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Even though S5 just got a confirmed air date, we're already receiving hints and teases at future content.

Use this thread for posting/discussing future episode details.
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>> No. 36791189
File 142558247498.png - (270.70KB , 1280x720 , large.png )
First up, we've got a video from Entertainment Weekly, which shows a couple future episodes in storyboard format.


However, this image only appeared for one or two frames. Judging by the filename, it's from the 100th episode. (509 = S5 E9)

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>> No. 36791190
I dont know anything, so i cant guess anything.

We only got extra scenes and more hype stuff.
and if you tell me there was no hype, then what do you call them saying "this will be the favorite season for our fans" and "here comes the future favorite song for the fans"?

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>> No. 36791191
File 142558302539.png - (235.05KB , 470x518 , Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 8_46_18 PM.png )
We already have a S5 premier thread. I'm not sure if we need a sticky discussing the rest of the season too. Confining half the discussion into two stickies doesn't seem advisable.
>> No. 36791192
File 142558355826.png - (643.70KB , 1020x596 , 507.png )
according to the animatic, the Smooze episode is 507.
>> No. 36791194
So now the smooze will be some comedic ooze with bad manners which will anoy everybody?

meh, ok, it can be fun.
>> No. 36791195
File 142558420219.png - (151.25KB , 288x329 , And then there's THIS pet!.png )
This thread is for general S5 future content.

The other thread is specifically for the premiere.

The point of this thread is to be stickied all throughout the season. We've done this with S3 and S4, having a general "season discussion thread" where new info about future episodes gets posted, as well as a weekly thread for each individual episode.

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>> No. 36791196

I'm pretty sure in past seasons we had a general "future spoilers" sticky as well as an "upcoming/current episode" sticky. Without both, information about future events and speculation will be rubbing shoulders with people wanting to discuss a current episode when it airs, and when that episode is done with, the entire "future information" in that thread will either need to be thrown out and will start over with the new episode speculation sticky, or we'll have a large thread that's title is still "Premiere Anticipation Thread"

Having both lets people consolidate general discuss of the most current upcoming episode and spoilers related to it, as well as a place for all the talk to go in when the episode does air. Having a separate thread for S5 in general will let posters who for example discover future synopsis's or animations, etc have a place to put it all and speculate accordingly. Again, this way people don't have to speculate or post potentially far-reaching spoilers in a thread that's only really going to be relevant until the next week (or so) when the next episode airs, and just want to talk about what will or has happened in the most recent episode(s).
>> No. 36791201
Any other hidden stuff in one-two frames?
>> No. 36791203
well the "Glitch cuts out the big reveal thing" was pretty dumb.
Though I'd guess, if there WERE something he was actually making that joke as an allusion to, it'd be the movie.

anyways, not looking forward to the smooze. Goddamnit I do not want to see any more g1 shit in this.no, no no. At least he's there with discord, but still.
>> No. 36791208
why it would be the movie?
>> No. 36791210
File 142558721176.png - (232.25KB , 520x552 , But then again___.png )
Why the movie, though? It's not coming until "2017", which is far after S5. If anything, the movie would be hinted at in the ending of S6.
>> No. 36791213
File 142558751586.png - (1.04MB , 800x1096 , mane_six_hummmmm.png )

Its a big thing; I honestly can't think of any bigger event in MLP since its first episode than a theatrical movie release.

You can hint about movies more than a year ahead of time, I don't think they'd want to wait THAT long to talk about it with fans.
>> No. 36791214
We already know about the movie.

Making such a reveal will be lame.

I Think is probably Discord Backstory or some character episode, or something.
>> No. 36791217

Yeah, Discord backstory, going to dragon/griffon kingdoms, etc. Big things people may have been eager to see for a while now in the show that are now going to be shown like that.
>> No. 36791223
File 142559044318.png - (66.54KB , 196x262 , Nanami_(9).png )
I'm pretty sure he's specifically talking about a few big events happening in season 5. The video is all about what to expect from season 5, not from MLP in general. No one would even know he's referring to stuff happening in the movie.

Of note, the first cut out sounds like, assuming these actually are hints and not just fake lines because he knew they were going to be cut out, "You're gonna learn more about Swe-", which sounds like either Sweetie Belle or Sweet Apple Acres. "You ever wonder about Di/Dee-", with this, it kind of sounded like he was pronouncing some sort of long e after the D, not the short i that Discord's name has. "Well guess what? We've been building and waiting a really long time, but we're finally going to have-" sounds like it's got to be a plot thread that's been at least been referenced and worked on over the show's run. I think the plot threads that could qualify are either we're finally going to have Rainbow Dash join the Wonderbolts, or we're finally going to have the Cutie Mark Crusaders earn their cutie marks. And if cutie marks are going to be a major focus of the season, then the latter would make plenty of sense to be something to be excited about and see happen.
>> No. 36791224
I think the CMC getting cutie marks make sense, specially because the season and the toy line is Cutiemark Theme
>> No. 36791225
File 142559221937.png - (214.01KB , 246x398 , Star_Swirl_the_Bearded_comic_issue_17.png )

at this point I'd much rather learn more about starswirl the bearded than Discord; He's far more important to the world than Discord given whats happened recently in the show/movies/books.
>> No. 36791226
but it wouldnt be better for them to leave starswirl open?

i mean, that is their source for excuses for alot of stuff, like twilight becoming a princess and justifying Equestria Girls, and Reflections.
>> No. 36791228
File 142559268734.png - (218.47KB , 1280x904 , Sonata_did_nothing_wrong.png )

You could something similiar for Celestia and Luna yet they made the journal of the two sisters and have been exploring their backstory: You usually can't leave something unexplained forever.
>> No. 36791230
that book which pretty much if filler and no one would know it exist unless they look really dip into it.

and that pretty much mean there is not going to be celestia background on show.
>> No. 36791234
File 142559334384.png - (3.96MB , 2218x1613 , cel_solarestia.png )

Or that book could be foreshadowing for more celestia/luna info in the future. Plus the book gives a good amount of info about Celestia and luna's relation to their celestial objects.
>> No. 36791236
I dont think there is any forshadowing of any kind.

they throw on books and comics what they are not throwing on the show.

It is like audiologs on videogames, it is mostly formed of lore and information which couldnt fit on the main game.

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>> No. 36791240
File 142559564860.png - (638.89KB , 813x782 , Aha!.png )
With the air date set to April 4th, that means it should be showing up in TV guide listings soon, and with that, we'll likely be getting the synopses for the next episodes as well.

IIRC that happened with S4; we had the synopses for the next 2 or 3 episodes after the premiere, before the premiere even aired.

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>> No. 36791244
File 142559646633.jpg - (58.98KB , 449x335 , angron_soo_happy.jpg )

I wonder if that will give any spoilers away, since there's a precedent for the episode directly following the Premier to continue on a path for the season (Like castlemania having twilight finding the journal while searching for info about the box)
>> No. 36791247
File 142559708163.png - (66.54KB , 196x262 , Nanami_(9).png )
The synopses may hide it though. Castle Mane-ia's synopsis when it was first revealed was:
>The ponies are convinced that Luna and Celestia's old castle is haunted by the Pony of Shadows.
Making it sound like an episode of Scooby Doo with just that mystery.
>> No. 36791248

It might give some spoilers away, but it might also be a little thing that while referenced throughout the season, isn't a big focus compared to the travels the cast will be taking.
I personally think the 3rd episode would be the one Big Jim said about having an entire episode dealing with the destruction of the library tree; it's one of those things that'd become real awkward to not talk about until later in the season. If that's the case, I'm not sure what they'd find in that episode that'd create a path for the season, since it seems like the opener with visiting distant areas has that all laid out already.
>> No. 36791251
File 142559802202.png - (592.57KB , 578x665 , sunil122.png )
S5E7 was written before S4E25 aired.
>> No. 36791263
File 142560225864.png - (231.90KB , 1280x720 , Shadowy_figure_S4E03.png )

Kind of wonder if they'll ever revisit that... there's so many loose ends lying around the pony universe, like the alicorn amulet.

>it'd be neat if the pony of shadows was behind luna's nightmare this season.
>> No. 36791264
It's possible, since it appears that they'll finally have... something... that they've been building up to for a while.
>> No. 36791265
File 142560275877.jpg - (104.97KB , 578x1024 , angron_kill_mee.jpg )

I still don't think that was anything than just a little bit of empty hype and maybe something like a movie announcement.

The "We're finally!" part just doesn't sync up well in my mind.
>> No. 36791266

Really? Not even cutie marks for the CMC or something like Dash being a Wonderbolt? There's plenty of "big things" they can do this season that they've been leading up to throughout the show.
>> No. 36791267
File 142560317656.png - (72.14KB , 191x261 , Nanami_(11).png )
>I still don't think that was anything than just a little bit of empty hype and maybe something like a movie announcement.
They've already announced the movie. Both movies actually, the pony one and the EqG one. And they're talking about what's in season 5, not just what's going to happen while season 5 is airing that's pony related.
>> No. 36791269
File 142560456210.jpg - (280.42KB , 744x900 , 133298396798.jpg )

The CMC I can see happening, but that's small potatoes. That's not a big deal honestly, the CMC are secondary, not mane six tier.

Dash becoming a wonderbolt? Nah, don't see it happening. that would require a ton of work on the staff's part to keep dash running in the show. I think they'll just keep doing tiny running in place stuff like how dash got into the reserves or the academy instead of her doing it for real.
>> No. 36791271
File 142560499700.png - (62.68KB , 180x259 , Nanami_(19).png )
>The CMC I can see happening, but that's small potatoes. That's not a big deal honestly, the CMC are secondary, not mane six tier.
It's been a running story arc since the first season. And yeah, they are the secondary cast after the mane six. That's still pretty important, hence why they're still around, and people actually are interested in seeing them get their cutie marks.

>I think they'll just keep doing tiny running in place stuff like how dash got into the reserves or the academy instead of her doing it for real.
Reserves means second string. She can't really advance anymore in position other than joining the main team.
>> No. 36791272

Point is there's plenty the season could do that fans have wanted to see that they could be keeping under their hat. Seeing the griffon kingdom? Zebra land, dragon areas? Discord backstory, Starswirl, etc. Unless you think there's literally nothing slightly meaningful the series has had going on until this point that they can expand on, there's definitely something they can show.

And I would say that the CMC getting their marks is a pretty big deal for the show, and I also think it's very well within the realm of possibility that Dash can become a Wonderbolt proper this season.
>> No. 36791273
File 142560715608.jpg - (76.81KB , 680x680 , RDsbbb.jpg )
Reserves is basically there way of saying "She's good enough but she's not going to be a wonderbolt yet!", I.E., just kind of running in place.

Same deal here, I don't think she'll do any more progress apart from unnofficial stuff like Rainbow falls showing her on par with the wonderbolts. I just don't see them officially ever having her join the team.
>> No. 36791278
File 142560876359.jpg - (59.00KB , 617x800 , 202262b79b4ca87a2271606a27046aa4.jpg )
of course, Fucking symbiotes was planned all along
>> No. 36791482
File 142579310029.jpg - (61.74KB , 640x640 , angron_life.jpg )

So. Library blues. Well, I guess that one is twilight revisiting the library. Probably a framing episode for the new season, with her finding some old Trinket from it that will be used for the lessons at the end of each episode like the journal from castlemania.

>fall me out
Revisiting running of the leaves maybe? Rematch between RD and AJ?

>seal deal

Hmm. maybe a fluttershy episode involving a seal? Like her taking care of one but realizing at the end she can't handle an aquatic animal and that the kindest thing she can do is let it go into the waters of the ocean?

Oh, or maybe the mane six have to travel to a capeside town with conflict between ponies and seals?

>brother can you spare a duck

Okay. I have no fucking clue. Wat.
>> No. 36791484
File 142579406920.png - (241.87KB , 435x720 , cilan 1 20 1.png )
Note that imdb can be edited by anyone, and the person who put some of those titles like Fall Me Out put them up when Cutie Mark Magic was being used in place of Cutie Markless, so they're not really a trustworthy source until some more reliable source actually confirms it.

We should probably be getting some idea of 503 in about a week or two.
>> No. 36791485

This episodes have been up for a while, and the original names for the first two episodes were different (don't remember what) and got changed after the title for it revealed, so these could be fakes. I'm expecting an episode about the library asap after the openers, but it's name might be different, and the rest could be way off the mark. Like Wikipedia, imdb can be edited by anyone, so take it all with a grain of salt.
>> No. 36791486
File 142579438455.jpg - (58.98KB , 449x335 , angron_soo_happy.jpg )

yes, this is true. its just normally if people want to parasprite they go with more outrageous synopsis to screw with people instead of bland names like these.

