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36792931 No. 36792931
Okay folks up next we have Season 2 Episode 25 and 26, A Canterlot Wedding, Written by: Meghan McCarthy.

The link to the episode:(Combined episode) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xwr2rv_mlp-fim-s2-e25-e26-a-canterlot-wedding-hd-no-watermarks_shortfilms

Watch this episode again, comment as you do. What did you like/dislike, anything you missed before? Or just general discussion about every little aspect of this episode.


P.S. So this is it for the Re-Visit Threads till a full week after the finally of Season 5. I'll give it a full week so that all the discussion can die down then start these back up for the next between season gap with S3 E1-2 The Crystal Empire. See you guys in the Episode Discussion Threads.
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>> No. 36792934
Im not a fan of cadence or shinning armor at all

And my first seconds watching chrysalis I thought she was going to be super lame. Because I thought "what? A black alicorn princess? This is hitting cheap territory" but then I noticed she had more of a bug theme going on and said " oh, ok it isn't that un creative"
>> No. 36792968
I really didn't like the the bouquet part, underground.

The Aria was great, as well as Twilight just losing her shit and her face when nobody is believing her.

One of the "weird" things, at least in this day and age, is just how devoted to Shining Armor Cadence she wants to be. After (this episode) they tone down her devotion, but in sort of a depressing way, it's a fairy-tale wedding through and through.

Let's all go on about bug pony. I really like how they had the wings humming/chattering through a bunch of the scenes.

Then Celestia gets the Worf Effect.
>> No. 36792971
File 142807490285.png - (584.89KB , 647x748 , sunil107.png )
Eh. It was a decent episode, but suffered from being the first instance of "Twilight Sparkle Power Hour", how the story focuses hard on Twilight, with the other 5 feeling more like plot devices instead of characters.

Also, the way SA and Cadence are introduced really makes them come off as self-insert Sues. Especially with how SA clashes with the whole "Twilight is a friendless antisocial nerd" aspect that the first episode of the series pushed. Both of their introductions were just really sudden and jarring.

>S1E1: "Who needs friends? I don't need to make friends!"
>S2E25: "Oh hey I forgot to mention I've got a brother who I'm super-ultra-friendly with who is captain of the royal guards, and a babysitter who I'm also super-ultra-friendly with who is also an alicorn and a princess that everyone loves and adores."

Kind of a huge retcon there, yeah.

And the fact that SA/Cadence still don't have any decent characterization two seasons later, doesn't exactly improve my opinion of them.

Chrysalis, while a decent villain, was written as an idiot. Why was there "a threat made against Canterlot" if she was trying to be secretive? Why did she just stand there and do nothing while Cadence and SA escaped? It's just...egh, idiot ball after idiot ball with this writing. And her defeat managed to be even more rushed than the first act of RoH. The huge fight scene with the changelings should have been against her, not against a bunch of random changelings, with the battle ultimately being pointless filler.

It was a cool episode at the time, but hasn't aged very well.
>> No. 36792974
>Why was there "a threat made against Canterlot" if she was trying to be secretive?
I think the logic there is that they would be too busy looking outwards to be suspicious of Cadence, specially since Chrysalis' acting skills are on par with Keanu Reeves.
>> No. 36792976
File 142807758495.png - (851.28KB , 762x809 , sunil100.png )
Eh, I suppose. But on the other hand, making a threat against Canterlot is going to make them go apeshit with guards everywhere...kinda bad.

All other things remaining constant, her plan probably would have worked a lot better without alerting the guard beforehand.
>> No. 36792978
Well, maybe it was because everybody was tensed up and looking towards the sky that they didn't notice that Cadence suddenly became a bitch.

Now, Chrysalis could just have learned to be a better actress, but that would take time from being adored by dorks all over the globe.

...Yeah, I really fucking resent that Chrysalis is by far the most popular villain in the show.
>> No. 36792982
File 142808771825.png - (1.58MB , 1280x989 , chrys_cute.png )
Eh... not a fan of this episode. I really dislike Cadence and shining armor, and I find them bland as HELL.

Plus, this started the long pattern of shoving the other 5 to the side and disregarding them as a window dressing for Premiers and finales that only was turned around in S4.

