screencap_rainbow+falls.png )
36784523 No. 36784523 [View] [Last 50 posts]
I just watched Rainbow Falls again, and took 43 screencaps of images I found funny or good for reaction pictures in places like ponychan. While looking some comments left to my uploaded images, I noticed something strange. I wanted to make sure it's not just accident, so I looked through all my uploaded images, and guess what:

Out of all 43 images, only 12 have downvotes (when I'm making this post): two images have 1 downvote, one have 3 and rest of them have 2 downvotes. That's not the interesting/strange part, but this is: All those images were Twilight pictures. Not only all those 12 Twilight pictures had downvotes, but I uploaded only those 12 Twilight pictures from the episode, and not a single non-Twilight picture were downvoted.

So my question is this: Are there really bronies who goes downvoting Twilight pictures just because it's Twilight picture? And why so? Or is this just some amazing statistical fluke?

PS: Even in my uploads from Rarity Takes Manehattan, all Twilight images have those 1-3 downvotes.
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>> No. 36785316
As they should be, right?
>> No. 36785317

It certainly doesn't HURT. So even if someone might complain that it doesn't help, there's zero problems from it existing with such tags.
>> No. 36785318
I mean logically if you want earth pony pics that aren't of AJ or Pinkie you'd just exclude them from the search.

File 141789377518.jpg - (55.54KB , 550x550 , 553398_528592713856482_714596044_n.jpg )
36785231 No. 36785231 [View]
Here is a list of many of the introduced Season 4 characters/forms. The numbers to the right of them represent how many Dərpibooru Tags they have each. This list is an attempt to determine the popularity of these characters.
Maud Pie: 2,779
Flutterbat: 2,183
(Lord) Tirek: 1,796
Coco Pommel: 1,605
Cheese Sandwich: 1,232
Mane-iac: 605
Trenderhoof: 376
Saddle Rager: 339
Seabreeze: 313
Radiance: 308
Masked Matter-Horn: 279
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>> No. 36785294

perhaps I should rephrase that: what I mean is that Sombra's backstory lends itself far more to fanart than Tirek's, and even sombra has a better backstory for fanart than Sombra.

Sombra's backstory is intertwined with the crystal empire: as such, there's lots of fanart that can be made of that dealing him him, his troops, and his kingdom. Even if the full mythos of the empire isn't something he has to pull on, he still has the Empire as something of a supporting element for fan art.
He didn't just attack the Crystal empire, he ruled it, allowing him to pull from that for ideas and fanon.

As such, He has something that lends itself to Fanon and fanart far more than if he had just attacked the empire.
I'm arguing here for the strength of someone for fanart and fanon.
>> No. 36785295

Dee thought most of Sombrero's fanart came from his fetish for crystals.
>> No. 36785298
Yeah, I talked about that, but again, it wasn't really that well-explored.

It'd be interesting if they ever re-release the two-parter as one long feature, and added a stinger where Scorpan appears and tries to convert Tirek to the side of good.

File 141779888364.png - (1.38MB , 2725x2713 , T4AOA.png )
36785092 No. 36785092 [View]
GREEN=QUEEN CHRYSALIS: She sneaks in like a (PLAGUE) infecting the society turning it sick.

RED=SUNSET SATAN: She takes over a school turning them into a teenage army forcing them into (WAR).

BLACK=NIGHTMARE MOON: She blocks out the sun causing plants from growing and as a result wide spread mass (FAMINE).

WHITE=PRINCESS CELESTIA: Some say that she is christ her self other says she the antichrist. And i looked and behold a pale horse and her name was (DEATH) and hell will follow with her.
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>> No. 36785171
File 141785134638.png - (151.01KB , 1000x402 , twilight_sparkle_is_best_pony__by_cosplayrandom-d4eynx4.png )

Those terms sound acceptable. Agreed! :)

>More like April/Raph and Casey/Donnie.

It's honestly kind of weird having them play up Donnie and Casey as friends lately given the whole "friends who fight with each other" angle of Casey and Raph hasn't been touched on much lately :/

Last edited at Sat, Dec 6th, 2014 00:37

>> No. 36785172
File 141785137860.jpg - (234.06KB , 998x1280 , minty_by_star_sketcher_mlp-d7dsev8.jpg )

Dee actually watched it, it's... Dee is unsure how to think of it, it's bad, but the creators knew it was bad, and Grumpy Cat constantly lampoons the movie, asks the viewers why the hell they're still watching it, and even gets a pretty good cheapshot in at Lifetime near the end. It's that special sort of bad that the Nicholas Cage movies that aren't outright good usually are where even though you know it sucks it's still kind of funny to watch.
>> No. 36785173
File 141785190096.png - (312.35KB , 1352x1246 , bet on sunset becoming an alicorn eventually in eqg.png )
It has been immortalized.

