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36794442 No. 36794442
This episode's title is Bloom and Gloom.

>Apple Bloom cannot get the prospect of finally recieving her Cutie Mark out of her thoughts and the increasing pressure she begins to feel results in numerous anxieties that threaten to turn a special day into a nightmare.

This episode airs Saturday, April 18th at 11:30 AM EST/ 8:30 AM PST.
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>> No. 36794445
File 142896886404.png - (279.51KB , 1024x2224 , applebloom_derelle_by_moongazeponies-d428t81.png )
She's gonna do it this time. I can feel it
>> No. 36794446
Wow they didn't have the foresight to not have Rarity for Sweetie Belle's performance and encourage neoptism wow worst episode ever 0/10
>> No. 36794448
File 142897096673.png - (69.13KB , 148x284 , Dent-cilan-dent-2-31-2.png )
This is actually just an educated guess on my part on whether the scene is from this episode. They still used animatics for episodes 507 and beyond in previews, 506 takes place in Appleoosa and involves catching an outlaw, 505 is a Rainbow Dash episode, so I'm guessing this scene is going to be something Apple Bloom imagines or dreams of happening because of her fear of her friends getting cutie marks without her getting one.
>> No. 36794449
File 142897127521.png - (42.23KB , 600x398 , 706139__safe_pinkie+pie_rarity_wat_hat_pun_self+ponidox_artist-colon-wollap.png )
I was kidding breh but dats sum gud analisys
>> No. 36794453
File 142898141228.png - (313.47KB , 900x431 , 169079 - rainbow_dash emo_ponies pinkie_pie artist_schnuffitrunks twilight_sparkle mane_six rari.png )
>Emobloom, The Episode!
Can you get a cutie mark for cutting yourself?
>> No. 36794456
File 142898613256.jpg - (72.23KB , 600x450 , dcd7f8acea0c82e4997c38601c91a02f.jpg )

Actually, I think that you 100% can get a cutie mark for that given how it seems possible to get a cutie mark for virtually anything in life.

Though, most probably your cutie mark would pertain to a generic "Emo-ness" rather than SPECIFICALLY to the act of cutting yourself, like how pinkie's talent isn't just something like balloons but includes various aspects of partying.
>> No. 36794493
File 142902906822.png - (133.96KB , 594x591 , Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 11_29_07 AM.png )
>> No. 36794507
File 142904054572.png - (949.69KB , 1280x720 , Apple_Bloom_and_Applejack_singing_S4E09.png )
It's Apple Bloom's time.
>> No. 36794510
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  So, what does everyone think AB's talent will be anyways?

I know carpentry is the normally assumed thing, but I've always kind of hoped for her to become Zecora's apprentice as an apothecary. Besides, things are already pretty crowded as far as workers go at Sweet apple acres, AB becoming a full time worker with AJ still around seems like overkill.
>> No. 36794513
File 142905078407.png - (34.05KB , 628x267 , Capture.png )
Josh Haber is the writer for this week's episode.
>> No. 36794519
File 142905464308.png - (159.88KB , 1063x752 , R-34-pics-make-Applebloom-sad-my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-34593721-1063-752.png )

>> No. 36794522
Youtube embed play button

Yeah, he's kind of C team level. He's not merriweather williams, but the ONLY thing he's made that I've actually like liked was Pinkie on the one.
>> No. 36794525
>I know carpentry is the normally assumed thing, but I've always kind of hoped for her to become Zecora's apprentice as an apothecary.

One writer had it be 'Assembly' or 'Putting things together'. So not only is she good at carpentry, but she is also good at taking different things and making them work and building complex machines. And because alchemy is in the same theory as 'putting things together', it fits that she would be good at that.

Though two episodes throw this into a loop.

In one, she and her friends try to repair a table and it came out horribly, though it is hand waved that Scootaloo and Sweetie Bell hindered her.

In another, she attempted baking, putting things together to make food, with Pinkie Pie but every batch came out poorly. No explanation there.
>> No. 36794540
File 142907317200.png - (279.33KB , 899x564 , 857944__safe_apple+bloom_zecora_artist-colon-queencold_cauldron_zecora's+hut_brew.png )
>In another, she attempted baking, putting things together to make food, with Pinkie Pie but every batch came out poorly. No explanation there.
The cooking discrepancy might be a matter of time and also who was watching over her. She might have a nack for "putting things together" but you still have to learn/practice the skill whatever it is, especially considering that is quite the broad area. CotC was pretty early on in the series so that may account for her failure there.It's apparent Applebloom is quite amateurish as there's a mess everywhere and she cooks the cupcakes too long, which is understandable if you're trying something for the first time. Moreover, it doesn't look like she recieved the proper guidance from Pinkie as Pinkie sees the burnt cupcakes and doesn't bat an eye. Either she wasn't paying attention or she was and she just didn't care as a result of her eccentric tastes. Then Applebloom gives up so she only gave a single shot.

On the otherhand, when Applebloom learns alchemy, it's much later on in the series and she's under the watchful eye of Zecora, who would definitely give her the appropriate assistance as there's some element of danger involved. So unlike that one time with Pinkie, she would have the proper guidance and would have more time to develop her skills.
>> No. 36794543
This brings up a very interesting question about Cutie Marks.

