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Well...That premiere was amazing!
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  It was disturbing.
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>> No. 36793101
Yes, other people have different opinions than yours. Shocking, I know.

Also, we already have a S5 discussion thread up at the top.
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File 142817542040.png - (155.46KB , 862x927 , colgate_by_silentmatten-d56c9iy.png )
It was pretty great!
>> No. 36793192
File 142818248554.png - (336.51KB , 604x641 , oh sure.png )
It did a loooot of stuff right.

And satisfied all my expectations
>> No. 36793194
File 142818265498.png - (361.56KB , 674x667 , eghe.png )
I mean, I suppose it could pass.
>> No. 36793201
File 142818345550.png - (118.97KB , 1024x698 , 142212476486.png )
So many amazing Pank moments. Loveliest pony remains loveliest pony
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File 142818561661.png - (293.77KB , 680x765 , 818934__safe_shipping_spike_equestria+girls_cute_sunset+shimmer_hug_adorable_spike+the+dog_spike.png )
It was a really great kid-friendly George Orwell style story!
>> No. 36793228
Pinkie was the best thing in this episode, bar none.
>> No. 36793276
Intriguing that Fluttershy got a huge role in this eppy.
>> No. 36793283
File 142819703438.png - (380.07KB , 877x648 , Having too much fun to care.png )
I liked it better than I thought I would.
>> No. 36793289
File 142819733001.gif - (1.41MB , 692x388 , fluttermac.gif )

I honestly don't get why everyone seems to be saying Fluttershy got a special amount of attention this episode.

Sure, she got to throw water at the villain and all, but it really didn't give any special focus to her or have her do anything truly important to convince another pony of things (like how twilight was the one in this episode conversing with everyone about friendship or how in RF Dash taught Spitfire a lesson).

fluttershy didn't have anything really noteworthy here.
>> No. 36793308
"Twilight is the only one who's allowed to save the day!"
*Somepony else saves the day*
"Well that doesn't count!"
>> No. 36793314
File 142820011052.png - (246.43KB , 627x686 , flutter_squee.png )

No, I fully accept when a character saves the day: Like in Keep calm and flutter on that was Fluttershy solving the problem, and in the shake your tail video and chapter book it was Rainbow dash saving the day.

but this wasn't Fluttershy saving the day, the Day was only truly saved by the ponies themselves, and the next most important character would be Twilight, followed THEN by fluttershy.

I just don't count half done examples of saving the day, like how I Won't give spike credit for saving the Day in TCE despite in universe people doing that (It was Cadence here not Spike that deserves credit)
>> No. 36793315
She was the one who found out Starbright's secret. If she hadn't, they'd never be able to expose her and fully convince the village that she was full of shit before going barking mad.
>> No. 36793316
File 142820040323.png - (722.48KB , 685x1000 , flutterpillar.png )

She still wasn't truly successful there it was party favor who pointed her out after she missed with a dead on shot.
>> No. 36793318

>> No. 36793319
File 142820070588.png - (274.28KB , 1000x503 , flutterstalker.png )
I just don't think that's an exceptionally super part of the episode that shows an incredible accomplishment on fluttershy's part.

It didn't denote a success on fluttershy's part due to any special abilities, virtues or talents (she did essentially fail in her unmasking attempt without Party favor), with the "accomplishment" basically just being dumb luck.
>> No. 36793321
File 142820086013.gif - (201.07KB , 220x205 , tumblr_mvwndwpDrA1qcw656o2_500.gif )
She was able to find out that Starbright hid her mark due to her characteristics of being trusting and tolerant towards their life style, making it easier for her to act as a spy and convince them that she turned over.
>> No. 36793366
That's was a joke in line with the character, and it was hilarious. The goal ultimately was to reveal the cutie mark, which it did. The writers could have chosen the direct route, which is the water does hit, or they could do what they did, and a billion times out of a billion they should always choose what they did when it's Fluttershy.
>> No. 36793375
File 142821856200.png - (3.27MB , 1024x4096 , tall (3).png )
I would wanna add that I really liked the point where when the villagers got their cutie mark back that they had to do the chasing and all that, because the mane 6 couldn't keep up without their cutie marks.

