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File 141845562808.png - (1.74MB , 1000x993 , Mane Seven.png )
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I think it's just as good as it was back in Season One, though maybe a little bit different now. It's still about friendship and it's surprisingly smart for a childrens' show.

How about you? Even if you despise everything about it, I'd like to know.
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>> No. 36787920
Tecnically Filli Vanilli is in the second half of Season 4.

And I didn't hate the second half of Season 4. It was weaker than the first, sure, but it still had some pretty strong episodes like Maud Pie, It Ain't Easy Being Breezies, Inspiration Manifestation, and my all time favorite episode, 123 Testing Testing.

Sure, it also was mostly duds, but even half of those duds had things in it that I really liked, like the jokes in Somepony to Watch Over Me, the visuals of For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils and Spike's characterization in Equestria Games. Really, the only two episodes that I found completely lacking anything meaty in the second part are Trade Ya and Leap of Faith. And it's really just my opinion, since you liked the former.
>> No. 36787924
>Damn, I never can figure out why people hated simple ways, I LOVED that episode.
I'm still having trouble comprehending what even happened in that episode.

Like, what's the guy's deal? Is he condescendingly interested in the working pony aesthetic thing, and then develops a crush on Applejack merely because she represent it? Or does he just start out thinking he's interested in the working pony aesthetic, but really just finds Applejack attractive and keeps on going with the farm thing to impress her? The whole thing feels recursive.

So Rarity decides to act like a dumbass for the guy, which she absolutely would not do for Prince Blueblood. And she was so pissed about the phrase "looked a little country" in SaE. And Applejack goes, "Yeah, I'm gonna get on stage and have a pissing match with Rarity, that'll sort things out!" It felt so bizarre, like it wasn't even connected to the rest of the plot.
>> No. 36787959
I don't really see how you're confused by the intent of the episode here, because it seems pretty blunt and obvious.

Trenderhoof is a shallow moron. He is fixated on an ideal while utterly ignoring the actual reality of the situation. Rarity, in her desperation to be acknowledged by someone so massively famous and influential, makes the exact same mistake.

Then AJ cheerfully mocks Rarity's own shallow nonsense in the most blatant way possible because she knows full well it'll push all her buttons and this ultimately drives Rarity so nutty she breaks character.

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Youtube embed play button
  ... sort of. A publicity piece for Sony Features, just up today, has Lauren laying out her life story in 9 minutes. Not a lot new, not much about MLP -- but worth watching. I didn't even know she was directing a feature!

Hm ... the embed dərped. Dunno why. Here's the link:


Last edited at Wed, Sep 10th, 2014 16:22

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>> No. 36787728
File 142117927665.jpg - (270.54KB , 1024x768 , Likeable-girl-alice-gehabich-14250317-1024-768.jpg )
>> No. 36787729
File 142118162943.png - (92.11KB , 290x280 , 5(15).png )
EqG was responding to a spam post, which seems to have been deleted sometime later.

Last edited at Tue, Jan 13th, 2015 13:41

>> No. 36787739
Ah, I see.

File 142064330581.png - (186.31KB , 900x862 , mlp_clue_do____professor_plum_sparkle_by_xfizzle-d514hsh.png )
36787423 No. 36787423 [View]
For comparison:

Albert Einstein's IQ is 160,

Hello Nurse's IQ is 192,

The IQ of Dog (from CatDog) is 193,

The IQ of Corneil the Dog (from Corneil & Bernie) is 250,

And finally, there's Ami Mizuno (a.k.a. Sailor Mercury), whom has an IQ of 300.
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>> No. 36787518
Her IQ should be 9001 because big numbers mean smart.
>> No. 36787523
Youtube embed play button
Hello Galaxy.
>> No. 36787666
File 142108388501.jpg - (63.94KB , 250x320 , my brain so dope.jpg )
Hello, my name is Walter O'Brien and I have the fourth-highest IQ ever recorded at 197. Einstein's was 160. Mark Collins, Corneil the Dog, and Ami Mizuno all have higher IQs than I do, and because I'm such a goddamn genius, I can use deductive reasoning to figure out that Twilight Sparkle's IQ is no higher than 196.