>It's honestly kind of weird having them play up Donnie and Casey as friends lately given the whole "friends who fight with each other" angle of Casey and Raph hasn't been touched on much lately :/
They're kind of changing some of the familiar dynamics up. Like Raph instead has his interactions with Spike/Slash. And Mikey has Leatherhead instead of Donnie. And there's more interaction between Splinter and Karai.

Last edited at Sat, Dec 6th, 2014 00:51

File 141671416607.jpg - (75.65KB , 1024x480 , rainbow_rocks.jpg )
36784190 No. 36784190 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Just watched Rainbow Rocks and loved it! Vinyl Scratch and counterpart Twi (at the end of the credits)were my favourite bits. Discussion thread!
Links for those who haven't seen it:
Part 1: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x28smyg_hd-blu-ray-equestria-girls-rainbow-rocks-full-movie-part-1-2_shortfilms
Part 2: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x28sr0r_hd-blu-ray-equestria-girls-rainbow-rocks-full-movie-part-2-2_shortfilms
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>> No. 36785062
File 141775827192.png - (100.55KB , 640x528 , holy.png )
Op here
>return to ponychan after months
>check watchlist
>55 new posts in this thread
>pic related
>> No. 36785075
That's 12 days brah.
>> No. 36785076
Youtube embed play button

he might have been in the hyperbolic time chamber training to fight saiyans.

File 141748331480.jpg - (11.64KB , 159x127 , IMG_20140729_180455.jpg )
36784714 No. 36784714 [View]
Who can't wait for season 5? Because I know I can't.

Last edited at Mon, Dec 1st, 2014 18:23

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>> No. 36785008
Um also.
>I keep forgetting that "These 6 are magical horsegirls with a talking dog" should be common knowledge, given how rarely the others bring it up.
Honestly, it makes Human twilight seem terribly obtuse that she hasn't heard about the goings ons there given how utterly transparent the mane six have been with turning into pony girls around town.
I KNOW RIGHT? The fact that none of this is a secret in the slightest and everyone at the school seems to accept it totally defies the usual tropes, and yet human Twilight goes right back to those tropes (in spectacular fashion).
>> No. 36785009
File 141766686634.png - (135.28KB , 900x900 , 1_ Dulset chuckle.png )
>Human Twilight goes in to investigate, ready to dig deep and uncover the incredible secrets of the school
>Asks one person if anything unusual's happened lately
>Instantly gets the whole story about magic and talking dogs and demons and sirens and pony princesses
>> No. 36785010
File 141766710978.gif - (229.81KB , 480x270 , 777418__safe_twilight+sparkle_meme_animated_exploitable+meme_screencap_equestria+girls_trixie_ed.gif )

"Sir are you high"?

>twilight proceeds to spend the entire rest of her trip asking people about strange goings on and getting told the same story about demons and magical horse girls
>Twilight comes to the conclusion that the School is a giant drug smuggling Ring because everyone is Obviously high off their asses

File 141711532675.png - (794.74KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2014-10-29-23h32m30s106.png )
36784420 No. 36784420 [View]
In honour of the holiday, let's talk about the things the show, Hasbro, and comics have done that we're thankful for. Dee is thankful for Luna and her glorious moonbutt, her socially awkward moments, Dee is thankful to the staff for being so open and interacting with us so much, Dee is thankful to Hasbro for giving us these ponies we enjoy so much to begin with, and Dee is thankful to all of you for being such dear friends!
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>> No. 36784482
File 141719489251.jpg - (5.28MB , 3196x1804 , Haltia-maelta-marraskuu-TuomasUola.jpg )
There's no such holiday in Finland. Here it's only dark, wet, snowy and semi-cold.

Woe is me!
>> No. 36784512
get well my friend
it's better than being hot and dry
sov gud
the darkness always helps me in my art
>> No. 36784870
File 141762804382.png - (135.61KB , 937x1069 , 2_ Dulset happy by Prince Bluelolz.png )
I'm thankful for It's About Time. The show may have wasted several of the best opportunities they've had, but I can't deny they made an absolutely flawless episode out of my very favorite story trope (time travel) which is more than most fans get I expect.

No. 36784280 [View]
Youtube embed play button
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>> No. 36784687
Yes. I know. And going by that comparison, it sounds like you're saying Déagol was more at fault than Sméagol.
>> No. 36784691
File 141747500850.png - (298.67KB , 1248x883 , large.png )

Your using a false Dichotomy here though, in that you seem to be assuming "Either smeagol OR deagol was at fault" and disregarding the fact that it is in fact a THIRD party (the ring) who is at fault.

Same situation, the Book is mainly at fault. THAT BEING SAID, spike is far more at fault here than in that situation, since the book came with a warning and was locked up, while the Ring had no such safety precautions or warnings.
>> No. 36784697
damd diapers.... but at least this are not dirty diapers, and they are babies...
but im just guessing they are gold diapers, and not pissed diapers.

