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File 142372755548.png - (546.64KB , 1280x720 , That Wing Anatomy.png )
36789810 No. 36789810 [View]
Okay folks up next we have Season 2 Episode 16, Read It And Weep, Written by: Cindy Morrow.

The link to the episode: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xwqaoy_mlp-fim-s2-e16-read-it-and-weep-hd-no-watermarks_shortfilms

Watch this episode again, comment as you do. What did you like/dislike, anything you missed before? Or just general discussion about every little aspect of this episode.

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>> No. 36790020
Youtube embed play button
I think the interesting thing about this episode is that making fun of the insane didn't generate a single word of controversy, whereas the butthurt over Dərpy and Molestia was a wonder to behold. Apparently cross-eyed doofuses and femdom nymphomaniacs touch sensitive spots in the 21st-century psyche, and mental illness and psychiatric wards don't.

But you have to be impressed by how clearly an Equestrian psycho-ward doctor can talk with a flashlight in his mouth.

Last edited at Fri, Feb 13th, 2015 21:34

>> No. 36790021

Silly filly, soccermoms don't care about crazy people.
>> No. 36790085
File 142393698129.jpg - (33.16KB , 448x412 , Sherman_Elrond.jpg )
that think started for the people which didnt like dərpy being her name, not soccer moms.

im pretty sure the soccer moms could be just a tool.
some one who hates dərpy name tell to them "look, this pony is retarded an offensive, how can we let girls to watch this" and then they build an army.

and they won that day... that day, the strenght of the men failed.

File 141401055496.png - (189.78KB , 631x555 , Filly Fluttersmile.png )
36782000 No. 36782000 [View]

i've been listening to these again... and wow, everytime i do i am so impressed!!

Rarity Takes Manehattan was so good... Hearts as Strong as horses was beautiful, too!

And Apples Forever is -so- catchy! That's how far i am so far, but gosh, i forgot how great these songs are

...there's no place i'd rather be than posting with my family <3
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>> No. 36783714
File 141618582938.jpg - (36.74KB , 558x354 , Hent-6.jpg )
S4 had some awesome songs.
>> No. 36783721
File 141618753931.png - (818.17KB , 642x1024 , trixiecorn.png )
>that image

having a hard time grasping why Trixie is wearing a roman helmet while riding a chariot with a rainbow in the background.

at least I assume that's trixie due to the Gem around the neck being the same she always wears.
>> No. 36790030
That's not how you sage a thread.

File 142344024610.jpg - (128.03KB , 778x470 , mlp___harry_potter_by_metonnika-d41g5xu.jpg )
36789456 No. 36789456 [View]
The Harry Potter books, and after them the movies, followed a kind of life-history trajectory, growing up as the characters and the fans grew older. At the beginning, the stories focused a lot on magical sweets and school sports; but the later books grew progressively darker and more adult, with more complicated language, plots, and emotions, more ambiguities, and a certain admixture of romance and horror. The result was certainly a commercial success.

Is MLP likely to develop in the same way? Would Hasbro let it happen, or encourage it? Has the show moved in that direction? Have the comics pushed it in that direction? Do you want it to become gradually more adult - - and if so, how?
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>> No. 36789878
Oh God this pic gives me ternminal cancer
>> No. 36789890
...Oh no, it's a ponified Harry Potter, oh the humanity.
>> No. 36789939
I've seen worse.

File 142371311006.jpg - (40.17KB , 399x604 , tara starlet.jpg )
36789796 No. 36789796 [View]
CrankyDoodleMarky told me to make a thread about this, mostly for how my perception of what corporations interest are on.

So for me being so fucking retarded.

Show me the light of why i should be a Fucking Hasdrone, and lick hasbro's salty balls.

Specially when we can see with stuff like EqG and princesses coming and going, that their interest isnst on being unique and leave a more special step on girls media. But to follow the god damn stereotypes which means, if it isnt about princesses and highschool girls dont give a fuck.
>> No. 36789797
File 142371328216.png - (116.28KB , 511x497 , Flaky x Lammy.png )
Hasbro's salty balls taste better with butter applied gingerly on the underside of the scrotum. Grease those hairs right up, and let them tickle your tongue. Floss with them too, because salt and butter in between the teeth, while not a great thing health wise, isn't terrible as it keeps the taste around longer.
>> No. 36789801
File 142371809695.jpg - (34.04KB , 600x499 , WAT.jpg )
>Show me the light of why i should be a Fucking Hasdrone, and lick hasbro's salty balls.
Wat?! I don't think even pro-Hasbro interests would tell you to abandon all individuality for a corporate interest. Way to overreact.

