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File 142860789817.png - (287.29KB , 3293x2028 , trixie and glimmers marks.png )
36793808 No. 36793808
I'm predicting Trixie and Glimmer are estranged sisters. It just fits too well - Glimmer's attitude stemming from Trixie being an insufferable braggart, both leaving home on their opposing missions. It's even likely that Glimmer discovered her talent for manipulating other ponies by playing on her friends' dislike of Trixie.
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>> No. 36793903

i don't think so... trixie is no good at magic...

did anypony else notice 8 points on the star + 8 special artifacts? - i think her talent isn't manipulation, but rather relates to the 8 artifacts...
>> No. 36793905
i think there isnt enough evidence to support that.
>> No. 36793916

She doesn't have to be better, she just has to act like she's better.
>> No. 36793917
File 142866469482.png - (38.28KB , 143x166 , TravelsWithBlueBox.png )
I think they were 8 beneficial artefacts, and that pretending the staff was one of them was to support her claim that equalisation was a good thing.

Noting that it's made of two 4-point stars and the colour/design otherwise matches Twilight's cutie mark, I'd say it's more likely that she'll found a team of 4 playing the anti-mane-6.
>> No. 36793979

good observation, though im not sure an anti-mane 6 is philosophically sound with the concept of the elements of harmony...
>> No. 36793983
File 142873072135.jpg - (131.44KB , 491x579 , flutterhuum.jpg )

I still have an issue with 4 anti- mane six instead of 5 anti-mane six though. You kind of ruin the symmetry of an evil opposite team without having a full set.

Though it'd be funny if they did something like "Fluttershy's too nice to have an evil opposite" XD
>> No. 36794092
File 142877687935.png - (91.05KB , 290x272 , Allonsy_Mi-eau.png )
It just needs to be a team that consider themselves a match for them.

True, but then 6+ is a lot of characters anyway, so a full 12 might damage pacing/etc...
>> No. 36794271

Why not? I could see Discord creating his own element team if he gets fed up with the mane six not trusting him.
>> No. 36794272

They could have three with each pone as powerful as the two of them - return of the Sirens perhaps?
>> No. 36794295
I was honestly hoping Glimmer's cutie mark was the equal sign. Somehow it just would've fit better.
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