File 141663860757.png - (321.39KB , 463x484 , Mac_doubly_mared.png )
36784121 No. 36784121 [View]
Big Mac seems scared
And unprepared
For the prospect of being doubly mared.

Not your usual stallion. Also, he plays with dolls. Childhood trauma? Premature death of parents?

Psychoanalysis might help. We know it exists in Equestria (LZ). Give it a shot.

Last edited at Fri, Nov 21st, 2014 23:51

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>> No. 36784193
File 141671452170.jpg - (223.55KB , 1000x437 , 11696 - pregnant big_macintosh pregnancy rainbow_dash comic luna applejack artist_madmax mac_dad.jpg )
>Childhood trauma? Premature death of parents?
>> No. 36784383
File 141702678883.jpg - (50.12KB , 504x284 , Eeyup.jpg )
>> No. 36784628
Well, she was okay before she laid eyes on him

File 141709459234.gif - (2.96MB , 882x256 , sweetie scoot.gif )
36784405 No. 36784405 [View]
Okay folks up next we have Season 2 Episode 5, Sisterhooves Social, Written by: Cindy Morrow.

The link to the episode: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xwprpj_mlp-fim-s2-e5-sisterhooves-social-hd-no-watermarks_shortfilms

Watch this episode again, comment as you do. What did you like/dislike, anything you missed before? Or just general discussion about every little aspect of this episode.

5 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 36784593
Youtube embed play button
  This is one of the top ten episodes of this show for sure. Its the episode that made me like both Rarity and Sweetie Belle.
>> No. 36784595
File 141736040366.png - (1.29MB , 1280x720 , Sweetie_Belle_embarrassed_S2E23.png )
I hope S5 will have another Rarity/SB ep.
>> No. 36784599
File 141737250387.jpg - (113.95KB , 1280x600 , get_ready_for_a_serious_tickle_by_trainguy112-d4aved3.jpg )

Things got pretty weird the last time Rarity and SB got together, though.

File 141549423733.gif - (2.88MB , 374x324 , B2j6J.gif )
36783182 No. 36783182 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Since the previous thread got autosaged, here's a new one.
78 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 36784379
Youtube embed play button
but what about the undead edition foodfight.
the one which was going to be if it wasnt stolen...

the child which never was.
>> No. 36784461
It looks like shit no matter how you slice it. Except for Cheazel Weasel. Best Character.
>> No. 36784597
Anything but that.

File 141585196419.jpg - (70.02KB , 446x299 , hasbro-dwa-logo.jpg )
36783424 No. 36783424 [View] [Last 50 posts]
118 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 36784564
File 141731025693.jpg - (77.47KB , 917x472 , latest.jpg )

Not seeing the issue it looks rally cozy. So long as you're not a robot at least, but they don't have souls so its okay to use them as slave labor.
>> No. 36784566
File 141731053990.jpg - (226.85KB , 1920x1080 , GreatWar000.jpg )
Sure, if you think that nuclear explosions are cozy...
>> No. 36784568
Great subject, huh?

File 141675609027.jpg - (23.29KB , 191x344 , darloktech.jpg )
36784225 No. 36784225 [View]
Greetings, fellow humans. Where I can read or hear about so-called Elements of Harmony, their powers and mechanisms behind this tech?
15 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 36784366

Last edited at Tue, Nov 25th, 2014 22:56

>> No. 36784367
File 141698139390.jpg - (54.50KB , 800x600 , 800px-Orion_Planet.jpg )
>> No. 36784439
File 141713975924.jpg - (68.23KB , 831x522 , horce.jpg )

File 141624364697.jpg - (199.27KB , 957x716 , image.jpg )
36783782 No. 36783782 [View] [Last 50 posts]
So its been a little over four years since FiM first aired, and the fact that people still watch is a testament to its quality. Or maybe instead the fans.

So why do you still watch? Is it just something to do? Do you like it as much as you used to?
Do you think it has progressed or regressed quality-wise, and if so how?
67 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 36784211
Sounds a lot more creative than Johnny Test, I'll give it that.
When you get a team that doesn't care and has fun with it, you get an octopus rescuing the Titanic.
When you get a team that doesn't care and just shits out recycled plots, you get Johnny Test.

But this thread isn't about JT. I apologize fir the derail. I just meant to use it as an example that a long-lived show isn't necessarily good.
>> No. 36784242
File 141676674016.png - (130.85KB , 401x433 , Happy shy 4.png )
i really liked that episode! i thought it had a lot of that Season 1 silliness to it!
>> No. 36784258
File 141681259285.jpg - (128.86KB , 1000x1000 , Preening.jpg )
I agree. It was one of my favorite season 4 episodes for that reason.

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