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36791188 No. 36791188
Even though S5 just got a confirmed air date, we're already receiving hints and teases at future content.

Use this thread for posting/discussing future episode details.
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>> No. 36794934
File 142941737403.png - (750.31KB , 731x1024 , boulder.png )

I wonder if that pun crossed the creators mind at any time when designing her...

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>> No. 36794951
Which one has the guest star I've never heard of?
>> No. 36794991
File 142949056010.jpg - (53.59KB , 451x802 , spikecard.jpg )

Looks like the list may be real.
>> No. 36794993
So? That anon may have looked at this card.

And even then, it doesn't prove anything.
>> No. 36794994


Someone posted the episode 7 title two weeks before it was revealed. While it don't prove they were both posted by the same person, it does prove it was a real leak.
>> No. 36794995
File 142949323321.png - (413.72KB , 374x656 , 661.png )
Hmm. It certainly does add a bit more credibility, assuming the guy who posted on /mlp/ is the same. It's still possible some titles may be false or at least different than what the episode will ultimately be called, like Cutie Markless became Cutie Map, and it's also possible some may air in a different order than what was given, but for now it seems that list could have at least some truth to it.
>> No. 36795010
Well there there is a comic page that suggest one sided crush on her...
>> No. 36795015
File 142953987392.png - (66.54KB , 196x262 , Nanami_(9).png )
The suggestion seemed to be more on Baast's part, who was suspicious of Fluttershy and Discord's relationship. It may have suggested Discord and Baast were in some sort of relationship, but the way Baast talked seemed to me more like she didn't think he could be in just a platonic friendship, which may just indicate that she's unaware of the character development he went through.
>> No. 36795017
for some one which never had friends, sure alot of people which doesnt hate him.
>> No. 36795022
The way he was depicted suggested that he wasn't really sure and that Baast saw the lies thorugh him
>> No. 36795024
File 142955372173.png - (103.92KB , 225x257 , discord baast.png )
In this panel? I interpreted that as Baast talking to Discord as the draconequus he was before KCaFO, and Discord struggling to explain how he's changed since then and is capable of just making friends.

Not to mention even the writer said that while he's aware of the shipping between the two, he prefers Discord and Fluttershy as just friends.
>> No. 36795025
Impression is still there. Maybe if it was just the way Hickey made it. He still look unsure and the scene is open for interpretation that even dislestia shipper like KP did noticed as legit implication. Except the fact that they aren't canon.
>> No. 36795026
File 142955493481.png - (59.56KB , 177x262 , Nanami.png )
Still, it's hard for me to see something as support for the ship if it's a misinterpretation of the author's intent, so even if you choose to interpret it that way I don't consider it legitimate romantic teasing.
>> No. 36795028
File 142955866870.png - (354.40KB , 600x450 , 2344443.png )
Eh, I honestly don't see any real romantic interest between discord and fluttershy; I just don't see the chemistry.
besides, I think that would take away from the "Learning about friendship" bit if its not him having a "normal" friend in fluttershy.

It DOES lend itself to funny fanart though.
>> No. 36795030
And i think that for a show about innocent friendship, they did a lot to make people in EQD comments think that they are canon. The plot line about being jealous of someone will most likely going to lead to people shipping it, they should have know that and should have told that message using 2 of the Mane6 or Spike or CMC instead using the only adult male main character. I think Meghan is aware that someone will ask about fluttercord on the nearest convention. I wonder if she's going to be that firm as with the dislestia flowers scene or if she go with the "maybe's" and "who know".
>> No. 36795031
File 142956031705.png - (63.39KB , 181x258 , Nanami_(15).png )
I think they were more concerned about telling storylines involving Discord and Fluttershy's friendship, more about developing the stories and friendship between the two and not just thinking "we really got to send a message about jealous friends", and Discord has the kind of personality to feel enough entitlement to Fluttershy's friendship to get jealous.

And people are going to take things and interpret them their own way in ways never intended. Almost any story involving Discord and Fluttershy could probably make some people believe the ship is canon.

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>> No. 36795033
File 142956342801.png - (654.81KB , 960x540 , 654.png )

heck, people swore up and down Discordlestia was canon after the finale, even after word of god squashed it XD
>> No. 36795034
Of course it wasn't...
>> No. 36795035
I can think of hundreds of episodes that would have them in it with no shipping. Especially if i write Discord to annoy her just like he did with every other pony. Yet she is treated differently and i would never use "going out to the Gala" or "Heart and hoof day" plotline to develop their friendship. Seriously those two tropes were used in most fluttercord fanfics throughout 3 years. Seeing one of them being actually used in canon episode with same paring is suprising.