Though now that you guys have pointed it out, yeah, its probably fake I guess.
>> No. 36791603
File 142593908144.png - (378.52KB , 850x466 , sweetie sing.png )
One episode seems to involve Sweetie being judged by ponies associated with music, including Rarity (she seems like the leader of the Ponytones). Possible progress on her talent?
>> No. 36791619
File 142594816163.gif - (923.15KB , 275x250 , sweetie_sing.gif )

I'd be 100% for that; the CMC cutie mark plot has gone on long enough, its well time to move past that for them.
They even referenced how it was getting stale as a gimmick in flight to the finish with them rolling their eyes at the blank flank insult.
>> No. 36791622
File 142594877211.jpg - (45.50KB , 500x500 , donut.jpg )
Responding to a post from the premiere thread, since this seems more appropriate a place to do so.
>there's a good reason we you're generally disqualified if your family is part of the officials of most contests XD
I actually wonder if that may play into a part of the episode, like Rarity being stricter specifically on Sweetie due to having to be a judge and trying to be impartial, or if that may fall too close to Rainbow Dash's bit from FttF.
>> No. 36791623

I was thinking of that too, but it could also go like if Rarity gives Sweetie Belle a great score because she genuinely feels she deserves it, and other contenders think she's getting special treatment, leading to Sweetie being the one to try to proove herself without her sisters judgement.
Kind of like that one old episode of Arthur with Muffy winning a bake-off but being upset with her win because everyone believed the only reason she won was because her Dad was the judge, so the next year she goes out to prove herself with a different judge. Something like that anyway.
>> No. 36791632
File 142595553047.png - (164.14KB , 680x778 , sweetiedead.png )
yeah, that plot seems like an obvious one, but like you said, that's very much like what happened with Dash and scoots in FTF.
I don't think I'd mind it if it was though: Alot of FIM episodes have some things in common with older episodes. And Rarity and Sweetie have great chemistry after all.

I'm not sure what the final moral of the episode would be if that did happen though, since they have to shoehorn in a moral every episode XD
>> No. 36791783
File 142625559558.png - (1.04MB , 1194x898 , sunil62.png )

I'm pretty sure the synopsis for S5E03 should be popping up this weekend, if the whole "synopses released to TV guides 4 weeks in advance" thing is still in effect.
>> No. 36791786
Was this true of Season 4? I don't remember.
>> No. 36791787
File 142628347000.png - (86.48KB , 345x280 , Owari_(6).png )
They usually popped up about 3-4 weeks in advance.
>> No. 36791788
I mean before the actual premiere.

I dunno, I think they'll hold on to the synopsises (is that even a word?) until Cutie Markless premieres, then they'll probably reveal about 3-4 extra episodes, and assume a regular schedule.
>> No. 36791789
File 142628681147.png - (70.72KB , 216x280 , Owari_(5).png )
Yes, we still got information on the episodes after the premiere before the premiere aired.
>> No. 36791790
Ah, disregard the previous post then, I must take the walk of shame.
>> No. 36791791
I got lucky - checked tonight, and Zap2it is functional for S5! 503/504 are up.


>503: Castle Sweet Castle - April 11th
>The ponies try to make Princess Twilight's castle feel more like home after finding out she's been avoiding it.

>504: Bloom and Gloom - April 18th
>Apple Bloom has high anxiety over getting her Cutie Mark and it begins to turn her life into a nightmare.
>> No. 36791792
File 142630011770.gif - (716.30KB , 245x187 , eyeroll.gif )
>Apple Bloom
Starting out post-premiere on a strong leg I see..

Last edited at Fri, Mar 13th, 2015 19:32

>> No. 36791793
I dunno, I'm kinda interested.

Though something about the third episode seems familiar... Oh yeah, it's because the last post-premiere episode ALSO was about a castle.

Huh. Coincidences.

Last edited at Fri, Mar 13th, 2015 19:36

>> No. 36791794
The less I see of that eyesore of a castle the better.
And the sooner they close out Apple Bloom's "I don't have a cutie mark yet" storyline, the better.
>> No. 36791795

Sounds good. It was pretty obvious they would, but I'm still glad they'll be addressing the library destruction issue so early on. I can see the 4th episode being a setup for future CMC episodes where they get their marks, with Applebloom last.
>> No. 36791796

>begins to turn her life into a nightmare.

I sense a Luna appearance. It would be the last CMC she hasn't helped out too.
>> No. 36791797
Good call. She's the last little sister to be visited in dream format by Celestia's little sister.
>> No. 36791798
While I do agree that the castle sucks, I am interested in seeing Twilight deal with the grief of losing a home that was precious to her, and it is nice to see the library get mourned even if it wasn't a big element of the show.

And the issue that I have with the whole "WE HAVE TO GET OUR KITTY MARKS!!11!" thing is that it's boring, it's done, it's just an excuse to get the CMC in lowjinks and to get them to do dumb stuff, I want to see them graduate beyond that phase is because I'm bored by their antics. Actually having the lack of a cutie mark start severely affecting their psyche and showing the consequences of these effects is something new and interesting. I just hope that they don't go Lesson Zero with it, because I already watched Lesson Zero, I don't need to watch it again with one of the blandest characters in the show. Although hopefully this episode will finally add some spice to her.

Last edited at Fri, Mar 13th, 2015 20:06

>> No. 36791804
File 142630647726.jpg - (91.09KB , 640x800 , Delilah_the_Empusa_4.jpg )
So that will be the episode where twilight will be all sad because her library is dead, and at the end will learn to love his new castle?

and to add in that motion, lets throw more "twilight dosnt feel right about being a princess on her castle"

and being confuse about if she deserve a castle for being a princess or something like that.
>> No. 36791805
File 142630678125.png - (65.89KB , 191x280 , Owari.png )
I think CSC might be more along the lines of exploring how someone may feel if they lost their home and how they work through their feelings to move on, in a way that could be relatable to those who have lost their homes like in a fire or natural disaster.
>> No. 36791806
File 142630707460.jpg - (75.22KB , 786x1017 , willow_de_noche_by_javidluffy-d84hosf.jpg )
you want me to give that much creadit?

i think all will talk about how twilight isnt there.
twilight will say how it isnt the same.
you will have some gags about the mane 5 bringing stuff, like "look, i add some branches to make it more natural" and then something funny backfire.
Then at the end twilight explain exactly what happen with her, it will be a mix between "this is so fast, i had my home, and now im a princess and have this giant castle, it doesnt feel right", and just say something like "but where i have my friends will be my home" or something like thatl.
>> No. 36791807
File 142630727808.jpg - (49.35KB , 599x472 , concept_lillin_haugen.jpg )
oh wait, you want me to give them that much credits because this supposed to be an episode with "the feels"?
>> No. 36791808
File 142630776202.png - (78.68KB , 279x280 , Owari_(21).png )
I was just sharing my thoughts, and I thought that was a direction they could take the episode. Make something addressing a situation that some people may go through and especially kids might need to learn about, like losing a home, kind of how FttF can be made relatable particularly to those who suffer disabilities.

Just because I offer my thoughts in response to yours that may even clash with your ideas doesn't mean you have to do anything.
>> No. 36791809
you are the calm and wise.

i my trusth is lost.

why you think taking your opinion could be better?
>> No. 36791810
File 142630873086.png - (74.69KB , 255x280 , Owari_(26).png )
>why you think taking your opinion could be better?
I don't know exactly what "why you think taking your opinion could be better" means. Do you mean to ask something like why it would be better if you switched to my opinion?

If it is, I don't think it's better or worse than if you didn't.
>> No. 36791815
File 142631513538.jpg - (48.61KB , 400x399 , angron.jpg )

What I'm thinking is that the episode will start by focusing on all the souvenirs of the good times Twilight had had with her friends that were lost in the explosion: The mane six will then dedicate themselves for the rest of the season to filling new castle with NEW good memories/souveniers of their friendship. Basically saying to Twilight that, there's alot of things that were lost in that tree: that just means its up to us to fill it (the new castle) with good memories with our time together!

Kind of the feel of the final episode of transformers, where the Matrix of leadership was empty, and Optimus said that, if it was empty, it was up to them to fill it back up with wisdom then.


>CMC cutie marks


Goddamned, its good to see them finally, once and for all, cutting ties with that tumor plot.
So, Scoots is going to be a scooter/extreme sports pony I bet. Sweetie belle will almost certainly be a singer...
Whats everyone thinks AB's cutie mark will be? Carpentry seems likely, though I'd be very happy if she turned out to be an alchemist and was zecora's apprentice.

On that note, DAMN, they weren't freaking kidding when they talked about exploring cutie marks this season :/
We got a castle that fixates on their cutie marks, we got a Premier about cutie marks, and now we got the CMC getting their cutie marks.

that's great and all, but it seems like they may be overdoing it a bit.
>> No. 36791816
File 142633152360.png - (197.33KB , 333x397 , Sure is nice!.png )
Aaand IMDB confirmed for false and homosexual. As usual.
>> No. 36791817
Interesting how "Library Blues" and "Castle Sweet Castle" are similar. Coincidence, I know. Based on tweets from the staff about Golden Oaks, I know. But still a neat little coincidence.
>> No. 36791818
File 142633816144.png - (90.74KB , 239x280 , Mioda_(8).png )
I think it was just easy to figure from the info we got that if they're going to deal with how Twilight feels losing the library, it would be done early in the season. Since the premiere would be some more adventurous plot, the third episode would be more likely to have a slower episode to focus on character.

>On that note, DAMN, they weren't freaking kidding when they talked about exploring cutie marks this season :/
>We got a castle that fixates on their cutie marks, we got a Premier about cutie marks, and now we got the CMC getting their cutie marks.
>that's great and all, but it seems like they may be overdoing it a bit.
How? If it's going to be a major theme for a season, wouldn't it be expected that there would be something that connects the mane cast to cutie marks as a running theme, even if it's possible that some of the problems the tree sends them to fix won't be related to cutie marks themselves? And if they're going to do cutie marks, shouldn't the secondary characters that have been all about cutie marks since the first season get some development on them?
>> No. 36791820
Youtube embed play button
  Promos have appeared on DF. It's easy to see the parts that are from the premiere, but it looks like some bits Applejack pouring dirt and growing flowers in the castle, them eating pancakes and Twilight having a really messy mane and tail, may be from later episodes, likely CSC.

Last edited at Sat, Mar 14th, 2015 06:11

>> No. 36791822
Thanks for basically repeating what I just said, Marimo.
>> No. 36791823
File 142633973269.png - (87.99KB , 236x280 , Mioda_(16).png )
Sorry, I guess I just felt with the information given it was a bit more predictable that the fake title could have a similar idea to the real episode than what would qualify as a coincidence.
>> No. 36791832
I'm sick of cutie mark
>> No. 36791835
File 142634748475.jpg - (104.23KB , 1280x720 , zarya1280jpg-57a8b9_1280w.jpg )
are you sure?

because if that is the case, you will have a horrible ride because that will be the theme of most if not all the season. or at least the first half of it.
>> No. 36791837
I still consider a semi-correct educated guess as a coincidence.
>> No. 36791840
Oh hey, we're actually seeing some of that Vaunted Earth Pony Magic now.
>> No. 36791841
to some level maybe....
but on other... it look just like she walks and do nothing.

meh, ok, now earth ponies can grow plants at will... which make having "seasons" for harvesting stuff kind of pointless.
>> No. 36791855
Good analysis, not much else to say.
>> No. 36791856
File 142636630390.png - (232.25KB , 520x552 , But then again___.png )
I've been wondering...why exactly did we get TWO synopses this week, instead of one?

For S3 and S4, we would always get one new synopsis per week, with the whole "4 weeks in advance" thing.

I wonder if they're planning on airing E03 and E04 together?
>> No. 36791858
File 142636666833.png - (99.68KB , 313x280 , Mioda_(12).png )
Maybe they're just updating quickly, like how we got one title after the other back during the beginning of season 4? Or was that season 3?

And they're airing on the 11th and 18th respectively.

Last edited at Sat, Mar 14th, 2015 14:03

>> No. 36791924
File 142657076631.jpg - (214.23KB , 1600x1987 , AJmytree.jpg )
Kind of have to laugh at the "her love of apples" part about AJ.

That's something that fans have LONG made fun of is how "APPULS" is starting to be all there is to her personality since they haven't been giving her enough room alone without her family stealing her episodes.