If a learned skill like what is mentioned here, does it require LEARNING the skill before the Cutie Mark is triggered?
>> No. 36794546
Oh boy I hope her cutie mark is something incredibly literal and meaningless like a hammer or something and not a metaphorical representation of who she is or any of that meaningful crap because that would just take effort
>> No. 36794565
File 142913717847.jpg - (71.31KB , 1191x670 , ads.jpg )

Maybe she'll be an architectural alchemist. You know, someone who summons buildings with potions?
>> No. 36794574
File 142914242920.jpg - (75.76KB , 1000x510 , wpid-lex-luthor-wrong1.jpg )
Wrong thread?
>> No. 36794580
File 142914266264.jpg - (74.77KB , 574x497 , 1424744605951.jpg )
I have no idea what you are talking about.

>> No. 36794589
File 142914558177.png - (95.40KB , 492x369 , 133400999810.png )

>Applebloom was actually the one the box was intended for

>If they'd let her use it for alchemical Castle building, Twilight's castle would have been kickass looking instead
>> No. 36794653
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  It appears when the synopsis said Apple Bloom was getting anxiety over getting her cutie mark, it may be for different reasons then usual.
>> No. 36794656
File 142921705315.png - (194.47KB , 900x1006 , happy5.png )
Actually that is what I was expecting.
>> No. 36794662
File 142922350019.png - (136.34KB , 237x385 , This doesn't look good.png )
Seems like a massive overreaction.

Hoping this doesn't turn out to be another STWOM.
>> No. 36794663
Seems normal for a culture that focuses so much on it.
>> No. 36794666
File 142922856186.png - (2.99MB , 760x8415 , apples_family.png )

Actually not bad, despite being an applebloom episode. I kind of like the jokes there, like the one about her being forced to move out if its not an apple (Come on, that's an old joke the fans have been making for a while about it "not being allowed" to not have a non-apple cutie mark in the family).

I didn't enjoy that song by AJ that much, but it was just like a small 15 seconds, so. Either way, my anticipation has been perked a little. Just hope its not a STWOM like Nostaglia up there said.


I do have to admit, the point about a cutie mark not ever being able to change you is a good one: A cutie mark is supposed to be a manifestation of who YOU are, not an addition to you-- so its more or less impossible to get something that's not who you are already.
>> No. 36794670
File 142923125334.png - (215.31KB , 285x469 , Not so much.png )
And by "a STWOM" I mean "a story driven by a sudden, unexplained change in characterization". 'cuz that's kinda what STWOM did.

And this is kinda giving me that impression, as AB has never freaked out to this degree, over her cutie mark.
>> No. 36794671
File 142923207846.png - (352.83KB , 790x654 , 64 6.png )
She's had insecurities related to cutie marks before, which seems to be shifting from "what if I don't get it" to "what if I do get it and it's not the right one". And you're saying this when you know we haven't been given enough context for why she feels this way. A lot of changes in behavior can seem unexplained if you're dropped in the middle of an episode without the preceding scenes.
>> No. 36794676
File 142923384613.png - (340.83KB , 464x546 , sunil89.png )
I said "giving me the impression".

Not making a definitive statement. Just a guess based on what we've been shown.
>> No. 36794677
File 142923455220.png - (449.33KB , 636x702 , 662.png )
But even guessing, why would you get a similar impression to STWOM if the context leading up to that scene hadn't been shown yet?
>> No. 36794678
File 142923483711.png - (629.95KB , 568x717 , sunil74.png )
Because it's a huge overreaction that seems like it's going to be a major part of, if not the driving force behind the story.

At least, that's what it comes off as, to me.

But again, no definitive statements, just a guess.
>> No. 36794679
File 142923557123.png - (189.17KB , 814x981 , happy.png )
>Because it's a huge overreaction that seems like it's going to be a major part of, if not the driving force behind the story. At least, that's what it comes off as, to me.
I think you're coming to that idea from the perspective of a long-time viewer of this show. People like us learn to expect that sort of thing now and then: sudden changes in characterization that look like they could have been the result of a specific event, but nothing really happened and we're expected to take the change for granted.

But in this case there doesn't really need to be an event. For a child in her situation it just seems like a perfectly natural thing to worry about.
>> No. 36794680
File 142923603098.png - (584.89KB , 647x748 , sunil107.png )
It's more about how she's never had this kind of problem before, and never had such an outrageous reaction to it.

I dunno, something here just strikes me as weird.
>> No. 36794681
You kiddin? "KEWTIE MARKY MARK" is her SOLE character trait. She's more boring than watching paint dry.
>> No. 36794687
File 142924468958.png - (468.43KB , 1020x1020 , 214762__safe_applejack_comic_apple+bloom_artist-colon-capnpea.png )
>It's more about how she's never had this kind of problem before, and never had such an outrageous reaction to it.

Applebloom freaking out about cutie marks is out of the ordinary?
>> No. 36794703
File 142927362011.png - (151.25KB , 288x329 , And then there's THIS pet!.png )
Freaking out (in a negative way) about actually getting it, yes.
>> No. 36794706
Youtube embed play button
♫A cu-tie mark won't change ya, No mat-ter what ya get...♫
>> No. 36794731
File 142929194824.jpg - (134.50KB , 915x610 , angron_hair.jpg )

Keep in mind, those are UNNATURAL cutie marks though; a natural cutie mark shouldn't be able to do anything like that.
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