That being said, This day aria was a great song, and I really love chrysalis and the changelings design.

>Most popular

I think that's WAY an overstatement. She's popular, but she's almost always beaten in polls by Discord and Tirek.

That being said: Chrysalis is awesome! :p
Sadly, my original headcanon of her being the original princess of the crystal empire and the princess mentioned in the H&H day book has been pretty badly debunked >.<
>> No. 36792984
Well, that's not the impression that I get looking at fanart. She gets both the most fanart as well as the most praise for being the best villain.

As somebody who likes what is considered the worst villain by most, you can imagine that I get rather crabby.
>> No. 36792986
>She gets both the most fanart
Well see, if the fandom were sane, that would be because her visual design is the only good thing about her so they might as well exploit that. But of course that's not the reason.
>> No. 36792987
File 142809732349.jpg - (52.35KB , 717x533 , chrys_fluffles.jpg )

She's also a succubus, and that is a big factor in how much fanart she gets.


Dude, Discord trumps her Big time in character popularity; I don't know where you get your villain rankings from, but she's generally not lifted up as the best villain.

Fanart, OF COURSE she gets the most fanart. She has probably the best design of the villains and has a premise (Succubus) that lends itself to fans making risque fanart of her, while the only other female villains are NMM and Sunset, meaning she has an edge in that she has an appeal to lonely males in fanart.

>As somebody who likes what is considered the worst villain by most, you can imagine that I get rather crabby.

Isn't it ironic that in order to "redeem" Sombre, the comic writes basically Threw out everything about Sombre and came up with a new villain Schtick almost wholecloth?
>> No. 36792990
>Isn't it ironic that in order to "redeem" Sombre, the comic writes basically Threw out everything about Sombre and came up with a new villain Schtick almost wholecloth?
No, because the comic threw shit out. You only think so because you vehemently hate Sombra with every fiber of your being.
>> No. 36792996
File 142810532076.jpg - (234.30KB , 1265x710 , sombra_why_boner.jpg )

I hate OLD sombra. I very much like Comic sombra.
(Spoilered for thread derailing)

Show sombra was a terrible villain, and I will never be convinced otherwise. Comic Sombra is a complete 180 who's basically Anakin Skywalker, and I Love him for it.

Hell, its been quite a common thing for me to say that I felt sombra should have been just a puppet being manipulated by a greater evil... and BAM! that's exactly what they did!
The comic did the Idea that I'd been hoping for all along, of embracing Sombra's failure to intimidate, and used it by making him just the pawn of a far, far darker evil.

Plus, he talks in the comic. He's not just there to growl and look scary. He actually has a personality. He has fears, he has goals, he has things in life he wants. And that defines him incredibly well as a character, making him dangerous while still very relateable.
>> No. 36792997
File 142810560796.png - (222.99KB , 900x860 , your soul, i stare into it.png )
>Comic Sombra is a complete 180 who's basically Anakin Skywalker, and I Love him for it.



>> No. 36792998
File 142810570802.png - (2.76MB , 1340x1260 , sombra_amore.png )

Anakin Skywalker DONE WELL.
>> No. 36792999
That's your interpretation speaking, I didn't see him as just a puppet of something far eviler, and I didn't see him being made into a joke. I saw him as the harbinger of the Umbrum, who will probably treat him as an equal. If anything, I foresee Sombra betraying them because he wants to be the top dog.

Honestly, my biggest complaint with the story is that Amore was framed as being on the right, instead of the negligent idiot that led to Sombra's fall. She forgot to take in consideration that giving Sombra a choice left him open to choose evil, and just took for granted that he would choose to be good because hey, she's good and her empire is good, why wouldn't anypony choose to side with her? It's not like he was an outcast and she was complacent to years of suffering in his par- Oh.

Now, in concept, Anakin Skywalker is great: Somebody who is supposed to be a messiah, but was taken for granted by his superiors, and his unchecked emotions and conflict led to him becoming the opposite of what he was meant to be. It's just that the concept was tanked by shitty acting and poor writing.
>> No. 36793004

The point was to make Shining Armor exhaust himself well before the actual invasion force arrived.