It doesn't only place the episode outside of a Twilight versus villain thin, it also made it so the episode reasonably doesn't focus only on the Mane 6 doing the work, but also makes some of the new villagers the heroes of the episode and more so than in TCE.
>> No. 36793389
File 142824021878.jpg - (83.17KB , 336x349 , Mr_Horse_thoughtful_pipe.jpg )
There were some creatively funny bits in these episodes, a few ingenious surprises, and nothing -- NOTHING -- that was cringeworthy or offensively stupid. That's a big departure from just about every episode in S3 and S4. I hope they can keep it up.

Thinking about these two episodes suggests a definition of "character development." Character development is what happens when a character does something that you wouldn't have expected or predicted, but that's perfectly in keeping with who and what they are. Examples here included Pinkie's sour-faced grumpiness in an atmosphere of insincere smiles, Twilight's blank take on being told to shut up in the middle of a pious lecture on the Meaning of Friendship, and RD's "Oh, come ON!" to the other slowpokes as an expression of her frustration at being robbed of her own speed by the equality spell. These were delicious moments. There were others like them. Let's have some more -- and no more flanderization or Screechy Pie.
>> No. 36793390
Why exactly do we have two separate threads for discussing the premiere?
>> No. 36793391
File 142824172082.jpg - (55.74KB , 275x257 , Mr_Horse_admonishes.jpg )
In the hope that only one will get sidetracked into ranting about gaming or anime.
>> No. 36793393
Because Matt either didn't notice the premier thread at the top or wanted to make his own thread about how he felt anyway.
>> No. 36793406

i agree: the plot was especially good
>> No. 36793408
File 142826145053.gif - (507.41KB , 400x589 , Plot•worship.gif )
All plots are equal. But some plots are more equal than others.
>> No. 36793449
File 142827744296.jpg - (8.17KB , 201x251 , happypie.jpg )

it pleases me to worship thee, oh sweet celestia
>> No. 36793494
File 142830051333.png - (617.27KB , 1280x647 , large.png )
>> No. 36793498
File 142830080840.png - (3.05MB , 1007x4096 , tall.png )

And thus the day was saved by Dərpy!
>> No. 36793504
File 142830158251.png - (392.25KB , 600x814 , 865107__safe_solo_meme_exploitable+meme_reaction+image_spoiler-colon-s05e01_metal+gear_spoiler-c.png )
>> No. 36793507
File 142830219071.jpg - (49.47KB , 600x855 , large.jpg )
>> No. 36793604
File 142838097240.png - (77.44KB , 255x210 , slep.png )
8/10 it was awful IGN
>> No. 36793609
File 142838141791.gif - (2.21MB , 500x280 , 864698__safe_fluttershy_animated_screencap_bucket_discovery+family_starlight+glimmer_spoiler-col.gif )
Too much water
>> No. 36793786
File 142854480586.jpg - (133.17KB , 720x576 , Mr_Horse_blue_peek.jpg )
One detail that nobody's mentioned. Several of the songs written for this show are great, but the lyrics have generally been weak. Their rhymes are sparse or inexact or forced, their sentiments trite and flat, their scansion lame. Only two contain memorable lines with some hint of poetic inspiration. The first was "We've got hearts -- hearts strong as horses!" The second was "You can't have a nightmare / If you never dream."

Yeah, the song's music was bland and generic. But maybe that was the point. And the lyrics to this song, almost uniquely across the now four-plus years of the show, actually rhyme in every other line (XAXA)-- and all but one of the lines scan. Yay.
>> No. 36793789
File 142854732663.jpg - (150.89KB , 800x1121 , Big Brother Spike.jpg )
Hah! Thanks to the S5 premiere, conservative bloggers have suddenly discovered My Little Pony and are watching it with the doors locked and the shades drawn -- and hailing it as a breath of libertarian fresh air in the sewer of left-wing media:

>> No. 36793790
File 142854890618.jpg - (60.00KB , 521x720 , 10325213_1080359981981438_6943467971603929262_n.jpg )
In sameness, there is peace.
Exceptionalism is a lie.
Free yourself from your cutie mark.
Choose equality as your special talent.
Difference is frustration.
To excel is to fail.
Be your best by never being your best.
>> No. 36793791
File 142854920546.jpg - (42.62KB , 782x853 , AJ_sadjack.jpg )

yet more people misunderstanding the purpose of the episode's message... :(
>> No. 36793794
File 142855092984.jpg - (64.69KB , 261x349 , Mr_Horse_apprehensive.jpg )
I'm not so sure this is a complete misreading. Equal Town, with its forced patriotic parades, prisons with incessant re-ducation via loudspeakers, and pervasive dread of the thought police, is pretty clearly a caricature of 20th-century totalitarianism. The episode's basic message is the same as that of Orwell's [i[Animal Farm[/i]: when all animals are equal, some animals are almost certain to wind up more equal than others. This isn't really a crushing objection to egalitarianism, collective ownership, or centralized control of production; but it isn't entirely unrelated, either. (No baked goods but uniform nasty muffins; no clothes but uniform burlap cloaks...) You can read this as a satire either of collectivism or of cults led by charismatic prophets -- or of both, which seems to me to be the right way to read it.
>> No. 36793796
File 142855273028.jpg - (349.45KB , 2000x1700 , wereallequal.jpg )

it is too bad everypony automatically assumes the episode is about communism when it is about something much deeper and more profound, which encompasses all the political ideologies, and is more a reflection of consumerism than communism in today's current political and economic context

"we've got... muffins" can easily be equated to the spiritual equivalent of "we've got... an economic system based on scarcity = stepping on other ponies to get to the top"

"there's just too many differences that lead to disarray" = ponies are just too different to accommodate anything other than a system based on ownership of property

"but when we learn to act as one it's like a holiday" = but when everypony accepts the mane system and acts in accordance with it, "everypony" wins

propaganda = modern advertisements encouraging ponies to consume

basically, socialism/communism is where one pony creates "harmony" and "friendship" for everypony else at the expense of themselves (Starlight Glimmer was miserable), and capitalism is where one pony creates "harmony" and "friendship" for themselves at the expense of everypony else (think Flim Flam Brothers) - they both make everypony miserable, but in inverse ways

...and so on, so given that the episode can apply to any political system, we see the message goes much deeper than the surface politics, and instead is about purpose, friendship, reason, and changing dualities, just off the top of my head - im sure there are more

on any hoof, it's hard being the only intelligent pony on earth sometimes... does anypony want to join my utopia?
>> No. 36793801
File 142857217268.jpg - (88.53KB , 845x561 , capitalism+Equestria2.jpg )
But capitalism, however you slice it, implies fundamental inequality. There are capitalists, who own the means of production ("job creators" in Republican jargon), and wage-slaves, who are compelled to sell their labor to the capitalists. The notion of everybody's having to eat the same disgusting muffins and wear the same burlap bags is hard to read as a satire on capitalism.

The only way you can read Equal Town as a capitalist society is to see Starlight Shimmer as the only capitalist in town. But if she's a capitalist, she's a capitalist pretending to be a worker. That points to a commissar.

I see some merit in what you're saying. In some ways, American capitalism in its current neoliberal form (i.e., with no labor unions) is the mirror image of the Soviet system. Both say to the worker, "You're just the same as the bosses." The American lie is that if you work hard and keep your nose to the grindstone, you too can own a factory. The Soviet lie is that you already do.

But the loudspeakers in Equal Town aren't saying, "Try harder and get rich." They're saying, "Stop trying."

Last edited at Thu, Apr 9th, 2015 02:40

>> No. 36793803
I think these asshats all over the ponynets really need to shut their mouths when it comes to trying to see this episode as an allegory to anything related to capitalism or communism.

The mane 6 are a unified group of friends, each with unique personalities, who uplift each other and provide strength. And that's who we're supposed to see as the "capitalists" here? .

Starlight Glimmer sets the bar for society at an artificially constructed lowest common denominator, and brainwashes her people into mutually enforced suppression. Does that really sound like a social or economic system that redistributes wealth to those most in need?