File 142084511648.jpg - (165.08KB , 800x1066 , 131126077810.jpg )
36787514 No. 36787514 [View]
>> No. 36787516
Youtube embed play button
  "Why that's a horse. You love a horse!"

Vinyl was his girlfriend. Headcanon accepted.

Or the result of that union.

Last edited at Fri, Jan 9th, 2015 16:21

>> No. 36787622
File 142101888783.jpg - (45.27KB , 576x318 , Thread_over.jpg )

File 142087835984.png - (2.29MB , 1920x1080 , crescent moon.png )
36787567 No. 36787567 [View]
Just rewatched Apple Family Reunion. I guess I didn't notice this the first time I watched it because I was too focused on the shooting stars but...

Is this the only crescent moon in the whole show? Was Luna feeling experimental that night? Was Celestia drunk and got her angles wrong?

Rookie animator? Animator experimenting? DRUNK animator?
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>> No. 36787596
File 142092049438.jpg - (19.16KB , 252x320 , image.jpg )
>> No. 36787598
File 142092111695.jpg - (873.25KB , 2467x1654 , celestevil.jpg )
>> No. 36787616
Youtube embed play button
"Celestia knows better"

She apparently has some gastronomic issues in that picture.

File 142017259883.png - (206.04KB , 640x960 , IMG_5497[1].png )
36787263 No. 36787263 [View]
So noticing there's a lot of theory's going around, and there's prolly already a theory thread, im just gonna post this here and out in some of theory's I've seen , also post your own, no harm there.
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>> No. 36787406
File 142057048908.jpg - (9.19KB , 236x216 , 035dd350e7f5e3c896be83dd6da62c03.jpg )
Of course, since ponies have nothing to do with Earth horses except for a slight resemblance (they even have opposable hooves, for Celestia's sake), it could just be that MLP:FIM pony genetics have an offshoot of mule-like ears that have nothing to do with actually having any genetic relation at all.
>> No. 36787414
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 36787415
Youtube embed play button
I had to watch a High school documentary on how this band "sold out".

That is what you get after you hmm get people to "sell out".

No. 36786818 [View]
Youtube embed play button
  So there is some people which care about spike by his own?

here some analisis, which i dont care that much because i dont care that much for spike, i mean, my mind is so confuse that im trying to hold myself with the normal characters...

what do you think about this analisis and stuff....
for me, i started to loose alot of my atention when they started to pull off their asses fanfic ideas for episodes. which if not bad to an horrible degree.... i dont see that much the point... except maybe as an example of what could be, but it is pretty worthless outside that.
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>> No. 36787128
Comic Sans combined with hand-drawn writing...that's a new one.
>> No. 36787142
Hey, recursive fancomics aren't known for their professional style.
>> No. 36787410
File 142057555805.jpg - (40.93KB , 848x462 , Spike 3.jpg )
Make it happen.

File 142008443185.png - (428.40KB , 1280x720 , latest.png )
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Okay folks up next we have Season 2 Episode 10, Secret Of My Excess, Written by: M.A. Larson.

The link to the episode: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xwq1oz_mlp-fim-s2-e10-secret-of-my-excess-hd-no-watermarks_shortfilms

Watch this episode again, comment as you do. What did you like/dislike, anything you missed before? Or just general discussion about every little aspect of this episode.

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>> No. 36787210
File 142009401444.jpg - (78.96KB , 347x488 , that-s-what-she-said.jpg )
>> No. 36787211
File 142009581056.jpg - (65.23KB , 686x570 , rarispikee.jpg )
Overall a very good episode. I like that explored spike's status as a dragon, and it was a nice Rarity/spike episode.

Not an incredible episode, more "Decent but not Great", but still very glad it exists and would gladly watch if it was showing.
I do kind of hope that Spike's Normal adult form is a bit better looking though, this spike looks like he's wearing eyeshadow. (and the Fatty adult spike from CMC isn't much better)

If nothing else, I will always remember that Scene at the end where the two are falling and Rarity puts her hoof to his mouth.
>> No. 36787408
File 142057400542.jpg - (83.55KB , 859x468 , Capture-30.jpg )
The episode aired on my Birthday. My favorite Spike/Rarity ep.

File 142007255723.jpg - (122.01KB , 631x636 , image.jpg )
36787203 No. 36787203 [View]
Monste high is going to have an alien monster coming

This was kind of an old news, but now that I think about it.