Chrysalis is a con artist, not an actress. People are conditioned to expect ordinary women to become "bridezillas" when getting married, and a bridezilla is what Chrysalis showed them. It played into their preconceptions and it made them keep their heads down and not ask questions. That's both easier and more effective than trying to do a reasonable portrayal of a mare she barely knows.
>> No. 36793006
Well, maybe if she tried acting like Cadence, maybe Twilight wouldn't have found her out.

Like, at all.

Like, Jesus fuck woman why did you reveal yourself to Twilight she was convinced that she was mistaken.
>> No. 36793008
File 142811021651.png - (52.75KB , 151x258 , Kuzuryuu_(9).png )
>Like, Jesus fuck woman why did you reveal yourself to Twilight she was convinced that she was mistaken.
I think it's because Twilight just proved to be too much of a wildcard. Chrysalis obviously didn't know about Twilight and her relationship with Cadence, and she just managed to throw off doubts about her. Sure Twilight was saying that she was mistaken then, but even if she was on her best behavior it's possible Twilight could see a contradiction or stumble upon more evidence against her (she still doesn't know what Twilight and Cadence would know about each other, so it's not like she has a clear picture on what tracks to cover), so it's probably just safer for her to get rid of Twilight by trapping her in the same place Cadence has been trapped in. Maybe even egg Twilight on to accidentally kill the real one.
>> No. 36793009
So? Nobody believed her anymore, and by the time she managed to figure out something was wrong for real and build a strong case, it would have been too late.

And if she was just going to kill off the original Cadence, why didn't she just do it when she first kidnapped Cadence?
>> No. 36793010
> Tried acting like Cadence

More difficult, more risky.

"The standard is not perfection, the standard is the alternative."

> Jesus fuck woman

See Marimo 36793008
>> No. 36793013
File 142811113896.png - (517.40KB , 712x756 , sunil104.png )
>And if she was just going to kill off the original Cadence, why didn't she just do it when she first kidnapped Cadence?

Because "idiot plot".
>> No. 36793015
File 142811122952.png - (53.08KB , 186x260 , Kuzuryuu_(18).png )
When you're trying to do an infiltration, you don't want to deal with someone who's on to you, even if they don't have support. Also, this is from Chrysalis' perspective. She doesn't know the full details of what Twilight might do or might be capable of doing, and she knows that Twilight is someone she hasn't found information about and didn't plan to deal with. It's easy to say she made the wrong move when you have the viewer's perspective, but from a villain's perspective who is trying to do a secret mission but has to deal with an unknown entity, she's going to have to work with the limited information she has which is going to make her more cautious. Instead of trying to just sidestep the wildcard, it's easy to see getting rid of the wildcard as the better option.

And I don't imagine Chrysalis to be the kind who would rather kill than just take someone prisoner. However, she's not going to care if they get killed, or perhaps more realistically for what Twilight would have done, if the prisoner gets greatly injured. Chrysalis probably just saw a good opportunity to hurt Cadence literally and Twilight mentally by tricking her into attacking the real Cadence, just because Twilight's attempt to stop her has gotten her angry enough.
>> No. 36793019

I just fucking hate when the villain fails because he was a fucking dumbass who did a blatantly wrong move.

>> No. 36793020
File 142811379129.png - (51.49KB , 172x258 , Kuzuryuu_(25).png )
This is a TV Y rated show. The villains are made to be more likely to just incapacitate the heroes, not flat out kill them. And why wouldn't she think it would still be a good idea to dump Twilight in the mines if it's still been working for Cadence this whole time? In Chrysalis' mind they could probably even recover them later and still feed on their love, so this is just food storage.
>> No. 36793021
>In Chrysalis' mind they could probably even recover them later and still feed on their love, so this is just food storage.
Then what was up with your argument of "Maybe she wanted for them to kill eachother"?

She just makes me want to take over Equestria myself just so that somebody can do it correctly. It pisses me off how so many people consider her to be the best villain in the show.

Last edited at Fri, Apr 3rd, 2015 19:19

>> No. 36793024
File 142811465487.jpg - (104.97KB , 578x1024 , angron_kill_mee.jpg )

Given Sombra's "Why didn't you tell me?" line, I got the impression the comic WAS pointing out that there could possibly have been a better way even though Amore tried.