Like the bit about her pride though, that's something that I think is a very strong part of her character, and hope they focus on her as a character a bit more this season-- She's REALLY stagnated lately.


in fact Tirek was only defeatable because eating the earth ponies essence weakened him like majin buu!

Kind of hoping we get one for each pony, like an RD and rarity one too.

It just seems like overkill is all.
Cutie marks are nice, but they shouldn't be focused on so much as a central theme. They're at their core just butt marks symbolizing your talent, The cutie mark cancer designs and constantly bringing them up just seems like too much.

its like how I cringe whenever they physically say "Friendship is magic" in the show instead of just letting it be an unsaid theme.
>> No. 36791926
File 142657196299.png - (76.11KB , 250x269 , tumblr_m17djbFTBe1r2en1ko2_250.png )
>Kind of hoping we get one for each pony, like an RD and rarity one too.
We got Fluttershy and Applejack last Saturday, and there's two more Saturdays to go through before April 4th. We're likely to get two new promos a week.

>Cutie marks are nice, but they shouldn't be focused on so much as a central theme. They're at their core just butt marks symbolizing your talent, The cutie mark cancer designs and constantly bringing them up just seems like too much.
A major theme of this season seems to be about how one can use their talent to make the world a better place. And since cutie marks are synonymous with talent, they're going to be brought up too.

Outside of the premiere, the cutie mark crusader episodes, and likely the finale, they probably aren't going to be the actual focus in other episodes, just acting more of a highlighted visual that connects to the overarching theme of talents, like how we got a bunch of rainbow imagery during season 4 when the Elements kept coming up.
>> No. 36791929
File 142657268033.png - (2.93MB , 853x4096 , 412312431234.png )
I just like it best when symbolism is done in a low key manner, and hope they dial it back a bit from how its being presented.
Like in Rainbow rocks they didn't constantly talk about rainbows or harp on it apart from shine like rainbows; but it still worked as a theme.

The Buzzing cutie marks on their butts that alert them to problems, a villain who's entire plan revolves around cutie marks, a focus on characters gaining or discovering cutie marks and Cutie marks covering the characters in a massive carpet manner...
that just seems to be taking it a little too far yeah?

Now, maybe it will be toned down alot from what I've seen and it'll be more organically done, and this is just the marketing stage, but I'm a little wary is all.
>> No. 36791932
File 142660133204.png - (610.13KB , 5974x4150 , dash_and_tank_rest___final_by_liracrown-d8jodbu.png )

MLP 505 – Tanks for the Memories

When Rainbow Dash realizes Tank must hibernate for winter, she decides the best solution is to keep winter from coming.

Air Date: April 25th 2015
>> No. 36791933
File 142660190007.png - (541.72KB , 670x786 , That's just wrong.png )
Well alrighty then.
>> No. 36791934
File 142660209147.jpg - (3.42MB , 5312x2988 , 1424105122855.jpg )
Possible connection to this background shown?
>> No. 36791944
File 142661525326.png - (246.43KB , 627x686 , flutter_squee.png )

Huh, that actually sounds interesting. Kind of expect Fluttershy to pair off with Dash in this episode since she probably has experience with realizing that you have to be willing to let go with the animals you take care of. (Like her role in the pirate arc of the comics. The BEST PART of the pirate arc I might add, damn she was adorable in that one)
>> No. 36791947
So far I'm pretty excited for Season 5.
>> No. 36791957
She couldn't use some bullshit like a magic blood warmer?
>> No. 36791962
File 142663014927.jpg - (15.33KB , 577x294 , Zora_Alexia_CV.jpg )
Don't give the ponies ideas: The way things have gone with episodes like BATS and LZ with magic she might try to steal some sort of potion like that and end up giving him flammable blood.
>> No. 36791981
that is not how it should be, so rainbow will learn to let her pet die... i mean rest.
>> No. 36792001
File 142665867325.png - (1.18MB , 4096x2661 , 43434.png )
No no, that's Twilight's lesson.
>> No. 36792013
Who drew that? I would like to know if it was intentional that Rarity's looks like it's guarding an ancient evil and Pinkie's looks like a slightly postmodern trash receptacle.
>> No. 36792014
File 142666402790.png - (297.88KB , 1600x1000 , full.png )
Oddwarg http://oddwarg.deviantart.com/

I find it funnier how AJ's looks like they just grabbed the first rock they could find compared to the others being designed and shaped.
>> No. 36792055
ok, twilight will learn that she have to let her pets die, i mean rest, i mean friends
>> No. 36792064
She won't outlive them, somehow
>> No. 36792066
all we need to do is kill the princess.
>> No. 36792072
File 142671284568.jpg - (134.71KB , 700x700 , AJ_its_simple_we_kill_the_twilight.jpg )

Probable answers:
A. Twilight's not a "true" alicorn and will age normally.
B. The others become alicorns as well.
C. The series will never get to that point since no ones ever going to age and they won't tackle alicorn immortality, so it doesn't matter to the show staff and they can say whatever they want without an explanation.

C. is pretty overwhelmingly the likeliest.
>> No. 36792124
File 142673224429.jpg - (15.38KB , 209x241 , image.jpg )
Guess I should be meanderin back now that the actual show is coming back.

There is gonna be tons of shattered headcanon this season GURANTEED unlike it just being likely as previous seasons.
>> No. 36792130
File 142674045414.jpg - (48.61KB , 400x399 , angron.jpg )
ha, was wondering where you got to :)

yeah, should be alot of new stuff coming up soon!
>> No. 36792138
So, anybody else noticed that the 3 episodes revealed so far are a lot more about the character's introspective feelings?

Episode 3 deals with Twilight's sense of loss
Episode 4 deals with Applebloom's stress over lack of a cutie mark.
Episode 5 deals with Rainbow Dash not being able to let Tank go, even if just for a while.

Gotta say, I'm interested.
>> No. 36792339
A bit of information trickling in from McCarthy herself.
Seems like it mostly pertains to the 100th BG pony episode. Sounds like they intended to pander a little. But not too much. (Meaning there will be entirely too much pandering.)

Some fandom personalities were "just too much fun" to ignore, while other BG pones will have totally new and original personalities.
Oh and Dr Whooves will totally be Dr Who reference after Dr Who reference.

Personally, I'm glad it's only one episode. But it would be grating if the "fandom" personality ponies started getting more screen time outside of the 100th ep.
>> No. 36792340
>Meaning there will be entirely too much pandering.
AKA They decide to do something special for the 100th fucking episode, and people are going to cry that SHOW'S OVER due to Panda Rings.
>> No. 36792341
File 142712020635.png - (197.33KB , 333x397 , Sure is nice!.png )
>some of the personalities will be entirely new so as to avoid looking as if they were 'pandering.'

If they're trying to avoid looking like they're pandering, they're doing it horribly wrong.
>> No. 36792342
File 142712080031.png - (100.67KB , 176x317 , cilan 2 10 2.png )
>EQD got the information slightly wrong, however, as the real information here is that the ENTIRE Pie family will be given a Christmas special, not just Maud. I'm fairly certain that G. M. Berrow was the one to write that episode, but I couldn't verify it with her so I left that part out.
It had already been confirmed before that Nick Confalone will be the writer of the Pie family episode. Berrow's episode is a different Pinkie episode.
>> No. 36792343
File 142712125055.jpg - (63.64KB , 600x449 , doing it wrong.jpg )
>pic related
>> No. 36792344
It's one episode out of a FULL season of 26 episodes. They're no doubt going to sprinkle some pan fanderings over the course of the season, but the 100th episode is going to be the pan fanderingiest of pan fanderings.
>> No. 36792345
There are reasons creators usually try to avoid these kinds of things.

I can't imagine this not ending in some level of tears.
>> No. 36792346
>I can't imagine this not ending in some level of tears.
That's because people like you throw a fucking bitchfest over every single little godamn fandom reference. There were people bitching that Fluttershy hiding in a fake tree somehow detracted from the episode. You're on the same level of the Twilicorn whiners that got PTSD over a change in a cartoon that ultimately amounted to nothing.
>> No. 36792347
Y'know, I have noticed something about you lately.
Since you stopped caring about Celestia, the amount of insignificant things you blow up on or go off over has increased in significant frequency.
I mean, you've done it before, but now it seems like there's a stick up your ass in addition to the sand in your wahaHA!.
>> No. 36792348
Nah, my rage levels just increase naturally as I age. Possibly because my threshold for bullshit is dwindling.
>> No. 36792351
File 142712928142.png - (419.81KB , 775x702 , sunil86.png )
I hate a majority of fandom jokes/memes as it is; seeing them in the actual show is only more obnoxious.

If I wanted to see popular background ponies everywhere and tons of fandom references, I'd watch Double Rainboom.

Last edited at Mon, Mar 23rd, 2015 09:49

>> No. 36792352
>> No. 36792354
I am just stating the fact that not everyone is going to like this sort of thing either because they didn't like the personalities they were given, they don't care about the characters presented so they feel it's a waste of time etc.

There are reasons why most creators do not do something like this. There are too many ways for it to go wrong.
>> No. 36792356
File 142713219312.png - (851.28KB , 762x809 , sunil100.png )
If other people not liking something causes you to not like that thing, that might be a personal problem.

And it's possible to simply not like something. Not liking something =/= thinking it's the worst thing ever.

Last edited at Mon, Mar 23rd, 2015 10:37

>> No. 36792358
It IS a problem for everybody when their bitching brings in the Soccer Moms to censor everything and burn the remains.
>> No. 36792359
File 142713254343.png - (1.06MB , 1089x880 , sunil64.png )
Except the "bitching" there was not about the fact that it was fanservice, it was just a bunch of SJW babies crying "ableism" over a character being clumsy.

...while completely ignoring another character which actually acted "retarded" on multiple occasions.
>> No. 36792383
>> No. 36792384
File 142714330764.jpg - (8.51KB , 320x180 , snails.jpg )
>> No. 36792385
File 142714545712.png - (272.30KB , 475x524 , sunil103.png )
Snails. He exhibited all of the same "ableist" qualities as Dərpy, IMO to a much higher degree, yet nobody seemed to care.
>> No. 36792387
File 142714942018.png - (66.60KB , 782x595 , 3434.png )

That's because only guys are allowed to be mentally handicapped! its their natural state!

don't you know anything about biology?
>> No. 36792409
File 142720694319.jpg - (731.82KB , 1280x960 , large.jpg )

MLP 506 – Appleoosa’s Most Wanted

Infamous outlaw Troubleshoes Clyde returns to terrorize the Appleoosa rodeo and the Cutie Mark Crusaders set out to bring him to justice and finally get their cutie marks.

Air Date: May 2nd 2015
>> No. 36792410
oh boy, nothing could possible go wrong on that scenario.
>> No. 36792411
*Sigh* Well, I think we found the first lame episode of the season...
>> No. 36792412
What are the CMC doing in Appleoosa? Who is Troubleshoes Clyde and why is he "returning"?
Guess this confirms that Cutie Mark Crisis or whatever for Apple Bloom isn't her cutie mark get and just her Luna helps children by entering their dreams unannounced.

Also, what is up with the torrent of synopses? Are they going to marathon S5 or something?

Last edited at Tue, Mar 24th, 2015 07:38

>> No. 36792413
They generally unveil about 9 episodes before the premiere, don't be shocked.

Honestly, this episode sounds really lame. You already know that they won't get their cutie marks and they'll learn not to rush it after a wacky home-alone esque adventure, a lesson that they'll forget the next episode they do something stupid to earn their cutie marks that they learn nothing form again.

Also, last ponyless week, motherfuckers.
>> No. 36792414
File 142720838768.png - (352.83KB , 790x654 , 64 6.png )
>Also, what is up with the torrent of synopses? Are they going to marathon S5 or something?
For right now it seems that as one week passes we get one more synopsis, so that we'll keep on knowing what's coming six Saturdays in advance.

And it's only a marathon if you mean at least one new episode each week, no breaks between weeks.
>> No. 36792415
That seems like an awful lot.
>> No. 36792416
File 142720898528.jpg - (98.33KB , 397x524 , Celestia_hanging_judge.jpg )
"Bring him to justice" implies that we may get our first glimpse of Equestria's judicial system. Is there a jury? A single judge, or several? Is there a holding cell for prisoners awaiting trial? A prison somewhere, with guards and barbed wire? Are the proceedings adversarial, with opposing lawyers for each side? How does magic figure in? How does the appeal process work? Is Celestia the court of last resort?

