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36793519 No. 36793519
This episode's title is Castle Sweet Castle, written by Joanna Lewis & Kristine Songco.

>Princess Twilight's friends are surprised to discover that she has not been spending much time at all at her new castle, and once they learn the reason why, they all join together to try and make it a more comfortable place for her.

This episode airs Saturday, April 11th at 11:30 AM EST/ 8:30 AM PST.
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>> No. 36793879
Youtube embed play button

Not bad, I really like it. Its catchy; surprised to see the starting verse done by RD, she rarely leads in the songs.
Its got a nice feel to it, and the mane six's voices are all harmonizing well.

On that note, I think their attempts are set up to be *failures* here. Specifically, they're looking at what *they* like in a home and not at what Twilight misses about her old home. So I think they have their hearts in the right place, but will find that their efforts won't have the effect they thought it would, leaving them bewildered.

I think at the end they'll end up gathering up something from her old castle that survived or whatnot after having an epiphany.

>song that I hate
>> No. 36793881
File 142863199876.png - (66.54KB , 196x262 , Nanami_(9).png )
I think I would've liked the verses for each character's part to be a bit longer to space out them doing the "and we'll make" part.

>I think at the end they'll end up gathering up something from her old castle that survived or whatnot after having an epiphany.
>old castle
Well I suppose you could say that a mare's home is her castle.
>> No. 36793884
File 142863274836.png - (125.97KB , 400x400 , Angrier_Angron.png )

I will admit the second "and we'll make" was a bit garbled together. the first one worked though. (I was expecting "make it just fine" not "divine" though. That's just me though)
>> No. 36793890
>>song that I hate

what that mean exaclty?

is that they are going to say "the home is where the heart is" and that is how it ends?

Last edited at Thu, Apr 9th, 2015 20:24

>> No. 36793891
File 142863739301.jpg - (104.97KB , 578x1024 , angron_kill_mee.jpg )

I was just posting that song from the original MLP as a response to your prediction (basically its the "the home is where the heart is" idea), with the second line being clarifying that I absolutely despise that song.
>> No. 36793892
File 142863747162.png - (208.77KB , 698x515 , not really feeling it.png )
Yeah, I'm...not really feeling it.

Sounds too much like EQG's style of "cliche formulaic pop song".
>> No. 36793893
Your honeymoon period must be over because there is no difference in this and past MLP songs.

Aside from Dash's singing hurt.
>> No. 36793894
File 142863903815.gif - (468.18KB , 500x250 , post-29740-Ill-Cut-You-gif-knife-switchbl-K9lq.gif )
>Trashtalking dash's part
>> No. 36793895
I just don't like listening to gravel sing.
>> No. 36793897
>Your honeymoon period must be over because there is no difference in this and past MLP songs.

If you could stop attacking people for having opinions different than yours, that'd be great.

It did sound really weird.
>> No. 36793898
File 142863939503.jpg - (53.35KB , 550x593 , RD_srsly.jpg )

I rather LIKED it.
>> No. 36793900
>> No. 36793920
File 142867850453.png - (750.16KB , 800x800 , Twi Gusta (Br0ny).png )
They're all moving in.

But they don't know it yet.

Last edited at Fri, Apr 10th, 2015 08:07

>> No. 36793921
File 142868943283.jpg - (30.92KB , 329x256 , CilanBW015.jpg )

Another clip.
>> No. 36793922
Well, now I expect that Twilight's recent issues have nothing to do with the loss of Golden Oak, but with her trying to live up to her title of "Princess of Friendship".

Because that's her only personality trait now.
>> No. 36793923
And we see your only personality trait.
>> No. 36793924
File 142869008226.png - (100.67KB , 176x317 , cilan 2 10 2.png )
Seriously? The point of the scene is showing that Twilight isn't just trying to be helpful, she's doing all she can to be somewhere else. Her challenging Dash to a bunch of races doesn't even really have anything to do with helping her.
>> No. 36793925

Nope, I think it's pretty obvious and you've got it wrong. She'd rather hang out with her friends, even doing lots of things she doesn't need to just to not leave because she feels she has nowhere else to go. Her home was destroyed and she seems to be sleeping in it's charred remains, avoiding the castle.
>> No. 36793926
File 142869071484.png - (232.25KB , 520x552 , But then again___.png )
Seems odd that all-of-a-sudden she's having a problem with it, when she showed absolutely no signs of negativity in the S4 finale, EQG2, or the S5 opener.
>> No. 36793927

On that note, I think a theme of this episode will be moving on emotionally. Twilight doesn't want to leave her friends to go "back home" because her old home is a wreck and aside from not being much of a home anymore, it's still a pretty big emotional scar to confront. So instead she's trying to spend as much time away from it to not have to confront it, but it's something she does need to overcome. I'm interested in seeing how Twilight eventually resolves this problem, and I'm happy to see Twilight isn't just whining about her tree but trying to avoid it or at least mentioning the problem to her friends; that leaves up some real strong emotional possibilities when the truth gets drawn out of her.