What if alien anon is right and for season 6 and EQG 4 we get alien ponies?

I mean there is a lot of fantasie which use space, like Warcraft and even talking use meteorites to make evil swords
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>> No. 36787266
if you can travel via a portal or a rocket ship it count as a planet.
if you can use a rocket to travel to breezie land.

Last edited at Thu, Jan 1st, 2015 21:39

>> No. 36787304
File 142023224815.png - (24.17KB , 580x398 , 798256__safe_text_twitter_jim+miller.png )
>> No. 36787309
> Aliens out of space, from far away on the stars is dumb
> Princess pony which become a higshchool girl to become a princess of a dance and then join a rock and roll band is not dumb

Is not like i bealive Aliens will happen, But the only guy word i trust is Larson, if he say something, that mean something, but not from the rest of the staff, their word mean nothing.

Last edited at Fri, Jan 2nd, 2015 14:19

File 141889327021.jpg - (4.62KB , 122x102 , hulk.jpg )
36786291 No. 36786291 [View] [Last 50 posts]
This post is relevant to the 1 year anniversary of Power Ponies.

I'm pretty sure most bronies remember Flutterhulk. Everyone and their mother talked about this scene, sometimes at the expense of the rest of the episode; it was considered to be the defining moment of Power Ponies (and possibly even Season 4).

And yet, the quantity of fanart that features Flutterhulk comes up short. In Deviantart, one would only come up with several hundred results, and even then many of the searches are about Flutterhulk fanfiction that predate Power Ponies. Yes, one may search "Saddle Rager" instead and get 250-300 results, but many of the searches chiefly concern untransformed Flutterhulk.

According to polls like these, Flutterhulk doesn't do amazingly well in favorite Fluttershy Form polls. I once composed a poll based on the Roundstable poll with a voter turnout of 23 people; not a SINGLE soul voted for Flutterhulk.

I am simply confused. Are Flutterhulk fans a vocal minority? Or perhaps Flutterhulk's popularity takes another form? Anything is possible.
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>> No. 36787159
File 141990970249.jpg - (739.63KB , 743x1051 , BBMintyCard.jpg )

Minty is best G4 pony.
>> No. 36787162
File 141991667812.jpg - (59.95KB , 564x319 , rarcontrol.jpg )

That section of G4 must be quarantined and purged, to protect FIM from being infected by any G3 taint.

All Ponies who've come in contact with Minty must be rounded up, euthanized and their corpses burned. its the only way to be sure.
>> No. 36787166
File 141999116935.jpg - (505.57KB , 1280x960 , Arches.jpg )
Flutterhulk and her kingdom of Ashes,what has my sweetest friend become.

File 141912598015.jpg - (413.10KB , 768x682 , Fluttershy_tribal.jpg )
36786638 No. 36786638 [View]
Does anybody out there read Polish? There's this Polish priest, Slawomir Kostrzewa, who has been pounding his pulpit denouncing various kiddie-culture items as satanic, including Legos and MLP. I suspect it's just the usual (c)rap about occultism and magic, but I'd like to read the details concerning ponies - - and all the stories and articles I can find online about his anti-pony witch hunt are in Polish (except for a few in Chinese and Czech). I don't read these languages. If you do, please google <"slawomir kostrzewa" "my little pony" -lego> and report back. Anything interesting?

Last edited at Sat, Dec 20th, 2014 18:42

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>> No. 36787163
File 141997364976.png - (49.21KB , 853x480 , Junta.png )
So that Poland isn't forgotten.

They have got a war going on in Ukraine,it is probably at least as important as MLP is for this board's posters.
>> No. 36787164
Huh? Meaning what? That we shouldn't be concerned with cartoons when there's a war going on somewhere?

This sort of perpetual bad conscience - - the feeling that no one should allow themselves to be happy so long as someone, somewhere, is wretched - - is one of the least attractive aspects of the liberal sensibility.
>> No. 36787165
File 141998899333.png - (211.56KB , 853x480 , Once a Spook.png )
And some people might be right to be concerned about these cartoons and those who watch them.

There is nothing really occult about MLP,if some priest in Poland can't figure it out.......then he might simply be latching on to a popular phenomenon.