Hell, if ANYTHING, this would be a critique on the oligarchy that floods our minds, schools, and airwaves with nonsense, manufactured drama, and anti intellectualism, all in an effort to stupidly, and enslave the masses through debt and ineptitude, into a near inescapable lower class. Our inspiration to be more than ourselves, to be brilliant, is robbed of us, just like their cutie marks were robbed of them.

But really, in the end it's not even an allegory on oligarchy, or anything else. It was never intended to be. It's not a line in the sand against those dratted democrats, it's a story of how friendship transcends through superficial differences, like talent.
>> No. 36793804
Clearly a treatise against enforced uniformity and a celebration of specialization as well as friendships that span differences.
>> No. 36793812
File 142860877087.png - (754.69KB , 900x571 , i_m_not_scared_anymore_by_iamtehpilot-d5we3ut.png )
Great way to start this Season.
>> No. 36793857

>it is too bad everypony automatically assumes the episode is about communism when it is about something much deeper and more profound, which encompasses all the political ideologies, and is more a reflection of consumerism than communism in today's current political and economic context

In my opinion that's as much the writer's fault as it is the viewer's mindset, if not more. They pulled out all the modern stereotypes of communism, they might as well have really called the episode Cutie Marxism. Then they went on to imply that "equality" can only mean that no one has the right to excel or be different (where in reality it's quite the opposite), and finally went on to say that no one could truly believe that some system based on equality might actually work. At least not without being brainwashed into it, having ulterior motives or being a psychopath (can't decide between those latter two for Starlight).

That's all implicit and open for interpretation of course, I mean, they never drew the parallel with any real-life ideologies explicitely. Superficially the message is that you shouldn't take what makes someone special away from them, and that you don't need to be equal to be friends. I like to believe that was also the intended message. But they made it so very easy for people to instead draw the conclusion that A) equality = communism = evil and B) anyone with some kind of equal rights ideology is either evil or has been brainwashed and needs (wants!) help. I just can't like the episode because of that, even though I liked pretty much everything else about it and really tried to enjoy it.

Hell, even without all the references to communism, this episode was pretty much propaganda in itself. "A group of people has a different ideology than you? They must have been brainwashed, go save (enlighten? convert?) them!" You can apply that to anything. It's called either intolerance or ignorance. Great message for a show intended for impressionable 6 year olds. /s

But enough negativity from some random anonymous who never even posted here before. On the plus side, I also didn't think they could pull off something darker than Twilight getting her house permanently destroyed while everything and everyone else she held dear to her had already been taken from her. That brainwashing stuff Starlight pulled was pure torture; that was really intense. Definitely seems like they picked up on the fandom's affinity for darker themes.
>> No. 36793859
File 142862855597.png - (141.26KB , 900x833 , cute jump.png )
>In my opinion that's as much the writer's fault as it is the viewer's mindset, if not more.
Also because M. A. Larson tweets about Vonnegut...a lot.
>> No. 36793864
File 142862920257.png - (66.54KB , 196x262 , Nanami_(9).png )
I thought Vonnegut commented on egalitarianism instead of communism? And even then, I'm not sure if it's critical of the idea itself or just it being handled improperly like how Orwell wasn't against what Communist intends to be, just when people like Stalin are put in command and twist it.

Last edited at Thu, Apr 9th, 2015 18:26

>> No. 36793869
File 142862982470.png - (334.69KB , 1600x1559 , i can fap to this.png )
To me The Cutie Map feels one-half Animal Farm and one-half Harrison Bergeron. Stripping the ponies of their talents is Harrison Bergeron, whereas in Animal Farm they went for more of a "from each according to his ability" thing.
>> No. 36793940
It was bloody amazing. I've always been obsessed with communism, and the premiere is just riddled with it. And that makes me very happy.
>> No. 36793977
File 142872739400.png - (157.18KB , 500x450 , 704445__safe_princess+celestia_long+neck_communism_hammer+and+sickle_artist-colon-switchy_ask+ce.png )
Yeah, there's really nothing at all in Harrison Burgeron to indicate that it's about communism. Marx wanted to enforce ECONOMIC equality, but not equality of skills or talents, which is what Harrison Burgeron and The Cutie Map are about.