There was a lot of stuff going on in the finale, and she did seem really pissed when it was destroyed. EQG2 and the opener of S5 seem fairly recent, like maybe within a few days, and as I've stated, this is something she seems to be trying to hide rather than cry to her friends about, so bottling it up when they're in business mode in the castle seems fine.
>> No. 36793928
Bitch please, I have tons of personality traits. I hate most of modern gaming, I love it when shitty people get their come-uppance, I get annoyed at pricks with superiority complexes because of their cowardice, I worship Freedom like a citizen of Columbia minus the racism, and I am currently going through an existential crisis over the fact that I just realized that I'm 20 years old and have done precisely fucking nothing with my life.
>> No. 36793929
File 142869280502.jpg - (231.19KB , 1024x845 , twililcoon.jpg )
Well, so twilight is so unwilling to confront her new role/house/loss of house that she pretty much is running herself ragged everywhere else just to have an excuse.

Not surprising for the episode, but not a very entertaining clip; Vital no doubt for the episode, but it requires some follow up stuff.


Just like how in the S3 finale she was flying super well.
And how in EQG she seemed to have accepted being a princess.
And how PTS had her deal with being a princess.

The show's not very consistent on having her lessons stick.


100% doubt it.


Completely uncalled for; that IS her one trait. She lost everything else she had at the end of S2.


That being said, I don't think that's why she's hanging out with the others right now. I more think its just emotional loss due to her tree being gone.
>> No. 36793930
File 142869365148.png - (48.97KB , 212x178 , Ghoulia 2.png )
>each of the characters is talking
>all talk about how twilight is spending all day with them with out stoping
> rainbow dash stat to tak
>i say to myself, i bet rainbow dash find a way to shoe horn the word "awesome" on what she is talking about
> she does it
> you daughter of a bitch,
>why dont you marry the word awesome?

for the twilight issue, i dont know, they are pulling this "oh, my old house is gone, i dont want to live in this playset"
but at the end the moral is, well twilight, you now live in this new playset, so better you start liking it, you will kill yourself.
>> No. 36793941
File 142871850191.png - (123.13KB , 515x500 , Derpy says good day to you, sirs.png )
>Wants to be with her friends all the time.
>Scene where they're all eating at the same table.
This supports my earlier speculation that the rest of the mane six move in to Twilight Sparkle's castle at the end of this story arc.

>100% doubt it.
Well, I'm not going to say it's definitely going to happen, but I nevertheless reserve the right to say, "I totally called it" if it happens, wholly in the name of self-serving hypocrisy, of course.

Last edited at Fri, Apr 10th, 2015 19:15

>> No. 36793943
File 142871914255.jpg - (430.80KB , 1422x1600 , castlez.jpg )

I am certain to the point where I would pretty much bet money it will not happen.

That does make me wonder though: Will they have another big Toy item this season besides Celestia's Play castle?

Cutie mark magic didn't appear at all so far, making me think it was more or less just meant as "Rainbow power toys 2.0" after all, and they gotta shill SOMETHING.
>> No. 36793944
File 142871918421.png - (898.29KB , 1179x637 , sunil115.png )
>the rest of the main six move in to Twilight Sparkle's castle at the end of this story arc.

That seems both extreme and pointless.
>> No. 36793945
File 142871928416.gif - (160.65KB , 424x516 , flapping.gif )
Not pointless. I think it would sell toys like crazy.
>> No. 36793947
File 142871930116.png - (851.28KB , 762x809 , sunil100.png )
I'm not sure how "Main6 now live in the castle" would somehow boost toy sales by a "crazy' amount, seeing as "main6 now live in the castle" is a rather tiny, insignificant detail compared to the other "BUY OUR TOYS" stunts they've pulled.

Last edited at Fri, Apr 10th, 2015 19:28

>> No. 36793948

with what toys exactly? There wouldn't be any new toys, its just them moving to a preexisting toy.
>> No. 36793950
is just a reminder that twilight castle playset exist. and how it is so great and magnificent

just like how cadence appeared inmediatly when season 3 started. because is the reminder that she exist so you buy it, because she is so great and magnificent that she save the world

on any case, they at the season finale will stop featuring twilight castle to much, and they will start showing up canterlot for the next playset
>> No. 36793951
File 142872000904.png - (443.14KB , 3300x3700 , looking up2.png )
It would ramp up the importance of the castle they already have. Kids that weren't interested in playsets before would now have to get this playset because it's the most important playset ever manufactured.
>> No. 36793952
File 142872015221.jpg - (16.37KB , 320x240 , We're Through The Looking Glass Here People.jpg )
Yeah, toys are definitely a motive.

However, the main reason why I'm speculating it's happening (aside from the clips supporting the episode seems to be moving in that direction) is because it wouldn't really change anything (the Castle's smack dab in the middle of Ponyville and Twilight's friends can do whatever they were always doing there anyway) while introducing an interesting hunk of canon continuity (suddenly, they're roomies!).

