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File 141889327021.jpg - (4.62KB , 122x102 , hulk.jpg )
36786291 No. 36786291
This post is relevant to the 1 year anniversary of Power Ponies.

I'm pretty sure most bronies remember Flutterhulk. Everyone and their mother talked about this scene, sometimes at the expense of the rest of the episode; it was considered to be the defining moment of Power Ponies (and possibly even Season 4).

And yet, the quantity of fanart that features Flutterhulk comes up short. In Deviantart, one would only come up with several hundred results, and even then many of the searches are about Flutterhulk fanfiction that predate Power Ponies. Yes, one may search "Saddle Rager" instead and get 250-300 results, but many of the searches chiefly concern untransformed Flutterhulk.

According to polls like these, Flutterhulk doesn't do amazingly well in favorite Fluttershy Form polls. I once composed a poll based on the Roundstable poll with a voter turnout of 23 people; not a SINGLE soul voted for Flutterhulk.

I am simply confused. Are Flutterhulk fans a vocal minority? Or perhaps Flutterhulk's popularity takes another form? Anything is possible.
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>> No. 36786609
File 141909896086.png - (133.13KB , 900x900 , 1_ Dulset smile.png )
>Explain to me how you came to the conclusion that the admin was threatening to ban you because he disagreed with your opinion
For a few reasons, really.

One, because the "way" I argue that he's against is literally just holding the opinion that it's irrational to make assumptions based on unconfirmed connections. Apparently that opinion is forbidden.

Two, because the warning makes quite clear that there isn't any way I can defend myself or disagree without violating the warning, meaning I'm expressly forbidden from giving any kind of argument on the subject whatsoever.

Three, because bad arguments happen all the time on this board and no mods ever step in to say what's acceptable arguing and what's not. For instance, the person I was arguing with deliberately ignored the actual discussion to derail the argument, and when that didn't work he resorted to simple lying about me and the episode, which is why I stopped there. But that sort of dishonesty never actually gets warnings from the mods because it's how /pony/ works. Even if I were being as dishonest as he says, that's still not grounds to forbid me from giving my opinion.

Now, can you explain why my opinion "causes trouble" as you put it? I'd love to hear it.
>> No. 36786610
>the "way" I argue that he's against is literally just holding the opinion that it's irrational to make assumptions based on unconfirmed connections

Correct, you're saying "nuh uh, not explicitly stated, therefor wrong" when you're presented with a huge amount of evidence. Just like with the whole Alicorn Amulet thing where you argued to the death that it WASN'T referring to a pony with wings and a horn, just because it wasn't explicitly stated that it was referring to a pony with wings and a horn.

>Two, because the warning makes quite clear that there isn't any way I can defend myself or disagree without violating the warning

You can argue and disagree without denying the opposing argument due to a lack of a tiny detail amidst the pile of evidence.

>Now, can you explain why my opinion "causes trouble" as you put it? I'd love to hear it.

The admin already explained why your "opinion" causes trouble:

>You are trying to pretend that you don't see such obvious things
>It's greatly annoying and not conductive to good discussion in the slightest.

You're looking at obvious references to things and saying "nope nuh uh it's not explicitly stated therefor you're wrong". That's disruptive to discussion and comes off as extremely antagonistic.

So please, stop trying to twist this around into "meanie mean pants admin threatening to ban poor, innocent me just for having an opinion!!!", because you're not fooling anyone.
>> No. 36786611
File 141909980918.png - (545.67KB , 989x886 , 3_ Dulset Tarn 2.png )
If you actually believe that, you simply don't know this admin.

I'd personally like to stop derailing the thread if you would.
>> No. 36786612
File 141910006332.gif - (1.14MB , 480x270 , fuck this thread.gif )
>I'd personally like to stop derailing the thread if you would.

You're the one who came out of nowhere and started openly shit-talking the admin who warned you, so...yeah.

But, if you insist.
>> No. 36786613
Youtube embed play button
>> No. 36786653
File 141913080653.jpg - (62.14KB , 400x300 , No! I must not join them.jpg )
Honestly, I'm kinda with the admin on this one, but the reasoning is more complicated than you think.

It kinda has to do with the state of /pony/. The way I recollect it, it went down something like this:
1. At first, we enjoyed talking about the show.
2. Then, we enjoyed talking about overthinking everything about the show.
3. Then, we started to argue about what was the most canon of our overthought headcanons.
4. Eventually, it reached the point where we're quibbling over the most obvious of details out of a stubborn refusal to give an inch over our headcanons.

Your initial /pony/ suspension was because you ended up taking #4 to a nauseatingly radical extreme that the admins decided to step in because it seemed like a reasonable assertion you were just picking fights where there were none in order to throw you weight around. !!ShiningArmor was just here to remind you that this standard still exists, you haven't been pardoned so you can go right back to that.