As for the anakin bit, I was more meaning About how Sombre's fear of Losing Hope was what drove him to acts that made him lose her, in the same way that Anakin's fears of losing Padme drove him to the very destiny he tried to avoid so hard
>> No. 36793027
File 142811496233.png - (57.27KB , 214x250 , Kuzuryuu_(8).png )
>Then what was up with your argument of "Maybe she wanted for them to kill eachother"?
Kill each other was probably not the best choice of words. I don't know for sure to degree Twilight would use her offensive magic, though I still doubt she would use it to flat out kill, and I don't know to what degree Chrysalis expected of Twilight to do, whether she expected Twilight to kill or just hurt someone else. Mainly, this was probably something she came up with when she also decided to send Twilight to the mines, to hurt Twilight in some way as payback for trying to ruin her plans in addition to getting her out of the way. If Twilight is egged on to kill Cadence, then likely either Twilight ends up killing Cadence or vice versa as an attempt at self defense, that's one pony Chrysalis didn't really care about being dead, and they still have one pony to recover to feed on. If Chrysalis just expected Twilight to hurt Cadence and Twilight falls for it, then that still hurts Twilight since she was tricked into attacking the real version of someone she was close to, and without medical attention Cadence is probably worse off than she was before and the two are even less expected to escape the mines that Cadence had already been trapped in for what was likely days, and despite all the pain inflicted either physically on Cadence or mentally on Twilight, they could still probably be recovered to have an extra 2 ponies for the changelings to feed on.

>She just makes me want to take over Equestria myself just so that somebody can do it correctly.
Keep in mind that if you tried doing that, then you'd be a character with your own limited perspective of events unfolding and information shared and revealed, you don't get the same privilege of finding out what the viewers know, and you're just as likely to have cases of doing something that turned out to be a mistake in hindsight.
>> No. 36793035
File 142812195812.jpg - (10.92KB , 237x248 , ang.jpg )

Don't take this the wrong way 441, but I seriously doubt you could impersonate an Alicorn princess very well.

Not to mention the unpleasant risks associated with impersonating a female horse on its wedding day.
>> No. 36793036
Bitch please, I am the best Alicorn Princess. I bet even in the unlikely circumstance that Shining Armor found me out he'd still pick me over Cadence because I look amazing on a dress.
>> No. 36793037
File 142812837200.jpg - (17.08KB , 320x320 , gay.jpg )

>> No. 36793814
File 142860886324.png - (784.49KB , 900x808 , canterlot_by_nedemai-d5jvyvc.png )
To think it's been 3 years ago.
>> No. 36793822
Just some thoughts as I watch:

Knowing what I do now, that flashback seems to indicate Cadence knew Twilight's fate...

>This was one of my favorite uncle's

Am I the only one who still laughs at how goofy Cadaence's face must look from the front during that animation error when the eye in the mirror's closed?

Did Cadence know the trio from Ponyville beforehand? Did THEY know something was up with Chrysalis when they realized she wasn't acting like Cadence? This is like the fourth time I've watched and only the first time the second question came up. I feel dumb now. Also where the heck did that boquet come from?

>Chrysalis is marginally taller than Celestia
>Chrysalis defeats Celestia
>Height is magic

That fight scene has WAY too many censor-clouds to be just the Mane Six fighting the Changelings. Can they fool each other based on mere appearance?

They could so easily have just tore off Cheeselegs's wings and knocked her out the window when she started singing again, but, little girl show. Sigh.

Where was AJ keeping that hat?

>Best two-parter
>Worst song at the end

Given they left the bachelor party to spike, maybe Cadence doesn't trust Shiny as much as she should...js.
>> No. 36793825
I still maintain Cadence would have made a better villain than Chrysalis. Playing both the pretty pink magical princess and evil old bug queen straight doesn't work for me.
>> No. 36794389
File 142893209200.png - (117.25KB , 255x368 , cilan 2 29 1.png )
Does this re-visit thread still need to stay stickied?
>> No. 36794397
yes, forever.
>> No. 36794591
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