Granted, if it goes this way, I could draw a pretty clear line to the end of Season 5 that everypony ends up a princess, or at least a Lady-In-Waiting or Duchess or something since, after all, they already live in a magic friendship castle.

Last edited at Fri, Apr 10th, 2015 19:51

>> No. 36793953
File 142872035067.png - (172.95KB , 636x357 , no sex.png )
It already seems important enough, seeing as it was a huge part of the S4 finale and the S5 opener, and they're flaunting it everywhere they possibly can, even in the goddamn intro.

If kids weren't interested in it already, I don't think making the other 5 "move" into it will suddenly make them interested in it.

Also seems like a really dumb and random way to "ramp up the importance" of it.
>> No. 36793955
File 142872052580.jpg - (611.40KB , 1200x1048 , hoodie.jpg )
>even in the goddamn intro
Uh, it's only fair. The tree was in the intro before, so...
>> No. 36793959
Oh grogar, please don't have twilight's library come back.

I bet the mane six shippers are probably squealling over the main six moving into twilight's castle right now.

Last edited at Fri, Apr 10th, 2015 20:01

>> No. 36793960
File 142872255099.png - (276.68KB , 858x486 , lyra is pleased3.png )
>Rarity discreetly visiting Applejack's chamber in the middle of the night
>> No. 36793961
Only to find Fluttershy had beat her to the punch.
>> No. 36793962
File 142872309841.jpg - (152.96KB , 850x609 , 131422 - cmc scootaloo artist_fadri apple_bloom shipping_wall comic shipping_chart Sweetie_Belle.jpg )
Not that we woudn't ship them regardless, of course.
>> No. 36793968
File 142872609834.gif - (2.77MB , 250x318 , fet.gif )
>second premise in that statement
>Also fairly certain that will not happen :p

But the thing is about this castle is, its *old* by now! that things from Season 4, they're going to be rolling out new stuff! new playsets, new toys. they don't want to waste time advertising an old toyset, they're going to stop production on those, mark them down, and start adverting a new thing.

its how they always do it with playsets.


Going to be honest, AJ and Fluttershy probably have the least shipping potential of the mane six :/

Last edited at Fri, Apr 10th, 2015 21:23

>> No. 36793971
>But the thing is about this castle is, its *old* by now!
is the playset which still on the shelves.
and will be the latest playset until christmas where the big canterlot castle playset start comming out.
>> No. 36793976
File 142872727498.jpg - (265.11KB , 900x506 , e140eu.jpg )

The canterlot one will be out before christmas; its not THAT far off. They have prototypes that are more or less the finished product, it will probably be out in the fall.

Though, that one will be pushed by Episode 100. I'm expecting something ELSE, like a new mane six toy line or something ala the rainbow power things or the Crystal toy line.
>> No. 36793978
File 142872758075.png - (364.70KB , 1590x849 , any questions.png )
>get to toys R Us website
>search for MLP
>My Little Pony Princess Twilight Sparkle's Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Playset $41.99
>is the most expensive MLP merch on the entire site, and having a big playset drive to get more ponies to fill it up
Any questions?

just because they have prototypes and stuff that doesnt mean it will be out on summer or anything, it maybe could come out on autum.

for something they have time programing.
And if they dont get an even more expensive toy out at christmas compared to the canterlot playset, then they are going to put the canterlot playset for christmas seasons.

the point is getting the most expensive toys out at that time period.
it have nothing to do with "the episode 100" or that stuff.

the episode 100 is pandering to the bronies fans, not to the kids.

on that case, they could be visisting canterlot alot more during this season, and then having the finale there, the point is showing it off as much as possible. so kids reconice the place and they have it in mind.

and we have episode 9 taking place at celestia's castle, where there will be a big happy dance... enough teaming with the playset?

Last edited at Fri, Apr 10th, 2015 21:49

>> No. 36794022
I really wish these tards would preview the right episode. The Hub didn't fuck this up
>> No. 36794023
>> No. 36794025
10/10. Best episode ever
>> No. 36794028
File 142876641285.png - (513.93KB , 900x740 , Flitter in socks.png )
10/10 its ok -ign
>> No. 36794030
Ufhfjfgighifiejcjjrjdivjrbehhdiwjcovjejfjvjfnckrjvkfjgjjf -translation = Spike sleeps with a tiny Rarity plushie HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Last edited at Sat, Apr 11th, 2015 08:41

>> No. 36794051
File 142876813233.png - (113.77KB , 1599x673 , Book of the book.png )
0/10, needed more books.
>> No. 36794313
The song is supposed to sound weird, I'd say. It was clear RIGHT at the beginning: AJ starts grabbing her stuff and it's like "OH BOY HERE WE GO."
>> No. 36794318
File 142887547991.png - (920.25KB , 879x1024 , spike_doll.png )

Okay, get off your meds dude; it wasn't bad, but its not THAT good. I'd say 8/10, but its nowhere near Exceptional tier :/


Alright, that IS a good touch, I will agree.
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