However, to be completely fair, I think we're all guilty of some level of being overly beholden to headcanons, to the point where it's largely killed conversion hereabouts.

Maybe we need some hard but simple rules to define when enough is enough. I'm not sure what the rule would be, exactly. Perhaps we should have to carry a quantifiable token of proof to argue anything? In which case, there's a slew of resemblances to be found between Flutterhulk and the Hulk. Where is your evidence that she was not?

I would level the same ultimatum to the OP. You have a ton of evidence Flutterhulk would appear to be not all that popular when you stand her up to just about anything. You linked them in the original post. When people gave you even more, you told them that was not enough. Why would you do that?

Last edited at Sat, Dec 20th, 2014 20:06

>> No. 36786657
File 141913188801.png - (23.84KB , 945x945 , 3_ Dulset Shrug by shado.png )
At risk of being banned, all I've said is that it's not rational to make assumptions about Saddlerager based solely on The Hulk. Saying that she obviously can repel lasers because the Hulk can is the same as saying that she's obviously powered by gamma radiation because the Hulk is, or that she obviously has two completely separate personae like the Hulk does. That's what I've been warned for.
>> No. 36786660

>or that she obviously has two completely separate personae like the Hulk does.

Well that would just be silly. Everyone knows there are far more than two personae in Banner's head. Savage Hulk, Grey Hulk, Professor Hulk, Devil Hulk, Guilt Hulk, the list goes on.
>> No. 36786663
File 141913482302.png - (412.97KB , 852x698 , Okay then.png )
I think its likely that concepts from the Hulk were incorporated into Saddle Rager's design. Was it likely the sole source, likely not, but the two share enough basic traits and it makes sense as a pop culture reference for the Hulk to be some form of starting point when it came to working on the idea of Saddle Rager.
>> No. 36786664
>continuing to insist that you were warned over having an opinion, rather than being a toxic, cancerous detriment to this board.
Whatever suits your superiority and persecution complexes. Stay delusional.

You have a cute avatar, but I've come to hate seeing it so very much.
>> No. 36786665
Your problem is that you're always willing to risk being banned. Knock that shit off before it happens and there's zero hope of you ever convincing the mods to unban you.
>> No. 36786667
File 141913858558.png - (265.13KB , 677x723 , Flutterhuulkk.png )

Somewhere in that head of his, pray there's not a Crossdressing gay persona.
I think we all would pay dearly from such an occurence.


>never see Equestria guy in Civil Show discussion threads
>He shows up in a Thread of nothing but arguments despite hating how /pony fights with each other


Strange world...
>> No. 36786673
If I can dissued DT to not rush headfirst into his next ban, I will.

Are you asking me to participate more? I don't know if I have the energy or motivation to talk about pony much anymore, that was long since exhausted by Dərpygate, the MMC drama, the way I was treated over liking EQG, and the TRS ban, but I'll always have the motivation to help someone not be banned themselves.
>> No. 36786674
File 141914370152.jpg - (21.99KB , 319x250 , 006.jpg )
Flutterhulk was mildly amusing the first time, but rapidly lost its luster the more I saw it.

Also, itkeepshappening.gif
>> No. 36786676
File 141914545769.png - (343.28KB , 538x695 , 466.png )
<reads thread

r o f l
>> No. 36786677
File 141914964783.png - (125.97KB , 400x400 , Angrier_Angron.png )

You were banned from round stable? I thought you got along well over there :/

(also, not asking you to do anything, just don't see you around much XD
Its just always sad to not see an old face as much, regardless of anything else; if nothing else, I was hoping to have seen you around for the RR discussion threads, or hopefully S5 when it starts!)
>> No. 36786679
Meh, I didn't like her design. It just looked retarded.
>> No. 36786680
File 141915008845.jpg - (206.40KB , 818x1024 , large.jpg )

I will admit and second that I kind of wish they'd given her a slightly more Eye pleasing design.

Like, most of the power pony costumes were rather poor (Zapp, fillisecond and Marevelous were the only truly good ones. Twilight's would have been good without the goggles, but they kind of ruined it), but She should have been better IMO.

Like just a Giant feral looking fluttershy would have been better IMO.
>> No. 36786681
On Sept 2nd 2013. It's something I've regretted since, and tried desperately to repair, but I've never had any luck, no matter how many times I've poured my heart out.

