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Why do some people hate CMC episodes so much?

I find them to all have likable personalities and their shtick has them always doing something new
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>> No. 36793274
File 142819467618.jpg - (91.63KB , 706x1000 , 49fc17a53a4d3bb92f7a0c61362b1857.jpg )
That's the main problem for me - I don't like children very much. Also, their main shtick in any given episode is usually breaking something.
>> No. 36793275
File 142819502028.gif - (240.35KB , 722x722 , shake.gif )

they're pretty likable as far as children go....


>their main shtick in any given episode is usually breaking something.

>> No. 36793280
File 142819654923.png - (17.92KB , 439x460 , 280162__safe_solo_oc_artist-colon-the+weaver_ice+pack_chef_chef+hat.png )
Man, don't ask me, CMC episodes are some of my favorites.
>> No. 36793282
File 142819697194.png - (202.70KB , 900x768 , sweetie_does_this_unit_have_soul.png )
I find the CMC to be grating, moronic idiots. 90% of their plots and "jokes" are basically "Damn, aren't kids stupid? look at how stupid these little kids are".

Their cuite mark obsession wasn't that good from the start, and they WAY overdid it by now, having ran it directly into the ground.

This isn't so bad with Sweetie belle and Scoots: those two have some other premises to work with, like Scoots flight issues, or Sweetie and Rarity (Plus, Sweetie belle's ditziness is actually entertaining).
But Applebloom doesn't seem to have anything to her character besides "I have an outrageous country accent and I want to prove I'm an adult".
>> No. 36793285
File 142819705987.png - (240.36KB , 716x1116 , golden sip.png )
I still think AB is the most endearing, but...all of her episodes suck.
>> No. 36793291
File 142819739061.jpg - (122.13KB , 900x675 , the_cutie_mark_crusaders_ballet_by_symoned14-d5bh4hh.jpg )
Applebloom has a clear interest in AJ,it makes for an interesting character.While Scootaloo looks up to Rainbow dash....

While Sweetie Bell tries to fit in with other ponies,it is a good little troupe.
>> No. 36793302
File 142819833434.png - (182.81KB , 768x867 , chibi 2.png )

>I find the CMC to be grating, moronic idiots.

I find them to be ambitious and smarter than 90% of kids their age
>> No. 36793303
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Because they are trying to get their cutie marks?
>> No. 36793310
File 142819984692.png - (895.41KB , 1280x640 , CMC cave.png )

not just that, but how they're so creative and unrelenting about it

those ponies are going places
>> No. 36793465
File 142829117742.png - (304.24KB , 748x553 , Me, Myself, and Fry.png )
I like the CMC. Sure the whole Cutie Mark business is getting old, but the stories not totally focused on hairbrained schemes to get the marks are fairly entertaining. I'd say they have an interesting arc nonetheless that could have some good closure whenever it does come around.

> Doesn't like children
> Watches children's show

Obvious man child who finds other children to be a threat to his man child career is obvious?
>> No. 36793466
Not so impressive when you live in a world filled with child-like adults.
>> No. 36793497
File 142830073589.jpg - (260.56KB , 1500x1500 , Spike.jpg )
I like them because they're not Spike episodes.
>> No. 36793721
File 142844660165.jpg - (61.85KB , 550x544 , 131027182744.jpg )
their season 1 episodes were pretty bad but they've gotten better
>> No. 36793807
The real world?
>> No. 36793809
I guess it's almost like a different show when they're featured.

I want Faust's spinoff.
>> No. 36793813
File 142860881754.png - (0.97MB , 1363x737 , Balloons_deflating_S03E04.png )
I love the CMC episodes.
>> No. 36793823
I want Faust's show. :P
>> No. 36794297
People hate character driven stuff. It doesn't help they play the CMC straight: they're children. Enthusiastic, oblivious children.
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