But, if you are looking for a reason to like Hasbro, they do have a pretty good one: if they had not provided the money to make MLP:FIM, and gave the talent considerable freedom to do it, then there's no way MLP:FIM would be made, nor as good as it turned out to be.

Sure, Equestria Girls was a whole lot of WTF, given that it's clearly inspired by Monster High, but no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater here. I think, as far as Hasbro is concerned, it was an experiment, they didn't cancel MLP:FIM to make that instead.

Last edited at Wed, Feb 11th, 2015 22:21

>> No. 36789808
I guess I should have also told you to put it in /oat/.

File 142359164585.jpg - (367.40KB , 1000x915 , mlpcalendar.jpg )
36789590 No. 36789590 [View]
I just had a thought. If you could have a custom MLP calendar with a different pony for each month, which twelve characters would you choose, and which months would they represent?

Last edited at Tue, Feb 10th, 2015 11:11

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>> No. 36789603
Mrs. Cake and Luna. And Minty for December.
>> No. 36789605
Celestia, that's really the only character that I care enough to be in merchandise.
>> No. 36789794
File 142371297934.png - (92.83KB , 324x282 , Why would you post that.png )
This. This very much.

File 142353313370.jpg - (63.30KB , 960x538 , B8zht1fCAAINq7h.jpg )
36789566 No. 36789566 [View]
So did they just edit an existing scene?
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>> No. 36789595
It's a joke, like this entire franchise
>> No. 36789607
File 142362524413.jpg - (140.39KB , 532x364 , 167411 - Sweetie_Belle wrong_neighborhood reaction_image macro i_need_an_adult Cutie_Mark_Crusad.jpg )
Sorry, it's implied srs business on /pony/. /oat/ is where we post the tongue-in-cheek.
>> No. 36789613
>Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that rot
But it is ugly, on the outside at least.

File 142324212022.gif - (417.09KB , 597x402 , 43802__safe_rainbow+dash_animated_may+the+best+pet+win_whistling.gif )
36789347 No. 36789347 [View]
Image Source: https://dərpibooru.org/43802?scope=scpe9b3d1e63ff1d27666ff22f6188369078fe1f8408

Recently, CN had one of their shows, "Teen Titans GO!" do an episode that focused on whistling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glDiw1zXCkU

Now, let's say MLP:FiM also decided to do an episode that focused on whistling: What do you think such an episode would be like? And, what would you think of the whole idea of such an episode?

Here's an example plot of such an episode I came up with: The episode would focus on The Cutie Mark Crusaders, and we first see them in school with the rest of their classmates practicing a song for the school's chorus class; and the song features a whistling part. As the students are practicing their song, they get to the whistling part and everyone whistles, except for Sweetie Belle. After school, Applebloom and Scootaloo ask Sweetie Belle about it, and she states that she doesn't whistle (and was never shown how to whistle) as her parents and sister Rarity believe it's unladylike. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon overhear the crusaders conversation and decide to come over to mock Sweetie Belle for not being able to whistle. From there, Sweetie Belle is pressured into learning how to whistle with help from her friends and the Mane 6 (except for Rarity).
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>> No. 36789439
File 142342774589.gif - (2.08MB , 334x281 , shipping.gif )
>> No. 36789442
File 142343150761.png - (68.25KB , 626x566 , Minty Yay.png )

Because it's fun.
>> No. 36789585
File 142357087344.jpg - (177.13KB , 797x555 , Luna_cease_thy_whistling_or_else.jpg )
So's whistling. Is there some functional reason for the impairment? If not, try adjusting the size of the puckered-up aperture and the fore-and-aft position of the lower jaw until you get a tone. Once you get a single pitch, you alter it by raising and lowering your tongue. The note emitted is the resonant frequency of the space between the tongue and palate.

File 142320842224.jpg - (74.74KB , 333x500 , Power Ponies to the Rescue.jpg )
36789340 No. 36789340 [View]
So whats your thoughts on what this will be?

There doesn't appear to be any information out yet about what it will be about, but given that the characters on the cover are the mane six and not the "Real" power ponies, I wouldn't think that its just an alternate universe story following the real power ponies like the comic we got a while back was, or the daring do books.

Think it'll just be a written rendition of the power ponies comic?
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>> No. 36789535
File 142351996786.png - (1.37MB , 1490x785 , 3.png )

Saying the art quality is "Debatable" is much like saying the jews were "possibly not alive" after entering concentration camps.