So many questions...
>> No. 36792417
File 142720910873.png - (169.21KB , 264x310 , 6201.png )
Pretty sure "bring him to justice" is referring to them just catching the guy. Whatever happens after regarding the court isn't something they need to cover.
>> No. 36792419
Just throwing this out there, but I expect at least one case of mistaken identity and one case of guilty until proven innocent.
>> No. 36792420
File 142720951379.jpg - (52.60KB , 640x406 , Pinkie_objection2.jpg )
You're probably right. But they'll be dodging a big opportunity to examine the idea of justice. A missed chance for a world-building civics lecture!
>> No. 36792422
If we do see a courtroom the proceedings are likely going to be simplified, intentionally farcical, or both. That's the way these things usually go anyway.
>> No. 36792423
Marathon of all S5 on one day. so we get a 2 years hiatus next time.
>> No. 36792424
why examine the idea of justice.

kids dont care about the justice system.

and they can bearly handle what they already have with "being a princess is a big deal or is rat ass"

so if they throw some justice rules, they probablyw ill be breaking them all around later.
>> No. 36792425
File 142721294111.png - (535.24KB , 803x697 , How about a song.png )
And here we go again judging an episode by a vague, 1-sentence synopsis. As well as coming up with all sorts of wild theories based on specific words in said synopsis.

Yep, it's pony season again!

We already had an episode about newspapers/press and publishing lies.

Like Faust herself said, "kids are smarter than we give them credit for".

Last edited at Tue, Mar 24th, 2015 09:06

>> No. 36792426
And here we go, looking down on people on a board that currently has 0 going for it considering new official show content won't be hitting us for another week.

Let people speculate. Or follow the Zero Punctuation matrix.
If people think it will stink and it stinks, they get to be smug and self-satisfied.
If people think it will stink and it doesn't stink, they get to be pleasantly surprised.
>> No. 36792427
File 142721334307.png - (622.01KB , 658x814 , What's his problem.png )
I only say it because it happens every single season, without fail. Getting a 1-sentence synopsis and seeing people jumping to all sorts of conclusions based on that 1-sentence synopsis.

Not really "looking down on" anyone. Just making an observation.
>> No. 36792428
That kind of "oh boy, more of this thing" eye rolling sounds exactly like looking down on someone for doing something perceived as foolish to me.

Anyway. Point stands. There's nothing new to talk about yet other than 1 sentence synopses.
>> No. 36792429
Sorry, but it does sound like boring shit. The CMC are ungodly boring as a group, and this sounds like well thread ground to me.

A boring premise featuring the most boring characters in the show, excuse me if I withhold my enthusiasm.
>> No. 36792432
File 142721424041.jpg - (1.13MB , 1000x699 , stock-market-quotes1.jpg )
im wasnt saying it mostly on "kids are stupid are not going to get it"

but more like "what if we make a MLP episode about the stock market"

kids dont care about the stock market.
>> No. 36792433
File 142721449008.png - (171.85KB , 393x411 , You know.png )
A lot of episodes sound boring if all you have is a vague, 1-sentence synopsis. There can be a lot within the episode that the synopsis doesn't reveal.


"Scootaloo begins to have nightmares after hearing the frightful campfire stories." makes no mention of the massive part of Luna's character that the episode introduces.

"Rainbow Dash must take a test to become a member of the Wonderbolts Reserves." doesn't even mention that Twilight will be involved, or that the episode will reveal so much about the Wonderbolts and also have a lot of great slice-of-life interaction.

I dunno, I can't really judge an episode based on such a small amount of information. I have no idea if this episode is going to be good or bad or boring or exciting, because all I've got is a vague outline of the conflict.

Court doesn't always have to be boring and "grown-up". See: Phoenix Wright games.
>> No. 36792436
Phoenix Wright is kind of grown up considering it involves murders. The latest game even got a M rating.
>> No. 36792437
File 142722428756.png - (1.16MB , 1280x720 , aj_fire_swamp.png )

This is true when it focuses on cutie marks. That being said, they CAN be entertaining when they focus on other things as a group, like flight to the finish.

you enjoyed that episode didn't you?


Shoot, well so much for the last episode being the one where AB finally gets her cutie mark :(


The world runs on Vigilante justice, the only crime outside of masked superheroes and lynch mobs is "Attacking the princess".


I kind of figure this will just end up having a retread of somepony to watch over me for the ending.

Applebloom will try to do something to prove she's an adult, get in over her head, and AJ will swoop in out of nowhere and beat the crap out of whatever's threatening her (in this case, the villain)
>> No. 36792443
Youtube embed play button
Yeah, but it's not "boring court cases" per se.

And even then, this is a cartoon we're talking about. Court isn't always going to be super-serious.

>video related
>starting at 11:06
>wish I could find the English dub but a non-fucked version of it seems to not exist on YouTube
>> No. 36792444
Godamn, it feels like watching the episode through a fucking diving helmet.
>> No. 36792445
File 142722623453.png - (322.54KB , 596x666 , 64 5.png )
Though in the case that it's not like StWOM, I think it would be an interesting aspect to have a CMC episode where the antagonist that the CMC have to overcome is an actual adult, and even a criminal. Not counting the monsters that only showed up at the end of their episodes that had one of the mane six save them, the only antagonists they've ever had to deal with were the same grade school bullies, plus Babs one time who was also acting as a grade school bully.

>Shoot, well so much for the last episode being the one where AB finally gets her cutie mark :(
I doubt they'd start giving them their cutie marks at the very beginning of the season. I imagine B&G might be more of a precursor to the CMC getting their cutie marks this season.
>> No. 36792448
Thing is, they're most likely going to play it for laughs, like a modern, equine version of Home Alone, where the criminal is this bumbling bad guy constantly falling into their traps.

I mean, if I were directing, I'd go Far Cry 3 on their asses, but I'm not allowed near children programming. Or children.
>> No. 36792449
>getting their cutie marks at the same time
>> No. 36792450
File 142722686458.jpg - (275.19KB , 1920x1080 , 132917188315.jpg )
You don't know that they won't have the villain be serious.

its possible they might have the villain be a legitimate threat on on the same level as something like the timberwolves, but the CMC manage to work together to beat him by, I don't know, dropping him in a hole or something.


I kind of figured they do something like the Key episodes with each of the CMC getting their cutie marks throughout the season and then a final episode where they decide on what to do as the CMC now that the CMC have cutie marks.
>still crossing fingers for AB to be a potion apothecary
>> No. 36792454
File 142722740663.png - (492.28KB , 786x728 , 64 1.png )
>Thing is, they're most likely going to play it for laughs, like a modern, equine version of Home Alone, where the criminal is this bumbling bad guy constantly falling into their traps.
Why would that be the case? Troubleshoes Clyde is an outlaw who returns to terrorize Appleoosa, he's not some burglar who comes to Ponyville to steal from Sweet Apple Acres while the CMC are alone. And this is a pony who has apparently went up against a rodeo full of ponies before and has come out on top. If he's coming to terrorize them again, then I think if he did fall into a trap the first time wouldn't there be a whole crowd of ponies there to incapacitate him, unlike in Home Alone where the kid uses the traps but they work more as a way of pushing back the criminals since there's no authority figure to arrest them until the climax.

I mean I could still imagine them setting a trap for Clyde, but it'd be more of the Scooby-Doo variety where it's only used and works on him as the climax to defeat him.

They could still do that, though I'm iffy on the idea of an after getting their cutie marks episode until at least season six. It'd just mean at least 5 CMC episodes this season, just like season 2.

Last edited at Tue, Mar 24th, 2015 13:09

>> No. 36792456
Ok, when was the last time this show had an actually threatening antagonist?

...Oh god we're going to have a repeat of the Cattle Rustlers, aren't we?
>> No. 36792457
File 142722783377.png - (136.34KB , 237x385 , This doesn't look good.png )
Yeah, I couldn't quite tell from my remote desktop app, so I changed it to a non-fucked version.

For some reason, Funimation seems to snipe down videos of the English dub, but not give a fuck about videos of the original.
>> No. 36792462
File 142722814906.png - (94.47KB , 242x306 , 6202.png )
>Ok, when was the last time this show had an actually threatening antagonist?

>...Oh god we're going to have a repeat of the Cattle Rustlers, aren't we?
Aside from it being a western story with a villain, I'm pretty sure it'll manage to be different. I doubt we're going to have the CMC defeat the villain through legal loopholes. I don't think Twilight will even be there (I'm not even sure if Applejack will come along with them or if it will just be the CMC with Braeburn), so we also aren't likely to deal with the whole "can't use my magic on 'em" thing either.
>> No. 36792463
File 142722819374.png - (612.96KB , 1280x720 , Tirek_rises_up_S4E26.png )
>Ok, when was the last time this show had an actually threatening antagonist?
Whoops, I messed up on that.
>> No. 36792465
G1, automatically doesn't count
>> No. 36792466
File 142722886769.png - (118.04KB , 300x233 , Pepper seriously hopes you don't do this.png )
So anything pertaining to Spike or Applejack also doesn't count, since they're also based on G1?
>> No. 36792468
File 142722931672.png - (587.31KB , 1280x720 , Ahuizotl_'stop_her!'_S4E04.png )
Bullshit it doesn't. However they were portrayed in a different continuity from 20 years ago, it doesn't mean anything. What matters is how the show itself portrays a character, either original or re-imagining of one, today. If they can make an antagonist threatening, they can do it again.

Besides, in season 4 there's also been Ahuizotl and Mane-iac, who might not be as serious and may show some comedic elements to them, but they still aren't bumblers like a Home Alone type of villain. They both manage to get the upper hand in the stories and are only thwarted at the end.
>> No. 36792472
I meant antagonist, not villain.

And even then, Tirek was really the only antagonist that was kinda threatening, except maybe Sombra, whom everybody fucking hates.

>Aside from it being a western story with a villain, I'm pretty sure it'll manage to be different
I'm afraid of having ANOTHER villain with Riddler Syndrome, is all.
>> No. 36792473
File 142723179244.gif - (201.07KB , 220x205 , tumblr_mvwndwpDrA1qcw656o2_500.gif )
Like I kind of mentioned in >>36792468, it's not like the villain needs to be some scary threatening villain. The villain can just be competent at what they're doing, and that doesn't reduce them to Home Alone-type shenanigans.
>> No. 36792481
File 142723613206.png - (568.16KB , 1280x720 , Dr__Caballeron_with_the_ring_S4E04.png )

Maneiac is true, I will give you that. Ass hands McGee fell on his face though.

I found dr. Caballere to be far more threatening and effective; He had daring do beat up, escaped with his loot, and effectively *Won* getting what he wanted (Money) and never being brought to justice.
Honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing another daring do story where he plays Ass hands McGee for all he's worth and betrays him blatantly.

that being said, My post her affirms that there are legitimately threatening antagonists in the show (By that I mean "antagonist" in differentiation from two parter "villains"), in that he was legitimately menacing.

Also, goddamnit, I keep wanting to call caballeron Dr. Cabrone.
>> No. 36792482


Seriously, I fucking hate Azurebutthand, I was loving Daring Don't until he showed up.
>> No. 36792484
Youtube embed play button
>clinks glass

True that. The problem is they had built up ass hands McGee in prior episodes as being daring do's Archenemy, so they kind of HAVE to use him :(
>> No. 36792512
owie-whatever-your-name-is, is an actual mythological beast that eats fingernails.
>> No. 36792513
File 142732355896.jpg - (156.96KB , 900x945 , Ahuizotl_by_Oolh.jpg )

Yeah, its basically a giant river badger; It eats the eyes and teeth too for some weird reason.

Ass hands McGee really doesn't have much in common with his mythological source though aside from the hand tail. He doesn't live in a river, drown people, or cry like a small child to lure people in.

On that note, I think his name being something that's hard to remember hurts his usefulness as a villain too.

Last edited at Wed, Mar 25th, 2015 15:53

>> No. 36792732
File 142783631661.jpg - (49.83KB , 337x500 , 44842__safe_pinkie+pie_balloon.jpg )
>> No. 36792737
why we need this kind of news?

we already know the franchise will last like 8 years more or something.
and there is going to be a third equestria girls and a movie at some point at 2017, is easy to guess that there was going to be a Season 6 to air during this periods. even maybe a season 7 during 2017
>> No. 36792750
MLP is the new Glee
>> No. 36792752
File 142784556888.png - (65.44KB , 183x279 , Sonia_(2).png )
Looks like Mike Vogel will be a writer for season 6.

