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If you consider episodes Magical Mystery cure and Cutie Markless, what have you learned about the powers of a cutie mark?
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Hypothesis based on initial observation:

Young horses begin with no talent, but magically gain talent by pushing themselves into something they enjoy. The application of a cutie mark imbues them with talent that they now innately know how to use. The forced application, rather than natural discovery/earning, of a cutie mark can lead to strange side effects.

In The Cutie Pox, Applebloom was either strongly compelled or magically forced to perform her talents until cured of the fake marks.

In Magical Mystery Cure, the ponies again felt compelled to perform their new talents, but the faulty application of said marks didn't allow for them to actually draw out the power of the mark, and seemed to mess with their memories in the process.

In Cutie Markless, the loss of one's mark not only removed their talents, but began to remove even a pony's personality. Memory seemed to remain intact, however, unlike Magical Mystery Cure's mishaps. Since their replacement marks were inherently talentless, they were not compelled to perform anything at all, if only because they were not capable of doing so.

So it seems to me like a cutie mark isn't just discovered, but possibly created. The desires and personality of a pony coalesce into a tramp stamp that imbues them with talent and character. As a pony ages and learns, the mark itself grows more powerful. Removing said mark can cause a pony to lose both their talents and forget who they really are, almost as though the mark is a personalized and self inflicted geas, which is exactly what the forced application of other cutie marks acts like.
>> No. 36793475
>In Cutie Markless, the loss of one's mark not only removed their talents, but began to remove even a pony's personality.

The Equal Mark glowed when they tried to express themselves and caused their personality draining. Thus any effects can not be solely linked to the removal of the mark.
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File 142830025479.jpg - (18.35KB , 320x240 , usa.jpg )
Cutie marks = freedom
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File 142830090859.png - (630.91KB , 1200x1200 , 1072835 - Lt__Fox_Vixen Squirrel_And_Hedgehog lonbluewolf.png )
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Yeah, it seems like the Equal Mark specifically inhibits talents. We know from Magical Mystery Cure that the mark isn't what gives you your talent, it just symbolizes that you've FOUND that talent. After all, Fluttershy didn't become good at jokes because she had Pinkie's mark, Rarity's mark didn't make AJ good at sewing, etc.

So my guess is that if the Mane Six had ONLY lost their marks, it wouldn't have actually changed their skills or personalities at all. That was all the Equal Mark's doing.

After all, if removing the mark removed your talents, why would Starlight have bothered with an equal mark at all? Just make everyone blank flanks.
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File 142838326595.jpg - (320.19KB , 916x1024 , large.jpg )

But having the Cutie Pox does give you talents appropriate to the mark.

Man, this is one of those times where MMC just wrecks things again, isn't it?
>> No. 36793638
Cutie Pox is different from that.
>> No. 36793649
Cutie Pox comes from using forbidden magic. It breaks the normal rules of Cutie Marks, so it's an exceptional circumstance.
>> No. 36793651
Youtube embed play button
"Forbidden magic"?

That was just Drinking random crap under the sink more or less. Zecora's potion was in no way shape or form malicious, applebloom just decided to go full retard and drink stuff she didn't understand.
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File 142839702300.png - (121.15KB , 753x800 , 866531__safe_solo_walking_double+diamond_artist-colon-asofterbucky_s05e02.png )

In what ways?


Also, I'm pretty sure magic that removes people's cutie marks is probably pretty forbidden, so Cutie Map (which is the actual name, I am told) hasn't actually left the realm of forbidden magic.
>> No. 36793659
>In what ways?

The Cutie Pox is the forced application of Cutie Marks and with them the talents associated with them. The magic forces a change in the Pony and them to uncontrollably enact their new talents in order to apply the Cutie Mark to them.
>> No. 36793719
It's magic, I ain't gotta explain shit.
>> No. 36793733
File 142846503829.png - (276.11KB , 1027x1024 , large (4).png )

But it's all magic! The cutie marks themselves are magic!


I mean, basically, yeah. Doesn't mean we can't attempt to understand how the magic works, though.
>> No. 36793737
Think of it like this then.

Viruses can cause changes in your body. They are biological, your body is biological, the virus causes changes in your body through biological means.
>> No. 36793779
File 142853907878.png - (288.61KB , 1280x720 , Cutie_mark_number_4_S2E6.png )
Okay, here is my personal observations and headcanon on Cutie Marks.