That art was HORRIBLE >.<
That being said, I can't really lambaste it since its quite obviously meant for the REALLY young crowd, like 3 through 5 year olds. Its very clearly not intended for me or even 6+ year olds.
>> No. 36789539

Dee thinks the art is fairly well done, very detailed, whoever did it has talent, it's just the art isn't a very good fit for ponies.
>> No. 36789541
File 142352109556.jpg - (95.92KB , 427x500 , aylmao.jpg )

Well maybe its just in the eye of the beholder. I just can't bring myself to call that "Good".

But like I said, I can't come down too hard on the book due to it being clearly not intended for me and I recognize that.

File 142152647410.jpg - (144.04KB , 1190x670 , Tirek_vs__Twilight_by_QuizzicalKisses.jpg )
36787989 No. 36787989 [View]
Am I right in presuming that after Tirek "eat/absorbed/assimilated" Discord's magic Tirek could warp reality? You know, do all of Discords magic?
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>> No. 36789508
That's Thanos, but eh it works.
>> No. 36789510
That explanation... I know it won't be true, but I would have loved it if when he tried to use it it completely failed on him at the worst time.
>> No. 36789511
File 142345752369.jpg - (52.55KB , 585x640 , 1511140-rescan008.jpg )


File 142344310780.png - (277.68KB , 1280x903 , large.png )
36789464 No. 36789464 [View]
We know where real seahorse babies come from: They are a very rare species in which the Daddies (instead of the Mommies) have babies. Of course, real horses and seahorses are 2 totally different species in real life.

But what about in the the world of the My Little Ponies? We've seen "seaponies", but I personally haven't seen how they reproduce.

So what do you think? When it comes to "seaponies", do the Mommies have the babies, or do the Daddies have the babies?

Image Source: [url][url]https://dərpibooru.org/822975?scope=scpe01a4fdb707da210112 [dərpibooru.org]

Last edited at Sun, Feb 8th, 2015 17:52

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>> No. 36789478
Don't call us, we'll call you.
>> No. 36789498
File 142345075318.png - (47.36KB , 1234x552 , Standard Mammallian Reproduction.png )
The big trouble I have with fielding an answer to that question is that I'm not entirely sure we've got canonical sea ponies yet. Sure, they've made a showing in books and comics, but they're still up in the air until we see one one the show.

That said, I'm leaning standard mammalian reproduction even if they're half-fish, because it would be easier for the viewers to grok and the rule 34 artists would hurt themselves trying to recreate it.

Last edited at Sun, Feb 8th, 2015 19:59

>> No. 36789502
File 142345199676.gif - (3.90MB , 436x245 , sonata_dusk_jpg.gif )

Going to say, I would be very happy if they handwave away the book and comic seaponies as not being "true" seaponies.

I really like Hippocampi style Seaponies and mermares, and I think the show staff and the comics staff do too: The comic staff have generally tried to do Hippocampi Fish ponies when they could (the original Cover for the pirate arc had Hippocampies before being forced to change it, and Coltlantis was filled with Hippocampi despite it being said to be a kelpy city and the previous kelpy in the comics have fin arms). and the sirens were hooves + tail too.

I'd really like them to be the mermaid style.


Given that they had no trouble doing Normal sea pony "reproduction" (as in sea pony females inserting tubes into normal earth ponies) I don't think they'd have much trouble with mamallian XD

File 142334323740.png - (676.74KB , 1024x766 , CutieMarkCrusadersinPrincessTutu.png )
36789384 No. 36789384 [View]
What character do you suspect were inspired by other character from other shows? Have Faust or the creative team ever gone on record about it?
13 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 36789462
Actually it's because the writers seem confused regarding her purpose in the show, with episodes focusing more on her family than her own individual character.

It's like they can't decide as to whether she's the voice-of-reason role model or as a virtuous but stubborn and prideful mare.
>> No. 36789496
Youtube embed play button
Applejack is from G1
>> No. 36789497
File 142345059305.png - (273.90KB , 2600x3400 , 199512 - artist_beavernator Sweetie_Belle foal pacifier tutu baby_pony.png )
I'm sure that's just a complete coincidence, but an awesome one considering I <3 Princess Tutu.

File 142308607520.png - (545.68KB , 1280x720 , Rainbow_Dash_and_her_cider_addiction_S2E15.png )
36789296 No. 36789296 [View]
Okay folks up next we have Season 2 Episode 15, The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000, Written by: M.A. Larson.
The link to the episode: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xwq92p_mlp-fim-s2-e15-the-super-speedy-cider-squeezy-6000-hd-no-watermarks_shortfilms

Watch this episode again, comment as you do. What did you like/dislike, anything you missed before? Or just general discussion about every little aspect of this episode.