>> No. 36792753
...That's a random-ass person to write for MLP...
>> No. 36792754
Is he that Hasbro suit?
>> No. 36792757
File 142785013498.png - (943.90KB , 994x985 , sunil79.png )
Mike Vogel?

Isn't he one of the high-up executives at Hasbro or something?

Since when is he a writer?
>> No. 36792760
From what I've seem at his iMDB page, he's a pretty-face actor that was in Cloverfield and a bunch of other stuff.

I don't know if that's the Mike Vogel they're talking about, but if it is... odd...
>> No. 36792761
Is that the guy in the photo?
>> No. 36792762
File 142785224109.png - (99.68KB , 313x280 , Mioda_(12).png )
No. Pretty sure this is him.
>> No. 36792763
File 142785254298.png - (181.03KB , 320x448 , sunil98.png )
So yeah, just about all of his work has been "development", so...why is he apparently writing for the show now?

Unless he's doing some kind of collaborative work with an actual writer, and being called a writer too, for whatever reason.

According to a Dərpibooru description though:

>Keep in mind that Mike Vogel recently stepped down from his position of VP of programming at Hasbro, and this (as well as being on the 2017 film) looks like he’s working on the creative side.


Still rather wary of someone who doesn't appear to have done any actual writing work, suddenly being a writer for the show.

Last edited at Tue, Mar 31st, 2015 18:43

>> No. 36792764
Y'now, over here we have middle names to prevent this exact sort of situation.

And let's not get into how many times I confused him for the bad guy in Saints Row 2.

Last edited at Tue, Mar 31st, 2015 18:49

>> No. 36792780
File 142785764035.png - (89.27KB , 254x280 , Mioda_(3).png )
>So yeah, just about all of his work has been "development", so...why is he apparently writing for the show now?
According to him, he wanted to be more involved with the creative side.
>> No. 36792782
File 142785791945.png - (232.25KB , 520x552 , But then again___.png )
Not sure why that has to involve him being a writer, though. Faust was heavily involved with the "creative side" despite not actively writing for the show.

Eh, he'll probably be paired up with an actual writer.
>> No. 36792783
Youtube embed play button
  Season 5 is clearly taking inspiration from Story of the Blanks.

Last edited at Tue, Mar 31st, 2015 20:14

>> No. 36792784
Twist: Kathie Cook is also hired for the writing team of the show, is teamed up for a triple treat with Dane Vogel and Merriwether Willians.

Resulting riots destroy America.
>> No. 36792786
I bet his writing credits will feel very executivey
>> No. 36793157
File 142817670230.gif - (946.92KB , 640x360 , Go get em', tiger.gif )
Bump to prevent this thread from dropping to 2nd page
>> No. 36793158
File 142817677997.jpg - (48.61KB , 400x399 , angron.jpg )

Shouldn't this one be stickied? :/

Going to post on meta about that
>> No. 36793160
File 142817710610.png - (622.01KB , 658x814 , What's his problem.png )
I already asked, but Yang said no because.....we already have a S5 premiere thread. Even though this thread is for general S5 content, not just the premiere.
>> No. 36793279
File 142819651922.jpg - (11.43KB , 188x192 , 420.jpg )
Castle Sweet Castle's writers are Joanna Lewis & Kristine Songco.
>> No. 36793287
File 142819716757.png - (184.19KB , 730x1095 , twincoon.png )

Wait, they're giving writing duty for this episode to someone who's never written an FIM episode before?

That seems ill planned given this episode demands gravity. :/
>> No. 36793306
Okay, NOW we can sticky this.
>> No. 36793309
File 142819977680.png - (94.47KB , 242x306 , 6202.png )
You realize that everyone is a new writer at some point or another, right? I mean it's not like they even plot out the episode truly alone, they have the story editor and another writer laying down the plot points with them, and the scripts are checked over by the editor.
>> No. 36793311
File 142819984287.gif - (889.99KB , 250x208 , tumblr_mhijvh1eNj1rwej9io9_250.gif )
>> No. 36793313
File 142819994303.jpg - (58.98KB , 449x335 , angron_soo_happy.jpg )

I understand being a new writer, but I think that a new writer should start with a premise like filli vanilli or inspiration manifestation. A stand alone episode that doesn't deal with an important event in the series.

I think that the destruction of Twilight's tree is just an event that holds alot of importance and they should test a writer first with a more care free slice of life episode instead.
>> No. 36793317
File 142820041185.png - (137.03KB , 308x390 , 6203.png )
Larson was given the episode that detailed the mane six's backgrounds, and since there can be overlap where a writer is working on two episodes at the same time, it's possible that he wound up getting it when the only episode he had finished was SotC, assuming all of the episodes aren't assigned at the beginning of the writing phase after the episode premises are determined.

Last edited at Sat, Apr 4th, 2015 19:20

>> No. 36793320
File 142820083005.jpg - (95.33KB , 680x438 , angron_dont_act_happy_at_me.jpg )

True, but during season one when CMC was written they didn't really have a Stable of old hand writers, everyone was brand new by default.

I'm just saying at this point, since they DO have a stable of old writers (compared to S1 where every writer was starting new on FIM) I'd think they'd be more selective.
>> No. 36793323
File 142820111603.png - (492.28KB , 786x728 , 64 1.png )
I don't think they're as worried about the writers' abilities on writing for specific episodes quite as much as you are. I believe the writers tend to be selected based on either them pitching the premise or them getting to choose from a selection of available episode premises to cover.
>> No. 36793334
File 142820217370.png - (194.31KB , 657x858 , i am sad.png )
Well...Castle Mane-ia and Flight to the Finish were still sorta important episodes, but most people think Josh Haber and Ed Valentine did pretty good.
>> No. 36793351
File 142820447900.jpg - (39.15KB , 640x360 , angron_are_you_serious.jpg )
alright, look, I know i'm taking it a little more seriously than the crew. I just prefer old hands to 100% new people for these things on a PERSONAL level, eh? ;p

On that note, wonder how they're going to frame S5 in this upcoming episode. I kind of expect the castle might tell them something during them fixing it up or at the end.
>> No. 36793380
File 142822037450.png - (53.41KB , 236x123 , Capture.png )
Hey uh, I don't think I saw anyone else specifically mention it, nor 100% confirm it before the premiere, so here it is.
>> No. 36793381

Larson and Scott Sonneborn wrote the teleplay for this episode too.
>> No. 36793403
File 142826051089.png - (368.79KB , 624x623 , shahrukh6.png )
A bit of info about S5/S6/2017 Movie, from a Babscon panel:

-Reconfirmed Season 6

-For the MLP Movie, there is a possibility the music team will have a chance to work with a live orchestra

-15 Songs coming up in season 5

>> No. 36793428
File 142826665870.gif - (2.40MB , 500x500 , 12434.gif )
15 songs?

Holy crap that's alot.
I wonder if they might be counting things like the Sunset music video we got recently?

Just hoping for some good RD music. I don't understand why she's been so snubbed for songs :*(
>> No. 36793433
File 142826779166.png - (73.73KB , 253x266 , 5(109).png )
>15 songs?
>Holy crap that's alot.
That's about on par for past full seasons.

>I don't understand why she's been so snubbed for songs
Probably because there wasn't an opportunity they felt they needed one for her?

Last edited at Sun, Apr 5th, 2015 14:03

>> No. 36793436
Youtube embed play button

Hey, they've given Rarity songs in situations where it wasn't really needed before :p
>> No. 36793437
File 142826805455.png - (79.90KB , 252x267 , 5(113).png )
You know they may have more of those coming out?

Including one that could feature Rainbow Dash?

Last edited at Sun, Apr 5th, 2015 14:07

>> No. 36793439
File 142826830447.jpg - (42.62KB , 782x853 , AJ_sadjack.jpg )

Don't try to excite me with false hopes.
>> No. 36793440
File 142826835152.png - (87.25KB , 300x225 , dool.png )
Welcome to my world, motherfucker.
>> No. 36793441
File 142827039718.jpg - (46.37KB , 1280x720 , maxresdefault.jpg )
>> No. 36793660
File 142842492083.jpg - (153.84KB , 2048x1365 , nickryan.jpg )
There was any mention of buffalos comming back?

i dont remember, but i have the feeling the did.
>> No. 36793661
File 142842667466.gif - (65.36KB , 657x613 , flutseyes_av.gif )

>The 100th Episode of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic airs on June 13, and Octavia has a huge Electric Cello Dubstep situation in the episode! Cello Guo had an awesome time working with William Anderson on the score, it will be airing on the Discovery Family Channel.

>> No. 36793663
File 142842701257.png - (87.33KB , 691x764 , pointy pony.png )
Well, it's a 100th episode, I guess that's fair. In fact cramming the pandering into special number episodes is probably more appropriate than putting it into Equestria Girls movies.
>> No. 36793664
because normal cello are lame.
and what better fits your fantasy worl of horses than dubstep....
i guess horses fart alot, and dubstep fit that

Last edited at Tue, Apr 7th, 2015 10:25

>> No. 36793665
Youtube embed play button
  Electric cellos are nice; I don't see a problem with it. The only issue I could see is characterization wise, in that I figured octavia would be very hard core about being traditional.


Was there ever any doubt?
>> No. 36793666
File 142843005597.png - (129.78KB , 295x389 , sunil69.png )
>dubstep in the show


Starting to really dread this episode. Sounds like it's going to be 22 minutes of pure fanservice and fandom nods.

Last edited at Tue, Apr 7th, 2015 11:09

>> No. 36793669
Extended synopsis:
Once again we check back with our friends in Canterlot High as Rainbow Dash and Octavia have to pull off the most bodacious frat party with the most awesome dubstep in history!

i think dubstep is fine
>> No. 36793670
File 142843063985.png - (1.15MB , 1432x791 , sunil114.png )
Dubstep is really old and overdone now. Back in 2010 or so, it was fine. But 5 years later? It's stale and repetitive.

It's like...once you've heard 1 dubstep song, you've heard them all.

So hearing about how we're going to have an episode with "ebin octavia vinyl scratch dubstep XD" is quite disappointing.
>> No. 36793671
File 142843085744.png - (898.29KB , 1179x637 , sunil115.png )
Also...wait what, June 13th?

Is there going to be a break somewhere in between then and now? Because if we have an episode every week, then E09 should be May 23rd, not June 13th, which is...3 weeks later.
>> No. 36793672
Eh, It has a time and place, all music becomes shit if it's all you hear.

Trust me.

I know.
>> No. 36793673
File 142843111898.png - (35.86KB , 240x200 , 1 out of 10 stop posting pls.png )
10 reais says it's not even actual dubstep.
>> No. 36793674
Considering still no 507 synopsis yet, I'm almost certain we're going to a 2 week schedule after 506.
>> No. 36793675
Youtube embed play button
>rainbow dash

LOLWUT? Nothing against Dash being a Frat party, but her personality isn't really a techno fit, she's rock and nothing but rock.



No, I wouldn't be surprised if the staff ended up doing EQG 3 in the middle of the season whiles till saying "THIS HAS NO EFFECT ON FIM'S SCHEDULING".


I don't know, The dubstep from RR wasn't too bad.
And Sandstorm is nice.
>> No. 36793676
You don't understand Unlikeable, Rainbow Dash is cool, and thus, she has to listen to the cool things that cool kids listen to. NEW SKRILLEX ALBUM OUT PREORDER NOW.
>> No. 36793677
File 142843154600.gif - (2.62MB , 500x281 , IF THE WORLD ISN'T GOING TO LOVE ME I'LL TEACH IT TO FEAR ME INSTEAD.gif )
>The dubstep from RR wasn't too bad.
Well again, not real dubstep...
>And Sandstorm is nice.
Oh okay. I see how this is.
>> No. 36793678
File 142843178615.png - (181.03KB , 320x448 , sunil98.png )
Why would they switch to a 2-week schedule?

As it is right now, if we have 1 episode per week, the season will end sometime in September or October. And EQG3 is coming out in October, what a coincidence.

Uh, no, pretty sure it was announced by Hasbro that EQG3 was scheduled for October 2015.
>> No. 36793679
Because God hates us, and this is how he spites our existence.
>> No. 36793680
File 142843229213.jpg - (234.58KB , 1082x739 , Faust_mlp.jpg )

He's not doing a very good job then; that's like pathetic levels of spiting. He might as well be unscrewing my salt shaker.

Throw some plagues at me, like Giga-Ebola or something.
>> No. 36793681
File 142843246174.png - (449.29KB , 723x612 , sunil24.png )
Oh, also, it makes sense that we don't have E07's synopsis yet, because it's still more than 4 weeks away.