Marx never had a problem with people being exceptionally talented, and he'd probably be disgusted at the idea of trying to stifle people's talents to keep them all equal.

What he believed was that exceptional talent should be used for the benefit of everyone, not just for the benefit of the talented person. If Starlight were a communist, she'd have let everyone keep their marks, but try to control how they use their special talents. It would have been a very different storyline.
>> No. 36794165
File 142879990577.jpg - (44.08KB , 497x360 , 27.jpg )
Pretty much, yeah. The Soviets even made a lot of propaganda with the idea that talented people could only really use their talents in Communist countries.

Like this poster, which basically proposes that this genius violin player would be ignored in America but beloved by everyone in Russia (because violin music isn't that popular so profit-driven capitalists won't sponsor his talents.)

Of course in Equaltown he'd just play his violin terribly and all the ponies would just stand there smiling creepily.
>> No. 36794263
File 142882351519.png - (249.34KB , 1280x916 , fillysparklyeyes.png )
Fuck Russia
>> No. 36794283
File 142885181767.jpg - (208.59KB , 2510x1164 , 4272138-feqgwv.jpg )

And there it is. One part of the formula to make Cutie Markless a classic. Still really like what we got, but there was room to go the extra mile here.

If it makes you feel any better, I personally don't think you're being negative at all. Upon further examination, I feel you have a point and this isn't just a fault with MLP, but with almost every show primarily aimed at a younger demographic and many shows aimed at an older audience have when it comes to writing Gray Antagonists.

Without fail the creators reach a point where they can't keep them within the Gray and revert right back into some form Black and White morality. Season 4 of Korra also suffers from this when they didn't do enough to show how Kuvira's rule helped to stabilize the Earth Kingdom in a good. It was straight into the analogues of the darker side of Chairman Mao's unification of China.

Makes me wonder if the creators of Season 5 can find the balance. I sincerely hope they can.

Last edited at Sun, Apr 12th, 2015 08:18

>> No. 36794294
I'm just going to spoiler all of this post

The song definitely was worthwhile.
>pulling down RD while singing "winning only brings the worst ego filled conceit"

>emulate, simplify, "you can't have a nightmare, if you never dream"
>the dead-serious military theme and marching sound effects
>fluttershy's face
A bit more subtle, at the end of the song, when they form the equals sign, the mane six are NOT in a symmetrical configuration. The visual and audio artists have way too much fun with this stuff.

The megaphone was pretty lol too. The episode went from Asimovian equality to the 1984 references.

I do like the mane six not being the heroes for some of the end, but then I can't tell if them saving the day should be graded on "celebrating differences" vs "of course they save the day they're the main characters"

>fluttershy in the chimney
Man this stuff is adorable. The cutie marks being in the jars, and the shattering of the glass case for the cutie marks disappointed me though. I was hoping they'd just gang up on her. They were all equals at the time, overwhelm with numbers, just like back in the old country!

>> No. 36794312
File 142887450532.jpg - (387.39KB , 1920x1080 , Untitled.jpg )
Why would Applejack just go into somepony's home and immediately destroy property?

I wonder if this was supposed to be a side-joke, because all the mane six seem to suck at finding things. Twilight was staring at a picture, AJ just breaks stuff, Rarity is staring out the window.
>> No. 36794321
File 142887566621.gif - (437.92KB , 542x342 , AJ_whatttttttt.gif )

I LOVED that joke. I think that was meant to be aj being like "Fuck you bitch" at Starlight. She's intentionally destroying Starlight's lamp as a bit of petty revenge for having locked her up.

I really loved the touch. She didn't JUST destroy stuff, as after breaking the lamp she started looking around, but its a nice animation touch to have her get a little revenge first.
>> No. 36794323
Well, they're no better than anypony else at finding stuff.

I don't like the looks that Double Diamond is giving Twilight's booty, though...
>> No. 36794324
And with equal mark, she'd give TERRIBLE sex.

Think it over diamond, its not worth it.
>> No. 36794349
File 142889608452.png - (113.23KB , 900x625 , tv.png )

I missed this. time to rewatch the episode i suppose

Last edited at Sun, Apr 12th, 2015 20:34

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