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>> No. 36789431
>> No. 36789432
Celestia also isn't as whiny as her.
>> No. 36789481
Youtube embed play button
Here's a song that goes with this episode:

File 142295651102.png - (34.63KB , 1024x645 , equestrian_broadcasting_system_by_kefkafloyd-d3bghtl.png )
36789221 No. 36789221 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Image Source: http://kefkafloyd.deviantart.com/art/Equestrian-Broadcasting-System-200643897

Now that the Ponies have finally appeared in a Super Bowl commercial, you're probably wondering where they could go next.

Well, on a certain post (>>36789130), a poster who calls himself/herself "Unlikeable Pony (element of being banned. again)" mentioned the concept of syndicating MLP:FiM to other TV networks; and I for one think that's a really good idea. I would love to see more people (adults and children) get into MLP:FiM and join in the fun of it.

There are lots of networks where MLP:FiM could possibly be syndicated to, but one place I personally have in mind is a broadcast network such as CBS, ABC, NBC or even PBS. Since the first season is E/I accredited, it can be used to help fulfill a broadcast station's requirements for E/I programming; and if the rest of the seasons could get E/I accredited as well, that would be even better. Not only that, but no one will need to have Premium cable (nor any cable at all of that matter) to watch MLP:FiM on their TV from a broadcast network.

I also have this other idea for if MLP:FiM were to ever be aired on PBS: During any PBS airing of the show, in the breaks normally reserved for commercials, PBS would air a special made insert (similar to the "And Now A Word From Us Kids" segments from Arthur) related to the episode being aired. For example, during one of the breaks of an airing of "MMMystery On The Friendship Express", PBS would air an insert in which Andrea Libman take the viewers on an outing to a bakery and we get to see them preparing fancy cakes (similar to the one in the episode); and during the other break, PBS could air an insert where we would see children either making their own cakes (under adult supervision of course) or just talking about the episode.

Now, what are yo
61 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 36789360
Oh I remember when that happened (it was all over the news), but that's not what I had in mind (then again, you were probably just joking).

Last edited at Fri, Feb 6th, 2015 13:16

>> No. 36789370
Another proof as to why cowards are a blight upon society, and thus, should be rounded up in camps and destroyed.

I don't get why people think this sounds unreasonable, does this sound unreasonable to you? Come on...
>> No. 36789376
File 142331832055.png - (753.65KB , 1027x717 , sunil28.png )
Yeah, that seems to be the only insult anyone can ever come up with, is "lolol fat smelly nerds!!!!".

And said stereotype is only applied to people who are obsessed with things that aren't deemed "normal" by society. Do you ever see people pointing and laughing at overzealous Football fans? Or car enthusiasts? Of course not, those are "normal" obsessions.

But if you're a big fan of a TV show, "LOL GET A LIFE YOU FAT NERD LOL".

File 142289683178.jpg - (35.96KB , 602x520 , Flower Smiles.jpg )
36789158 No. 36789158 [View]
Just a quick check to see if anyone remembers Flower Smiles. She was always my favorite character.

Discuss why she is best pone.
36 posts omitted. (View thread)
>> No. 36789287
File 142302893568.png - (311.78KB , 500x591 , 500px-Bridget.png )
No. Not traps.
>> No. 36789293
File 142307414073.jpg - (10.50KB , 138x171 , Flower Smiles here we go.jpg )

How could she NOT be?
>> No. 36789339
File 142320473256.png - (132.57KB , 416x422 , You should be able to solve this.png )
Flower Smiles shall forever remain best canonical parasprite pony for this scene alone.

File 142277249501.png - (462.95KB , 1280x999 , large.png )
36789106 No. 36789106 [View]
I'm certain you'll remember "Uncle Albert" from "Mary Poppins"; whenever he started laughing and couldn't stop, he'd float into the air and couldn't get down: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SlRjubTyEQ

Now, do you think such a condition could exist among Equestria's pegasi, wherein a certain pegasus would fly in the air and couldn't get down while he/she were laughing uncontrollably?

Image Source: [url]https://dərpibooru.org/682336?scope=scpee7264ab67fe035ff280cddc [dərpibooru.org]

Last edited at Sat, Jan 31st, 2015 23:36

4 posts omitted. (Expand)
>> No. 36789178
File 142292053943.png - (220.32KB , 650x488 , rar_AngelicWingsRarity.png )

Well its meant more as parody, its not suppose to be serious. Sorry if it seems too meanspirited :p
>> No. 36789180
File 142292303653.png - (103.37KB , 458x487 , pony_bicycle.png )
To be fair, Pinkie flew before Rarity, and she didn't need anypony else's help for it either.
>> No. 36789290
I'm not certain that counts.

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