Instead i would just write an episode where they travel and solve a problem in Saddle Arabia. Even with just two of them there would be no shipping impications. Just good old adventure. Like Twilight with Cadance.

Simple slice of life with them might get some people to ship it. Using a typical romance scenario will just raise the expectations. As for now the synopsis sound like it's Discord being sad that he wasn't asked on a date.
>> No. 36795037
Honestly, I think Discord and Celestia would have been the most fun duo in the show if they were allowed to interact ever. They're polar opposites, and Discord is one of the few people who can actually make Celestia break the aloof and majestic character.
>> No. 36795038
File 142956464044.png - (67.12KB , 195x262 , Nanami_(20).png )
>Especially if i write Discord to annoy her just like he did with every other pony. Yet she is treated differently
Because she has the distinction of being his closest and first friend is why he treats her differently. If the interactions weren't unique, then for Discord their friendship wouldn't be as unique or important to him as it should be.

>Instead i would just write an episode where they travel and solve a problem in Saddle Arabia.
What's the conflict used to help develop their bond?

>Using a typical romance scenario will just raise the expectations. As for now the synopsis sound like it's Discord being sad that he wasn't asked on a date.
So since the friend Fluttershy is taking is a female, does that also make it sound like Fluttershy is bisexual? I mean if he's jealous due to romantic reasons, then wouldn't the one he's jealous of normally be considered a romantic rival?

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>> No. 36795039
File 142956482705.png - (173.21KB , 927x861 , flutterdash_by_atelophobix-d4yk8op.png )

I actually think an episode where Celestia ends up pranking Discord would be funnier due to the role reversal, and showing celestia's playful side.
Like if she made a bet that discord couldn't keep his cool if others did the same thing to him or something.

>And then Dash is revealed to be the truly jealous one at the end.
>> No. 36795040
File 142956484928.jpg - (0.96MB , 1280x853 , large.jpg )
Pretty much, yes.
>> No. 36795041
File 142956491942.png - (63.67KB , 171x264 , Nanami_(5).png )
Regardless on whether you believe the anon's list or not, what do you guys think of the idea of Celestia and Spike swapping bodies for an episode?
>> No. 36795042
File 142956508377.jpg - (88.78KB , 553x720 , spike_prin.jpg )

actually rather hoping that doesn't turn out to be true. It just sounds so... hokey. I don't know. I just don't think Spike and Celestia are the correct ponies to swap bodies with each other.

its not that I don't think spike and celestia have chemistry together, its just I don't think they're the best to do a body swap episode with.
>> No. 36795043
>> No. 36795044
File 142956541905.gif - (210.33KB , 400x375 , 432424.gif )
/backs away slowly
>> No. 36795045
Why the fuck am I being treated like a creep? It's not enough that my favorite character gets shat on from every possible angle, I gotta be treated like pondscum too?

God fucking damn it.
>> No. 36795046
File 142956721954.png - (72.14KB , 191x261 , Nanami_(11).png )
I think it's because the all caps in your post implies you're yelling, which suggests anger and hostility.
>> No. 36795047
File 142956814459.jpg - (48.61KB , 400x399 , angron.jpg )

chill man, its a joke ;)

I'm just having light of your reaction to it being a little extreme.
>> No. 36795050
File 142958621107.png - (594.74KB , 492x700 , wedding gift.png )
I was looking at some of the cards and wondering what the end of this card for Luna and Celestia could be foreshadowing (there wasn't any scene of them giving gifts in ACW), until I remembered Cranky and Matilda look to be getting married in 509. So I think the chances of them appearing are a bit higher.
>> No. 36795051
what could it be so it is so "the best"
or just by getting to the party and eating the food is their present?

maybe they will use magic to make Cranky grow hair back or something.
>> No. 36795052
File 142958800504.png - (294.42KB , 602x350 , sunil108.png )
Where are images of these cards coming from, anyways? Where's the full set? I've only seen about 8 or 9 of them; is the set really that small, or is it not released yet or...?
>> No. 36795054
File 142958843909.png - (92.16KB , 245x280 , 5(24).png )
I got the image from MLP Merch.
There's a total of 256 releases for the current series. It covers things like characters, episodes, songs, some of the cards come in normal and foil, and there's also some that come as standees, tattoos, or stickers.

They're still missing some though.