We've got synopses for 3, 4, 5, and 6. So if anything, we should be getting 7's synopsis this weekend.

Last edited at Tue, Apr 7th, 2015 11:48

>> No. 36793682
How about plagues that are actually a problem instead of overblown garbage?
>> No. 36793683
They said it has no affect on production. How they schedule the stuff getting released is Hasbro's department.
>> No. 36793684
506's synopsis came out two weeks ago. It's suspicious there's been nothing since. Maybe it was an initial zap2it burst and things will stabilize as you say, but I'm not sure.

Because they want to make the season last longer? Maybe have S6 stretch all the way to the 2017 movie instead of being in S7? There's a Hearth's Warming ep at some point this season, it makes a lot of sense.
>> No. 36793685
File 142843280580.png - (2.99MB , 1024x1369 , 12334444.png )

Its possible that there's going to be a meta-arc for the season introduced in the coming episodes as well that later synopsis might give away.


Do not doubt Giga-ebola. That's like a billion Ebolas in a single virus.
>> No. 36793686
File 142843283991.gif - (160.65KB , 424x516 , flapping.gif )
>There's a Hearth's Warming ep at some point this season
Hm? What did they say about that?
>> No. 36793687
File 142843287710.png - (550.39KB , 685x755 , sunil105.png )
Well ever since S2, we've always gotten synopses 4 weeks in advance, and E07 is still more than 4 weeks away, so...yeah. I wouldn't start claiming "2 week schedule" just yet.

>Because they want to make the season last longer?

But why? They've never done a 2-week schedule for any of their other shows. For LPS, they just had a 6-month hiatus in the middle of the season to make it end closer to FIM S5's start, but it was on a 1-week schedule the whole time.
>> No. 36793688
Yeah, that'd be real fucking scary if it spread with more efficiency than burn moss.
>> No. 36793689
File 142843289475.png - (1.04MB , 1194x898 , sunil62.png )
Was said a long time ago that there would be an xmas episode featuring Maud and the rest of the Pie family.
>> No. 36793690
Youtube embed play button

Airborne motherfucker. Do not doubt Virus's abilities to Spontaneously mutate in an intelligent fashion like in Science fiction.

Life finds a way!
>> No. 36793691
Except it isn't airborne.

Fuck off with the Ebola scare.

Fucking bullshit-ass motherfuckers, spreading lies and fearmongering for a buck.
>> No. 36793692
File 142843314257.gif - (48.23KB , 255x255 , intensifies.gif )
Ah, I knew about the Pie family episode but I didn't know it was also a holiday episode. This keeps getting better and better!
>> No. 36793693
File 142843348920.png - (476.48KB , 695x766 , Leon.png )

Life finds a way! I would expect Giga ebola to be able to bypass something so simple as not being airborne! Probably end up being everything borne, turn into the T-virus.

>On that note, it always puzzled me how they pretty much suddenly acted like the T-virus was this tame containable virus in later games based on the simple fact of "oh we have a vaccine for it now".
>The T-virus was so horrifying because it infected EVERYTHING. Sure you wouldn't have zombies, but everything else around you would be 20 feet tall and trying to eat you.
>> No. 36793694
And this is why I fucking hate Zombie Culture. Every single dipshit virus that pops up? EVERYBODY LOADS UP THE SHOTGUNS GUISE THE APOCALYPSE IS COMING!
>> No. 36793695
It's the Pinkie family episode, presumably. http://www.equestriadaily.com/2015/02/more-season-5-reveals-including-episode.html
>> No. 36793698
Totally going to be a break. Totally not going to be because of EQG or anything. >.>
Nope. EQG doesn't have any effects whatsoever on the production or air-times for FIM. >.>
Nope. <.<
None whatsoever. >.>
>> No. 36793699
That's exactly what Episode 100 is supposed to be. Fangasm express for 100% of it, then back to normal mode where background ponies will get one line per season IF THEY'RE LUCKY!
>> No. 36793700
File 142843757925.png - (93.25KB , 265x280 , 5(34).png )
Because the show's never had breaks before Equestria Girls ever came about, right?
>> No. 36793701
File 142843770339.png - (117.58KB , 1920x1080 , bag.png )
Bonbon gets more than that.
>> No. 36793703
What was the longest mid-season break?
>> No. 36793704
Can you remember any of Bonbon's lines from Season 3? How about season 4?
>> No. 36793706
Youtube embed play button
3 weeks.

If lines said during season 4 was airing counts, "Hey pony friends!"

Last edited at Tue, Apr 7th, 2015 13:47

>> No. 36793707
And how long is this break going to last by your calculation?

I would not count that as a line in the show, no.
>> No. 36793708
File 142844019318.jpg - (71.31KB , 621x800 , 1271903533317.jpg )
because they were planing EG during that time, thats for sure.
>> No. 36793709
File 142844022572.png - (146.70KB , 700x700 , take that.png )
She didn't have any, but that doesn't matter because she had so many in seasons 1 and 2 that it still averages out to more than one per season.
>> No. 36793710
File 142844039566.png - (88.36KB , 231x280 , 5(22).png )
Assuming 507 and 508 air the preceding weeks before 509, it would be 4 consecutive weeks from May 2nd, when AMW is scheduled to air, to May 30th, when the Smooze episode would supposedly air if 509 airs on June 13th.
>> No. 36793712
File 142844252395.gif - (468.56KB , 480x228 , hahaha.gif )
>> No. 36793811
File 142860868979.jpg - (75.57KB , 1024x768 , YmzBBTfh.jpg )
Let's see what this years Comic Con has in store.
>> No. 36793939
Like the show didn't have enough fandom nods already
>> No. 36793949
File 142871957368.png - (235.61KB , 498x410 , shahrukh27.png )
Hopefully they'll just concentrate all of the fanwank into this one episode, leaving the rest of the season fanpander-free.
>> No. 36793956
Are we watching completely different shows here? Are you guys watching endless repeats of Double Rainboom instead of the show? What the FUCK are you talking about with this Panda Ring BULLSHIT?
>> No. 36793963
File 142872335642.jpg - (33.68KB , 188x274 , Comic cover.jpg )
I'm talking about the various instances of blatant fanservice in S4.

100th episode, from the various information we've been told, sounds like what would happen if you let EQD comment sections write an episode. Background ponies everywhere getting their fandom personalities, crap like "octavia dubstep" and Dr.Whooves, etc. etc.

Sounds like it's going to be 22 minutes of fanservice. I really hope I'm wrong.

Last edited at Fri, Apr 10th, 2015 20:38

>> No. 36793964
Y'now, not fucking once has any "pandering" in Season 4 interrupted the story. Fuck, I didn't even notice it.
>> No. 36793965
Surely they'll also have the world's biggest tea party.

>> No. 36793966
File 142872462462.png - (766.69KB , 814x789 , You got me.png )
You didn't notice Dərpy appearing over and over again, even pretty much taking center-stage for her "glorious return" in RF?

Or Applebloom singing one of the "licious" fandom-meme songs out of nowhere?

It's not every single episode, but it's certainly there.

Eh, whatever. May not bother you, but I hate this kind of crap. I want to see what creative things the writers can come up with, not more fandom jokes and memes and sticking-popular-BG-ponies-in-every-other-scene.
>> No. 36793967
I 100% agree. What pisses me off more is how a good portion of the fandom creams their pants everytime a bacround pony appears. And I have a bad feeling that the pandering won't stop at the 100th episode.

Last edited at Fri, Apr 10th, 2015 21:11

>> No. 36794015
File 142875885358.png - (419.81KB , 775x702 , sunil86.png )
I really don't mind "fanservice" so long as it doesn't distract from the episode. Having popular BG ponies appearing in every other episode isn't too bad, but when they do things like "mapalicious" or Trixie's scene in EQG1, those are just jarring and obnoxious.
>> No. 36794020
File 142876546038.png - (443.04KB , 849x942 , always works.png )
Slightly ironic that you put it in quotes when it's the one word she didn't actually say...
>> No. 36794021
today is the new episode isnt it?
>> No. 36794157
Here is a question.

how many episode do you think rainbow dash will not say the word "awesome"?

i think just 5
>> No. 36794163
In future, when watching a new episode, let's all resolve to take a drink every time that

•Rainbow Dash says "Awesome"
•Rarity says "Darling"
•Pinkie Pie says "Fun"
•Twilight delivers a sermon on the nature of Friendship
>> No. 36794187
File 142880482254.png - (167.34KB , 900x825 , looking up5.png )
>Rarity says "Darling"
What about "simply divine"? I'm getting really sick of that pair of words. One or the other is fine but how many times has she used the whole phrase??
>> No. 36794198
File 142880666240.png - (0.97MB , 1162x904 , twilight_shutdown.png )

I want more characters to tell Twilight to STFU like Starlight glimmer did. BEST PART of that episode, by far.

I don't know if it was INTENTIONALLY meant as a lampshade of her starting to do that too much or not, but DAMN was it refreshing. (plus her response XD)
>> No. 36794204
some one knows how much shots you take with this rules?

and if you change it with "simply divine"
>> No. 36794245
File 142881867860.png - (248.31KB , 1024x1472 , all according to plan.png )
Oh, I'm sure it was intentional. But not necessarily as a lampshade of her doing it too much, just an acknowledgement that it's her thing.

Last edited at Sat, Apr 11th, 2015 23:05

>> No. 36794256
File 142882177488.jpg - (338.58KB , 602x1920 , tall.jpg )
So, either way, next week is bloom and gloom.

/yawn. Applebloom, the worst of the CMC. Not really looking forward to it; though I wonder if the bit about her anxiety of getting her cutie mark means the climax might be her having a nightmare about growing old and never getting her cutie mark ala FWTST or SIP with princess luna showing up in her dreams to fix things?
>> No. 36794314
Praise Lord Smooze.
>> No. 36794317
File 142887541701.gif - (4.80MB , 456x257 , wPeQwQI.gif )
>not praising Lord Jontron
>> No. 36794319
File 142887555402.gif - (0.98MB , 500x263 , dunkey.gif )
videogamedunkey is my lord and savior.
>> No. 36794330
The Doctor has been interested in voicing something for MLP now that Q has been. (see what I did there?)

My prediction: Sombra comes back, this time voiced by Marc Alaimo. He ruined his empire by being too warsome and he is so broken by his loss that he lives in a nightmare that the Crystal Kingdom is still out to get him. His daughter died in the war


How much of the show is cropped for tv I wonder.
>> No. 36794332
File 142888064099.jpg - (15.48KB , 320x320 , sads.jpg )
No, I don't see what you did there. I don't even know which Doctor you mean.

>Marc Alaimo
I don't think that would work. If Discord is more or less MLP's version of Q, then I don't think it's possible to make an MLP version of Dukat. He's just too intense a character.

>tfw still hoping for Amanda Tapping guest appearance

Last edited at Sun, Apr 12th, 2015 16:18

>> No. 36794333
File 142888145034.jpg - (234.30KB , 1265x710 , sombra_why_boner.jpg )

I don't think that's going to be happening soon given his current official backstory.
>> No. 36794408
I consider different media non-canon to each-other
>> No. 36794439
File 142896107184.png - (123.95KB , 256x320 , apple__carrots__and_truffula_trees_by_jean_lovescutestuff-d4xtyz1.png )
Applejack says apples.
>> No. 36794475
Anyone wonder if they'll do an "everyone is the villain" episode?

It's a bit unrealistic that in every episode, the world is filled with active do-gooders and there's only a few bad apples

Powerpuff girls for example, had the episode where Satan makes everyone, even the phone, hate the heroes. That's getting there, but it's not the same.

Any anti-bullying episode would explicitly have to have the normal characters trying to force others to behave. Hey Arnold had the rich bitch become poor, and need glasses, I think.

Closest we got was MMDW but people will justify the backstabbing, saying Speedy Spectrum was a danger to herself and others.

Last edited at Tue, Apr 14th, 2015 08:29

>> No. 36794496
File 142903023511.jpg - (33.68KB , 188x274 , Comic cover.jpg )
Eh, we already had a "whole town got mindfucked" moment with LZ. And similar mindfuckery with RoH. The idea is a bit played out at this point.

>Closest we got was MMDW but people will justify the backstabbing, saying Speedy Spectrum was a danger to herself and others.