File 141983261648.png - (1.49MB , 1280x714 , 141983217130.png )
36787129 No. 36787129 [View]
>That moment when you are so corrupted that you just see a picture of a pony.
>but like it is related to EqG RR it make you loose your mind.
> pretencious to put the "fantasy old story telling" thing to try to make it "important" or "magical" when at the end is all about the fucking highschool girls.

anyway, a /pony/ topic.

so alot of people discard EqG and The comics from the show.

the Starswirl the bearded in the movie have no mustage, and in the comics it does, outside it being different color too.

so it means the comics are really fuck up on this department, because no matter how much i hate EqG, they are more canon than the comics, at least with where they are going with a dessign.

Last edited at Sun, Dec 28th, 2014 23:00

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>> No. 36787134
File 141983352115.png - (2.01MB , 1280x720 , latest.png )

No, his skin color is the art style of that way of storytelling.
>also, I knew that pic was from there because I was the one posting the starswirl pics in that thread at Mark XD

Last edited at Sun, Dec 28th, 2014 23:13

>> No. 36787141
I'm sure all of that we can wave with both 'Folklore effecting Fact' and 'Time Changes People' (sadly, i can't think of what the true tropes would be)

No need to stress. Let Twilight worry about how many bells were in his hat.
>> No. 36787144
File 141983867759.png - (1.38MB , 777x589 , changelingeat.png )

Nah, obviously that Starswirl was a changeling. Totally a changeling.

>though I am curious if they're going to keep shoving starswirl more and more into importance as an explanation for everything going on in the world, like how the villains from RR are explained by LITERALLY "A wizard did it!" (that wizard being starswirl)

File 141951061386.png - (1.01MB , 1280x720 , Princess_Celestia_ok___awkward_S2E9.png )
36786957 No. 36786957 [View]

Okay folks up next we have Season 2 Episode 9, Sweet and Elite, Written by: Meghan McCarthy.

The link to the episode: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xwq0p2_mlp-fim-s2-e9-sweet-and-elite-hd-no-watermarks_shortfilms

Watch this episode again, comment as you do. What did you like/dislike, anything you missed before? Or just general discussion about every little aspect of this episode.

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>> No. 36787017
File 141956661609.png - (932.78KB , 1280x720 , vlcsnap-2014-10-29-23h24m55s173.png )

>> No. 36787026
there's "no L" in the Ho'idays
>> No. 36787066
File 141965226721.png - (598.77KB , 1000x1000 , The Boss.png )
Ditto that sentiment, CSIMadMax is/was the best pony comic out there but the dang economy shut that down. :(

It has something to do with Hos, doesn't it?

File 141936277464.png - (410.89KB , 505x431 , hugging.png )
36786837 No. 36786837 [View]
In Rainbow Rocks, the Mane Six are all on the same team, yet they end up separated by their differences. So, what if there were an election to determine the Student Body President?

Do you believe they could all come together, or would their separate ideals and characters cause them to run against one another?

Sunset Shimmer is optional but encouraged.
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>> No. 36787028
Do anyone have "My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks - The Mane Event" book in PDF?
>> No. 36787044

Check Yay Ponies, if it's anywhere on the net it'll probably be there.
>> No. 36787058
I already did and it's still not there

File 141932666399.jpg - (213.48KB , 750x422 , Ponies.jpg )
36786825 No. 36786825 [View]
Could MLP, especially FIM, handle CGI well?

A lot of franchises - Franklin, Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, Powerpuff Girls, Batman, Arthur, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, etc - have had at least one cgi entry lately. I am pretty certain a future gen will be CGI but that's not anytime soon.

What if Fim 1.0 ended but the gen persisted and they made a new cartoon, either a sequel or with new characters, but it was CGI
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>> No. 36786904
File 141940334397.jpg - (172.75KB , 1136x640 , image.jpg )
>Would you accept my friendship?
>You need to make some friends
>> No. 36786905
File 141940368487.png - (769.26KB , 1355x500 , thisisathing2.png )
Well, Sombra's been getting along nicely.
>> No. 36786906
File 141940444710.jpg - (81.22KB , 298x328 , sombres_true_plan.jpg )

Seriously, dude was really nice. It was all just racism with him being Murdered by the crystal empire's citizens.

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