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>> No. 36795056
File 142958901543.jpg - (35.30KB , 715x373 , Discord_as_Bambi.jpg )
441, you surprise me -- pleasantly. I love the idea of Discordlestia. Talk about yang and yin...
>> No. 36795057
he said a Duo, but that doesnt mean a shipping
>> No. 36795058
True. But what made Discord more interesting in his initial appearance than in his later ones was the way in which his malicious humor was laced with a creepy affection. ("Did you miss me, Celestia? I missed you...") Interaction between him and Celestia would be boring if it was just Good vs. Evil, Order vs. Chaos -- and it can't be that simple any more now that Discord has been Concorded.
>> No. 36795060
To clarify, I hate the idea of Discolestia before RoH. It makes their confrontation seem more like a lover's quarrel rather than a fight for the fate of Equestria.

In the present? I'd actually like to see them have a relationship. They'd make a cute couple, or at the very least, a hilarious comedic duo. Discord is right about the only person who actually managed to somewhat annoy Celestia.
>> No. 36795066
She will probably also have nightmares in an episode "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?" Since is sound as Princesses only episode

Dislestia is a Fluttermac at this point. And after approving relfections cmoic, entire show staff would have to be replaced since they shown that they don't ship them.
>> No. 36795068
Shipping is not a thing not because someone dislike certain ship but because it would require the writing staff to keep the relationship fresh for 5+ seasons. As you can see they are not so happy to show Cadance and Shining Armor. Same would go for any ship with Mane6 or Discord. They would rather contain romance in a single episode like Heart & Hoof day and Simple Ways. If anything they will establish it in the last season like every other cartoon with romantic subplot between main characters. Unless they will develop Discord with other characters, the Fluttercord would be an obvious choice. But that really goes with CheerieMac and Sparity too. If BM or Spike befriend another reccuring character and the show will write few episodes about them, then their shipping may change. That really depend on a headwriter and Hasbro.
>> No. 36795069
File 142960227859.png - (1.20MB , 1279x708 , 829037__safe_twilight+sparkle_shipping_straight_equestria+girls_screencap_toy_flash+sentry_doll_.png )
Remember: the only ships that will ever be true are ones with toys.
>> No. 36795074
>And after approving relfections cmoic
NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! O! NO!
>> No. 36795087
File 142964682563.png - (704.00KB , 666x432 , Untitled.png )

I don't think them "approving" the reflections comic is like they sat down, were given a fully finished comic, and said "yes" or "no" to.
They probably were just asked "would a mirror universe hurt canon at all?" and the show staff said "nah, that's fine".

So I think saying the show staff "approved" reflections as if they were given every little detail about it is a bit disingenuous
>> No. 36795088
File 142964715189.png - (74.58KB , 217x280 , Souda_(4).png )
>They probably were just asked "would a mirror universe hurt canon at all?" and the show staff said "nah, that's fine".
They don't ask the show staff. They ask people at Hasbro who keep track of what's going on in the comics and show what they can do and what they can't. The most the show staff has been involved seems to be when Jayson was called in to help with a brainstorming session for what they could do as some sort of event series which resulted in the idea of exploring the pasts of some villains which resulted in Fiendship is Magic month.
>> No. 36795094
Why would you show me that collection of panels.

They're like a giant fucking middle finger statue placed in Times Square with "FUCK YOU 441" written all over it.
>> No. 36795095
Bobby Curnow said that he gets note from all of them (Thiesson, McCarthy, Vogel and Lenard)
They rejected entire Discord backstory yet they only changed details in Reflections (no kissing etc)
It's clear they have no plans to develop Celestia nor Dislestia so Celestia is as available for exploration in the comics as Chrysalis or Cheerilee. And looking at 4 seasons, i can see that Meghan care little about her. Even less than about Spike.
>> No. 36795096
File 142965015912.png - (27.29KB , 768x619 , CC3etqrUEAAS6Sa_png:large.png )
CMC - 3 episodes
Discord - 2 episodes
Luna - 1 episode
Spike - 1 episode
Celestia - 0
>> No. 36795098
File 142965206367.png - (88.36KB , 231x280 , 5(22).png )
>Bobby Curnow said that he gets note from all of them (Thiesson, McCarthy, Vogel and Lenard)
Where did he say that?

The guy who posted this list here said the Princess Spike episode would involve him and Celestia.

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>> No. 36795101
That list is bullshit.
>> No. 36795140
File 142972891206.png - (668.95KB , 1280x720 , Crankydoodle_S2E21.png )
I remember the Wedding rumours too.
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