Nah, from what the shitstorms showed, RD's topcunt attitude didn't justify the borderline psychological torture from the other 5.
>> No. 36794514
File 142905089677.png - (39.97KB , 625x295 , Capture2.png )
Rogers first episode of the season will be 508.
>> No. 36794515
Those episodes were in no way tyranny of the majority.
>> No. 36794516
File 142905316958.png - (451.17KB , 621x721 , I know I'm awesome.png )
But still a similar concept of mass-mindfuckery.
>> No. 36794539
That's not... what I said. You missing something?
>> No. 36794555
File 142910185064.png - (423.83KB , 678x525 , You know you want some.png )
You made a reference to that one Powerpuff Girls episode, which was mass-mindfuck.
>> No. 36794593
But everyone was mean to the PPG, both explicitly and to the extreme.

In RoH they did nothing, literally the citizens had no significant plot point, and in LZ, they were idolizing, but were in no way bullying towards the main characters.
>> No. 36794619
File 142915791689.png - (851.28KB , 762x809 , sunil100.png )
I said "similar" not "the same".
>> No. 36794620
They're distinct enough in my mind to not be even similar. Not even a little bit. It's like saying a hat is like mass antagonism because it is close to a brain.
>> No. 36794714
File 142928176627.png - (34.24KB , 885x318 , does anyone actually read filenames.png )
Ah, so that person who claimed to have talked to DeLancie at some con was right.


And also no, we don't seem to be switching to a 2-week schedule. So...either we're going to have a 3-week break between E08 and E09, or the person who said "June 13th for E09" was mistaken.

Last edited at Fri, Apr 17th, 2015 07:43

>> No. 36794716
File 142928247879.png - (181.03KB , 320x448 , sunil98.png )
But, hm..."Make new friends but keep Discord" ? Not getting the joke there.
>> No. 36794717
506: 5/2 (confirmed)
507: 5/16 (confirmed)
508: 5/30
509: 6/13 (confirmed)

It's a two week schedule.
>> No. 36794718
I think it's based off of a song title Make New Friends But Keep the Old, where Discord is substituted for the Old.
>> No. 36794719
File 142928333093.png - (550.39KB , 685x755 , sunil105.png )
I wouldn't call E09's date "confirmed" just yet, especially considering that it came from someone who just did a one-time bit of music work for the show. The information they had might be outdated.

Don't see why they'd air 6 episodes weekly then just suddenly change to a 2-week schedule.
>> No. 36794720
>> No. 36794721
What's that about griffons? I thought he was going to invite the Smooze.
>> No. 36794723
Maintain hype for new season for a month, then settle into a longer schedule

EDIT: I just got deconfirmed hard by zap2it, 508 is up. lol welp

Last edited at Fri, Apr 17th, 2015 08:26

>> No. 36794724
File 142928464108.png - (20.25KB , 802x224 , 875930.png )
Huh...so we are getting multiple episodes about "the map sends them somewhere".

>> No. 36794725
File 142928509280.png - (79.26KB , 300x225 , rapeface.png )
>> No. 36794726
File 142928590395.png - (413.72KB , 374x656 , 661.png )
>Rainbow Dash and Pinkie
>griffons setting
I would not be surprised if this wound up working as a followup to GtBO, including the return of Gilda. It could even be considered more surprising if the choice in characters was coincidental.

Last edited at Fri, Apr 17th, 2015 08:52

>> No. 36794730
File 142929166578.png - (324.46KB , 658x726 , Gilda_racist.png )

It really doesn't surprise me at all; the map looks to be this season's version of the keys more or less.


It would be about damn time!
>> No. 36794734
File 142929491233.png - (649.30KB , 637x719 , sunil31.png )
Yeah, that's kinda what I was fearing. Having the same plot device used over and over again is going to get a bit stale.
>> No. 36794738
File 142929678118.png - (125.97KB , 400x400 , Angrier_Angron.png )

Alright, fair enough. I can see where you're coming from here, having a repeated macguffin design can be bad.

Keep in mind though, its doubtful that it'll follow the EXACT same thing of the keys with each of the mane six unlocking something as a macguffin along the way: both pinkie and RD are going to the griffons this time, yeah? so its doubtful they're going to have one of them get an individual macguffin, most probably its just a lesson or something that they learn for the finale, like the letters leading up to ROH.
>> No. 36794740
File 142929733330.png - (674.44KB , 1270x718 , Tada.png )
No I mean having multiple episodes starting with, or having the story being started by, "map tells them to go somewhere".

It's gonna get pretty repetitive having the map tell them to go somewhere, over and over.
>> No. 36794741
File 142929775576.png - (161.87KB , 900x858 , hello friend.png )
And at least with key episodes it wasn't 100% obvious it was going to be a key episode until at least halfway through.
>> No. 36794742
File 142929830224.png - (322.54KB , 596x666 , 64 5.png )
I thought it was usually clear when we got the summaries, or at least a preview clip. Like Rarity's singing a song about generosity, it's probably her key episode since it's related to her element. Applejack episode that has things such as doubt and faith? That sounds like honesty related stuff, and she represents the element of honesty.
>> No. 36794743
File 142929877278.png - (378.15KB , 1600x1827 , rolling lyre.png )
I meant from the episode itself. For example, in Leap of Faith, nothing really suggests "this is Applejack's key episode" until Granny Smith buys the tonic, at the very earliest. And it's still not perfectly obvious until after Applejack confronts Flim&Flam.

What I'm saying is, key episodes don't explicitly say "this is a key episode" in the cold open, but it looks like map episodes will.
>> No. 36794744
File 142929901118.png - (1.05MB , 800x2972 , box_alicorn.png )

I could usually tell it was a key episode pretty early on due to the Rainbow imagery that permeated them non-stop. There was always rainbows even from the 5 minute mark.

Besides, we don't even KNOW that the map episodes have a purpose, yeah? We're just assuming that.
They could just be a new type of naturally occuring episode for all we know.
>> No. 36794746
File 142930328566.png - (653.34KB , 1366x768 , friend.png )
This seems to be the friend Fluttershy is going with to the gala.
>> No. 36794747
File 142930463974.png - (156.31KB , 331x425 , shahrukh44.png )
And so Discord invites the Smooze.

...him suddenly being jealous of Fluttershy being friends with someone else is another thing that seems strangely uncharacteristic. Hmm. Guess we'll see when the episode airs.
>> No. 36794748
File 142930672226.jpg - (686.86KB , 780x4410 , fluttercom.jpg )

Is it strange that I'm actually more interested in that friend than the rest of the episode?

Flutteshy seems to be such an introverted individual that her having friends outside of her animals and the mane six seems incredibly strange. I'm interested in seeing her personality.
Also, is it just me or does Fluttershy look kind of like princess leia in that image?


Hey, its a premise people have been asking about for a while, Discord becoming jealous of another friend of fluttershy's.
>> No. 36794750
File 142930710449.png - (449.33KB , 636x702 , 662.png )
Probably also has to do with spending the time with that friend at a special event. Like he probably already made plans to spend that time with Fluttershy, but that new friend winds up interfering with what he wanted to do.
>> No. 36794755
File 142932369664.png - (125.97KB , 400x400 , Angrier_Angron.png )
I'm rather guessing that it will end up with Discord taking the smooze simply to prove that he has other friends and to try and "get back" at Fluttershy by attempting to maker jealous of him having other friends.

In the end he'll realize that he's making the smooze feel just like he felt, in that Discord is essentially competing for another friend to replace the smooze with, making him feel like how Discord feel about being "replaced" by fluttershy.
>> No. 36794774
oh yeah, finally they are going to hint at fluttercord. Expect either a dance between them or one of them blushing in the end.
>> No. 36794779
File 142936850237.png - (712.32KB , 593x853 , I dunno___.png )
Friendly interaction =/= shipping
>> No. 36794824
Episode List for this season:
1. The Cutie Map Part 1
2. The Cutie Map Part 2
3.Castle Sweet Castle
4.Bloom and Gloom
5.Tanks for the Memories
6.Appleloosa’s Most Wanted
7.Make New Friends and Keep Discord
8.The Lost Treasures of Griffonstone
9.Slice of Life
10.Princess Spike
11.Party Pooped
12.Amending Fences
13.Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?
14.Canterlot Boutique
16.Rarity Investigates
17.Made in Manehattan
18.Brotherhooves Social
19.Crusaders of the Lost Mark
20.The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows
22.What About Discord?
23.The Hooffields and Mccolts
24.The Mane Attraction
25.The Cutie Remark Part 1
26.The Cutie Remark Part 2
>> No. 36794825
File 142937715058.png - (457.84KB , 665x673 , Oh my.png )
Oh boy, another "leak".

A lot of those are either re-hashes of old episode titles, or are just really bad in general. "Rarity investigates" ? "The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows" ? These are just painfully uncreative.

Last edited at Sat, Apr 18th, 2015 10:17

>> No. 36794826
The Princess Spike episode is a body swap episode between Spike and Princess Celestia.

I hope my source is true so I can watch you freak out here and on Dərpibooru.
>> No. 36794828
File 142937784905.png - (766.69KB , 814x789 , You got me.png )
Considering that there have been a shitload of "leaks" in the past that all turned out to be fake, I'm not too inclined to blindly believe yet another "leak", especially seeing as it's coming from 4chan.
>> No. 36794831
File 142937971074.jpg - (63.63KB , 499x402 , image.jpg )
>The One Where Pinkie Knows

Friendspones confirmed
>> No. 36794832
File 142937972531.jpg - (63.63KB , 499x402 , image.jpg )
>The One Where Pinkie Knows

Friendspones confirmed
>> No. 36794839
File 142938235338.jpg - (104.97KB , 578x1024 , angron_kill_mee.jpg )
While I like the name "The one where Pinkie pie knows", I'm going to call these as fake.

Plus, looking at this one, I'm actually noticing a severe dearth of ones that would seem to be RD or AJ episodes; pretty much all of those episodes names lend themselves to Rarity, Pinkie, discord/fluttershy and The CMC.
>> No. 36794885
Those interactions i listed will heavily imply shipping. Simple friends don't blush while interacting.
>> No. 36794890
File 142939458572.png - (449.33KB , 636x702 , 662.png )
They can dance without it being shipping, like we know Pinkie's going to end up dancing with the Smooze.
>> No. 36794892
...I just sensed a massive influx of slime tentacles violating Pinkie in the near future...
>> No. 36794898
C'mon it's not the same. Look into my eyes and honestly tell me that there would be no shipping implication if Big Mac had a dance with Cheerilee or Flash with Twilight. Would there be anyone who would cluelessly just watch that and thought that it's just an innocent friendship thing? I know there is straw grasping like people shipping ponies who sit next to eachother. But we are talking about a straight pair that had a lot of development and interactions.
>> No. 36794903
File 142939812465.png - (352.83KB , 790x654 , 64 6.png )
Except there has been no actual romantic teasing for Fluttershy and Discord. The Big Mac and Cheerilee ship were built on things like HaHD and Cheerilee swooning, and Flash and Twilight are explicitly shown blushing, getting tongue tied, and even teased about having crushes. Dancing would just add fuel to their shipping fire, but what has been explicitly romantic hints and not platonic for Fluttershy and Discord?
>> No. 36794913
File 142940556206.jpg - (2.89MB , 5312x2988 , 1424105411766.jpg )
Looking through some of the slides that were shown at that con a couple months ago, I wonder if this is supposed to be Fluttershy's friend for the gala.
>> No. 36794914
File 142940567746.png - (653.34KB , 1366x768 , friend.png )
It looks like both ponies have a natural eyes half closed look, both manes look like they're in dreadlocks, and it even looks like both have some sort of flower-related decoration on their head.

Last edited at Sat, Apr 18th, 2015 18:11

>> No. 36794924
File 142941028465.png - (286.34KB , 708x588 , 12344.png )

her eyes being naturally half closed makes her look stoned.
>> No. 36794926
File 142941082269.png - (100.91KB , 1024x657 , maud_pie.png )
So she's a friend of Maud's?
>> No. 36794927
File 142941275861.png - (181.97KB , 372x391 , That's a big 10-4.png )
This is correct.
>> No. 36794934
File 142941737403.png - (750.31KB , 731x1024 , boulder.png )

I wonder if that pun crossed the creators mind at any time when designing her...

Last edited at Sat, Apr 18th, 2015 21:21

>> No. 36794951
Which one has the guest star I've never heard of?
>> No. 36794991
File 142949056010.jpg - (53.59KB , 451x802 , spikecard.jpg )

Looks like the list may be real.
>> No. 36794993
So? That anon may have looked at this card.

