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Okay, this one is going to be a bit rougher. I don't think there is a bad or even a mediocre episode in the mix here. Ranking this for me is going to be a bit tough. Well... I think I'll go with this:

Lesson Zero > Castle Sweet Castle > Castle Mane-ia > Too Many Pinkie Pies > The Ticket Master

Lesson Zero, to me, is Party of One done right. I know a lot of people love Party of One, but I find it to be just... alright. Lesson Zero, however, I find much funnier, and certainly the most entertaining of the crop we have today. Crazy Twilight is a treat to behold, and this episode may very well have Spike's best portrayal in the entire show. Gold star.

I'm a bit surprised that I'm putting Castle Sweet Castle here myself. There are some spots I find relatively average during the episode. It's entertainment to me is about on par with Castle Mane-ia. The reason it wins in the end, even if they could have been stronger, are the feels. Them feels can really endear an episode to me. That's the reason Sleepless in Ponyville is my favorite episode of Season 3.

I know that some people find Castle Mane-ia a bit bland, but for me, I find it plenty amusing throughout. I don't think there is a moment of boredom, even if there also any moments to make it stand out. This is one of my go-to episodes to point out that isn't anything special, but also doesn't have anything wrong.

Too Many Pinkie Pies has a good portrayal of Pinkie, somebody who really suffers when written poorly. Her clones might be crazy, but that is intentional here, and Pinkie should NOT be written like she is one of those clones. The solution of finding the real Pinkie is... really dark if you think about it too much. It's not last because I find it more entertaining than The Ticket Master (I keep using that word in this post).

Speaking of The Ticket Master, it is not a bad episode at all! Perhaps it is because it is such an early episode and I've seen it so many times, or maybe it is also still establishing all the characters and as such lacks much depth. Either way, I just find it sort of average to watch now. There's nothing that bothers me about it like Too Many Pinkie Pies, and yet... I feel like it has little personality compared to its competition. As I said before, when all the episodes are decent, it feels bad to put one in last place, but here we go.

Here are my personal stats thus far:

EP 1&2: S2 > S5 > S4 > S1 >S3
EP 3: S2 > S5 > S4 > S3 > S1

Only Season 1 and three switched around, and even that almost didn't happen. What's funny looking at the list thus far is that you can't tell that Season 4 is my favorite season. XD

Alright, next time we move on to potentially the first below-average episode in the battles. Which one do I think that is? Find out next time~
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>> No. 36794177

Lesson Zero is still an achievement in hilarity.

Castle-Mania, though a lesser achievement in both hilarity and character, is still a great funny episode.

The Ticket Master was a simple, funny, cute episode.

Too Many Pinkie Pies had it's funny moments, though rather troubling characterization problems.

Castle Sweet Castle isn't bad, just a bit on the boring side, nothing really happens in this episode.
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File 142880524362.png - (568.71KB , 668x783 , sunil106.png )
>> No. 36794262
File 142882302457.png - (221.64KB , 449x458 , Pinkie_Pie_ID_S4E11.png )
Pinkie Pie episode is best pony
>> No. 36794287
1. Too Many Pinkie Pies.
2. Lesson Zero.
3. Castle Sweet Castle.
4. The Ticket Master.
5. Castle Mane-ia
>> No. 36794310
File 142887336568.png - (98.40KB , 894x894 , tavi icon.png )
Lesson Zero > Castle Sweet Castle > Too Many Pinkie Pies > Castle Mane-ia > The Ticket Master
Or more accurately...
Lesson Zero > Castle Sweet Castle = Too Many Pinkie Pies = Castle Mane-ia = The Ticket Master

-- LZ is just too damn good! I consider it one of the best of the show, so yeah. #1 here.
-- CSC may not have had an interesting plot, but very little of FiM does, and this one had what counts! Plenty of good jokes and a daww moment. Couldn't ask for more!
-- see above
-- see above
-- see above

LZ is honestly the only one that stands out here. For me, at least, these episodes are all roughly equitable enough that I can't truly rate them.
>> No. 36794334
File 142888639703.png - (240.37KB , 1200x885 , large.png )
Too Many Pinkie Pies = Lesson Zero > Castle Sweet Castle > Castle Mania > The Ticket Master

TMPP: Great fun along with some great character moments.

Lesson Zero: Works in the same vein

Castle Sweet Castle: Charmingly cute. It's a simple premise, but that allows the episode to breathe and fill it in with a lot small, cute gags/interactions. Really like this one.

The Ticket Master: This and CSC are alike very much alike. Simple, funny, cute. I feel CSC does more in it's alotted time and is a bit more memorable.

Castle-mania: I admit I should probably watch this another time as i could've been in a bad mood, but this one rubbed me the wrong way. I felt most of the gags just didn't connect and I found some of the Mane 6 sorta annoying.
>> No. 36794640
File 142919486133.jpg - (33.56KB , 500x333 , L2tF0K6.jpg )
Lesson Zero >>> Castle Sweet Castle = Castle Mane-ia = The Ticket Master > Too Many Pinkie Pies

Lesson Zero: The first 13 weeks of Season 2 are still the best the show has ever had (of course, MMDW is the odd Donkey out, but I digress) and Lesson Zero is a big reason why. Season 2 Twilight Sparkle is still best Twilight Sparkle, and it's a window into the potential that was lost when the show went the way it went. 9.75/10

Castle Sweet Castle, Castle Mane-ia and The Ticket Master: While each of these episodes are different, none of these episodes are technically less efficient than the other. So I'll just give one positive for each.

Castle Sweet Castle: Great way to format a Clip Show
Ticket Master: Nice Potrait into the Dreams of the Main Characters.
Castle Mane-ia: Nice interaction between characters.
7.5 for the field

Too Many Pinkie Pies: As far as Season 3 episodes go, this is one of the least offensive ones, but I didn't like the conclusion to this at all. Episode would've been a lot stronger if Pinkie Pie was allowed to take the lead in solving the issue 6/10.

So here's what we got as far as the Seasons Go, so far.

EP 1 & 2: S2 > S5 > S1 > S4 > S3
EP 3: S2 > S5 = S4 = S1 > S3

As if you want a point system, here's the one I use.

1st Place = 5, 2nd Place = 4, 3rd Place = 3, 4th Place = 2, 5th Place = 1

There are also bonus and demerit points.
2 Points for Episode Rankings of 10.
1 Point for Episode Rankings of 9
- 1 Point for Episode Rankings of 3
- 2 Points for Episode Rankings of 2
- 3 Points for Episode Rankings of 1
- 4 Points for Episode Rankings of 0

Note: To Give Season 3 a fair chance, it's standard and bonus points will be doubled, while its' demerit points will remain the same..

So by Table Standings

Season 2 : 13 (2 +1 Bonus Point)
Season 5: 8 (1 Bonus Point Pending)
Season 1: 7
Season 4: 6
Season 3: 3 (-1 for Crystal Empire's 3)
>> No. 36795137
File 142972419039.png - (754.07KB , 1280x720 , Twilight_Sparkle_gazing_up_at_Canterlot_S2E25.png )
I really think there is something more dramatic then cute,in the way castles are placed in this show and how Characters view them.

Last edited at Wed, Apr 22nd, 2015 10:36

>> No. 36795145
File 142973556139.jpg - (492.95KB , 1677x591 , FUNFUNFUN-Cenyo.jpg )
Too Many Pinkie Pies > Lesson Zero > Castle Sweet Castle >> Castle Mane-ia = The Ticket Master
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