If hate to see Dulset in a similar situation, even if there's zero that we ever agree on. This last ban should have been the wake up call, but it's hard to step back from the edge when you're so deeply invested in the show and fandom.
>> No. 36786682
Well, part of the parody of Flutterhulk is the overly defined muscles. It was an attempt to make her ridiculous as possible. Honestly, it looked just stupid, even almost cringeworthy. That's part of the reason why Flutterhulk was kind of a dud for me.
>> No. 36786683
That place is a coven of SJWs, you're better off out there.
>> No. 36786685
File 141917307527.png - (1.15MB , 1127x1065 , sunil11.png )

TRS tries to act like they're the curators of the fandom, being all high and mighty and "pure" compared to everyone else. I mean, just look at their "Bronibooru" image site, which completely bans any kind of shipping (even canon pairings), any kind of even slightly mature-rated art (not just porn, but violence as well), etc. etc...they're a bunch of pretentious SJW assholes.

When I introduced myself in the introduction thread, someone took it upon themselves to google my name, find my FIMFiction account, and then throw a massive shit-fit about the fact that I write porn, telling me to "stop shitting on my fandom" and such. And later the admin unabashedly IP banned me because people were apparently whining to him about my FIMFiction stuff, even though I never mentioned it.

So yeah, fuck TRS. Let them wallow in their echo chamber of SJW nonsense.
>> No. 36786686
Truly, by persecuting a guy and then IP banning him for the audacity of writing something that they disagree with, they have proven the righteousness of their cause.

I have zero patience for people who think that they're heroes when they're complete monsters.
>> No. 36786687
File 141917356858.png - (188.97KB , 405x422 , lol.png )
Yes, they literally have an "off site rule" where they can ban you for things you do on other sites. That's how high-and-mighty they are.
>> No. 36786688
Who the fuck do they think they are? They're just another shithole forum to talk about a show about ponies, they're not a fucking prestigious monolithic corporation. Bunch of fascistic lunatics.
>> No. 36786689
Youtube embed play button
Almost every deep, compelling story has basic biological themes -- reproduction, violent competition, and/or death -- at its core. Porn and gore are the crudest and simplest expressions of these themes, but the MLP show is saturated with them in subtler, more light-hearted forms. In fact, one of the things that makes G4 better than the preceding generations is its delicate grittiness. These ponies aren't Teletubbies. They suffer cuts and bruises, bleed, break bones and teeth, spit, sweat, excrete, fight, get sick, wiggle their hips at each other, fall in (sexual) love, give birth, and die. Electing to ban the crudest depictions of Equestrian sex, violence, and death from a site is fine by me (that's why I stick mostly to /pony/ as a fan), but these things are part of this fantasy world and the real world; and having a prissy fit and banning a poster for getting down and dirty somewhere else strikes me as contemptible.
>> No. 36786691

That's pretty weird considering that is the site that spawned from Something Awful of all places.

Then again I guess coming from such a place that kind of Orwellian modding makes sense.
>> No. 36786692
File 141917880821.jpg - (44.54KB , 300x362 , Pinkie Pie tempts John Joseco to sin.jpg )
Wow, I'm not sure what to say about that.

Maybe that it's indicative of a free-thinking society when you are willing to overlook what people do elsewhere as long it harms no one and they behave themselves on the job.
>> No. 36786702
File 141920002372.png - (68.25KB , 626x566 , Minty Yay.png )

>Wow, I'm not sure what to say about that.

Ooh, ooh! Dee is sure what to say about that. The correct answer is "That's fucking stupid."
>> No. 36786708
File 141920341319.gif - (1.19MB , 1280x723 , this guy.gif )
We got a winner!
>> No. 36786713
File 141920418139.jpg - (267.60KB , 663x1024 , mane_siix.jpg )

Shoot man :(
I'm sorry to hear that. I know you really liked that place and got along well there from your posts, and regardless of anything else I hate that you feel bad about your ban.

Either way, always welcome on /pony/ if nothing else here, so remember that :)


While I think calling RS a SJW site seems a bit random (I mean, unless they're attacking Men and going radical femnazi, its not really applicable. You can say they're strict, but not really a SJW place), I will admit I've heard bad things about it.

I can't say anything though, as I've never been there. So I'm fully ignorant of it, and I can't with good conscious say anything based only on heresay. Though IP banning Nostalgia IS one of the shittiest things I've ever heard, WTF man.

Kind of figure I'd be banned on site just if I posted under unlikeable pony based on that, even if I just post things like "Yes" or "i agree".

> They suffer cuts and bruises, bleed, break bones and teeth, spit, sweat, excrete, fight, get sick, wiggle their hips at each other, fall in (sexual) love, give birth, and die.

Ummm... I think you may be going a bit over the line there. While YES they do naturally procreate and presumably engage in all those sexual foreplay and flirting, saying they DO all that is Disengenous as they never do that on screen or in the show.

Likewise, while they can be killed and do suffer bruises and cuts in the comic, its not like this is something that happens alot or is a common occurence.