Ponies gain Cutie Marks that represent their Special Talent, This is a talent that they love and are very immersed in prior to gaining said mark, it's something they want to do for the rest of their lives. Once they gain the mark it acts as a magical booster to said talent. This causes them to become a genius at that talent.
Example: Rarity was perfectly good at making outfits and costumes prior to getting her cutie mark. Once she got her mark she was able to add even more in the way of flair and style to her outfits. Her mark provided her bursts of inspiration and clarity in how to push her talent even further.
It's a reward for coming of age. Ponies can still learn other skills and be good at them(Fluttershy's freaky knowledge of sewing).
This is how normal Cutie Marks function.

The Cutie pox: This caused Applebloom to gain random "False" cutie marks, these marks "Imposed" the "talents" they represented on her, overpowering her will via the magic of the marks.

Magical Mystery Cure: The natural cutie marks of the mane 6 were swapped around. There was more magic involved here than just the cutie marks. I don't believe the altered memories were a result of the cutie marks but rather the spell twilight cast. The marks being swapped applied their normal bolstering effect for the talents they represented to the ponies that now possessed them. The problem is that these ponies had no training in these talents. Nor were they things they really liked doing. So all the cutie marks could provide them was a faint ability to perform those talents. This allowed Rarity a unicorn with little magical training to control the weather. (Weird because RD's talent is her flying ability but meh). But she used her weather control to make patterns in the sky, a shadow of all her love and training in fashion and design. When the main 6 went around helping each other they were still able to perform their talents with the skill they had learned and rediscovered the love they have for their talents causing their true cutie marks to appear, breaking the spells hold on them, and restoring their memories.

Cutie Markless: This one gets interesting. The "Equality Spell" used here does two things. 1) it strips ponies of their cutie marks. So in this they lose the magic that would bolster their special talent. But even without the cutie mark itself they would still have all the training and experience and be able to perform their talent, and as seen before, if a spell makes you lose your cutie mark you can rediscover it and break the spell. So this leads to what else that spell did.
2) It applied a "False" cutie mark to them. the = cutie mark actually imposed a negative modifier to the ponies who gained it. This magic reduced ALL of a ponies capacities to a low amount. This is how it made ponies equal by "Nerfing" every aspect of them. Rainbow Dash couldn't fly faster than Fluttershy would normally fly when she was in a hurry! None could run very fast. Even a pony who's talent WAS baking made barely edible muffins...as such this same effect would prevent them from being able to perform their own talents in a way as to allow them to regain their cutie marks naturally.

The CMC: So with all this in mind lets look at them real fast. They each have a natural talent they have demonstrated and a learned skill that they have applied themselves to. According to "The Show Stoppers" AB is very good at construction and repair, Sweetie has shown to be great at singing and music, and scoots is great at stunts and acrobatics. And in "Twilight Time" they showed skills that they learned, AB learned alchemy(Something she has shown interest in before via Zacora), Scoots gain some mechanical repair skill, and Sweetie learned to control her magic to some degree.
So why have they not gained their Cutie marks yet? They lack the drive and dedication to a single talent and are not performing them in a rewarding way. They are doing things not because they love doing them but because they just want their cutie marks. They have put themselves into a bit of a paradoxical conundrum. What would a cutie mark in trying to get your cutie mark look like anyway? (like the CMC emblem duh...)

TLDR: Well just go back and read it anyway.
>> No. 36793781
Well said Nickle Storm.

For Applebloom I like how RealityCheck put it. Her talent is in something a bit broader: It's putting things together. Construction, assembly, and the like. Alchemy fits into that because it is simply putting things together.

Now imagine what happens when she combines mechanical and alchemical interests.
>> No. 36793782
>Weird because RD's talent is her flying ability but meh

In truth Rainbow Dash's destiny is to be the master flyer over all pegasi as foreshadowed by Spitfire admitting she was a leader, and flying fast is just one of her many abilities specific to pegasi.
>> No. 36793806
Flight and weather manipulation seem inextricably linked.
>> No. 36793826
its whatever they want
>> No. 36794274

But free beer for all is COMMUNISM!
>> No. 36794341
File 142889443439.png - (454.43KB , 1280x720 , Pinkie_Pie_drunk_S02E15.png )

Wouldn't it be vodka?
>> No. 36794343
>that pic
I was expecting the villain to do that at the climax...
>> No. 36794348
File 142889586750.jpg - (53.00KB , 736x1086 , d.jpg )

I don't think that would turn out well for her.
>> No. 36794355
File 142889752687.jpg - (740.86KB , 806x4096 , tall.jpg )
Applebloom just isn't pony enough to handle cutie mark magic.
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