And even then, it doesn't prove anything.
>> No. 36794994


Someone posted the episode 7 title two weeks before it was revealed. While it don't prove they were both posted by the same person, it does prove it was a real leak.
>> No. 36794995
File 142949323321.png - (413.72KB , 374x656 , 661.png )
Hmm. It certainly does add a bit more credibility, assuming the guy who posted on /mlp/ is the same. It's still possible some titles may be false or at least different than what the episode will ultimately be called, like Cutie Markless became Cutie Map, and it's also possible some may air in a different order than what was given, but for now it seems that list could have at least some truth to it.
>> No. 36795010
Well there there is a comic page that suggest one sided crush on her...
>> No. 36795015
File 142953987392.png - (66.54KB , 196x262 , Nanami_(9).png )
The suggestion seemed to be more on Baast's part, who was suspicious of Fluttershy and Discord's relationship. It may have suggested Discord and Baast were in some sort of relationship, but the way Baast talked seemed to me more like she didn't think he could be in just a platonic friendship, which may just indicate that she's unaware of the character development he went through.
>> No. 36795017
for some one which never had friends, sure alot of people which doesnt hate him.
>> No. 36795022
The way he was depicted suggested that he wasn't really sure and that Baast saw the lies thorugh him
>> No. 36795024
File 142955372173.png - (103.92KB , 225x257 , discord baast.png )
In this panel? I interpreted that as Baast talking to Discord as the draconequus he was before KCaFO, and Discord struggling to explain how he's changed since then and is capable of just making friends.

Not to mention even the writer said that while he's aware of the shipping between the two, he prefers Discord and Fluttershy as just friends.
>> No. 36795025
Impression is still there. Maybe if it was just the way Hickey made it. He still look unsure and the scene is open for interpretation that even dislestia shipper like KP did noticed as legit implication. Except the fact that they aren't canon.
>> No. 36795026
File 142955493481.png - (59.56KB , 177x262 , Nanami.png )
Still, it's hard for me to see something as support for the ship if it's a misinterpretation of the author's intent, so even if you choose to interpret it that way I don't consider it legitimate romantic teasing.
>> No. 36795028
File 142955866870.png - (354.40KB , 600x450 , 2344443.png )
Eh, I honestly don't see any real romantic interest between discord and fluttershy; I just don't see the chemistry.
besides, I think that would take away from the "Learning about friendship" bit if its not him having a "normal" friend in fluttershy.

It DOES lend itself to funny fanart though.
>> No. 36795030
And i think that for a show about innocent friendship, they did a lot to make people in EQD comments think that they are canon. The plot line about being jealous of someone will most likely going to lead to people shipping it, they should have know that and should have told that message using 2 of the Mane6 or Spike or CMC instead using the only adult male main character. I think Meghan is aware that someone will ask about fluttercord on the nearest convention. I wonder if she's going to be that firm as with the dislestia flowers scene or if she go with the "maybe's" and "who know".
>> No. 36795031
File 142956031705.png - (63.39KB , 181x258 , Nanami_(15).png )
I think they were more concerned about telling storylines involving Discord and Fluttershy's friendship, more about developing the stories and friendship between the two and not just thinking "we really got to send a message about jealous friends", and Discord has the kind of personality to feel enough entitlement to Fluttershy's friendship to get jealous.

And people are going to take things and interpret them their own way in ways never intended. Almost any story involving Discord and Fluttershy could probably make some people believe the ship is canon.

Last edited at Mon, Apr 20th, 2015 13:06

>> No. 36795033
File 142956342801.png - (654.81KB , 960x540 , 654.png )

heck, people swore up and down Discordlestia was canon after the finale, even after word of god squashed it XD
>> No. 36795034
Of course it wasn't...
>> No. 36795035
I can think of hundreds of episodes that would have them in it with no shipping. Especially if i write Discord to annoy her just like he did with every other pony. Yet she is treated differently and i would never use "going out to the Gala" or "Heart and hoof day" plotline to develop their friendship. Seriously those two tropes were used in most fluttercord fanfics throughout 3 years. Seeing one of them being actually used in canon episode with same paring is suprising.

Instead i would just write an episode where they travel and solve a problem in Saddle Arabia. Even with just two of them there would be no shipping impications. Just good old adventure. Like Twilight with Cadance.

Simple slice of life with them might get some people to ship it. Using a typical romance scenario will just raise the expectations. As for now the synopsis sound like it's Discord being sad that he wasn't asked on a date.
>> No. 36795037
Honestly, I think Discord and Celestia would have been the most fun duo in the show if they were allowed to interact ever. They're polar opposites, and Discord is one of the few people who can actually make Celestia break the aloof and majestic character.
>> No. 36795038
File 142956464044.png - (67.12KB , 195x262 , Nanami_(20).png )
>Especially if i write Discord to annoy her just like he did with every other pony. Yet she is treated differently
Because she has the distinction of being his closest and first friend is why he treats her differently. If the interactions weren't unique, then for Discord their friendship wouldn't be as unique or important to him as it should be.

>Instead i would just write an episode where they travel and solve a problem in Saddle Arabia.
What's the conflict used to help develop their bond?

>Using a typical romance scenario will just raise the expectations. As for now the synopsis sound like it's Discord being sad that he wasn't asked on a date.
So since the friend Fluttershy is taking is a female, does that also make it sound like Fluttershy is bisexual? I mean if he's jealous due to romantic reasons, then wouldn't the one he's jealous of normally be considered a romantic rival?

Last edited at Mon, Apr 20th, 2015 14:18

>> No. 36795039
File 142956482705.png - (173.21KB , 927x861 , flutterdash_by_atelophobix-d4yk8op.png )

I actually think an episode where Celestia ends up pranking Discord would be funnier due to the role reversal, and showing celestia's playful side.
Like if she made a bet that discord couldn't keep his cool if others did the same thing to him or something.

>And then Dash is revealed to be the truly jealous one at the end.
>> No. 36795040
File 142956484928.jpg - (0.96MB , 1280x853 , large.jpg )
Pretty much, yes.
>> No. 36795041
File 142956491942.png - (63.67KB , 171x264 , Nanami_(5).png )
Regardless on whether you believe the anon's list or not, what do you guys think of the idea of Celestia and Spike swapping bodies for an episode?
>> No. 36795042
File 142956508377.jpg - (88.78KB , 553x720 , spike_prin.jpg )

actually rather hoping that doesn't turn out to be true. It just sounds so... hokey. I don't know. I just don't think Spike and Celestia are the correct ponies to swap bodies with each other.

its not that I don't think spike and celestia have chemistry together, its just I don't think they're the best to do a body swap episode with.
>> No. 36795043
>> No. 36795044
File 142956541905.gif - (210.33KB , 400x375 , 432424.gif )
/backs away slowly
>> No. 36795045
Why the fuck am I being treated like a creep? It's not enough that my favorite character gets shat on from every possible angle, I gotta be treated like pondscum too?

God fucking damn it.
>> No. 36795046
File 142956721954.png - (72.14KB , 191x261 , Nanami_(11).png )
I think it's because the all caps in your post implies you're yelling, which suggests anger and hostility.
>> No. 36795047
File 142956814459.jpg - (48.61KB , 400x399 , angron.jpg )

chill man, its a joke ;)

I'm just having light of your reaction to it being a little extreme.
>> No. 36795050
File 142958621107.png - (594.74KB , 492x700 , wedding gift.png )
I was looking at some of the cards and wondering what the end of this card for Luna and Celestia could be foreshadowing (there wasn't any scene of them giving gifts in ACW), until I remembered Cranky and Matilda look to be getting married in 509. So I think the chances of them appearing are a bit higher.
>> No. 36795051
what could it be so it is so "the best"
or just by getting to the party and eating the food is their present?

maybe they will use magic to make Cranky grow hair back or something.
>> No. 36795052
File 142958800504.png - (294.42KB , 602x350 , sunil108.png )
Where are images of these cards coming from, anyways? Where's the full set? I've only seen about 8 or 9 of them; is the set really that small, or is it not released yet or...?
>> No. 36795054
File 142958843909.png - (92.16KB , 245x280 , 5(24).png )
I got the image from MLP Merch.
There's a total of 256 releases for the current series. It covers things like characters, episodes, songs, some of the cards come in normal and foil, and there's also some that come as standees, tattoos, or stickers.

They're still missing some though.

Last edited at Mon, Apr 20th, 2015 20:54

>> No. 36795056
File 142958901543.jpg - (35.30KB , 715x373 , Discord_as_Bambi.jpg )
441, you surprise me -- pleasantly. I love the idea of Discordlestia. Talk about yang and yin...
>> No. 36795057
he said a Duo, but that doesnt mean a shipping
>> No. 36795058
True. But what made Discord more interesting in his initial appearance than in his later ones was the way in which his malicious humor was laced with a creepy affection. ("Did you miss me, Celestia? I missed you...") Interaction between him and Celestia would be boring if it was just Good vs. Evil, Order vs. Chaos -- and it can't be that simple any more now that Discord has been Concorded.
>> No. 36795060
To clarify, I hate the idea of Discolestia before RoH. It makes their confrontation seem more like a lover's quarrel rather than a fight for the fate of Equestria.

In the present? I'd actually like to see them have a relationship. They'd make a cute couple, or at the very least, a hilarious comedic duo. Discord is right about the only person who actually managed to somewhat annoy Celestia.
>> No. 36795066
She will probably also have nightmares in an episode "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?" Since is sound as Princesses only episode

Dislestia is a Fluttermac at this point. And after approving relfections cmoic, entire show staff would have to be replaced since they shown that they don't ship them.
>> No. 36795068
Shipping is not a thing not because someone dislike certain ship but because it would require the writing staff to keep the relationship fresh for 5+ seasons. As you can see they are not so happy to show Cadance and Shining Armor. Same would go for any ship with Mane6 or Discord. They would rather contain romance in a single episode like Heart & Hoof day and Simple Ways. If anything they will establish it in the last season like every other cartoon with romantic subplot between main characters. Unless they will develop Discord with other characters, the Fluttercord would be an obvious choice. But that really goes with CheerieMac and Sparity too. If BM or Spike befriend another reccuring character and the show will write few episodes about them, then their shipping may change. That really depend on a headwriter and Hasbro.
>> No. 36795069
File 142960227859.png - (1.20MB , 1279x708 , 829037__safe_twilight+sparkle_shipping_straight_equestria+girls_screencap_toy_flash+sentry_doll_.png )
Remember: the only ships that will ever be true are ones with toys.
>> No. 36795074
>And after approving relfections cmoic
NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! O! NO!
>> No. 36795087
File 142964682563.png - (704.00KB , 666x432 , Untitled.png )

I don't think them "approving" the reflections comic is like they sat down, were given a fully finished comic, and said "yes" or "no" to.
They probably were just asked "would a mirror universe hurt canon at all?" and the show staff said "nah, that's fine".

So I think saying the show staff "approved" reflections as if they were given every little detail about it is a bit disingenuous
>> No. 36795088
File 142964715189.png - (74.58KB , 217x280 , Souda_(4).png )
>They probably were just asked "would a mirror universe hurt canon at all?" and the show staff said "nah, that's fine".
They don't ask the show staff. They ask people at Hasbro who keep track of what's going on in the comics and show what they can do and what they can't. The most the show staff has been involved seems to be when Jayson was called in to help with a brainstorming session for what they could do as some sort of event series which resulted in the idea of exploring the pasts of some villains which resulted in Fiendship is Magic month.
>> No. 36795094
Why would you show me that collection of panels.

They're like a giant fucking middle finger statue placed in Times Square with "FUCK YOU 441" written all over it.
>> No. 36795095
Bobby Curnow said that he gets note from all of them (Thiesson, McCarthy, Vogel and Lenard)
They rejected entire Discord backstory yet they only changed details in Reflections (no kissing etc)
It's clear they have no plans to develop Celestia nor Dislestia so Celestia is as available for exploration in the comics as Chrysalis or Cheerilee. And looking at 4 seasons, i can see that Meghan care little about her. Even less than about Spike.
>> No. 36795096
File 142965015912.png - (27.29KB , 768x619 , CC3etqrUEAAS6Sa_png:large.png )
CMC - 3 episodes
Discord - 2 episodes
Luna - 1 episode
Spike - 1 episode
Celestia - 0
>> No. 36795098
File 142965206367.png - (88.36KB , 231x280 , 5(22).png )
>Bobby Curnow said that he gets note from all of them (Thiesson, McCarthy, Vogel and Lenard)
Where did he say that?

The guy who posted this list here said the Princess Spike episode would involve him and Celestia.

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That list is bullshit.
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File 142972891206.png - (668.95KB , 1280x720 , Crankydoodle_S2E21.png )
I remember the Wedding rumours too.
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