So While I agree in spirit for why I like FIM (I refuse to call it G4 given how it has spun off into its own alternate continuity as well and seems to be more than just a gen), I think you may be viewing it a bit more glowingly with what it does.
>> No. 36786715
Youtube embed play button
>While YES they do naturally procreate and presumably engage in all those sexual foreplay and flirting, saying they DO all that is Disengenous as they never do that on screen or in the show.
Even the implication that they do have sex is more than what G3's continuity has, where ponies are born when two rainbows meet.
>> No. 36786716
File 141920558514.gif - (131.08KB , 1280x720 , Rainbow Selfcest.gif )

>Even the implication that they do have sex is more than what G3.5's continuity has


>ponies are born when two rainbows meet.
>> No. 36786717
File 141920573734.png - (88.45KB , 248x282 , couple of jokers.png )
Well isn't G3, G3.5, and Newborn Cuties all the same continuity? Like how Batman The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures share the same continuity despite the art changes.

Last edited at Sun, Dec 21st, 2014 16:49

>> No. 36786718

G3.5 dropped the vast majority of G3 ponies, with only Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Cheerilee carrying over, all of which were not only heavily redesigned Cheerilee was changed from a unicorn to an earth pony and had her personality altered considerably, while the rest of the roster were filled out by completely new ponies rather than bringing back any of the G3 ponies like Minty or Star Catcher.
>> No. 36786720
File 141920659885.png - (73.12KB , 251x265 , 5(108).png )
Well... never mind then.
>> No. 36786726
File 141921473704.jpg - (34.85KB , 175x295 , dcsc_ivy5.jpg )
>that art change

Good god, PLEASE do not bring that art shift up >.<

Like, If I have a trigger, it is that change. The art shift was just like Taking the mona lisa and shitting on it. Its like that Attempt to "Fix" that jesus Picture by that old lady that made him hilariously looking like a cave man.

I mean, Poison Ivy alone just pisses me off. Thank GOD they changed back to the classic style look of the joker by Justice league infinity. (Still dislike though that they made it in the same canon as Batman beyond though since I Found the Joker being Put into a permanent coma by Ace. Like, if it weren't for that, I would be Okay with it, but I found that to be a better end to the joker.)

Last edited at Sun, Dec 21st, 2014 19:21

>> No. 36786727
File 141921508591.png - (68.25KB , 626x566 , Minty Yay.png )

Wait, is there a Justice League set in the time of Batman Beyond? Because Dee would so watch that series.
>> No. 36786731
Youtube embed play button

Well, TECHNICALLY they do show the justice league in his time. But no.

What i mean is that Justice league is in the same canon as Batman beyond in that Terry is a clone of batman made by Cadmus. (which means that the joker recovered from his coma)
>> No. 36786747
File 141922615728.png - (113.90KB , 578x726 , tumblr_mx3fi6Trwg1rz5hbgo2_1280.png )

Aw... Dee was hoping this Justice League Infinite you mentioned was a new show set in the future with Terry and Static and other future Justice League characters. Also making Terry a clone of Bruce sounds stupid.
>> No. 36786750
File 141922827702.png - (125.97KB , 400x400 , Angrier_Angron.png )
yeah, it kind of stretches disbelief a little.

that being said, I should note that while I *enjoyed* batman beyond, I'm not exactly a huge fan of it. (I hated what they did to Ra's al ghul for example)
>> No. 36786970
Terry isn't a clone. He had Bruce's DNA injected into his father before conception.

And its called Justice League UNLIMITED, not infinity.
>> No. 36786981
File 141955088248.jpg - (214.05KB , 837x852 , WHAT I LEARNED FROM CELESTIA IS.jpg )
>He had Bruce's DNA injected into his father before conception.
"I want Bruce Wayne to be Terry's father without actually being his father or a clone. But that's impossible!"
"Is it, my comic writing friend? Watch and learn."
>> No. 36786988
File 141955693650.jpg - (16.61KB , 480x360 , 0.jpg )
>> No. 36787156
People are still posting in this thread...

My lord.
>> No. 36787157
File 141990640818.png - (1.24MB , 1000x1000 , Mintlestia.png )

>My lord.

You rang, my son?
>> No. 36787158
File 141990944893.jpg - (11.41KB , 238x210 , angrycele.jpg )

Get that Golden calf Bullshit out of here! DEATH TO EVERYTHING THAT IS NOT FIM!
>> No. 36787159
File 141990970249.jpg - (739.63KB , 743x1051 , BBMintyCard.jpg )

Minty is best G4 pony.
>> No. 36787162
File 141991667812.jpg - (59.95KB , 564x319 , rarcontrol.jpg )

That section of G4 must be quarantined and purged, to protect FIM from being infected by any G3 taint.

All Ponies who've come in contact with Minty must be rounded up, euthanized and their corpses burned. its the only way to be sure.
>> No. 36787166
File 141999116935.jpg - (505.57KB , 1280x960 , Arches.jpg )
Flutterhulk and her kingdom of Ashes,what has my sweetest friend become.
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